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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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big questions surround a gas explosion after a cupertino town home. we'll tell you what happened and what is next. a clear warm labor day weekend in the forecast. we'll tell you about some warnings being issued at bay area beaches. intellect we have -- we have developing news. 7.1 quake hit off the coast of alaska. the august job report brings bad news. what it means for wall street. ktvu morning news continues.
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good morning, thank you for joining us on this friday, september 2nd i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic here is steve. thank you very much. friday we find thick fog on most of the coast. not all the coast. nothing inland expect lows in the 40s to 60s. after it all irons itself out. 60s and 70s coast and bay. 80s around the bay. you work your way inland it will be 90s and a few upper 90s. here is sal. traffic is moving well on the golden gate bridge. it's been a little foggy there. the caution lights are flashing. the fog according to steve won't last too long. also this mornings commute on highway 4 no fog here. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. at 6:00. an explosion that destroyed a cupertino home is putting pg&e back in the unwanted spotlight. as claudine wong tells us crews
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had a similar problem to the san bruno explosion. >> reporter: when you have a explosion or any explosion first responders want to know how long will it take to the get the gas turned off? the problem is it's taking a lot of time. more time than some think it should. about 90 minutes. the force of the blast pretty significant. enough to blow the garage door off and on to the ground in front of it. it also caused reoccurring fires in the home. this happened at 12:30 yesterday afternoon. there were lots of calls from people that heard the boom and firefighters arriving on scene found fires inside and blown off. it's unclear what triggered it. the family dog was rescued. they reportedly took that hour and a half pg&e had to dig three times to get the gas shut off. you are looking at one of the holes this morning. that hole about ten feet from the explosion site. remember the san bruno
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explosion raised big questions about shut off valves. we don't know what kind of pipes run through here. we do have calls into the pg&e spokes people. the cpuc as well and the ntsb and hope to have an update from them that we can pass on to you later this morning. multiple investigations ongoing. there were six nor gas leaks found in this neighborhood making that a total of seven. still a lot of questions remain. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. a tsunami warning has been canceled for the coast of alaska. it was triggered by a 7.1 earthquake. it hit two hours ago in a remote area of aleutian islands. there is no word yet of any major injuries or damages. sirens did sound in parts of alaska. people were told to evacuate to
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higher ground as a precaution but the tsunami warning was called off only after a small wave was recorded. bay area beaches should be busy this holiday week. they come with a warning label this morning. ktvu kraig debro is in san francisco with what you should know before heading to the coast. >> reporter: good morning, pam. nobody is saying don't come to the beach. there is a warning afoot this weekend. it will be warm out. a lot of people will be visiting beaches. we're at ocean beach this morning. you can't see too far out. but there are signs out here saying people have drown and there are rip currents out here. large southerly swells that began to arrive along the central coast on wednesday. they are mainly effecting south facing beaches. beaches such as stenson.
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they expect huge crowds. many people may not know the braves are breaking harder than they normally do. that can be dangerous. >> if they are body surfing they can go over the wave, hit the bottom, get injuries that way. get stuck outside and you know afraid to come back in. many things can happen. >> reporter: santa cruz will be another popular spot this weekend. it has many south facing beaches as well. sat stenson ranger say the park will be open. not closing the park but saying be very careful. there is a couple of people that appear to be sleeping right now. reporting live in san francisco kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:04. police in fairfield investigating a suspected murder suicide. the bodies of a man and woman were found in a home in north fairfield yesterday evening after police responded to a 911 call. a gun was found near the
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bodies. police say early evidence indicates the man shot and killed the woman then killed himself following a heated argument. the neighbors are stunned by this as they talked about the man who died. >> he was really a peaceful guy. always helping neighbors. >> police atwo of the couples teenage children were inside the home at the time of the shooting. they were not hurt. the august jobs numbers are out. and the report is weaker than analyst expected. the obama administration is already estimating what the jobless rate could look like in 2012. we will go live to our washington, d.c. bureau to hear more. >> litter tealy get -- who killed a prominent bay area political leader. the driver of a pickup truck
