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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 14, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the raider nation gathers to honor al davis but the talk tonight is about whether davis was dissed by sported illustrated magazine. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. ktvu's eric rasmussen with the controversy over sports illustrated's new cover. >> reporter: you know we showed this to some die-hard fans out
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here all day tailgating. you can see the cover dedicated to nascar. and although al davis's name is tucked in, that wasn't enough. >> we paid homage to al davis ourselves. >> reporter: you have to look closely to find any reference to the football icon and long time raider's owner on the laidest cover of sports illustrated. >> you can't see nothing of what i'm talking about with al. >> reporter: inside the magazine dedicates seven pages to al davis including several classic photos taken over the years but long time fans aren't satisfied. >> i think it's disrespectful shame on them. >> are you surprised al davis isn't on here? >> honestly, no. al hasn't been respected or given the credit he deserves i just don't know why.
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>> reporter: sports illustrated vice president of commune communication would only say many factors go into every cover. but at this tailgate party the impact of al davis isn't lost on anyone. >> any sporting icon around the world, they know who al davis is. one magazine is not going to tarnish the man at all. >> reporter: now this tailgate is dedicated to al davis, there certainly will be more tributes out here sunday. tonight on facebook we asked ktvu viewers about that si cover. walt vesalas says, no respect once again for the east coast media. i cancelled my subscription today when i saw that. and davis says, sorry, but i'm
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not a raiders fan and never really cared about al davis. i'm a nascar fan. and oakland protesters left their camp and marched through downtown. jana katsuyama join us live now from city hall where she talked to people about the motivation for the march. >> reporter: ken, right now the general assembly meeting is going on. this is a meeting that happens every night but today was actually the first time that they held a major march. this was the sound today of more than 100 protesters occupying the streets of oakland. the group left the occupy oakland camp and marched through downtown. >> america is broken. it is seriously broken and it needs to be fixed. >> reporter: the crowd a cross section of people with people mixing in but all equally enpassioned. >> the government is not helping anybody else.
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they're foreclosing on people. the people are losing their homes. >> reporter: many vets can't find work. >> we need jobs, right now they're basically struggling to survive. and it's not right. >> reporter: the marchers made just one stop outside the county jail. >> i want our government to spend more money on social programs that help our communities. i want them to better our schools and give our libraries back to us. >> reporter: police blocked interceptions and directed traffic. the crowd walked for about an hour without confrontation, for some the feeling that this is a movement that cannot be stopped. >> first time i've ever protested. this is a great chance for people to stand up and have a voice. >> reporter: another march is planned for tomorrow. the group plans to meet at laney college and come back
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here to franco plaza. >> reporter: protesters took aim on rupert murdoch today. hecklers repeatedly interrupted the speech. in new york occupy wall street protesters picked up mops and brooms to help clean up the park we've been occupied. then decided to delay that plan averting a potential confrontation. witnesses say shortly after
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09 clock tonight a motorist road through the interception of west mcarthur. he is in critical condition, witnesses then followed the driver to 30th and west street. police arrived a short time later and arrested a woman. the santa clara county district attorney confirmed today there is not enough evidence to prosecute former members of the deansa college baseball team on rape charges. >> is there a crime? we don't know. if there was a crime do we know who did it. we don't know. can we prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt at a jury trial? no. >> the accuser reacted by saying she was quote very disappointed in the justice system. the woman called jessica lost her civil suit earlier this year. and in 2007 the previous d.a. and then attorney general jerry brown concluded there was
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insufficient evidence to prosecute. today the district attorney said its greatest obstacle was that jessica cannot remember what happened at the drunken party four years ago. a big law enforcement sweep has put a gang members and criminals under arrest. operation garlic press took place today. special agents swooped down and made arrest after arrest today. this took place in santa clara, san benito and santa cruz county. among them 62 were nortenos and 58 were sorenos. >> what we're seeing is an up tick in auto thefts. we started to see more violent the crime with our gang members
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so we decided we needed to do about it. >> reporter: this is an aerial shot of 85 stolen cars. the individuals arrested weren't just involved in auto theft. >> meth, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, hash, oxycotin and xtasy, all those drugs were taken off the street. >> reporter: a special task force and local law enforcement agencies went undercover for the last 16 months buying everything from firearms to drugs from those arrested. >> without question on my mind that's going to have a dramatic impact on the crime in this area. >> reporter: while much of the crime was taking place in gilroy authorities say the men and woman responsible lived in the surrounding counties. >> 30 years in law enforcement i've never been a part of something this big. it's very gratifying. >> reporter: chief turner says they will keep the pressure on they want criminals and gang members to know that more
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arrests are coming. reporting from gilroy, janine de la vega. silican valley leaders will gather this weekend to remember steve jobs. the wall street journal says invitations have gone out for a private memorial in stanford university. apple won't comment. the company plans an event for its employees next wednesday. jobs died last week after battling pancreatic cancer. people lined up outside the apple store in walnut creek this morning. many were there for sprint service. that helped the nation's number three cell phone provider hit a new report for its best day of sales by 10:00 this morning. some sprint subscribers waited overnight telling us they weren't taking any chances. >> we've been in line since 8:00 p.m. last night. >> they probably have the best deals in the market.
