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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 20, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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breaking news from libya -- reports the country's longtime leader has been captured and may be dead. >> a security guard accused of two shootings is now in custody. find out the details just ahead. >> oakland police move in on an occupy oakland camp just hours ago. why the protestors claim the officers had a hidden agenda. >> we're live in vacaville, where a big rig accident involving thousands of chickens snarled traffic on i imhow long it will affect the morning commute. good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2. i've came clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, october 20th. we are continuing to follow the news this morning out of libya. the reports that moammar gaddafi has been captured and
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may be dead. we are now hearing that libya's new prime minister will speak at a news conference any minute now. reportedly gaddafi was captured when national transitional council forces took control of gaddafi's hometown of sirte today. officials in the transitional government say gaddafi died of the injuries he suffered during the capture. we have not been able to confirm that yet, though. however, there are still widespread celebrations in libya. we just got this video into the newsroom. libyan men who say they were there when gaddafi was shot. >> we shot him, 9mm. yes, moammar gaddafi. >> despite the fall of tripoli in august, gaddafi loyalists mounted fierce resistance in several areas, including sirte,
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preventing libya's new leaders from declaring full victory in the 8-month several war. these are live pictures now. we're looking at presumably from tripoli. you can see quite a few flags being waved, a big crowd gathering, some dancing going on. we did hear a hot of car horns, even ship horns being blown in celebration, and of course the sell were tory gunfire being -- marked in the area. and it's morning to remember that gaddafi has been ruling this country for 42 years. and this revolution all started with the arab spring, uprising that spread across parts of northern africa and the middle east. again, there are reports moammar gaddafi has been captured, possibly killed. coming up at 7:15, we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with what u.s. officials are saying about the reports of gaddafi's capture and possible death. back at home, authorities in el dorado county have just
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arrested the richmond security guard who was a target of a massive manhunt. investigators say 50-year-old duran long opened fire on his fellow security guards after arguing with his supervisor. craig debro is in richmond, where he confirmed the arrest. kraig. >> reporter: thank you, dave. talked to the lieutenant with the police department from whom you'll hear live in just a second. she confirmed duran was arrested 45 minutes ago. this is the building where he was accused of shooting at least one other coworker. it happens crescent park apartment in richmond. look at the video. you can see pockmark in the wall where a bullet hole has gone through the wall there. this is 50-year-old duran long. he is in custody. the building has bullet holes through it and there's a tree next to the building that is placards next to it with bullet homes. go ahead morning, lieutenant french. thank you for joining us. how was he arrested. what were the tales of his
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arrest? >> el dorado sheriff's department knew we were looking for him. they knew to be on the lookout for his vehicle. they located the vehicle a short pursuit ensued, and he was taken into custody without incident. >> i see. and what was recovered at the scene? can you talk about any weapons recovered. >> no, we're still getting the details. we don't have any of those yet. >> what about the people shot here last night or the one person shot? what is the condition of that person? >> thankfully, he's expected to survive at this point. so we're happy about that. we're happy that nobody was dead and all of this. >> from earlier you told me he was accused of shooting at a house in concord. what was the motive behind that? was anybody hurt? >> from what i understand, it was ongoing neighbor dispute. he was upset with the neighbor for some reason and decided to shoot well over 30 rounds into the house, narrowedoly missing a 9-year-old child. >> the incident happened before or after this incident?
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>> that happened just prior to him driving out to do richmond and this incident occurring. >> lieutenant french, thank you very much. you've been up all night long. duran long the suspect in the richmond and concord shootings is in custody now, arrested in el dorado county around 5:45 this morning. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. overnight, a big rig carrying crates full of live chickens crashed on interstate 80 in vacaville. tara moriarity explains how the accident happened. tara. >> reporter: we're standing over. state 80 on the pena overpass, and if you lock to the right you can see traffic is just inching along right there, and then back over the overpass, if we look at where the accident happened over here, you can see the congestion leading all the way up to where the flashing yellow lights are. two westbound lanes open, two westbound lanes not. they are -- they have cleared the chickens from the roadway and they're trying to get the
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big rigs out so they can have the freeway reopened. the video we're about to show you may be disturbing to some viewers, so turn away if you think you might be offended. around 2:00 this morning a truck carrying 2500 live chickens crashed into a big rig that was parked on the shoulder because of mechanical problems. other truck drivers on the road at the time say the driver with the chicken company was swerving, and they were concerned. >> witnesses believe he was falling asleep. they tried raising him on the cd radio, were unable. and he hit the side of the truck. >> no one was hurt, except for an elderly couple driving an suv. they tried to avoid the crates but ended up in a ditch. both suffered minor injuries. originally the chp said 80 westbound wouldn't be fully open until 3:00 this afternoon. right now crews again trying to load those rigs on to trailers. so it might be a little sooner than expected.
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right now we're going to check in with sal, who can tell you more about how far the backup extends. >> thank you very much. the backup is reportedly backed up for at least a mile and a half. but not that much further, as a lot of people heard about the accident and are trying to get around using surface roads. so considering the way it was, it could be a lot worse and now they've opened most of the freeway it's just the normal morning commute. let's get out to the bay bridge, which has been the real trouble spot this morning because of an earlier crash on the upper deck. the motorcycle accident, that has been removed finally. but it was there for such a long time, traffic is backed up for at least a 30-mundt delay coming into san francisco from the east bay. also this morning, we're looking at 880, some people may opt to use 880 to get to the san mateo bridge. that traffic looks pretty god on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. if we go to the maps you can see 880 is not in that bad of shape, and also 92 looks pretty good to 101.
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84 looks okay. and in the south bay, we still don't have a big backup. we have some minor ones here if there on 85 and 280 but for most part we're off to a good start. >> thank you very much. cool this morning but temperatures some 40s but lot of 50s here. low clouds not as extensive as yesterday. today we have some clear skies but a little cooler lows. another little system just moving through right to the north there. won't do much for us but keeps the fog going, onshore wind going. tori just asked me, i heard next week could be really warm, hot, maybe offshore wind? possible. possible. one forecast model is very bullish, other two are like it will just be warm. so i tend to buy it will just be warm. we'll see what happens. next week will be dry. that's for sure. no rain in the forecast. we have cool numbers, 47 sonoma, fairfax 48.
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petaluma 49, kenwood 49. woodside 49. the only 40 i could find on the peninsula towards the south bay and east bay, the coolest is danville at 50. so most of these in the north bay. we'll have a little warmer weather today, low clouds and a chilly morning. and after that, the warmer weather will start to move and but more so friday than saturday, and we'll get temperatures getting back into the low 80s. san francisco only 62 yesterday. i'm going slightly warmer, 64 today. there's just too much low clouds. but after today i think things will warm up as we head into the weekend. already getting the requests for what is the weather for the cal game and stanford game? it will be fine. nice during the game but a little cool towards the fourth quarter. i'll tack that will tomorrow, so to speak. 55 livermore. there goes one system, there's another one. they're all going to seattle and portland, not here. sunny and breezy, low clouds and cool morning with some 40s and also 50s. temperatures today clear lake
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77. petaluma 74. napa 75. crockett in there, richmond, all around upper 60s, near 70. concord 75. same for livermore. castro valley 72. berkeley at 68 degrees. 73 san jose. los gatos on 75. sunnyvale 72. same for los altos, palo alto 73, belmont, woodside 74. but half moon bay, pacifica, daly city in the 60s. just too much fog and low clouds. once that clears we lock for warmer weather friday and into the weekend cooler but warmer days. >> thank you, steve. if it is quite warm and breezy next week, that could mean an increase in fire danger, and in an effort to reduce that danger cal-fire will be conducting a control burn along highway 1 around point reyes national seashore today. the goal is to get rid of invasive brush. the burn was originally set for last week, but was rescheduled
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because of dry conditions. there is a rededication ceremony this morning for the memorial garden that is a tribute to the victims of the 1991 east bay hills firestorm. the garden is a community built reminder of the worst urban wildfire in u.s. history. 25 people died, and thousands of homes were destroyed. only one-third of the current residents lived in the area that burned 20 years ago. but all the residents we talked with are aware of potential for another fire and the need to be prepared. >> i think the people living up and down this part of hiller drive are very well aware -- i mean, they have cars ready to go if they have to. they have water, they have suitcases packed. it's a way of life now. >> you feel like you're as prepared as you can be? >> no. i could be doing a lot more things, that's for sure. >> the city hopes people who feel they're not ready to cope with the disaster will come to a preparedness fair this saturday, at the north entrance
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of the lake. a popular san francisco medical marijuana collective will be closing. the president of the begin ty 23 patients cooperative told the chronicle it will probably close in a couple weeks. it has about 3,000 patients. he said thes attorney's office is threatened possible criminal action against the collective, and he may recall last friday ktvu news reported that several collectives located near schools and playgrounds received similar letters. a lot of shaking going on in hawaii. how many earthquakes have hit the big island in the last 24 hours. also we'll take you live to washington, d.c., the new reports that moammar gaddafi has been captured and possibly killed. and what is happening later this morning that will try to improve the health of protestors at occupy san francisco.
