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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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we're outside the apple store where last night about 50 people spent the night waiting to get their hands on an iphone 4s. we're going to talk to a man who has a long history with apple who is the first person in line here. pg and e makes a new move to improve pipeline safety. and a violent attack caught on camera, police are telling us about the new developments. it's all ahead here on the morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. i am pam cook. >> let's get a quick look at your traffic and weather. and steve, happy friday to you. >> thank you, mike. pam. both of you, clear skies, warm to hot day, temperatures on the coast in the 80s and inland, 80s to near 90 degrees. and the weekend forecast in
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about five minutes. now here's sal. >> good morning. traffic on 680 looks good headed south. and if you are driving anywhere near the san mateo bridge, a nice looking drive. it's 5:00. back to the desk. in overnight news, firefighters rescued two people from their burning home in concord. we are live in concord with how crews got them out of this home. >> reporter: yeah, it was a great rescue. we're actually on our way to the fire house where the crews responded to the scene are stationed right now. they stationed two women early this morning. if we can take a look at video, we can show you that they helped out one woman by walking her out and the other, they carried through the front door. it happened at 1:30 this morning. flames broke out in the attic. there was heavy smoke. and when concord police actually arrivedded first to the house, but they couldn't get through because of the
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smoke. five fire engines arrivalled and they were able to get the women out safely. >> the thing people have to realize, we have a limited number of crews and when you arrival onscene at a structure fire with a rescue, things drastically change. rather than fighting the fire, you have to deal with rescuing the people. once that's accomplished, you have to go back and start dealing with the fire. >> reporter: now firefighters found those women in the back bedroom. they were taken to a nearby hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. most of the damage is the ceiling and kitchen and living room area. crews had to poke holes in the roof to get the smoke out. no word yet on what caused it. and firefighters did shoot video inside of the house. we will try to bring it to you later in the show. live from concord, ktvu channel 2 news. three people were displaced in another fire overnight. that started at about 11:30 at an apartment complex on visitation valley. the fire may have been sparked by a pot that was left on a
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stove. that home did not have a smoke detecter. a neighbor who noticed the smoke was the one to call the fire department. and no one was injured. pg and e wants to replace potentially dangerous pipes that delivers gas to homes. the pipes have contributed to explosions including this home on christmas eve in 2008. the pipes have a history of cracking. the company vice president said they'll ask for permission to raise rates to cover the cost. >> it has taken an explosion to motivate companies and regulators to take action to fix problems. >> speaking in front of a burned out condo yesterday, the bay area assemblyman jerry hill announced plans to replace the pipes.
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he says the pipe was caused by one of the leaking plastic pipes. three hours away from another big day in apple. the long awaited iphone 4s goes on sale at 6:00 this morning there. is a line of eager customers stretching down the block. and we understand you have a special customer at the front. >> right. the very front of the line. the apple co-founder. and you were telling me, steve, that you don't have to be here to get your hands on iphone 4s, you pre-ordered a couple already. >> nobody has to be. all the prior iphone offerings, the new introductions, i was given some in advance. sometimes by apple. but i just wanted to be parts of the events and it's like dancing with the stars, the fact that it's so hard is what makes it fun. and if something is meaningful, you put out more effort for it. i have friends that say, this is the most important thing ever in history, but i will
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order it and have it come to my home. they do up on the sacrifice, waiting. me, no, i think that's part of it. >> reporter: and we want to show some of the people gathered around here. there were about 50 people that spent the night out here. but a little while ago, we saw you signing autographs, people taking pictures, sitting in the chair holding court. what was it like last night? were you telling people stories about the old days? >> to tell you the truth, i just want to come here and get my phone. i like being first in line. i would like to be an anonymous person. but i have to spend like 12 hours just signing things, taking picture, you get no break. it's more tiring. but i don't know, adrenalin flow as we get closer to the time. >> reporter: and with the passing of steve jobs last week, do you feel like that's adding to the excitement? >> no, i don't feel that at
