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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the next couple of days, sunshine and warm weather. i say fair because there will be some high clouds. we had really thick low clouds yesterday towards the east day. 60s, 70s and mid to upper 80s. pam? >> thank you, steve. topping our news this morning, more than a dozen people are hurt after a crash between two amtrak trains right near the oakland station. now it happened just before 10:00. >> reporter: good morning, pam. within the last ten minutes, a train headed to seattle just left the station. you can see there's people out here working the scene where the trains collided. now, we do know, according to one of the passengers, it was scary. one man felt a jolt at the
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collision. >> knocked them clear on her back. i picked her up and got her on her feet, and her hip was hurt. >> now, here's a look at the point of impact where the two trains collided. the coast starlight train was stopped here at the jack london station. now, amtrak officials are telling us the accident is still under investigation. they give us little details about the incident, but they told oakland fire a little more. >> the other train was traveling from san joaquin valley. the train that was moving ran a red signal, according to amtrak representative. >> now, 45 oakland firefighters responded to the call. in all, 17 people were injured and taken to area hospitals for
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minor injuries. now we can come out here live and you can see people are here investigating the scene. we'll bring it to you as it develops. once again, the train headed to seattle has left the area. i'm paul chambers. to tell you more about the commute, let's go so sal. >> in this area of jack london square, you can't drive on the end of the oak street. it's closed for a good long while. so if you're coming to jack london square area, you should be aware of that. also, we'll be keeping track of the train service to make sure they're not delayed. they very well may be just a little delayed. again, as paul mentioned, that train that was involved, one of them has been moved on. at 4:32, this is a look at northbound 80. traffic looks pretty good. and the morning drive is moving
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well on interstate 880 in both directions here on the coliseum. this is a look at san francisco, northbound 101. that traffic is moving along nicely approaching the 80 split. it's 4:32. >> all right. we do have breaking news in the east bay now. we're receiving reports of a shooting on macarthur boulevard in oakland near the starlight motel. we understand a woman may have been shot. greg debro is headed to the scene right now. we'll check in with him as soon as possible. >> investigators in orange county have identified the shooting rampage that killed 8 people. 42-year-old scott evans walked into the salon at 1:30 yesterday afternoon. that's when he opened fire, killing six people and seriously injuring three others, two of those people later died at the hospital. >> this could be one of our
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greatest tragedies in seal beach. it has had a tremendous effect on our community. >> the suspect is an ex-husband of a woman who works at the salon. friends say they were involved in a bitter custody dispute. right now we don't know if his ex-wife is one of those killed. >> brian harrison has stepped down from solyndra, solyndra. he led it for more than a year. a faulty switch with a broken backup has the bay area joining the rest of the world in a blackberry blackout. coming up at 4:45, why blackberry says today could be a better day for the customers.
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major gene quan has scheduled a news conference. he's expected to announce her choice for interim police chief, once outgoing chief batts departs. some believe it will go to howard jordan. >> my assumption, it's mayoral decision. my assumption is she'll put a deputy chief in action for a while to calm everything down. >> so far, jordan has declined comment on whether he will take over as interim chief. chief batts announced his resignation weeks after the city failed to adopt a crime fighting plan he supported. police say batts rocky relationship with the mayor played a role in his decision to resign. a criminal probe made to
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san francisco mayor ed lee. now, investigators will examine the validity -- the contributions total 11,500. the campaign was suspicious and returned the money. rival candidate and current city attorney requested the investigation. this morning, a 1-month-old baby girl is reunited with her mother after oakland police say she was taken during a domestic dispute. our cameras were the only ones there when the newborn was returned safe and sound. the young woman removed a car seat with a little girl secured inside. police say at about 7:30 last night, neighbors reported a domestic disturbance at a home on lyndon the shot before
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grabbing the baby and fleeing the scene. police are now searching for that man. secretary of state hillary clinton will meet with the detain detainees of iran. the men spent more than two years in a teheran prison. sarah shourd was released a year ago. the demonstrations represent a problem that will topple capitalism in america. in san francisco yesterday, police arrested nearly a dozen antiwall street protesters and estimated 200 people rallied outside wells fargo headquarters, blocking public entrances and slowing traffic.
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bay area suburbs also had protesters. demonstrators rallied outside of bank of america branches in palo alto. occupy richmond plans to hold a march at 4:00 p.m. today. east palo alto residents demanded to know why a driver has not been arrested. two weeks ago, a schoolteacher's car hit and killed a 6-year-old girl in a crosswalk at bay road and gloria. the teacher has previous citations, including driving while talking on a cell phone. >> why did you take that cell phone? >> that doesn't change the fact that there was no evidence to
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make the arrest. it doesn't change the fact that i could not search or take the cell phone. >> next week the district attorney is expected to decide if the driver who hit and killed 6-year-old -- will face criminal charges. right now it's 4:38. charging to park on holidays that used to be free is bringing major revenue to the city. they started charging for labor day, fourth of july, and veteran's day. this led to 72 more parking citations than normal, bringing in $75,000 a day. right now the only holidays you pack for free in san francisco are thanksgiving, christmas, and new year's day. happening now, we're following developing news from oakland. we're on the scene of an early morning fire. tara? >> the arson investigator pulled up here 30 minutes ago.
