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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 14, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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a deadline facing parents around california has extra urgency in one bay area school district. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. more on that in a minute. but first the -- but first the tense moments for passengers on a united airport. they sh -- they had to use emergency chutes to evacuate a plane outside of washington, d.c. it's reported that justice ruth bader ginsburg was on board. she was headed to folks -- san francisco for an event tomorrow. the pilot noticed there was something wrong with one of the engines and ordered the evacuations. one passenger was injured using the chute but did not have details how badly that passenger was injured. the state's whooping cough vaccine deadline is being put to the test at a local school
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district. here's more. >> reporter: now officials are saying get the shot or get the boot. by thursday of next week, all 4300 students in the gilroy unified school district must show proof of their whooping cough vaccination. >> they should get their children's shots. >> translator: it's a protection. >> reporter: a new state law says 7th through 12edth -- through 12th graders must receive the vaccine. >> my kids all have the shots. my daughter just got it in june. >> reporter: if they don't, students here will end up
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quarantined and sent home. >> we don't want our students missing any school. >> reporter: last year, there were more than 9,000, almost 500 of them right here in santa clara county. ten people died mostly babies. numbers haven't been that high since 1947. kids received three doses of the vaccines through kindergarten and then get the booster when they turn 11 and 12. some unvaccinated student the may still attend school if the parents sign personal exemption waivers. but if there was an outbreak, the students could be banned from school. back to you. >> thank you, tara. fbi agents arrested one person during a raid in alameda this morning after going through the wrong home initially and almost arresting the wrong person. agents knocked on the door at a home on lena avenue with guns drawn. this is cell phone video of the raid. residents say just minutes
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before, agents came knocking by mistake. >> they pulled me out of the house and were in the process of cuffing me when they realized i wasn't the -- realized i wasn't the person they were looking for. >> fbi agents had the help of alameda and martinez police during the raid. it's not clear why this raid took place. the lawyer for two uc berkeley graduates in prison in iran says he continues to work towards bail a -- bail arrangements. the iranian court set bell at $500,000 apiece. the attorney is working with swiss embassies on that deal. there's no word where the money is coming from. also, iran is still reviewing the bail previsions. in the meantime, an official in oman said a plane has been sent
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to tehran in hopes of reaching a deal. oman played the third-party role when sarah shourd was release. president obama is in north carolina today. the tour comes as mr. obama's disapproval rating hit an all- time high of 55%. in the cnn poll released yesterday and the approval rating for his handling of the economy, that dropped to 36%. the now bankrupt solyndra solar company in fremont is the focus of a congressional hearing today. house republicans want to find out more about $500 billion in loans the company received from the obama administration. and whether -- administration, and whether the senior staff rushed for those loans. >> is it possible that one of
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the things that changed was a political influence? >> i don't believe so, sir. i wasn't there, but there's no indication -- >> nobody -- nobody commented to the white house that this project should go forward? >> president obama paid a visit to the company last year and held it up as a shining example of a company that could create green jobs. democrats say this is not about picking winners and losers. they say it's part of the u.s. attempt to compete in the solar industry after china flooded the market with inexpensive panels. the lowest paid workers stood in the region to demand a raise. money for that raise is already in the budget. the possibility that workers might not get it has caught the attention of at least one state lawmaker. claudine wong joins us live from san francisco to explain. >> reporter: this issue deals with thousands of uc custodians, bus drivers, food service workers, dozens came to
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the regent's meeting today and lined up to be heard. >> patricia worked all night. but instead of heading home after her shift, she came here. >> that's the only way, what we feel, what we think. >> reporter: she joined other workers fighting for a promised raise. >> you guys act like that's gonna put me in a big house on the hill or a lexus. >> reporter: that money came from the state. it's part of an effort to get low-wage workers out of poverty. the possibility that it might go elsewhere caught the attention of senate stair yee. it is an agreement -- state senator yee. it is an agreement. if they don't want to fulfill
