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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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september. >> thank you. >> september the 1st. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. let's see how we're starting off weather wise. steve is here. hi, steve. >> hello, pam and david. usually september is some of the best time of the year along the coast for sunshine and it looks like it's try to go get its act together today. we still have some patchy fog over there, but overall looks like a warmer pattern, 60s, 70s and then inland, it won't take long, upper 80s to a few low 90s. there are some cool lows. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. here's sal. reporter: traffic on the golden gate bridge looks good, heading down to the toll plaza no major problems here and it's light. here's a look at the westbound bay bridge and that traffic is moving nicely getting into san francisco. coming up on 5:00. let's go back to the desk. this morning a veteran san jose police officer is behind bars. he's accused of having sex with two teenaged boys. ktvu's claudeine wong joins us now from san jose where there is concern of more victims. reporter: certainly, pam, this investigation is continuing. we are at the santa a clare a
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county main jail and this is where the officer is being held this morning on $10,000 bail. and we are learning more about him and the charges against him. we want to show you a picture of 44-year-old patrick d a's araribo. he has been with the san jose police department for 10 years in the patrol division. this investigation has apparently been going on for quite a while. it's actually a gilroy investigation. we know the case involves two teenaged boys, but san jose police aren't saying much more. >> right now all i can tell you is the penal code for the allegation falls under 2288. there's a multitude of different lewd acts that fall under that section. we can't discuss the specific nature of the charges, however, we can confirm that there are at least three charges, there are at least two victims. reporter: he is no stranger to trouble. in fact, he just came back on the job in january after being accused of covering up a 2008 dui crash involving another
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officer. he was actually terminated but then after arbitration he was reinstated and he is now, according to policy, on paid administrative leave while he waits to be arraigned on these criminal charges. again, this investigation not over yet and police are asking anyone with any information to come forward. live in san jose, claudeine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. gang activity in san francisco's mission district is getting out of control, but the police have a new plan aimed at squashing it. taramoriarty is live in san francisco with what they plan to do. tara. reporter: that's right, we're off 21st street and new hampshire street and this is the street where the latest victim of gang violence died. 29-year-old edison lacia was shot three times and killed here 11:30 tuesday night. he's the second victim of gang warfare in less than a 24-hour period. now san francisco police are beefing up patrols. the examiner reporting that police will be adding more beat cops and plain-clothessed officers driving cool cars
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which are cars that do not look like marked or unmarked patrol cars. officers are worried about possible gang retaliation. tuesday just after midnight, a case of mistaken identity when a line cook and a 22-year-old father of casper bucheck was shot in the face just outside the hog and rocks restaurant off 19th and san carlos streets. he later died and police say he was not a gang member. the attackers are believed to be nortanos who are trying to target rivals. it's unclear if the two shootings are connected and police have a vague description at best of both suspects in both cases. live in san francisco, i'm taramoriarty, ktvu news. a change of date for president obama's jobs speech. his address to a joint session of congress will now happen one day later than first planned. coming up at 5:14, we're going to go live to our washington d.c. bureau with the outcry from house speaker john boehner that prompted the change. nearly half of california's public schools continue to show improvement,
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but many are being labeled as failing by the federal government. a record 49% of schools met or surpassed the state academic performance target of 800. that's up 3% from last year. but the no child left behind act formula puts more than 900 schools in a failing category called program improvement. california's schools chief calls the formula flawed. he sent a letter to the u.s. education secretary requesting relief from sanctions. time now 5:03. in just a couple of hours, a very important court hearing begins tied to the san bruno pipeline disaster almost one year ago. many homeowners who sued pg&e over the explosion and fire, they're hoping to get a trial date. but this may be a long, drawn out process. more than 300 plaintiffs are involved in this lawsuit. the judge wants to consolidate and simplify their claims against pg&e. oakland police want your help this morning. they're trying to find a missing woman described as at
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risk. 41-year-old sabrina phillips was last seen july 24th in oakland. she's described as 5'4", 160 pounds with black hair, brown eyes, and police say she may be suicidal. she was driving her mother's 1984 red honda civic dell soel. the license plate number, there it is, 3lgr668. if you have any information, call oakland police. oakland police are also investigating another fatal shooting in a troubled neighborhood. it happened last night near the corner of 77th and bancroft. investigators say a gunman opened fire on a man sitting inside his car. there have been two other homicides in the same area during the past few months. one victim was a castlemont high school senior who was shot to death while riding his bike. tires were slashed on more than 60 cars in a south berkry neighborhood and police patrols are now being yeesed. cars were targeted along a 17- block stretch, mostly on california street. we found one man who just
