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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 7, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the occupy wall street protesters camp out at san jose city hall as police there issue an ultimatum. >> good evening. it's nationwide movement that claims 99% of americans are underserved by the political and banking establishment. we're in san jose where police told protesters that the clock is ticking. >> reporter: let me show you what's going on at san jose city hall tonight. this is part of the occupy san jose demonstration, and it's friday night, these five tents have sprouted up. it's all part of the national movement called occupy wall street, a protest fwens what they call the greed and corruption ever corporate america. the additional issue here in san jose is that there is a law
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against camping out overnight at city hall. after an hour of what they called a general assembly, this group of 30 decided that they are going to risk arrest and leave their tents up. >> what do you accomplish if you get arrested? >> that there are people out here trying to inform people what's going on. >> all night, all day! >> occupy san jose. >> what this is about is being visible, going out there into the public, occupying and getting more support and growing as a movement and letting our presence be known. >> reporter: the demonstrators have their own lawyers. he says other groups and causes have demonstrated overnight at city hall and what the city is doing now is unconstitutional. >> they have applied the ordinance in the past to allow people to camp and so my clients are being denied the right to be
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here based on the content of their speech. >> the city does value free speech and i think we've dem onstrated that by working with them -- demonstrated that by working with them to this point. and camping overnight on the property is not allowed. >> reporter: if their night is not busy they may come here after 11:00 tonight and the police will issue citations. if they're still here tomorrow night they will be arrested and their tents seized. . police have already broken up the occupy san fransisco camp near the federal reserve building. camps and gear were hauled away on wednesday night but the protesters tell us they will continue to camp in that area with sleeping bags. evidence of local governments cutting back is showing up in the jobless report. the u.s. posted a net game of
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103,000 new hires in september. it would have been higher if not for the 34,000 public employees being let go including a substantial number of teachers. the national unemployment rate remains at 9.1% for a third consecutive month. on wall street, investors took a cautious report. the dough industrials were 20 points lower, nasdaq was down 27. there was another protest today in san fransisco. this one called for an end to the war in afghanistan. [ applause ]. >> today marks the tenth anniversary of the start of the war and dozens of people attended a rally at the new federal building at seventh and mission late this afternoon. news chopper 2 caught them marching down market street and staging a die in symbolizing all the people killed in the war. they say the war is wrong and a waste of taxpayer money they say
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could be better spent on education. the war in afghanistan has taken its toll overseas and on the home front. coming up in 20 minutes, the daily struggles family service members make. a party ends in gunfire and three young lives are going. and now their friends are imploring witnesses to tell wa they know. there is a -- what they know. there is a vigil on the same spot of the triple homicide last weekend. >> reporter: three bouquets and three candles for three people gunned down after a party. familiar emblems of loss, but they provide little comfort. >> so much senseless people taking place in the city, across the country. >> reporter: it was a small group suffering a big loss. 23-yard joshua alfred of
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oakland, shaniche keel and one other. most of the girls have here grown up with lanisha. >> just come tell who did it. we need your help. >> if you get into arguments with people, go home. >> reporter: it may have been an argument simmering after a warehouse party ended that erupted in gunfire. >> you can count the number of murders in san lee and row on one hand. >> reporter: the homicide count went from 3 to 6 in one night. tips have been non-existent. >> we lost three lives. six people were shot. and there are people out there that know what happened and they're not coming forward. >> it's not snitching any more it's being honest. and we need to stop this code of conduct on the streets. >> reporter: the teenagers mourning their friend come away with new caution about looking for fun but finding trouble. >> party, cool party, but it
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just wasn't the right place. >> you can't tell whether it's going to be safe or not. you're just there to have a good time, and you just hope that it ends well. >> reporter: a look now at the best lead police have. a sketch resembling the possible gunman, a young slim black man with long hair and gold teeth. a second man is also wanted but there's no description of him. city leaders plan to offer a $10,000 reward in this case when they next meet. . california governor jerry brown signed several bills into law today in an effort to improve the natural gas pipelines. he signed five bills in response to last year's deadly explosion in san bruno. it includes a requirement for automatic shut off valves on certainly lines, stricter oversite of natural gas pipelines and emergency response standards. he signed a bill banning the
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sale, trade, and possession of shark fins. the goal is to protect the shrinking shark population, shark fin soup is considered a delicacy in asian cultures. some in the community favored it and others said it was an assault on their culture. once the fins are cut off on living sharks they are tossed back into the ocean to die. fins can sell for as much as $600 a pound. a san jose police officer is out of hospital after fighting with a man to get his gun back. jason evans remains at valley medical center tonight. evans wrestled the officer's gun away during that scuffle this morning. after evans got away he pointed the gun at officers prompting them to open fire. they missed by the officer who lost his gun chased evans down with his patrol car, hitting him and ending the ordeal.
