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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 7, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: why state and federal investigators in novato will be looking into -- nevada will be looking into how the shooting suspect in yesterday's massacre got ahold of all of those guns. more pipeline problems for pg&e. this one several miles south of san bruno. he's known as billy, the growing concern over this missing giants' fan. plus -- developing news. a deadly crash involving an ice
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hockey team. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, september 7th. we'll soon learn more about a shooting rampage at a carson city restaurant. five people died. several others were seriously injured. kraig debro is live from the national armory in san jose. and we understand there will be a news briefing in a few hours? >> reporter: in about two hours from now, the sheriff's office from carson city said they are gonna release the homicide victims from yesterday's massacre. i'm across the street from the superior court. i spoke with a guardsman about what happened in nevada. i hope to speak to more later this hour. the sheriff said the investigation will focus on finding the motive and how the
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shooter got his guns. eduardo sencion drove with a sign on the back of his car that said had a sign on it and once inside, he walked up to a table and shot at five national guard members. the owner of a barbecue restaurant, he backed down when he was faced with all of that gun powder. >> there was a pistol on the scene. the primary weapon was the assault rifle. some version of it an a.k.-47. >> reporter: his family says cension had a history of mental illness. if that's the case, there will be questions about how he got the weapons when he -- if he
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got them legally. cension shot himself in the parking lot later and died at the hospital. seven others were also injured. i tried to call cension's home in carson city. the number -- the number i called was disconnected. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. we'll be following this story all morning. you can find continuing coverage by going to our website, the palo alto city council approved a new hiring plan for the so-called palo alto process. that's the reference the time it takes to get permits and reportedly, new jobs will increase expenses and the
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revenue. president obama is scheduled to release his jobs plan tomorrow night during an address to congress. this package calls for extending the worker payroll tax cut for another year. it also calls for more federal stimulus taxes, tax cuts and aides for teachers to prevent layoff. now, the five presidential candidates will debate tonight at the reagan presidential campaign. we'll bring you a report about the one candidate who will be in the spotlight tonight. a construction project in belmont has been put on hold until pg&e can locate a natural gas line pipeline. this is a live picture of the construction near city hall. crews had to stop lowering.
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maps had shown the lines were at least three feet below the surface. yesterday crews put a piece of wood over the ex supposed pipeline but, supposed pipeline but residents say they are still concerned about their safety. and one of pg&e's plastic pipes developed a leak igniting a fire in a cupertino home. now the company is asking for a list of all city pipes made with plastic. pg&e stays their plastic types are no -- pipes are more durable and should not easily crack. the council is more aware of leaks and want to be aware of trouble spots. members of the giants and other regulars at the ballpark are trying to locate a long- time fan named billy. he's known for greeting the players as they arrive at the ballpark. billy chamberlain. he's been missing since july 31st. giants' manager bruce bochy
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said everyone is worried about him. he's a semihomeless man. several people have filed -- filed reports about him. they have been checking hospitals and the morgue but so far no one has seen him. there's word that a plane carrying an ice hockey team crashed in russia, northeast of moscow. 36 people were killed. one person survived but was critically injured. still no word on why this plane crashed. the team was heading to an opening game for a league that combines several former soviet nations. all right. it's coming up on 7:06. we want to check in with sal, see what's happening on the roads this wednesday morning. >> it's busy out there. yesterday we had kind of a bad day, everyone was back after the holiday.
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today, things have settled down a little bit. let's go out to the live pictures. i want to show you -- or to the maps, you can see that highway 4, antioch, you will see some slow traffic and some slowing between pittsburg and bay point. but highway 4 looks good by the time you reach bay point, you will have passed a little bit of traffic there. 680 to concord looking nice. westbound from pinole on down, you will see slow traffic especially from richmond. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for a little bit less than a strong delay. it's barked up for maybe a five- minute wait before you make it on the span. this morning in the southeast bay, we had a stalled vehicle right here at 880. it's been removed. but traffic is backed up to interstate 680. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. sunrise over the big city with very low cloud deck. and also a few high clouds associated with the low.
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that's moving in and will play into our weather for the next three, five, ten days. today we're starting off with clear skies for many and 40s, 50s and 60s on those lows. fog near the coast but it will be warm to hot with highs near 80s, 90s. some very warm air aloft. you get up to is a00 -- 1500, 1600 feet, that fog combination of fog or sun on the coast. it will be sunny to mostly sunny away. anywhere from 62 to 80 for highs by the water. santa cruz hit 80 and the city 70. the higher clouds associated with a weak little system right there. now it's going to move in and then eventually settle in down towards central or southern california and then play into our weather for a while all the way into the weekend. but the lows, book ends of 47 for napa and santa rosa. 51 san rafael and san
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francisco, yet 58 san jose, mountain, livermore and a lot of mid-50s but that 51 officially in san francisco, you can see, yeah, that verifies because cole valley is 48. twin peaks, 49. mill valley, 49. po ter row hill, 50. it's school in the city -- potrero hill, 50. it's cool in the city. by the coast and bay there might be a little component of that westerly breeze. you can see the low wrapping itself off cape mendocino. there will be partly cloudy skies up near shasta. for us it will be hot to warm. 88 to 100. this looks like the warmest day of the week -- week. 87 heard from david, he said no fog on a tweet in novato. they will be warming up fast at 87. clear lake/ukiah near 100. same for antioch and brentwood.
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danville, san ramon, mid-90s. 89 san jose to 98 gilroy. saratoga at 92. fremont, 85. and palo alto, mountain view, redwood city right in there. 60s, 70s, coast and south san francisco to san bruno. there's just too much fog out there to warm up. more fog, cool to warm on thursday, and about the same on friday with your weekend always in view. some of those higher clouds can give us a partly cloudy weekend with showers in the sierra. 7:09. a search team will begin combing an area near austin, texas, for most victims of the massive wildfires there. so far four people have died. chris welch is in bastrop, texas, where the biggest fire is currently burning. what are the conditions like this morning, chris? >> reporter: well, tori, the smell of smoke still lingers in the air. we're three, four, five miles away from the biggest place in bastrop. this is on the morning the day
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after, i should say, we learned of two new fates associated -- families associated with this fire -- fatalities associated with this fire. >> everything is gone. we got out with everything we were wearing and our cars. >> reporter: helpless and homeless. people are returning to the places where their homes once stood, only to discover there's nothing left but ashes. despite the devastation, some are finding reasons to be happy. >> i am the luckiest person in the world. my family is safe. >> reporter: the wildfires sweeping through eastern texas are so monstrous, you can see them from space. this latest outbreak has already charred more than 100,000 acres, claiming hundreds of homes and at least four lives. the people packing up ahead of the flames will tell you you can't put a price on what's at terrific -- what's at risk. >> it's hard. this all has history. my dad passed away a little over a year ago and this is our
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home base. if this goes, this is all we go the -- this is all we got. >> the largest fire has spread to 30,000 acres. firefighters are struggling to gain ground on the flames, battling the elements and fatigue. >> we've had firefighters move in. i think every state has come in. although the winds have died down. what texas needs is rain. there's no relief in the forecast. and officials have made progress in the fires. the first few days we got here, the fire was 0% contained. today they are telling us it's 30% contained. that is an increase and they are telling us the fact that the winds are so much nicer to them. they were so much lower. we had so much bigger gusts. the gusts are what they are afraid of tomorrow and friday. it's expected to pick up again. this fire will be around for quite some time, they don't anticipate it to die down any
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soon. tori? >> thank you. it is 7:12. a report card for the homeland security department. how many recommendations have been implicated -- implemented since 9/11. and why local emergency responders are still dealing with the same problem they had at ground zero, radios that don't work and some good news, why your morning cup of coffee could be cheaper next year. state farm. this is jessica.