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relocated to the area to look for work, only to wake up to find his rental truck damaged. his brother-in-law's car was also hit. reporter: are you angry? >> well, actually, perplexed more than angry. >> police tell us here at ktvu that they know who they're looking for and that an arrest could be made as early as today. time now 5:05. let's check in with sal and see what's happening on the roads. how are things moving out there? reporter: things are actually moving okay out there, as a matter of fact. let's go outside and take a look at what we have on 80 westbound. you can see traffic looks pretty good as you drive out to the macarthur maze with no major problems and the road work near golden gate fields has been picked up. it's making things a lot easier. westbound bay bridge toll plaza looks nice, no delay at the toll plaza and the road work on the upper deck is gone. and going into san jose, it's a nice looking ive on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17, and that traffic looks good up to highway 17 and
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beyond that into the west valley. today's forecast, here's steve. >> thank you, sal. and the cooling looks like it ends today. i was looking at some of the higher elevations, really haven't warmed up yet, but their wind is half of what it was 24 hours ago, still around 67, 68 degrees you get up around 1500 to 2,000 feet, but it is showing signs of warming up a little bit. usually look for that and a decrease in the sea breeze and that's what we're seeing. still some patchy fog out there, but it looks like today will bounce up -- there we go, after a cooldown for a couple of days, but you get to september, you get the warmup, then you get the cool down and that's exactly what it looks like in the next three to five days. a little bit of a different pattern change here, high pressure which has been in the southwest for the longest time, it would build in and get knocked down as a system moves into the north. there are signs that the high pressure will build into the pacific northwest which is a classic september pattern. that usually gives us our warmest weather. so maybe for those on the coast, it's been a tough summer, i realize there's been a lot of fog, but there is
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hope. a chilly morning for napa. that's at the airport. i have to dig deep and look towards napa town and see if i can find some cooler readings, and i probably can. so some upper 40s. santa rosa at 52. a lot of mid-50s. hayward 58. still some patchy fog, but west/southwest nine at travis. that's nothing for them. a couple of days ago it was 25 miles an hour. east/southeast 10 san jose. so the system that's moving into the pacific northwest will now move out. you can see it carves itself out right there, but high pressure is building in, kind of toppling over and that will give us a northerly breeze that will wipe out most of the fog. don't forget about the large south swell, though, building surf for the south-facing beaches. dangerous rip rip currents all the way into the weekend, so don't turn your back on the ocean if you're heading down to the coast. morning fog, and it's not as thick as it was the last couple of days and sunshine oplenty. the sea breeze is really starting to fall apart. it will be warmer today, so 60s, 70s coast and bay. we'll go 70 in the city.
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that's a down right heat wave compared to where they've been the last week or so. upper 70s, 80s and you find some upper 80s and 90s inland. extended outlook does have warmer weather today and friday, probably into saturday, but fog will start to creep back to the coast and cooler sunday, monday. time now 5:08. tropical storm katia has reached hurricane strength as it's moving across the atlantic. it's now about 1800 miles east of the leeward islands, moving towards florida. the forecasters say the wind speeds are up to 75 miles an hour. right now still too early to tell if hurricane katia will threaten land, but the hurricane center in miami is warning everybody, be on alert. well, at least a dozen communities in vermont still cut off today as people all up and down the east coast dealing with the flood waters left behind by hurricane irene. yesterday the national guard kept dropping off urgently needed supplies to people still trapped in vermont. the flood waters have washed away bridges and roads and
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leaving a lot of people completely isolated. the damage is widespread. look at these pictures. from north carolina to new york, they're dealing with those high water levels from the storm last week. 5:09 is the time right now. it is still a problem that is happening 10 years after 9/11, emergency radios are still not connected. what's behind the delay. plus making what it considers a really good offer to the state of california. reporter: good morning. if you're driving anytime soon on interstate 680, let's say from san ramon or pleasanton, it's looking good. i'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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. good morning to you. welcome back. 5:12. is making a job offer to california. amazon says it'll open six new distribution centers here in california. that could mean as many as 7000 new jobs in california. in return amazon wants an exemption from the state's new internet sales tax law until 2014. now, amazon has used that strategy in some other states, however, some california lawmakers say they don't want to give up the estimated $200 million in expected taxes in exchange for a few thousand jobs. well, the state senate has put a controversial insurance proposal on hold at least for now. the bill would allow the state