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their part of the bargain, give us back the money andky find a better use for the money. >> reporter: -- and i can find a better use for the property. >> i'm really hoping we can reach a conclusion on -- really there's half a dozen issues that we need to address. i'm very hopeful about it. >> reporter: he says it's getting harder to make ends meet and says she will keep fighting to be heard. >> the money is not enough. we're not gonna get tired of saying the same thing. >> reporter: another protest is planned for tonight at a business owned at one of the regents. back to you. >> thank you. a woman once arrested on charges of abducting four girls in a dispute with their mother has filed for the fairfield suisun school board. she's a former teacher, spanish teacher. she was found not guilty by
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reason of insanity in the case in illinois and spent a year in a psychiatric hospital. because she's not considered a convicted felon, she will still run but others say she'll have a hard time getting elected. >> school board people, we do engage ourselves in school but our job is policymakers, not to be involved in running schools and so fortunate. so that is a different situation. >> what do you -- do you think people will see it as a different situation? >> no. of course not. >> reporter: she told the "daily republic" newspaper that she was sorry for what she did and that she meant no harm and her medical treatment helpedder understand why she did it. placing blame. we'll tell you what is in a report. the bay area is headed -- the bay area is headed for a cooldown. i'm sick of both people, why don't they just try to figure it out an resolve.
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it -- and resolve it. >> another debate regarding b.a.r.t. and we'll tell you about a tactic that may have backfired.
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couple muters will soon be able to use their clipper cards on more of the bay area's ferry
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systems. officials have signed a contract to install clipper carded readers on bay ferries. golden gate ferries have accepted clipper cards for years. b.a.r.t. is apologizing today for a strategy is used to -- it used to try to implement public sentiment. several stations have been followed by -- several demonstrations at stations have been followed by demonstrations. b.a.r.t. asked for a script to follow and rented suvs toe pro-- to provide them -- suvs to provide them transportation. >> why don't they just try to figure it out and resolve it? i'm just tired of it all. i just want to come to work and get to work on time. >> reporter: only one person
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accepted b.a.r.t. aoffer to speak and they did not need a ride in the suv. so the suvs still cost b.a.r.t. about $900. >> he, i think it's -- well, i think it's unnecessary for people to come to b.a.r.t.'s defense i don't think we need to go out and ask people to represent us. >> the protests began with demands to disband the agency as police force after the fatal shooting of a homeless man allegedly wielding a knife. but they have since grown to include protesters, including a cell phone signal shutdown on august 11th. the federal government released its final report on last year's offshore oil spill in the gulf of mexico and it put much on the blame on the bp, the british company that
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owns the company. bp issued a statement saying it had long ack amonged its responsibility for the -- acknowledged its responsibility for the oil disaster and urged its drilling partners to do the same. police are investigating a shooting that happened early in richmond. officers received a call around 12:45 this morning at cutting and south 25th street. police arrived and found a man shot in the lower part of his body. he was taken to john muir medical center in serious condition. there are no suspects. police markers covered an entire block. stockton police arrested two young men after two frightening incidents involving high school students. police say two students were robbed of their backpacks just a few blocks from lincoln high school and then two men in a car attacked a third victim but she was able to pull away. the suspects were 17 and 20
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years old and not students. they are being accused of robbery and attempted kidnapping. in 1987, a baby left to die on the side of a bay area road was dubbed miraculous mary. today, the young woman is sharing her story on a tv show. the chp found the baby, just a few hours old, in a brown paper bag in redwood city. today, ashley is talking to anderson cooper about what it's been like to grow up as an abandoned child given a second chance by her adopted family. >> so you knew you were abandoned on the side of a road? >> i would say that story was not seriously shared until i was 10 or 11. >> i knew i was a special child. knew it was a difficult story for my family to come out and
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tell me. >> you can watch the entire interview today on anderson cooper's new talk show. "anderson" airs at 3:00 right here on ktvu. the environment group "save the bay" has identified five waterways that it calls trash hot spots. on its list, the guadalupe river, pulmas, damon, mission creek and baxter street. save the bay so these are looted and need cleaning up. now controversy for a casino is dead. richmond city leaders are considering several.s for the point. one councilmember wants housing