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good morning. still some low clouds around, not as much as yesterday but they're still there. nice e-mail from tracy who said it's foggy and cold in rohnert park but we'll see the low clouds burn off and it will be a little warmer today with 60s and 70s. well, a whopper of a system went through chicago, right near navy pier, and lakeshore drive over to she'd aquarium. 15-foot waves on lakeshore drive. it was mainly the wind that caused some damage, blew out some windows, damaged boats. i know they went up against the breakwater. they had good waves, 15, 20 feet and saying things will be much calmer today. it's a good thing this didn't go through in about december more would have been a blizzard. we are continuing to follow reports out of libya this
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morning that former leader moammar gaddafi is dead. these are live pictures of people celebrating in the streets every tripoli, wavering the flags, chanting, dancing and still firing celebratory gunfire. fighters say he was killed as he was being captured in his hometown of sirte. as allison burns joins is now, there's a lots of cautions in washington about these reports. allison. >> reporter: tori, as we've been reporting all morning, our contacts at the white house and the state department say they cannot confirm that the former libyan dictator has been captured or killed. let's look here at more of those celebrations happening now on the streets of tripoli. and in just the last hour, we have heard from two high level officials from the new transitional government in libya. they say gaddafi was killed in his hometown of sirte. nato is confirming airstrikes on a convoy there. here's what the head of the military council said through a
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translator just about 45 minutes ago. >> gaddafi was killed at the hands of the libyans and i announce the greet news to every mother and to every libyan who suffered, fought and sacrificed for long. >> gaddafi ruled for 42 years. this morning several networks are showing video of him apparently unconscious, bloody and badly injured. the u.s. senate has just come into session, we'll be covering statements from lawmakers about what appears to be an historic day in libya. senator john mccain says he is confident moammar gaddafi is dead. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> story we'll continue to follow throughout the day. thank you, allison. after her brief stop in libya earlier this week, secretary of state hillary clinton is making several other unannounced visits today. the first one in afghanistan. clinton met with afghan president karzai this morning. she said it's important for the u.s., afghanistan and pakistan
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to cooperate against insurgents and she demanded the pakistan step up the fight against terrorists within its borders, saying pakistan must be part of the solution to the conflict in neighboring afghanistan. clinton has now just arrived in pakistan moments ago in fact for talks with pakistani leaders where it's expected she will repeat the tough counter- terror demands. and the latest nato offensive in afghanistan has killed at least 115 insurgents in the past week. the ongoing operation focuses on the province known as the hotbed for foreign militant fighters. nato is stepping up efforts to secure the country, paving the way for afghan forces to fully take over. seven american solar panel manufactures are suing the chinese solar victim they're accusing it of selling solar panels in the u.s. for less than it costs to make and ship them. the american companies say the
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chinese government gives manufacturers in china billions of dollars in subsidies. the chinese companies then sell the solar panels for a lot less, and panels produced by american companies. the american companies are asking the u.s. commerce department to put tariffs on solar package in china to level the playing field. meantime, state treasurer bill lockyer says he still supports a california law that gives large tax breaks to alternative energy companies despite the bankruptcy filing of solyndra. solyndra was grand a $through .5 billion subsidy under this tax break. but lockyer says a law is needed as an incentive to keep green manufacturing jobs here in california. it's a baby girl for french president nicholas sarkozy. this is him visiting his wife
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in the hospital. both mom and the baby daughter are said to be doing just fine. they haven't told us the name of their new child, and they vow they'll keep her out of the spotlight. people on the big island of hawaii are getting several small remainers they're in earthquake country. there have been more than 40 quakes there in the last day. the strongest registered 4.5 and was centered 13 miles southeast yesterday afternoon. the other quakes registered between 1.7 and 3.6. residents say they felt the tremors but no reports of injuries or damage. saying earthquakes have no borders, u.s. officials are helping mexican counterparts monitor earthquakes. the u.s. is spending half a million dollars for new earthquake sensors in northern mexico. a 7.2 quake last april centered in mexico caused major damage to el el sent row on this side
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of the border. it will help mexican and american detection systems compatible. later this morning, volunteer nurses will be setting up a first aid station for the occupy protestors in san francisco. the group national nurses united will provide basic health care to anti-wall street protestors who have taken over the plaza. the nurses say it's their way of showing support for the movement. similar first aid stations are already in place in new york and los angeles, even more planned for washington, d.c. and detroit. overnight news, oakland police this morning encircled the second occupy protest camp, this one in oakland at snow park, right along lake merritt. coming up at 7:30, we'll tell you why police say they conducted this sudden surge. four masked men with guns storm no a liquor store.
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the surveillance video police just released of the armed robbery. plus, how california's plan to ease prison overcrowding is creating new job opportunities. >> good morning. the traffic at the bay bridge is just a huge mess for you. we'll tell what happened 3 and what the delay time is likely to be. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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look at this, terrifying moments caught on tape at a convenience store. four masked men with a shotgun and a pistol robbed this liquor store in manteca earlier this week. you can see them, taking cash, stealing booze, and an employee watches with his arms raised. police are offering a $1,000 reward to catch these robbers. california's prison realignment program creating new jobs in san francisco. non-violent offenders are now being relocated and placed under local supervision in
7:25 am
cities all over the state to ease overcrowding in state prisons. san francisco received almost $6 million to handle the influx. the examiner reports the funding will pay for 31 new jobs. also used for a center for educational service, job training and substance abuse counseling for those offenders. stanford's president wants to make sure his university stays in the running to open a research center in new york city. stan for has until next friday to submit its proposal for the campus. new york city is planning to create a mini silicon valley by lowering a top university to open a tech and science hub in the big apple. john hennessey told the senate last week his staff has been working at light speed to get the 500-page proposal finished. we're working sal hard and there are big problems in the north bay. what is going on? >> that's right. a truck accident, two trucks got no a collision northbound
7:26 am
101 on the grade at highway 116. and now we're getting word that most of the freeway is blocked and traffic is backing up on northbound 101, getting into the area. northbound 101 after 116 west is closed now because of this crash involving two big rigs and traffic is backed up well on to the can toddy grade and local streets are jam-packed. you can use north stony point road but this commute is terrible there.
7:27 am
disappeared because the low clouds are starting to come in but 50s for many, redwood city 53. 52 san rafael. and right there, we're on the tail end of these systems and they're lined up but they're lined up north of us, not here. so fog, low clouds and local drizzle. mainly coast and up towards the north bay. it's a chilly morning though and we'll see sunshine here but it will be breezy as that wind picks up so temperatures held in check here, 60s and 70s. it does look like a little warmer on friday, more so on saturday and sunday as high
7:28 am
pressure builds in. temperatures in some low 80s. maybe mid-80s and next week, yes, it will be dry, could be very warm. we'll deal with that later. >> thank you, steve. it's 7:27. a violent attack at a popular east bay park. the disturbing crime that led to a county-wide manhunt. >> the occupy oakland protests continues to grow. this one at a second location here in snow park near lake merritt. this morning they got a visit from police. we were there and will tell you why police stopped by and how protestors reacted. >> also a new policy in sons to the highly publicized cell phone shutdown.