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insurance commissioner to reject or modify proposed rate increases by health insurance companies. now, it passed the state assembly, but it needs to be approved by the senate before next week. even if it clears that hurdle, the governor may not sign it. republicans in congress are forcing president obama to delay his jobs speech next week. ktvu's alison burns is in our washington d.c. newsroom to talk about how a simple scheduling issue has turned into headline news. reporter: at issue here is the president's request to the speaker of the house to address a joint session of congress. it is one of the grand simples of the presidency, we see it at the steun address when he walks into -- state of the union address when he walks and delivers a message to house members. in this case president obama wanted to address creating jobs on wednesday, the first day congress returns from its recess. but it is the same night as a republican presidential debate. the white house says house speaker john boehner had been
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consulted about it, but speaker boehner rejected the president's request yesterday, saying there would not be time for security sweeps after the house finished its work that day. democrats say speaker boehner is out of line. but the president conceded and will deliver the speech in prime time the next night. more on what white house aides are saying about whether the president's speech will conflict with the opening night of nfl football during my next update in an hour. for now, live in washington d.c., alison burns, ktvu, channel 2 news. white house counterterrorism chief john brennan says al-qaida is on the decline after the death of the group's second in command. brennan says al-qaida's number two man was killed by a cia drone strike in pakistan last week. he also says u.s. intelligence has detected no active terror plots as we approach the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. there's still no nationwide radio network
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dedicated to responders post- 9/11. a report released by the national preparedness group says political fighting is to blame for the delay. first responders were unable to communicate on 9/11. it was considered a critical failure that cost lives. time now 5:15. a bay area youth pastor due in court today. 38-year-old john gamboa is charged -- accused of having a sexual relationship with a girl who was a bible study students. police say the girl is under the age of 14. the girl's parents called police after allegedly finding suggestive text messages on her cell phone. the youth pastor now faces several serious charges, including committing lewd acts on a minor. a warning this morning in redwood city. yesterday a mountain lion was spotted twice near canada college on farm hill boulevard. the first sighting was about 5:00 in the morning, the second one about an hour and a half later. wildlife officials warn us that mountain lions are most active at either dawn or dusk.
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today the caltrain board is expected to sign on with a new operator and they are taking the more expensive deal despite facing budget cuts. the board is expected to sign a nearly $400 million deal with missouri-based transit america. but this deal will cost them $24 million more than a bid by a different operator. caltrain's board says the more expensive contract will provide better service to riders. time now 5:16. the livermore police department is being praised for its focus on traffic safety. last month the chp handed out commendations to the police department for their work on traffic, child, passenger and motorcycle safety. the six-member traffic unit enforces the law, but they also coordinate children and adult education programs as well. it's 5:17. want to go back over to sal. any problems, sal? reporter: no, not really, dave and pam. so can i take it to the bridge? thank you, i will. i'll take it to the bridge. late go to the golden gate bridge right now. southbound 101 as you head down to the toll plaza, looks pretty
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good. look, one, two, three cars on the golden gate bridge here heading down to the toll plaza. if you're going to the bay bridge, traffic westbound, that's light here, and no problems as you're driving into san francisco. and the san mateo bridge westbound 92 traffic looks good heading out to the high rise and westbound dunbarton bridge also looks pretty good. there you go, a couple of bridges for your morning commute. they're doing well. 5:17, let's go to steve. >> thank you for taking it to the bridge. reporter: you're welcome. >> thank you, sal. 52 to 56. patchy fog on the coast. kind of pockets of it, but it's still there. i'm just a tad nervous about this because the fog -- you need a north wind to scour that out, not happening yet, but it's not as thick as it was the past couple of mornings, that's for sure. but it's still there. mostly sunny later on today, so we'll go 64 to 74. partly cloudy with some low clouds around the bay and then mostly sunny, nice to warm, 74
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to 84. biggest jump should be inland, but a cool morning, clear and cool. there's a lot of upper 40s and right at 50 degrees on some of these lows, but it does look sunny and warmer. the sea breeze has really been cut in half. that's kind of the key. i'm not seeing any warmer air aloft yet. if i saw that, then it would be a slam dunk, but it's not happening yet. but the sea breeze is just falling apart. a northerly breeze is starting to get its act together. still, there though, there's your 48 at napa airport. 52 san rafael. oakland airport at 53. san jose and livermore both 56. only west/southwest nine at travis. east/southeast 10 at san jose, a rather breezy day yesterday, still made it to 80, going to 84 for san jose today. and then calm conditions up in santa rosa. some patchy fog, more in the way of fog than low clouds, so some of that visibility may be reduced. we have to get this whole system through, first and it hasn't really happened. it's working its way inland, but the high pressure system out here is beginning to build in. so it's on its way, it's just a