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all. i think just the quality, the great products are still continuing. it's another steve jobs product. we're not that far off. >> reporter: would you ever consider going back to apple? at the helm? >> exciting, never, never, never. i don't think apple would have been as great. i'm a different personalty than steve and he had a lot of the ingredients you need for that. i had, you know, if there was any way somebody could convince me, i would go back, that's the only way. >> reporter: a big fan of the iphone 4s, first in line at this store to get his hands on one. and inside the store here, you can see some of the apple employees getting ready for the store to open. starts at 8:00 this morning. >> and tributes to steve jobs continue to pour in more than a week after his death. fans have started an online movement. they are calling today steve
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jobs day. they ask fellow admirers to tweet about jobs and wear black mock turtlenecks. fans say they embrace his vision and loved what he brought to the world. apple customers in san francisco will receive leaflets today from union protesters. they would hold an informational picket. it is part of a nationwide campaign against verizon. the wireless company and its 45,000 employees have been battling over health care coverage and benefits. senate republicans are offering their own jobs bill to compete with president barack obama's. we're going to have a live report from the washington, d.c. news room with why the republicans say they felt they had to come up with a plan of their own. a federal raid on a pot dispensary is shaking up the medical marijuana community this morning. 99 pot plants were seized yesterday. located about ten miles north. now the raid came less than a
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week after the feds said they were cracking down on pot relate businesses in california. some in the medical marijuana community are surprised by the raid because north stone is in compliance with laws. police want your help to find a man who robbed a bank in montgomery village there. is photos of the man police are looking for. he is suspected of robbing the bank last wednesday. now the gray haired man was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, glasses and a baseball cap. police believe the man is between 40 and 50 years ole, weighs about 150 to 180-pounds. we also have new informing about a shock ago tack we told you about wednesday. yesterday sacramento police officers arrested the man seen here punching a 42-year-old woman and then being chased away. they identified him as a 21- year-old. video of the attack was posted
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on world star website. police are still looking for a second man seen delivering a punch that knocked the woman to the ground. police are warning people to watch out for mountain lions after two sightings, including one near a school. browns valley elementary was locked down yesterday after you police were given a photo of a mountain lion near the school. later in the afternoon, another sighting was reported just about a mile away mother a restaurant -- mile away at a restaurant. crews searched both areas, but did not find the lion. let's go back over to sal. how is the commute so far? >> well, so far, no lions out there. >> good. >> maybe a couple cougars though. that's different. >> hey, watch that. >> let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving allock relatively well around the maze. off to westbound 580, looks
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good up to the maze. no major problems onto the bridge. we're looking good at the toll plaza. and the lower deck, earlier road work that picked up. and no major problems. we look at the east shore freeway, that traffic looks nice. driving on 680 south to walnut creek, a good job. let's go to steve. >> thank you. all right. we have clear skies, even the coast. and temperatures warm up fast there. is the warmest day of not only the past couple, but also looking forward. a cool down into the weekend. it will be all right, but it's going to be cooler with high clouds coming in, especially on sunday. san francisco starting off 62. now that's at 8:00 a.m. and 64 now. 76 at noon. a high of 84. and high pressure says i like it here. so clear skies, calm conditions, coast 70s and 80s. warm to hot towards santa cruz. and you can see why.
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can't find any clouds. well, they're way to the north. and a now inching into southern california which was really hot yesterday, 90s, 100s. they'll start a cooling trend on the weekend and so will we. today 50s and 60s. calm conditions across the board. no wind whatsoever. and as the high pressure bills in, sends the jet stream to the north, the system that will start a cool down is actually right there. the low. and you can see the clouds inching northward as well up. they'll start to merge and that will take temperatures down slightly. but high pressure wins, a lot of sun, clear skies, mild lows and temperatures, warmmy to hot. and the warmest day. coast looks great. highs 70 to near 90 degrees. take your pick. 90 morgan hill. oakland 85. tomorrow, still all right, but high clouds work their way in here.
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cooler on sunday and next week. >> all right. thank you. 2012 presidential election still about more than a year away, but thed cans are busy raising money. when is ahead and who is behind in the race for cash. a staffing cut at the new york times. why up to 20 people will soon be without a job.