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lehigh cement plant remains closed tonight. dozens of the employees gathered at cupertino hall to talk about what happened. it was their first meeting since wednesday's shooting that left three dead and six others wounded. officials tell us all 1350 employees are still -- 150 employees are being paid while the plant is closed. one of the victim said he played dead and that's why he is alive today. he tells us more today. >> reporter: michael ambrosia tells us he's lucky even with a bullet wound in his right arm. a co-worker opened fire yelling want to "f" with me, and began shooting people. he could see the man's face as he fired. >> you could see the anger in his face. ambrosia says the shots were so rapid he doesn't know if he was
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shot with the rifle or the handgun. >> it was going quick quick. >> reporter: he says he doesn't remember seeing allman barricade an exit but a sheriff says he did. >> the back door to the trailer that would have been an exit point was blocked with a piece of wood. and they were unable to open that door. >> reporter: for ambrosia he could only play dead. >> i was bleeding, i covered my head because i was worried about my brain. and i had blood on my face. and i closed my eyes and kept on praying. >> reporter: by the time the gunman fled, three had been fatally shot and others were wounded. ambrosia will be haunted about what had happened and what he could have done. >> i get emotional and i got to be talking or be with someone. >> reporter: ambrosia says he does not plan to get physical therapy but will get
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counselling. we heard what santa clara fire dispatchers were telling their colleagues in the field who were responding to that workplace shooting. >> reminder that the suspect is armed and dangerous, they're advising that he has an ak-47 as well as a handgun in his possession. >> first responders helped victims at the plant as police searched for the gunman. dispatchers are heard advising that the gunman made threats over a hand held radio. you can hear that recording and the entire interview with the victim who was shot. go to our website and look for the quarry shooting tab. a man is under arrest tonight in connection with a robbery and shooting that shut down a major east bay freeway. news chopper 2 brought us live pictures yesterday above i-85 in oakland as police searched for an armed robber who crashed on an on-ramp. he shot a woman in the leg. the woman was released today
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from hospital. the wall street journal reports a small private funeral was held today for steve jobs, but did not indicate where. it comes as the writer of steve jobs authorized biography shares moments of his final days. he says jobs was in so much pain he could not climb stairs. he died yesterday after a seven-year battle with pancreatic cancer. he wanted his children to have detailed stories about his life. the book is to be released later this year. >> sony is going to buy the rights for job's biography. they are going to pay $1 million for the rights to the project. apple's newest iphone is setting records. at & t says it received more than 200,000 preorders for the
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iphone 4-s in 12 hours today. that makes it apple's most successful iphone launch ever. the phone's features include faster download capabilities, an 8 megapixel camera and a full hd video recorder. it might be the most frustrating place in the east bay to find free parking. how one city is giving a break at the metre and why some say it's not enough. the federal government is coming after pot clubs. the supporter who came to the defense of the dispensaries. the storm clouds have moved out of the bay area but the cold tear remains in place. the neighborhoods that will start out saturday morning in the 40s and the temperature change you can expect for your weekend.
