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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 23, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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hearing on solyndra starts in moments. these are live pictures there. why congress won't be getting many answers from company executives. ktvu morning news continues. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. it's friday, september 23rd. >> it's friday. >> i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you, pam and dave. we have a few things going on. thick clouds for some, clear skies for others. clouds coming up from southern california. temperatures from the 60s and 70s coast and bay. upper 40s and maybe shower activity in the santa clara valley. now here is sal. >> good morning. richmond bridge traffic looks good heading out to the marin county side or the east bayside. also the commute is going to look okay on the golden gate
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bridge but fog is thick. let's go back to dave and palm. breaking news right now. police activity under way in san jose. police have surrounded a denny's restaurant on blossom hill road down the street from oak ridge mall. we are trying to figure out what is going on inside the denny's restaurant. paul chambers is on his way there to the scene. we will get more information in a live report as quickly as possible. >> there is a new plan to reduce crime in oakland. could brighter lights create safer streets? ktvu craig's debro joins us with the pros and cons of the plan. >> reporter: this is shaping up to be a fight between energy conservation and star gaysing on one side and safer streets on another. a minister, that's his ministry over there, he is quoted in the "new york times" saying he wants an exemption from a state and local law which mandates the intensity of streetlights.
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the area is considered high crime. in areas considered high crime lighting is important. few people would choose to commit a crime under lights if they could commit it with less lights. a state lawsuit went into effect nine years ago that mandates using energy efficient lightning. city of oakland required streetlights to cut down on light pollution, which affects our ability to see stars at night. the minister said our ordinance prevents civic minded citizens from helping police identify criminals. in oakland like a lot of other cities, they are experiencing a higher rate of crime. the economy could be one reason. some people are saying poor lighting could be another. zachary carry is the minister at true line ministries. we will walk over there right now to see if he can comment for us. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, channels. oakland remains one of the most dangerous cities in
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america. fbi statistics show there were 15 violent crimes for everyone thousand people last year. that is the most of any bay area city. emeryville is second with 12. richmond is third with 11. the fbi blames much of the crime on violent street gangs. a federal judge gave the city of oakland a january deadline to make changes to the police department. the reforms stem from the 2003 riders police misconduct case. the judge criticized the department for failing to comply with a complete list of reforms. he stopped short of facing the department under federal control. the oakland mayor said she is committed to implementing the changes. wild day at uc berkeley. students clashed with police over a protest of tuition hikes. tara moriarty is there now and says it may be just the beginning. >> reporter: in four hours, protestors are supposed to go for round two on campus.
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we spoke to one of the protest organizers and she said the turnout from yesterday was great. the students denouncing what they call the death of the public education system. protestors angry over budget cuts and tuition hikes had confrontations with police. two people were arrested. it happened at the entrance of tallman hall. hours earlier at noon, the demonstration started off peacefully with a rally and march of 500 students. by nightfall tensions escalated. police say part of the problem were signs that were being used as shields. >> protestor not unusual. physical assaults on police officers are. when they make a shield like this and then attack an officer, that definitely raises our level of concern. >> they disbursed pepper spray after a student grabbed an
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officer's magazine clip. thursday marked the third day of protests. they are taking over tallman hall as their headquarters even though the building has closed to students due to seismic retrofitting. we will hear from the protestors and why if the hikes aren't reversed, it could force one student to drop out of college. tara moriarty, ktvu news. a congressional hearing invest gating so linda is getting -- solyndra is getting under way. these are live pictures from inside where the testimony is taking place. the top executives are there. you can see one right here. lawmakers are investigating the now bankrupt company and its half billion dollar federal loan. at 6:15, we will have a live report from the washington, d.c. newsroom on the reason why the solyndra executives are not expected to say very much. democrats in the u.s. senate say they will vote down
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a bill passed by the house to replenish disaster aid funding and prevent a government shut down. hours ago the republican controlled house passed that bill. democrats are objecting to cutbacks in clean energy programs. the senate will vote on this bill today. time is running out. the disaster aid account could run out of money early next week. unless there is action taken, a government shut down is possible a week from today. well, the markets at home open in less than 30 minutes. it looks like another rough day after the asian markets went down overnight. hang seng fell 1.4% following a 5% drop yesterday. in south korea, a larger hit, down 5.7% of its value. and the investors are reacting to indicators showing economic growth in china may be slowing.
