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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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a few high clouds and it will feel muggy out there. this morning it has been a constant for the coast and areas of visibility are a concern especially driving over highway 101. it is mild and some 60s to report in concord and livermore. right around downtown 62 degrees. tomorrow a little bit cooler and temperatures begin to warm up as we head into the weekend. here is the weather system and we have been tracking it for a week now finally developing offshore and warns a few high clouds in the forecast. there is a slight chance of a shower primarily north of the golden gate bridge and this morning patchy fog right around the bay temperatures lower 70s
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to lower 80s this afternoon. we had a few upper 90s and warmest locations around 95 degrees. concord 91 degrees. and mountain view right around 80s. always in few some patchy coastal fog we cool off a little bit today and tomorrow we warm things back up for friday and into the weekend. sal has an update on traffic good morning sal. let's go out and take a look at highway 4 -- highway 4 with no major problems and also this morning we are looking at interstate 880 and that traffic looks nice passing the oakland coliseum. if you are draft. the traffic looks good all the way out to the high-rise.
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let's go back to the desks. >> a quake hit us in the bay area and overnight we were flooded with calls. claude dean is right near the epicenter. good morning. >> reporter: it is not certainly california standards but people felt and we are inside this 7 eleven store. customers have been coming in overnight since this earthquake hit and the man was sitting outside and said it definitely rolled from one end of the store to the other. he said look this is california and it didn't scare him much but we talked to other folks and they were not sure anything was happening. >> i said stop shaking my car i
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said stop playing you are shaking my car and then i realized it was an earthquake. >> reporter: we know lots of people -- >> reporter: we know lots of people felt it and we got some calls anywhere from danville to san francisco and we will be talking to people about how they felt what they felt like and some people felt it was like somebody running through their home just enough to make them say we feel like we are right in the middle of an earthquake. we will take in later ktvu channel 2 news. there have been several after shocks and the strongest to hit the east coast since world war ii. it is just about 80 miles from washington d.c. and the big quake hit from toronto to south carolina and it really shook up
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washington d.c. emergency crews evacuated several other government buildings shortly after the ground started shaking. the washington monument will be closed indefinitely after engineers found cracks near the top. >> i don't know that in reason history i can remember anything as traumatic as this. >> the big quake also knocked pinocles off the national cat theatral. the bureau was forced into the street and we will have a live report from that bureau coming up. there was no major damage but the powerful quake nearly brought down several homes in the small town of virginia and closed schools in that area. president barack obama was on vacation when it hit and he was just starting a round of golf
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when the ground started shaking and did not feel the quake. but several people with the president definitely felt the earth move. ed lee says this quake send a clear reminder that earthquakes can hit any time anywhere. he released that statement yesterday and before last night's quake here in the bay here. new this morning somebody shot at a san francisco sister area. the man ran towards the officer and opened fire. the officers was not hit but his car was damaged and there are conflicting descriptions over what car he was driving but he is described as an
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african-american wearing a light baseball cap antigens. an accident killed a san jose woman. she was hit at capital expressway and cunningham avenue. she was pronounced dead at the scene. she was hit by a 19-year-old woman who is cooperating with police. they say she did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol. bart is extending an olive branch and protesters are invited to attend. on the agenda they cut off cell phone service two weeks ago and bart hopes to ease tensions. >> what we need to do is figure out if the board is going to enact a policy that will allow us to shut down cell phones and if so under what circumstances.
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>> bart's decision to shut off cell phone signals was the right call. at this morning's public call he will detail the information on public safety. now in san francisco monday night protesters began at the bart station and tied up traffic a all along market street. they interfeared with the safe operation of a train. a 10-year-old homicide case, jeanine has been missed and while police believe she is dead her body has never been found. coming up what the district attorney plans on announcing. and broadcast on libyan television muammar gaddafi
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calling on the people to free tripoli from the devils who have over run it. gunfire celebrations continue to celebrate their compound take over but they did not fine muammar gaddafi himself. his whereabouts are unknown and it is cheer his regime has nearly collapsed. >> we stand with the proud people of libya at this proud historic time. the traditional council with whom we maintain daily hourly contact is propping to leave through tradition. >> they control some parts of tripoli where many are trapped. power has been cut off to the hotel and supplies are low. one man said he has been waiting for years for the fall
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of muammar gaddafi. he says he is going back to rebuild the new libya. >> this is a time they need help. >> he says he came here to go to college but could not go back home after muammar gaddafi took power. in may rebels seized control of his home town and he was able to make a brief visit. explosive fire was on a railroad car. take a look. the 29,000 exam tanker is still burning as you can see. they say it could take time and more than 4,000 homes have been evacuated as a precaution. the unified school district is closed because of that evacuation.
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we have new information about the water problems and water has been restored to the city overnight. about an hour ago we spoke to somebody from the municipal community. a water pump which supplies water to 800 homes has broke. they had low pressure and were told to boil their water. now let's go back to sal, is the road work still going on? >> yes, let's take a look at what we have here. traffic looks good in oakland as you drive passed the coliseum. also the morning looks good if you are driving on westbound bay bridge that is not a bad commute with no major problems getting into san francisco. here we are with good looking
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traffic fitting off to highway 17 and for 440 let's go back to mark. look at this, parts of men seen know and targeting parts of that county there is a shower north of the golden gate bridge and that's something we will be watching but you can count on fog, areas of dense fog for the coast even a few patches are pushing back into the bay. this is that area of low pressure and it is heading out in this direction so it is basically a concern for this morning but as we head to the afternoon we could feel a big
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muggy with a few high clouds. winds are 10 miles per hour and forecasted track as you can't pick out for whence day thursday and fry -- wednesday thursday and friday you can see it remaining offshore, it is a category 3 hurricane and could be approaching as you can't pick out as we head into a sunday evening. now back here in the bay area, we have fog pulling back to the shore line and beaches did not warm up while the rest of the region warmed up into the afternoon hours. we will look at your forecast but you can see your extended forecast and today not much of a change, some cooling and we gradually warm things up by the weekend. 44 , former nancy reagan
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is doing just fine following a very nasty fall in her husband 'library. evacuations are underway as it bears down on the east coast. good morning traffic is moving a long pretty well if you are driving on highway 4, we will tell you about the morning commute state ahead. -- straight ahead. whoa. you gotta be kidding!