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getting deals on a brand new iphone, those are hard to come by. apple is also expected to score big results this weekend. some analysts are predicting the cupertino company may double the sales of the first launch. wall street closed out the week with a flourish with the dow pushing back up. the dow surged 166 points nasdaq gained 47 was up 7.5% just this week. retail sales for september went up 1.1% the biggest gain in seven months. the commerce department says all says auto sales were the driving force. the national retail federation is projecting growth during the holiday season but say
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unemployment and the depressed housing market will continue to weigh down stocks. google plans to focus on plus which has launched over the summer. google was reprimanded for privacy regulations. people store their stuff here but a former manager says a hidden hazard is lurking. what's behind his safety lawsuit. and it looks like a wedding but this is really a flash mob. dinner for hundreds arranged in an instant. the low down on tonight's one of a kind bay area event.
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no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. new at 10:00, a workplace safety lawsuit involving the uhaul storage facility. the workers concern about clean up and compensation are the cause. >> reporter: this facility in the bay view is one of the largest in the uhaul chain. six stories, 2,200 storage units full of stuff and a former manager fears full of
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asbestos. i was terminated specifically because of asbestos i believe. >> reporter: this man was fired when his career suddenly went to dust. asbestos dust. >> it's wrapped around some pipes. >> reporter: first a manager found the asbestos and asked for clean up. but his boss brushed him up. >> he acknowledged it was here and had been for years and years and they had no intention of doing anything about it. >> reporter: and clemons was terminated soon after. now he's seeking lost wages and punitive damages. >> what we want to do is send a message back to uhaul that if you fire people for complaining about an unsafe environment you're going to feel it this time. >> reporter: in the office we were shown a storage model but when our questions turned to asbestos in the upper floor we were shown the door and told no
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managers were on-site to respond. >> i know it's on the fifth floor and third floor i believe. >> reporter: clemons worry customers may be exposed and he fears for former colleagues who he thinks are too scared to speak up. >> i would really want them to clean it up. with all the people working here daily don't get exposed into this because it's very terrible if it leads into cancer. >> reporter: uhaul's attorney is filing under -- house republican fighting to keep the federal defense of marriage act intact are arguing that gays and lesbians don't need legal protection. the attorneys hired acknowledge that homo sexuals have
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political power. and he maintains the link between marriage and children. the case is one of several challenges to the act which the obama administration refuses to defend on constitutional ground. a hearing is set for december in san francisco's federal court. in orange county judge has ordered a medical review of the suspect in this week's solan massacre. scott decry appeared in court since he gunned down eight people including his ex-wife at the salon where she worked. he did not enter a plea. victim's family screamed at decry before and after the hearing. sa sacramento police have identified a second suspect in
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an internet video punching a woman. the video was posted online and went viral. police say they've received calls from concerned viewers throughout the country. there's new information to be the about the effective and embezzlement scandal on dianne feinstein's campaign. today senator feinstein's campaign filed a report with the federal elections commission reporting a loss of almost $5 million. to top contenders are neck and neck in their fund raising efforts. mitt romney and rick perry have $15 million in the bank. those figures are way off from the man they want to replace. president barack obama has raised almost double that amount for his reelection. ktvu's john sasaki told us some are wondering what other changes should be made at the
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top of oakland city government. major gene quan was quick to replace chief batts but his retirement upset the city council. >> i think the frustration is justified. we have a serious crime problem and there was nobody speaking out about what to do about it. we need to get a unified vision and we need to support our police chief. that's something that was not happening. >> reporter: libby chef and pat kerneghan applaud the mayor on certain things but not so much crime fighting. >> i want to see her lead on the crime issue but i want her to listen to the law enforcement professionals. >> reporter: quan spokeswoman told me by phone that quan has done more for public safety than any other mayor. she's rehiring laid off cops, installing a new system and acquiring federal grants. in the lake shore neighborhood
