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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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students are taking affirmative action. they forced them to scramble, complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news. good morning to you welcome to our news. what is the weather like steve? temperatures are cool for some and it will be sunny and warm for all, 60s and 70s some low mid-80s and some lower 90s. here is more. traffic on highway 4 looks good, and also this morning looking at westbound coming out to the mcarthur maze, let's go to dave and pam. police are no choice but to
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shoot two dogs after they threatened a small child. kraig debro has the unanswered questions still surrounding the shooting, craig? >> reporter: we have a lot of early risers and we have spoken with several people all of whom know about what happened yesterday, but this park is built basically for kids, there are a couple of playground structures but i want to look at a sign that says all dogs must be on a leash, these dogs were not. according to police they had several calls to come to the park because they had two dogs threatening at least one child and one adult. speaking to a neighbor, police told her these two dogs were fighting with other dogs first and they began to attack children. after police came they
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separated the dogs. they tried tot airs the dogs, that didn't work, but i spoke to a man this morning and he said he knows these two dogs, they are just about a year-old and he said the dogs and the owners are nice people. >> i know the owners, i have seen them here in the mornings and the dogs have been great dogs, nice dogs -- >> reporter: now after it didn't work, they shot one, one dog died on the scene the other one was tasered and was taken away by animal control. we will talk to police to find out what exactly happened to the other dog whether it has been euthanized or if it's still at the animal shelter. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. in overnight news, a crash that involved a bus in oakland,
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injured a passenger who was with her baby. this is last night in oakland. the driver of 'suv was pulling on to 86 international boulevard, a female passenger was rushed to the hospital, they took her into the ambulance and her baby was not hurt. police were scene questioning somebody who may have been the driver of the suv. tonight, oakland school board, we will hear from parents who are angry about a plan to close down schools. allie rasmus is live outside one of the school campuses that faces a pretty uncertain future. this cool behind us just off oakland, it is one of the five schools they may close.
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here is the full list along with lakeview, they are shutting down lazear, maxwell and santa fe elementary schools. there are more than 900 students who attend those schools and tonight parents will be there to speak out about the closures. it could save them more than $2 million and oakland has declined in recent years. parse at lakeview worry about the consequences of shutting these doors -- parents at lakeview are worried about the consequences of shutting these doors. >> now i will have to go outside and now there will be over crowding in the schools. >> reporter: last night the principal at lakeview met privately with parents to explain possible closures and that school board meeting is expected to begin at 6:00 this
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evening on mcarthur boulevard, allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. berkley college students are planning on going ahead with a bake sale and originally the group intended to sell cookies and cup cakes, minorities would pay less than whites. they call it contrary on affirmative action. they will not sell the baked goods at different prices but they do plan to have a sign showing the different prices. president barack obama will go to denver continuing his west coast campaign. the president was at a fundraiser where he talked to his supporters. now the president urged the
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group not to get tired and instead urged them for the campaign 2012. the mountain view event came the same day that republican leaders visited facebook headquarters in palo alto. they had a discussion with them and other invited guests. actually having candidates facebook swarmed a pack recently. coming up at 6:15 we will find out more about that facebook political action committee and those details will be there for you. well the gop leaders, cut he can he is a sufficient
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government regulation. >> congress should step back and see how did facebook start? in a dorm room, how did apple start? in a garage, how did google start? >> in a garage. >> members of the public also submitted questions online. we have much more just click on the obama visit on the front page of our website a local pilot got into some trouble for flying his plane too close to the president's plane. a short time laid der, it violated the no fly zone around air force one. the jet circled that by plane and this is just a plea
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caution. they can ussery trickled flying -- use restrucked -- restricted flying while and during the time the president is flying. we will actually look at livermore and the entire east bay because it is all interconnected. we have a crash on 580 that might affect the side roads and we are also looking pam and dave what we had a few moments ago is very slow and soon all the lanes will be filled. we have more cars, not stop and go yet but certainly a lot of people out there. antioch, pittsburgh slow traffic as you come up on the and beyond area, you can see
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how slow it is. pam mentioned livermore, the good news they cleared that crash on pore toll la area and however the damage is done, there is already slow traffic coming from the pass which is normal but just a little bit slower because of that earlier crash. at 6:09 let's go to steve. we have most live clear skies, i put in patchy fog just incase. it looks sunny for all, mainly around the bay, definitely possible today. looks good to go statewide handing it out in a boat in the pacific you may -- heading out in a boat into the pacific you may encounter some fog. red wood city 54, a few upper