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struck and killed donald casper. august was a white four door forwithen exten cab. a $12,000 reward is being -- a san francisco lawyer charged with raping three women he met on craigs list is due in court. a lawyer for robert michael hoffman said his giants posted the ads looking to play out rape fantasy. three women are claiming they were actually raped. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of this story. we'll be here at the store. this decision ends a long and heated battle between the city and the owner of the business. last month the court ruled that
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city has every right no evict the owner because his lease for the property had expired. we found the good news a new oncer set to take over the spot by the end of the -- a new owner is set to take over the spot. >> i'm happy the boats will continue. i like that area. that is good. thanks for updating that, pam. let's take a look at what we have for your drive to work. most people don't take the boat unless you take the ferry of course. highway 4 getting a little bit more crowded. a little bit of eastbound traffic. westbound traffic looks good heading out to concord and pleasant hill. also this morning it's -- this mornings commute will be moving along very well in san jose. i want to remind you our morning team has a facebook page. you can find news updates and
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send us messages. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> i like you steve. >> i like you too. all right patchy thick fog on the coast and on the golden gate bridge. clearing later for some. pam just asked me what about the beaches? some will get the sun, some won't. it's a really tough call. the fog did not get chewed up yesterday. there were some that pulled off the coast. some areas are clear. i have really thick fog. it's shallow. i do think we top out on the temps today. so patchy thick fog and then sunny and warmer. it will be nice to warm over the weekend. fall creeps back in. i think it lifts a little bit. cooler on sunday and monday. subtle changes no big messes one way or another of cool or high. it looks cooler into monday and
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tuesday. high pressure did build in. not only aloft but on the surface. that allows temperatures to warm up. september can be the greatst weather for the coast. a few areas did get sun yesterday. the fog was hang on but it did burn off near santa cruz. 49 yeah 49 at the oakland airport. nine o'clock santa rosa -- 49 santa rosa. upper 50s livermore in there. 57 hayward and also redwood city. downtown oakland i think it's 56. there is a big difference between the airport and downtown. still a come pent of a westerly breeze. it's not that strong but it's there. there is no northeast wind to wipe it out. it will be sticking around. inland we will be sunny and good to go. it will be warm to hot. only patchy coastal fog. what is there is very thick. today does appear to be the hottest day of the week. we'll have warm conditions on
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saturday and sunday. i do think temperatures will come down a little bit. today sunny and warmer. really struggling with some of these like stinson. inland not a problem. upper 80s to mid 90s. it does look warm again on saturday. that mag means woulder already for sunday and monday. you will see the moment the quake right there. it hit and damage t plus racing fence time to save a badly injured duck.
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welcome back. 6:13. a $5,000 reward is offered this morning leading to a south base annal abuse -- animal abuse case. yesterday wildlife experts tried to rescue a duck that has that dart stuck in its head. but they couldn't get it to. and time is running out. rescuers say the duck will only be able to survive a few more weeks without getting treatment. a huge redwood forest near fort bragg is still off limits this morning. dozens of law enforcement officers are out there searching for the man suspected of killing a local city councilman. they believe aaron bassler is
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hiding in aboded area not far from where counselor jerry melo was shot and killed sat. he was killed because he came across an illegal drug farm. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom to talk about who is hiring and who is not. >> reporter: it is considered, pam, a disappointing report. unemployment basically stayed the same. dashing a lot of hopes for the economic recovery. let's take a closer look at the bottom line. the unemployment rate remains the same at 9.1%. no net jobs were added in august. that is the first time in 60 years the economy essentially added zero jobs. the bright spots are in health care where 30,000 jobs were added and in mining where about 6,000 jobs were added. manufacturing stayed the same. employment and trade and
