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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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complete bay area coverage, this is ktvu channel 2 news. good morning to you it is thursday september 29th, i am pam cook. >> and dave clark. inland temperatures 20- degree drop, fog is moving up the marin coast 70s for some, huge changes as we head towards the weekend and we will get to that later, here is sal. steve highway 4, traffic is moving along nicely up to the willow pass grade. also 880 northbound you can see on the right-hand side near 66 flashing lights and a little bit of road work but it is not causing a big back up.
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let's go back to the desk. an investigation is underway about shots fired on a transit bus, tara moriarty has more on where the shooter could have been hiding, good morning tara. authorities do not know where the shooter was standing but we do know the bus was headed in this direction so they believe the suspect could have been hiding behind a bus like this one when he or she took aim. a beebee gun or pellet gun was used because the flex i glass was still intact. here on 59th street where officials say the incident happened just before 1:00 a.m., here is the scary part there were five passengers on board at the time. the bus pulled over 14 blocks later and no passengers were hurt and most of all of them were transferred to another bus. coming up later this morning we put in some calls to ac transit
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as well axle sheriff's deputies to find out if they have any leads in this case. live tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. out of syria, a u.s. ambassador was attacked as protesters threw tomatoes at him as he walked into a meeting with syrian opposition leaders. robert ford has been an outspoken critic of hasaan and his protesters. they blocked the protesters from getting inside and there is no word on whether he was injured. he is now facing terrorism charges he built model planes and filled them with explosives. we will hear about his intended targets and why the fbi says he wanted to attack the u.s. also this morning the house of representatives is expected to approve legislation to keep
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the government up and running through next tuesday. a by partisan agreement threatened to cause a partial shut down. this morning's approval will take place with something known as unanimous consent. it allows two members to approve a bill. in the weston addition neighborhood, a man and woman were sitting in a car while somebody opened fire. the man was also injured but his injuries are not life- threatening. the police task force is investigating that shooting. six people have been indicted accusing them of the fatal shooting of a german
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tourist. he was shot and killed in august of last year while she walked with her husband in times square. she was caught in the middle of a gun battle between rival gangs. they are set to have a hearing on this new indictment. family members say 70-year- old fang pang has alzheimer's. she is described as the 4 feet 10 inches tall wearing a white vest white hat and bluejeans. questions raised on whether he will be returning to his job. he tar getted johnson to turn off cell phones services because of protests but now they say something fishy is happening. he is declining to speak about
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his extended absence. east palo alto residents are demanding better security, she was in the crosswalk on bay road when a car hit and killed a 6-year-old girl. her mother analysis watched it, -- and sister watched it as it happened. the driver was not arrested although the dmv says she has been cited for driving while being on a cell phone and speeding as well. >> bumpers and speeds 10 miles per hour, not 25, but 10, period. >> now donations for the little girl's funeral are being collected by family members and friends. reportedly they had been saving up for her birthday party planned for this coming sunday. the road where the little girl was killed may have had
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more traffic than usual yesterday because of another deadly accident just two blocks away. 51-year-old motorcycle lists -- motorcyclist was killed while trying to escape police, banford is now in police custody. students became sick in the past week, nobody knows what caused the virus although most of the infected students lived near the dining hall. a similar outbreak happened last december. people are asked to clean and disinfect any contaminated surfaces. dozens could be asked to stay home because of new whooping cough a vaccination -- cough vaccinations are necessary. a new state law requires all
