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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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why police are investigating fire and a homicide at the same time. another monday, another bart protest. what you can expect if you are taking bart during the evening commute today. infamous hacking group is under additional pressure. the reason why the fbi is putting the squeeze on anonymous. the president prepares to send his jobs bill to congress. the way he plans to sell it. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.
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good morning, thank you for joining us this monday september 12th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. >> partly to mostly cloudy skies. possibility of showers. i will just mention it for everybody today. more the cloud cover is over the north bay. wrapping back around from the sierra, nevada. things could get interesting this afternoon. 60s and 70s or low 80s. here is sal. steve, good morning. as we look at the traffic pictures we are noticing definitely more people are on the road on interstate 880 and 80 pretty much all over the place. we do have one crash that is causing slow traffic and we will tell you about that. that is westbound 580 at grant line road. ly tell you about that in -- i will tell you about that in a moment. westbound bay bridge getting a
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little bit of a backup. westbound 580 two lanes blocked. people coming from tracy if that is your commute to livermore you need to give yourself extra time. let's go back to dave and pam. thank you. 6:01. a disturbing story. two burned bodies were found inside of a suspicious apartment fire in oakland and may have been the victims of murder. ktvu kraig debro is in oakland right now where this is all being in facted by -- investigated by inside teams. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the fire happened at coolidge and coal behind. me. you see we have a light up there in the second story. i was able to look inside a few moments ago. it appears the fire may have started on that side based on the burn marks. they say they have no positive ids on either of the victims just yet. the fire started around 1:00 a.m. on sunday morning. police say the fire is
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suspicious because they are investigating because of the two bodies inside. not only that because they found somebody or at least witness accounts that someone was running away on foot from the scene. very quickly. a man and woman are believed to be the victims. witness told police they saw somebody on foot. that person may have been carrying something with connection to the start of the fire. i have to call the man that runs the acupuncture business and the homicide detectives to see if they know more now. well, it is monday. that means another bart protest. demonstrators vow to protest every monday until their demands are met. allie rasmus is in san francisco where bart riders may have to find another way back home. >> reporter: if it seems like the bart protests are never ending, organizers would say that is the point. one tweet from anonymous the group that has been organizing
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the protests refers to the weekly demonstrations as a marathon not a sprint. 5:00 at the civic center station today is when the latest protest will happen. it will be the seventh demonstration in the past two months. the most recent one was four days ago. at that demonstration protestors did not go on to the bart platform but stayed outside the fair gates as they were protested to do. they are protesting the shooting death of a man. on thursday the protestors were blocking access for passengers so they shut down the powell street station for two hours. they told the crowd to dispurse and some journalist were caught in the middle of the crowd. when they couldn't leave at least six of them were arrested and detained while police temporarily confiscated and inspected media passes. all of that happened on thursday. there is another protest scheduled to happen today. 5:00 here at the civic center station. there is a possibility there
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could be station closures and train interruptions. the group known as anonymous is facing scrutiny from the fbi, the department of homeland security, and other facilities. they have hacked other websites including bart and released users personal information. the fbi has carried out more than 75 raids and arrested 16 people this year in connection with illegal hacking. time is 6:04. yahoo recently fired ceo has resigned from yahoo board of directors. carroll barts was fired last week. at the time she said she would stay on the board of directors. however, she later blasted fellow board members for the way she was treated. later today president obama
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sends his $447 billion jobs creation bill to congress. coming up for you at 6:15. we'll get a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom on how the president and supporters are planning to pressure congress to pass it. in election news this morning. rick perry and mitt romney are expected to dominate the debate between eight republican presidential candidates today in tampa, florida. romney will likely target perry for his comment in the last debate that social security is ponzi scheme. social security is a hot topic in florida. the republicans have another debate scheduled in florida in orlando on september 22nd. then the florida straw poll is on the 24th. last night a concert for hope ended commemorations of the tenth anniversary of the september 11th terrorists attacks. thousands gathered at the kennedy center in washington for a night of music.
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president obama was there after attending events in new york and pennsylvania. after the performances he praised america's resilience in a passionate speech. >> our belief in america born of a timeless ideal that men and women should govern themselves that all people are created equal and deserve the same freedom to determine their own destiny. that belief through tests and trials has only been strengthened. these past ten years have shown that america does not give in to fear. >> the concert was sponsored by the washington national cathedral al. it included videos of survey ors from 9/11. let's check in with sal. i know you were watching the altamont pass. are you still following that crash?