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matter of timing as is everything in weather. the large south swell building surf continues today and that'll take us into the weekend, so be careful if you're heading down to the beaches. dangerous rip currents and those sneaker waves. morning fog, sunny, north breeze is on its way. it will be warmer, especially inland, 60s, 70s coast and bay and upper 70s to low 80s inland, but then you start to find well away from the marine influence upper 80s to some low 90s. should get about a four to eight-degree jump on those temps. more of the same on friday. then it does look mostly sunny to warm on saturday. fog back and that means cooler on sunday, monday. european markets are all lower right now after germany reports weak growth in the second quarter. overnight, though, most asian stock markets posted gains, driven in part by the rally on wall street. japan's nikkei finished trade with a 1% gain. checking in on our markets, where we start the day, gains, not huge swings there for us by the close, but the dow jones up
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53 points to 11,613. right now it does look like a lower opening as we have some economic data coming in this morning. we'll get a better indication -- that's the weekly jobless claims, productivity and manufacturing, also car sales all coming in. we'll keep watching the opening bell in just about an hour. the price of crude oil has inched up again on investor optimism that the u.s. will avoid a recession. so far today it's hovering around $89 a barrel. that's up 17% since early august when economists forecast weak growth in the u.s. which could slightly increase demand for crude oil. time now 5:20. it's a work of art that some art experts say they never heard of, trying to determine who owns a stolen rembrandt and whether it's legitimate. from the front lines to the forest lines, the program putting veterans back to work. reporter: 237 westbound looks pretty good. this is probably the best
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you'll see it looking this morning, as you drive over to 101. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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. good morning. we still have some fog on the coast, so a little tricky over there, but inland temps will warm up. we don't have much of a sea breeze today, so 60s, 70s coast and bay, and upper 80s and low 90s inland. hey, steve, you can surf this, can't you?
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steve has been talking about the big waves making their way here to the bay area, but high surf is really happening off the beaches of hawaii. advisories and warnings are in place at waikiki beach and south shores all across the island. some of the beach-run businesses say they're losing customers. the huge waves are scaring away tourists. time now 5:24. for the second time this year, a wildlife is burning through a north texas community. we're watching it. in fact, these are live pictures right now. you can see the crews are out there and you can see the charred areas they're right in the middle of. that wildfire is burning in palo pinto, texas. the camera is panning around. we can see some of the scorched earth. it's already destroyed more than three dozen homes there. firefighters are hoping a path of dry vegetation will slow down the fire, making it easier to try to contain. in the meantime, in oklahoma city, hundreds have been evacuated from a wildfire there. firefighters are worried the dry weather may reignite some of those hot spots, but they
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say the fire pretty much is under control. well, veterans are playing a big role in restoring an area devastated by wildfire near lake tahoe. it's part of a federally-funded jobs program called the veterans green corps. now, veterans are downing trees and clearing brush on the burn slopes where the angora fire burned in june of 2011. john gallager who served 10 months in iraq are among those training for a career in forest service. >> i was an infantryman so i didn't have a lot of job skills that could transfer over to the civilian life. >> now, it could take another three years to restore angora. the hope is that veterans- turned foresters can help. time now 5:25. solono county detectives are refuse -- los angeles county it's a drawing, entitled "the judgment," worth quarter of a million dollars. the la nar es institute of her
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cue leez reported it stolen last month. this sketch surfaced two days later at a san fernando valley church. authorities in southern california are now trying to verify whether the dutch master drew this piece and who legally owns it. several experts say they're not familiar with this work of art. time now 5:26. the east coast rattled by yet another aftershock. how big it was and where it hit. reporter: from berkeley, a tree-sitting protest. yes, there's another one going on, and you might be surprised to learn just how long this one has been under way. also san francisco police increasing patrols in one city neighborhood after two gang- related shootings in just 24 hours. reporter: good morning, traffic on highway 4 is moving along pretty nicely, getting up to the willow pass grade. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning to you, welcome back, this is ktvu channel 2 news. this is thursday, the 1st day of september. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now is almost 5:30. let's check in with steve for the weather. hi, steve. >> hello, pam and dave. a little fog on the coast, it's a little shallower than yesterday or not as widespread, the coverage is thick, but it's -- it's not as thick, but it's still there. 60s, 70s coast and bay. inland temp, the sea breeze has really been cut in half, it