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it's 7:30. new this morning, there's a development in the occupy oakland protest. a group of police officers combed the grounds of the second encampment. call clean wong is where demonstrateddors are less than thrilled and the early morning inspection. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: tori, they are suspicious of why police came by. it was very calm, no incidents during that visit from police. but you look behind me you can see now the dozen or so tents that now sit in snow park. they came here a few days ago looking for extra room because the place at city hall had gotten very, very crowded. and they say they haven't had a
7:32 am
problems. this was a first visit to this encampment this morning, before 5 a.m., and we were there as police came by. several oakland police officers pulled up to this occupy oakland location, and in teams of two walked around the small tent city. they did not ask protestors to leave and when we asked police, they said they had no plans to. >> there was no plan. a calm of potential medical problem from a refused citizen, so we're just doing this. >> did you just go to ask if anyone was needing help? >> yes, just -- >> there's no plan to kick them out of the park? >> no, not that i know of. >> this was like testing us essentially. they've done this show up with a small force middle of the night, and just try to move into camp without any announcements, without like a nose to clear the camp. and then i met with resistance and then they leave without a word spoken. as just a test.
7:33 am
>> police did tell us the main occupy oakland site has had issues that prompted them to bring out more patrol officers than usual. we did run into hostility at city hall when we were there yesterday. but folks here at snow park tell us they are part of that protest but they say they came here not only looking for more room but also for a more mellow vibe. they also told us they have no intention of leaving. they say people within the encampment are prepared to be arrested if police try to move in. but again, there is no move from police to kick them out. they paid to visit and the sergeant told us there are no plans to make them leave. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. time is 7:33. alameda county investigators are searching now for two men blamed for a violent attack at a popular castro valley park. police say a woman was out for a walk in the hills park friday night when she was sexually assaulted by two men. during the day this park is filled with people. neighbors are telling us
7:34 am
they're shocked to hear about this attack because this is considered to be a safe area. >> i walk alone. everybody walks alone here. there's a trail that goes up and there's stairs even, and everybody walks alone there. and the only thing i do know about the park is pitch-black. >> the alameda county investigators say because the woman was attacked from behind she can't describe the suspects. if you have any information, call the police. it's 7:34. bart may soon adopt a new policy specifying exactly when the transit agency can shut off cell service. bart was criticized for violating constitutional rights after it turned off cell signals to disrupt the protests last august. bart claimed it was protecting public property and public safety. the bart board will consider the policy next thursday under the proposal cell service can only be shut down in extraordinary circumstances, or
7:35 am
imminent danger. examples include terrorist plots that use cell phones to detonate a bomb. in the next hour a federal judge will hear from a wireless phone industry group that is asking san francisco's radiation warning law be overturned. the group which includes google, apple and nokia says the city ordinance that requires retailers to post radiation warnings about cell phones only scares consumers. san francisco's city attorney says the posters provide useful information for customers who are worried about a possible link between cell phone usage and cancer. more concerns now about the safety of pg&e's natural gas pipelines. according to the chronicle, state regulators have found documents that seem to indicate pg&e installed salvaged or junked transmission lines. those documents are dated between 1948 and 1956. however, we don't know whether the pipes are still in use. pg&e says if there is an issue,
7:36 am
it will be addressed. next month state regulators plan to ask a judge to make these documenta public. a record number of californians today will familiarize themselves with a phrase, drop cover and hold on! more than 8 1/2 million people are expected to take part in the great california shakeout. nearly a million and a half people will participate here in the bay area. the drill starts at 10:20 this morning. people in businesses, schools and city olympics will drop to the ground, take cover under a sturdy table, and hold on for 60 seconds. and bart plans to stop all trains for about a minute as well. our commute is shook up. a lot going on. sal, what is happening at the toll plaza? >> it's bad because of a motorcycle crash inside the tunnel westbound traffic at the toll plaza very slow you can see here from our picture that the traffic continues to move along relatively slowly like a
7:37 am
morning -- a regular morning commute, but it's just a lot longer of a line at least a 45- minute delay on to the bridge because of earlier crash. let's take it to the nimitz freeway, some people have been driving it hayward, they use the san mateo bridge. we have slow traffic on 880 from 238. and 92 is slow up until industrial or so, then it breaks free for the san mateo bridge. north bay, we have a truck accident northbound 101 in the rohnert park area at 116. the freeway is closed because of this truck accident. if you're driving from petaluma heading up north to rohnert park, you should know about this. it's very slow there. let's go back to the south bay and check out 280 northbound, that's moderately heavy up to highway 17 so we're seeing slowing on 280 and 85 in the south bay. now let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. and before we get going on the weather here, thank you for the e-mails from the ladies on the tie today. guys, if you're thinking of getting a new tie, would you
7:38 am
strongly suggest magenta. thank you to erica in mateo, tracy and also others. thank you very much. once in a while you pull out the bright colors. today a cool morning, and also some low clouds and some local drizzle. it will be a little warmer maybe like one or two degrees compared to yesterday. more so tomorrow. patchy fog and cool lows on the weekend but warmer days. now looks like we'll get a little cooldown on monday, but then a sign it will be warm to very warm next week. we'll see. there's not a consensus. there is a consensus that it will be dry. no rain. just a matter of how warm we'll get and if we get an offshore wind. it won't be until tuesday if it does develop. system by eureka and also redding is not only enhancing the fog, it's also producing some local drizzle. 50s on the temps mainly. we're had upper 40s but i'll bet those disappear because we're seeing increase in low clouds. we had a couple upper 40s. couple systems, they're lined
7:39 am
up, but all that's going to do is keep us from warming up too much. so low clouds, fog, drizzle, then sunny. it will be breezy. wind tapered off but will start to pick up. 60s and 70s. mill valley, san rafael, around low 70s. santa rosa, owner park, napa, 70. fairfield 75. concord, walnut creek, danville, 70s. warmer brentwood e oakland 67 alameda, san leandro 70, san jose in there as well. little warmer santa clara valley. cupertino 73. fremont 71. and then woodside, belmont 74. menlo park, palo alto 72. 73, but still 60s on the coast. we do have some warmer weather on the way. tomorrow will be a little warmer but you'll notice it more on the weekend. we'll have more sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s. and then turning breezy but still sunny on monday. well, serious flood problems in thailand but it's hard to get
7:40 am
any information. the bbc said almost like 50% of the country is flooded. there is some serious flooding taking place. you know there's a lot of -- they make hard drivers, automobile plants and honda has had had a lot of problems out of bangkok but my friend said bottled water is now gone from some of markets, so the situation continues to get serious and conflicting reports on twitter and everywhere else. but there's a lot of evacuation taking place, and a lot of sandbagging going on in and around bangkok and most of it to the north of bangkok. they've had just torrential rains. the most rain and flooding in 50 years. so it's a very serious situation and it continues to to get more flooding coming down from the north. >> thank you, steve. the oakland zoo's newest tenants are set to make their public debut today. yesterday our cameras got a look at molly, milo, grace and
7:41 am
ginger as they explored their habitat for the first time. the tigers sisters were shipped from texas last month. they were hand raised by a couple there and donated to the oakland zoo. we're just learning new information about the ex city ic animals escaped in ohio. the coroner confirmed the animal preserve's owner died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound and was then bitten on the head by a large cat, such as a bengal tiger. crews in ohio today are cleaning up the mess left behind in a hunt for dozens of escaped animals. 18 tigers and 17 lions are among the dead. they'll be buried in the central ohio farm. six animals found in their open cages were taken to the columbus zoo. a monkey is the only animal not located, but authorities think it may have been eaten by a tiger. neighbors are thankful for the quick action by sheriff's deputies. >> there was a tiger, lion
7:42 am
jumped a fence, and deputies came down and shot it in my driveway. then there was -- shot it. >> even animal rights activists say the order to kill the animals was justified because of the extreme circumstances. mixed news from the latest weekly unemployment numbers. also more violence in grosse. who attacked thousands of peaceful protestors taking part in the general strike. and we'll go live to los angeles to find out what is expected to happen today in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. big!