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we're here off of 73rd and spencer. if you take a look behind me, you can see there are still crews here. they're getting ready to pull out, actually. right where that for sale sign is is the house we're talking about. the crews responded to the fire here. it looks like someone lit this fire on purpose. that's according to the captain. there was quite a bit of smoke, but the fire itself was on the small side. the capitates us crews ran a rose line and within minutes had extinguished the flames. >> suspicious in nature. it appears someone broke into a vacant building and tried to ignite the building on fire. >> now, the captain tells us that they did find suspicious fluid in some of the bedrooms. the house is currently up for sale. all the damage we know of is to the carpeting, which they will have to cut out. there's still two engines that are here. the arson investigator is in the back, but i believe he's
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wrapping up his investigation shortly. >> 4:40 is the time right now. let's go over to staal. a lot of things could affect traffic this morning, sal. you're right, there's a lot of roadwork out there. if you come upon it, be careful and give the workers little bit of room. one lane away from them. let's go outside. now, there's the roadwork. you can see there's quite a bit of slow traffic approaching the closure because of the flashing lights. on the side road, i'm not sure what that is. i'm wondering if that's roadwork or perhaps something else going on on that frontage road on the left there that's causing a little bit of a backup there. if you're driving into berkeley, be aware it's there. they're in the process of picking up the cones. also, the morning commute looks pretty good.
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this morning's drive into san jose is off to a nice start on 280 through downtown. 4:41. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we have a little easterly breeze. it's the higher clouds breaking through the ridge of high pressure. otherwise, it's sunny and warm. highs in the 70s to 80s and some of these will be mid to upper 80s. you can see how the storm track is breaking through. it's more towards the north bay. not a big deal. everybody will still be pretty warm today. 50s and low 60s. san francisco and oakland in there. also mountainview. mainly mid-50s. there's your easterly breeze. east, southeast, san jose. it's mainly clear. the jet stream says, i'm going way to the north. it stretches well past the
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hawaiian islands. it looks like this little guy will hang out here until midweek next week. it's going to hang out there for a while. until that time, maybe some higher clouds. overall, it will be fair to warmer. temperatures coming up little bit. we have a low 80s closer to the bay. maybe mid-80s inland and upper 80s are possible up near vacaville and very warm into friday. i think we top out tomorrow and the weekend will be nice, especially as we head toward sunday and monday. >> overnight a powerful earthquake jolted indonesia. a dozen students were trapped when the ceiling of their high school caved in. no threat of a tsunami, though, at this point. a second person has died from last week's helicopter crash.
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the chopper carrying a pilot and four tourists crashed into the east river just moments after takeoff. one woman was killed on impact. a second woman died in the hospital yesterday. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. u.s. military investigators have confirmed that the crash of a military helicopter in afganistan in august was caused by a rocket propelled grenade. 38 people died in the crash, including 17 navy seals. it was the deadliest single incident for u.s. forces in afganistan. two alameda county deputies are opening up about coming face to face with an armed suspect. they spoke with reporter eric rasperson. they belong to a tactical unit,
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searching for the accused double murderer that was armed with an ak47. >> i do know i heard and felt a super sonic crack of a bullet fly betweens. >> as we made our way to the roadway to start advancing, that's when i saw him several yards down running across to the other side of the roadway. >> now, he eventually escaped, but the close call fueled a larger manhunt and then another team shot and killed him. president obama is expected to sign off on three new trade deals that had been stalled in congress for weeks. congress approved the agreements that cut or eliminate products going to south korea, columbia, and panama. now, the u.s. chamber of commerce said if the bills were
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not passed, it could have cost 380,000 american jobs. supporters say the deal could add 70,000 jobs. research in motion engineers are working overtime to deal with what's plaguing blackberry users. people were not having luck yesterday, but that should get better today. now, a message posted on blackberry's website say service levels in the u.s. are improving improving. one tech watcher says blackberry woes are nothing knew. >> this happens occasionally with their network. occasionally they have outages on a secure network. >> they say their e-mail system broke down because of a faulty switch that linking them to the internet. the backup didn't work either. the problem started in europe and the middle east on monday. a report being released
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today shows there's a slowdown in bay area foreclosure activity. the oversaul -- overall number of notices dropped. that's the first step in the foreclosure process, but the numbers varied widely from county to county. san mateo county saw the biggest increase of 99% from the month before. on monday, president obama will hit the road on a three- day bus tour to continue pressuring congress on his jobs bill. virginia is also a state key to his re-election campaign. they're traditionally republican states that president obama won in 2008. and there's a new front runner among the republican candidates. herman cain ranks at the top of