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republicans in the u.s. senate are making a counter-
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offer to president barack obama's jobs bill. they want to roll back many of the big bills that have passed during to be ma's presidency. >> this bill does not include anything that was in the president's plan. president barack obama job's bill that was defeated this week was called the american jobs act. the gop bill is called the real american jobs act. it rewrites the tax code, calls for a cap on federal spending, a repeal of the 2009 health care reform bill, and a repeal of the wall street reform and consumer protection bills that passed after the 2008 economic melt down and paves the way for more domestic oil production. >> from a republican point of view, i think this is a welcomed break through. we have to be for something. >> now this plan would cap individual income tax rates at 25%. republicans are not yet saying how they're going to pay for it. reporting live from washington,
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d.c. well, president barack obama's re-election campaign has announced its latest fund raising totals. the campaign took in $70 million in the third quarter. that was more than the goal of $55 million and much more than the totals of any of the republican candidates. president barack obama and the president of south korea will travel to michigan today will they'll tour a general motor assembly plant. last night, president barack obama honored the leader with a state dinner at the white house. >> the essence of our alliance i think is embodied in a concept that is uniquely koreaen. it doesn't translate that easily, but reflects the deep affection, the bonds of the heart that cannot be broken and that grow stronger with time. >> president barack obama and the south koreaen president are celebrating the new free trade agreement just approved by congress. both leaders say it will support jobs and help increase trade between the two countries. the new york times is moving to cut as many as 20
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jobs in the news room. the times says it will seek buyout volunteers, but no employees will be laid off. it's a cost-cutting measure because of what the times calls a worsening advertising climate. this will be the first staff reduction since the end of 2009 when a hundred jobs were cut. union workers at ford could strike next week. voting ends on tuesday. ford and the united auto union reached a tentative agreement last week. most workers will get profit share checks instead of raises. they are upset that it keeps wage frozen for those on the traditional pay scale. back over to sal. how is traffic looking? >> good. just looking at the list we get here on a routine basis. and nothing going on that's really slowing traffic down.
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let's go to the live pictures. westbound 92. looks good heading off to the high-rise of the bridge. 80, northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. the traffic looks good here in san francisco onto interstate 80 and the lower deck of the bay bridge. and the upper deck, westbound traffic at the toll plaza is very nice drive coming into san francisco. 5:17. let's go to steve. >> thank you. clear skies, can't find any fog, coast is clear, inland temperatures in the 50s. many locations closer to the coast are in the 60s including downtown san francisco. 61 to 62 to 64, mountain view says 63. cooler up towards the north bay. running four degrees warmer there. everything going up and over. so this will be probably the warmest day of the week. high clouds streaming up in southern california. it will play into the weather on saturday. and then a bigger drop on sunday for temperatures. the fog will start to work its
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way back. cool down will continue as the low inches and i mean inches over towards us, but not until monday or tuesday of next week. probably just cooler weather and high and mid-level clouds. clear skies, mild lows. in fact, temperatures be warming up to fast here. sunny, warm to hot. and again, looks like the warmest day of not only the week, but also the weekend. everything looks good to go for wall to wall sunshine. severe clear as we like to say. 70s, 80s to near 90 degrees for some today. yes, 90 there as well. fair and warm with the weekend in view. it will be good. it will go b nice, just not as warm. saturday warm enough. sunday we will start that cooling trend with high clouds and cooler into monday and tuesday. san francisco-based zinga plans to list its stock. they specialize in free online games. they filed to go public in
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july, but no date has been set yet. checking in on the numbers. looks like a higher opening here in the u.s. and good gains right now across europe. dow jones starts today at 11,478 and a lot of stocks to watch today. apple outside the lines, outside the stores for the new 4 gs. and google third quarter profits up strongly from last year. general electric says colorado will be the home of the largest solar factory in the u.s. the company selected the denver suburb site yesterday. the $600 million plant will be the size of 11 football fields and ge says it will produce enough panels to power 80,000 homes a year. it should employee about 350 people. central valley farmworkers feeling the pains from the recent cantaloupe outbreak even though the cantaloupes were
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traced to colorado, the entire industry has been affected. one company was forced to lay- off nearly half its work force before the end of the season. the the outbreak has killed 23 people and made at least 116 others sick. well, cal fans left at&t park disappointed after losing to usc last night, but why it was a win for san francisco anyway. and two weeks of the nba season have already been canceled and now, we can go even longer without basketball. the new deadline set for a labor agreement and what may happen if it is not met. good morning. if you're driving across the richmond bridge, a good drive right now. more about the morning commute and weather.
