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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. a massive fire destroys a house in concord, what neighbors had to do to protect their houses. a unique protest by supporters of same sex
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marriage. the one thing the agency will not do, ktvu channel 2 news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us, it is tuesday september 6thth i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, here is steve. we have thick fog and once it gives way it will be warm to hot with temperatures in the 90s if you are far enough away from any marine influence. a lot of low 50s, some 60s and 70s near the coast. here is sal. approaching you will see slow traffic here it is after 6:00. also the morning commute looks good on the san mateo bridge
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and a lot of people are using it now. the streets at clayton remains closed after a morning hit-and-run. allie rasmus joins us with more on why this crash scene could be dangerous. allie? >> reporter: this is 17th and clayton and as you can see there is a patrol car and an officer directing traffic around this street. if you pan around here, you can see this is what is causing this street closure, there is a five-story building in a residential neighborhood and you can see the scaffolding is all torn apart. this happened when a car crashed into the scaffolding early this morning. just over the last few minutes, it looks like springs of wood and they are working to repair the scaffolding and make it
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more stable. police got a call at 2:45 and the driver took off right after that accident so police have not been able to question the driver or get information about how this happened. they are working to stabilize the scaffolding and he told police the scaffolding is no longer in danger of falling and police say the weather this morning is also working in their favor. >> the right side is stable and the left side has been removed from the sidewalk. it appears to be half and a half. the contractor says it is stable and he has torn off the top part so it will not fall. unless we had high winds so we think we will be okay. >> reporter: also the car involved they know what color it is because there were pieces of silver car left behind at the crash scene. it is possible the driver may have been drunk. there is only one person living
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in this residential building right now and that person is not in any danger but again as a precaution police have shut down the street. 17th and clayton to traffic and right now you are looking at a construction truck that just pulled up. they have some modal poles in the back of that struck and it -- truck and it looks like they will replacing the scaffolding. they laid out cones in the street and this street will probably remained closed for the next couple of hours until they repair the scaffolding. police done think at this point the scaffolding is in any danger of closing. live in san francisco, allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. the investigation continues on a fire that was damaged in a fire. neighbors jumped into action as the flames spread, alex?
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>>reporter: good morning. flames were pouring out of this three story home and according to neighbors embers were raining down on this entire neighborhood. this is the house under construction and you can see it is completely charred. some of the neighbors were watering down their roofs trying to keep the flames from spreading to their houses. this fire broke out on sky lar court and the home now is a total loss. the flames threatened several others. but for the most part, crews kept their flames contained. neighbors know they were lucky. >> the grass was catching fire and if i didn't stop it there it would have burned. >>reporter: flames were burning
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underneath power lines and dangerously close to gasoline. arson investigators were called to try and figure out what sparked the fire but they told us it is simply standard procedure because at this point they don't believe this fire was intentionally set. time now 6:05 a wildfire which was started by a deadly plane crash has burned 86 acres. the fire has destroyed 12 houses an injured two firefighters. 170 homes have been evacuated and hundreds more have been told to get ready to leave. supporters of same sex marriage will hold a sit in. the no sit in comes a few hours before a state supreme court hearing on the issue. at 10:00 this morning the california supreme court will hear arguments over whether
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sponsors of prop 8 will hear a ruling that call it unconstitutional. they plan to protest before the hearing. >> it is not fair in california to have marriage haves and marriage have nots. >> he is confident today's outcome will favor them. a law professor agrees and he said they have a draft prepared and they are willing to defend prop 8. when it will be taken care of 2013. a mass protest this evening in san francisco, police were there looking on to make sure nothing happened and above ground demonstrators stood silently. commuters should not be angry at them they say for blocking traffic over the past two months. >> we don't have anything to
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apologize we think bart should apologize for running a police force which for 30 years has been a disgrace. >> they will force bart to open the gates and let passengers ride for free. nobody was hurt last night at the demonstration and train service was never disrupted. they will ask lawmakers to support drastic cost cutting plans. coming up we will have a live report from our washington d.c. room with what the proposed changes could mean for mail service. all options except fair hikes will have more on how to deal with the budget shortfall. with meters all down the agency faces a $23 million deficit. the transportation agency tells the examiner passengers will not have to pay more but he did not rule out service cuts.
