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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  September 23, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on the commute, the traffic is looking good here on the golden gate bridge. the fog, it's thick on the golden gate bridge. caution light is flashing. let's look at westbound san ma san mateo bridge. the bay bridge , the traffic is moving well, the fog is not quite as thick. getting in to the city. at 4:30, let's go to the desk. happening now, parts of richmond are without power. ktvu's paul chambers is there. >> reporter: tense moments especially for a family that lived in this house next to us. see is this wire rs it brought down this wire and caused a fire. see there is residue there from where the charred remains were.
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what it was, insulator on top of the power poles, more mall wear and tear caused the insulator to full to the ground bringing a live wire down with it. it caused a fire on the front lawn of the house. once the crews were out here, they had to shut off the power to the area. the whys were taken care of and crews made sure the family was safe inside. pg&e says roughly 300 people are still without power at this hour. repair crew is said to be on their way out to restore power to the area. if we can come out here live, the family is fine. fire crews made sure that was the case. we will talk to them later on this morning and give you a better idea of what happened. as it gets lighter we will show you what happened. ktvu channel 2 news. this morning campus police at uc berkley are bracing for another possible student
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protest. things turned ugly yesterday when a group of students took over a building to protest tuition hikes. police tackled one student as they tried to clear it at 9:00 . this is the second time the protest got physical. a film student with kal tv shared this video showing a conflict earlier in the day. protesters and police are pushing and shoving at one point police released pepper spray in to the crowd. >> the uc police department stepped in to create a blockade which created that confrontation. i thought that was -- turned it in to a hostile environment. >> the police say officers used pepper spray because they were pinned against a wall and a magazine clip was taken front
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an officer's belt. two students were arrested. a federal judge expected to issue an injunction against five gang members in oakland. the order would prohibit them from congregating in parts of the neighborhood. they would be banned from carrying guns and have to obey a curfew. it's part of a lawsuit filed by the city of oakland against 40 gang members. a hearing for the other 35 defendants is scheduled in december. today federal investigators will release report on last week's fatal crash at the reno air races. they are trying to determine how a world war ii plane plunged in to the tarmac feet away from the vip box seats. 11 people died. dozens of others injured. the pilot was likely unconscious when his plane smashed in to the ground. he was among the 11 people
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killed. democrats will vote down a bill to replenish disaster aid funds and prevent a shutdown. republican controlled house passed the bill early this morning. democrats object to cuts in clean energy programs. the senate will vote on the bill today and time is running out. disaster aid account could run dry next week. without action a shutdown will happen one week from today. the republican presidential candidates sharpen tax on each other. the candidate analysts say won last night's debate. we will learn today which oakland schools could close as part of a reductioning plan. the superintendent will make recommendation on which of 8 elementary schools to close. the board will review the recommendations on tuesday. the board is expected to make a final decision late next month. also this morning president obama will propose a major
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change in america's school system. the president will offer to waive the provisions of the no child left behind law for states that embrace his educational agenda. president bush signed the law in 2002. it requires regular testing in reading and math. critics complained it creates a high bar more america's grammar and high schools. we have a sketch of a suspect who police say tried to kidnap a girl in south san francisco. he grabbed the 11-year-old girler in the middle school monday morning. the girl was able to break free. the attacker was wearing a orange hat with the letter t. look at the scevment he has a piercing in his right ear and two on the left side of his neck. kidnapping victim, jc dugard is suing the federal gast and claims parole officers
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failed to monitor her abductor. he held her captive for 18 years. he was under federal parole at the time until state of california assumed responsibility in 1998. dugard received a $20 million settlement from the state. any money received in this lawsuit will go to dugard's nonprofit foundation. in our economy watch. could be a rough day on wall street after asian markets saw a down day. hong kong hang sang fell 1 point 4% this morning. south korea took a larger drop losing 4-point 7% of value. investors are reacting to caned indicators showing growth maybe slowing down. here at home the markets opened in less than two weeks. the dow lost 3191 points by the close after the reserve said
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there are significant down side risks to the american economy. >> it's probably going to correct out over a few days and weeks because some traders came to the senses a little bit and realized they were the market today was driven primarily by emotion rather than fact. >> analysts say many companies are still posting gains, though, the dollar benefited from thursday's losses. rising to its highest level in 7 months. two top executives from freemont basesey lendra. brian harrison and chief financial officer, stover will appear before a house sub committee. they are investigating wrong doing related to $528 million loan the now bankrupt solar company received from the government. the fbi is also conducting its
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own investigation. probably remember solindra laid off 1100 workers at the end of august. chief financial officer, stove, is no stranger to controversy. stover also served as cfo at micron technologies from 1994- 2007. tenure came at the same time as a justice department investigation in to a price fixing scheme with four other computer chip companies, one micron employee ever went to jail. checking in with sal for a look at traffic. happy friday. >> happy friday, pam. traffic is moving along well around the bay area. if you are looking at the east shore freeway, we don't have the road work we typically have. all the lanes are open here as you drive towards the mc carthur maize to the oakland side. the fog is is not thick here. not thick at the bay bridge