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40s not just of a breeze, but it is less than five miles per hour. some of the higher elevations start to pick that up later on but it looks like high pressure pulling in seattle and portland and not for us and with that in mind, it is not a guide. it will give us sunny and warm weather, so sunny, maybe it high blood pressure a little breezier and temperatures repounding, we will end up with 50s and 60s 70s and 80s and 90s and temperatures should warm up and higher elevations are already 10 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. changes occur on friday with
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your weekend always in view, we have increasing clouds, cloudy possible light rain on sunday. twin girls born in los angeles are back in mexico to meet their father, why he has a $5 million boundty on his head. they will pay for the cup race and if the city can't raise it, who will get stuck with the bill? look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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. he is back in the country with their twin daughters. earlier this month he crossed the border to deliver the babies. she is the wife of ahead of a drug car -- of a head of a drug cartel of marijuana trafficking in the u.s. guzman has a $5 million bound dip on his -- bounty on his head. smoking is at an all time low, they released their youth tobacco purchase survey. it shows they were able to purchase from retailers 5.7% of the time down from 7% last year. they credit it with enforcement, education and public opinion towards teenage smoking for the drop. facebook is forming a political action committee to
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make more friends in washington. allison burns live in our washington d.c. newsroom to explain what facebook is doing. a lot of the decisions are relating to pat tents and they are creating a political action commit i to have -- committee to have more of a say. they had a town hall meeting about technology and jobs and now the company will use its new pack to give money to candidates in the upcoming elections. facebook has also been ramping up its presence and spent more point in on lobbying than ever. the facebook pack will make their voices heard in the process by sharing goals and promoting the values of innovation. facebook is not the only giant,
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google contributed more than 5 70,000 dollars. we will take a look at weather more of that money is going to democrats or republicans during my next update a little later. a government shut down, the deal was reached and the house will vote on the measure later this week. he drops a provision for $1 billion worth of disaster aid that caused republicans to filibuster the original bill. the agreement came after they told officials they have enough money to make it through friday which is the last day of the budget year. rick perry is getting ready
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to come here and will visit the winery in sonoma county next tuesday and will be there for a fundraiser. gets will pay anywhere from $500 to $2,500. next tuesday's visit comes weeks after perry stopped in san jose during a west coast campaign swing. they will decide whether or not to give jared loughner who has been deemed unfit to stand child who has been a accused of a shooting rampage killing six people and wounding several others including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. prosecutors are hoping he will regain competency so he can assist in his own defense. new video reportedly shows joran van der sloot confessing equids a peruvian woman.
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it was aired by a "c" nbc a is the -- a cnn affiliate. he was asked twice whether he killed a woman and both times he answers yes. he was arrested in 2010 and flores was found dead in joran van der sloot's hotel room. the 13 america's could the yacht race could end up drenching money. on top of that, they have to raise $20 million for yacht race expenses. but if it can't be raised the city will ask taxpayers to pay the bill. we want to go to sal who is covering traffic issues. >> yes, i put my lineup in the wrong slot here. i think the guys in the control room will help me out with pictures we have.
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traffic is busy as you drive out towards the mcarthur maze, no maim problems but you can tell all of a sudden this is the time things start to change. at the toll plaza, they have the metering lights that come on and yesterday we showed it to you and there is a little room, that is now gone. putting on the metering lights is what does it. traffic will be busy because of an earlier crash. it is also slow coming up to the cast tore valley area. as we look, pittsburgh and bay point looks good heading to san jose, we have traffic that looks pretty good. let's go to steve. temperatures will start to warm up, but not before we have
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40s and 50s and yesterday was across the board, a little warmer than yesterday, we will continue today and take us into wednesday, some of the higher elevations are turning northeasterly and temperatures are 10 degrees warmer than they were. high pressure send everything to the north when next week we could have some rain. sunny breezy with chilly rain, lots of 70s and 80s and 90s all in the same ballpark, novato 88. brentwood 82, alameda 82 pleasantton 89 degrees. 86 santa clara santa clara, palo alto and red wood city, woodside park, 78, daily city was 70, on the coast it will
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cool down thursday and friday increasing clouds saturday as well as low as high clouds and maybe some rain on sunday. crude oil is selling for more than $82 a barrel this morning up more than $2 yesterday. traders grew optimistic that european finance minsters could flow or end the nation's debt crisis. they worried the problems would lead to another recession. some of the biggest oil refineries are looking for tax refunds and texas schools and local governments feel the fallout. they want $135 million in tax breaks for buying illusion controlling -- pollution controlling equipment and it will come from money that is now set aside for public schools. after winning the world
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series, this year it is not inning the way the giants want it, they may be disappointed but the team is still celebrating a milestone. a small dog brings traffic to a halt on a busy freeway, there is only one person who could stop that running pomeranian. we will have complete traffic and weather coming up, stay tuned. whatcha lookin' for hon?