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the apts i takes up -- agency takes up the issue on friday. sal is busy watching the toll plaza and everything else, sal? we have a bigger back up and it is getting busier and this is just a little early for it to get so busy. meter lights will be turned on soon and might even turn them on super because it is getting so busy early. the traffic continues to move well and if you are driving on the span traffic is notable especially southbound traveling to haywood. people are trying to get their business done early and as you can see the roadway is getting a flash of slow traffic here and there. it is certainly crowded but not a lot of slow spots just yet.
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reducing visibility with thick fog it will be sunny and warmer and only the coast is an iffy forecast, it builds in and temperatures will warmup fast tuesday and also into wednesday. some up eastern 90s to near 100 degrees and now the coast could range anywhere, there will be a mix of fog and sun even on the coast. you will not have to go far to find warm temperatures if you have that gray around which has been the pattern. it will be in the 60s and the rain coming down on southern california is moving off. temperatures are 50 to 51 from napa to oakland and then you get warmer towards the southern end of the peninsular but some cool readings including in the city alone. richmond district dog patch 52,
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hayes and cal harbor. still a west wind at 52 so we don't lose the sea breeze completely. heating up after some dense fog and it will be hot inland and warm around the bay, cool to mild to warm around the coast. 84 and 90 in sonoma 95 concord pleasant hill. 95 antioch, 98 morgan hill and mid-80s on the peninsular but then you find 60s and 70s and 80s in san francisco. partly cloudy skies as we head to the weekend. we now know what he did that landed him in prison. a lot of and found case, searching for the owner of this
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. welcome back to the morning news we now know why an fbi agent was sentenced for leaking information to a blogger. he was a hebrew translator who
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passed on conversations caught on wiretaps of the israeli embassy. he said he released them because he was concerned about israel's efforts to concern congress and public opinion. retired army general david petraeus starts his new job as director of the cia today. vice-president joseph biden will swear him in, in a private ceremony. general david petraeus who served as the top commander was honored for 37 years of military service. >> new reports spotted those coming through and there is no word if muammar gaddafi and his family are in that convoy. muammar gaddafi has been offered asylum and muammar gaddafi's compound in tripoli
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is now a tourist attraction. now you can see people are walking freely through the compound taking pictures like that lady there. they are exploring many tunnels and it is believed muammar gaddafi may have escaped through one of those tunnels. he will testify before congress and they will make radical changes that will impact your mail service. we recently talked with the post master general about the crisis. the postal service is losing billions of dollars a year and could run out of money by the end of this month so today the post master general will ask congress permission for a radical plan to save the postal service. he wants to cut 120,000 workers
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close 370 locations and stop saturday mail delivery. he wants to pull more than a half million employees from the generous retirement plans offered to 1 million workers. >> revenues are in critical ways and like any other business you have to act responsibly. >> and a congressional requirement is that they refund their retirement program and more on what will happen if congress does not act soon during my next update in one hour. allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. a unique lost and found, somebody turned in this ceramic earn and yes inside cremated
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ashes. now theern is green and anybody who wants to claim theern should contact tracy police. they are investigating the third homicide in one week in the mission district. they sent us this photo at 10th and guerrero. a man in his 40s was shot and killed. police don't believe his shooting was connected to any gangs or two recent homicides. two police officers were hurt in a shooting a few blocks away from the west indian day parade in brooklyn. the parade saw fatal shootings in 2003 and 2005. they celebrate the history, culture and music and food of the caribbean islands. bryan stow has shown little improvement and his family reports he has had normal
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responses. his recent infections have worn him out. family members are overwhelmed with the community support but throughout the first pitch last saturday at a giants' game. we are looking at the east bay approach at this time dave and pam, you can see traffic is busy on the road sensors showing the stop and go and 680 between walnut creek, traffic looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze and if you are doing the commute on interstate 880 between heyward and fremont there is only a little bit of slow traffic there. you can see westbound 82 the san mateo bridge is more crowded and more crowding at the bay bridge as well. we will show you that soon and
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this morning's commute is doing nicely here in downtown san jose. we have some thick fog but all points go towards sunshine and warm inland. that is cool shot. where are the wolfs howling but once it burps off, rain yesterday in southern california moved off and there is a sign it may come back but i am getting ahead of myself. some cool readings in san jose but a lot of low 50s this morning. hardly any sea breeze at all yesterday in fairfield 30s gusts and a lot of calm locations. napa, vacaville livermore and san jose which tells me it will warm up quickly today. it looks like a cool down