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toll plaza. you might be driving in to it as you drive in to san francisco. this monning in the south bay, cheer here in downtown san jose. weather and traffic wise, looks good on 101 and 280, 85 as well. let's go to steve. couple of things going on, the cold front to the north, kinds of stalling out. fog is underneath that, shallow, high pressure clouding between and a low spinning in clouds. a possibility of thundershowers mainly santa cruz mountains, santa claire county south. 60s on the temperatures or 50s. they are all over the place once again. very mild conditions san jose, livermore 65. this is kind of deserve as wow. far south of us but are drifting this way. we will mention that. it's a broad brush, impossible to pinpoint. suffice to say, they will be
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there. this system will bump this low off of la, inland saturday. underneath that we have low fog, this system will sweep through by sunday cooling everybody off. because of the thunderstorms from southern california , there is a fire watch. red flag warning. monterey, padres national forest, mainly. if you are heading in that direction or watching down there, keep an eye on the sky for later on this afternoon. low clouds, higher clouds and sun. a little bit more on the muggy side as the humidity comes up from the south. by the coast, we will go from 60s to 70s, 70s to 80s around the bay. hot day inland. upper 90s and start to cool off starting tomorrow but today, it will be hot inland. drop saturday, drop sunday. possibility of light rain, lake county sunday. clearing monday and warmer tuesday. there is a new plan to reduce overnight crime on the streets of oakland this
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morning. kraig debro reports from oakland, it involves the city's street lights. good morning, craig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. everybody knows the more lighting you have the safer you feel and are. a few years ago the legislator passed a bill it's a law that cut down on the amount of light tais used on city streets. it's supposed to save energy. lighting like at this gas station here at west grand and market. no longer on the streets of oakland, more places, see the lighting here, you can see, but it's still a little bit dark and that's what has led to a problem out here. there is a local minister who wants to get an exemption from the law. he says there is too much crime and people can be identified here but not as well. the man who runs the church down here in west oakland at grand avenue and market wants the exception from the law, one reason is the increase in
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crime. an example a 25% increase in homicides this year over last so far. there are other reasons for the increase. the bad economy is just one, we are getting started this morning, we will try to speak with the minister about what his problem is at west grand and market in oakland. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. the u.s. mexico border in southern california is fully back open now, that's following a shooting in involving border patrol officers. it happened yesterday afternoon during a confrontation with a man who was questioned at the crossing. investigators say the officers opened fire after the man pulled out a gun which was determined to be a fake. the suspect was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the shooting remains under investigation. arson blamed for a fire that destroyed a concord home this month. the fire started on september 5th in a home on skyler court
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under construction, it damaged two other homes nearby. investigators say the fire burned quickly and all accidental causes have been ruled out. no suspects, though, anyone who saw anything suspicious that day should contact the contra costa fire district. business is booming for recycling centers in texas. people with homes destroyed or damaged in recent wild fires are bringing in scrap metal to clear properties. everything from screen doors, bicycles, car parts, even entire cars. >> they are making it real easy here as far as bringing it in and upload it and go out. >> up with recycling center has been getting about 200 tuns of metal be i --tons of metal per day for the past week. nurse's strike ends at 7:00 this morning, but not owl the
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nurses will be going back to work. drivers showed support for picketing nurses. the one day strike encompassed several unions, with its own contract issues. some patient were caught in the middle of the dispute. >> i would like to see the nurses back in here. they got to get paid too. everybody has to make a living. >> keizer workers will be welcomed back. five hundred replacement workers were hired on a five day contract. recent nursing student grads are having a tough time finding work here in the bay area. many entered the field expecting plenty of work because of a predicted newsing shortage but the recession hit. san francisco business times reports this morning that that caused many older nurses to put off retirement leaving fewer
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openings. recruelty of registered nurses fell to the lowest level in 3 years this summer. toys r are us getting ready for the holiday season, planning to hire 40,000 workers nationwide, fewer than 45,000 last year. the hiring starting this week and continuing through november. time 4:45, mastercard and visa expected to increase debit card fees. the fee on a $2 purchase would go up from $0.08 to $0.23. maximum allowed under rules implemented in june. the move could discourage business owners from accepting debit cards for small purchases. many analysts are giving the win in las night's republican presidential debate to mitt romney. as in previous debates, romney
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and fellow front runner, rick perry dominated, sparring over what each of them said in books they have written. >> a rick perry is saying almost quote says that the federal government shouldn't be in the pension business,ist unconstitutional and should be returned to the state. find that rick perry and get him to stop saying that. your hard copy book you had it was what the american people needed to have that romney care given to them as you had in massachusetts, then in your paper back, you took that line out. speaking of not getting it straight in your book sir. >> this weekend republican voters in florida will weigh in on who they think is the best candidate in the florida straw poll. now learning how the republican candidates are doing in terms of fundraising donations here in the bay area.
