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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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there will be some sun and the clouds will be moving in fast. highs today 60s and 70s. here is sal. it is dry but wet, driving anywhere in the bay area the roads are still wet from yesterday's activity, so give yourself a few extra minutes, this is the east shore freeway heading out to the mcarthur maze and that traffic looks good. also traffic looks good across the high-rise and again, steve has been saying, to give yourself some extra time
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because of the wet roads, let's go back to pam. police after finding a body kraig debro is at the scene. >> reporter: you can see the front end of a police car which sitting outside in an apartment here. i don't know much more about that, i called hayward police a few minutes ago, we got here early this morning and shot this videotape of the scene. the coroner's van is here, a body is being taken away, these are just observations and we do know from past experiences, whenever there is a police car and a body, that means sometimes they are sitting on a crime scene and waiting for that crime scene to be processed. again we are waiting for hayward police to tell us what went on here.
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we found out about this from a viewer and we got an e-mail that there was a body being taken away so again hayward police from south hayward and we are checking with police to find out exactly what is going on here. ktvu channel 2 news. police in san francisco are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting and that happened at about 930 last night in the city's heights neighborhood. the male victim was shot inside the home and died later at the hospital. police are questioning one man spotted running from the house but so far no arrests have been made. overnight we learned a uc berkeley professor has won the nobel prize. two scientists are being
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honored for their studies of the exploding stars that the universe is accelerating. we want to show you video from snohomish count tip where they responded to more than 30 crashes. three people were sent to the hospital but we understand no serious injuries are reported. some people say they are avoiding the freeway because it seems to be safe. >> actually took el comino but we are just being cautious. >> this should be a reminder to drivers that winter is just around the corner and chp is asking people to slow down. procedures were put in place to keep planes further apart and that kept delays for at least an hour.
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they are not scheduled to take off or land until 6:00 this morning but we will be monitoring any flight delays or cancellations all morning long and any time of day you can check the latest flight conditions as well as delays just go to we are just hours away from apple's big iphone announcement. they are expected to announce the iphone 5 in cupertino. there are also rumors sprint can be the ll1al0fitte complexest carrier added to the mix. >> it will be interesting to say how it is going without boards but he is building a solid company. >> today's unveiling will be the first and he steps down
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because of his health but remains apple's chairman. in san francisco, they will notify customers of the potential danger of cell phone radiation. this morning they will file a lawsuit challenging the law and the suit claims that are no federal or state laws requiring those warnings but san francisco law is scheduled to take affect this month. a sketch of one of the men wanted in a weekend shooting. three people were killed, three others were wounded. take a look at this sketch. this is one suspect who is african-american 18 to 24 years old five feet 8 and very distinct gold teeth and very distinct gold tips with dreadlocks. the victims had attended a
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tattoo party in which the host hires a tattoo artist to work on the party guests. they were where hundreds were still gathering and it is still not clear on what led up to the gun fire. san francisco police will hold a community meeting after officers stabbed and killed his parents. a 44-year-old man stabbed his mother and father yesterday morning. officers say the man came at them with two knives as they were trying to pull his bleeding mother to safety. the 78-year-old woman died at the hospital and the father is expected to survive. on 18th avenue, it is clement and california. new cameras meant to hold police officers more accountable are now causing
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concern. it caught an entire officer involved shooting thanks to new clip on shift cameras. officers opened fire after they say an armed suspect threatened them. now some are questioning whether officers should be able to look at the video before making statements. >> he may forget something that is important so in interest of integrity and transparency it is important they give their statements without having first viewed the video. >> the video recorded at last week's shooting is not being released due to the ongoing investigation. overnight amanda knox boarded a plane in italy to come home to the united states one day after the italian court overturned her murder conviction. sandra is standing by where amanda knox is set to arrive today, good morning sandra.