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construction was also stagnant. this report comes as the white house also releases a disappointing prediction that unemployment is likely to stay aboveth% for at least the next year. president obama is expected to make some comments about it before he leaves for camp david in a few hours. we'll bring you reaction from democratic and republican leaders during my next update in an hour. for now we are live in washington, d.c. alison burns. we are getting a look at new video of the moment that the earthquake struck on the east coast. this is surveillance video from a high school in virginia. the quake hit last tuesday and severely damaged that school. it could be several years before the building is fully repaired. so all 1400 students are moving to the middle school next door where mobile classrooms are being added. the same earthquake slightly damaged a nuclear power plant in virginia. operators of the plant say 25 of 27 spent fuel storage
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containers shifted between one and four inches. no radiation was released. but the nuclear regulatory commission says this is the first time in u.s. history that such containers were moved by an earthquake. time now 6:16. today is judge will decide if former baseball star roger clemens should face a second trial on charges he lied about using performance enhancing drugs. a mistrial was declared in july after prosecutors showed evidence it was declared inned a misbasketball happen he's declar -- inadmissible. clemens has denied using drugs. casey anthony's lawyers head back to court today to fight a reimbursement motion. they want casey anthony to pay for the cost of searching for her daughter caylee. the little girl's body was found in the woods of december of 2008. casey anthony was acquitted on
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murder charges but she was convicted of lying to investigators about where her daughter was for months. she could be ordered to pay more than $350,000. people in texas and oklahoma hope cool weather and calm winds this weekend will coil wild fires in the region. there are 14 wild fires in texas alone. take a look at this one. they burned 21,000 acres combined. one destroyed about 40 homes and threatening up to 400 others. a wild fire in oklahoma has destroyed more than 30 homes and has burned about 18 square miles of land. time now 6:17. an n oakland out-- in oakland outrage after drivers were caught off guard about ticketing changes. drivers with handicap stickers started getting tickets in city owned parking lots for not paying the meter. grand avenue shop owners complained about this. they had no notice the law was being enforced and the change was hurting their business.
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oakland mayor gene jan says -- jean quan says tickets will be rescinded and she's calling for proper notification. there are changing for you to expect this holiday weekend for bay area drivers and those who use public transportation. now on labor day monday parking meters in san francisco will be enforced. residential parking permits will not. now as for public transportation muni, part, golden gate transit, cal train and san trans will be running on sunday schedules. 6:18 is the time right now. back to sal to check in on the friday before labor day commute. >> it might be a little lighter today pam and dave. some people have left for the labor day weekend. and traffic will be moving along nicely at the bay bridge toll plaza. i want to remind you that chp is doing a maximum enforcement
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period adding officers to look for dui and other violations. remember to designate a driver or be safe out there. because there will be more not fewer officers this holiday weekend. let's take a look at westbound 92 that traffic looks good on the san mateo bridge. this mornings commute in concord and pleasant hill looks pretty good if you are driving over to -- there you go. traffic is moving well. see my maps have been having problems. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning, on this friday thick fog on the coast. i just put together the four panel temperature map. i tell you it's challenging today. there is thick fog there. it's clear inland. temperatures upper 40s to near 60s on the lows. there is an 11-degree spread. the fog looks to be creeping back. and it's very shallow. it's not going to make an impact away from the coast. on the coast there could be very thick fog and cool
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readings or if you get that sun not too bad at all. 49 santa rosa. oakland airport 49. big differences on the temperatures. high pressure is in place. but we are going to lose that offshore component. now inland it won't matter. temperatures when they start off at 60 with high pressure there. it will be hotter inland. 60s and 70s i think there is too much fog by the waters edge to get it warm. 80s and 90s near the coast. the fog starts to work its way back. it will be warm inland on saturday. a cool pattern takes us into subdean monday. >> thank you, steve. the federal government will file a lawsuit against the world east largest banks. according to the new york sometimes the federal agency the bank of america, goldman sacks misrepresented the value of mortgage security sold during the housing bubble. taxpayers ended up covering the
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more than $30 billion in bad deals. more bad news nor netflix. stars entertainment will end their deal. that surprise announcement will denetflix will -- clean i crook movies from disney. >> wow. 6:21. a controversial republican party raffles. no holiday for rising gas prices this weekend. plus a surcharge proposal that could make you even more mad. good morning, if you are driving on the golden gate bridge any time soon, traffic is moving well but you will see some fog there. tell you more about an issue in the east bay that just popped up.