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our numbers, futures point to right now it looks like about 100 point drop on the opening. but, of course, as we have seen over the past year, things can certainly change throughout the day. take a look at how things ended up. dow down almost 400 points by the close. i'm looking at the european markets. they are down about 1 to 2%. now thursday's sell off came after the federal reserve issued a new report saying there are significant downside risks to the american economy. one analyst we talked to is calling the sell off irrationale. he points to a strengthening dollar and some companies posting gains. >> it will probably correct out over a few days and weeks because some traders probably came to their senses and realized that they were -- the market was driven by emotion rather than fact. >> stay with us here at ktvu channel 2 morning news. in about 20 minutes we will go live to new york for the
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opening bell and he is more optimistic than a lot of people. let's get you out the door. sal is watching problems in the south bay. what is happening. >> we do have a police situation near the corner of santa theresa boulevard and blossom hill road. if you are looking at the south bay map it's near where highway 85 and 87 come together. it's not affecting the freeways. santa theresa and blossom hill, you probably couldn't have picked two busier streets. there is a police blockade there. one of our reporters is almost at the scene and we will find out more about what is going on. it's not a good area to be in right now. let's take a look at northbound and southbound 880 here in the coliseum. the last few days, the traffic coming from san leandro to oakland has been terrible. a couple viewers sent me an e- mail. what is going on. we haven't had crashes, just
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slow traffic. the commute on the westbound bay bridge approach is heavier but the metering lights are not on yet. let's go to steve. we have some areas of fog around. it can be thick, mainly on the coast. not everywhere. i had an e-mail from dirk at sfo. he said it's clear here. if you are in the fog, you can get reduced visibility but it's not widespread. we have an area in southern california throwing high clouds in the mix and not only clouds but the possibility of showers, high-based. but it's in the mix. it's coming up from southern california and if you are inland, you will get the hot, humid conditions as it throws in the tropical clouds. the low will sit here in california. some of that moisture will be streaming up along the coast and along highway 101 actually. you can see that on live storm tracker two. it's south inching northward.
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around moneterey, so linas, santa clara valley. high fire danger. some of that lightning, even though these are dry thunderstorms. moneterey northward to santa claire a. low 50s to 60s for some. our cold front will eventually get here. emphasis, yes on cold because there is cold air trapped in the gulf of alaska. it will take 48 hours to sweep it through. that will cool everyone down but not until sunday. by the coast cool to mild conditions. san francisco has more of a south wind that helps them warm up. sun and clouds, 70 in the city. 76 oakland. 99 antioch. morgan hill, partly cloudy, partly sunny, muggy. san mateo in the 80s. 60s to 70s on the coast. more fog, cooler with the weekend in view, a big change
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in the temps on sunday. maybe light rain men do sit to county. monday, tuesday we will be warmer. >> thank you, steve. the nasa satellite continues the collision course toward earth. when it's expected to hit and who won't be at risk from the falling d brow -- debris i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am a human cough suppressant. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare.
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. >> welcome back to the morning news. we have a suspect of a girl that grabbed an 11-year-old girl monday morning. she was able to break free. police say the attacker was wearing an orange hat with the letter t. he has a piercing in his right ear and two piercings on the left side of his neck. jaycee dugard is suing the federal government claiming that parole officers failed to monitor phillip garrido. he abducted her in 1981 and held her captive for 18 years. he was under federal parole at the time until the state of california assumed responsibility in 1988. due guard received a $20 million settlement from the state. any money received in the federal lawsuit will go to her nonprofit foundation. happening in washington,
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d.c., the two top executives from solyndra are inside a congressional hearing room. alison burns is covering the hearing and has details. allison? >> reporter: that's right, dave. 13 days ago, a lawyer for brian harris sent this e-mail to capitol hill saying he would voluntarily appear and answer questions. well, he is here but he is not talking. this is a live look at the hearing room. harrison and solyndra senior vice president w.g. stover are invoking their fifth amendment rights. they are also under criminal investigation. house republicans are demanding to know how months before solyndra's financial collapse the company was touting the excellent progress to members of congress. republicans are using the hearing to rail against the obama administration for approving a half a billion dollars in loan guarantees to the company.
