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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news morning news. well,good morning to you. welcome to a brand-new day, it is monday september 19th. i am dave clark. let's start with weather, steve paulsen. it is very nice out there steve? sonoma and marin coast looks good, low-to-mid upper 90s and by the coast 60s and 70s and also #0s. here is sal. good morning on the east shore freeway it is looking good and if thing more crowded it by the manipulate. you can see traffic is busier and the morning commute looks good but we are getting tolls crowding up those cash lanes. a possible break in the
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case of missing nursing student michelle le. allie rasmus is outside the hayward police department with discoveries and what is next? allie? >> reporter: she was last seen where she was taking a nursing class, she left during a break and never came back. that was nearly four months ago and police have been investigating her disappearance. they believe she was murdered. we were hoping to talk to police about a possible break. a volunteer with a search group found a body off the side of a dirt road. that road is between 680 and foot hill road. the body was decomposed so investigators were not able to tell whether it belonged to a man or woman but a spokesperson said the medical examiner may be able to determine the gender
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as early as today and we will be waiting for that information. search crews from the alameda's search office went through to see if there was any other evidence left behind. they are not saying what anything was significant and meanwhile the woman arrested for her was a former high school friend of lay lay's who blamed her for ruining her relationship with the ex- boyfriend. she may end terrible a plea to the murder charges against her. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:02 police in san francisco are still searching for suspects in the double shooting. it happened near magnolia. they jumped out of a car and
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started shooting. they saw that get away car as it raced away from the scene. >> we have a vehicle 2004 to 2005. either accord or civic. the two teens who were rushed to san francisco hospital, it is still not cheer what led up to a manhunt in south sacramento. he is accused of a violent carjacking. here is more on how police tracked him down. >> reporter: this is a man police wanted to get off the streets. he is wanted in connection with a murder and violent crime spree over the weekend. he is being questioned by san jose police detectives.
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pal castillo, before he was captured he kidnapped and murdered a woman he came across if a shopping center and she was tar getted at random. before that he opened fire at a nearby gas station but cats steel got away from police and that is not until they tracked him down from sacramento. >> it is our special operations unit following up leads and they were able to did to those leads where he was arrested. >> reporter: on saturday morning is when police found the body of 68-year-old cindy win. she was found dead inside a house on 12th street. at that point police launched a
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massive manhunt and -- at this point they are not sure what the motive is and they hope to learn more once they conduct interviews and we hope to learn more about the details of his arrest when we talk to police later on this morning. live in san jose ktvu channel 2 news. president barack obama unveils his long term deficit reduction plan but they are saying it will not go anywhere. we will go hive to hear how the president maps to cut spending by $3 trillion. several people are now under arrest. this the arrests were mid- overnight in the city of birmingham. it includes men and women all between 22 and 32 years old. it is believed they were planning some sort of terrorist
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attack although the details have not been released. u.s. seeking statehood this week. they want their territory are yous which includes a gaza trip. the international monetary funds are support willing statehood and israel believes statehood can only be achieved through direct negotiation. two uc berkeley graduates jailed in iran may be caught in the political battle between mahmoud ahmadinejad and his rivals. mahmoud ahmadinejad announced last week josh fattal and shane bauer will be set free within days however their release has been delayed. however the associated press reports they may be trying to block mahmoud ahmadinejad from a chance to claim credit.
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right now mahmoud ahmadinejad is flying to new york city to speak at the united nations. a new science professor is being named to russia. michael mcfall is an expert on foreign policy and particularly with relations with russia. he is also a senior fellow at the hoover institution which is a think tank. many will be on the agenda. not each half the city streets range from at risk to fail. that report shows it would take at least 2. $5 million a year to raise the city's overall road condition to good. some say they can't afford it. sal, have you fixed everything in our commute this morning? >> dave, i have not but we are
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working on it. itels tough to -- it is tough on a monday to get back into it. i want to mention we still have a very serious crash on matilda avenue underneath highway 237. that is a good tier avoid matilda underneath 237 and they will be out there for longer. this is a look at interstate 880 and 580 is hooking good, getting up to highway 24 and highway 24 from the up until looks good -- tunnel looks good, most of the east bay for now. let's look at highway 4, highway bay point, traffic will be moderately heavy coming up to the willow pass grade. clear skies, some fog is
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trying with all its might there might be some maybe even some coming from the golden gate, there is fog out there but it is not impacting too many. clear skies, 52 to 62, sunny by noon and warmer, skies are clear, high pressure is in charge although we still get a westerly breeze out this. 50 how about that their wind has dipped to 35. mountain view oakland livermore red wood city, that is why travis went to 55 and they are calm but usually there is a puff of a breeze. westward at 7, it will not take long to start warming up. when you get a delta breeze it
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is warm. high pressure will will be our fair weather friend and that system may do more than that, may give us more clouds and the possibility of more rain. today only patchy fog and really shallow. we started that trend more so on supplement tie and we will just hold it for two days and temperatures will come down. last full week of summer and the equinox starts this friday. niles by the coast, 60s and 70s and 80s if that fog remains, we will get lots of 70s. checking in with the warmest locations. with the weekend always in view it looks likes we start to change things and the upon and
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the of some -- and the possibility of a hint of rain. an east bay couple becomes the target of a deadly shooting because of the high price of gold. what they did this morning in japan, stay tuned. hey! you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart!