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looks like no doubt about it warmer, upper 80s to low 90s. here's sal. reporter: good morning. if you are driving on 880 northbound and southbound, that traffic is moving along very nicely. if you're driving all the way to downtown oakland. also this morning's commute looks good in san francisco along the northbound 101 coming up to the downtown area. it's 5:30. let's go back to dave and pam. san francisco police say violence between rival gangs is on the rise and this comes after two deadly shootings in just 24 hours. tarmoriarty is in the mission district right now to tell us how police are fighting back. tara. reporter: we're here at 19th street near mission and this is where an innocent man was shot in the face while taking a smoke break early tuesday morning. we just contacted police. they say they will be adding more beat cops and plain- clothessed officers driving cool cars which do not look like unmarked patrol cars. officers are worried about possible gang retaliation. tuesday night at 11:30, 29-year-
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old edison lakiaah was shot and killed on the ealgt 00 block -- 800 block of hampshire. police say he is the second victim of gang warfare in about a 24-hour period and he did have gang ties. now, just after midnight tuesday in rival gang territory where we are off 19th and san carlos, a case of mistaken identity when a line cook and 22-year-old father of two was shot in the face just outside of hog and rocks. he did later die at sf general. police say he was not a gang member and was actually working two jobs to support his family. it doesn't remain clear if the two shootings are connected. we're going to talk to some neighbors around here this morning. some we have spoken to already say they were quite shocked by this violence, something like this hasn't happened in a long time. live in san francisco, taramoriarty, channel 2 news. a new tree-sitting protest in berkeley. a man is perched in a tree in people's park this morning.
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ktvu's kraig debro is in berkeley with the motive behind this latest protest. kraig. reporter: good morning, pam. we realize there may be a little tree-sitting fatigue, but there's a story behind this one as well. behind me there is the mini compound out in the middle of people's park. actually, basically, it's a lot closer to the haste side of this, the dwight way side. up there we've learned there's a man who calls himself moon shadow. i just spoke with u.c. berkeley police. they tell me they've been out here almost everyday warning him he's trespassing, what he's doing is against the law. he's told the daily calvis here to bring attention to the homeless problem in berkeley. if we tilt down a little bit, you can see through the trees over there, there's just a line of homeless people. that might be what he's talking about that are sleeping off the sidewalk next to parking meters. they've been here all night. this park doesn't open until 6:00 a.m. we'll wait and see what happens after that. a line of homeless sleeping on
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the sidewalk there. now, the man in the tree, we haven't actually seen him this morning, but look up there, the acute accoutrements near the tree. they definitely heard somebody up there. all the report from the school paper says moon shadow climbed up there on monday. u.c. police acknowledge there had has been intermittent tree- sitting protests here over the past few months. in fact, one man spent nearly three months up there recently before moon shadow went up and took his place on monday. again, when we come back in the next report, we're going to try to speak with the man up there, get more details about why he's protesting in the tree. reporting live in berkeley, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:33. another east coast aftershock reported overnight. it was a magnitude 3.4 and it hit just after 2:00 a.m. near mineral, virginia. that's the same area hit by a 5.8 magnitude quake last week. more than 20 aftershocks have been reported since then. there's no word of any damages
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or injuries this morning. well, this morning some tech bloggers are questioning a report that another iphone prototype was accidentally left in a bar. now, c-net is reporting that a prototype for the iphone 5 was left at cava22 in san francisco's mission district. that sounds very similar with what happened to a prototype with the iphone 4 last year. apple, which is famous for not commenting on anything unfavorable, is staying silent. today two men connected to the iphone 4 incident are scheduled to be formally charged in that case. they are accused of selling that phone to a gizmo moto blogger for $5,000. a california law says anyone who finds lost property and knows it probably belongs to -- knows who it probably belongs to is guilty of theft, even if the property -- if the property is not returned. our time is 5:35. the family of a man kill inside a recent deadly boating crash on the san francisco bay has
5:36 am
filed a lawsuit. mintrong was tossed into the water august 3rd when his boat collided with a yacht. the family blames the owner of the yacht. brisbane police say they didn't find any sign of alcohol in the crash. results are pending for a sobriety test that was given by the coast guard. the yacht owner was reportedly sued in twf for another boating -- 2005 for another boating crash by a passenger to claimed he was under the influence. this morning a veteran san jose police officer is facing some very serious charges. 44-year-old patrick d' aribo is accused of having sex with two teenaged boys. police arrested him yesterday in gilroy. he's due to be arraigned tomorrow and police say this investigation is far from over. >> we have concerns there may be other victims out there, either in san jose or gilroy. we don't have any specific information to lead us to believe that they are, but anytime you have a crime involving minors, that's a concern.