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good morning. we still have a little bit of patchy, low clouds around, around 0 oakland, lake merritt and also kind of dancing around a little bit. once that burns off, it will be sunny, 60s, 70s, 80s, coast and bay but 90s near 100, inland. right now on capitol hill a congressional hearing is
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underway looking into how well the department of homeland security is protecting the country since the 9/11 attacks. lawmakers are taking a look at a new report card that gives the department of homeland security an incomplete for its efforts over the last ten years. the report was prepared by the government accountability office. it says the department of homeland security has addressed about half of 1500 recommended actions. on 9/11, it was determined that emergency responders were not able to communicate with peach other by radio, and ten years later, the bay area is struggling with the same problem. the delay for an adequate system is being blamed on high costs, disagreements between government groups and evolving technology. bay area governments say they are working toward what they call a stem of systems they hope will work in a disaster. they say it's necessary to avoid the mass confusion that occurred on 9/11. ktvu will mark the 10th anniversary of the september
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11th attacks with a special promo -- a special program called "9/11 -- a decade of change." it will include live reports from new york, washington, d.c. and shanksville, pennsylvania. it airs this sunday, beginning at 6:00 p.m. our time now, 7:16. well, eight candidates will debate tonight in southern california at the reagan national library. this is the first debate for the new republican front- runner. alison? >> reporter: dave, rick perry has surged ahead of the pack and will likely be a big target tonight. his biggest competition is former massachusetts governor mitt romney. he was the front runner a few weeks ago. >> they are going to be
7:18 am
probusiness administrators. there's not gonna be any apologies to anybody about it. >> reporter: there have been some setbacks for michele bachmann. she's been dropping in the polls and her campaign manager stepped down. so she's going to be looking to gain some momentum. we need to mention there's some question about whether governor perry is going to participate. his aides say he will be at the debate but he dropped out of another event this week to deal with the wildfires back home. he's left open the possibility that he will need to stay in texas this evening. reporting live from from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. now, yesterday, mitt romney released what he calls his business plan for america. the 59 proposals include capping federal spending, reducing corporate income taxes at 29%. eliminating taxes on interest, dividends and capital gains for the middle class, and repealing the healthcare reform law. time now, 7:18.
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a deadly construction accident in tiburon is being investigated. a worker fell ten feet from the roof of a home on st. thomas way yesterday hitting his head and he was knocked unconscious. paramedics rushed him to the hospital. he died later. at this point, we don't know his name. a lot of questions surrounding the death of a patient at grady memorial hospital in atlanta. a -- atlanta. a 60-year-old woman fell out of the 11th story window of her hospital room. police say she may have jumped. but her family believes otherwise. >> she was too weak. >> they told us that she jiggled it to open it somehow. >> that doesn't make sense. >> the woman had been in the hospital for two weeks, suffering from seizures. the hospital says those women -- those windows are designed to only be opened by technicians to make repairs. an investigation continues. it is 7:19. the new face of poverty in the
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u.s. is someone who is working age. the government says nearly three out of every five poor people are adults between the ages of 18 and 64. that's the highest level since the 1960s when the war on poverty was launched. right now more than 43 million people in the u.s. live in poverty. that's more than 14% of the american population. the price of coffee could go down next year if predictions on coffee productions pan out. experts say brazil could harvest 37% more coffee in 2012. that would be the most in 12 years and it could cut raw coffee prices. those prices have doubled in the last year and the increases have been pass along to retailers and consumers. and happening now, live pictures from washington, d.c., where, right now, the senate judiciary committee is holding a hearing on cybercrime. they want to upgraded computer
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fraud and abuse act to help protect people in cyberspace. government officials are expected to submit system to support proposals. a santa rosa city countywoman said the public is being -- councilwoman said the public is being disrespected. and changes she has in mind. she calls her pet pig her everything. and a serious debate that has the community rallying. good morning. all of a sudden, 280 is just not doing very well. as you can see for yourself. i will give you a look at the south bay and the rest of the slow spots.
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time coming up on 7:23. a santa rosa city councilwoman wants to change the way the city's council meetings are run because she says right now it's disrespectful to the public. currently, residents who want
7:24 am
to speak at the meetings about anything that's not on the agenda have to wait until the end, sometimes after midnight before they get their three minutes at the microphone. the councilwoman is proposing to move the public comments to the beginning of the move -- of the meeting. people in philadelphia offering their support to a woman who has been ordered to get rid of her cherished pet. this is porkish. a vees pig. he can do all kinds of -- a vees pig. he can do -- a vietnamese pig. he can do all kines of tricks -- kinds of tricks. >> he's my world. it's broken my spirit. he's something i wanted for 20
7:25 am
years. >> well, the neighborhood kids have launched a campaign to save porkis. they are all wearing the pig- nosed mask. she said, in the end, if he goes, she'll go, too. all right. 7:24 is the time we want to check in with sal. some slow spots on the road, sal? >> yeah. this commute is pretty slow in the south bay, tori, dave. as we look at 280 northbound, it's very slow getting up into the valley this morning. we don't have any major collisions on the way. we'll had a couple of minor fender-benders here and there but they've cleared rather quickly. we're just getting the slow traffic here right through the valley, right from san jose downtown into the valley. moving along and taking a look at 237, also some stop-and-go traffic here as you cross interstate 880. and of course, this morning we've had traffic on interstate 880 in oakland, getting busier but it's not stop and go just yet. when you get to the toll plaza,
7:26 am
it's moderate lit heavy -- moderately heavy. a few high clouds asocialed with a low that's begin -- associated with a low that's beginning to move in. it will still be warm to hot today. an increase in the higher clouds might take the edge off. there's the system right there. could produce partly cloudy skies up on the north coast, north of shasta but that low is going to move in and drop back down, believe it or not, towards southern and central california by friday and saturday. really interesting lows. anywhere from a really cool 47 or -- 47 off 46 is what the napa had, to upper 40s in the city to upper 60s for some and some higher elevations around 1500, 2,000 feet. there's the low. not much of a chance of it producing -- other than producing a few clouds today. this will be the warmest day of the week. start a cooldown on thursday.
7:27 am
probably about the same friday and with your weekend always in view, that low may be spinning in a lot of mid and upper clouds. there will be a lot of sunshine over the weekend. a police shooting in sacramento is under investigation. the store security tape that may add to the controversy. >> reporter: muni has a new plan for you to board the bus. but could it backfire on them? we'll explain. and the giant company looking for a new ceo. [ male announcer ] humble beginnings are true beginnings.