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sunny and warm today. temperatures 80 and near 90 degrees. cooler on sunday and much cooler earlier next week. well, it is warm here in the bay area, but the cold ski season is in full swing in colorado. take a look. lining up, the basin opened yesterday. just 1 hyundais after it closed last ski season. wolf creek in south western part of the state opened last weekend. and a third ski area will open in colorado today. the bears may have lost on
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the football field last night, but it was a big win for san francisco. tens of thousands of people packed into the park for the game. the bears are playing home games in san francisco while memorial stadium undergoes renovations. businesses say they have been enjoying the boost in traffic, especially since the giants are not in the play-offs this year. >> the weather is spectacular. usc fans are out in force. and the cal fans speaking for themselves. >> and unfortunately, for cal and their fans, the bears did lose 30-9. they have fall on the 3-3 overall. and 0-3 in the pac 12. well we may not see nba until after christmas if a labor agreement is not reached in a few days. the commissioner said yesterday that his gut tells him there won't be basketball on christmas. that's the day owners and players are scheduled to meet with a federal mediator. the first two weeks have already been canceled. fans are hosting the nfl's
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longest tailgate party beginning tonight in memory of al davis. davis died last saturday at the age of 82. now the tailgate for charity starts at 7:00 tonight. that's at the corner of 66th avenue and coliseum way. fans will stay from tonight until the game on sunday afternoon. a permanent sleep expert told jurors in dr. conrad murray's involuntary manslaughter trial that murray's treatment was unethical, disturbing and beyond comprehension. murray is accused of giving the pop star a lethal combination of drugs to help him sleep. the doctor yesterday says the recipe was a -- says that the drug cocktail was a recipe for disaster. it was a busy night for firefighters. we're going to have a live report on their daring rescue of two people from a house fire and what kept police from going in first. what happened on the campus
5:27 am
of san jose state university this week that has students concerned for safety. and oakland has a new police chief. and he is a man who won't need any training. good morning. westbound 237 traffic looks good driving across 880. more about the morning commute straight ahead. [ female announcer ] when something isn't right,
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if you're eligible for medicare, you only have until december 7th to switch to anthem blue cross. so call anthem today at 1-855-born2bwild. that's 1-855-267-6229. welcome back. dave clark has the morning off.
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>> good morning. i am pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's warm out there. >> pam, that is correct. mike, good morning on this friday. clear skies and temperatures won't take long to warm up. in fact, everybody, coast bay and inland, all really close. that means 70s for some, but a locality of 80s, -- but a lot of 80s. so enjoy it while you can. it won't last. more in about ten minutes. good morning. on the bridges, looks good across the bay. this is the bay bridge on the portion. you can see traffic is moving well. actually in both directions here there. is a look at the san mateo bridge and that traffic looks good. back to the desk. this morning, two people have concord firefighters to thank for their safety. we are live in concord with the latest on the house fire rescue. >> reporter: well, we're here at fire station number six and these are the firefighters who pulled the two women from the
5:31 am
burning house about four hours ago. now the firefighter actually had a camera attached to his helmet and caught the entire rescue on tape. let's take a look. [muffled conversations ] >> reporter: you can hear the woman shouting, we're here in the back bedroom. the women were trapped in the back bedroom and crews were able to help walk out and the other they carried. this happened around 1:30 this morning now the smoke was so thick that police who first arrived onscene couldn't enter the house. firefighters cut holes in the roof to allow the smoke to escape. the women were later taken to a nearby hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. we're not sure of the relationship between the two, but we're told it may have been an elderly woman and her care
5:32 am
taker. no word on what caused the fire or the extent of damages. but we think that the video is telling. the it's dark. the firefighters had a difficult time making their way through the house. a unique look into how dangerous fighting fires can be. live in concord, ktvu channel 2 news. one person is in the hospital this morning following an apartment fire in oakland. firefighters responded to a two- story apartment building shortly before 9:30 last night. witnesses say crews rescued a young male who is now being treated for smoke inhalation. no one else was hurt. and fire apparently started in the kitchen of an upstairs unit. a second unit also suffered damage. this morning, an important warning for students at san jose state university. it involved two campus attacks in two days. we just spoke with police this morning and joins us now from the campus. craig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. and i'm working on confirming a
5:33 am
third groping incident. now one of the first incidents that happened happened on wednesday. down this way, where the tommy lee and john carlos statue is near clark hall. a woman reported that she was walking around 11:30 and two hispanic males in their 20s rode up on bikes, groped her and rode away. police sent out a campus crime alert. and once the alert was out, another victim stepped forward. police told them that the same thing happened to another woman at 7:30 that evening. yesterday, a woman was in the bathroom and she reported that a man entered the restroom and looked underneath the stall door. police did confirm that incident with us. we are working on confirming the third. and we have talked to students here already who are very concerned about what happened. reporting live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. classes are being held at
5:34 am
the high school today. but that is despite a threat that was emailed to the school. on wednesday, school officials received a message warning that something bad could happen on campus today. parents were notified about the threat last night. there will be increased police presence on the campus and a blood drive scheduled for today as been canceled. investigators are trying to figure out who sent the message. the collapse of the company will be the focus of a congressional hearing that gets underway in about an hour. two officials will testify before the committee. at issue, the department of energy's decision to restructure their $500 million loan in february. the deal would allow private investors to be repaid before taxpayers in case of default. they declared bankruptcy last month and 1100 workers lost jobs. president barack obama is returning to the bay area this month. he will reportedly arrival october 25th for a fund raiser at a san francisco hotel.