5:37 am
>> he is one of two san jose police officers accused of covering up a 2008 dui crash involving another officer. both officers were reinstated last year after a long arbitration. they rejoined the police force last december. now, ktvu's claudine wong is on the story now. she has new information. she'll tell us about it coming up at 6:00 a.m. president obama is planning another trip to the bay area. he has already come here three times in the past year, and coming up in 10 minutes, when he will visit as part of an important three-state western tour. former president bill clinton is also coming to the bay area. he's come to go richmond next month. it may be the first official visit to the city by a former or sitting u.s. president. clinton is set to deliver a keynote speech sponsored by the bay area air quality management district. his speaking fee $150,000 which the district says it is confident it will be able to raise. time now 5:37. sal is like the wizard of oz.
5:38 am
he sees all. he sees antioch, pittsburgh, bay point, everything. >> that's right. we're starting there this morning, dave and pam, starting looking at highway 4 where pittsburgh, antioch and bay point, where all the good citizens who watch us and a lot of people do because i hear complaints about highway 4 all the time. highway 4 already slow in parts of antioch. but if you are driving through, it's not all that bad. pittsburgh and bay point looking pretty good. concord and walnut creek a nice drive so far and driving all the way down to beautiful danville, california. westbound 80, bay bridge toll plaza, that looks pretty good. if you're driving from let's say richmond to el cerrito, it looks good. i think i should have moved the map, so i'm going to move the maps a little bit over to the left here and show you that interstate 880 traffic is moving along very nicely.
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at 5:38, let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. if you're up in the north bay or if you're anywhere, but mainly the north bay, a little chill in the morning air. kenwood is checking in at 46 degrees. numerous reports around around 48. napa48 and a lot of 49s around santa rosa, including rinkin valley at 49, roanoke park at 49. forestville 49 and windsor at 49. so, yes, a little cool out there. the cooling, though, ends on the high side for the temperatures. we do have some fog out there, warmer weather is beginning to show itself kick in, probably later today more inland, yet there's still fog on the coast and some of this fog also inland might reduce some visibility, so, i mean, we're not getting that howling north/northeast wind which would completely wipe out the fog. so it might be a slow process, but it's not as widespread, the fog was the last two mornings. you can see some of that fog decreasing on the coast. see how it's decreasing? we'll keep an eye on it. there is a northerly breeze starting to show. knappa airport did dip to 48,
5:40 am
now they're 50. i'm guessing, conjecture here that some fog has come back in or the wind picked back up which allowed it to go from 48 to 50. san rafael 52. oakland airport 53 and san jose now down to 55. not far away seeing some low 50s as well. west/southwest nine at travis. that's nothing, nothing, nothing. you can see there's not much of a breeze and decreasing here in the last couple of hours. that system right there, you can see it driving down like that, well, that'll push off towards the east and as it does the high builds in, builds in, builds in and that gives us more of a northerly wind. might only be in the north bay which would lead to the sonoma coast fog free. south of that it might take a little longer than that. north breeze kicks in, so it will be warmer. 94 clear lake and ukiah.
5:41 am
berkeley 72. oakland downtown 76. danville 89 degrees. we'll go 90 in livermore, 90 morgan hill to gilroy. san jose at 84, that's four warmer than yesterday. sunnyvale at 83. 78 san mateo, the last two days in a row they've been 72 and we'll go 60s not only along the coast, but also upper 60s in san francisco which has been stuck at around 64, 65 on the high side the last few days. warmer into friday, then with your weekend and the extended weekend in view with labor day, cooler sunday, monday. if you plan to enjoy a day at the beach this labor day weekend, be careful. the national weather service says large waves are making their way to the coast from the southern hemisphere and they could create dangerous rip tides. the beaches that face south, including filler point harbor and stinson beach are the most vulnerable. the swell is expected to peak tomorrow and saturday with six
5:42 am
to 10-foot waves. time now 5:41. a swimmer who disappeared off the coast of southern california may be a victim of that high surf. he was last seen near seal beach in orange county. police say the man went boogie boarding with three friends yesterday, but never came back. the coast guard is still out there searching the waters at this hour. this is decision day for millions of netflix subscribers. one choice leaves their bill the same, but another option means paying 60% more. plus american soldiers accused of executing iraqi civilians, the allegations of the attack and the coverup. reporter: good morning. if you're driving anytime soon in the south bay, it should be a pretty nice drive for you all over the south bay freeway system. but we'll tell you where traffic is already getting slow.