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>> absolutely dave and pam. we have a crash that is still blocking one lane on 580 westbound at grant line road. a lot of you do drive. that could be you driving in fromday city. this morning it will take you a little bit longer. although the accident happened so early in the morning the collision happened so early in the morning that it's not a huge traffic jam just yet. if you are driving let's say on 238 or 580 hayward that looks good. san mateo and dumbarton bridge moving along nicely so far. this mornings commute we are look at the bay bridge we are getting a little bit of a crowd. it's not too bad though. it's not going to be you know huge delay just yet. even if you get there you have to wait a little bit. it's not like it will be in an hour. in san francisco along northbound 101 that looks pretty good coming in from 280 all the way up to the lower deck of the bay bridge. let's go to steve. >> thank you.
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lots going on here. low clouds also around the bay. flight delays at sfo just came across on twitter about an hour or so. some low ceiling fog. mostly cloudy in the morning. some clouds by noon. possibility of showers northbound and eastbound mainly. as the thunderstorms wrapping back around from the sierra, nevada. they fall apart at night when we lose the afternoon heating. sunset wipes them out. we get a little afternoon heating things will pick up. now as you can see today, it's mainly toward the north bay. it's all responsible coming around that low down off santa barbara, l.a.. it will be there today and tomorrow. showers, possible thundershowers. a tropical feel to the air. 50s and 60s much warmer or milder on the lows than we saw last week due to the cloud cover. if it wasn't for that we could be cooler. the north bay which had 40s last week, now stuck in the 50s. you can see that's all the
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collapsing thunderstorms and cloud cover that drifts back from east to west. that is what is covering us right now. there is plenty there. some are big boomers. there can be pretty good lightning shows. also some very heavy rain embedded with some of that. we don't expect that. some of that later today could develop by mendocino county, lake county, solano, and marin. but again it could top niellatedder on. clouds some sun. showers. breezy at times. at the surface it's more west to east. 60s, 70s a few low to mid 80s. temperatures held in check for most of the week. tuesday looks to be similar. the low gets kicked in as another low moves in to the pacific northwest. saturday should be all right. the next sign of warmer weather is sunday and monday. new information coming out
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regarding the disaster at a french nuclear power plant. the number of casualties from this morning. plus why ground turkey is making big news this morning. [ female announcer ] because you never stop improving your recipe... we never stop improving ours. we've added a touch of philly cream cheese to kraft natural shredded cheese, which adds a touch of creamy to any dish. kraft touch of philly shredded cheese. we're not just making great cheese. we're taking it further. ♪
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we have developing news from europe this morning. one person is dead from an explosion at a nuclear power plant in southern france. that blast injured four other
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workers. one seriously. as far as we know at this point. the french nuclear safety authorities say there are no radiation leaks outside the plant which treats nuclear waste with little radio activity. power plant is located near the mediterranean sea about a three hour train trip from paris. we will continue to update this story throughout the morning. threatening messages referring to another september 11th attack were posted briefly on the white house facebook page before being taken down. now three messages said we'll come back. and one had a photo of osama bin laden. the secret service says the messages are being investigated. police in sweden are questioning four people suspected of plotting a terrorist attack. the threat forced the evacuation of 400 people at a gala inside of an art center. authorities are not saying whether the suspects are linked to any extremist groups or if the plot is related to 9/11. just within the last 15
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minutes we got word from the white house that president obama will speak in the rose garden at 7:45 this morning our time to push congress to pass his jobs deal. as alison burns reports the president is sending the bill to congress today. there is already big questions how he will pay for it. >> reporter: that is right. today congress gets the specifics of president obama's $450 billion american jobs act but he is not saying how he will pay for it. as you mentioned, president obama is following up last weeks address to congress with another speech in the rose garden this morning. he's invited teachers, police, construction workers, and small business owners to join him to promote the bill. it includes tax cuts, infrastructure spending, and direct aid to local governments. at the same time, the democratic national committee is kicking off a tv ad campaign today intensifying the pressure on congress to act. >> the next election is 14
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months away. and the people who set us here, the people that hired us to work for them they don't have the luxury of waiting 14 months. >> reporter: now president obama also makes clear in that speech that everything he is proposing would be paid for but how he will do that is still unclear. his aids say he is going to provide more details on how he wants to pay for it when he presents hiss debt reduction plan to congress next week. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. a new recall of thousands of pounds of ground turkey and it is the second recall in two months. cargill of arkansas says salmonella was found in a ground turkey sample from the same plant tied to recall of 36 million pounds of ground turkey last month. that followed a salmonella outbreak blamed for one death.