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welcome back. it will be an extra large morning for some peninsula residents. alex savage is on the peninsula now. >> reporter: this will be happening later on this morning, about 10:00 or so, the tsunami warning sirens will be going off as part of a test. it's to make sure that if there is an actual tsunami coming in off the pacific that people know about it. i want to show you where the sirens are at rockaway beach in pacifica, where we are this morning. this is one of eight sirens that will be going on this morning as part of a
7:31 am
synchronized test. the sound will last about a minute or so. it's longer than before. those sirens should be heard from pacifica down to half moon bay along the san mateo county coast. people who live here along the coast say they take the tsunami threat seriously. they want to make sure they hear the sirens if there is a real tsunami. >> oh, yeah, slum because -- there really are tsunamis -- oh, yeah, absolutely because there really are tsunamis. santa rosa got it bad. it's a good thing to know if you need to live your -- leave your house. we live two blocks from the beach. >> reporter: the sirens will sound today to make sure everything is up and running. we did have a warning after the earthquake in japan. the san mateo county office of emergency services says today's test is important because they need to make sure the sirens will reach as many people as possible. sometimes they say people inside their houses don't hear the sound of the siren and
7:32 am
that's obviously a problem. the sirens again will be starting again, the tests will be starting later on this morning at 10:00. the tests will be louder an longer than before. we're live this morning in pacifica, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, alex. thank you. 7:31. some witnesses to a deadly police shooting in sacramento yesterday are challenging sacramento police over what happened. take a look at video of a gunman and a convenience store a half-hour before that shooting yesterday. the store clerk says he was frustrated, pulled out a bat when his food stamp card didn't work for a purchase or for an a.t.m. wall. police say he then used that bat to break windows at a fitness center and then some cars. the police officer claim the man refused to put the bat down. however, some witnesses disagree with that. >> he didn't comply the first time, and then after a couple of more times with them telling him to drop it, he let go of
7:33 am
the bad. as he let go of the bad, he threw his hands in the air, for his he was shot three times after that. >> we're fully confident that system was armed with a bat during the time of the shooting. >> that shoot something being investigated by several agencies. the police officer who irfired the man and -- who fired and shot the man is on paid leave. yahoo! 's work force will hear from the company's ceo. the search engine fired carol bartz less than three months after she was hired. no one is speaking at headquarters. but the story was on yahoo! 's news page. industry analysts say she was never able to improve the company and some say it was only a matter of time before she was let go. >> well overdue. she was ranked as the most highly paid underperforming ceo in the world and has been for
7:34 am
quite some time. with bartz, tim morse is the interim ceo and the search for another ceo is expected to begin immediately. authorities in santa clara county are calling it a mystery solved. a man suspected on a deadly attack on an elderly farmer in saratoga two years ago is due in court today. investigators say incriminating text messages left to the -- led to the arrest of 33-year- old juan cortinas. he was already in custody on unrelated charges. police say he and another man viciously beat a man and his daughter during a home invasion and robbery. the man kyed of his -- died of his injuries two weeks after the attack. his daughter survived. the second suspect in this case died in an unreap lated gun battle with police last year. this morning a house fire in oakland is forcing two families to search for a new place to live. the flames broke out in between their homes on east 7th street
7:35 am
about 8:30 last night. both homes were damaged but luckily nobody was hurt. it took about a half-hour to control the fire and the cause is still under investigation. 7:34. tonight students at two schools in the west contra costa county district will find out if their campuses will be closed. last december, the city of san pablo contributed $300,000 to keep lake elementary open. san pablo's mayor says the city cannot afford to help this time. about 400 -- help this time about 400 students. >> me and my wife have to find another school to put him in. right now, this will be very hard for us. >> pin nome could also be shut down. the school board meets tonight at deshaun middle school to vote on the issue.
7:36 am
the cost of the recent b.a.r.t. protest is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. tomorrow's plan for another protest will obviously drive that number even higher. a b.a.r.t. spokesman says the five protests have cost $300,000. most of that money has gone to paying over -- overtime fee -- overtime fees for police. 7:35. well, if you ride muni, the way you get on the bus may be changing soon. ktvu's tara moriarty is in san francisco now to explain why that may happen. tara? >> reporter: well, some people are actually telling us they think muni could lose a lot of money from this idea. they think it may give folks more opportunity to cheat the system but others that we spoke to say they enter the bus in the back. right now, everyone is supposed to enter flew the front door on the bus -- through the front
7:37 am
door on the bus. the new system requires entering through the front. muni is hoping time will be cut down on those passengers sitting on the bus. some people we spoke to didn't even know it was illegal to enter through the back. >> i think it's unfair for them to enter into the rules bud i understand they want to find a seat as fast as they can. one of the biggest challenges muni will face in implementing an boarding system is cracking down on folks who don't pay their fare. muni is down $20 million a year because of free riders. the board has not voted yet. it supports the idea. you could see this go into effect next year. we're live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2
7:38 am
news. >> thank you, tara. a worker in santa rosa is headed to prison for four years for stealing information for patients. prosecutors say 30-year-old nick lou and five members of an identity theft ring defrauded at least 29 people in the bay area. now, lou pleaded guilty along with three other people. investigators say they created phony driver's licenses and credit accounts to buy things like gucci watches and flat- screen tvs. the thefts are totaling about $180,000. america's most wanted, the tv show, has found a new home. the 25th season of that crime- fighting tv series will be airing on the lifetime network. now, fox will still broadcast quart terly specials but they cannesleed the weekly saturday series in may. "america's most wanted" has helped capture 1200 fugitives over the last few years. >> very impressive report.
7:39 am
we want to check in with sal. not so impressive is the traffic. >> no. let's take a look at what we have with some of these live pictures and also with the map system. now, 80 westbound is very slow. but if you are driving on -- driving on highway 4, i think that's slower. it's also slow in bay point and 680 between condord -- concord pleasant hill has become very slow. >> let's go to the live pictures. i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for about a 15-minute delay. it's just about normal for this time of the morning. if you are driving on westbound 92, the san mateo bridge, you will see some slow traffic there as you head out to the high rise. we also want to remind you that our morning team has a facebook page. you can find updates right there. just search ktvuchannel2 dash
7:40 am
morning-- ktvuchannel 2newsteam. it's been a long time since we've been out of the fog. there's been some fog. overall today it will be mostly sunny. i say "mostly" because there's higher clouds up there. more fog, a little cooler earth the weekend looks like a lot of -- a lot of high clouds are gonna move in here. maybe solano, it santa clara county, might have to maybe see a little bit of a buildup on some of these clouds. we'll see, we'll have a couple of days to fine-tune that. there will be rain up in the sierra nevada. thick fog. a little bit kind of spilling over lake merritt. that fog and sun means big differences. anywhere from 60 to near 80. santa cruz did eek out an 80
7:41 am
the temperatures in the -- 80- degree -- eek out an 80-degree temperature. the lows are just incredible. all over the place. 40s, 50s to near 60 degrees. officially in san francisco, it's 51. but i've seen a lot of upper 40s. cole valley, all around twin peaks here. mill valley, outer sunset, 51. marina district 52. there's some cooler numbers around. high pressure will win out. you get up near 1500, 1600 feet on the altamont pass, it's already 80 degrees on the back side. this little low, it doesn't look like much there. but watch when i show you the water vapor. there it is. that's spinning in a few high clouds. it's also going to move in and backtrack by friday and saturday and settle off southern california. that's the one we need to keep an eye on for the weekend. today, under mostly sunny skies. it will be warm.
7:42 am
this looks like the warmest day of the week. clearlake will go 100. our observer in middletown, greta, 98. >> 80s on the peninsula. mainly, low and mid. but then 60s, 70s coast and the city. the city could have a 10-degree spread. the closer you are to the coast, a little cooler. it could be a tricky forecast on friday but with your weekend always in view. a lot of high and mid-level clouds. bears watching for the weekend. it's 7:42. wedding guests at the park had extra excitement that led to the police being called.