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. welcome back to the morning news, you are looking at tokyo where tens of thousands of people gathered to call on japan's government to abandon nuclear energy in the wake of the fukushima plant. the plant will restart reactors that will clear safety checks but japan should reduce its reliance on nuclearen if i over the long-term. the bankrupt solar energy company wants to accept bids until october 25th. 'option will be held on october 28th if several adds come through. they fired for bankruptcy protection earlier this month. in just two hours president barack obama will take the wraps off his new deficit plan.
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republicans say they already hate it. allison? >> reporter: that's right, dave and let's get right to the details, president barack obama wants to cut $1.5 trillion from the federal deficit over the next decade mostly by raising taxes on the wealthy. 1.1 would come from winding down the wars in afghanistan and 580 will come from reducing entitlement programs from medicare and medicaid. he will announce the speech in the rose garden and includes what his aides named in the budget rule. he often says he pays these in taxes and republicans say it is class warfare, it is dead on a rifle but democrats say -- arrival, but democrats say
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something else. >> you can't impose one more penny in taxes on the wealthiest people. >> reporter: we will take a closer look at what the president's plan means for changes in medicare and medicaid during my next update, allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. skyrocketing price of gold may have played a roll in this ambush. it happened on st. andrews street, a gunman fired on the couple as they were backing out of their garage in a minivan. his 59-year-old wife was wounded and the 65--year-old man was killed and some say he was killed because he was known to deal in gold jewelry. >> he always had a lot of money
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in his pocket. he was a regular at the flee market where he purchased gold and gems, that may have been where he was headed yesterday morning. it may have caused 'increase and a new study of mostly lower income fan liz -- inn -- lower income families sadly most were babies. a search for a missing mom, focused on the west side where cadavers dogs indicated there may be human remains. he said he took his kids camping to the same remote spot where his wife disappeared nearly two years ago. they named her husband a person of interest. today is a spare the air
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day, hot temperatures and light winds all get together and make bad area quality. check out on driving, using gas powered lawn mothers or anything else. 6:18 how is the drive looking? it is not looking good at all this car was on 237 and flipped over several times and ended up below and the person inside was killed. they had to do a lengthy investigation and you can see how badly damaged. in fact if was hard to tell what kind of car it was, it looks like it could have been some sort of suv. there is 237 up above so if you can imagine a car coming off
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that point luckily nobody was hurt, as the vehicle slipped over. it is a good area to avoid matilda right near 237 in sunny dale. the investigation goes on and it happened at about 4:00 and so we are about two hours and 20 minutes into it. westbound 92 that traffic is moving nicely getting out to the high-rise. i do band to mention, it is backed up for -- maybe those metering lights have been switched on. let's go back to steve. well it took a long time but this is the last full week of summer and the best will happen today. i couldn't tell you the last time i saw calm at oakland but
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especially fairfield. there has been a delta president, that is not the case today, the only winds is west of fs o and that's not much. napa 61 and 26 for hayward mountain view san jose and temperatures will wrap up. it will not take long big system bears watching for the end of the week. 90s to up every 90s near 100 degrees but 60s and 70s near 80s. we will continue to warm up and under tuesday and with your weekend in view, we will have much more cooler skies by the end of the week.