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taking a live looking at the big board on wall street.
7:45 am
numbers are mixed right now. there's some mixed news coming in on unemployment benefits and also on greece. we'll have more on those stories in just a moment. the dow live on the big board is currently up 14 at 11,519. the nasdaq is down about 6. s&p is up 2. the number of people collecting unemployment benefits is down slightly. in the last week 403,000 people filed initial claims for jobless benefits, down 6,000 from the week before and down almost 20,000 from a man ago. but that number would have to be less than 375,000 to indicate a healy job creation rate. the number of continuing claims also slipped by 7500, to 3.72 million. thousands of rock throwing greeks faced off against police during riots overnight. today a alarm rationalla in downtown athens turned ugly
7:46 am
when masked protestors with firebombs turned on communist party supporters, who were peacefully rallying. this is all happening as the greek parliament is scheduled to vote on new measures needed to secure a $150 billion bailout package. just this morning economists say greece missed its last deficit cutting target by not slashing enough spending and this second greek rescue deal may still not be enough to save the country from bankruptcy. of course, the big story today is a developing one. the reported death of moammar gaddafi. ktvu's pam cook is watching the story unfold in our newsroom and joins us now with the latest information. pam. >> reporter: he was in power 42 years, but this morning reports that moammar gaddafi is dead. we just got word that libyan prime minister says moammar gaddafi has in fact been killed. a u.s. official also is now saying that libya's new government has told the united
7:47 am
states that moammar gaddafi is dead. now the reports out of libya say there was a nato airstrike and that a convoy of vehicles was hit, and that moammar gaddafi was inside one of those vehicles. the national transitional council in libya and militia were the first to release the information this morning, this those organizations are indicating early on gaddafi was captured. that may be the case he was not killed in the airstrike, but pulled from the vehicle and killed by insurgents. >> we shot him, shot him by gun, 9 milli. >> those are the people in the streets of libya telling us this morning of what happened. political analysts say the instability in the country not over. they're also saying that many people in the new regime are
7:48 am
western educated and eager to bring in democracy. obviously, the story of the new libya is just beginning, but confirmation out of libya that moammar gaddafi has been killed. reporting live, pam cook, back to tori. >> thank you, pam. a contra costa prosecutor has been cleared of rape charges. 54-year-old michael gras set was charged with sexually assaulting a junior colleague in 2008. yesterday a judge dismissed the charges, saying there is insufficient evidence. the defense argued that the sex between the man and woman was consensual. the attorney general could still refile the charges. 7:48 now. an anesthesiologist considered an expert on the use of propofol will testify again today in the trial of michael jackson's doctor, dr. conrad murray. adam housley joins us live outside the los angeles courtroom with the details. good morning, adam.
7:49 am
>> reporter: good morning, dave. dr. steven schaeffer is his name and he's been absolutely deadly for the prosecution. he's brought this case home for them in a way that no other witness has been able to do. he has been on the stand -- yesterday he was supposed to finish, but because there was a delay early in the day his testimony will now go into today as well. and then of course defense will have a chance to cross-examine, but he is over and over said that 17 different times dr. murray made a significant mistake in the care of michael jackson, and the prosecutor would press him even more and this same doctor, dr. steven schaeffer, continued to hammer at dr. murray. in fact, parts of the courtroom were absolutely -- everyone just captivated by this i could and his testimony. listen to part of what we heard yesterday. >> every night when michael jackson was expecting to see dr. murray with propofol, he should have said, i'm not
7:50 am
giving you propofol. i'm not giving you anything. you have a sleep disorder and you need to be evaluated by a sleep doctor. >> and once again that was dr. schaeffer inside the courtroom. yesterday he -- continues today. and again the cross-examination will take place today. then once that's done, the prosecution will have a chance to redirect, maybe try to bring back some more information. once again, really give this jury a sense that dr. murray made significant mistakes in his care of michael jackson. that's what the prosecution has alleged all along. then once this is completed, the plan is the defense will begin their case tomorrow, but as we know with this court case, we've talk a number of days, you never know what the plan will be because things change literally daily. so the plan is the defense will start tomorrow, and could end by the middle of next week. 15 witnesses are planned to call but they could start today. this judge really wants to keep this trial moving, so we'll get that idea once dr. schaeffer
7:51 am
has finished with his testimony and once against, it's been absolutely compelling testimony for the prosecution. >> adam housley live in los angeles, thank you. barbie like you have never seen her before. and the reason her new look is not going over well with everyone. plus, as nba negotiations continue, kings fans find a new way to enjoy life without professional basketball.
7:52 am
you're on timeout leo!
7:53 am
some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. welcome back. we've got an update on the injured red tailed hawk shot with a nail gun. take a look at this new photo. this is the wounded hawk in san francisco's golden gate park yesterday. despite that -- look around its mouth. by that serious injury the hawk was still able to catch a gopher. while life rescuers say that's encouraging and they hope to capture it and treat its injuries.
7:54 am
the group wild rescue is offering a $10,000 reward to convict however did this. later today, talks will continue to try to get pro basketball players back on the court. nba players and owners have been meeting in marathon sessions all week along with the federal mediator. no one is saying what is being discussed. but the fact the two sides are talking is widely viewed as a good sign. the sides have been divided over two main issues, revenue sharing and the salary cap. the league has already cancel the first two weeks of the season due to the lockout. it's of course substitute for professional basketball, but it's not a bad way to spend a wednesday night. the sacramento kings opened up their arena for a free movie night yesterday. fans wore team colors and stocked up on popcorn. it was the first of nine non- basketball events scheduled through november. >> i --
7:55 am
>> we missed the preseason game. we look forward to it and we're very disappointed. >> the movie shown was a documentary about former king wayman tisdale who became a jazz musician after he retired. about one thousand people expected up, the team expected four times that number. barbie has a new makeover, but not every parent likes her. take a look at her. some parents complain the tattoos are a bad example for children. but mattel says it's a doll intended for adult collectors. >> okay. let's check in with sal. the bay bridge, not doing well. it's having an affect on other commutes, i imagine. >> that's right, people are hearing about the bay bridge being terrible, and you can see it here. there was an earlier motorcycle crash. that looks normal to you but what we can't see 580 and 24
7:56 am
are backed up, also 880 is backed up getting there. so before you even get here, you'll be sitting in traffic. and then you'll be sitting for the normal commute. so i would say at 20 midst to the normal drive. if you're driving on 880 and say i'm taking the san mateo bridge, well it's not too so god. in hayward it's slow. northbound near the coliseum it's good, and this weekend another big game for the raiders, on sunday a home game against the kansas city chiefs. palmer will play. you can see a lot of people here at the coliseum on sunday. just be which are of that. let's go to highway 92, westbound. that's pretty busy. trying to get to the san mateo bridge, unless you're really close to, it is not a get alternative. a lot of people are use that this morning. steve. >> thank you, circle lots of reports coming in on twitter of light mist or drizzle, simon by petaluma, rohnert park and lot
7:57 am
of low clouds, couple hours ago really weren't there and they're getting enhanced by that little system. it's moving through the northern part of the state. that's increased the fog. i just sent occupant the visible satellite and daylight to see and there's a lot of low clouds out there for this time of year. seriously, there's a lot out there. 50s on the temps, and they'll stay held in check. lot of 40s this morning but i think now with that cloud cover coming in, those 40s are going up. after a couple systems, high pressure is on the way but probably on the weekend. friday i think will be a lit warmer, today we have the morning fog then sun, breezy, local drizzle. just mention that, cool chilly morning. feels very fall-like. sweater weather. 60s and 70s, lot of low, mid- 70s inland. 50s, 60s by the coast. not much change friday. slightly warmer and afternoon highs with weekend always in view. it will be more sunny and warmer on those afternoon highs to the weekend. >> thank you. time is 7:57. we're still following our breaking news, the new report
7:58 am
that moammar gaddafi has been killed. >> and a security now in custody for not one but two shootings in richmond and concord. what police say was the motive lined the shootings. >> we're live in vacaville, where i-80 is become in business after a big rig accident involving chickens snarled traffic for hours. we'll have an update when mornings on 2 continues. over the last 10 years. [ male announcer ] hey, but who's counting? get your flu shot from a specialist you can trust. at the safeway pharmacy.