5:35 am
200 people will be allowedded at the event. ticket prices start at $7,500. photos will be offered to larger contributors. in new york, occupy wall street protesters are being allowed to stay at least for now. a plan to kick them out of a park so that it could be cleaned were postponed this morning. overnight before the decision came down. protesters took over the park nearly a month ago. >> it's time to take what is ours back. >> the occupy movement has spread to richmond. people staged a rally in march there yesterday afternoon. the group says it plans to camp outside of city hall for several days. and in san francisco this morning, the occupy movement will rally again outside an education conference where a
5:36 am
media mogul will deliver a keynote speech. they joined teachers and union leaders yesterday where the national summit on education reform is being held. teachers say they were excluded and strongly disagree with reforms leaders are proposing. a 3-year-old northern california boy is waking up at home this morning. a. he was rescued yesterday after spending 20 hours lost many the woods. coming up, the sound that drecked a search volunteer right to that -- that directed a search volunteer right to that little boy. he won't need any on the job training. yesterday the assistant chief howard jordan took the oath of office to formally take charge of the police department. he is a 23-year department veteran who has served as interim chief before. the police officer's union strongly supports jordan and it has a message for other leaders. >> we need allow this person to
5:37 am
do his job. the chief said it, i think a lot of people agree, we need to learn from it and move forward. >> now jordan will replace chief bass who announced his decision to step down three days ago. he had a stormy relationship with city leaders. a small town is beginning the healing process after eight people were killed in a shooting rampage at a beauty salon. [singing] >> more than 1500 people held a candle light individual outside of the salon last night. it was inside that salon where police say a 41-year-old opened fire wednesday afternoon, killing eight people. among the victims was his ex- wife. police say the two were in a bitter custody battle over their 8-year-old son. >> we're a close knit community that have never experienced such a devastating event. this is literally touched every
5:38 am
person in our town. >> he was arrested about a half mile from the salon. police say he was armed with multiple weapons and wearing a bullet proof vest. he was taken into custody without incident. we have uncovered new information about this week's amtrak train accident in oakland. 17 people were hurt when one train crashed into another wednesday night. now early reports indicated that one of the trains ran a red light signal, but one source now tells us it's also possible that there was a switching error that could have caused trouble on the tracks. everyone agrees, it is early in the investigation. >> there's any number of things that can happen, right out to maybe didn't stop fast enough. or maybe somebody through the wrong switch. i really don't know the cause of the accident. >> they plan to interview the crews and check all of the
5:39 am
emergency communications tied to the crash. there were about 150 passengers onboard the two trains. most passengers suffered bumps and bruises. the most serious injury was a broken arm. traffic on the tracks was back to normal last night. >> looking good, mike. so far, so good anyway. mike and pam, traffic is doing well. for example, if you are on highway 4, although it's more crowded as we move along, look from pittsburgh as we come across to bay point and get to the willow pass grade. you can see there's room for you, but a lot of people are up early and on highway 4 and it's getting crowded many part, by crowded i mean, stop and go. let's move along and take a look at the westbound bay bridge toll plaza. so far, so good into san francisco. and if you're driving on interstate 80 to rich monday, it's a nice drive. and no troubles on the way to
5:40 am
berkeley. let's go to steve. >> sal? >> yes? >> i'm having issues with twitter. >> i can't get on either. twitter people -- i'm trying to respond to people and i can't. i'm sure there's like an it joke,. we have mostly clear skies unless you're down in southern california and then there's a few high clouds. cooler on the weekend. it will be dry. there will be increase in the fog and higher clouds, more so on sunday. cooling trend into next week, sun and clouds, back into 70s for temperatures. the system that's going to cool us down, i don't think it's going to get rain. if it does, it will be light and not until tuesday or wednesday. all science point towards sunshine and mild condition -- all signs point towards sunshine and mild conditions. by noon, 76. a high today of 84 degrees. a lot of sun, warm to hot, no breeze that i can find whatsoever. even the coast is clear.