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students grades 7 through 12 to be vaccinated against whooping cough. they have 30 days to compliant parents can opt out on personal reasons. how is it looking? right now we are looking at fog on the golden gate bridge and it is not completely fogged in but we do have fog moving through here and that's a welcomed site for san francisco -- welcomed sight for san francisco people. very light, no problems on the upper deck and hopefully this morning will be smoother than it was yesterday and when you get into san francisco this is good, this is a look at san jose downtown. at 5:07 let's go to steve. all right, sal, that fog is moving write up the coast, it is flying and a touchdown on the golden gate bridge,
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northbound it may cool off probably santa clara east bay may cool off but a sea breeze is on its way. so far there is some warm air aloft and inland temperatures are mild for some but cooling down for others, 54 at napa, west 9 at fs o, that was not the case, they had an easterly breeze and that's turning itself around. the fog is continuing to march up. again shallow, high pressure is on it but i am paying attention to everything in the gulf of a alaska and well south of the passive, and a -- pacific and a lot of that will start filtering in by the weekend. the first system usually does not come in but there are some bumps and that's what is going to happen. it may be close for some well inland but a sea breeze kicking
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in coast and bay and everybody will cool down tomorrow and we will take that into saturday. this is a forecast not so much on the clouds and rain but on the fog and it starts to pour in going into the mendocino coast and here is comes by tonight it will make a charge inland friday and makes it to the delta tomorrow by this time. that tells us there will be a big cool down so cooler coast and bay still warm to hot inland but that fog is moving right on up the coast so 60s to 90s and tough call on the peninsular. i am wrestling with those forecasted highs. tomorrow we will cool down and take it into saturday. increasing clouds sunday and more rain likely next week. 5:09 is the time now. the solyndra saga continues. the upscale a menties now built
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-- amenities built into the company. one passenger was arrested, we will explain.
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so...what do you think? i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small. what's next? 607 franklin st. ♪ sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home. . welcome back, a montana woman was arrested at albany,new york, accused of having a loaded gun in her
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purse. the semiautomatic was in her purse and she claimed she had no idea the gun was there. she was charged with misdemeanor possession. later that same day security confiscated a replica gun from security baggage. he a lodgedly -- allegedly planned to attack the nation's capital and was planning to use model planes to hit two of the nation's landmarks. >> reporter: according to an fbi affidavit, one attack was to take place here at the u.s. capital. here is a picture of the suspect, he was busted by uncover as the posing as uncover al qaeda operatives. he stuffed them through
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explosives using them to crash into the subject. he took these photos from a nearby park. the fbi raids his home -- raided his home where he was living. neighbors were stunned. now this is video of him leaving federal court outside boston yesterday. his next court hearing, if convicted he faces more than 50 years in prison. ktvu channel 2 news. all right, well in other news this morning, an american student studying a broad is missing and presumed dead. we will have more on that story in just a moment we are hearing the verdict of a ban what --
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amanda knox will not come until friday. the convicted student is an innocent girl who has been a victim of a tragic case and has spent 1,000 days behind bars as a result. she was convicted of murdering her roommate and sentenced to 26 years in prison. thomas levy plot kin was hiking in northern india when he twisted his ankle. he then tumbled off a 500-foot ridge and into the river. he studied at high iowa. -- studied in iowa. loan guarantees worth more than a billion dollars, that is despite the criticisms of the loans after the bankruptcy of