7:59 am
and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life.
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is thursday, october 20th. we're still following the news coming in this morning from libya. the reports that moammar gaddafi has been captured and may have been killed. within the past 30 minute, labia's prime minister confirmed reports that gaddafi has been killed. reportedly gaddafi was captured when forces of the national transitional council took control of gaddafi's hometown of sirte earlier this morning. there's a lot of celebration going on across libya today. al-jazeera television shows footed on showing a wounded, bleeding gaddafi. witnesses say his body was put on display in the town. we got this video in of some men from libya who say they
8:01 am
were there when give was shot and one of men says he hit gaddafi with his shoe. [not understandable] senators. >> you hit gaddafi with your shoes? >> yes! >> coming up for you at 8:15, we'll bring you a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom from what u.s. officials are saying this morning about the reports of gaddafi's capture and death. we are following big overnight news here at home involving a bizarre gunfight in richmond involving three security guards. kraig debro joins us live to tell us how a massive manhunt ended just a short time ago. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, tori. this is the first time we've
8:02 am
been allowed this close to the administration building. look at all these bullet holes in the glass. not only in the glass, but it's to the side, you see what's going on in there. there are bullet holes on the stucco, sheetrock, in addition there's a tree over here that has several bullet knolls it. you can see bullets sailed here as well. suspect in custody but not before wounding a coworker, shooting up ace house in concord and being chased by polices in el dorado county. one resident says the crescent park apartments definitely a shoot-out among coworkers. >> you can clearly hear two sets of shots, so he was shooting at somebody and they were shooting back at him. >> the supervisor taken to a hospital. police say he lived -- the building is shot up because no one else was hurt. the man accused in the crime is 50-year-old duran long. he was a security guard for this company working at the crescent park apartments. he is now in custody in el dorado county. police say duran got into an argument with his supervisor and but sent home but return a
8:03 am
short time later and was heavily armed. the supervisor was wounded in the shoot-out. police say just minutes earlier duran fired on a neighbor in concord. the police say he fired an ongoing dispute between duran long and a neighbor. that neighbor was home at the time. duran's fired into the house. he was home with his wife and a 9-year-old. the bullets missed those three people and they are okay. then it wasn't clear what the sequence of events was, but that happened before this. but just incredible this security company that was hired to work here was brought in after controversy surrounding one former richmond police officer and a current richmond police officer who had the contract for this housing complex. they lost the contract when they were accused of providing the police explorers working with, these are are teenagers,
8:04 am
volunteers of the police department, of buying guns for them and then having them patrol in this housing complex. so a couple problems with the last two security companies here. this one way more serious, but duran long is now in custody in el dorado county. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. overnight, a big rig that was filled with crates containing live chickens crashed on interstate 80 in vacaville. ktvu's tara moriarity is there to tell us about how the traffic was affected and also the cloneup. >> reporter: good news for you, morning commuters. the lanes are open now. we're standing on the overpass before la do you know about valley road, westbound direction on the right-hand side of your screen there. and traffic is going very nicely. they were able to clear all of the vehicles. we're about to show you some video that may be disturbing to some viewers to turn away if you think you might be offended. around 2 this morning a truck
8:05 am
carrying 2500 live chickens slammed no a big rig on the shoulder because of mechanical problems. truck drivers on the road say the truck driver was chicken company was swerving. they figured he had fallen asleep so they radioed him and got no answer, then he crashed. >> when he realized he hit another vehicle, he turned his vehicle to the left, which caused a rear trailer swerve out into the lanes of traffic and spilled part of the load of the chickens. >> the driver of the truck was hit -- was standing in front of his rig when the accident happened. >> i heard it was like, bam. and then that's the only thing i saw was a lot of chickens flying all the way in the interstate. crazy. >> no one was hurt, except for an elderly couple driving an suv. they tried to avoid the crates but ended up in a ditch. both suffered minor injuries.
8:06 am
again, all lanes are open now, westbound i-80 so that's good news. we have had other troubled areas this morning especially in the north lanes for more on that let's check in with sal. >> good morning to you. we've had lot of slow traffic and yes, you did mention north bay crash. northbound 101 in the grade, 116, freeway is closed because of a big rig crash there. 880 north and southbound, if you're driving further south let's say going to hayward to catch the san mateo bridge, that traffic is very slow heading south from about 238. there it is, heading down the 92, some slow traffic, slows always way down to fremont. now let's gog to steve. >> thank you very much. very good morning. lot of low clouds, if you're
8:07 am
just waking up there weren't that many mere a couple hours ago but a light front is producing light drizzle, mist, around santa rosa. so far that's the only report. if you're getting drizzle, you can always tweet me. so today low clouds, fog. a cool morning. it will be a little warmer. more so tomorrow. patchy fog, sunny and warmer. yet the pattern everything continues north. we're not getting any rain out of this. it's a dry pattern overall except for the fog and drizzle. and the days will be a little warmer as we head into the weekend. next week could be very warm but there's no consensus on it yet. the reason geraldo that fog, you can see the gray skies out there. but that system that is going by to the north in between eureka and redding helps increase the fog and low clouds. had a lot of 40s this morning. sonoma and piner high school, 47. fairfax was 48. petaluma kenwood 49. woodside 49. coolest reading in the east bay
8:08 am
was danville at 50. but i think the temperatures are coming up now due to the cloud cover. and you can see why. 50s to mainly mid-50s, few upper 50s but the city at 56. and that system stays to the north except the tail end. you can see they're lined up. after friday, high pressure will build in and temperatures will go up a little bit. fog, sun, breezy. local drizzle and really cool fall-like morning. no doubt about it. and temperatures will start to rebound here, but it may take awhile. lot of low to mid-70s. 60s by the coast. kentfield 73, concord 75. 72 castro valley. martinez, crockett, benicia, vallejo, pinole, berkeley around the 60s or very low 70s. and then san jose 73. morgan hill at 77. but fremont only 71 degrees. low 70s on the peninsula, or 60s on the coast. south san francisco, it's getting late in the year for coastal fog. but it's there. little change on friday. then we have more sunshine and warmer temperatures as we go
8:09 am
into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. it's 8 minutes after 8:00. the city of milpitas is investigating its second homicide of the year. police say an 18-year-old man was shot and killed on chestnut avenue early saturday morning. the victim died from a single gunshot wound. neighbors in the area did not see or hear anything suspicious, and at this point there's no information on any suspects. police have now identified the victim of san jose's latest homicide. it happened monday night on ross circle. investigators say 18-year-old hanzel saucedo was shot and killed. two men are at large. his death is tied to the city's violent street gangs, san jose's 37th homicide of the year and the 17th gang related killing. santa clara county is following the lead of san jose when it comes to immigration crackdowns. santa clara supervisors say they will no longer use county
8:10 am
resources to help federal authorities enforce immigration laws. immigration agents often rely on local law enforcement to help them hold suspects. san jose police recently ended their brief alliance with federal immigration agents. those agents helped reduce gang violence in san jose, but critics are claiming they were harassing innocent citizens. the family of a man shot and killed by san jose police filed a complaint alleging officer misconduct and excessive force. investigators say 32-year-old man rammed a police car before hitting two other parked cars at the parkside terrace apartments last sunday. police say two officers tried to stop him with their tasers, and the third officer opened fire when he thought the man was reaching for a gun. he was unarmed. san jose's independent police auditor will monitor the internal affairs investigation.