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. all right, take a look at this, don't worry, a small dog caused a big traffic problem in portland oregon, traffic came to a halt after little mango slipped out of her color and ran onto the freeway. drivers jumped out trying to catch her and after 15 minutes she ran to a nearby high school. animal control was called but were not needed. she is a companion dog and as soon as she spotted her, mango
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ran right into her arms. several people reported finding bear droppings in several locations. the evidence was found on engineer ron mow ridge and the last confirmed sighting of a black bear was eight years ago. giants will not repeating the world series chant but that is not stopping people from filling up the park for the final game of the season. giants set a franchise record, the highest season attendants with more than 3.3 million fans and by the fans are disappointed in the way the season ended, they still support their team. >> it is a huge let down, but it does not change the fact that i will bleed orange and black for the rest of my life. >> they start the season with 3-
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1 for colorado rockies and they have a day game tomorrow. new details about a tragedy at a local hospital, the error made by a nurse brought in to cover nurses on strike. a close call for a mother and her baby, live in oakland and we have pictures of a bus accident you will see only on ktvu channel 2 news coming up. and good news this morning, looking live at the new york stock exchange, we are hearing how home buying could help wall street. i'm a curious seeker.
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bell and they are having a good day, there may be some action to solve the debt in asia there and just a moment ago we had good news about home prices so that could help things as well and we will have business news just ahead. we will smile and say good morning to you. it is tuesday september 27th, i am dave clark. there was a bus involving a crash with a female passenger on board. we have some pictures you will not see anywhere else. what happened? >> well a trip on the bus turned out to be a ride to the hospital for one mother and she is injured and we are not sure what condition she is in so that is the good news. we are here where an investigation is underway of an accident happening last night
6:31 am
on the corner of international boulevard. an suv ran stop sign and broad sided a transit bus. that mother was standing right near the door and you can see where the glass was smashed in. she was knocked right off her feet and suffered some injuries and we are told the carriage cover is what protected the baby. if the mother was holding the baby it could have been a much different ending. police questioned somebody at the scene and they are not sure if it was the passenger of the suv or the driver of the suv. we will have more information and as soon as it becomes available we will bring that to you. new details about a medical error that caused a patient's death at a medical center in oakland. 66-year-old cancer patient died
6:32 am
on saturday. according to newspaper reports, a nutritional supplement that should have been put into her feeding student was put into her intravenously. she was among replacement nurses when the nurses went on strike. nurses will return today at 5:00 a.m. after that five-day lock out. an emotional meeting as board members talk about closing down schools. allie rasmus is outside one school that could be affected, allie? >> reporter: well a total of five schools and could affect as many as 900 students. this is one of the five schools the district is thinking about closing and here are the others, along with lakeview, they are thinking about
6:33 am
shutting lazear, maxwell park and santa fe elementary schools all in oakland and the city is discussing these closures and many parents are expected to be there to speak out about it. closing these five schools will save them more than $2 million and it could be used to improve other schools. they met with parents privately to explain the possible closures. >> for me this is convenience, -- convenience, this is my neighborhood and i will have to go outside the neighborhood. >> the spokesperson said in the past if the district could shut down and combine as many as 30 schools, tonight's beard meeting dashboard meeting is at 6:00 at mcarthur boulevard and the school board is not expected to make a final decision on the closures until early next month. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. the concord to the council
6:34 am
could ban all smoking outdoors in a seven block area downtown. business owners are complaining that the smoking ban is pushing smokers across the street and on to the sidewalks near their stores and restaurants, but not everybody thinks expanding the smoking ban is not a good idea. >> i have to give me people a break and it and i can't if they have to walk five blocks away. >> now the mayor of concord said other cities have even tougher restrictions and if the ban is passed it will take effect within 30 days. mendocino is closing in on fugitive aaron basseller. it shows a surveillance video