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now for the complete list ofly called products please visit our website it is in the ktvu right now section. time is 6:16. hundreds attended a memorial service in carson city, nevada remembering three people killed in a i-hop restaurant. those that were there were fellow national guard members. last tuesday a gunman walked in and killing the national guard members, a 67-year-old woman, and then killing himself. the gunman had a history of mental health problems. a new date has now been set for the dedication of the martin luther king junior memorial in washington. it will be dedicated on october 16th. the dedication ceremony was originally planned for last month but of course it was delayed after hurricane irene brought high winds and rain to washington. president obama is scheduled to speak at next months dedication. tonight, there will be a debate of some of the candidates for mayor of san
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francisco. now the topic of tonight's debate is parks, recreation, and open spaces. most of the major candidates will be there expect interim mayor ed lee. the debate is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. at 455 golden gate avenue. part-time drivers will be making the rounds on muni routes. it's part of a voter approved reform unit. the chronicle reports that 32 part-time operators are in training and will graduate next month. they will only be allowed to work 25 hours or less a week. union leaders say this will be the first time since 2005 that parking lot-time operators have been brought in. 6:17. a historic dutch wind meal in golden gate park is almost ready to start running again. later this morning, a 64-ton dome will be placed on top of the samuel murphy wind meal. it's one of the final steps in the makeover of the wind meal. park officials decided to
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repair the deteriorating structure in 2002. most of the repairs have been made thanks to $4 million in donations as well as city and state funding. right now 18 minutes after 6:00. we want to check back in with sal for a look at traffic. how is the commute? >> it's getting busier on this monday. i do want to mention that if you want to get out of the house early, it would be a good time. let me just there we go. our maps are fixed. 880 traffic is moving along nicely. we keep going back to the grant line road crash. it's still in the clearing stages. let's go to live pictures. i want to show you that 80 westbound bay bridge if you are using fast track and get there in the next few minutes i think you should be okay. be waiting for a little bit. nothing too bad. you will get in nice and early. highway 4 westbound coming up from concord to bay point you will see some slow traffic already in antioch. let's go to steve. thank you, sal.
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partly sunny to partly cloudy today. if you saw the lightning on friday night a possibility of that happening today. they collapse once you hit sunset. a lot of that cloud cover drifting over us right now. temperatures very mild. 50s and 60s dew to the low and high mid level cloud cover over us. much warmer than what we had last week. the low responsible for this cloud cover and possible showers isn't moving yet. it will on tuesday as that system that big one in the gulf of alaska inches closer to the pacific northwest. it will kick it out. not until then. a tropical muggy feel out there. with any sun it will make it feel even worse. it will feel kind of really kind of muggy. partly cloudy. there is a threat of thunderstorms today. i would say more toward the north and east bay. no change on tuesday. a little cooler on wednesday. 60s and 70s or very low 80s. still an on shore wind at the surface. even though we are getting clouds going east to west in the upper atmosphere.
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a lot going on. not much change tuesday. wednesday, thursday, and friday go with a cooling trend. saturday looks to be the transition day. first sign of warmer weather would be sunday and monday. >> thank you, steve. this weekly get a number of -- this week we will get a number of economic reports. later in the week we will get the numbers for new jobless claims. we'll see how wall street responds to those. the super computer watson best known for competing on jeopardy has landed a job. they are working with well point. one of the countries largest health insurers. help diagnosis medical problems and horizon treatments. it will do this by comparing a patients symptoms. ibm has not said how much watson will be getting paid. artifacts from amelia earhart pulled in $30 million at an auction. one bay area art dealer paid
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$17,000 for those. the goggles she wore during her crash. the dealer says she is hoping to sell the goggles some day. 24 photographs of amelia earhart attracted $14,500. all belong to a contra costa county woman that got them from a friend 208 years ago. she flew out primarily from oakland airport. i didn't know that. >> very interesting. here is something interesting as well. i was right. fans of sponge bob square pants. the new study about the cartoon and his effects on children. good morning, westbound toil look -- westbound 80 look at all that crowded traffic. we'll tell you about that coming up.