5:43 am
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good morning. we have some patchy low clouds and fog. it'll be warmer inland. temperatures there upper 80s to low 90s, 60s to 70s closer to the bay and coast. the weekend looks warm to start off, but cooler sunday, monday. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 5:44. a veteran san jose police officer facing some very serious charges. 44-year-old patrick d'arrigo is accused of having sex with two teenaged boys. ktvu's claudine wong is on this story, has new information. claudine will give us an update in just a couple of minutes. san francisco police stepping up their patrols in the mission district now. this comes after two gang- related shootings in just 24 hours. police say the violence between rival gangs is getting out of control. and president obama will deliver his major speech on jobs on thursday, september 8th
5:46 am
instead of september 7th. this comes after house speaker john boehner objected to the original date, saying it conflicted with a republican presidential debate. well, a united nations investigator says he has not heard back from the u.s. over allegations that american troops executed iraqi civilians and then tried to cover it up. wiki leaks posted the unclassified cable last week. the note discussed a 2006 incident in a central iraqi town. u.s. servicemembers are accused of handcuffs and shooting at least 10 civilians, including an elderly woman and a 5-month- old baby. the troops then allegedly called in an airstrike to destroy the evidence. the pentagon has yet to comment on the allegations. today an international conference on libya is taking place in paris. rebel leaders could be given the funds needed to stabilize the country. secretary of state hillary clinton and other top officials will hear rebel leaders spell out what they need in financial
5:47 am
aid. then clinton hopes to announce that $1.5 billion in gadhafi assets will be distributed to the rebels. at the same time russia is now recognizing the rebel movement as the acting leadership of libya. time now 5:46. president obama is coming back to the bay area. the white house says he'll come here as part of a three-day, three-state western swing beginning september 25th. the exact location and time, that hasn't been released as of yet, but expect some official and campaign fundraising events as well. the president's travel schedule is picking up after this summer's budget battle that forced him to stay in washington. the president has been here to the bay area three times in the last year. a u.c. berkeley professor will be sworn in today to the california supreme court. 40-year-old goodwin lu received unanimous approval last night from a state judicial commission. lu attended stanford university, oxford in england
5:48 am
and yale law school before teaching constitutional law at berkeley. lu will be joining the seven- member high court just in time to hear a key case on proposition 8 next week. well, the group that hopes to bring a semi-pro baseball team to san rafael will take another swing at it. centerfield park news tells the independent journal it plans to scale back its proposal in an effort to win more community support. the group will now only add a few extra seats to albert park. they'll operate temporary concession stands and they'll turn off the music at 9:00 p.m. during some of the previous public meetings, neighbors expressed concern about traffic, noise and an increase in crime. 5:47 is the time right now. let's go back over to sal who is checking in on traffic this morning. sal. reporter: pam, and dave, good morning once again. we're looking pretty good around the bay area. if you are driving, let's say, to the south bay, it's a nice drive from san jose, morgan
5:49 am
hill and coming in from las gatos to the valley here. if you're driving on highway 17, i'm always curious because occasionally i get an e-mail, especially from this one guy who's always complaining about highway 17. so if you're a highway 17 driver, drop me an e-mail through let me know if it's gotten worse or gotten better because i'm always interested. let's move along and take a look at 237. this commute traffic is -- this is another freeway, 237 gets people all riled up when it gets slow. right now it's not slow right now as you drive over to 101, looks pretty good. and this morning's drive in marin county starting off well between navado and san rafael and across the bay. richmond, panolo that traffic looks good. driving to hayward, union city or freemont, interstate 880 is off to a nice start. 5:49. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we have some cool readings here this morning. so far all i've found in the north bay, i'll dig a little
5:50 am
deeper here, but 46 to 49 on some of the lows. another cool morning. still some fog on the coast. it's not as widespread as it was a couple days ago, but it's still there. it's not getting wiped out yet. it should. there are signs of a much less of a sea breeze today, so inland temps will warm up. napa airport gone from 48 to 50 back to 48. santa rosa at 50, but there are a lot of 48s, 49s not far away from the sonoma county airport. san rafael at 52. so we do have some cool readings, including downtown oakland at 53, san jose 55. but there's simply hardly any sea breeze at all. yes, that points to warmer. some of the higher elevations, though, are really not warming up yet. i'm expecting that to happen, though. so that should all equal a warmer pattern, mainly for inland temps. i think the coast will take another day as this whole system begins to topple over. we'll see high pressure build into the pacific northwest and that usually is what happens in september, and sure enough,