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solyndra. and now we are hearing more details about the closed plant in fremont of solyndra, a factory had robots that whistled disney tunes, spa like showers with water temperature and glass walled conference rooms. part of the building's construction was paid for by a federal loan guarantee and as you know solyndra filed by bankruptcy protection and 1100 workers lost their jobs. people angry about the california budget are suing california. they filed lawsuits seeking $130 million in vehicle license fees. now the group accuses governor jerry brown and lawmakers of shifting those funds around which short changes local police departments. in the meantime supporters with the disabled want to block a 4%
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cut back with state funding so help people with mental and physical disabilities. there could be a brady block out, tom brady will return to the bay area when they host new england. brady is one of their biggest stars and raiders are coming off a big victory with the new york jets but this morning there are still hundreds of tickets left for sunday's game . not be on local television until sold out by this morning's deadline. tampa bay rays are heading to the playoffs following a thrilling victory in the regular season and the rays rallied from 7 runs down 8-7 in 12 innings and rays will face the texas rangers in the first round of the american league playoffs. yankees will face detroit tigers and it will air right
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here on ktvu channel 2 news. and the national league, they will face the phillies after last night's win over houston. cardinals won 3 of their last 31 games in the playoff race. arizona diamondbacks will face the brewers and that playoff starts tomorrow >> >> 5:18 i just want to make sure sal is okay i know he is handling traffic but handling everything else. >> i don't think i have ever seen a better night of baseball, but if you are a baseball fan, that is what it's all about. good morning everybody, let's go out and take a look at what we have. traffic is moving along well at the bay bridge, no problems coming into san francisco. and fog has not reached the bay bridge, it is on the golden gate bridge but not on the bay
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bridge. let's move along and take a look at oakland north and southbound 880 and that is moving nicely in both directions. highway 4 between antioch bay bridge point that traffic is moving along nicely, 5:19 let's go to steve. thank you sir, fog is moving up along the coast and the north is clear south of that is shallow but thick and is moving over the golden gate bridge so it will be cooler today. i am dropping the city 20 degrees from yesterday's 88 and there were a lot of 90s yesterday, one of those rare days north bay and south bay were warmer but you usually don't see that. they had more of an offshore breeze and today will be a big difference, already 57, san francisco at this time they were 64 and that's a big drop.
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67 san rafael, volcano still some middle of 0 -- still some mid-60s and things are calm. northeasterly there is still a component but the sea breeze kicking in at fs o and it will be cooler coast and bay inland will be warm to hot and there are really so many things going on in the pacific and it is heading into our direction but it will take it's time getting here but by the weekend we'll see a 25 degrees difference compared to yesterday. cooling trend starts coast and bay today and for everybody on friday and saturday it will be significant. so fog, sun, cool for some, fog is too shallow to make much of an impact inland but it will be cooler bayside so a big difference in temperatures. i am wrestling with these, then you get over the coastal hills, upper 80s to 90s and tomorrow
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all bets are off, it will start to plunge, clouding it up on sunday, monday break tuesday and again wednesday and thursday if you want to go out on a nine day forecast, pam, dave? stocks are mixed as investors wait for jeremy's parliament to vote on the bailout fund. overnight most asian markets closed with small gains. japan's nike finished up 1%. asian electronics companies did especially well -- especially well with lg soaring 11%. futures had a slightly higher opening following some losses yesterday. dow jones industrial average off about 180 points, 11010 and news this morning texas governor rick perry would not rea point ben bernanke if he
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were president. that is interesting. shares with microdevices point to a lower opening after reducing sales forecast and sales in the period ending on saturday will be down as much as 6% from the previous quarter and earlier predicted a gain of 10%. a german manufacturer with chips is having difficulty. in case you didn't know it, animals are getting smarter and smarter yet another example of how animals use tools.