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some residents are concerned mainly because of the batts issue. >> i think everybody is uneasy as a result. it looked like she could have handled it a little bit better. there wasn't enough communication. >> i think that she hasn't spent enough time to get to know the other people that she needs to deal with in oakland, especially the chief of police. in oakland i'm john sasaki, ken wayne. san francisco police are asking for the public's help tonight to try to find a missing man. mark marvin was last seen leaving his home in the 200 block of divisidero street on october 6. his vehicle was found sunday on baker beach. marvin is 39 years old, 5'7" tall and weighs 135-pounds. anyone with any information on him is asked to contact police. in the last couple of days as warm as it's going to get
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around here for a while. temperatures trending down. these were the highs for today. these highs well above the average. a solid 10 degrees. about what they were yesterday. upper 80s and low 90s. as we head into tomorrow, high clouds going up from the south are going to give us more filtered sunshine. we'll see coastal fog moving up the coast and that will cool things further. outside right now it's beautiful. 65 in napa. 72 in hayward. in downtown san jose it's 73 degrees. so it is a warm one out there. temperatures tomorrow, slightly cooler. we're looking for a lot more temperatures in the 70s and mid- 80s. back here in a minute, five day forecast we'll look at your sunday as well. a flash mob with a french accent came to san francisco tonight. at 7:30 this evening the music concourse in golden gate park
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transformed from empty rows into a massive formal picnic. organizers patterned the dinner after a similar mob in paris. you had to be in the know and ready to dress up to receive one of the invitations. >> it's so amazing, it's such a cool experience. i guess it started in paris, it's cool to bring it back here and really neat to see all these people come together and enjoy life. >> reporter: along with fine food, the champane was flowing. each guest paid for $10 any left over money will go to parks and rec. u.s. troops to africa, plus a race against the clock pg &e's decision on hundreds of miles of pipeline. and you can see the atmosphere is festive, we'll show you why the sheep are nervous but the cowboys are scared. big! big.
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president obama today announced he is sending about 100 u.s. troops to uganda to advise in a fight against a group called the lord of assistance army. the lra is a guerilla group accused of atrocities for more than 20 years. some say the american soldiers are a pay back to uganda's government for sending uganda troops to somalia. the u.s. troops will not engage arl forces until they are attacked. a federal magistrate has recommended the al-qaida terror network should be assessed $9.3 million in damage. the magistrate tripled the damages as allowed by law. the recommendation now goes to the district judge hearing the lawsuit. pg & e says it's racing against the clock to replace
10:25 pm
pipelines before there's another failure or catastrophic situation. >> reporter: not the half century old brittle plastic that caused a condo fire in cuperino last august. the replacement of steel, cast iron and cooper is nearly done. but cupertino added more work. but this year safety consideration will be much much higher. >> it's part of our improvement and management program. we are leak surveying, testing and inspecting our lines much more frequently. meanwhile high pressure water testing of 150 miles of transmission lines that go through highly populated areas
10:26 pm
are going through fast progress. >> we're on pace to do 150 by the end of year. >> reporter: this area could have a massive slide and a major earthquake and destroy the pipeline. construction crews will run a 24-inch pipe inside the 30-inch pipe already in place. >> the 24-inch pipe is built with more modern construction techniques that are better able to withstand the forces of an earthquake. >> reporter: next year this entire two mile pipeline will be replace with the most quake resistant pipe available. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a federal appears court today locks parts of alabama's controversial -- the 11th circuit court aof appeals -- the judge's let stand a provision allowing police to check a nation's immigration
10:27 pm
status during a traffic stop. the appeals court upheld the part of the law allowing illegal immigrants from entering leases or applying for state's driver's license. new numbers on air traffic control mistakes and why the numbers don't tell the whole story. tension on treasure island as the labor dispute threatens to disrupt a music festival. see what happened while our camera was rolling. ?