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santa clara santa clara is about to get a -- santa clara is about to get a new owner. the $70 million deal is all cash. they have more than 50 rides and attractions and city of santa clara has to approve the teal. right now toyota makes all of those specialized parts. making the parts in the u.s. and china could improve profits. time now 6:21, dozens of airport screeners have just been fired, we will tell you where and why. >> i like sleeping in my own bed again. he is talking about it as he settles back home. good morning, traffic on
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60s and 70s . good morning traffic is moving along well, no major problems getting on the bridge.
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dozens of baggage screen first, federal officials say they failed to check luggage for bombs. after two employees came forward, 28 screeners were fired. new information about a russian plane that crashed in june. a spokesperson said the pilot was intoxicated killing 47 people. the jet which had just taken off slammed into a highway and burst into flames. bringing libyan faxes together -- factions together is becoming a challenge. islamists and regional representatives, meanwhile fighting continues between rebel and muammar gaddafi
6:26 am
forces. the resistance is saying they could face an end southern generals i -- insurgency system is lar to iraq and afghanistan. ryan white is home after spending five weeks in hospitals in both san francisco and phillies. that accident left him with brain trauma as well as a broken pelvis and left leg and right ankle, he said he misses being in school. >> i miss playing at recess. >> ryan's mother said his only memory has nothing to do with the accident. he does remember phillies beating the giants 3-0. 9ers suffered some very
6:27 am
tough losses. cowboy kicked a dan bailey boot in overtime, dam las defeated the -- has defeated them and in a victory over oakland, they scored touchdowns on all of their possessions. the raiders are also now 1 and 1 in the season. new developments in the michelle le case, the body found in the case for the missing nursing student plus giselle esteban the woman arrested for her death. and red carpet being rolled out, we will let you know if brad pitt will be here, next. we will take you live to new york this morning. opening bell ready to ring?
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. welcome back to the morning news, it looks like a rough one, it looks like the congressional medical of month -- congressional metal of honor got to ripping the bell. you can see the lower part of our screen dow jones industrial average lower aspected business news coming up. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news. it is monday september 19th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, time now 6:30 new developments in the case of missing nursing student
6:31 am
michelle le and also today's court appearance with a suspect in the case, allie? >> reporter: giselle esteban has a court hearing and earlier he was arrested for the murder of missing nursing student michelle le. the 27-year-old giselle esteban was a former high school student who blamed michelle le for ruining her relationship with an ex-boyfriend. earlier she could be assigned a public defender and may end terrible a plea to the murder charge against her. and they will investigate possible new developments in the michelle le case. on saturday, a volunteer who had been looking for any sign of her found it off the side of a dirt road. the body was decomposed though investigators were not able to tell whether the body belonged
6:32 am
to a man or woman but a spokesperson said the medical exam they are may be able to determine the gender as early as today. michelle le was last seen where she was taking a nursing class. she left that class during a break and never returned that was four months ago. now we will try to get more information on the latest developments on this case. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. a star studded movie premiere is set for oakland in the paramount theater where some big hollywood names are expected to show up. you can see the march key, a right off of prod way and many facts are expected -- broadway and many fans are expected to be here. it looks like a miniature
6:33 am
baseball stand complete with the lights and this movie is about baseball. manager billy bean who the film is about is expected to be here as well. brad pitt plays bean. bean became a revolutionary gm when he started using computer generated analysis. they made the playoffs and angelina jolie made an appearance. other stars who may make an appearance will be here as well. this is obviously a very exciting time for the city of oakland. a few people we spoke to cannot remember if and when a last big movie came here. lots of restaurants will be offering drink and food specials. the best time to spot them
6:34 am
right before the film launches and again after the film launches and they can be expected to walk over to the fox theater. again it opens 5:30. >> for the first time we are hearing from a man who survived the air cross in reap know. what he is -- reno, what he is saying about the tragedy and what the ntsb has in their investigation. back here at home, a house fire that killed a vallejo fire. they were there yesterday morning when firefighters got there, they had to knock down a security gate to get inside. they pulled out the woman they tried to revive her and him. we spoke to one of the neighbors who tried to rescue
6:35 am
the couple before the firefighters got there. >> i went there tried to get through the front door but with all the safety doors it was impossible. i couldn't get through the back gate. >> the couple's son who looked after them had just come home from a fishing trip. deadly pipeline explosion, tomorrow the rebuilding process tips. it was created and killed dozens of others and destroyed 38 homes. they are inviting people to come shuffle some dirt into that hole before crews begin their work. an officer involved shooting left two by standers hurt in north beach. jesus pointed a gun at officers on broadway early saturday
6:36 am
morning. the officers pointed the gun at him but missed. they hit two people in their legs. the conference oakland will focus on presenting gang violence and it's especially tiny for san jose. it is cut almost in half. leaders in 13 cities are expected to be part of this two day conference including mayor ed lee and state attorney general harris will be speaking this morning. also parents plan to stable a protest. they are -- plan to stage a protest. they are unhappy about large classes. school board members will be holding a special meeting at district headquarters at 9:00 a.m. >> let's go back to sal, sal?