7:43 am
a drunk man crashed the wedding reception. he a aide -- he allegedly threw his shoe at the deejay before being paper sprayed and arrested. police arrested him. he spent the night at the station. no charges have been filed. what happened to a southwest passenger who refused to turn off their cell phone. we'll check stocks. ♪
7:44 am
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a hopeful sign for the jobs market just coming in. companies apparently
7:46 am
advertising the most job openings in nearly three years after the worse month for hiring in nearly a year. also what's happening the markets this morning after three days of loss is some hope that the european debt crisis might ease after germany's top court smoothed the way for berlin's bailout packages. right now, the dow is up at 155. nasdaq is up 42. suspect is -- subpoena is up 19. we just checked and yahoo! 's stock was up 6% at the opening. it's now up 4.5%. investors have been reacting positively to yesterday's firing of carol -- bartz -- carol bartz. police arrested a southwest airlines passenger for failing to turn off his cell phone. a spokeswoman for the airline
7:47 am
says the man turned his cell phone on as the flight was landing in el paso on monday. a flight attendant asked him to turn it off but he refused. el paso authorities met the aircraft at the gate and took the man into custody. a san francisco federal grand jury has indicted a man from texas for threatening a google executive on twitter. court records show marissa mayor received more than 20,000 threatening tweets from gregory king over the past ten months. the posts were both obscene and vulgar. king was arrested in san antonio last month. hese held without bay -- he's being held without bail. the man accuse of -- accused of killing two people may be tied to a homicide in the bay area. search teams have narrowed their search for aaron bassler to a remote area east of fort bragg. the sheriff's department seems confident they will track him
7:48 am
down soon. he's expect suspected of killing jerry melo and matt coleman. ktvu news has also learned bassler may be linked to the killing seven years ago of a young couple on a seslideed sonoma county beach. well, the obama administration may leave about 3,000 american troops behind in iraq. beyond the deadline for a withdrawal at the end of this year. now, that's less than the 10,000 or more troops the pentagon has proposed. defense secretary leon panetta said ultimately it's up to the iraqis to decide whether any american troops remain in their country past the deadline. right now, there are about 46,000 american troops in iraq. 7:47. the death toll in new delhi, india may rise after a deadly overnight explosion. a bomb inside a briefcase exploded outside a crowded courthouse. at least ten people were killed and more than 70 others hurt.
7:49 am
a pakistani-based islamic extreme group has claimed responsibility for the attack. this is the second blast outside the court in four months. this is the first major terror attack in india since several bombs exploded in three mumbai neighborhoods in july killing 20 people. a famous u.s. battleship at the city of vallejo, hoped to be turned into a museum is instead going to southern california. the battleship uss iowa is mothballed in benicia. for years, volunteers have been working to bring it to mare island but yesterday, they announced "the iowa" will go on display along the san pedro water front. it's hoping to attract businesses and visitors. >> like restaurants and museums and -- museums and theater groups. i had two dozen potential tenants that would come here. >> the navy indicated that the southern california group's
7:50 am
financing plan was better. vallejo is also requesting another battleship, which is smaller and less expensive, to maintain. elizabeth taylor's complete jewelry collection is set to be auctioned by christie's. many of the pieces were gifts from the late hollywood star's huzs, including this -- husband including this 33-carat diamond ring from richard burton estimated to be worth $2.5 and 3.5 million also this pearl, ruby, necklace and her so- called taj mahal collection. her jewelry valued at $30 million. >> wow. a cop on the wrong side of the wall, the surprising sentence for a local law enforcement officer caught with a car full of marijuana.
7:51 am
and what you have to do to get a seat. it feels like help is never far away. it feels like you're protected against life's little mishaps.
7:52 am
it feels like you'll make it home. that's what it feels like to be a member.
7:53 am
welcome back. hurricane katia, downgraded to a category 2 storm. it's centered about 325 miles south-southwest of bermuda. it's moving northwest at about nine miles an hour. it's packing winds at 105 miles an hour and large swells could hit the east coast next week, but most of this storm should miss the u.s. mainland. meantime, heavy rain from tropical storm lee already devastating parts of the southern states. now it's bringing new flood worries to the east coast right now flood warnings are in effect for pennsylvania and new jersey. flood watches have also been issued in eastern new york. all of this comes as people continue to clean up from the heavy rains and the winds brought by hurricane irene.
7:54 am
tropical storm lee is also blamed for tornadoes, wildfires and several power outages. well, the winds are calm youer in central texas this morning and that's helping to slow down a raging wildfire. flames have already destroyed more than 1,000 homes. so far, at least four people are dead. coming up for you at -- at about 8:15, we'll have a live report on what's gonna happen today to help the local agencies there look for even more victims. 7:53. only on 2, a san francisco county sheriff's deputy has been stripped of his badge after being arrested on drug charges. ktvu has learned that deputy salvador akola was fired two weeks ago in the spring of 2010. he was caught driving through arizona with ten pounds of marijuana in the trunk. his car. he claims the drugs were for -- in the trunk of his car. he claims the drugs were for
7:55 am
recreational use. >> i was very surprised to realize that the association would back somebody they knew was crooked, a cop they knew was dirty. >> now, he pled guilty a felony, but the judge downgraded it to a misdemeanor with no probation. we did speak with the sheriff's department and they say although he was fired, there is still an ongoing investigation going in this case. 7:54. well, angry birds have come to life in china. the theme park in central chine knew -- china has built an attraction based on the popular smartphone game. in real life, players use a catapult to fire toy birds at balloon pigs. the legal problem is the attraction's owner didn't get permission from the creator of the game. still not clear if any legal action will be taken. well, finnair is set to take angry bird into the air.
7:56 am
the company is inviting top fans to join the angry bird asian challenge. the flight takes off later this month to sing ga pore. and on board, you can play games programmed speakly for this event. to be selected for the trip, fans have to fill out an application form on finnair's website and collect as many facebook likes as they can get. >> you and i have never tried that. let's check in with sal starting in solano county. >> that's right. we do have some slow traffic, tori and dave. just got word of new traffic on -- the map has not caught up with the chp report yet. but there is reportedly a crash on 80 westbound as you drive to vallejo, you will see some slow
7:57 am
traffic. and then pinole/richmond, stop- and-go traffic there as you drive down to the macarthur maze. just look at all of the red and yellow on this map. hayward, union city just a lot of slow traffic. live picture the now. i want to show you that the traffic is backed up to about the macarthur maze. that's about a 15-minute wait. if you are driving in san jose, it's still very slow out of downtown getting up to cupertino. hello, steve. >> hello, sal. a lot of sunshine. a few high clouds coming in associated with a weak area of low pressure. most of it is right over the coast. but we do have a hint of a westerly breeze. there is that low coming in. it will be around here for a while. we're finally bouncing off the morning lows which were 40s and 50s. now we're seeing some 60s. it won't take long for inland areas to warm up. the low is going to move in and then head back to the west down
7:58 am
towards central california by friday and saturday. it may be there a while spinning in a lot of high clouds by the weekend. mostly sunny skies today. still warm to hot inland. 60s, 70s, coast and bay. and then 80s for other locations. it does look like more fog and a little bit cooler pattern on thursday. friday is kind of an iffy day. if the low retrogrades back, we'll get a bump in the temperature. with your weekend in view, i think it will be sunny to partly sunny to maybe partly cloudy if enough of the clouds wrap around the sierra. berkeley's new tree sitters, they decided to come down. the reason why they abruptly ended their protest in the middle of the night. >> reporter: just moments ago i spoke to the man who lives next door to the parents of the carson city shooting suspect. you're gonna here exactly what was going on in that neighborhood last night. massive wildfires have destroyed hundreds of homes and
7:59 am
blackened nearly 50 square miles but there's finally good news from the firelines.