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>> well,good morning, pam, we do know amanda knox and her family are on board that plane they left rome they are headed to london, their final destination is seattle and her first wish is to lie down on a greenfield. >> i just want to get her home, i want amanda home with her family. >> tears of joy from seattle to italy, as they learn amanda is finally a free woman. amanda knox worried's look, broke out after hearing after four years in prison she would finally be able to return home. >> we have ordered the immediate release from prison of amanda knox. >> amanda knox was overcome with emotion as she was led out of the courtroom.
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they as acquitted her ex- boyfriend of the murder. amanda knox's sister callels the acquittal long overdue. >> thanks for having the courage to look for the truth and to overcome this conviction. >> meredith kercher's family believe they are no closer to getting justice for meredith kercher. >> the search goes on to finds out what truly happened. >> after spending the first night of what happened with her family, now preparing for the journey she dreamed about for four long years. now amanda knox is headed home. >> now the court did uphold the defamation charge who wrongly accused the club owner and ordered her to pay a compensation fee. pam, back to you. well attention as man convicted of murdering hills
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wife is expected to get out of prison today. the new evidence that set him free after 25 years and tied the crime to somebody else coming up next. supreme court is now in session for its new term and justices are set to hear an important privacy case. they will decide whether police should be allowed to secretly use a gps device to secretly track a suspect without a warrant. one man has filed a brief in the case. he said he was secretly tracked with a gps device after somebody called him a national threat. >> i feel my privacy has been violated and i should not have been followed whatsoever. >> now he is suing the director
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and that lawsuit is now frozen pending the outcome of the supreme court case. >> here is a look at the other cases they will hear. justices will decide a case involving california's medicaid program and who has rights to sue over the program in court. justices will take up constitutionality of his healthcare reform. well in just a few hours, pg&e will vent natural gas from san carlos. it is part of that testing of the pipelines. today's venting will take place at edge wood record, it has higher than normal use. if any detects are found they will replace those pipes. now let's go to sal to check in on traffic this
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morning, hey, sal. use caution when you are driving because of the wet roads. as we look at some of these pictures, it will become obvious the roads are wet but we will talk to steve in just a moment. as far as drivers are concerned use caution and throw your speeds. as we go to san jose, it looks good approaching the 440 interchange. and we have heavy drizzle, you can say light rain if you want. but it is just too low and even on the satellite picture you will say where it is, but it is
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there. we will have slow clouds and drizzle for the morning and once you set the stable it does not take much for the first system to come in. but it bumping everyone out the door and it will take us to wednesday. there goings our system, made it. there is nothing there because that is giving us the low clouds and drizzle so live storm tracker 2 has a few but it is really a broad brush, there is a lot of local drizzle and light brush. santa rosa and fairfield, a little consistency there. it will have a lot more going
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for it. maybe two ins towards the north bay and yesterday was about a tenth and a half. cloudy morning, not too much of a break today. sought wind with a lot of moisture in place, we start off with clouds and drizzle, rain comes in tonight, we clear it out friday and except for fog, that inland fog, it will be mostly sunny over the weekend pam. they are searching for the driver who hit and killed a three-year-old. two women were having an argument outside a store yesterday afternoon when one of them jumped inside a car.