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many taxpayers might never see again. the solyndra controversy is such an issue that house republicans moved last night to dramatically cut the department of energy program that provided the solyndra loan. whether i keep watching the hearing and bring you more live coverage throughout the morning. live in washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu, channel 2 news. pakistan's foreign minister is lashing out at the united states for accusing pakistan's intelligence agency of supporting terrorist attacks against american troops in afghanistan. yesterday in congressional testimony, admiral mike mullen said pakistan's intelligence agency played a direct role in supporting insurgents who carried out the deadly attack on the american embassy in kabul last week. pakistan's foreign minister condemned the allegations and warned the united states it risks losing pakistan as an ally. at the u.n. general
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assembly, diplomats from the u.s. and more than 30 other nations walked out during a speech by iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad. ahmadinejad said that the u.s. threatens sanctions on anyone who questions the holocaust and the 9-11 terrorist attacks. he called the u.s. and major western european nations, i'm quoting now, arrogant powers. first it was fire. now there is a water crisis in texas. the state has now declared a drought emergency. more than one million texans will soon face mandatory water restrictions. there are record high temperatures and little rain in texas this year. the drought played a role in the summer wildfires, the worst in texas history. tonight there will be a candlelight vigil for a prominent woman from campbell killed in a violent crime spree. the family and friends will gather at the plant mall in san jose, the same shopping center where she was carjacked and
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kidnapped one week ago today. her body was found the next day. the suspect paul castillo is in custody. he is accused of shooting and wounding a man during a gas station robbery attempt. scientists are working to pinpoint when and where some space junk will hit the earth. nasa believes pieces of the 6- ton satellite will fall in the afternoon or even early evening today. they say it will not be passing over north america during the time. the satellite is expected to break into more than 100 pieces on reentry. most of it will burn up. nasa says there is only a remote chance that someone will be hit by the falling debris. i believe it's one in 3200 that someone somewhere on earth will be hit. but the pieces, 300 pounds are some of the pieces. >> we will watch it. we have breaking news that sal is following of what is happening in san jose. give us the details. >> you heard last time we told
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you dave, pam there was a situation at a denny's restaurant in southern san jose, and santa theresa. we want to bring in san jose police sergeant jason dier. thank you for joining us. what is going on there now. >> right now they are cleaning up. this morning officers responded out to the denny's on report of a male that entered the restaurant with a knife, ordered everybody out then threatened to kill himself. officers responded and negotiated with the individual and were able to get him to surrender peacefully. >> he was there how long, sergeant? >> from 4:39 this morning until about 10 minutes ago when he excited and complied with officer demands. >> no one was hurt? are you going to open up the street? you know that's a busy area there. >> yes, absolutely. we know a lot of people use blossom hill to get to 85 and 87. the street will be opened and that male will be likely
6:20 am
transported to medical where he will be treated for psychiatric issues. >> sergeant jason dwyer, thank you for the information. the situation has been resolved. the man went into a denny's restaurant. for a while he refused to come out. he was threatening other people and himself. he has been taken into custody and the streets are reopening. westbound bay bridge a backup here. the metering lights are on. no major problems on the span. 101 in marin county is a nice drive as you drive to interstate 580. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. on this friday morning, first day of fall. fog, clear, high clouds. plenty going on. it has produced a few high based showers to central california along the coast, highway 1, 101. some could drift northward. there is fog right own the
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ground. it's not making an impact inland. temperatures will be warm to hot. you can see the thunderstorm activity, some of the rain moving north. so, later on today, it will move into moneterey. 50s to 60s. mild for some and cool for others. there is a good looking system out of the gulf of alaska. it's a day and a half away or two days away before it makes an impact. muggy inland. hot, humid for some. not bad if you are in between. 60s, 70s coast and bay. 70s, 80s. around the bay, mid- to upper- 90s. a possibility of some high- based cloud showers. if your weekend in view, a big cool down sunday. possibility of light rain in men do sit to county. monday clearing. tuesday warmer. this morning moody's rating agency announced a downgrade of
6:22 am
eight greek banks. moody says the downgrade is due to the worsening economic climate in greece and the banks's exposure to bonds. well, people want their nikes. business is up. stocks are up. 15% increase in profits beating expectations. nike earned $645 million in the last quarter or 1.36 a share, $86 million increase from the same quarter last year. time is 6:22. tough times ahead for local pumpkin patches. the reason this year's gourds may be a lot smaller. i couldn't afford my health insurance anymore
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good morning. in san jose at the corner of santa theresa and blossom hill still could see closures there
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because of a police situation that just resolved itself at a local restaurant. someone went into the restaurant and threatened to harm himself and others. he was talked out of it by police. he was taken into custody. now they are getting the man help. but, the streets are still closed but sergeant on the scene told us that they will be reopening those streets soon. let's go back to the desk. >> time is 6:26. massive nurse's strike ends at 7:00 this morning but not all the nurses will be going back to work. you can hear the honking horns there. drivers are showing their support for picketing nurses last night. the one day strike involves several unions, each with their own contract issues. some of the patients say they were caught in the middle. >> i would like to see the nurse's back in here but they have to get paid, too. everybody has to make a living.