8:00 am
good morning.
8:01 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, september 7th. we are about to find out more this morning about the shooting rampage in carson city, nevada. five people were killed. several others were seriously wounded. kraig debro is at the national guard armory in san jose. you are getting new information right now. kraig? >> reporter: yeah, dave. in just a second you are gonna hear from the neighbor of the parents's suspect. later on, there will be a conference releasing the names of the victim. i have spoke ton a couple of guardsmen about what happened yesterday. they say they are surprise bide the event but so far have not given further comment. the sheriff from carson city said today's investigations will focus on a motive and how the shooter got his guns. police say this man, eduardo, sencion, is the killer.
8:02 am
they say he burst into a ihop yesterday morning around 9:00 and walked directly to a table with five national guardsmen and opened fire. overnight a female guard kyed from her -- died from her wounds. it's not clear where he lived but cension's parents lived on truckee treat in carson city. spoke to a neighbor. he says state and federal agents swarmed the house last night. >> well, the cul-de-sac that he lived on there was not a single parking lot left. it was all unparked -- unmarked police cars because of all of the guys that were going in and out of the house it had fbi t- shirts on and they had their rubber gloves on so they wouldn't leave any prints or anything. >> reporter: now, i spoke to another neighbor there who lives next door to the sencion
8:03 am
-- sencion. she said most of the family spoke spanish. so there was not a lot of communication going on and either one is concerned whether eduardo actually lived in the house. coming up on "mornings on 2," we're gonna try to get comments from the national guard here to see exactly what they are feeling this morning after five of their own members from another state were victimized. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, kraig. a news brief something set for 9:00. you can find even more coverage by going to our channel 2 website, two minutes after 8:00. palo alto police say one arrest may have ended a string of day- time home burglaries in the city. officers chased down 34-year- old george martinez in late july after one crime. police say they later found, dozens of stolen items inside the car, including laptop computers, jewelry and cash. investigators say the items were stolen from at least foyer other homes in the same palo
8:04 am
alto neighborhood. a report to police about a suspicious woman turned into the arrest of two people killed across southern marin. police say catherine maxwell and her boyfriend, joseph de paoli have been linked to carjacking cases. he was -- he was soaking wet when officers caught up with him apparently from jumping into the bay. they say he had the victims' atm card in his socks. thieves or thief got away with stereo equipment, cash and other personal items. the break-ins happened sunday afternoon been so far, no suspects. 8:04. a new report says hospitals now inject more money into san francisco's economy than tourism. the report says san francisco
8:05 am
hospitals contribute $1.3 billion a year into the economy and account for almost 99,000 jobs. now, tourism is considered san francisco's biggest industry because of the number of direct and indirect jobs cre tated. but the report -- creekated. but the report independent -- created. but the report indicates the industry creates more. tree hitters were protesting what they call the harassment of the counterculture. early yesterday, the tree sitters put their demonstration on hold after a female tree sitter fell out of the tree and broke several bones. 8:04. a santa cruz woman now identified as the victim of a homicide while on vacation in maui. the body of celestial castman was found last thursday after police responded to a domestic
8:06 am
dispute. she is the deputy city attorney for capitola. shy was on the island with someone believed to be her boyfriend. he's being detained as a suspect. we've learned the name of the individual in a hit-and- run. police say a car hit her on bayshore boulevard just after 7:00 last night. she was pronounced dead there at the scene. now, officers found the suspect's vehicle at a trailer park nearby. the alleged driver identified as 58-year-old julio was arrested and booked into the san mateo county jail. 8:05. a memorial service will be held this weekend for a tree tired vallejo firefighter killed along a southern california highway. a big rig struck and killed 56- year-old timothy elsy on saturday while working on his truck on the side of interstate 15. he was a vallejo fire engineer
8:07 am
for more than 20 years. he retired a few years ago. his death remains under investigation. all right. 8:06. let's go to sal. i know it's a spare-the-air- day. are you seeing fewer cars out there. we are. but i'm not sure, others are busy. so earlier today, we saw a lighter than unusual commute on this friday and all of a sudden, it is no longer light. so i don't know what to make of this. 24 is very slow. 680 is very slow. so it could be that people are just getting a late start on 680 nearby and on this friday. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, the same thing goes there as you drive out toward the macarthur maze. you see some stop-and-go traffic. again, it had been lighter but -- but now it's not. if you are driving on the freeway there's no light traffic. if you drive from hayward to fremont, you will be in a lot of slow traffic there getting to the south bay. i've had a couple of different
8:08 am
incidents on northbound 2301. 280 is backed up all the way to 87. everyone is back. it will take a little while for everyone to adjust to being on the road together at the same time i think. let's go to steve. okay. thank you. mostly sunny. warm to hot land inland, temperatures already at 1500 feet. we had lows todays in the 50s, 40s, 60s. there's thick fog right on the coast. that's the toughest forecast, it could go anywhere from 52 to 80. inland there will be a lot of 80s. once the dense fog burns off, it won't go anywhere. so if you get the sun, it will be nice. if you don't, you might be stuck in some of those 60s. so some thick, morning fog. had some on the golden gate. that fog means -- the combination of the two means big temperatures. san francisco hit 70 which is
8:09 am
the warmest they've had in a long time. we're going to a little bit warmer today unless you are out by -- out by outer richmond. it looks like upper 60s, low to mid-70s. higher clouds associated with a weak little low but this low is going to punch in and then backtrack towards central california by the weekend. it fakes for an interesting forecast. we are starting to see warmer weather as the lows are in the 40s. we had 46 at the napa airport. some upper 40s in the city. it's already 64 at fairfield. you can see southwest at 5. west at 3 at san jose. west at 8 at sfo. so still a slight onshore component. it's not that strong but it's there. you get a look at our low, it will move in and head back. as it does, that tropical cloudiness that affected southern california will start to increase over the sierra. we'll have to keep an eye on that to make sure it doesn't wrap back around us into the
8:10 am
weekend. today, mostly sunny, it will be warm to hot. the higher cloudses might take a degree or two off the temperatures. there will be a huge spread between some of these highs. 98, gilroy. 89 san jose. 896 sunnyvale. 86, san mateo. 60s, 70s coast. the city could go from 63 to 73 depending upon where you are. more fog, a little cool otherren thursday. but then we could get a brief, one-day warmup on friday and we might have a lot of high clouds coming back to the sierra into the weekend. it will be cooler. >> okay. thank you, steve. the stage is set for font's big republican debate in southern california. the mown questions involving the new gop front-runner. it was a response of the
8:11 am
shoe bomber. the possible change ahead.