5:41 am
temperatures on the way up, don't have an offshore breeze. but been a breeze, although nothing really showing up now. we top off today on the temperature. and then start a little decline on saturday. and then more pronounced on sunday. everything looks good. just a little bit of cloud cover towards southern california. but in the 50s and 60s. mild conditions, especially along the coast. and even in san francisco and oakland. the system that will start the cooling trend is inching closer. right out there, but not going to do much. it will weak and fall apart. but a source of a cooler patter and high clouds down in southern california on their way. and probably that fog by sunday will start to inch back up the coast. sunny and warm today though. hot inland, 80s and 90s. in fact, that temperature is all over the place. a lot of 80s and just a few 70s. extended outlook shows a fair warm pattern on saturday. and then carries into early next week. well, more tension on the streets of greece.
5:42 am
the new protests taking place and what the government threatening to do if they don't stop. and a new fight on abortion on capitol hill. what it could mean for insurance companies. good morning. so far, so good on southbound 101. more about traffic and weather.
5:43 am
5:44 am
clear skies, temperatures in the 50sand 60s. and we will end up with sunshine. 70s, 80s near 90 degrees. good morning everyone. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following right now. firefighters in concord rescued two people from a burning home
5:45 am
overnight. a firefighter carried one person out while crews helped the other walk out. paramedics transported both to the hospital. pg and e is planning to replace a potentially dangerous type of pipe. it is the same type of pipe blamed for a fire back in august. and there are long lines at apple stores around the world today. here is a live look outside the apple store in walnut creek. people have been camping overnigh, looking to get their hands on the new iphone 4s that goes on sale at 8:00 this morning. apple says it could sell 4 million models this weekend. nato forces announce that an international service member has been killed in an attack in southern afghanistan. the attack happened yesterday, but no other details have been released. it is the ninth internationally military death since the beginning of the month. in athens, greece today, traffic is a mess.
5:46 am
the second day of a strike by public transportation workers so no buses or trains are running. taxi drivers have also joined the protest. it is part of the ongoing series of protests against the government. the government has been imposing lay-office, tax hikes as it struggles to meet the requirements for a bailout loan if the european union. and italian premier nairly survived a confidence vote tad. he has faced repeated calls for his resignation over worries over italy's economy. but he has made it clear that he has no intention of stepping down. lawmakers in the republican controlled house of representatives passedded a bill that would bar insurance companies regulated under the new health care law from covering abortion if their customers receive federal subsidies. it would force providers that
5:47 am
offer abortion coverage to set up separate plans without abortion coverage. the democratic-controlled senate is not expected to take up the bill and president barack obama said that he would veto it. blue shield of california plans to give more money back to its policy holders. the san francisco health insurer made a pledge to return money when profits exceed 2%. this month, blue shield is returning $167 million in the form of discounts on insurance bills. in december, blue shield says it will refund $283 million or as much as $700 for a family of four. the colorado state patrol is investigating a crash that killed five children and their foster father. the crash happened yesterday in a construction zone when a van slammed into the back of a truck. now the father was driving the van which had 12 children inside. authorities say only one of the children was wearing a seat belt. six of the children were injured in the crash. the driver of the truck was
5:48 am
treated for minor injuries and released. there is a connection to the case of a missing 5-year- old in arizona. she was last seen on tuesday at her home. her mother told police that she went on an errand and left her with her older siblings. she said when she returned, the front door was opened and she was gone. police have canvassed the neighborhood and have turned up no evidence of foul play. the mother and father have a troubling past. they were arrested back in 2005 on child abuse charges. she was sentenced to eight years in prison. it is not known why she was released. her father is a registered sex offender and currently in a california prison. a 3-year-old nevada county boy is back home with his family this morning after spending a night alone in the woods. police say he wandered away from his home in the town of washington on wednesday
5:49 am
afternoon. volunteers and search and rescue teams looked for him throughout the night after 20 hours. he was found yesterday morning when a neighbor was searching a brush covered hillside and heard a noise. >> all of a sudden, about a hundred feet away, i heard him crying and standing by a tree. standing by the tree, crying there. and i started crying too. >> after spending all night in the woods wearing only a shirt and jeans, he was wet and hungry. but otherwise, he looks okay. very happy family members there. >> great to see positive outcomes. >> gosh. we don't see them often. let's see what's happening on the roadways. sal, any positive news out there? >> i think we do mike and pam. decent news to start off this morning. starting off with san francisco northbound 101st, there was a crash, but one of the officers managed to push the cars off to the off-ramp. so they're down there.