6:27 am
>> the kaiser employees will be welcomed back today. sutter health hired 500 replacement workers on a five- day contract. sutter says nurses that try to come back could be placed on call. well, if you plan to visit a bay area pumpkin patch for halloween this fall, the pumpkins may look smaller. blame the cooler summer weather. pumpkins are growing at a slower rate and some are reportedly still green. growers estimate pumpkins will be 10 to 20% smaller. some wonder if the giant pumpkin contest at half moon bay will be affected. world leaders pledge to stabilize the stock market but it's not making investors feel better. we go live to the new york stock exchange this morning where it looks like another rough day. and why a local minister here in oakland wants to change a local ordinance concerning lighting. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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welcome back. that is 5-year-old michael weinstein, unfortunately battling cancer who is there ringing the bell. it's childhood cancer awareness month. welcome them to the new york stock exchange. not a great day for stocks. as we have been talking about, a lot of uncertainty about the global economy. the bottom part of the screen the dow is down about 40 points. details ahead in business news. we will say good morning to you. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's a friday, september 23rd, i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. breaking news. we are starting with the breaking news.
6:31 am
we have followed this from san jose. police confirmed ten minutes ago a stand off at a denny's restaurant is over. some of the streets are blocked off near blossom hill road and santa theresa boulevard. news chopper 2 is flying over the scene. that was a denny's restaurant that we are looking at. police tell us a man walked into the denny's after 4:30 this morning. he had a knife. he ordered everyone out then threatened to kill himself. after more than two hours of police negotiations, the man surrendered. he was taken into custody without incident and we can report to you that no one was hurt. again, news chopper 2 is flying over the live situation. they are clearing out the traffic in the area. you may want to avoid the area. but i wanted to give you a live update from san jose. one oakland minister feels brighter lights could mean safer streets. ktvu's kraig debro tells us
6:32 am
about a new plan to reduce crime on the streets of oakland. >> the man behind the change has a ministry over there behind me near west grant and market street. worshippers started to arrive about a half hour ago. we talked to a couple of people there. they tell us stronger lighting is part of a larger anticrime campaign. he told the "new york times" he wants east oakland and west oakland to have an exemption from a local lighting ordinance. people told us this morning the change is necessary to fight crime. a local ordinance regulates the intensity of streetlights. the purpose is to conserve energy. ministry members say it also may be unwittingly is helping criminals escape crime. >> association if a crime is committed and there is no lighting, everybody can get
6:33 am
away. if we have lighting, people don't respect lighting. >> that was actually zachary kerry's mother. they have political support from barbara lee and people at city hall right now. they say it's part of a larger anticrime cafe. they had a march and rally earlier this month, 3,000 people. they are trying to get more lighting and public support to support other measures like antigun laws. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu, channel 2 news. overnight news, 300 people in richmond have no electricity this morning. earlier this morning, look at the pictures. pg&e equipment crashed down from a utility poll. look at the sparks there. that started that small fire outside of a house near 17th. luckily no one was hurt. pg&e was forced to turn off the power in the neighborhood. the lights should be back on
6:34 am
about 8:00 this morning. also this morning, president obama will propose a major change in america's school systems. the president will offer to waive the main provisions of the no child left behind law for those states that embrace his educational agenda. president bush signed the no chill law in 2002 and requires regular testing in reading and math. critics complained it creates an impossibly high bar for america's schools. police are investigating vandals who targeted president obama's campaign office in west los angeles. it happened last night. glass windows were shattered. police say someone may have fired bb gun pellets through the window. the office was empty at the time. luckily no one was hurt. president obama is scheduled to visit los angeles next week for a campaign fundraiser. the republican presidential candidates sharpen their attacks on each other. at 6:45, the candidate analysts