8:11 am
it's 8:10. taylor farms is recalling more than 3,000 cases of bagged salad because of possible samonella contamination. the recall involves various bags of salad blends, also sold under fresh selections, eb and market side bans. they have best buy dates from october 18th to october 21st. the salad has been shipped to several states, including california. but so far, no illnesses have been reported. she was in libya just days before this morning's big news. now secretary of state clinton is making another unannounced visit. >> big changes could be ahead for schools, the heated battle headed to the ballot box. also a growing battle between the united states and china. big money lawsuit over solar power.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
good morning. we're gone from mostly clear to mostly cloudy. lot of low clouds getting helped by a weak cold front to the north, even local drizzle mainly coast and ten in the north bay. once that burns off it will be sunny and breezy but highs only- 70s. >> thank you. time is 8 i don't 8:14. the libyan prime minister confirm moammar gaddafi has been killed. allison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the reaction from there. allison. >> reporter: wow! that was the reaction from
8:15 am
secretary of state hillary clinton to the early reports that moammar gaddafi had been captured. we are now waiting for reaction from the obama administration to the news that he has been killed. this was a look at some of the celebrations on the streets of tripoli. gaddafi's death means an end to the 8-month civil war and the end of a 42-year rein of terror in libya. one analyst says the day of the dictator may be coming to an end. >> we've seen the kids to now of several monstrous figures on the world's stage in recent years. of course, starting off with saddam hussein and now today with colonel gaddafi. and i think this does send a signal that dictatorsships across the world are under threat. >> gaddafi's death will also end fears that he could still threaten the new revolutionary government. it will also likely end the nato mission in libya. as for how he died, details are still sketchy. but nato has confirmed it launched airstrikes on a convoy
8:16 am
in his hometown of sirte where he was killed. several networks are showing video of what appears to be his bloodied bod but there will still be forensic exams to confirm it. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news 92 thank you. now we have great line the scenes video right now of something allison just referred to. how secretary of state hillary clinton found out this morning about the reports of the capture of moammar gaddafi. secretary clinton was in afghanistan, about to be interviewed by reporters, when one of her staff members handed her a phone apparently with a text message on it. >> wow! ha! unconfirmed, yeah. unconfirmed reports about gaddafi being captured. >> there you see it. secretary clinton was just in libya on a surprise visit on
8:17 am
tuesday. the latest nato offensive in afghanistan has killed at least 115 insurgents in the past week. that continuing operation is focusing on the province known as the hot wed for foreign militant fighters. nato is increasing efforts to secure that country paving the way for afghan forces to fully take over. seven american solar panel manufacturers are suing the chinese solar industry, accusing it of selling solar panels in the united states for less than it cost to make and ship them. the american companies say the chinese government gives solar panel manufacturers in china billions of dollars in subsidies. the chinese companies then sell the programs for much less than panels produced by american companies. the american companies are asking the commerce department to put tariffs on solar panels from china to level the playing field.
8:18 am
meantime, state treasurer bill lockyer says he still supports a california law that gives large tax breaks to alternative energy companies despite the controversial bankruptcy filing of fremont's solyndra. solyndra received a $34.5 million subsidy under the tax break. but lockyer says the law is needed as an incentive for green manufacturing jobs in california. one of the escaped animals from the ohio farm bit the farm's owner after he killed himself. that's the word this morning from the local sheriff who says an autopsy showed terry thompson had a bite wound on his head from a large cat. coming up at 8:35, we'll get more on the clean-up and reaction to the situation in a live report from ohio. our time is 8:18. just about 15 minutes from right now, volunteer nurses will be setting up a first aid station for the occupy protestors in san francisco. the group is called national
8:19 am
nurses united. they'll provide basic health care to the anti-wall street protestors who have taken over justin herman plaza. the nurses say it's their way of showing support for the movement. similar first aid stations are already in place in new york, los angeles, and even more are planned for washington, d.c. and detroit. overnight news, just about three hours ago oakland police searched the ground of the second occupy protest camp at oakland this. one is in snow park, right next to lake merritt. coming up at 8:30, well tell what you police officers said was the reason it went out there for that early morning search. next month san francisco voters will weigh in on the city's controversial school assignment system. right now students are not guaranteed a spot at their neighborhood schools. proposition h could change that. it would encourage the school district to make it a priority to place students in schools near their homes. supporters say it's about convenience and it will help
8:20 am
parents get more involved. but critics say changing the current system would be costly. speaking of changes, it's cloudy and cool in the bay area right now. but as we look at live pictures, steve is already telling us big changes are ahead. >> also, the effect of halloween on america's somewhat scary jobs situation. >> good morning. northbound 280 we had slow traffic in the south bay and also we have slow traffic trying to get to the south bay. also have a big problem in the north bay with a major freeway that is shut down.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
the halloween season is a bit of a treat followed by what feels look a trick for some workers. stores that sell costumes and decorations hired many new employees to help them get through the halloween rush. people whose unemployment benefits run out a sights good to have any time of work to pay their bills. but most know the work is likely to last less than two months. >> it's really hard. having a real hard time but i lucked out and got a job here. even though it's seasonal, it's something. >> it's not really desperate but they have more responsibility as far as the family and i can appreciate that. >> managers say some workers will stay on the job through the christmas holiday season. and they could be hired on a permanent basis depending on how strong sales are through the end of the year.
8:24 am
let's go to sal, big problems in the north bay. what is going on, sal. >> we have one major side of a freeway closed for two big rig crashes in the petaluma area. it's more like rohnert park, northbound 101 at highway 116 west. that's closed off. the chp is taking traffic off the freeway so you can't get through. some of the side road are jammed so from the can tadee grade it will be very slow. as we move over to vallejo and pinole, very slow traffic heading down to a super-crowded bay bridge toll plaza. highway 4, slow traffic as well. looks like we have a problem westbound 4 near somersville as well. 680 backed up from pleasant hill down to a crash near alamo. and this is a look at the bay bridge toll ms.a. you know, it's -- been really slow because of an earlier crash. the crash gone, but the traffic is packed up big-time beyond the maze. and the morning commute in san jose is also slow on 280, and
8:25 am
101 and 85. steve. >> thank you. we do have a pretty good fog bank out there. it wasn't there about three or four hours ago but it's really increased. there's a weak cold front going by to the north helps enhance that low cloud deck and even produce local drizzle, mainly towards the north bay of it keeps the onshore breeze going, not much today compared to yesterday. lot of 50s here, though. cloudy, little hint of a breeze means lot of 57's here. concord, napa stuck at 57. redwood city, san francisco, had some 40s in the north bay but those have gone up due to the cloud cover coming in. you can see all those systems just driving from west to east. but we're on the tail end of that so low clouds, fog, and sup. it will be breezy but it's a chilly fall-like morning. 60s and 70s on these temps today. temperatures really just the same as yesterday. but then a little bit warmer as we head into friday. high-pressure system will then build in, send everything well north and temperatures will warm up.
8:26 am
we'll get 80s on highs over the weekend. >> thank you. our time is now 8:25. charges of political dirty tricks at a bay area election. it's added some fire to a race involve. fire. >> and we're livens at oakland protest. what protestors are saying and what they did when police paid this. a visit. >> also, there's new information on the chauncey bailey murder case. why some say they're amazed there was a conviction. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender.
8:27 am
oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. text save to 7-8836.