8:12 am
8:13 am
good morning. we have some patchy fog around. but a few high clouds. it will still be mostly sunny. temperatures, 60s, 70s, coast and bay. 80s, 90s to 100. time now is 8:13. this morning a search team near austin, texas will start looking for more victims near
8:14 am
the massive wildfires. so far four deaths are reported in texas. our reporter chris welch is in bastrop, texas now where the biggest wildfire is burning. so chris, what's the latest? >> hi, dave. you can see around me. the haze is around me. the smoke is starting to fill the air. you can really smell it. we've been out hear for several hours and it's only been the last couple of hours that things are picking up. this is the time when the sun is beating down and it's starting to heat things up. four death the now associated with these fires. the headline today is, i guess, yesterday there were two fatalities associated. obviously officials keeping their fingers crossed if that number doesn't grow. we're dealing with some very dangerous fires here. i suppose it's safe to say anything is possible, dave. >> everything's gone. we got out with actually what
8:15 am
we were wearing and our cars. >> reporter: helpless in texas. people are returning to the places where their homes once stood, only to discover there's nothing left but ashes. despite the devastation, some are finding reasons to be happy. >> i am the luckiest person in the world. my family is safe p.m. >> reporter: the wildfires sweeping through eastern texas are so monstrous, you can see them from space. this latest outbreak has already charred more than 100,000 acres, claiming hundreds of homes and at least four lives. the people packing up ahead of the flames will tell you you can't put a price on what's at risk. it's hard. it hurts because this all has
8:16 am
history here. although the winds have died down, what texas needs is rain. there's no relief in the forecast. there is a bit of food news amidst all of this horrible news. officials say within the last 24 hours, this fire here in bastrop county is 30% contained now. that's a different number than what we've been hearing the past few days. it had been 0% contained. they are making progress, they say, but they -- but they are still a long way from having this under control. >> thank you for the update, chris. closer to home a wildfire is threatening 650 homes in kern county. this fire started sunday after a small plane crashed into the remote area. the fire is 40% contained. the winds are blowing the fire towards already burned land. crews are using planes and helicopters to try to fight
8:17 am
those flames. 8:16. eight republican presidential candidates are expected to debate in southern california tonight at the reagan presidential library. as alison burns reports, it would be the first presidential debate for texas governor rick perry. alison? >> reporter: that's right, tori. all eyes will be on the new gop front-runner. texas governor rick perry has surged ahead of the pack. just behind him former massachusetts governor, mitt romney and minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann are looking to gain some momentum in the first of three debates over the next three weeks. bachman is making headlines this week saying she wants to get rid of a big federal agency. >> the department of education because the constitution does not specifically enumerate nor does it give to the federal government, the role and duty
8:18 am
to superintend over education. rick perry has participated in just four other debates over the last ten years. he's also left open the possibility that he might have to stay home tonight to deal with those wildfires in texas. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, allison. attorneys for john edwards have asked a federal judge to throw out criminal charges against the former presidential candidate. edwards was charged in june with violating campaign contribution laws. he's accused of using $1 million from political supporters to help hide his pregnant misstress during his 2008 run for the white house. edwards' attorney say he hid
8:19 am
the -- hid this -- he did this to hide his mistress. rebel leaders have been meeting every day with tribal leaders but so far there's no deal that's been reached. the rebels have given the gadhafi supporters until saturday to surrender. airline passengers you may be able to keep your shoes on when you go through airport security. that's according to homeland department secretary janet knap new hampshire. newhampshire-- janet napolitano. butch she didn't say when that would happen. passengers we talked to at sfo were happy to hear they may be able to keep their shoes on. well, it's helped because it gives you some of your dignity as you go through the
8:20 am
process. >> well, new technology would allow passengers step on a mat to have their shoes screened. it will take some time for that to develop. 2001 thing that probably won't change the restrictions on carrying liquids on a plane. a surfer from hawaii is glad he's alive to be to describe his scary moments. he and his son were surfing on sunday when he looked down and saw a six to eight-foot shark. he said the shark took a bite out of his board, just missing the foot. >> i just felt and heard the crunch. i finally made it to shore and i just flopped. i said gosh, thank god we're safe! >> his son said it was terrifying. the first thing he did was look to make sure his dad still had all of his feet and his hands. 8:20.
8:21 am
well, a proposal that could lead to a coverup. neighbors say it's an eyesore. -- an eyesore. state farm. this is jessica.
8:22 am
8:23 am
hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. text save to 7-8836. san francisco supervisors are accretion the issue of being -- addressing the issue of being undressed.
8:24 am
yesterday, scott wiener intrope decembered -- introduced legislatived at nudists. the new law would require -- legislative -- legislation requiring nudists to cover up and cover their seat. the city of berkeley issued an ultimatum to the owner of a property that some of the neighbors call an eyesore. business owners along telegraph avenue say this ety, overgrown lot attracts the wrong people. last week, they forced the property owner to build affordable housing on that lot. if he doesn't, the court will foreclose and sell the property. he defended himself at last night's meeting. >> i think this whole big thing over the summer is just kind of blown up out of proportion.
8:25 am
it was a miscommunication. i don't fault anybody. >> he says it's been a long process to get permission from the city to build on his property. all right. 8:24. we want to check in again with sal who has been telling us about a few slow shots -- slow spots. it's been getting busier. we're gonna start with looking at every single freeway. look at all of that. in just a moment i'll gonna show you some of these problems. northbound 85 at 17 is unwith -- is one of the problems. we've had several on 101, just fender-benders. as we move the maps to the peninsula. 101 itself heading down to san mateo is gonna be very slow. and then traffic across the bridges is looking good except for the richmond san rafael bridge. very heavy traffic trying to get into san rafael. traffic at the toll plaza is backed up for with a 15-minute wait and this moving, if you
8:26 am
are driving -- again, we wanted to show you downtown. it's not gonna be a walk in the park if you are driving there. let's go to steve. thick fog, mainly by the coast, very, very shallow there and a few high clouds making for a pretty sunrise. heard from anna on a tweet. some of that low fog, i do mean low, right across from the golden gate. if you can get that fog to clear, you will be in the 70s to near 80s. those higher clouds associated with a weak low moving in and it will play into our weather here. 51 to 62. 62 livermore, san jose, mountain view. a lot of 40s this morning. north bay and in the city. where there's hardly any breeze. vacaville calm. there is a little hint of the sea breeze right by the coast. there's the low as it spins right off eureka, it's going to
8:27 am
move in and retrograde back towards central california and then just sit there for a while. 60s 70s, 80s near 100. the higher clouds might be a saving grace. i just think we'll get a little cooler on thursday and then a brief warmup on friday and then a lot of -- a lot of high clouds could be partly sunny and then the rain toward the sierra might wrap around the east bay. there is a new pipeline controversy for pg&e. why a new project on the peninsula is now on hold. also, possible changes for muni may be just around the corner. how it's aimed at speeding up bus service in san francisco. >> reporter: and tsunami warning sirens will be blaring along the coast as part after -- along the coast as part -- coast this morning. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
8:28 am
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[ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang glider pilot. they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you.
8:30 am
a construction project in belmont is on hold this morning. that is until pg&e can move and relocate a natural gas pipeline. take a look at this new video. this is the work that's being done near city hall there. now, crews had to actually stop lowering the road when natural gas pipelines were found just 12 inches under the surface. however, the maps that have been provided by pg&e show those pipes were at least three feet deep. >> our whole infrastructure is hold -- infrastructure is old. and documentation i think lacks and as a result of that, did they know that?