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. it's developed a reputation for being a parking nightmare but now walnut creek is trying to win over visitors at the parking meter with a few more free days. eric rasmussen is live in walnut creek with the changes and why some think there's more to be done. >> reporter: the free holidays are written here on the meter. that's what they have currently. but now the city is adding martin luther king, jr., president's, and columbus day. city leaders admit it's a first step in easing some of the frustration here. >> what do you think of parking in walnut creek? >> i think it's impossible. >> reporter: we asked a dozen drivers. >> how is it to park around here? >> it's a pain in the butt. >> reporter: they fount lack of
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park -- found lack of parking is part of the problem. >> the meter maids are like pirana. >> reporter: one driver showed us how it cost her 40 bucks but the complaints get louder after certain holidays when people think parking is free and find out it's not. >> people getting tickets is not what we really want. >> reporter: a city councilman hooked for parking solutions. he said free parking on four more holidays is just a start. >> we're going to make it easier to park in the parking garages, more flexible policies around what it costs, and easier ways to pay. >> reporter: house of beads told us parking problems are hurting business and some walnut creek residents say they deserve a break. >> i spend money here, i think you should -- when you hif here you shouldn't have to pay and it -- live here you shouldn't have to pay and it keeps me from
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going downtown. >> reporter: the change isn't official just yet so you will have to pay the next columbus day which is coming up on monday. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. one person is under arrest tonight after a stabbing in oakland sent a man to the hospital. it happened at 7:00 inside a pay less shoe store. police told our ktvu camera man that the victim was stabbed in the neck. the man is in the hospital. the jury we're told is not -- injury is not life threatening. a child suffered minor injuries from the fight but is expected to be okay. rescue teams plan to resume their search for a missing sacramento man at first height tomorrow. authorities say a car belonging to 30-year-old anton moto was found. his wife filed a missing persons report after he failed to return home after dropping his kids off
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at school. law enforcement officers say there are no signs of foul play. friends and family bid a final fare well to an oakland motorcycle club member who was shot and killed last week. the man was gunned down last tuesday on international boulevard. he was a member of the east bay dragons. the club is known for helping disadvantaged families and promoting nonviolence. oakland police are offering a $10,000 reward for information heeding to an arrest. 521 years to hive. that was the sentence handed -- to life. that was sentence for a serial rapist from richmond. manuel caldera was arrested for kidnapping and raping four woman. the crime continued over a seven year span. he was convicted of 25 felonies. his attorney called that sentence cruel and unusual punishment.
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we've learned the name of the man shot to death at a butcher shot. the coroner identified him today at 33-year-old jose manuel dejesus. he was shot in the head. three men were seen heaving the parking lot in a -- leaving the parking lot in a black cadillac at about the same time as the shooting happened. officials say they busted a drug ring during raids at two va vallejos homes yesterday. they found 4400 ecstacy tablets worth $30,000. authorities say they arrested a man in his car outside one of those homes who is being held on a half million dollars bail. 45 days is being given to medical marijuana clubs to shut down. one of those clubs is located very close to a school. yet the principal is defending
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the club. >> right on the other side of this ... >> reporter: this principal says the marijuana dispensary on the other side of the fence has been a good neighbor. >> i have yet to see anybody walking down in front of the school with something they just purchased. >> reporter: attorneys with the u.s. department of justice say too many marijuana dispensaries in california are playing the system. focusing on making a profit instead of providing a service and breaking federal law in the process. >> people are using the cover of medical marijuana to make extraordinary amounts of money, in short, to engage in drug trafficking. >> reporter: bill cantor is a defense attorney. he says the landlords got a letter like this from the feds warning them to kick out the tenants because they're operating too close to schools. >> the landlords are scared. >> reporter: many owners didn't respond to our request for an interview. >> there's so many of them that
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it's no big deal. >> i understand there's a school right there so it's not that good. >> reporter: principal peter abala says when it comes to negative influences on his kids he's more worried about other things in the neighborhood. >> we have needles in front of the school from the methadone clinic. crack pipes, so there's a lot of crack being sold around here. >> reporter: according to the letter, the dispensaries that received this have less than 45 days to shut down. . the rain clouds have moved out of the bay area and with the clear skies, this is the sunset looking at the golden gate bridge this evening, temperatures on the cool side. you can see the overnight lows, santa rosa 46, san jose 53, and so off to a cool start for
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tomorrow. a little bit warmer as we head into saturday so the warmest locations inland to reach mid to upper 70s. i'll highlight the warmest day of the weekend and the blue angels forecast. wildlife researchers have made a discovery. this mountain lion was discovered last month. they set up cameras but didn't find anything but then they moved the lions to the road and discovered the mountain lions prefer to stroll along a well trod path. jasper ridge preserve is healthy enough to support big predators. the war in afghanistan is ten years old as of today and tonight a little boy whose father is overseas talks about missing a dad and the struggles here at tomorrow.