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newatt 10:00, cowboys are saddled up for the rodeo. patti lee is live, and she tells us for many this isn't their first rodeo but for the cal palace it might be their
10:30 pm
last. >> reporter: right now i'm live with the 4h contestants. they're getting ready to show sheep here tomorrow. now this might be their last and not by choice. competitive cowboys blew into town tonight. showing off skills many city dwellers have never even considered developing. but even though they're skilled at hanging on to their live stop, rodeo organizers say they're having a tough time hanging in. >> i've been doing it for 15 years. >> reporter: the biggest problem is cal palace is run by the state. >> the state is going to lose state funding this year, next year. so state fairs are on their own. >> reporter: that's why the rodeo is reaching out to a younger fan base starting with kids day this year inviting
10:31 pm
aspiring cowboys and cowgirls to experience the action. >> rodeo is in everybody's past. back from the 1800s it evolved from the rodeo and became what it is today. now they know it may not come to the town before, it's coming to their attention. >> you can live here forever and never experience some of the thing that is have been under our nose forever. >> reporter: now five years ago this rodeo ran 11 days in a row but this year it rans just four days over two consecutive weekends. organizers tell us the rodeo still makes money. if they can't find new sources of money this will be their last year here in cal palace. patti lee. >> ktv has all the details on this weekend's rodeo. protesters rallied for
10:32 pm
construction jobs today to restore bridges. demonstrators attracted attention during a late afternoon rally at the alameda. they say 74 bridges in the county need repair and that the counties should be fixing them up with help from federal stimulus funds. >> they have a lot of people having trouble getting their mortgage payments in. certainly most of them are employment insecure. worried about whether they'll be working and be able to participate in this economy. the bridge is almost 50 years old. a federal inventory rates the deck as structurally insufficient. the supporting structures have passing grade. caltrain crews will be pulling off a major switch tonight replacing one bridge with another. in just a few hours here, crews will be removing the 100-year- old bridge over gerald avenue in san francisco and then replacing it. the new bridge is a single span steel bridge, the quick change
10:33 pm
is to make sure train traffic can flow tomorrow morning. but part of gerald avenue will stay closed until early november. a new report finds there's been more and more traffic control accidents lately. >> reporter: it is this kind of close call on jfk radar in june that's on the radar of a government watchdog. a jet about to take off was brought to come to an abrupt halt to avoid crashing into another plane. >> cancel take off. cancel take off. >> reporter: there were no injuries but while congressional overseers say u.s. air space is among the safest in the world, they report safety errors. the rate of errors has more than doubled in the last three
10:34 pm
years when it comes to airborne accidents. the head of the national air traffic controllers association says the increase is due to a new reporting system in which controllers aren't punished for reporting errors. >> i believe it shows there's a healthy system out there where employees are comfortable and willing to report safety issues to management in order to address them. i think it shows it's very healthy. the faa also points to the reporting system for the jump. saying more information will help us find problems and take action before an accident happens which will help us build an even safer aviation system. but a former air traffic
10:35 pm
controller is the -- lawyers representing the former doctor of michael jackson decided to change its case. the jury was not in the courtroom at the time and the judge said he will not deal with the prosecutions complaints. the fbi is asking for the public's help tonight to catch a bay area bank robber. agents call him the plaid bandit because he wears plaid shirts. but in this picture he's wearing a maroon shirt. the man is described as being a slim man in his 50s, about 5'8" tall. rescues from a burning home. up next we'll take you inside the inferno as firefighters
10:36 pm
battle smoke and flames to find two women. back here, we're looking directly at your weekend forecast. one of the days is going to be cooler than the other. i'm going to let you know which one that is and the five day forecast. a theater in san francisco is reborn. how the community is celebrating. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours.