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good morning, traffic is getting busier on the east shore freeway as you head west. today you might see some traffic heading east and out of the bay area for the holiday weekend. all right sal time 6:24. critic in arizona protesting about a political party raffle. they are raffling off a happened gun in the congressional district of wounded congresswoman gabrielle
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giffords. this raffle comes eight months after she was shot. the head of the counties democratic party says the raffle is horriblely upsetting to a community that is still grieving over that tragedy. a man from oakland will be sentenced today in connection with a fatal shooting outside of the ikea store. now as part of a plea deal, cassidy oconnor pleaded no contest. they tried to rob a marijuana dealer in the ikea parking lot. a friend of that drug dealer opened fire killing taylor. oh connor was charged with murder. there is a controversial state bill that could add even more to what you pay. lawmakers are considering a proposal to give regional agencies the ability to add a gas surcharge as long as local
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voters approve it. >> the fact we pay the highest gas taxes in the country already means there should be sufficient money to do the road maintenance projects. >> you do nothing, well, you get that. what you get is a big pothole. >> opponents of the bill warn it could end up in the courts if it ever passes. they insist it also violates proposition 26 which past last year. it requires any new tax must receive two-thirds approval in the legislature. gas prices are much higher than now this labor day weekend than last year. aaa reports the average price of gas is $3.87. in san francisco the price is $3.92. that is up 72 cents. time now 6:27. a robot that can help with your housekeeping is about to become a reality thanks to a company from menlo park.
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it's called the pr2. there it is right there. still under development. it can already load a dishwasher and fold clothing. it can even get a drink out of the refrigerator. developers can't say yet how senilis robot will hit the mainstream market. right now it costs a lot of money and still a little slow. time now 6:27. yet another bay area skating park is due to be demolished today. a cupertino home is destroyed by a gas explosion and there are big questions this morning about the response. plus we are watching wall street. pam will have the early stock numbers.
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welcome back to the morning news. they just rang the opening bell on wall street. some women are ringing the open bell. women owned businesses. creating jobs. i hope they are creating jobs. unfortunately the disappointing jobs report is what is taking the marks down. you can see lower part of our screen down 80 points and it's expected to drop for a little while. we will keep watching. >> maybe the ladies can help. >> yes. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us on the ktvu morning news it is friday, september 2nd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. we do have new information to tell you about the earthquake that hit alaska early this morning. the u.s. gs has lowered it to 6.8. down from a 7.1. the quake triggered a tsunami warning for the alaska coast that has since been canceled. the quake hit just before 4:00
6:32 am
at our time. sirens did sound but so far no word yet of any injuries or damages. our time is 6:31. yet another pg&e explosion is sparking is a federal and state investigation. ktvu claudine wong is in cupertino to talk about a gas leak that lead to a big explosion. claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we have been showing you this garage door all morning long. it shows you the force of the education ex-- the force of the explosion. take a looks at the town home. you can see the explosion that went up going through the roof and leaving holes in the roof of the town home. it's also charred by the fire that came afterwards. they did get the fire out for the most. they rescued the family pet inside. getting the gas turned off that caused all of this that was a bigger problem. it took 90 minutes to turn off the gas. pg&e had to dig three times
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before they got the gas shut off. you are looking at one of the holes this morning that is ten feet from the explosion. that is causing concern when you consider all the issues that came out of san bruno. a report out this week the ntsb expedite the installation of shut off valves and remote control valves. the other question this morning is how all this happened. the blast happened just before 12:30 wednesday afternoon. according to published reports lots of 911 calls from people who heard it. fortunately no one home. but we do have calls into the cpuc and the ntsb and pg&e all hoping to have an update from them later on this morning. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. this morning the wrecking ball will bring down a popular skate park. noel walker joins us now from oakland where protester -- protestors are expected to gather. >> reporter: some of them are
6:34 am
already here. they camped overnight for the second time in two weeks cal tran plans to demolish another skate park. protestors have camped out overnight. some of them are upright now. getting some of their practice in. cal tran says the skate park is illegal and the border there is are trespassing on state property. cal tran baldiesed the -- bulldozed the waste land skate park. the skate borders say it was a place to stay off the street and practice the sport they love. now six years ago the city of oakland saved the border town skate park from the demolition and bulldozers when it leased the property from the state in order to keep it open. the city did not renew that lease. cal tran says this skate park will be demolished as well. we have probably a dozen maybe a little more than a dozen people that have camped out here overnight and who plan to
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stay here and protest the bulldozers coming over to this skate park. you can see a couple blocks away we were over there this morning. the bulldozers are still there at the waste land skate park. for a second time in a week another skate park will be demolished. reporting live in oakland noel walker. time is 6:34. a veteran san jose police officer is due in court this morning. 44-year-old patrick d'arrigo is accused of molesting two boys and accused of serving alcohol to minors at his gilroy home. he worked as a campus police officer at san jose lee land high school between 1996 and 2007. investigators are still searching for more possible victims. accused serial killer joseph naso is due back in a courtroom at 9:00 this morning.