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starts thursday and friday. by the coast, it will be in the 70s if not in the 60s and everybody else will be in the 80s and 90s. here comes a full down as we head into the weekend. a number of those accepting food stamps which is a branch taco bell and pizza hut and wants the government to allow food stamps. they do not allow most prepared food to be bought with food stamps but they are alling them to -- allowing them to serve elderly and homeless. starbucks is planning to expand in asia and right now they have 470 stores in china. they want to make that 1500 by
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2014 and they call for a total of 700 scores in south korea. starbucks will open its first store in vietnam. they are preparing to open their first store. sales in china are serving. it had generate the highest revenue of all the international stores. a new flu shot rolls out this fall, what is different about this shot? what a county man was doing when he left his one-year-old son inside of a hot car. and we want to remind you, we have a facebook page we want you to know about. you can find updates and send us messages and store are you
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. right now new mexico is one of three states allowing undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses. they will consider reversing that and this is due in part to the first latino governor who campaigned on the promise to block this from happening. utah is another area that allowed undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses. he left inn one-year-old son inside of a hot car while he went drinking at a bar. far faction police arrested him at the pub and brewery yesterday afternoon. witnesses confronted him and he rolled down the car windows a little but then went back into the bar. police say the child did not
6:27 am
have to be taken to the hospital but he was picked up later by his mother. the father of a soldier killed in iraq is honoring his son and other locals who have died in afghan and iraq. -- in iraq and afghanistan. each banner has the name home town age and a quote from a fallen member of the military. graves whose son joey who died in iraq said it was a very personal memorial. >> if you can connect with them it will tend to give you more of a reason to remember and that's really what we talk about here is never forgetting. >> graves said there are actually hundreds of banners including some displayed in other communities. he hopes his son's name can provide a banner for every u.s.
6:28 am
airman who died in the wars. now they pay for the ban first through fundraisers and you can find out more by going to our website and looking under web link. this fall the new flu shot uses a much smaller needle and here is a flu shot which injects the flu shot deep under the skin as opposed into the muscles. it is for adults and availability is limited. right now part of a san francisco street is shut down. crews are working to stabilize five stories of scaffolding after an early hit-and-run. a student is assaulted on campus, how she got away from the suspect. n? @@@@@
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. good morning, thanks for joining us it is now tuesday i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, time now 6:30. a state student said she was assaulted on campus and her attacker even followed her onto the bus. kraig debro is at the school
6:32 am
where the school has sent out an alert to the students. >> reporter: good morning pam. i just spoke to the sergeant and he said that alert went out yesterday and more information to follow today. it started here and the two people ended up here at this building and that's when the woman was assaulted. it happened 9:30 yesterday morning and according to police the woman was sitting in front of the administration building when she was assaulted. it's not clear how he did it but he lured her across the street and they ended up at the all could he have and that the point -- they ended up in another area and at that point the woman was groped. she got way because she was actually able to get away from him. >> she walked over to the bus stop where she was able to board the number 73 bus. >> reporter: now both of the people on the bus, the suspect
6:33 am
followed this woman on to the bus, they take it to the end of the line capital expressway and according to police the suspect realizes she is going to call police and they realize it is a university matter. the woman was not injured and hearing more from the police more details about what happened during this assault on campus yesterday. reporting live at san jose state, kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. >> time now 6:32 overnight scaffolding fell and part of clayton street is closed. police said the driver of a silver car hit this scaffolding outside of a 5 story building and it knocked down most of the bottom part of the scaffolding. police were worried the rest might collapse and that's why
6:34 am
they closed down the street. police are out there working to fix that damage. scary moments in concord where flames spread to one house in concord and spread to even more. allie rasmus shows us when the fire started and some of the damage -- alex shows us when the fire started and some of the damage left behind. >> reporter: a three story home under construction in concord and if you look you can still see smoke sold in dering -- smoldering and the big concern was embers as this fire broke out part of a fence next door on the house next door was burned at that home. some of the people nearby were watering down their roofs trying to keep them from catch be fire. it happened at schuyler court. at this point the home is considered a total loss.