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and the religious issue raised on the campaign trail. who accused mitt romney of being in a kault. cult. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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. on this night ten years ago we were reporting on the beginning of the war in afghanistan. u.s. armed forces with support from britain lawnched the first attacks. the target was osama bin laden and the first report said he had survived. night time images showed bombs exploding as the attack got underway. since then, the war has exacted a heavy toll. thousands of lives have been lost on both sides and the war has cost us billions of dollars. as alex savage reports, then there's the toll on the families. >> reporter: it's been a decade of fighting for many military families in the bay area. evan wasn't born when the war in
10:25 pm
afghanistan started but he's learned what it means to be the son of a service member. >> we don't get to see him that much. >> reporter: his dad is part of the air national guard on a six-month tour of duty in afghanistan right now. since the war started a decade ago he has spent six years fighting there. >> it's not the funnest of times. but you know, you work through it. >> reporter: his wife has been left to care for the couple's three boys and things have been difficult at times. >> my frustrations are why are we there? what are we doing? we're wasting valuable time, effort, and life. >> reporter: for the hanson family from salinas the war has spelled stress at home. >> i've missed a lot of my family's life, probably up wards of 3.5 years being gone away from home. that part has been difficult. >> reporter: first sergeant john hanson is with the army national guard. he finished a tour in afghanistan last year, and he says he owes a lot to his wife and kids who have always found a
10:26 pm
way to get by. >> it's been a sacrifice for the family but we've -- i think it's made us stronger and closer in different ways. >> reporter: the white flags at this veterans memorial represent peace. the troops are to be withdrawn by 2014 but the families expect they'll have to deal with more deployments between now and then. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. part of a resolution addresses the persecution and detention of chinese people. they apologise for the 1882 chinese exclusion act. many chinese americans in the bay area applauded the resolution. . the issue of religion entered the republican presidential campaign and
10:27 pm
specifically the mormon religious of mitt romney. the pastor who introduced rick perry said mitt romney is not a christian. pastor robert jeffress of dallas says romney is a mormon and mormonism is a cult. perry's campaign says the governor does not agree and doesn't believe it's a cult. we're learning more about the process that led to the federal funding for the manufacturer solyndra. e-mails indicate that an obama fundraiser exerted pressure to push through the half million dollar loan guarantee. steve spinner repeatedly push the energy department to finish the deal even though he was going to recuse himself. people applying for food stamps will no longer need to be fingerprinted thanks to a new state law. governor brown signed the legislation yesterday. it's designed to help low income residents, many of whom are
10:28 pm
afraid of the fingerprinting requirements. this practice has been in effect for ten years. two state parks in marrin county are not slated to close. there will be a $2 day use fee to visit mere woods on top of $5 entrance fee. it will pay to keep open two other parks. both are located in west marrin. the nobel committee is make stamth with this year's -- statement with this year's peace prize winners. a group it says is necessary for democracy. man is heading to prison and why he might serve his time outside of california. [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot with no hassle at all. i don't even need an appointment. [ male announcer ] it's about as easy as flu shots get.