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good morning, golden gate bridge so far still $6. southbound 101 traffic looks good coming right through those pay gates and getting on to doyle drive. 6:24. yesterday more than 300 police officers and firefighters climbed the 48 floors of san francisco's transamerica
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building marking the anniversary of 9/11 and they climbed it twice. it was all to honor the people that climb who died while climbing the stairs of the world trade center to rescue trapped people. each of the climbers wore the name and the photo of one of the 343 firefighters who died. as the nation paused to remember the events of 9/11, hundreds of volunteers marked the day with service. yesterday people across the bay area got to work cleaning parks, sprucing up homeless shelters and stuffing supply bags for veterans. volunteers say this is a way to take the back from terrorists and move forward. >> i'm a retired firefighter it has a special meaning for me. >> in remembering 9/11 it's not just sitting around and talking about it. that doesn't help anything. >> the day of service idea was started back in 2002 by the brother of a twin tower victim. now it has become a nationally recognized event with hundreds of cities and companies
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participating. to learn more about volunteer opportunities in your community, you can go to our website and click on web links. >> time now 6:26. sonoma board of supervisors is considering a tough new smoking more tomorrow. it would ban smoking inside of apartments, parks, and campgrounds. it would also ban smoking at public events and many outdoor areas. designated smoking areas would be created on county property under this measure. if approved it would take effect in november 2012. sponge bob square pants is in hot water after a new study. research by a university of virginia psychology professor found it may not be good for young kids. even in small amounts. the study found that after watching just nine minutes of the sponge bob program, kids showed short-term attention spans and also developed
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learning problems. 64-year-olds were tested. critics say that group is too small to really determine that sponge bob is harmful. time now 6:27. another big day in new york. the 9/11 memorial opening to the public what visitors will see and how much more is in store for the world trade center complex. a dollar extra may not seem like a lot unless you drive the golden gate bridge every day. we'll tell you about a proposed toll hike coming up. also the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. we'll bring you the early stock numbers.
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welcome back to the morning news. there is the opening bell. they are getting ready to ring that this morning. that is what is that?
6:31 am at the new york stock exchange. they are ringing the bell this morning. it looks like unfortunately they are celebrating but it will be a down day. check out the bottom part of your screen. it will keep falling most likely. markets hit pretty hard overnight in asia. this morning in europe some of the indexes are down 4%. concerns about debt across america. we'll go ahead and smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news it is mopped, september 12th -- it is monday, september 12th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. in the news for you right now an investigation into a suspicious apartment fire in oakland is now also a homicide investigation. ktvu kraig debro is in oakland right now where two burned bodies were found and they may be murder victims. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are hearing all kinds of things from the neighbors here but nothing confirmed. bemind me the burned out two
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storyout. it's only the top story that is burned. you see an acupuncturist down on the bottom. that place is not damaged at all. i called the coroner this morning. no positive id on either of the bodies found inside this building. police say the fire is suspicious because they are investigating the deaths of two homicides. they found two people inside this building on early sunday morning. and apparently those bodies -- those people didn't die as a result of the fire. fire was reported around 1:00 a.m. that morning. sunday morning. the victims are believed to be a man and woman. one of the reasons the fire is suspicious is a witness account. a witness told police someone fled the scene on foot and in a hurry. i did call the acupuncturist down there. no one has gotten back to me. when i called the coroners office this morning they indicated the autopsy would be done fairly soon and will
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release the ids at that time. reporting live from oakland kraig debro. our time now 6:32. union city woman accused of murdering missing student michelle le is due to go back to court at 9:00 this morning. 27-year-old giselle esteban appeared in a court last week. investigators believe she killed michelle le in a lovers triangle. she's in a single cell in jail. they are holding her there for her own safety. she will be assigned a lawyer and may enter a plea today. two men charged in the murder of three-year-old carlos nava are scheduled to enter a plea this afternoon. lawrence denard and willie tower residence took part in a drive-bay shooting. a stray bullet killed little nava as he was leaving little caesars restaurant. they face one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. a possible toll hike for
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the golden gate bridge. tara moriarty is at the bridge this morning talking with people about the proposed increase. do people know about it? >> reporter: well, no they haven't heard about it yet. the people we talked to so far of course don't like the sound of it. basically an extra dollar come the summer of 2013. they are facing tough budgetary needs and needs to make cuts. part of the reason is the $75 million doyle drive project and the span itself also needs $100 million in seismic upgrades. over the past decades the district has trimmed its deficit from $454 million by rising tolls and cutting its service and issuing layoffs. it's still not enough. that had some commuters concerned. >> i think no matter i don't know what seismic upgrades needs to be done. we are getting hit everywhere.