8:28 am
welcome back. new in morning, oakland police were out combing the grounds of the second occupy protest camp
8:29 am
in oakland. overcrowding drove the demonstrators to the snow park location near lake merritt this week. claudine wong was the only reporter there when police arrived. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning! yes, they came here and said because of a medical call and left after a short time. now that we have daylight we can show you more with this encampment that is taking up location here at 20th and harris. this is snow park. protestors here say look, we want a good relationship with the neighborhood, city and police department. and they say so far they've been able to do that. if you look you can see cones around the tree. they want to protect that tree, keep the area clean. they say they've been talking with the folks who take care of this park, and when it comes to police, they said today but a first test. we want to show you the scene before 5 this morning. several oakland police cars pulled up on 19th avenue. they took a walk around the encampment but did little else and while they did that, protestors came out of their tents, stood there quietly and
8:30 am
waited to leave. they told us they were suspicious of the visit but there were no confrontations, no angry words, and protestors say that's how they want it to stay. >> we're trying to start a good relationship with people around us. and talk to people around us. to explain to them what we're doing. but like i said, and i will say it one last time, for him to make the statement that he had a medical problem and show epp with all them cops and no medical van, no paramedics, hate to say that's bs. >> we're just regular patrol units tonight and they had call for a possible medical emergency. >> you came with quite a few people. >> well, yeah. that's what we do. >> potential or -- >> it's all potential, some incidents last couple weeks, yes. >> not here but -- >> not here, yes the sister city. >> we have seen problems at the
8:31 am
other main site, specifically between media crews and protestors who made it clear to us yesterday and in previous days they do not like us there. protestors here have had a different approach, open to cameras and interviews all morning long, say they have a different vibe here and while they are still fighting for the same cause as their counterparts it does have a different feel. but as far as them staying,ing with live here they say continues to grow, they told us they are not planning on going anywhere. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. it's 8:31. copper thieves continue to strike in the city of brentwood. the contra costa times reports copper wire thefts cost the city more than $63,000 in the last fiscal year. most of the thefts came from streetlights. thefts from landscaping projects dropped due to security upgrades. but vandalism to city property nearly doubled over the last year. environmental agencies trying to figure out to do
8:32 am
spend $32 million from the oil spill settlement. 53,000 gallons of fuel leaked into the san francisco bay when the ship hit the bay bridge in 2007. the department of fish and game hosted public meetings in mill valley and oakland yesterday to hear comments from the public about how to best restore wide life habitats. time is 8:up there. the coast guard has a controversy this morning over its handling of a boat wreck near distinct stop beach. the boat is called the -- became stuck in the sand near the shoreline last thursday. you see the pictures here. the owner of the boat is a commercial fisherman who doesn't have insurance. he claims the coast guard do have easily pulled his 48-foot boat to safety. instead, he says the boat is heavily damaged and so is his business now. these are pictures from the independent journal. the coast guard told the paper it's responsible for rescue operations, it does not take part in commercial salvaging. in san francisco, a power
8:33 am
outage is affecting hundreds of pg&e customers about. 291 people have no power in the western edition and haight- ashbury neighborhoods. still not clear when they'll get pack power back. the outage began before 5:30 this morning at the height 7,000 customers were affected. some cable problems are to blame. life just became a little easier for electric car drivers in palo alto. the city installed five new charging stations around town, two at the top of the city hall garage. the others are on other city operated garages. the state predicts palo alto will be home to as many as 10,000 electric cars by the year 2021. the city is also working to simplify the process for residents who want to install charging stations at their homes. today republican presidential candidate michele bachmann is appearing at an event in san francisco.
8:34 am
she is scheduled to congratulations the commonwealth club at noon. she is making a swing through california following tuesday night's debate in las vegas. at a tea party event yesterday, she said she was elected to congress last year despite efforts by democrats against her. >> someone you're familiar with in california, nancy pelosi -- let's be nice! she made one of her top targets for defeat in 2010. so just for spite, i decided she wasn't going to win, i would. >> she won the straw poll in iowa in august, but since then her presidential campaign has struggled. a new poll shows that so far, none of the leading republican presidential candidates would clearly be able to beat president obama. in the latest poll, 30% of republicans say they would most like to see mitt romney as their nominee.
8:35 am
26% want herman cain. rick perry comes in third with 13%. president obama runs about even or slightly ahead of all three men in match-ups. the mayor of petaluma now treated for bladder cancer. mayor david glass says the disease is still in its very early stages and he'll continue conducting almost all city business during his medical care. however, the mayor says he won't be able to be at as many community events as he has in the past. you wouldn't expect an election for a fire protection district to involve accusations of questionable camp pain tactics. but apparently that's what is happening in the upcoming election for the menlo park fire protection district. a candidate running for one of the two open seats says someone has been taking down her campaign signs from the front yards of her supporters. candidate chang says the signs cost a lot of money and the people should respect the rights of others to voice their opinions.
8:36 am
the danger has passed from the dozens of large exotic animals that escaped from that central ohio animal preserve. but we are learning new disturbing details about the farm's owner. reporter mike tobin zones us live from ohio, where he just attended a news conference. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, tori. and the coroner's report has been released now indicating that as suspected, terry thompson did guy of self- inflicted gunshot wound to the head. we're surprised to learn that shortly after he shot himself, according to the coroner, he was bitten in the head with a bite wound consistent of a big cat. it also appears that after he was bitten in the head, the big cat dragged him around for a bit. the sheriff out here said there was another odd bit of information and that is a pile of chicken found in the driveway, very near the body of mr. thompson. quite possibly the sheriff can speck late what he was trying to do was coax the big animals
8:37 am
over to him so after he killed himself, they would eat his body. another bit of information is a number of people were small group of people were arrested, trying to steal one of the carcasses of the dead animals, sell that to a taxidermist. >> wow, lots of strange events. is there a lot of clean-up going on there? what is the reaction of people in the area to most of the animals being shot and killed? >> reporter: as far as the clean-up, the animals that were killed were buried on the familiar where they lived. the reaction from the people, it's sad. these were really magnificent animals, particularly the 18 rare bengal tyingers that were killed. and the local people agree with a painful decision that the sheriff's deputies had to make that once the tigers were out in the community where they could hurt people, they needed to be shot, tranquilizing them proved not to be a very good option. that is the reaction. and a lot of people are relieved that six of the
8:38 am
animals did survive, taken to the zoo. the zoo says they're eating well. they don't seem to be traumatized, just very hungry when they got to the columbus zoo. >> mike toobin, thank you. our time is 8:37. let's see what is happening in the commute. so much happening particularly in the north bay. >> we have a big with the north bay commute, northbound 101 at highway 116 west is closed because of a truck accident. two trucks were closed and there's a major fuel spill. we have it on the maps if you want to go to it here. there we go. northbound 101 as you head out towards the -- collision there, there's a problem with northbound 101, with that freeway being closed. and leaked fuel has damage the -- need to be repaved. the alternates are jammed. stony point road, rohnert pack expressway. i'm not sure what this will
8:39 am
mean for the afternoon commute but it will be a bad one there. let's look at live pictures. northbound 101 in san francisco, approaching the 80 split, some slow traffic there. lot of people use the san mateo bridge to go around today. it is backed up on 101, truck to get into the city. the bay bridge has been terrible mess because of an earlier crash. let's go to steve. >> thank you, stall. very good morning. we have a lot of clouds around. at 4 a.m. not much low clouds. there were stars. but because of this weak semites enhanced the fog. there's a lot in the pacific and it's getting very lit in the season for coastal fog but that's what we have. low cloud deck also producing local drizzle. so chilly, cool morning. sunny and warmer. that's about it. patchy fog tomorrow. it will be warmer after friday. high pressure will build in and send all these systems even further north. the weekend will have cool lows but today the afternoon highs will be warmer.
8:40 am
if you're planning on cal atial and stanford is home. and i think they're all late starts. it will be warm to start and then cool by the end of the game. but looks like it will be clear. there's any fog i think it will only be very late, early morning hours and nothing like we have today. that system right there which is going by to the north, is helping kind of lift up that fog bank. san francisco is only 62 yesterday. i'm going 64 today. so really not much warmer. just too much in the way of fog. 50s for the temps. we had 40s for a while then the chowed cover comes in and that raises the temps. there's a little hinted of a breeze as well for some, but not like yesterday. but 50s, low, mid to upper and temperatures stuck to that cloud cover. although there are areas that do get some sun, but as long as that system continues to move into the north, that just means temperatures are held in check here. so low clouds, sun, breezy. onshore wind for most. a chilly morning gives way to 60s and 70s today. san rafael, mill valley, all in low to mid-70s. petaluma, santa rosa in there,
8:41 am
74 degrees. 74 walnut creek. upper 60s berkeley, almeida. pleasanton at 75. livermore as well. san jose 73 to 75. los altos, mountainview, palo alto around 73. not much change, san mateo, burlingame and 360s on the coast. a little change or little warmer not much on friday. then warmer weather kicks in for your weekend. >> thank you, steve. a just released state report has hash criticism of the lead investigator in the chauncey bailey murder case. an oakland police sergeant was put in charge of the case immediately after the journalist was shot and killed in august of 2007. the report says sergeant derwin longmeyer repeatedly overlooked evidence tying the killing to the black muslim bakery. the bakery's leader and one of
8:42 am
its followers were eventually convicted last june. she swung into action in a real life or death situation on a san francisco freeway. >> i've been down, grabbed him from here. >> a young mother is a hero after rescuing an injured truck driver from that fiery crash. >> and in richmond, what led to a shoot-out between security guards at a housing complex.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
there was good news to start off the training day on wall street. the fact that the weekly unemployment benefit numbers were slightly better than expected, still not showing really strong jobs market, however. but stocks extending downturn because of concerns about what is going on in greece. right now the dow is currently down 40, nasdaq 27. s&p is down 5. and turning now to ma is happening in grease, we just learned that one protestor died during an anti-austerity demonstration that turned violent today. this hours before lawmakers were to vote on deeply unpopular new cutbacks demanded by creditors to keep greece afloat.