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. the nobel committee did something it hasn't done in seven years. it awarded the prize to women. these women worked against incredible odds in places where oppression is a fact of life and as rita williams tells us, the prize is meant as a message. >> reporter: this year's nobel peace prize is shared by three heroic women. >> we cannot obtain peace unless women obtain the same opportunities as men. >> reporter: tawakul karman, the unsuccessful attempt to overthrow yemen's president. >> i was very happy. >> reporter: and two women from liberia, lima gbowee is one. >> a group of women we decided now is the time for us to just
10:32 pm
step in and do something, do something against rape and abuse. >> reporter: and ellen johnson sirleaf, 72, the first democratically elected woman of an african company. >> she is extraordinary woman. >> reporter: human rights advocate rebecca westerfield was a peace corps volunteer in liberia four decades ago and helped bring sirleaf to speak there two years ago. >> this is a hopeful day and i think it's going to energize women around the world. >> reporter: just the intent of the nobel committee, to inspire the next generation of women leaders. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. . convicted murderer josef bay iv is being sent to prison to
10:33 pm
life without parole. today prosecutors decided to drop kidnapping and torture charges in another case to spare the witness from testifying and cheer the way for bay's immediate transfer to prison. it is expected he had serve his team at pelican bay or in arizona or mississippi where california contracts out some of its prisoners. the centers for disease control says 21 people have died from listeria from cantaloupe. it has sickened 109 people in 23 states, including here in california. health officials say the outbreak is far from over. it can take two months for listeria symptoms to appear and the last of the fruit was likely pulled from store shelves just two weeks ago. some bay area children who are battling cancer and other diseases are getting creative.
10:34 pm
they want to turn their bedrooms at home into a ballpark or perhaps a jungle filled with animals. how a new nonprofit is helping to make the dream come true. >> you can have it hoe, medium, or high. >> reporter: this is a story about that young boy who likes to play and who likes to read. >> rabbits, white rats, ducks. >> reporter: meesha burn is 10 years old and is battling leukemia. on >> napron very yucky. >> reporter: he has dreams, fantasies, and very big ideas and very soon one of his biggest dreams surrounding that bedroom had soon come true. >> we're going to have shelves where they can put their stuff there with lighting. >> reporter: inside this office, volunteer designers are doing
10:35 pm
just that, designing. >> i see hope. >> reporter: this is a nonprofit that directs its attention to critically ill children. the goal? to turn the child's imagination of a castle likeroom at home a reality, like meesha's. >> we are about bringing joy and wanting to care for the child in their darkest hours. >> it's hour to hour. you have another nurse coming in. >> reporter: meesha's father says special spaces is all about the emotional support. >> he's going to be at home for a period of time, which is very likely, that he's in his space. what he designed. what he wanted. where he wants to be. >> reporter: five other sick children are hoping for new rooms, special spaces says the funding is a work in progress. the burns says they will be graciously waiting and as they do, no disease can break this
10:36 pm
bond: the love that exists between this father and son. . >> and for more information on special spaces and its upcoming benefits, you can go to, scroll down to the home page and click on web links. an entire town is forced to evacuate. why crews expect to remain on the scene of a train derailment, more than 24 hours after it happened. . the bay area weather pattern is changing right now. coming up, the warmest day of the weekend, the fleet week forecast, and we'll let you know if there are more rain chances and the extended outlook. jurors in the trial of michael jackson's doctor here what he said to police shortly after the singer died.