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gasoline, taxes, you name it. i would be against it. >> reporter: one plan in the works for next year is eliminating all toll takers. that means tolls would be raised by mere pennys. the current toll is $6, $5 if you have fast track. again the hike is a proposal. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. our time now 6:34. in new york the national 9/11 memorial and museum opens today to the public. twin reflecting pools now mark where the world trade towers once stood. they feature the largest man- made water falls in north america. photographs of the almost 3,000 people that died on september 11th. they are on display in the museum there. the names etched in bronze panels. construction continues on the world trade center complex.
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one world trade center is now the tallest building in manhattan. steel for the building has reached 80 of the buildings 104 stories. work is under way to install columns in the world trade center transportation hub which will help support a subway line through the new center. memorial ceremonies cocaine today for the victims of united flight 93. victims relatives and friends are gathering this morning for a private service. coming up in about ten minutes what's happening today in that field in shanksville, pennsylvania. the college of marin will remember the victims of 9/11 today. both campuses are holding remembrance ceremonies. at 10:00 there will be a moment of silence at the schools locations in kentfield and nevada. hundreds of people attended a festive gathering in san bruno trying to move ahead from last years deadly pipeline explosion. take a look at the scene yesterday. community members bonded together over food and music.
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they say it was important to reunit after the tragedy that forever changed the crestmore neighborhood. >> it's just a way to realize that things you can get good out of bad things and now there is a big sense of community. >> it feels better. i think it feels better for sure. i don't know about you but for me it does. i'm happy they are here and i'm not here crying. >> congresswoman jackie spear was also there at the event. she is hoping by this time next year they will be doing ribbon cutting as the community continues to rebuild. 6:36 is the time now. back in to sal. traffic center. what is going on? >> we are looking at a hot loath of things now we are getting to the heart of the morning commute. let's go outside. i want to show you the traffic here approaching the toll plaza from the maze looks good coming around the berkeley curve. let's go to a live look at the toll plaza. i saw a truck go by with lights on. there could be a stall on the
6:38 am
bridge. i notice the traffic is slowing down a little bit. just a little slower than usual. there very well could be something on the bridge. we'll let you know. you are waiting for about 15 minutes before you make it on the bridge. also this morning we are looking at interstate 880 that looks good. 880 and 580 are doing pretty well. 2580 getting up -- 580 getting up to the maze and heading downtown. we do have some breaks in the clouds but interesting pattern over us. i say that because a lot of thunderstorms which were over the sierra and sacramento valley have fallen a part. so partly sunny to partly cloudy. the low responsible for that cloud cover is still hanging out down around santa barbara. a lot of commute and moisture in the air too. a partly cloudy cay and possibility for showers or thundershowers. see how they collapse once they get the sunset.
6:39 am
they need heat to survive or pick up intensity. that will happen later on today. a lot of cloud cover over the north bay. we also have low clouds so a combination of breaks in the clouds but low mid and hot. 50s to 60s very mild toward san jose. 64 there and 55 santa rosa. some of that cloud cover just drifting over. mainly toward parts of east bay and the north bay and a little bit toward san francisco. peninsula and south bay not nearly as much. i will tell you it's a situation where it could easily drift over any time. as long as that low is there today and tomorrow, we are in line for the wrap around effect coming off the sierra. it's not really supporting thunderstorms here. it's more toward where you get the lift. it's possible. we had it friday night. as you know. so a very tropical feel here. gusts to 25 miles an hour. we have a east to west wind direction. but a west to east at the surface. couple different directions on the clouds today.