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. it appeared last week right here in the student newspaper, the tell pest, the cartoon accused african-american men of being poor parents selfish ignorant and suggests they should go away. the cartoonest was saying it was not introduced correctly
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and that newspaper has now dropped that comic strip. they made two arrests in a sheep wrestling case, they have arrested the two men after finding stolen sheep in their home in santa rosa. he worked where somebody told seven sheep including 11 pregnant youths, here is a theory on how they were stolen. >> he grabbed them put them in a trailer and took off. >> his total loss could be more than $5,000. dozens of sheep have been stolen around the county including some that were being raised by children as 4h frog directs. following --4h projects. they are using fish with
5:27 am
intelligence and he watched a fish dig a clam out of the sand and used a rock to crack it open. they are not sure how or when that skill developed. time now 5:27 it has already killed seven people and why that deadly outbreak connected to cantaloupe could get a lot worse. what happened in walnut creek, what the victim says happened and what will happen this morning by police? good morning if you are driving in marin county southbound traffic looks good coming up, we will tell you more. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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. it is september 29th i am dive clark. >> thank you -- dave clark. thank you for joining us, steve says the fog is coming in. >> yes, it is still shallow but yesterday the coast was clear and it was all in southern california and now it is here, right about here and continuing to march up the coast 60s and 70s coast and bay inland it will still be warm to hot, not as hot with 80s and a few 90s here is sal. traffic is moving along nicely if you are driving on
5:31 am
highway 4. the morning commute looks good in san jose, let's go back to dave and pam. police are searching for a group of mass gunman. they have hit several 24 hour stores. live in walnut creek where one of those armed robberies occurred, here is more. >> reporter: we are talking about a series of crimes that have taken place, two robberies that we will meet with the fbi to try to find out if they are connected with more. here at this blair and walnut creek it is very scary and the food mart is open 24 hours a day. anybody can walk in and yesterday 6 armed and masked robbers did just that. we spoke to the clerk who faced
5:32 am
those robbers yesterday and here is what he said. >> they came in with guns put him in the back room and tried to get him to open the safe but he couldn't open the safe and that's all he told me. >> apparently after the men left the station, they burst into the area fired shots and took off. police believe the same men hit a 7 eleven in pleasant hill and clerk in that situation locked himself in the bathroom and the robbers took off. we do have these meetings as they are trying to connect the dots to see if any of this is connected with other robberies in this area. again what we are learning is not a lot of information, we know they were wearing halloween masks and they left this area in a dark colored volkswagon. -- colored volkswagon.
5:33 am
customers in the meantime certainly took another look around when they got here and we will look for more details and check back in with you, live this morning ktvu channel 2 news. this morning a transit bus was pulled out of service after being shot at. it was shot at with pellets or beebee and it happened in emoryville. passengers on the bus were transferred and nobody was injured. right now police are treating this as an act of vandalism. they are looking for the killer of an oakland motorcycle member. he was gunned down tuesday night at the east bay dragon motorcycle club on east shore boulevard. the gunman ran away and has not been found. in reno they now know who
5:34 am
shot and killed the president of the else angels chapter. authorities are not releasing the name of the subject, but they say he has ties to the bay area. a fingerprint was lifted and belongs to fugitive aaron basseller, a suspected killer. here is another look at the surveillance photo showing basseller holding a hire poured rifle and that was discovered on saturday. investigators still want to know what was stolen and they think bassel broke into three other cabins last week, they warned them of everything and basseller is suspected of killing two people including a local city councilman. he will request a court order for san francisco doctors
5:35 am
to force feed a patient on a hunger strike. he is accused of a double murder and stopped eating three weeks ago. woo is trying to commit suicide by starvation and it is the sheriff's job to keep him made safe. they feel woo has no mental health issues. he was found competent to stand trial and prosecutors do not believe that decision. the tainted fruit is from jenson farms. they made shipments to 25 states but because the product gets resold, it is not sure where it ended up. if you have cantaloupe in your home and not sure where it is grown throw it out. 16 people have died several others have gotten sick
5:36 am
including one person in california. today prosecutors will once again focus on the moments after michael jackson was found unresponsive. coming up at 5:45 what jackson's personal assistant said when the singer was discovered. the obama administration wants the u.s. supreme court to get involved in the battle, to overturn a ruling in atlanta. that court said part of the law that requires all adult americans to obtain health insurance is unconstitutional. they will require them to have health insurance in 2014 or pay a penalty. people say it violates people 'constitutional rights. it could come in the ruling of next year's campaign. recording the city's