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. emergency crews in illinois expect to be on the scene of a fiery train derailment all night tonight. rail cars carrying highly flammable ethanol derailed early this morning. a village of 800 people were evacuated as a precaution, most are back home tonight. there are no reports of any injuries. today jurors in the trial of michael jackson's doctor heard conrad murray described how he had given the singer the power
10:40 pm
drug propofol in the past. >> complaining that he cannot sleep. >> dr. murray explains jackson was suffering from severe insomnia so he gave him the anaesthetic but he realized that jackson had become addict and tried to wean him off of it. that interview gave investigators their first hint that jackson may not have died from natural causes. authorities blame that drug gang they say the same gang is suspected of 35 other recent killings. marines arrested eight members of the gang. officials say many of their victims are members of a rival cartel, the zadas. in libya, the revolutionary fighters ramped up their efforts
10:41 pm
today. casualties are said to be high. u.s. officials say 80% of cert is in control of the transitional government. . [ singing ]. and in south africa, desmond tutu had his 80 birthday. there was one thing he wanted, though, but didn't get and that was a visit by his friend and fellow nobel peace prize winner the dali lhama. arnold schwarzenegger had reason to celebrate today. rain didn't dampen spirits at the unveiling of a bronze statue of his from his body building days. it is a key feature of a new museum in his honor. it includes exhibits from his careers in politics and the
10:42 pm
movies. he remains popular in austria despite his messy divorce. look at large crowds. find out who they came to see. and warmer weather. just in time for the weekend. mark tomayo will tell us where it could reach 80 degrees.
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. creepy videos are being shown in oakland's great wall and west grand avenue of broadway of the on the first friday of every month unusual videos from around the world are shown on the wall. tonight's theme is fright night. the monthly great wall movies are a collaboration between the group metrovation and the city of oakland. the weather is expected to cooperate with hundreds of thousands of people headed to san fransisco and the fleet week
10:45 pm
festivities. we're live along the water front where some people are getting an early start on the celebration. >> reporter: we're at pier 30-32 in front of the u.s.s. bonham rashard. it will be open tomorrow. it is used to transport marines and respond to disaster relief but the star of fleet week is the air show. this afternoon the familiar roar of the fa-18 filled the skies of san fransisco as the blue angels practiced their trademark heart stopping manoeuvres. >> we've flown in some beautiful, beautiful places, but the golden gate bridge is a backdrop, all the people up and down each shoreline, it's special feeling. >> reporter: a crowd greeted the pilots and crew tonight.
10:46 pm
>> i'm great. >> reporter: 5-year-oldolum came in a home made costume. he's been talking about the blue angels when he saw them last year. >> what do you want to be when you grow up. >> a blue angel pilot. >> reporter: fleet week organizers estimate the festivities will attract a million people to the city. >> taking in the culture, you know, it's not like d.c. there's so much to do here. just in short walking distance. >> reporter: a petty officer stationed on board the u.s.s. bonham rashard told us he's ready to hit the town. >> what do you like about the city? >> the atmosphere. great weather. there's a lot to do, a lot to see. >> bye, thank you! >> reporter: back at pier 39, fans cheered as the blue angels left on a bus after the meet and greet with the public with a promise to wow the crowd this weekend during air shows scheduled for saturday and sunday. amber lee, ktvu channel 2
10:47 pm
news. and here now is a quick look at the schedule. the air show takes place tomorrow and sunday, starts about 12:30 with the blue angels taking to the sky at 3. and monday you can tour some of the ships in town for neat week. -- fleet week. no rain clouds to worry about this weekend. the weather, temperatures had be warming up quite a bit as we head into saturday and sunday. on live storm tracker two, mostly clear skies except for fog along the coast line and it will thicken up in coverage, mostly patchy in nature heading into early saturday morning. forecast headlines, for tonight we have this mostly clear skies, temperatures on the cool side. chilly mornings out there but it will be nice. next week, more sunshine and temperatures will warm up as we head into tuesday and into wednesday of next week. current numbers just updated in most of the bay area at the
10:48 pm