5:50 am
probably down there by trader joe's thereth. we'll see what happens -- joe's there on 9th. we'll see what happens. but for the most part, not affecting, looks like the roadway is clear and they went to the mission street off-ramp. so the roadway is clear. just got that from chp. let's move along to the bay bridge, westbound, that looks good. and driving northbound 101, 85 and 280 are off to a good start. clear skies and temperatures warping up fast here. not fog, high clouds, although they'll play into the weekend forecast. warm by noon, and then 70s, 80s to near 90 degrees later today as temperatures warm up. and not only coast, bay, inland, everybody in the same temperature range. the fog has been wiped out. they'll work their way north later. warm conditions, calm conditions, can't find much in the way of wind either.
5:51 am
and coast, 70s and 80s inland. everything continues to march northward as high pressure builds in. coming up around southern california up, some higher clouds. maybe into the weekend. 50s to 60s. mild for some. and i can't find any breeze. and that's a west, northwest of only 3 miles per hour. most locations calm. the low in the middle. that's starting to draw up cloud cover from the south. that will start a cooling trend on the weekend. more so on sunday. and the fog will come back. this system will be the cooling trend into next week. it will give us cooler weather, but i doubt it gives us rain. sunny and warm, coast looks good. inland temperatures, warm to hot, anything over 57 is too hot. probably by sunday, monday, back into that happy place. for those who like sunshine and warm weather, rejoice, it's here. we will take it into most of saturday. >> thank you, steve.
5:52 am
5:51 is the time. google has gone far beyond expectations with the most recent earnings report. the company made $2.7 billion in the third quarter. google also announced yesterday that its new social networking site has reached 40 million users. well, apple is expected to sell as many as 4 million of the new iphones this weekend. the new 4s model goes on sale today. people have been lining up overnight to get their hands on it. sprint customers finally get to use the iphone. and it seems yahoo, netflix or google won't be buying hulu any time soon. the current owners announce they intend to hold on to the website. they had been shopping the site for several months in a joint statement released yesterday, they say they have strategic value for the company. it's a story all you air
5:53 am
travelers may want to hear. what has been happening in the control tower. also, a small plane goes down. the good news from the scary scene. with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread?
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fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. i post for fashionistas... but i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. a new report by a government watchdog group says errors made by air traffic
5:56 am
controllers have increased. it shows air traffic safety mistakes involving flights near airports doubled over the past three years. many occurred when controllers directed planes to fly too close to each other. a federal aviation administration statement says the increase is due to better reporting when it comes to errors. we're now learning that transportation secretary will leave the obama administration at the end of the president's current term. he indicated his intention to leave the cabinet, but he did not give a reason. he was a republican congressman from illinois for 14 years until retiring in 2008. the pilot of a small plane walked away uninjured after he was forced to make a crash landing. the plane landed in a snake infested park yesterday afternoon. rescuers say it appeared the engine malfunctioned shortly after taking off approximate the airport. the pilot, a man from nevada was the only person onboard.
5:57 am
it might seem like the bay area is under attack this weekend. scenes like these will play out at 18 different locations as law enforcement agencies work on how to respond to terror attacks. teams will work along side local and national agencies during this urban shield exercise. well, if you have older unpaid traffic tickets, you could be eligible for a big discount. the state is offering a 50% redoxon fines if you pay up during the first six months of next year. it applies to fines before the start of 2009. counties will have the option of offering discounts for certain infractions. it is expected to generate $46 million for the state, cities, counties, and courts. there are growing concerns on one campus, two disturbing incidents in the past two days. and the new iphone goes on
5:58 am
sale in two hours. we are live outside one of the stores where there's a long line. and a very famous apple fan out there as well. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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