5:37 am
largest minority, 13 attend in chinatown and there was same attainly -- simultaneously speakers who came to hear from the candidates in american. answer no questions which i think could be very pointed, they can't touch. >> you should look at us all through one vision, do they have the vision to make sure they have the model american citizens need to be. they speak different languages, they want access to government and i have done that. >> they have a record number of asian american candidates. san jose city leaders will now review a proposal offering to reduce pensions. three unions unveiled their plans signing up for reduced
5:38 am
retirement benefits, limited increases and their plan would save the city nearly $500 million over the next five years. 25 new officers will be joining the oakland police department. more officers are on the streets and the mayor says the new officers will be patrolling high crime areas to help crackdown on violent street gangs. the cost of drunk driving may go up in berkeley. city council may soon require drunk drivers to pay all of the expenses associated with drunk driving and that would only be with emergency responses. the amount they would have to pay depends on the number of officers and number of emergency vehicles and time --
5:39 am
emergency vehicles and time cement jail.$♪. >> i think -- time spent in jail. 5:39 is the time, let's check in with traffic. doing well and again for the most part, let's go out to san francisco, coming up on the freeway up to the split. looking at approach to oakland, westbound traffic looks good coming to the oakland area and on to the bridge itself and if you are driving in san jose, off to a nice start here, 5:39 let's go to steve. and it is not making much of a move inland going south to north and some of it had start to fill -- will start to fill in. it is interesting sometimes you get that fog and it puts on the breaks before it reaches berkeley or emoryville but it will make it later on today as
5:40 am
it comes through the bay. that cooler air should kick in and inland it will take another day. thereels a lot going on and we will change very fast. 57 san rafael, cooler than it was 24 hours ago. calm, calm, calm, until you hit fs o and west at 9, that sea breeze is trying to get back and it tells me there will not be that much cooling inland. still an easterly breeze, getting warmup over 80 degrees some very warm air aloft. there is just a lot of enjoy coming across the pacific and set the stage for what looks to be a rather wet next week but more of a sea breeze today, still warm to hot inland and i do feel a late breeze will kick in and will be a more westerly
5:41 am
breeze which everybody starts to cool down tomorrow coast and bay but temperatures will be down 20 degrees. fog along the coast, still warm to hot inland and low-to-mid 90s kind of ran that together, didn't i. 60s and 70s closer to the coast 80s on the peninsular and that's the toughest forecast. cooler tomorrow, with your weekend always in view, clouding up on saturday, looks like rain rice on month -- arrives on monday. very unusual rescue in yosemite what one man lost on a camping trip he could not leave behind. and sheriff under a -- sheriffs under attack in an acl
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[ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. amtrak guest rewards members earn double points this fall for any trip on amtrak. details at . welcome back, good morning to you, here is a quick look at some of the top stories at 5:44 east bay law officials searching for a ban of masked gunmen all across the county and three businesses were hit in two days. sheriff's deputies were investigating an early morning
5:45 am
shooting that targeted a transit bus. the windows were hit with either pallets or beebees luckily nobody was hurt. he is accused of plotting to attack the pentagon and the capital. he is a fist six -- he has planning on targeting several targets. accusing sheriff lee backer of looking the other way while the jail system cultured fear brutality and corruption. an inmate thought he stole some male. they marched him naked into a cell with gang members. >> i don't see how this dent can clean itself up with him in control even if you would a
5:46 am
good thorough investigation. >> everybody is entitled to their own opinion and it is one of those bad days for the aclu. >> he dismisses any deputies that use excess sufficient force. >> i will not tolerate that and i will not resign. today's witnesses in the trial of dr. conrad murray are expected to talk about the moments immediately when they were found unrespond sufficient. they say he needed time -- under respond sufficient. they say he needed time to hide evidence of the drugs he had been giving to michael jackson and they testified on the behavior of dr. murray that day. >> when you first saw dr. murray what was his physical appearance in your eyes? >> atlantic, i know it was --
5:47 am
fran stick, i know it was -- frantic, i know it was serious. >> he faces losing his license. it was successful for a man and his thumb after an unusual rescue in yosemite park. he cut off his thumb while climbing the captain, a helicopter is retrieving him and park rangers say the climbing partner retrieved the thumb off allege from 180 feet below. he had was rushed to san francisco medical and his thumb was reattached at the medical center. they are complaining over a closed city lot and the use of the lot ranges from a flee market to mobile home park to storage area.