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firefighters in concord save two elderly women from a house fire early today with only seconds to spare. the fire in the 3700 block started about 130 this morning. police say it was too dangerous to enter. but we have video of the fire from a camera mounted to a helmet of a firefighters. the two had to go through a lot of thick smoke to get to the women. >> you could hear the victims in the back bedroom screaming. it was a pretty intense situation. chris and i were just a couple of guys from a whole department of guys that were capable of doing what we did this morning. >> chris peter had to carry the 83-year-old patient. another 90 seconds and the roof would have collapsed. both women were hospitalized for smoke inhalation.
10:40 pm
there was a disaster drill today at fisherman's ward. first responders showed participants how to respond to an earthquake. in libya there's more fierce fighting in the city of sirte. they say forces loyal to gadhafi are surrounded. fighting also took place in tripoli after gadhafi's supporters raised the flag of the ousted regime. they say it's the biggest lab they've found in years, the facility was filled with $30 million in drugs and could
10:41 pm
produce 1,500 pounds of cocaine a week. no arrests have been made but police suspect more than 40 people are involved. and in paris bankers and finance ministers are meeting at the g20 summit. the pressing issue is financial issues in europe and greece. san jose police release a sketch of a gunman suspected of shooting a man. the shooting victim remains hospitalized. the man in the sketch is described as being in his 20s about 5'7" tall. river ranch foods says
10:42 pm
2,100 cases of salad went to stores in ohio and pennsylvania but not california. the presence of listeria was found in some of the salad. no illnesses have been reported. the bottom has dropped out of the market for melons and some growers are letting the crop rot in the field. one california grower said cantaloupe sales have fallen 80% even though no california cantaloupe has shown signs of contamination. 69 degrees right now. 69 in san francisco, but chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking changes in our weather. he's back in six minutes with your complete bay area forecast.
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the san francisco mayor's office step in this afternoon to keep a protest from disrupting this weekend's music festival. >> reporter: tensions were rising early in the afternoon as union workers were blocking a tour bus. the promoter another planet are using other workers. the stage hands union got word of a settlement. >> this picket line is over. thank you all. solidarity forever. >> reporter: g anthony phillips
10:46 pm
is the union's president. who says they got the two sides talking again. the festival promoters are pleased with the agreement and happy concertgoers won't have to walk by picket lines this weekend. >> that's a very uncommon situation. we're glad to have it behind us and look forward to the beautiful weekend ahead. >> reporter: promoters are predicting 15,000 people a day will make their way to treasure island to hear music from a number of indy rock bands including death cab for cuety. vendors say they've watched this even grow every year. >> we're looking forward to this. last year it rained on sunday and that was not fun. >> reporter: temporary workers will stay on and work the festival throughout the weekend but moving forward, the stage hands union and the promoters of this event have agreed to sit down and work out a long term contract. >> reporter: concert promoters are providing free shuttle to limit the amount of traffic
10:47 pm
crossing the bay bridge to ti. ticketholders can catch a shuttle at at&t park where parking is free. you can find more on the ti festival by going to and clicking on the weekends tab. the lorane theater opened its 31st season on a newly remodeled stage. the hansberry has suffered recent set backs like the loss of both owners to cancer last year. >> i hope people will come down and join us. join the lorane hansberry. a festive dinner before the performance honored ward considered the father of modern
10:48 pm
black theater. the 30-foot statute is located on the national mall situated between the lincoln and washington memorial. president obama is expected to speak at the dedication. it opened in august to the public but the ceremony was delayed by hurricane irene. there's plenty of cloud cover out there tonight. it was a warm day. 80s, upper 80s, then the clouds move in. look at live storm tracker. that's not fog that's high cloud cover. what it does is it basically keeps the heat in. so right now in oakland at the airport it's 72 degrees. 74 in oakland pardon me. if you're out and about you know what i'm talking about. even in san francisco where the temperatures are in the mid- 60s. as this low pressure center gets closer to the coast, tomorrow night. it's going to start to push the