8:31 am
that's the question. and if they did and did nothing, of course it's been a problem for everyone. >> we talked to pg&e this morning. they stay their maps cannot guarantee how deep their pipes are. they just provide a range. that's because erosion, landscaping and other work will change how deep the pipes are over time. they are working with the city of belmont to move the pipe so the work can continue. now, one week ago today, one of pg&e's plastic pipes developed a leak and that set this home in cupertino on fire. now the city council is asking pg&e for a list of all city pipes made out of plastic. pg&e says their plastic pipes are more durable and should not crack easily. however, the city council is worried about more leaks and they want to be aware of any trouble spots. well, later this morning, san mateo county will fest tsunami sirens. they are pretty -- will test tsunami sirens. they are pretty loud, too.
8:32 am
ail licks savage is live with more on this. >> reporter: -- alex sav advantage is live with more on this -- valvage is live with more on this. >> reporter: this siren is expected to be louder. i want to give you the lay of the land here. right off the beach is where the sirens are located. this is rockaway beach in pacifica. is this -- this is one of the sirens that will be going off and be going full blast. the sirens will be going off, in case a tsunami wave like the one that hit the bay area earlier this year after the earthquake in japan in case we see one of those again. this is home video we're showing you near sausalito after the quake hit. we talked to one man who evacuated during his place in pacifica. he says while he appreciates the warning sirens, he's not quite sure he needed to leave the coast. >> after the last one, i don't
8:33 am
know how serious they will take it. last time we had literally moved -- just moved here and i had no idea what the risks were but that we saw the pictures. >> reporter: the san mateo county office of emergency services says today's test is important because they need the sirens to reach as many people as possible and sometimes they say people can't hear the sirens when they are inside their houses. a total of eight different sirens will be involved in this synchronized test this morning, they should be heard from pacifica where we are all the way down half moon bay. they will be blaring for about a minute or so today. again, this noise that you here at 10:00 today will be louder and it will last longer than ever before. we're live in pacifica, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, alex. 8:33. in developing news, about that plane crash in russia, officials now there were 45
8:34 am
people on the plane and that two survived. the other 43 were killed. the russian jet was carrying a top ice hockey team and crashed as it was taking off from an airport northeast of moscow early this morning our time. no word on why the plane crashed. the team was headed to an opening game for a league that combined several ex-soviet nations. members of the giants are -- and other ballpark regulars are trying to locate a long- time fan named billy known for greeting players as they arrive at the ballpark. billy chamberlain has been missing since july 31st. and giants' manager bruise bochy said everybody is worried about him. copies of this photo are posted on the field and the clubhouse. he's a semi-homeless man who sometimes stays at the home of a giants' security guard. several people have filed reports about his disappearance and have checked hospitals, even the morgue. but so far, no one has seen billy. employees of yahoo!
8:35 am
will hear from the deposit's founder today. yahoo's! is about to enter a new era. yahoo's!! fired carol bartz, less than three years after becoming the ceo. no one is speaking on be -- on behalf of their headquarters. bartz was able to keep the company from going. industry analysts say she was not performing well. some say it was just a matter of time before she was let go. with b.a.r.t. gone, the chief financial officer, tim morris is the ceo. a permanent search for a ceo is expected to start meet lid -- immediately. a well-known bay area swim coach has been fired over allegations he sent inappropriate messages to young swimmers. he had been the head coach and exective director of the oakland swim team since 1997.
8:36 am
we don't have any more information about the report of his fire -- of his firing at this time. tonight, students at two schools in the west contra costa county district will find out if their campuses will be closed. lake element is facing closure here. last december the city contributed $300,000 to keep the -- to keep the school open. the city can just not i ford to help this time -- afford to help this time. pinole can also be shut down. the school board meets tonight to vote on the issue. 8:35. well -- well, b.a.r.t. is telling us the cost related to the most recent protest. a spokesman for b.a.r.t. says so far, the five protests have cost $300,000. most of that has gone for paying overtime fees for the police and for b.a.r.t. staff. tomorrow, demonstrators plan to block the fair gates at the powell street station and they
8:37 am
are trying to force b.a.r.t. to allow people to ride for free. well, people who were frustrated by waiting in long lines to get on board muni buses may get some relief soon. kight's tara tara moriarty is in san francisco telling us about a plan that may speed up the boarding process. tara? >> reporter: well, everyone is supposed to board through the front door but muni may you a lou -- allow some people to board through the back. it's being considered in an effort to cut back on the amount of time that buses sit at bus stops. one of the things we want to mention is there are signs posted on the -- posted on the back doors. they basically tell passengers not to board in the back. some people ignore them, however. the new system would allow them with clipper cards and transfers to use the back door. those who pay cash would have to board in the back. >> i think it's a good idea. i don't know how they could
8:38 am
collect from the back unless they have someone taking fares. >> reporter: muni is cracking down on folks not paying their fares. muni is already losing $20 million a year because of those free riders. right now we're gonna head to sal who can tell us a little bit more about using mass transit this morning, it might be a good idea given it's a spare-the-air-day. i saw some other students getting in the back of the bus and not paying. my goodness, shame on them. let's take take a look here in san francisco. let's take a look at the commute. you might want to take public transportation if you are in contra costa county. it is terrible all over the place. highway 4 is also slow. highway 680. just getting word of an accident in pittsburg on buchanan near summersville.