5:51 am
right on keu, it looks like it's coming in. 60s to 90s, santa rosa 85, we'll go 80 vallejo. pittsburgh low 90s, concord close, berkeley 72. 77 san leandro. 84 san jose. low 90s morgan hill to gilroy. morgan hill yesterday was 82, so that's an eight-degree jumpup. 83 in santa clara, same for sunnyvale. low- to mid-80s on the peninsula. san mateo 78 along with burlinggame. san bruno at 74. we'll go 68 in the city after another mid-60 yesterday. it does look a little warmer today, but there's still a lot of fog hanging around. warmer on friday, then with your weekend always in view, the long weekend i might add, warm on saturday, cooler sunday, monday. >> we will be here on monday, though. a few minutes ago, the labor department released the newest unemployment numbers, 409,000 people filed for first-
5:52 am
time jobless benefits last week. that's down 12,000 from the week before. now, the market may not react to those numbers since the government will put out its more important monthly jobless report tomorrow. netflix prices are going up for nearly 2/3 of its customers. starting today the las gatos company will charge subscribers as much as $16 a month if they want to rent dvds and be able to stream video. that's more than double the current price. it will offer a dvd-only service as well. and i think that's actually going to be a little bit less than what they currently pay. time now 5:51. gotta tell you this one, a unique, heartbreaking rescue attempt in santa clara. a desperate attempt to save some animals, targeted for death. >> i went over, picked it up, took it to the picnic table and opened it up and said, well, it's a bunch of money. >> plus finding a gold mine in the middle of broccoli. how much green cash was in the back yard. [ screaming ]
5:53 am
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[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's now 5:54. and later this morning animal rescue crews will attempt to treat ducks in santa clara who have become victims of a shocking case of animal abuse. yesterday we spotted this duck with a six-inch blow gun dart in his head at the marina playa apartments. people who live there say as many as five birds have been pierced with darts since last
5:56 am
week. they say one of the ducks was shot multiple times and died from its injuries. >> this is for me an example of human power of abuse when you abuse an animal and it's something that has to stop. >> now, the wildlife rescue of monterey is going to try to capture the ducks to treat them. they say a blow gun is illegal in california and harming ducks violates the mi gratory bird treaty act. a $5,000 reward is now being offered for information about this crime. time now 5:55. today the city of san jose is launching a 60-day amnesty program for people with unlicensed pets. during that time dogs and cats can be licensed with no citations, no late fees or penalties for missing vaccines. and everyone who renews or buys a license, they'll be added into a lottery to win cash prizes. all san jose residents are required now to license their dogs and cats. just imagine you're digging in your garden and instead of
5:57 am
picking broccoli you find more than $150,000. that happened to a man in illinois. that man right there. he says he went to his garden for some vegetables when he spotted several bags on his lawn. first he thought it was trash, but then he looked inside and saw cash. >> did you think for a minute i could keep this and nobody would ever know? >> i thought that, but who knows who's coming to get it. somebody's going to come back when you leave that much money in your back yard, so i didn't want to have nothing to do with it. for my luck it could be a bank robbery. >> he turned the mope over to the local county sheriff's department. authorities there are still waiting to see if somebody comes forward and claims the money. >> interesting. coming up on 6:00. let's go back over to sal to check in on any trouble spots before you head out the door if you need to. reporter: good morning. yeah. we still have a look at the south bay, of course, we're looking at that freeway, 280 northbound getting up to 880 and it looks pretty good driving up to highway 17.
5:58 am
also this morning golden gate bridge traffic looks good, but just down the road there is a two-car crash, actually, it's a car and a dump truck on lombard street coming off of doyle drive, so watch for emergency crews around the scene. minor injuries there. 5:57. let's go back to dave and pam. >> all right, sal. some shocking accusations this morning about a san jose police officer, the allegations involve teenaged boys and this investigation is expanding. for california -- are california school students doing better or worse? what a new report says about bay area schools. some patchy fog out there, but does it mean warmer weather coming in today? we'll have the answer in two minutes.
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