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-- counseling. while gael mclaughlin would like -- the grape harvest in sonoma county is getting off to a slow start. why the the press democrat "or thes -- reports only 2% of the crop has been harvested. growers had to push back their time line for picking brakes. the 2011 crop is also expected to be slower this year but that's not bad news. some say the quality of this year's 0 off -- of this year's harvest will be good because of the mild season. we have been talking a lot about cooler temperatures. these are live pictures from the san rafael camera. you can see evidence of the lingering marine layer. san rafael right now in the lower 60s. 63, but here we go with the
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fog, still hugging a good portion of the bay area. san leandro, a few patches remaining there. current numbers just upgraded. fairfield, 72. hayward lower 60s and san jose close to 70, chicking in 69 degrees. here we go with the coast at headlines. we'll call it warm inland, tomorrow, clouds in the morning, temperatures on the cooler side and the weekend we begin to warm things back um especially for the second half of the weekend. satellite and radar you can see the system moving out of nevada. this has been the storm that produced a few showers in the bay area over the weekend. that will continue to move out to the west -- east. so we are foggy for the beaches. the bigger perspective here. you can see what happens. a r clear -- a clear direction with our temperature trend by friday, the warmest locations
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inland only in the mid-70s. we're reading in that direction for today. so a bit cooler today compared to yesterday. here we go with our forecast model, showing you the fog and still hugging the shoreline. even a few patches for san francisco and the bay. bill martin will be showing you a big fog bank pushing back in. that's at 10:00. temperatures inland approaching lower 80s. by 7:00, some coastal fog regrouping. and then at if -- and then temperatures lowest locations, brentwood, 85. san francisco, 64. fremont, 75. here is your extended forecast with your weekend. you will notice temperatures will be falling off for thursday and friday as we increase the fog bank and scale down. as a result temperatures begin to warm up saturday, sunday and
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even next week temperatures will be up in the upper 80s near -- >> it's a little typical for -- >> all right. the parent being credited for saving the life of a 9-year- old boy is being honored today. this video shows he pulled janet hogan from rushing waters in rushing waters. they were with their son when both men system a san jose man who created an hour's long bomb scare in his neighborhood is in jail. they say he's a convicted nellen who is not allowed to point is -- police say they saw military be?
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kind -- and multiple -- police say they saw multiple guns inside the home. you can see the hole dug in the yard to blow up at explosives. >> ten neighboring homes had to be evacuated. people were allowed back into their homes around 11:00 at night. ahead, the latest indication on how consumers are feeling about the economy these days. and the nation's biggest retailer is launching a special campaign aimed at one person group.
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it's been an interesting ride on wall street. at one point, the dow was down 100 points. it's turned around significantly. the big reason, word that france and germany will not suddenly drop support for greece. that's helped the markets a lot. the dow is up 238, at 11,344. nasdaq is up almost 2.5%, up 59. s&p is up 24. well, consumers are showing more caution when it comes to retail sales. the commerce department said today that people spent less on cars, clothing and furniture last month. that left retail sales unchanged for august. plus, a prevision for the month of july shows sales were
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slightly weaker than first thought. experts say the lack of growth continued worries about the economy. walmart is working hard to appear more female-friendly. the world's largest retailer spend $20 billion on products and services for women. they plan to teach litter issey -- literacy to $-- to 500,000 people world. the next time you drive to tahoe, you might notice a few new billboards along highway 50. a handful of billboards are in place now, advertising good deals on food, air air conditioning, and cars and the plans for another three billboards. the plan -- some people are
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calling for a moratorium -- but yesterday, the el dorado people voted that down. a popular and educational children's toy is getting a makeover. the makers of the ez bake oven is dumping the 100-watt can dessent bulb. the oven has been cooking up tiny treats for centuries. they also want it to resemble a real aliiance -- a real applyians. a -- a real applyians. tonight, at 5:00, what this ship will be able to do. that and more at 5:00 today. have a great day.
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