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today's hearing could provide more frustration for the judge that is trying to get this on track. he's been going back infought on how question can defend himself. the 77-year-old man says he needs a few months to find a lawyer he can trust. at the same time he wants to keep representing himself. naso is accused of killing four women including a woman who's body was found in contra costa county. fewer guns are being removed from the streets of oakland. according to the oakland tribune they have taken in 680 guns this year. the department expects to take in 1,000 guns by the years end. that is below the 1300 guns recovered in 2010 ands 1600 guns recovered in 2009. police say layoffs and restructuring have made recovery more difficult but recent officers rehiring could help turn things around. san francisco muni is falling behind when it comes to getting their passengers to
6:37 am
their destinations on time. muni posted a 73% on time performance rate which ended on june 30th. that is only down about a half of a percent from last year but it is the first time since 2008 that muni did not improve on its on time rate. 6:36. here's a reminder today is spare the air day. high temperatures and light winds are expected to cause bad air quality. so bay area health officials want you to car pool or use public transportation. if you have a specially sensitive conditions to bad air, stay indoors in the afternoon. this by the way is the fourth spare the air day of this summer. 6:36 is the time. back over to sal to reck on traffic. what is going on? >> we've had a couple of issues out there pam and dave. traffic is looking pretty good on 80 westbound as you drive
6:38 am
out to the mccarthur maze. traffic is still light heading up toward the sacramento area. this mornings commute is looking good in oakland. some of the road work has been picked up you see it on the shoulder. you see road work vehicles. not really causing a big delay in this area. you might see flashing lights just be careful about that. there is a new accident in the north bay on highway 37 westbound at highway 121 in sonoma county. it's a motorcycle down. there is also a big rig involved. you will see slow traffic approaching because people are slowing down to take a look at the emergency vehicles. this is near the infineon turnoff. highway 137 at 121. very happy friday. inland temps will be warm to hot. really tough forecast. there is a lot of fog there. 60s and very low 70s. by the coast and thick fog also
6:39 am
right on the golden gate bridge we have seen that. it looks to be the fog filling in. it looks like the san mateo coast is mostly fog free. fog is snicking its way around. it's really solid on the san is a cruz coastline. mostly solid on the marin and sonoma coast. inland temps it won't matter. we will be in the 80s and 90s. some of the lows are all over the place with 40s and 60s. this does look like the warmest day of the week though as we head toward friday cooling trends will take us into saturday and sunday. it will be nice but not as warm as today. nice to warm. the fog will work its way back in. some of the higher elevations are very worm. there is more of a north- northwest. yes it will be mom. 58 san jose. 58 livermore.
6:40 am
high pressure around for a day or two. high pressure aloft will be around for the weekend. on the surface we will lose that. that will allow the west wind to kick in. it will be okay by the coast. some pockets will be really nice. others will deal with that thick fog. this will be a warm to hot day. sunny and warmer for many. some of that thick fog is down on the deck. hot inland with 90s. 98 clear lake. 84 vallejo. 93 walnut creek. 93 pleasanton. 97 antioch and brentwood. 86 san jose. 87 cupertino. 60s and 70s coast and in the city. low to mid 80s on the inland areas. tropical depression 13 could be a bad omen for the louisiana gulf coast. the depression is currently stalled in the gulf of mexico. but forecasters fear it will be upgraded to a tropical storm.