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the car was trying to rundown a group of people. police say the child's mother was inside the store when the incident occurred. so far there is no suspect or vehicle description. -- description. a bullet went through his door when he was driving on the 84 and shots were fired in the direction of a highway patrol officer and then 30 minutes later, on interstate 5 a bullet hit and now they are looking for the owner of a white chevy malibu. veterinarians say the female sea lion was shot in the face at least a week ago. she was found saturday morning in a ditch near the broadway
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exit of 101. drivers saw her cross the eighth lanes of traffic. right now the sea lion is stable but they do not know if she will recover. a grieving family from chile traveled looking for answers and justice. he visited the intersection of add line in berkeley where her own son was shot and killed last year. he was walking home from a party with his fiance when two robbers attacked them and they shot and killed him. it was his 35th birthday. >> my son was a man of peace. they don't like the guns, never, never. >> the suspect descriptions are vague but police believe there are people with information. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to an
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arrest. the san mateo task force has destroyed many marijuana plants. law enforcement teams found the plants in five secluded areas in skyline open space preserve. they confiscated plants and had a street value of 9. $5 million. jury belongs on wearing underwear during a flight and he will likely interview perspective jury remembers him is he -- jurors himself. he was attacked by flight crews and passengers when he tried to
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ignite the device. >> i saw the smoke come from his clothes and i yelled fire, fire and it looked like he was moving or doing something. >> u.s. officials say the terror group al qaeda was behind the bombing attempt. during a pretrial last month, they said osama bin laden is alive. he is expected to serve another life sentence after indicating he killed his wife. he was convicted on circumstantial evidence and convicted and sent to prison for life after the beating death of his wife. but they found blood from his wife and a known felon near the home. after spending 25 years in prison, his client will feel a
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little like rip van winningel. >> reagan was president when he went into and so there will be a lot of adjustments. >> they are now accused of suppressing evidence that could have cleared him. mortgage giants fannie mae knew there had been foreclosure abuses as far back as 2003 but did not act to stop them. they were warned and in 2003 they hired a law firm to investigate. they said improper foreclosures were routinely carried out but there was no proper findings. it was supposed to be nba training camp but instead they were trying to end the deal in a lock out. they met in small groups
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yesterday. the nba was locked out after their collective bargaining agreement expired the two issues salary cap and revenue split. the regular season is scheduled to open november 1. 4:50 is the time right now, we are still months away from the super bowl plus, kitchen nightmares in the bay area, what gorden ramsey is trying to fix at a local steakhouse. good morning, traffic is coming well around the corner, we will have more straight ahead.
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. good morning, we have a lot of low clouds around, drizzle, temperatures will be in the 50s, increasing clouds from the
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next system by tonight in the north bay. we are still a little ways away from knowing which teams will play in the super bowl but it is set. they are reporting madonna will perform but super bowl is set in indianapolis. let's check in with sal for the wet roads, still a little drizzling? >> yes. will madonna still be performing when she is 60? traffic is going to be busy, don't use your moves like
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jacker, the wet weather will return and there is still wet rain and drizzle and people have sent me texts and saying, oh, my gosh it is raining while i am driving it is terrible and yes that happens when it is raining. and in bay point antioch, it looks good to concord pleasant hill and walnut creek. at 4:54 here is steve. we have a lot of drizzle out there, the system that came by is gone, moved off. there is some sun increasing clouds later on, more likely overnight to wednesday then more rain arrives and this system will be stronger.
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in fact i am just putting some of the rain totals together, one was about 1 and a 10th to one and a quarter and there will be more rain falling. they had only about a quarter but after that it was about a 10th to a quarter. that system still has a ways to go. storm tracker two is not doing justice because it is so low- level and it is there but occasionally you will need more, there it is again. 50s and 60s, you can see one system carving itself up and it looks like high pressure will build after that. drizzle on the morning, increasing clouds come in, rain will start in the north bay. it will not take much because they are not juiced up.
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60s or a few low 70s, some light rain takes us to wednesday may be even thursday morning, we will have sunshine and morning weather as we get into the weekend, pam. kitchen nightmares has been shooting at the steakhouse on warm springs boulevard. the show focuses on failing restaurants. they are a quarter of a million dollars in-debt. the problem was easy to spot, the restaurant lost its identity. >> food is all over the place from a pastrami sandwich to a pasta steakhouse... >> they were wondering if they would see the she have's tell
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terrible -- chefs -- the chef's temper. new this morning, we spoke with the local professor who was awarded the nobel prize overnight and we have his reaction next. plus, a body found in a hayward area, we will have a live report coming up.
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. policeel are sitting outside an apartment in south hayward. just hours ago, winning a nobel prize, the scientific honor he pioneered for that break through. plus giving up more, sharing more personal information with the tsa all could be a good thing. all ahead on the morning news. . good morning, let's check weather and traffic, here is st


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