6:35 am
say one last night's debate. the federal investigators will release a preliminary report on the fatal crash at the reno air races. they are trying to determine how a vintage world war ii plane plunged into the tarmac at the reno airport feet away from the v.i.p. box seats. 11 people died in the crash. dozens of others were injured. investigators say that jimmy leeward was likely unconscious when the plane smashed into the ground and he was among the 11 people killed. san francisco police are looking for suspects in a fatal shooting. it happened last night in the city's sunny dale neighborhood. the victim was shot several times in the chest. he was pronounced dead at the scene. it's not clear what lead up to the gunfire. a federal judge is expected to issue an injunction monday against five suspect gang members in oakland. the order would prohibit them from congregating in front of parts of a fruit veil
6:36 am
neighborhood. they would be banned from carrying guns and obey a curfew. this is part of a lawsuit against 40 alleged gang members. a hearing is scheduled in december. this is a sad day for all of us here at ktvu channel 2. veteran reporter bob mckenzie lost his long battle with cancer. he was 75 years old. bob, i'm sure you remember had a style all his own. he had the talent of seeing the ordinary and making it extraordinary and had a knack for story telling. he clearly loved his job. >> you know that the idea there are 6 million stories in the naked city. if you look into anyone's life past the surface you find drama, you find comedy, you find the essence of what it is to be human. we all got a story. all you need is somebody to let
6:37 am
you tell it. >> we loved hearing the stories, too. bob earned a journalism degree from u.c. berkeley. he worked at the tribe buehne and "tv guide" before joining us at ktvu in 177. he went on to win 13 local emmys as well as many other awards and i sat and enjoyed some of his stories last night on our web site. sal, we have just great story telling. i have people asking about him all the time and how they love his stories. >> he is one of the best news writers i have ever seen. if you listen to the writing of his pieces, brilliant. >> a nice man. >> very nice. good morning, everyone. let's go back and talk about some of these things that we have been following all morning for you including the fog and poor visibility in some areas. it's clear in others. let's go to contra costa county, slow traffic on highway 4. it's not foggy there.
6:38 am
it's crystal clear. 680 traffic from concord to pleasant hill in walnut creek is off to a good start. interstate 80 traffic is good out to the macarthur maze. this morning's commute at the bay bridge, toll plaza filled in. the metering lights are on. traffic is moving well getting on the bridge. when you get on the span, 10 to 12 minutes to do that. here is chopper 2 looking at the dennis at blossom hill and santa theresa. some police cars are still out there. but the situation where a man went inside, ordered everybody out. he had a knife and threatened to harm himself, he was taken into custody without incident. there is a lot of police activity in the area. it's not causing a huge traffic jam but we will keep an eye on it. it's still early and this is a busy area as you might imagine. well, there you go, with
6:39 am
your big 55-inch high def-tv. we have high clouds that could maybe throw a few high-based thundershowers and lightning into the mix. hold on right there. possible. possible. probably south of us but it's close, it's close. the fog is not a big factor. if it's there, it's shallow and can have low visibility. another hot, muggy day inland. a bigger fog bank over the weekend. warmer monday and tuesday. cooling down again late next week. welcome to fall, first day of fall. you can see the cloud cover and thunderstorm activity. moving up along highway 1, 101 there. central california coast and inching to moneterey and salinas associated with an area of low pressure in southern california. thundershower activity to the sierra nevada. lightning possible. if you just get the clouds and you are inland, it will throw a
6:40 am
lot of tropical feel to the mix giving us a muggy humid condition. that low will get kicked to the east by the system out of the gulf of alaska not until probably saturday or sunday. 50s to 60s. there is a 12-degree spread on the temperatures. sun and clouds. 90s inland. muggy if you are in that tropical mix. by the coast, dealing with fog or clear so it's not widespread fog. 60s to 40s. near 100 degrees. 60s, 70s, 80s, inland. temperatures take a plunge into the weekend with the with your weekend always in view in view. sunday cool, monday rebound and tuesday warm. the method of communication most people prefer? >> we are live at the uc berkeley campus. more protests are scheduled today.