8:39 am
they've called for a second ambulance, buchanan near summersville road in pittsburg. watch for that intersection do be -- to be a big mess. we see some slow traffic coming up to the pay gates here. no problems on the bridge. but it's gonna be a pretty slow. it's pretty slow everywhere around the bay. 880 is slow getting to the south bay. the south bay 101 is just a joke when it comes to fender- benders. we've had a string of fender- benders between san mateo and san jose. 280 is slow. 85 is improving. if you are driving on the peninsula, 101 is slower than 280. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we do have machines. it will still be warm to hot. very, very thick fog. it's way down here. way down on the ground. it's only going to impact a few. and that's right by the coast. other than that, it will an
8:40 am
mostly sunny, warm to hot day. as temperatures rebound a little wrinkle in the forecast as i tweeted earlier. spweather, a little low is coming in. it won't do too much but it is producing some higher clouds unthere. it's so far not lifting the fog or enhancing it. we had a lot of 40s this morning. north bay and also in the city now we're seeing a lot of 60s here. 64 fairfield. 62 livermore, 62 -- san mateo -- the san mateo. there were some upper 40s, cole valley, twin weaks -- twin peaks. some very warm inland temperatures in the higher elevations. already 80 around 1500 feet. so there's not much of a breeze for anybody but there is a little hint of the sea breeze close to the coast. there is our little low. see how that is wrapped you there? well, that's gonna spin in a few clouds. you have to keep an eye on
8:41 am
those upper level guys as we like to say. 80s, 90s to near 100. clearlake 100 but 68 towards stinson beach. but sonoma or slow-noma, as they say. it will be 89. alameda, 74. berkeley, 75. went with 100 for antioch and brentwood. 87 milpitas, 90 cupertino. upper 90s towards santa clara valley. 60s, 70s. there could be a big difference in the city temperatures. 85 redwood city. woodside at 86. a little cooldown on thursday and then a brief warmup on friday. yes, roller coaster -- roller coaster. and it look does look like we'll -- we'll see clouds from a low that will park itself off southern california. a drink a day could deep anking away. a new study released tau in a medical journal tracked the -- today in a medical journal tracked the alcohol consumed by
8:42 am
nurses. it found the women who had one drink a day or less or -- on a regular basis had a better chance of being healthier. overall, frequent drinking was linked to better odds at successful aging compared to nondrinkers or people who only drank once or twice a week. a deadly overseas explosion this morning. what happened in india right outside of a crowded court house. a deadly fall from a hospital window.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
techs ricing this morning -- stocks rising this morning after three days. some good news on the jobs front, a lot more job offerings are being put out there by companies and energy stocks and financial stocks leading the way. oil, in fact, is up to $88 a
8:46 am
barrel. gold is down about 3.5% to 1803. the dow right now, up 187. nasdaq up 50. s&p up 23. your time is 8:45. let's bring you up so date on some of the other tips we're following right now. a construction project in belmont is now on hold. that's after a natural gas pipeline was found about 12 inches under the surface. pg&e maps indicated those pipelines were at least three feet deep. pg&e is now trying to move the pipes so that construction project can continue. well, this morning on capitol hill, a senate committee is investigating a report that gives the department of homeland security a grade of incompletes for efforts to protect america in the ten years since the september 11th attacks. this report says the department has yet to reach its full potential. and eight republican ditts
8:47 am
are expected to take part in a de -- candidates are expected to take part in a debate tonight at the reagan library in southern california. this will be the first debate for texas governor, rick perry. a news briefing is scheduled to get underway in about 15 minutes regarding the shooting rampage at an ihop in nevada. five people including the gunman died. our reporter will attended briefing in carson city and joins us now on the phone. jana, any idea what kind of information we may learn from this briefing? >> reporter: well, tori, i spoke with the sheriff late last night and he tells me he's expecting to release the names of all of the those victims. it was just last night on the 10:00 news that we told you about the third national guard member passing away at the hospital. that's brought the total to four victims dead. it's hard to. it was 24 hours ago that the gunman opened fire in the ihop. coming into the sheriff's office is -- you look through
8:48 am
town and all of the flags are at half staff. i just spoke with a member of the national guard who says that the governor has ordered the flags to be flown at half- staff because of this insdy anyone until noon on friday. this is -- of this incident until noon on friday. this is something you are definitely hearing of son on -- on streets and it -- on the streets and it came as such a shock because this community is so small. >> are there any motives being discussed? >> reporter: that's one of the things being discussed. did the shooting happen because of the national guardsmen there, five sitting there in the restaurant having breakfast. we now know three of them who were dead and two injured pretty quickly. that's been the big question. but the sheriff has hesitated on focusing on that too much because there were other people injured in the accident. we do understand that the
8:49 am
family members of this -- of this shooter told lead investigators that he has a history of mental illness. so they are definitely taking that into account as they look for the motive. >> i know the state capitol building was closed and extra security was put in place. is that still the case or has that been lifted? we're expecting to get more information about that. right now, i don't know what the state tis is on those two -- status is on those two building in particular. we just got here. the brief something about to start in ten minutes or so. this man had an ak-47 assault- type rifle as well as a pistol or another rifle. one of the things they've been doing overnight is trying to get the -- they want to find
8:50 am
out how those guns got to be in those hands. pause that's a lot of power for someone who had a history of mental illness. >> okay. jana reporting live for us in carson city, thank you, jana. we'll have complete coverage of the briefing that will be starting in about ten minutes. we'll complete coverage coming up at noon and then 0 also on our even newscast at 5:00. you can find more information at 8:49. well, this morning, a santa rosa woman is recovering after being run down by a car as she crossed the street. she was hit while crossing guerneville road yesterday afternoon. she was badly hurt and rushed to a hospital. there's no word yet on whether the driver of the car is cooperating with the police. if you have any information about this, contact santa rosa police. 8:49. police are investigating a deadly construction accident in tiburon. a worker fell ten feet from the roof of a home on st. thomas
8:51 am
thomas way yesterday afternoon. he hit his head and was knocked unconscious. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he later died. we don't yet know his name. there are a lot of questions surrounding the death of a patient at grady memorial hospital in atlanta. a 60-year-old woman fell from the 11th storily of -- story of her hospital room yesterday. police say she may have jumped but the woman's family believes otherwise. >> i don't want this to -- want this to happen to anyone else. if they are covering up something, i want to know the truth. >> the woman had been in the hospital for two weeks and had been suffering from seizures. the month says the windows are designed to only be hope -- to be opened by technicians for repairs. an investigation continues. 8:50. police vasted a southwest airlines passenger for not turning off his cell phone. a southwest spokesperson says the man turned his cell phone on as the plane was landing in el paso on monday. a flight attendant asked him to
8:52 am
turn it off. but he refused. el paso authorities met the plane at the gate and they arrested the man. we have breaking news right now. we're hearing of two plane planes getting bomb threats. just within the past few minutes, we found out that a pakistan airplanes plane landed in malaysia after getting a threat and about 20 minutes ago, a plane bound for england from the same airline made an emergency landing in istanbul after getting a bomb threat. all of the passengers were evacuated from both of those planes, bomb-sniffing dogs were sent in. so far there's no word of whether any kind of explosive device has been found on either plane. 8:51. the obama administration is considering leaving about 3,000 u.s. troops in iraq past a deadline for their withdrawal at the end of the year. that's less than the 10,000 or more troops proposed by the pentagon recently. and defense secretary leon panetta says ultimately it's up to the iraqis decide whether
8:53 am
any u.s. troops will remain in their country past the dead rhine. currently, there are 46,000 american troops in iraq. the death toll in -- in new delly india -- new delhi, dine india -- india. there was a blast outside the court. this is the second one. this is the first major attack in india since several bombs exploded in three mumbai neighborhoods in july killing to people. sal is about to tell us about breaking traffic news. there is a big problem in contra costa county. also, an emotional battle over arm pet pig. [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving.
8:54 am
40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast.
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8:56 am
some people near philadelphia are offering their support to a woman who was told to get rid of her pig. the pig is so smart, the owner had to put toddler locks on everything. but a code enforcement officer said the pig is just a farm animal and cannot be kept as a pet. >> i wouldn't sell him for a million dollars. he has my heart. before i ever got him, he was in my heart for that long.
8:57 am
just a dream come trough for me. >> the neighborhood children -- come through for me. >> the neighborhood children are supporting the pig wearing pig nose the masks. the owner says if he goes, she goes, too. >> wow. let's go to sal. we have major news happening. what's going on, sal? >> well, contra costa county, we've had a couple of things. let's go to the maps. highway 4 is still slow son buchanan at summersville there is a -- slow on buchanan at summers haveville there -- summersville. if you are driving on 80 it's backed up from vallejo approaching the richmond bridge. let's go to the live pictures there -- now. at the bay bridge taupe, we have a big delay. it's also very slow in the south bay. slow everywhere, really. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. mostly sunny, a few high clouds and it will be warm to hot for
8:58 am
many. 80 near 90s. 60s, 70s and 80s near the coast. a cooler thursday, a brief warmup on friday. it looks like some tropical clouds could kind of drift in here by the weekend. there will be rain up in the sierra. we'll see if some of that wraps back around. it will be close. we're having the warmup in september -- >> but not the coast. >> okay. >> we'll see. >> and then maybe a little change this weekend. >> yes. >> that will do it for us. thanks for watching, everyone. >> bye now. o?oowq
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