6:41 am
louisiana is under a state of emergency this morning as the gulf region could get up to 20 inches of rain this weekend. tropical storm warnings have been issued from texas to mississippi. it includes new orleans. the cities mayor has assured residence that all pumps are operational and his office will monitor levels. katia has weakened to a tropical storm in the open atlantic ocean. she could turn into a hurricane again this morning. the center of katia is 900 miles east of the leeward islands. swells generated by the storm could effect the lesser ann -- lester an tile lee -- lesser antilles tonight. the national weather service warned the culvert, bridges, roadside ditches may be overwhelmed with water. hurricane irene killed three people in vermont. it turned rivers into torrents
6:42 am
and washed away roads, houses, and bridges. the white house in the meantime is asking congress for $5.2 billion in new disaster relief. the money will help the victims of the tornadoes in the midwest. this does not include the billions needed to help states that were damaged by hurricane irene. 6:41 is the time right now. the unusual cleanup after a truck fills its cargo. the reason some people rush to the scene and it wasn't to help the driver. why people at the beach will be watching the waves this weekend. it will be more than just to catch a good ride on a surf. right now traffic on 280 looks pretty good in the south bay. we'll tell you more about the morning commute commute. ♪
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here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now. another pipeline explosion is being investigated. this one almost destroyed aikona doe in cupertino on wednesday. luckily no one was hurt. an hour ago the labor department released the august employment numbers. companied ad no job -- added no jobs. also a large earthquake off the alaskan coast this morning as been lowered from a
6:46 am
magnitude 7.1 to 6.8. this triggered a tsunami warning off alaska but it was later canceled. sirens did go off. some residence of alaska were briefly ordered to evacuate to higher ground. big waves are hitting bay area beaches this holiday weekend. ktvu kraig debro is in san francisco with the dangers that that could mean for the coast. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this sign is one of many signs along ocean beach here. it's a warning to many people. out on ocean beach the water is kind of frothy and white so far this morning. it's about 1200 yards away from -- it's about 100 yards away from where i am. ocean beach is one of the south facing beaches. the beach is known for its deadly rip currents. stenson beach is one of the south facing beaches. park rangers say three to six foot swells are cause for
6:47 am
concerns. particularly this holiday weekend where there will be more people than normally is. people we spoke to this morning seem to be aware of the potential danger. >> even though there are swells, i will probably go into the water. i will give it a view. >> you always have to respect the ocean. it's dangerous. there will be a lot of moving water. you just have to be careful. >> reporter: the swell we expect to see this weekend began arriving on wednesday. they originated in the south pacific. the wave periods are rather large. the wave periods will be up to 22 seconds. that another thing you have to watch out for. you get a wave and don't think it's coming you get another one. ly try to talk to people at the beach to what is happening this weekend. time now 6:47. a truck that was carrying bags of marijuana spilled its load in san jose. onlookers saw it and they
6:48 am
scooped upmost of the pot. this happened early yesterday morning. a white toyota pickup truck overturned spilling its illegal cargo but before the police could get there, witnesses were picking up the bags of pot and taking off. and police say the driver also fled. the police are still looking for him. sonoma valley as are being pushed out by another crop. grapes. land use for a production has fall -- apple production has fallen from 830 to 660-acre. grapes are taking up 66,000- acres of land. grapes are the number one crop in the area. the apples are only 13th on the list. this weekend the city of oakland will formerly celebrate gay pride for a second year. supporters hope to double the attendance from last year which is the first year of the celebration in oakland. organizers are confident 100,000 people will show up for
6:49 am
sunday's guy pride celebration. a recent study shows oakland has the third highest rate of same sex couples. that is after san francisco and seattle. time now 6:48. it's early friday morning. sal, could you just take me to the bridge? [ laughter ] >> can i count it off? >> yes. >> one two three let's go. as we head out to the we just have so much fun with that. maybe we should stop. [ laughter ] golden gate bridge southbound 101 as you head downs to -- down to the toll plaza the traffic is move song well. the fog is there. steve and i have been talking about this. just be careful and drive slowly. i don't think the fog will last long. san mateo bridge also a hit foggy. we are checking with sfo to make sure the flights are not delayed too much. usually the delays don't start too much. if you are driving across to 101 it looks pretty good. there is a little bit of fog on the coast as well.