6:35 am
of him carrying a high powered assault rifle and breaking into a cabinet. they placed a high priority list to catch him. he is accused of killing two people including a councilman jerry mellow last month. the subway system is becoming an even bigger part of the campaign in the mayor's race. at least eight of the candidates who want to the be the next mayor including ed lead support the billion dollar project. some even say they want to make changes and there is a possibility of mismanagement
6:36 am
and fraud. >> i have a request to the mayor's office, to the mta to the sunshine tacks force, to the city's administrative office... >> they say they have done nothing wrong an improper and the tunnel boring contract is actually under budget. some luck can i sky watchers will get a stunning light show, a huge explosion in space blasted particles from the sundown here to earth. scientists say those particles will likely trigger a spectacular light show later this week. people living in asia will get the best show, but people here as well will get a glimpse. lots of lights, any problems? >> a lot of lights going on the map, well anyway i will explain in just a moment. first let's go to the line of pictures, you can see
6:37 am
headlights, it is stop and go in antioch and pittsburgh and if you are driving on interstate 680 coming from venetia across the bridge so far it is fine into denver vehicle and san ramon moan. it is a 15 minute delay but once you get on to the bridge everything looks good. i am hording the chp on the upper deck and it is a pretty good chance. traffic is in hayward but gets better in fremont. most of the slow traffic is on the pass and remember on facebook, you can follow the ktvu channel 2 news morning news team and when you go to facebook and church ktvu, you will see our morning news team page and you can follow us both
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or just one, your choice, 6:37 let's go to steve. we have clear skies, fog will not last long and northerly breeze very warm temperatures in some of the higher elevations as well, up 10 degrees compared to 24 hours ago. a little bit of a chill not as cool as yesterday, still some 40s and 50s. 48 in napa airport, that is the coolest. still some upper 40s and 50s. fs o is calm and fairfield is less than 5. that tells me everything i need to know. we are good to go out of the gate with sunshine and warmer weather once we get rolling along.
6:39 am
sunshine and clear along the coast as well, head over to the beaches, yes indeed. i hurt myself. sunny and breezy, highs 70s and 80s for many, upper 60s and 70s. napa 89, venetia 84, walnut creek pleasant hill upper 80s and 90s out towards antioch, berkeley and oakland will go 80s. san jose and gilroy santa cruz 80. 82 in san mateo, palo alto all looking good with mid-80s and 60s and 70s on the coast. summer is finally arriving as we get to our first week of fall. fog will start working its way
6:40 am
back, increasing clouds, look like cloudy with rain on sunday. well a first in bryan stow's long road to recovery, why it is a moment of pure magic. san mateo police shoot two dogs, why one neighbor was surprised it was these two dogs. we have issues with commutes and traffic troubled spots and we will run those down. stay tuned.
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. good morning santa clara, you might see some activity near the lawrence expressway, firefighters are on the scene, a three-alarm fire, the fire appears to be out but certainly a lot of activity, you may see some slow traffic, we will update this for you straight ahead. here is a look at some of the other top stories we are following, open school board meets to debate closing down several schools. five schools include lakeview lazear, marshal, maxwell park and santa fe elementary schools. a crash involved an "a" c
6:44 am
transit business in -- ac transit bus in oakland. an suv slammed into the side of a bus injuring a mother and a baby, the baby was not hurt. facebook launched a political campaign for issues and campaign issues. they have also hired a number of political consultants. one dog is dead after san mateo police opened fire. kraig debro is there to tell us what police are saying about the dogs and that they were threatening a small child, considering? >> reporter: a lot of early risers at the park and there are several rules for this park and others across san mateo and the one with the highest notice
6:45 am
is that all dogs must be on a leash and neither of these two dogs were. police shot the two dogs and one of the biggest surprises for one person that we spoke to is knowing the dogs to that were shot -- dogs that were shot. >>reporter: he knows the dogs, they are two boxers and up until yesterday, neither dog proved to be a problem. several reported the dogs were threatening people at the park. police were forced to shoot both dogs. >> i think it is shocking, of course at a park, you have a lot of kids, soccer games and people with dogs but i have never heard of anything like this. >> reporter: and there were a couple of soccer practices one dog died at the scene.