6:35 am
one home nearby was damaged but for the most part they were able to keep the flames contained and the neighbors came together to help protect other houses from the fire. >> i was trying to wash it down with neighbors helping people i did not know before. >> you learned something about your neighbors. >> yes, right. >> fire crews also faced some serious challenges battling these fires, they were near power lines and gas line and arson investigators are trying to pinpoint an exact cause of the fire but they don't believe it was intentionally set. one of the homeowners whose property was damaged as embers flew around the neighborhood is out of town right now. he is on vacation and may not know about this fire yet. alex savage ktvu channel 2 news. right now fires are burning across the state of texas and
6:36 am
crews are struggling contain the flames. coming up what they are saying about the worst fire season in their state's history. the hurricane has weakened to a category 3 storm and winds now 125 miles per hour. it is now currently south of bermuda. it could reach the bahamas greater antilles and the east coast later this week. remnants of tropical storm lee has already whipped up tornadoes outside atlanta. strong winds and heavy rains have damaged homes across the state and up to four inches of rain is expected this morning. a city councilman is still on the loose and believed to be hiding in the woods. they are chasing down the lead in the manhunt of aaron.
6:37 am
he is accused of a fort brag city councilman jerry brent. and he is also accused of killing another man on august 11th. >> the last thing we need is anymore violence. >> they spotted him by his mother's home on sunday but he escaped into the woods. the parents say he is mentally ill and authorities are warning he is armed and dangerous. today assemblyman jerry hill will be at the site of the explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. assemblyman hill will be add crow evaluating -- advocating for legislation he introduced to strengthen security
6:38 am
standards. san bruno will hold a ceremony on friday night to remember the victims. last night ntsb blasted them in a series of miss steps. to read the full report go to our website and click on the san bruno tab. sal, how is it doing out there? well it is doing well considering what you said dave and palm, a lot of people are -- pam a lot of people are back since the holiday weekend and we are getting a bun much of slow -- bunch of slow traffic on highway bay point and the traffic is slow and it is slow in antioch and you will see a little bit of a which is -- bit of fog. northbound traffic is looking good right in front of the
6:39 am
oakland coliseum. highway 17, if you are a 17 driver is, we heard from a bunch of you over the last few weeks. nothing like that horrible monday we had a few weeks ago and last week we had that road work going on and this monday it is off to a nice start. 85 looks good in the cupertino. christopher said there was more fog in san jose than san bruno and there are areas where it's very thick and other areas where it is clear skies. that is sign it will burn off rather fast. inland temperatures will bump up 5 to 10 degrees and more of the same tomorrow. it does look like a cooler
6:40 am
pattern. it would be east and south of us but there will be high clouds as they start to rotate. some of that thick fog, it is not as expensive and it will be much warmer as that high kicks in. temperatures will jump into the 90s for many and a lot of rain in southern california, most of the rain has pushed out of the area. look at the lows, 51 mountain view and san jose in the city alone and valleys have 50s, richmond district 51 and hayes valley, it is chilly. yes at this time it was 30. calm conditions and it will be
6:41 am
thick fog widespread 50s temperatures jumping up hottest areas near 100 degrees. hot inland conditions mild and warm around the bay but it looks like most locations warm up fast. yes 100 clear lake and ukiah, concord pleasant hill 95, alameda went 76, downtown oakland 84. we will have 85 for memo park and that will be a really weird day. many of those partly cloudy skies will be coming to visit pam cook for the weekend. >> we have a little birthday party i am riding. security at the golden gate bridge changed significantly since the september 11th
6:42 am
attack. measures in place to prevent a terror attack. proposition 8 heads back to a san francisco courtroom and what the state supreme court will be listening to. san mateo looks good, we will tell you about the morning commute and we will check out our forecast. çñóoe+ -u
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. right now crews are busy at the scene of a hit-and-run in san francisco. the crews have secured the scaffolding but they have closed 17th street and clayton just as a safety precaution. firefighters say arson is not suspected. it also damaged nearby properties. and today the post master general will testify before a congressional community that drastic measures are needed to deal with the mounting debt. the most master general wants to cut as many as 120,000 jobs. back to a san francisco courtroom, allie rasmus has
6:46 am
more on the issue being discussed and what protesters plan to do before this morning's hearing, allie? >> reporter: the issue before the supreme court has nothing to do with marriage at all but it is whether or not supporters have a legal right to defend that proposition in court and the proposition is prop 8 which was passed by voters which banned same sex marriages in the state of california. they ruled prop 8 was unconstitutional and normally when a law is called into question it is up to the state attorney's general to defend that law. governor jerry brown declined to defend the law so they appealed on their own. they went to the 9th circuit court of appeals but that court
6:47 am
said if the state supreme court has the right or the standing to defend their -- to defend their legal standing and they argue they do. >> it is so understood in california law that initiatives have the right to defend their initiatives and nobody ever came out and said it but it's something they understand and the california supreme court of appeals expect that to continue today. >> reporter: now the hearing continues here and two hours before that hearing starts at 8:00 supporters and opponents will be gathering out here on the courthouse steps. we will talk to some of the people who will be out here expressing their feelings about proposition 8 before this hearing begins. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. wildfires are still burning
6:48 am
across texas and they are fueled by dry vegetation and strong winds from tropical storm lee. this is the biggest wildfire east of austin. it is also the most destructive in texas historian so far more than 2 5,000 acres have -- in texas history and so far more than 2 5,000 acres have been burned. it is the people in your life and what means something to you. what firefighters say is making those flames hard to contain and there is no relief in site right now. >> governor rick perry left his campaign and returned to texas saying this is the worst fire season they have seen. they have been sent to upgrade security at the golden gate bridge.