6:41 am
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a quick look at some of the stories we are following. a stand off at a denny's restaurant in san jose is now over. these are live pictures from news chopper 2 flying over the scene. you see the police vehicles outside the restaurant.
6:44 am
police say a man with a knife walked into the denny's after 4:30 this morning and told everyone to get out. after two hours of negotiations, he surrendered to police and no one was hurt. in washington, d.c., these are live pictures from inside a congressional hearing. the two top executives of fremont based solyndra are appearing before a congressional panel. the lawmakers are investigating the bankrupt company's federal loan. the executives from solyndra said they will take the fifth amendment and refuse to testify. back at home, one local church pastor is leading a campaign to exempt oakland from the revent state law that requires energy efficient streetlights. many people in oakland believe those dimmer lights make it harder to fight crime. this morning campus police at uc berkeley are bracing for more student protests. tara moriarty is out there to
6:45 am
talk about what the students are upset about. >> reporter: in about three hours more protestors are expected to gather to rally for change. they are upset over what they call the death of the public education system tensions escalated toward the end of the nine hour demonstration. protestors were angry over budget cuts and few issue shawn hikes. two people were arrested. that happened at the entrance of tallman hall. hours earlier at noon, the demonstration started off peacefully with a rally and march of 500 students. by nightfall police disbursed pepper spray after a student grabbed an officer's magazine clip. >> protests are not unusual. physical assaults on police officers are. we talked to one student who
6:46 am
said the reason behind the protest [inaudible] he is worried about student debt. company she will out $22,000 a year. >> it would affect me from having to really look at the issue of dropping out of school because of the cost and the job market right now. it could not be fen beneficial to get my four-year degree. >> reporter: students say they are taking over tollman hall as long as the fee increases are in effect. they will be here at 10:00 and we will let you know how it unfolds. tara moriarty. ktvu, channel 2 news. we will learn which oakland schools could close as part of a restructuring plan. the superintendent will make his recommendation on which of eight elementary schools to close. the school board will review the recommendations then the board is expected to make a final decision late next month. our time is 6:46. this morning many political
6:47 am
analysts say mitt romney won last night's presidential debate. nine of the candidates were on stage as this appeared in orlando, florida. romney and rick perry dominated. they spared with each other over what each has said in books they have written. >> there is a rick perry that is saying, almost to quote, it says that the federal government shouldn't be in the pension business, it's unconstitutional and should be returned to the states. you better find that rick perry and get him to stop saying that. >> your hard copy book you said that it was exactly what the american people needed to have that romney care given to them as you had in massachusetts. then in your paper back, you took that line out. so, speaking of not getting it straight in your book, sir -- >> this weekend republican voters in florida will weigh in on who they think is the best
6:48 am
candidate in the straw poll. texting is gaining ground as americans preferred way to communicate. according to a new pew survey, 31% of americans text instead of making phone calls. 53% say they still prefer a phone conversation. the study shows that younger adults are more likely to text. >> we don't even talk to each other any more. >> depends who you are talking to. >> we will talk to sal because he knows what is happening on the roads and the toll plaza. >> i have this argument with my friends. why do you prefer texting? because i don't want to talk to you. now that we have that clear. let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along well at the bay bridge toll plaza. then again, i don't have a lot of friends. up on to the bridge you have plenty of friends at the toll plaza. 15-minute delays. no major problems. this is interstate 88 o. we turned the came rat other way.