8:46 am
creditors have demanded that greece pass the extra austerity measures before they give the country more funds, and greece says it will run out of money in mid-november without the next $11 billion installment. let's bring you up to date on other top stories we're following right now. look at the celebration in libya. the prime minister there has confirmed the death of former libyan leader moammar gaddafi. he was killed today as fighters of the new transitional government took control of the his hometown of sirte. we'll bring you much more in two muntz from now. all lanes every westbound interstate 80 are open again after a big crasher rick crashed, carrying crates of live chickens. some of this video is disturbing to see. the chp says the driver fell asleep, crashed into another big rig on the shoulder shortly after 4 a.m. and authorities in el dorado county have arrested the
8:47 am
richmond security guard accused of shooting his coworkers. investigators say 50-year-old duran long opened fire on his fellow security guards after arguing with a supervisor. ktvu's kraig debro tells us how this manhunt ended just hours ago. kraig. >> reporter: dave, we just got an update about the suspect, we've just learned the suspect is at a hospital now after being bit on by a sheriff's dog during his arrest. this is the building the man is accused of shooting into. just look at the pockmarks on the wall, bullet holes into this window here. there's a number 18 indicating the number of rounds that was fired into the building. and if you are looking there now, look at this desk, a clipboard which has holes in it. there's a schedule on the clipboard. see if we can read that. couldn't do that. the suspect is in jail. one resident at this complex says there was definitely a shoot-out among coworkers.
8:48 am
>> you could clearly hear two sets of shots. he was shooting at somebody and they were shooting back at him. >> the supervisor was taken to a hospital. police say he will live. the building is shot up because the shooting but no one else is hurt. the man accused in the crime is 50-year-old duran long. deputies along with chp arrested long following a short chase at 5:45 this morning. police say long got into an argument with a supervisor and was sent home. long returned and this time he was heavily armed and started shooting in the building. the supervisor was wounded in the shoot-out. he was hit in the arm. police say just minutes earlier, long fired on a neighbor in concord. >> from what i understand, it was an ongoing neighbor dispute. he was upsetted with the neighbor for some reason and decided to shoot well over 30 rounds into this house narrowly missing a nine-year-old child. >> they need to do extensive background checking up on the
8:49 am
security. law enforcement also, because what if he was in afghanistan, all six times or something and then just now coming back? they need to start doing real good background checks on the security. >> it's not clear when long will be brought back to the bay area for arraignment but we do know from previous stories, we covered a story concerning the police department members, one former, one current, and a security company they ran out here. there was some controversy about their techniques. they were fired. this new security company was hired because of the earlier controversy, just in april some this is a new security company working out here. and long was possibly a new employee, might have been employee of the old company. we're still checking on that. but take a look at the inside of that building, incredible. one thing we haven't showed you is the tree over here behind us. and into my left here. the tree over here is all shot up as well. so bullets going into the building, bullets coming out.
8:50 am
within person injured. supervisor with a security company and the man who police accuse of doing the shooting now in custody in el dorado county. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. in developing news, many sources are now confirming the death of former libyan leader moammar gaddafi. but now the questions begin, especially what happens now in libya. pam cook joins us from the newsroom with the changes going on right now. good morning, pam. >> reporter: good morning. after 42 years of rule under moammar gaddafi, the libyan people are celebrating freedom from a dictator. want to show you new video of the streets of tripoli this morning, filled with people after hearing news that gaddafi had been killed. the new libyan flag is flying across the country and now at libyan embassies around the world. the three color flag replaces the all-green one used under gaddafi and the change reflects the change going on in the
8:51 am
governing of libya. >> libya could become very chaotic, and since there's such great hope that this really can turn from a terrible dictatorship to an -- a model of a new arab world, with the help for the west, but most of the work done by the people themselves. >> james rubin, former assistant secretary of state, is just one analyst weighing in on what happens now. the u.s. secretary general just spoke publicly as well and says, the road ahead for the libyan people will be difficult and full of challenges. that's the very interesting part of the story, the road ahead. analysts say the people in the new regime are western educated for the most part, and eager to bring in democracy, and they're looking forward to democratic elections and a new constitution in libya. reporting live, pam cook, back over to tori. >> thank you, pam.
8:52 am
it's 9 minutes before 9:00. a young bay area mother is hailed as a highway hero in that fiery big rig crash on the san francisco freeway yesterday. >> look at my rear view and see this guy just standthin mid. of the fire, and i'm like, oh, my gosh! >> 22-year-old keep 'ya williams was driving her daughter to school on highway 101 yesterday when she spotted the big rig tip over and burst into flames. she immediately pulled over and told her five-year-old to stay in the car and rushed out to help the driver. >> then i was like, he is like i saved your life i'll never forget you. i still haven't been to sleep! >> the truck driver it was able to leave the hospital yesterday afternoon after being treated for minor injuries. the city of san francisco is now planning a formal tribute to the young mom who saved him. >> wow! time is 8 i don't know 52. we have breaking news. late word of arrested in a
8:53 am
triple homicide case in the east bay. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
our time is 8:55. we're just found out police have arrested a man suspected in a triple homicide at a san leandro tattoo parlor. oakland police tell ktvu their swat team arrested the man at his home in oakland just a short time ago, but they're not yet telling us who he is.
8:56 am
the violence erupted three weeks ago in a parking lot following a warehouse party. 16-year-old and a 23-year-old and a 19-year-old were killed. three other people were injured. investigators say there were two gunmen involved in this. a $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to arrests in the case. it's:55. the championship rein of the san francisco giants is coming to an end. but the bay area is still playing a big part in the world series. >> that was former cal star allen craig driving home the winning run in game 1 of the world series. the cardinals beat the texas rangers 3-2. but without the giants making another playoff run, the bay area just doesn't seem to have world series fever. >> without the giants, the
8:57 am
world of difference. obviously, you a bay area team will bring in a lot more. >> local bars tell us their crowds last night were much lower than last year. but the world series is expected to be a tight match-up throughout. players on both teams. you can watch game 2 on ktvu and fox starting at 4:30 this afternoon. there's a special edition of ktvu channel 2 news at 4:00. and the newscast after the game as well. >> that's right. quickly go back to sal. what are you seeing now? i'm seeing traffic just terrible in many areas. we want to let you know that traffic is still going to be very slow and almost all these commutes for you. two improvements, one bright spot, 280 has improved up to highway 17 san jose. moving along to 237 we have stop and go traffic there. this morning in all the cloudy weather we have big backup at toll plaza that's seeing some improvement but a new crash westbound 580 at lakeshore involving a motorcycle. now let's go to steve.
8:58 am
>> thank you, sal. low clouds, fog, another cool morning will give way to sunshine, breezy conditions today. lot of 60s and low 70s. we will see maybe just a slight warm-up on friday but looks like more sunshine and warmer afternoon temps get back into the inland and warmer on the coast by saturday and sunday. >> but the warm breezy weather very dry conditions i've heard could increase the fire danger. >> we haven't had that offshore wind. there's one forecast model that's very bullish, other two are not. >> certainly something to think about on the 20th anniversary of the firestorm. thank you for watching, everyone. bye now.
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