10:49 pm
fog inland. so right now we've got fog south of the area down by moral bay and up by big suhr. it's going to start coming up the coast tomorrow when this gets here. by saturday night, sunday morning the fog is back quite a bit of cooling on sunday. tomorrow looks like a pretty good day. high clouds and mild. tomorrow we're going to keep temperatures they're going to be down from what they were today. still we're looking at mid-80s in the hot spot. most of us in the 70s and 60s along the coast. no rain in the forecast. overnight lows as i mentioned on the mild side. we're going to see low 60s in some inland areas. mid-60s of out in the golden gate park. you get in your 70s as you go out into the valley and you get into the mid-80s. so actually this number is not working out. it should be a bit higher. you get the basic idea. we're looking for temperatures like today but 4 degrees cooler. high clouds over head. increased sea breeze starts
10:50 pm
tomorrow night and sunday. that increases the cooling and brings this fog in. so there is a cooling trend but it's subtle. so tomorrow is a little bit cooler. then a little cooler on sunday. another five or so degrees as the fog pushes in and this low gets closer. not a big cool down. but if you're at the coast you'll see it going. you'll notice it sundays afternoon. you're going to see temperatures in the 50s again. that's sunday. 79 in milpitas, 84 in cupertino. tomorrow 60s and low 70s. your five day forecast and your weekend is here. looks like a good one. you're going to be a little bit cooler each day. today was the warmest day. today and yesterday. a few clouds next week but no rain in the next five or six days. we're dry, and the weather not too bad. >> thanks, bill. wal-mart is reviewing a court ruling that scraps the
10:51 pm
plans for a super store. the judge said the city misinterpreted a san diego court ruling when it determine had the the wal-mart in antioch would not need an environmental impact report. wal-mart can appeal the decision. the possible football match up in the north bay tonight. catholic hopes to remain unbeaten as they face san rafael high. sports is next. i wouldn't want to let go of myself either. come try the cheese inspired dishes on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's.
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nba season is up in the air but fred inglis is here to tell us we have hockey. >> yes, they opened the nhl season last saturday and promptly took the next five days off and that's my kind of workweek. but now they'll play three games in the next four days and sharks in the white sweaters played in ran hype tonight. sharks scoreless in the first- inning. he set up masenhoue railroad for his first nhl goal. anaheim goalie jonas hill was too much. third period, game over by then. hiller gets his first career
10:55 pm
shut out. 1-0. the 1-1 sharks host st. louis last night. st. louis cardinals are one victory away from earning the pennant. st.louis hosted milwaukee for tonight's game five of the national league championship series. m, olina flies to right. come back player of the year scores the play of the game. herston has to go through his legs. buckner you now have a new best friend. allows milwaukee to score. four errors by the brewers. st. louis kept adding runs. matt holliday singles to bring in two more. holliday had three hits tonight. they can finish off the brewers
10:56 pm
sunday in milwaukee. rats, big ugly rats. that's what causes our friday high school game of the week. rats chewed through cable and we had to change the start of the game. wildcats were just warming up. marin catholic came in undefeated san rafael was winless. there's the wildcats quarterback. it was 26-0 after the first
10:57 pm
quarter. jared galt is having fun. marin n catholic beat the rats and san rafael. with one minute left, haufner throws it. james breaks free. both teams commit six turn overs but the spartans win it. four months ago after he was fired from his job, new york mets game bob geren their bench coach. sharks shut out in anaheim. >> thank you fred.
10:58 pm
>> thank you. >> see you the next -- >> mornings on 2 in the morning for all the evenings developments.
10:59 pm
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