6:49 am
left is northbound. we had terrible traffic out of san leandro. i'm sure you have noticed if this is your commute. we are looking to see when it gets busy this morning. we will let you know. the morning commute on 80 westbound is getting busier but it has not been that bad. maybe we are getting friday lighting on here. 6:49. remember you can follow us on facebook at ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have a page that is separate from the general ktvu page. you can follow us on both places if you like. let's go to steve. >> sal, i'll give you a call later and we can talk. we have some fog out there. it's down on the ground. if you are stuck in that, it will be cold and foggy and a few feet away it's clear. there is also high clouds up above. some of that fog, the visibility is awful. if you are stuck in that, it's not making much of a push inland. most areas are clear away from the coast. by the coast, you may have to
6:50 am
deal with the dense fog. low visibility at least for the morning hours. there is tropical clouds coming up from southern california. they are inching closer. moneterey county, san bow night to, maybe santa clara, santa cruz mountains there are clouds drifting in here. even if you don't get shower activity or lightning, you get the tropical feel. inland temperatures hot and humid. 51 santa rosa. 64 livermore. san jose, mountain view, mild conditions. you see the clouds coming up right there up 101. the cold front will eventually sweep those out of here along with the low but probably not until saturday. cold air up in the gulf of alaska. plenty going on. the combination of fog and low and high clouds and mostly
6:51 am
sunny, partly cloudy. 40s inland, muggy. it can be down right cold by the coast. this pattern is favorable for downtown san francisco. upper 80s for some. hot and muggy for a few inland with you will upper 90s. with the with your weekend always in view in view, the saturday pattern is cooler. fog will be increasing as the cold front gets closer. cooler sunday. rain up to men do sit to. clearing monday. tuesday will be warmer. the patent battle between same kung and cupertino is heating up. a top executive announced her company plans to take a more aggressive stance against apple and accuses apple of free riding samsung technology. apple disagrees and sued samsung in april saying the galaxy devices are coapts of the iphone -- copies of the iphone and ipad. >> let's check in on wall street. we were looking for about a 100 point drop or so for the dow.
6:52 am
live look shows the dow off 18 to 20 points, 10,715. that follows a big sell off yesterday. a lot of concerns about the global economy in the u.s. and moody's down grading the greek banks. a lot of concern about greece. an illinois appeals court has ruled american airlines must keep providing information on its flights and fares to or bits. american airlines reported that it wanted to leave orbitz but that lead to a legal action. some of the laws of physics are getting turned upside down. what experts say is faster than the speed of light. it feels like a short cut,
6:53 am
6:54 am
even through customs. it feels like everything's gonna to be just fine. it feels like the experience of a lifetime. that's what it feels like to be a member.
6:55 am
welcome back to the morning news. there are questions about who is at fault in a recent
6:56 am
accident that injured a bicyclist. she was trying to go around a double parked car when she fell and a muni bus ran over her arm. the incident was captured on a surveillance camera. police say it appears the bicyclist was at fault for making an illegal lane change. high school physics books may have to be rewritten now. scientists in switzerland say they found something that is faster than the speed of light. what is it? subatomic particles. scientists claim they isolated the particles and record them moving faster than anyone thought was physically possible. a laboratory in chicago is trying to replicate the results. now, if it's proven to be true, this may undermine and completely change what we think about albert einstein's theory of realtivity. >> coming up on 7:00. let's check in with sal for traffic. >> pam and dave, good morning. traffic is busy in many areas. >> we are looking at news
6:57 am
chopper 2 video. live pictures of 880 down to fremont or through fremont, san jose, 880 in both directions here looks good in fremont right now. let's go up to oakland. this is oakland, 880 northbound farther up from san leandro to oakland. that is northbound 880. one more thing, the traffic at the toll plaza is backed up for a 10 minute delay. let's go to steve. >> a mixed bag of fog. some thick. reduced visibility. sun already and high and mid- level clouds up from southern california. a big difference in the temps. maybe a few thundershowers south of morgan hill and gilroy. >> coming up on mornings on two, we will have more on the developing news story. there was an early morning police stand off in san jose. it has come to an end. >> we are watching wall street. wall street watching the
6:58 am
economy. the day after the latest meltdown. what is happening now on wall street. stay with us. n?
6:59 am
. police successfully got a man from inside is


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