6:49 am
large light surveillance cameras have been added access roads under the bridge are now blocked. the manager of the district said they have been at a heightened state of alert every day including representatives from the chp which meets every other tuesday at the bridge to discuss security issues. here at the ktvu channel 2 news we are airing a special program, it is called 9/11 a decade of change. we will exam the many changes we have seen to our world since the attacks and we will have live reports from new york and pennsylvania and again that is this sunday. time now 6:48 let's see what is happening with our commute, it is getting busy out there, sal? we do have some stop-and-go traffic developing here and there but for the most part it is very busy if you are driving out to the high-rise you can
6:50 am
see the fog is gas going to be thick this morning. interstate 880 in oakland traffic is moving nicely and i do want to mention if you are driving in the south bay, we have not had a lot of slow traffic just yet but we have had traffic getting crowded if you are driving on 101 and 280, most of that traffic is still close to the speed limit anyway. let's go to steve. over the big city, there is thick fog and lost godwits coming in. also some really cool -- a lot of good tweets coming in. >> also some really cool lows. thick morning fog and some sun, about 60s if you can't get rid of that fog. also some of that inland fag
6:51 am
should burn off. over the crest of the sierra most of it is pushed out. maybe by the weekend it will wrap around with a new low. 50 at the oakland airport 52 in san francisco, red wood city, anywhere from 47 to 57 on the peninsular so it depends where you are. west southwest at 58. that is nothing. a little him the of a sea breeze continues for the coast. it will not matter inland because we will be heating up. dense fog gives way to a lot of sunshine some haze in the area some low-to-mid to upper 90s near to 100 degrees. then we start to see a cool
6:52 am
down with some high clouds and partly sunny skies for the weekend. the world bank says the u.s. economy continues to limp along with high growth and slow unemployment. the u.s. does not appear headed for another recession. he adds the challenges facing europe are better than here in the u.s. and on the stock exchange dow jones industrial average down 270 points back by 111063 right now and a lot of things are going on contributing to that, a lot of uncertainty and the global exchange is playing a roll because the markets across -- a role because the markets across europe are down as well. they are almost sold out. those ads fell at $3.5 million
6:53 am
each. central 27 real estate, which never had a super pole out of the floor. a car thief who is big and if you are are you. even the sheriff's deputy found this crime report hard to describe. after months of negotiations, today we learn the fate of a 300-year-old oak tree named granny. good morning, if you are driving on 280 northbound you can see traffic is driving along nicely, we will have more coming up.
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membership rewards points from american express. use them to get the things you love from,, and more unexpected places. they're a social currency with endless possibilities. . welcome back to the morning news, today is the day to save a 300-year-old oak tree which is sitting in the planned path of a water line. if the park commission is planned they will tunnel under it. they are lookinged to create this with access limited to class fields trips. they believe the crime report that a bear stole their car. they were at their lake tahoe
6:57 am
cabin when a bear was inside the family car ripping out the interior trying to get back out. >> he pulled back the gear shift which is a pretty hard task to do. >> the caroled down the family's driveway and deputies sheriff wrote it up as burglary by bear. coming up, let's check in with sal for weather and traffic. traffic is slowing down and moving along well in other areas. coming out of the fog we can see slower traffic to a crowded bay bridge toll plaza and on interstate 880 it is getting more crowded near the coliseum.
6:58 am
traffic looks good getting into the valley 85 is slowing down on the way to cupertino. >> if you are above that fog it is warm and 60s and 70s already. it will be warm to hot inland with 90s easily. 60s to 70s to near 80s along the coast. a good samaritan ends up in the hospital, what happened when he stopped to help a stranded driver. and tomatoes, the reason why they may soon see a whole lot of red. stay right here with us. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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