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partly cloudy. thunderstorm threat. more the same on tuesday and then it kicks out. so highs 60s, 70s, and 80s. lake county, mendocino county, napa, marin in line far possibility of thundershowers. 60s and 70s and 80s low to mid 80s out toward eastern parts of contra costa county. 77 san ho sigh. we will go 77 wood side. 78 in the city. minute low park at 74. not much change on tuesday then wednesday, thursday, friday looks like a pretty good cooling trend kicks in. saturday would be the transition day. it does look warmer but not until sunday. fire crews from the north bay are heading to kern county to help battle dozens of wild fires there. more than 43,000-acres have burned by wild fires sparked by lightning. several fires have joined together to form two complexes near arvin. starting today some fire
6:41 am
evacuees in texas will be able to return to their neighborhood. the wild fire burning in bastrop county is 40% contained. this will be the first time people are allowed to return to their homes since that fire started last week. many of them don't know if they have a home to return to. at least 1500 homes have been destroyed and 180 wild fires across texas. time now 6:40. it's a fight aimed at school bullies. what some bay area parents will be watching tonight and how it targets bullies. it could be a difficult commute on bart later this evening. we'll tell you about another protest scheduled to happen today. good morning, if you are driving on 237 already some stop and go traffic driving over to 880. tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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it feels like help is never far away. it feels like you're protected against life's little mishaps. it feels like
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you'll make it home. that's what it feels like to be a member.
6:44 am
good morning, to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:43. oakland homicide detectives investigating a suspicious apartment fire after two burned bodies were found inside. witnesses told firefighters they saw two people running from the scene yesterday morning. possibly carrying gas
6:45 am
canisters. the tolls on the golden gate bridge may go up $1. starting in the summer of 2013. it's part of the plan to keep the bridge district from going bankrupt. today president obama sends his $447 billion jobs plan to congress. now at 7:40 this morning our time the president will speak from the white house. he will be be pressing congress to pass that jobs bill. the monday evening commute in san francisco could turn into a mess. bart protestors have vowed to demonstrate every monday until the transit agency makes a big changes. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie rasmus is in the city at the civic center bart station. the site of today's protest. >> reporter: if it seems like the bart protests are never ening, organizers say that is the point. he refers to the weekly demonstrations as quote a
6:46 am
marathon not a sprint. while the most -- the latest demonstration that is supposed to happen today 5:00 here at the civic center station. it will be the seventh demonstration here in the past two months. according to anonymous' website, the group plans to continue the protests every week until their demands are met. they want the bart police disbanded. they also want bart to apologize for shutting off cell phone service last month and want a more thorough investigation of a shooting of a man in july. commuters said they seemed a little exes a per rated when we told them about the latest protest. >> i'm sympathetic to a point, but i wish there was some way we could sort of compromise on some of this and especially when it hurts people who have to commute so far in to the city. >> it's just annoying. it disrupts what people normally do. we don't really agree with what they are protesting for. in most cases we don't know
6:47 am
what they are saying. >> reporter: now the most recent demonstration was four days ago. at that protest preppiest tour -- at that protest protestors could not go on the bart platform. they shut down the powell street station for two hours on thursday. they told the crowd to dispurse. at least six journalists were arrested. again all of that happened on thursday. there is another protest expected to happen here today. civic center station at 5:00. there could billion service interruptions and station closures as there have been in the past. live in san francisco allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. tonight the vallejo school district is inviting parents to watch parts of a new antibullying film featuring students and staff. the film is part of the districts respect for all curriculum in response to the harassment of a student who's a lesbian.
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tentiest event -- tonight's event is designed as a listening session. it will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.. it will include an open panel discussion. our time now 6:47. it has been six months since that devastating quake and tsunami in japan. yesterday a minute of silence was observed at the exact moment that the magnitude 9.0 quake hit march 11th. 20,000 people are either dead or missing. the fukushima nuclear power plant was badly damaged. that triggered the worst nuclear disaster since churnoble25 years ago. the victims families are taking part in one final ceremony. a private funeral will be held for the remains reever discovered. they have been september in three caskets inside of a crypt.