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a wall street journal poll with 27%. mitt romney comes in second with 23% and rick perry in third with 16%. one note, this poll was taken before the latest republican debate on tuesday. time now, 4:47, a vigil will be held in san jose tonight. mark munoz was one of the people killed in last week's quarry shooting. about 500 people attended a funeral yesterday for another victim, 48-year-old manuel pinon. family and friends say he had two loves, his family and the 49ers. they're having a difficult time coping with husband death. >> a time like this when nothing makes any kind of sense whatsoever, there's no way to look at this and view and try to understand why or how any of
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these things work. >> his wife is battling cancer, and a fund has been set up at bank of the west. the shooting suspect killed himself during a confrontation with law enforcement. more than a dozen laptops are missing from a mill valley elementary school this morning. someone broke into strawberry point school and stole 20 apple macs from the library. it appears the door was pried open. the theft comes less than three months after laptops from another mill valley school were stolen. a grim 20th anniversary in the oakland hills. how city firefighters are marking the fire storm disaster today. and the man accused of hacking into celebrity e-mail accounts is finally arrested. why he says he did it.
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welcome back to the morning news. time 4:51. the accused hollywood hacker is behind bar this is morning. yesterday the fbi arrested christopher cheney of florida. he's accused of hacking into the e-mails of more than 50 people, including scarlett johansson and chris tina aguilera. he said he was not doing it for black male. >> started as curiosity and it turned into just being addicted to seeing behind the scenes of what was going on. >> now, the fbi says cheney did research on the celebrities and essentially guessed the passwords to their e-mail accounts. once he had access, he sent them to automatically forward all e-mails to his account. he was acharged with
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wiretapping and unauthorized -- to a protected computer. he faces up to 121 years in prison. a shocking detail in the case of conrad murray. they're abandoning the theory that michael jackson gave himself the lethal dose of propofol. a study showed if jackson had swallowed it himself, the results would be trivial. they have decided against raising the issue with jurors. this comes as prosecutors put more medical experts on the stand. >> you don't give propofol for sleep. that's an extreme deviation of the standard of care. even if a lethal dosage did not kill him, he did not care for him properly.
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he did not have the appropriate equipment and did not call 9 11. if he had been properly prepared, jackson would likely still be alive. the east bay hills fire storm that claimed 25 lives, nearly 3800 homes burned for three days. today,fire station 7 will mark the anniversary. narrow roads and heavy vegetation made it possible for that fire to quickly spread. also, they're advising homeowners to cut back brush and have evacuation plans in place. crews are putting together a ski lift like tram. it's not going to be used by commuters. teams strung up the cables yesterday. the tram will actually help string these suspension cables
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together around the bridge. coming up on 5:00, let's check in on the commute with sal. all right. pam, good morning to you and everyone. traffic is doing pretty well around the bay. if you're driving in any of our commutes, we're doing well over the san mateo bridge. that's looking good getting over to 121. now, at the coliseum, things are looking good in both direction. there's roadwork being done there. there's a round robin to temporarily stop these cars from passing the coliseum. it's pretty slow because a police car essentially has stopped all traffic here temporarily so they can reopen the lanes. the morning commute is going to be okay in the south bay with all the freeways doing well. 4:55, let's go to steve.
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a little bit of an easterly breeze. even the coast looks good for sunshine today. overall, it will be warm on the coast. a lot of 80s popping up on the high side. yesterday, it showed up toward san jose and the north bay. there was a band of it in the east bay. we'll see if that pops up again easy to, but i don't i don't think so, the air is dryer. we're not expecting anything until next week. 54 in santa rosa. san jose, most locations stay calm. a few of the higher clouds look like they want to paint toward the north bay. they will continue to lift out of the area and we'll have plenty of sunshine. looks like they will break off and hang out for three to five days, and we won't have to deal with it until early next week. until then, warmer. easterly breeze.
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temperatures will rebound from the 50s and 60s. 70s and 80s near the bay. santa cruz, 84 degrees today. 80 in the city and mid-80s on the peninsula, including woodside at 85. looks good. friday, we'll top out on the temperatures, saturday and sunday, cooler as we head into monday. >> thank you, steve. developing news out of oakland. police investigating a shooting that injured one woman. we'll have the latest details coming up in a live report. also, taking a live look in oakland this morning. the cleanup continues after two amtrak trains collide in oakland overnight. you're going to hear how passengers described the scary incident.
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