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mitt romney leads with $65,000 in donations. the latest funds raising data reported before rick perry officially entered the race. the major donors in the bay area are linked to companies such as sisco systems, goldman sachs, capital group companies and altamonte capital. at the u.n. genalassembly, diplomats from u.s. and 30 countries walked out during a speech by iran's president. ahmadinejad said the u.s. threatens sanctions on anyone who questions the holocaust in the terrorist attacks. he called the u.s. and major western european nations, quote, arrogant powers. this is a sad day for all of us here at ktvu channel 2. veteran reporter bob mckenzie lost his long battle with cancer. he was 75 years old. he had a style all his own. i'm sure you remember, he had an incredible talent to see the
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ordinary and make it extraordinary. bob had a knack for story telling that delighted bay area audiences for 30 years and clearly loved his job. >> you know that the idea, there are 6 million stories in the naked city. if you look in to anyone's life, past the surface you find drama and comedy, you find the essence of what it is to be human. we all got a story. all you need is somebody to let you tell it. >> he loved hearing the stories and telling them, bob earn adjournlism degree from uc berkley, went to work as a tv critic for the true tribune before joining us here in 1977. he won 13 emmies and other awards and will be missed. making rules without having to become a politician. the local contest that would
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allow you to make up your own loss. unusual accident involving a muny bus, a bicyclist and a surveillance camera, it may result in a lawsuit.
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there are questions about who is at fault in an accident that injured a bicyclist. it happened on broadway near columbus. the bicyclist claims she was trying to go around a double parked car when she fell and a bus ran over her arm. the incident was captured on a store surveillance camera. it appears that the bicyclist was actually at fault for making an illegal lane change. her lawyer wants to see the video. >> if i am not provided the video or given a good reason in
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that video, yes, i'm going to file a lawsuit for what i believe was an improper parking of a vehicle and a bus driver who aggressively tried to pass a bicyclist. >> the bus driver did not stop after the accident but muny says the operator probably didn't real realize what happened. people are urged to keep an eye out for a mountain lion and her cub roaming the area. they were spotted wednesday night. mountain lions get protective when they have cubs. stay away. wac over to sal for a look at traffic. >> a big problem, pam, that just happened between the last time we spoke. to the maps, i want to show you a crash on highway 1, devil slide, chp issued a cig alert for an accident involving a big rig that occurred as i said
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about 15 minutes ago now. since it's two lanes, it's unclear if both of them are blocked now pause they have been letting cars stuck in there out but for the most part, avoid devil slide. we are getting word it's closed because of this car that's on there. don't use difficult slide. use highway 92 to 280 instead. if you are a local, you might have to go the long way around. you are hearing this, get out of the house early. it's going to be a mess there today. let's look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is moving along nicely, out to the toll plaza. it's foggy. at the bay bridge, not so foggy, traffic moving along nicely. plenty going on, happy friday. tropical clouds from southern california and mainly from santa cruz, morgan hill south.
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up in the sierra inform inform. cold front towards the pacific northwest. it's going to be warm to hot and now we throw a little humidity in to the mix, towards the east bay and south bay. 50s, 60s, temperatures continue to be mild or really cool. that really mild is towards east bay and towards the south bay as well. tropical clouds are the bigger story today unless you are by the coast. will the of energy coming across the gulf of alaska which will bump the clouds out of here starting tomorrow. by saturday night in to sunday, we will see the fog ramping up and cooling us down. drop in the temperatures from friday in to sunday. that moisture there streaming northward has a ways the go. it's not that far as i cups to come up. high fire danger out for lightning. santa cruz mountains towards santa clara valley. things pop up, certainly possible. sun and clouds, september is usually that time of year by
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the way. 90s inland. muggy. throw the humidity in to the mix. 99 apt 99 apt i don't care. by the coast 60s, 70s, around the bay 70s and 80s. partly sunny, partly cloudy day. cooler with fog on saturday. cooler as the system sweeps through monday and warmer on tuesday. palo alto -- joe is looking for proposals for new laws or to repeal or modify an existing one. 18 contests entries have become laws over the years. including the law requiring drivers to turn on their head lights in bad weather. the deadline to enter is october 31st. more changes are coming to facebook. mark zuckerberg unveiled the time line in san francisco.
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the feature will be similar to a on line scrapbook. users can add music and content to customize and add a large cover photo. >> what better way to tell the story of who you are than putting a nice big photo at the top of your timeline. you have your profile pic. >> partnerships with netflix and hulu were announced at the conference. someone is waking up $200,000 richer. the lone tree way station sold a winning lottery tick. no one has come forward to claim it. look in your pocket t. 12-34-27- 32-24. coming up on 5:00, scary moments in a richmond neighborhood overnight. dangerous situation left several homes without power. going brighter to get
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safer, connection some residents are seeing between street lights and crime.
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a fire outside of a home. what caused it and how they are doing. world markets tumble as u.s. stocks struggle. the reason why the numbers point another rough day on wall street. a symbol of halloween is in jeopardy. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's friday. september 23. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. this is steve. >> thank you very much. first day of fall, temperatures will feel summer-like for some and cool for others. not only that we have tropical clouds and thunderstorms drifting up from southern california. so, from about santa cruz mountains, san jose south. we have to keep an update on


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