6:49 am
they will be deterred in the sacred ground site. the plane was headed from newark to sfo. many surviving relatives liver here in the bay area. let's go back to sal to check in on the morning commute. a couple busy spots this morning. >> yeah the toll plaza is not doing that well right now. we have pretty slow traffic. it seems just a little bit slower than it normally is. it's taking people quite a bit from getting through there. also this mornings commute is looking okay on interstate 880 in oakland. getting up to the toll plaza and beyond that. also the 580 freeway looks good. no problems on 580. by the way they cleared that accident at grant line road. that has been moved to the shoulder. it's not exactly clear but slow traffic getting into livermore this morning. if you are driving on 880 already seeing signs of slowing
6:50 am
as you drive past eighth street. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a possibility today of some well mostly cloudy skies. showers are possible. thundershowers. we start off with breaks in the low clouds. most of the santa cruz coastline is clear. san jose should be mostly sunny. be careful we had a good show friday night. partly cloudy today. partly sunny. showers thunderstorms mainly north and east bay so far looks to be taking more of a lain on the path of the clouds. not mump changed tuesday and then on wednesday and thursday. looks like an increase in the fog and a cooler pattern. you can see the clouds wrapping back around. there has been pretty hefty ones they fall 5:part after we lose the afternoon heating. they may pick up later on. temperatures are mild due to most of the cloud cover. there is breaks in the clouds.
6:51 am
50s and 60s. some low clouds producing some delays at sfo. you can see a lot of that cloud cover just drifting back. it will be a partly sunny partly cloudy wait sort of day. as that low gets kicked off by that low that will be the one that cools us down by wednesday. this low is hanging out today and tomorrow. a very tropical feel to the atmosphere. kind of muggy a little bit. a lot of moisture in the air. gusts to 25 miles an hour. clouds and sun. a few showers are possible until that low boots it out of here. that won't be until tuesday. highs 60s 70s and 80s. 68 alameda, 79 pleasanton. cooper' know -- cupertino add 77. san mateo 74. we will go 68 in the city. may not be bad in the city if you get that cloud cover. sun and clouds through tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday looks like a cool down. mostly sunny saturday and the first sign of warmer weather
6:52 am
sunday. all right thank you, steve. just about 20 minutes into the morning stock market already down almost 100 points. let's go live to the big board this morning. dow off 92 to 10, 899 following big losses on friday. this morning a lot of concerns about the credit rating downgrade of french banks. also worries that greece will default on some of its loans. the european sector taking european markets down this morning as well. gas prices continue to climb. the nation-wide survey found gas prices went up six cents in the past two weeks. the bay area is feeling the pinch even more. a gallon of regular costs $4. up 14-cents from last month. contagion spread quickly at the box office. the thriller is about the rapid spread of a lethal virus.
6:53 am
after three straight weeks at the top, the help slipped to number two. time now 6:52. new jobs may be coming to benicia. the announcement that will be made later this morning. he was badly injured by a hit and run driver in san francisco more than a month ago. how a young philadelphia boy is doing today. golden gate bridge traffic looks pretty good heading down to the toll plaza. there is a ship going underneath the bridge. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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welcome back. in order to boil the drinking water in san diego has been lifted in eight neighborhoods days after that big power outage. the city's tap water shows no contamination and officials say it's safe to drink. however more than ten miles of beaches are still closed after failed water pumps spilled two million gallons of sewage. a power failure on thursday left millions in the dark in california, arizona, and mexico. a nine-year-old boy injured by a hit and run driver after a giants game last month is back home this morning. ryan white returned to his home in suburban, philadelphia on saturday. he was hit by a truck outside at alabama t park after seeing the phillies play the giants. he spent 11 days in a san francisco hospital before being transported to a hospital in
6:57 am
philadelphia. 21-year-old andrew vargas has been charged in that case. a couple hours coda automotive will anunce a partnership to build all electric vehicles in benicia. expected to create about 50 jobs. benicia's mayor hopes this will attract other related businesses to the area. it can go up to 150 miles on a full charge. it will sell for about $35,000. coming up on 7:00. we want to go back to sal to check on the commute. >> we are doing pretty slowly this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up for at least a 20 minute delay before you make it on the bridge and that includes the time at the metering lights. once you make on the bridge no obstructions reported. also the morning commute looks okay in san francisco once you make it across. northbound 101 is wide open. northbound 280 coming from downtown. and this morning if you are driving on 9 nimitz freeway --
6:58 am
driving on the nimitz freeway there is a new crash. 6:57 let's go to steve. thank you. we have partly sunny partly cloudy skies today. combination of low and high level clouds. maybe a few thundershowers later on. 60s and 70s and low 80s. steve, thank you. time now 6:57. coming up on mornings on 2. anderson cooper will join us live. he will be talking about a new show debuting today here on channel 2. along with new details he's found out about the death of singer amy winehouse. the reason two of the bay area powerful businessmen are being summoned to appear before a judge. ñw?
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