6:50 am
i want to move the maps up to the north bay here as you drive on highway 37. westbound 37 at 121 there is a motorcycle crash on the shoulder. eastbound we have a lot of slow traffic on 37. heading up to highway 121. 6:49 hello steve. >> sal,ly go crazy if you take -- sal i will go crazy if you take it to the bridge. >> yes. friday and sunshine for many. thick fog over there. not inland. it will be warm. some of that thick fog clear for some. it's not solid but it's starting to fill in here in the last couple of hours. fog or sun. 60s a few 70s. a lot of 60s around the bay. 40s to near 60s on the lows. sunny and warm today. inland temps will warm up again. they will be in the hot category for many. 84 to 98 for some. the afternoon temperatures away from the the coast.
6:51 am
the wind is not there. there is more of a northwest or west. i think the fog never really got completely chewed up. it dispursed yesterday. it doesn't make any impact away from the coast. on the coast it will be we'll have a 40-degree spread between some of these highs today. the high will give much higher temperatures no doubt about it. sunny and warmer for many today. dealing with some of that patchy fog. it does look hot inland. this does appear to be the hottest day of the week here. santa rosa close to 90s. 94 nevada. i under cut some of the forecasted high there is. there is too much fog around. it will be all right for many. 74 alameda to 96 pittsburgh. 94 morgan hill. 95 gilroy. 84 fremont. san jose at 86 degrees. we will go 86 for woodside. 72 in the city. pacifica and half-moon bay it looks like 60s to me. fog will be working its way
6:52 am
back in. it will be warm to hot saturday. cooler pattern into sunday and monday. monthly jobs report in this morning was not as good as forecasted. we want to take you live to the big board. new york stock exchange dow jones off 200 points to 11,281. fears that the u.s. could slip back into a recession as no jobs were added last month. analysts were looking for an addition of 70-90,000 jobs. dow jones plunged about 2% right off the bat. despite economic concerns many americans are buying new cars. chrysler reports a 31% increase from this time last year. general motors posted a 16% gain. ford rose 11%. the auto maker are looking at smaller more efficient cars. we are two weeks away from the rerelease of star wars drill dwi. the star wars includes audio
6:53 am
commentary from george lucas. lucas has made some changes including using computer generated technology to make yoda enthe ewalks blink. time now 6:52. it's an interesting exhibit. it's called the war on terror exhibit. some really chilling reminders of america's worst terror attack. a little known sculpture on the bay bridge. what it stands for and why it could disappear soon. good morning, if you are driving in san jose already some slow traffic here getting up into the valley. we'll tell you what is causing it and where the slow traffic is right now.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
good morning, time now 6:55. the opening of a new exhibit in washington, d.c. shows haunting symbols of terrorism. days before the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the museum there is displaying 60 items connected to that attack. they will include the charred cell phones of the victims. engine block from the plane that hit the twin towers. even hijacker passports. the exhibit includes items from the shoe bomber case including the four matches he struck in an attempt to blow up a transatlantic flight in 2001. cal bears are playing a across the bay this season. that will have a huge impact on
6:57 am
berkeley businesses. all six of cal's home games will be played in san francisco while memorial stadium gets a badly needed facelift. that will cause many berkeley businesses including bars and restaurants big bucks. cal tran deciding the fate of a little known sculpture on the bay bridge. take a look at the bay bridge troll. ever since the earthquake it was put there to protect the bridge. cal tran is deciding if they should move that troll to the new eastern span or put it in a museum. coming up on 7:00. let's go back over to sal. check in on traffic, sal. >> we will start in the livermore valley. we had earlier problems with a boulder in the road. we are watching 580 there in the livermore valley. traffic is not all that bad. which is very good. but there is a crash eastbound 580 at greenville road.
6:58 am
a big rig became separated from its trailer. let's go to the live pictures now. i want to show you northbound 280 traffic. in the left lane. it's an injury crash and traffic you can see is backing up. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. sunny for most. some fog on the coast. might make it a little tough there. it will be warm to hot inland. 60s and 70s by the coast. 90s inland. about the same saturday. cooler weather takes us into sunday and monday. coming up next on mornings on 2 apparents nightmare. a babysitter charged with hurting a toddler. why he said he did it. a thief stole his son's scooter and he wants it back. what the child's father did in hopes of scaring the burglar straight. stay right here with us.
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