5:48 am
they say it is covered with trash as well as human waste and they want the city of vallejo will conduct an investigation. sal? good morning once again, we are looking at some of the these commutes starting off in contra costa california and as you drive towards pittsburgh, i can't tell you how many people are driving on highway 4, not quite as bad for you, you will see traffic moving along well between concord and walnut creek. getting a little bit of a backup, it usually does not start to turn until 6:15 and by 6:30 we have a crowd on all the lanes. moving on highway 101, looking
5:49 am
good, looks like we have something going on, on 280 and san mateo county and i will look at it here on the chp computer and see if anything is cooking. southbound highway 102, an ambulance hit a deer and the ambulance is on the shoulder and i'm not sure where the deer is, just use caution. >> i have seen a lot of that lately, sal. fog on the coast it will be 15 to 20 degrees cooler for some and there 88 yesterday, san francisco, i am seeing more of a west wind temperatures down 5 to 8 degrees compared to 24 hours ago. the city is 64 this time yesterday than fog will start to work its way passed heading up to the sonoma coast. lane i don't think it will matter, you are already 66 for some, cooler north bay, napa
5:50 am
54, the tough call is on the peninsular. i have seen some projections for upper 70s and it may be a 15-degree drop. that south surge on the fog is usually a cooler pattern and also the north bay takes it for santa clara valley and west at 9, i do expect that to pick up because the fog, cane really see it and it is there just moving rapidly up the coast down around monterey. down about two hours ago, it is moving quick but again it is right down on the deck so highway 101 coming across the pacific out of the gulf of alaska, setting the stage for rain and i think next week, it will still be warm to hot inland and temperatures will need another day to get that surge of fog and that westerly wind and everybody will cool
5:51 am
down as we go into the weekend. fog and sun, it will still be warm to hot and that breeze will kick in and once things go, it goes fast. so 60s and 70s coast and bay, upper 80s to low 90s, we will have increase willing clouds noticeably warmer rain arrives monday. thank you steve, just a few minutes ago, they reported claims hitting the lowest level in five months. 391,000 people still filed for initial unemployment insurance but that's down 30,000 from the week before. the government officials says the surprising drop may be due to a variety of technical issues. they are bolstering against
5:52 am
share hold users and they have hired goldman sachs to guard against drastic changes at the company. stock price makes it a potential target, no comment from h p. they have agreed to file f tc charges they made about the health benefits of its toning shoes. -- toning shoes. they can apply for a refunds online. reebok says it will continue to see the shoes but it will no longer say those shoes have greater toning benefits than other shoes. well it is an eye opening idea to help you get your day going where you can get free coffee here in the bay area and the reason why. plus it is in the air, why you and your family need to know about it. es...60 calories.
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. 5:55 modern technology could put our lives at risk. a ktvu channel 2 news special report shows the amount of radiology from microwave offense, cell phones, even baby monitors are high enough to
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make them illegal in many countries. the signals from routers must be strong enough to travel several hundreds of feet to go through walls and can cause mood disorders even possibly cancer. federal regulators add there is no evidence that cell phones cause major health problems. because pam and i like you, today is national coffee day. 75% of americans drink coffee at least one time a day. so seven -- 711 is making it -- seven 11 is making it easier, between the hours and 7 and 11:00 this morning you can pick up free coffee. you can get free coffee at
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crispy cream shops any time today and you don't even have to buy a donut. and mcdonoughnaled restaurants are offering free coffee. >> thank heaven for coffee. >> this is already my 7th cub. good morning everybody, tweeters are reoccurring. let's look outside and traffic is moving relatively well. northbound 280 traffic getting up to highway 17 looks good. southbound 680, that traffic is moving along well and we are off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. time now, a training sickness -- a strange sickness, they are double willing over in pain, why they are rushing to see a doctor. plus what investigators know this morning. good morning fog has come
5:58 am
back to the coast, we will have those numbers in two minutes. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. text save to 7-8836. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years.
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what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪


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