10:00 area in the 50s. you can see the satellite and high pressure strengthens and that will set up an off-shore flow and that's the warming direction so with that dry weather forecast this weekend. patchy morning fog. temperatures up a few degrees for saturday inland temperatures will be approaching the 80 degree mark. fleet week forecast, you can see some nice weather, a patch or two of fog in the morning hours. temperatures essential hi back up into the mid to upper 60s right around san fransisco. we showed you some patches of fog along the coast line, but into the afternoon hours, plenty of sunshine and temperatures ranging from the 60s to around 75 to 79 degrees. a little bit of a bump in the
10:49 pm
numbers tomorrow. santa rosa 77, the rim of the bay, those readings in the upper 60s to lower 70s. brentwood close to 80 degrees. san jose mid-70s, fremont 73. san fransisco in the upper 60s. here is a look ahead. your extended forecast with your weekend in view. highlight it coming up. those temperatures come up a little bit into sunday, we're going to bring in a few extra high clouds on monday and a dip in those numbers but then we warm back up to tuesday to wednesday of next week, and the warmest locations by wednesday could be approaching the mid-830s. big rollercoaster with our weather pattern but we got the timing right this weekend. >> one of the best five days we've seen in a while. >> we deserve it. a group of young musicians will appear on television who played to a hometown crowd in
10:50 pm
front of the city hall. pop life didn't make it to the finals of the tv show america's got talent but they've won over a lot of local fans. the group's members are all younger than 18. they formed their band a few years ago in oakland. it was close. find out in tiger woods made the cut today at the fry' tournament in the south bay. the fate after long running hit show the sim sons. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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. one of the most famous tv families is going to stick around for two more seasons despite concerns that the payroll is making production a little too expensive to continue. fox announced today it will air seasons 24 and 25 of the simpsons. the renewal comes after the contract dispute with the voices of the characters. a 30% pay cut for the entire cast some suggest. fred is in for mark tonight. down to the final four in baseball. >> and not one west coast team or one east coast team. all middle america here. both national legal division series went to full five games.
10:54 pm
today in milwaukee it was a colorful san fransisco native who has been called a hot dog to a loose cannon who wore the label hero. it was tied 1-1 in milwaukee. 6th inning, two brewers on base. hairston flies to deep center field. chris young has got speed, got radar, and he's got it! it says 1-1. arizona now trailed 2-1 in the top of the 9th. dbacks on the corner. that's bloomquist at the plate who exercises the squeeze. tied at 2-2. headed to extra inning in this elimination game 5. end of the 10, morgan with a single, he attended mount tam high. he calls him everything from tony tombstone but the real nigel morgan comes up with a game winning hit. 3-2 the final. first time milwaukee wins a playoff series since 1982. the rally squirrel made the trip
10:55 pm
to philadelphia. a great pitching duel. this is the only run of the first inning. schumaker scores nadal. carpenter lights out. 102 games won by philadelphia this season. but the cardinals win 1-0. they'll face the brewers starting sunday in the nlcs. well, he hasn't won in 21 straight starts but when tiger maze people follow. fry open. some golfers didn't finish today's second fog round because
10:56 pm
fog delayed the start. tiger 2 over year shot a 3 under 68 today and check out him on the 15th. 152 yards out and that's a dart. one of his six birdies. he birdies this final hole. one under par, seven back from the leader. the leader is paul casey. he has a one shot heed over cally. tonight's friday night high school game of the week, aurora high traveled to bishop odowd. this was supposed to be a struggle for supremacy. nickerson leads the dragons. tonight the white jerseys discover the dragons are faster than history tells us.
10:57 pm
this one goes all the bay gam. gomes gets the early 7-0 heed. nickerson, he scores a short touchdown. 16-0. nickerson heads to cal next year. bishop o'dowd wins. that is sports as we see it this friday night. doesn't forget, american league championship series starts tomorrow night. no yankees, no phillies, the two winningest teams with the highest salaries out in the first round. >> nice to see that. >> it is. a lot of people kind of cheering about that. >> okay. >> thanks, fred. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> joining mornings on 2 from 7 to 9. we'll have the latest overnight news developments and we're here for you on
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