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. we do bring in some cooling for the entire bay area, temperatures this afternoon in the upper 70s to 80s and the forecast high right around 88 degrees. the first evacuation due to hurricane irene, they were told to flee the island and the vacation spot is only accessible by boat and the first ferry had about a dozen cars on it. people have been stocking up on supplies. irene is now over the about a home whats at 100 miles per hour. forecasters predict irene will hit the north carolina coast saturday and then on to chesapeake bay. nancy reagan says she is okay and that's after an apparent tumble and the slip
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happened in reagan's library. you can see they caught her there. she was kept on her feet by marco rubio and he had been invited by reagan to speak at her husband library. and as soon as today now he has been cleared to leave the united states and a judge in new york sighted he dropped sexual assault charges the leader against the monetary funds. they can no longer accused dominique strauss-kahn of attacking her and he says he plans on heading back home. >> it is the end of an unjust time. i am relieved for my wife and friends and all those who supported us through this period. >> now the accusations forced dominique strauss-kahn to resign as head of the ems and
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derailed his plans to run as president of the france. and in the decades old cold case, jeanine disappeared in 2001 and her body has never been found. she was killed by harm's brother who then killed himself. further discussion of this case will be today during the announcement. his car plunged over a cliff and spent two days waiting to be rescued. -- rescued. it went off a cliff and a hiker spotted the man's car yesterday afternoon. the east bay park ranger believes the man fell asleep and went over the edge. he is expected to survive. the body of a man who fell
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from the yes cement half dome, about 6:30 last night and rangers are not saying what caused the fall. this is the third debtly accident in a month. earlier this month a 17-year- old boy died after falling on a popular trail. now a state hospital patient has been sentenced to 25 years to life for strange willing a hospital worker. jeff massey learned his fate and pled no contest. as part of the plea agree he agreed not to appeal his sentence. he agrees justice has been served. >> no possibility of parole after 25 years and he is not
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going to survive in prison. >> now gross' death has now led to safety measure and they can no longer roam the hospital grounds with us supervisor. pete stepped down after making racial slurs at a charity event and he is being replaced. earlier bart shot and killed a man with another man with a screwdriver. they will schedule it fo 4:00 p.m. in oakland. this is is a close call for students in iowa. they are rushed off a school bus moments before it exploded.
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our meteorologist says there is even a chance of showers. wñ
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. terrifying moments for a bus filled with children coming home their first day of school the driver noticed smoke coming from the steering wheel. the bus driver was able to pull over moments before the bus exploded. no word on what caused the fire. students said they now have a great story to tell. late night talk show host is cracking jokes about an envelope he received filled with white powder. a hazmat team determined it to be harmless and fbi is working to determine who sent the letter. facebook is following the
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lead of its newest rival when it comes to privacy settings. starting tomorrow it will change how users control who can see what they post. each one will have their own controls and users can preapprove photos that have been tagged by friends. the change is something they have wanted for a long time. >> it sounds like a good change, sal. you may not want them on there. >> here is the thing, pam, if you are out there don't let your friends take photos, they might sneak one anyway. good morning anyway. the hazards of living in 2011. let's look at the gold end gate bridge, -- golden great bridge
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and on to lump bart street in san francisco. the fog is now present in oakland and as you can see traffic is clear and so is the weather on this side of the bay. and if you are in san jose on northbound 101 or 280 we'll see traffic here and there but for the most part it is a nice drive. at 4:54 let's go to mark. look at that radar beam with a little bit of activity, we have not been talking about a few light showers approaching the bay area. up in men seen know -- up in ukiah we are dealing with the fog and visibility is one quarter mile at least in the short-term. be extra careful as you are crossing the golden gate
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bridge. livermore 68 degrees and you can pick out this circulation here in the pacific and that will be scoot being out to the bay area. temperatures this after moon temperatures coming in from yesterday's bomb my readings. -- balmy readings. here is a look ahead of your extended forecast a touch cooler for tomorrow and we gradually warm things up by friday and into the weekend. will now screen members against sex offenders. the decision is part of a settlement reached with a woman suing the company. she claims she was raped by a convicted sex offender she met on the website. >> we believe there will be a domino affect to other online
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services and is setting the bar standard and raising the bar higher. >> it's just like meeting people at a bar and you should be aware and eggser sighs caution and she is -- exercise caution and she is pleased with the settlement. we will tell you how strong the area was and where the earthquake was felt the most. an unruly fan, california lawmakers take it one step further.
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. good morning, the question is did you feel it, you will hear from people in the bay area who felt it coming up. a rare earthquake rattles nerves near washington d.c. >> live in red wood city, we will tell you who wants to change things and why. plus an invitation by bart as they address the cell phone controversy today. it is all ahead today on ktvu channel 2


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