6:37 am
the crash happened at 4:00 this morning and they are just clearing it now. this is new video we gist got. you can see how badly damaged that suv was and it fell off the freeway and flipped over several times. the corp nor was there and it looks like much of the lanes were on matilda at 237. you can barely tell what kind of car it is, it looks like an suv. let's look at some live pictures, san mateo bridge, westbound looks good heading out to the high-rise. and filled in metering lights are on and 6:37 let's go back
6:38 am
to steve. in vallejo no wind at all, feels like it is going be very warm today. inland not a problem, also 80s and not much of a change as we head to the weekend and by that i mean testify cooler. we will take a few days to iron out the details and some of that fog will be snake its bay around. high pressure is in charge and we are not getting an offshore winds and we don't have any wind at all, this summer there is always a delta breeze but that's not the case at all. 50s in napa and upper 50s and 60s in san jose. i can't remember the last time i saw calm conditions.
6:39 am
same for vac kill, santa rosa, the only west wind is at fs o and that's only an hour. some areas will be nice, it will be softy very patchy fog only on parts of the coast and most of the coast looks fog free inland temperatures warmup in fact we had some of that yesterday and will top out and it will be held for a day or two. lots of sunshine near 100 degrees and nice to warm over by the coast. marin sonoma coast loosing fog free for now. 60s, 70s and 80s to 90s and warm conditions and it looks warm and by wednesday into thursday fog comes back and
6:40 am
with your weekend always in view we will have big changes. the big question is will we get some rain and if we do it will be sunday to monday. 63rd emmy award... >> i was assured by many people in my life it wasn't going to happen. and if the man hundred is over for a san jose man, it is over, how police were able to track him town. we will tell you more about the south bay commute and have a look at other troubled spots.
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it feels like help is never far away. it feels like you're protected against life's little mishaps. it feels like you'll make it home. that's what it feels like to be a member.
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. welcome back time now 6:53 later today we may find out if that body found near sunole is a man or woman. a woman searching for missing nursing student michelle le found the body and they say it may take weeks before they are able to identify the body. suspects in a double shooting two teens were wounded. the condition of the victims is not known. and in the next hour, president barack obama will talk about his deficit
6:44 am
reduction plan. republicans are already attacking it, criticizing, it includes $1.5 trillion in new taxes. the prime suspect in a violent south bay crime spree is in jail. police tracked him to the south bay valley. live in san jose where the manhunt first started, alex? behind bars this morning, he was questioned and has been the focus of a manhunt this since friday afternoon. he is behind a string of crimes including a murder. castillo on friday kidnapped and murdered a woman he came across in the san jose shopping center and they say that was a woman he targeted at random. before that castillo also shot a man he was trying to rob at a
6:45 am
gas station. that man survived. police say they don't know what triggered this crime spree. >> we top and hope to helper more as he is questioned and he will tell us all the motivation behind the crimes he committed. 61-year-old cindy win of campbell, the real estate agent was found dead inside a house castillo has connections to. her family will be holding a vigil for her later on this week. castillo is on parole and served time for domestic violence and now he is facing a long list of charges including kidnapping and murder. alex savage ktvu channel 2 news. in reno nevada they continue the investigation into the air race crash. five victims have been
6:46 am
identified including a 60-year- old man from washington 53-year- old texas woman and a 47-year- old reno woman. 9 people were killed in all, tosses more were hurt. >> it makes you happy to be alive, i got extremely lucky. the ntsb focusing on memory cards from the video, they could have, more information from that crash. a powerful earthquake in the himalayas has killed at least 55 people. the magnitude 6.5 has affected the area. they are trying to reach remote areas cut off by mudslides. it was quite a show last
6:47 am
night. glee jane lynch has primetime in that wards show right here on ktvu channel 2 news. the big winner of the night was the modern family. if you missed it, we have video clips from the show, just click on the emmys tab. hey, sal is the toll plaza area behaving itself? >> well i don't know how much money do you have? >> you know what i would would say, we are doing -- you know what i would say, we don't have any major problems there for sure at the bay bridge toll plaza and as a matter of fact it is backed under which would be a matter of a few minutes before you make it on to the
6:48 am
bay bridge, somewhere between 15 and no mail problems. that traffic is moving along nicely on interstate 880 and you can see things are getting more crowded. let's go to antioch, pittsburgh and bay point traffic looking good walnut creek, all those cities still looking good on 680 and richmond westbound getting more crowded, this is a look at livermore traffic very slow, it looks good, hayward traffic approaching 92 and in san jose we have slow traffic coming up the capital expressway. we have fog trying to make its way back to the sonoma coast but looks fog free on the san mateo coast but enjoy it because it will work its way
6:49 am
back in tomorrow. it will not be a factor away from the coast, not each a puff of a breeze which is really rare. by the way this is the last week of summer. slightly warmer inland to very warm to hot. for those of you waiting by the coast it might be the best day of the week. we have food old fashion pressure. fire danger up even though we don't have a north wind. if there is any fog it will be right down on the deck. 50 in napa, san -- san jose man town view, 50s and 60s but if you are in the 60s it will not take long to warm up. all these hoe cakes were warm.