6:46 am
police wounded the second dog. according to witnesses the dog's owners are responsible dog owners with children themselves and we will try to find those owners coming -- owners coming up on our next report on mornings on 2. 6:46 opening statements start today in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. he is on trial for up voluntary man slaughter in the 2009 death of michael jackson. the coroner ruled he overdosed from propofol. the prosecution wants to prove that dr. murray administered the lethal dose. alone investigation after the bankruptcy of solyndra. the times reports larry summers
6:47 am
and treasury secretary tim geithner reportedly warned the white house about potential problems with this company in 2009. the selection process for a loan was too easy. solyndra secured one of those loans, $527 million. the company is laid off -- has laid off its 1,100 employees last month. the family of bryan stow is calling it a magical time in his recovery effort. he is now saying hello and goodbye to people who visit him, he is now remembering facing and remembering names. he left for the first time in six months. he was brought out to a patio area where he was able to soak up the sun. bryan stow described the experience as magical. >> it is magical for us to read about it and it is man call for us to see him go through it and
6:48 am
it is great. >> they do say bryan stow has a long road to recovery. >> that is a good story. let's go to sal, i know you have the chopper going, what is going on? we have that fire being put out in santa clara in a strip mall, looks like a small business three-alarm fire but the fire is out. el comino royal, people will slow down, this is an area where you may need to go slowly. no major problems there. of course if you are driving in the county we have a lot of slow traffic highway 4 and crock and -- and antioch and bay point, it looks good and if you are driving on the san
6:49 am
mateo or dumbarton, crossing looks good to 204. >> thank you sal. >> and a very good morning to you all, we have clear skies, even the coast looks clear, temperatures are chilled not as bad as yesterday. i said patchy fog, clear chilly and then warmer pie noon and sunny for all. if you live or work in san francisco, it will be nice. it will be 78 along the financial district, in richmond and the marina it will be nice and sunny. temperatures around 48 at the napa airport. hayward and also oakland and fairfield, 10-cents perfected for the day and remember i pay really well too. i don't take out any taxes.
6:50 am
southwest at 5 miles per hour calm conditions, high pressure aloft and on the surface and that will give us a beautiful fall day. enjoy it while you can because this time next week i will be talking about rain next week. yes, next week next tuesday but not today and tomorrow, it is not really large and in charge it's clear for the coast. we warmup yesterday as we head into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees, 88 concord, berkeley 78, sunnyville 85, 68 in d.c., 10 better in the city and san bruno 78 degrees. cool down late thursday into friday and maybe some light rain on sunday. thanks steve.
6:51 am
well the latest report on home prices is better than expected. we have good news, bad news. we are up in july for the 4th none a row and prices are still down more than 4% and the number of home sales is on pay the to be the worst since 1987. the dow jones industrial average is up 237 points following a big gain yesterday to 11291 and most of this is on the optimism that the european region is going to take some strong action to solve the debt problems there so we'll see what happens when watching that european stock up this morning. companies are lifting restrictions for premium class flights on business travelers. they will now allow first class which rose to 6% up from 5%
6:52 am
last year but even though they are requiring employees to look for lower alternatives during a preferred window departure time. we will have why an actress was kicked off a flight and now she wants to boycott. the economy is affecting our commute. we will tell you more coming up about the morning commute. straight ahead.
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. bad news about bay area traffic, now -- we don't have the worst traffic jams, san francisco is the most congested area according to a new report on the mobility and ranked number one chicago los angeles round out the top three. researchers say congestion is one way to measure how well cities are doing economically. family members and friends of michelle le will holds a vigil tonight four months -- four months to the day the studies appeared. the vent will start in oakland, -- vigil will start in oakland.
6:56 am
michelle le was in an act set rated nursing class and her body -- accelerated nursing class and her body was found in alameda and her former friend giselle esteban was charged with her death. earlier this year wells became the first openly gay senior executive in sports while he revealed his sexual orientation in a report. he later resigned and reap located to northern -- relocated in northern california to be with his partner. he responded to charges for kicking somebody off the plane. she was removed from a baltimore to st. louis flight, now multiple passengers were complaining about their excessive behavior. she was removed because it is a
6:57 am
family airline and she is now calling for a boycott of southwest. hear what is happening with our commute. near the lawrence expressway there is a structure fire that is being cleaned up. the fire was out but it was a three alarm response and fire crews remain on the scene. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza with a 20 minute delay before you make it onto the stand. 880 looks good as you drive passed the coliseum. now let's go to steve. a little chill in the morning air, looks warmer for everybody, 60s and 70s coast and bay, we will look at the six day forecast coming up, now back to dave and pam. thank you steve. also on 2, a young mom is
6:58 am
hurt in an overnight bus accident, the exclusive video we have. several schools could close their doors for good, stay right here with us.
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