6:50 am
even livermore the only hint of a breeze is 7 miles per hour. high pressure winds out and a big system, a couple of things tropical moisture coming in, a cold front, remains of a tie front. a lot will play into our up coming weekend weather 90s by the coast and if we get any fog it could be shallow. ukiah 91 and 88 degrees, 98 brentwood and 82 in alameda. more gap hill cupertino going 80 in the city and 6 in dale lay city which is a heatwave. then changes start thursday and friday with your weekend always
6:51 am
in view and a lot of clouds visiting by then. splitting itself, they will have their own website. customers will have to use separate accounts for online streaming. let's check in on wall street, a live look at the big board dow jones industrial average up 237 points 11271. more worries about the european economy and greece in texas greece is asking for another bailout package to meet its debt obligations. that is taking our stocks down and in overnight in asia as well. doctors warn it could be harder to fight off aches and payments johnson & johnson --
6:52 am
aches and pains. now johnson & johnson will help track down what you are looking for. in the north bay, what they are accused of doing over the weekend. >> take a look at this, the speed boat breaks into pieces at 150 miles per hour right in front of horrified fans in san diego. mapbloopp
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
. welcome back, they are looking for the three men who dressed as police officers during a home invasion robbery. the sonoma county sheriff's office said they were all armed, one wore a bullet-proof vest, one wore a police hat. tomorrow they will discuss the increasing problem of graffiti around the city. they show a number of tags is up 38% in the last year. it is the highest level since san jose started keeping track of tagging 13 years ago. the increase does not appear to be gang related and some city leaders speculate high school students are to blame.
6:56 am
they say this one could be the most exciting ever, later this morning they will give us a progress report on the plans and races start next year with the main event set for 2013. they are expected to attract millions of fans from around the world and organizers believe it will generate more than $1 billion for the bay area economy. >> then there was this, a boat racer in the hospital after his speed boat was ripped apart after this race in if sap diego. going close to 200 miles per hour, the boat flipped over and was smashed into pieces. he was rushed to a hospital and luckily nobody else was hurt. >> it is amazing that he lived when you are looking at that video. sal, you have a few rough spots? >> yes, we have slow traffic
6:57 am
and if you are trying to get into san francisco, it is backed up for at least a 15 minute wait. bart is on time on the spare the air day. let's look at interstate 880 so far so good passing high street and westbound highway in antioch gets better by pittsburgh and bay point, all the way to walnut creek, let's go pack to steve. >> i mean pairly a breeze at all, it feels like it will be warm and a lot of comments coming in on twitter and it feels warm already. for many by the coast 60s and 70s and 80s. coming up a medical series of operations for couldn't joined -- for conn joined twins that could save their lives,
6:58 am
stay tuned. [ female announcer ] because you never stop improving your recipe... we never stop improving ours. we've added a touch of philly cream cheese to kraft natural shredded cheese, which adds a touch of creamy to any dish. kraft touch of philly shredded cheese. we're not just making great cheese. we're taking it further. ♪
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possible developments over the weekend in the case of a missing nursing student. we'll tell you about the next steps in the investigation -- coming up. it began in san jose. how a massive manhunt has finally ended in the sacramento valley.


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