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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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coast. that was not the case yesterday . also, the morning commute looks good on westbound 92. 4:59, let's go back to the desk. no overnight camping. that's the message from the city of oakland. claudia long joins us from the plaza where people are still camped out right now. >> reporter: the question is this morning will police take action? everyone got this notice saying no more tents would be allowed, no more camping overnight, but as you can see behind me, there are still tents and people camping at the occupy protests. we do see an oakland police officer across the street, but it has been quiet. will it stay that way? that's what's unclear at this point. if you look, you can see folks
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walking around. you will find people all around the perimeter of this pro test, keeping an eye on the situation. they're actually pretty organized out here. we took a look and talked to folks out here. they've got radios. they're all in communication with each other. they're all basically watching and waiting to see what the police will do. they did send this notice out at 8:00 last night, saying the fire hazards, the safety hazards, the sanitation hazards, health hazards, damage to the plaza are all reason why the city has decided there will be no camping allowed here. we talked to protester protesters about whether or not they plan to leave. >> we're not going anywhere. >> were you surprised by the notice? >> i guess not. >> what do you think led to it? it lists a bunch of things. violations, things like that. >> they're making stuff up,
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trying to blame oakland's problems on us. >> do you think there's anything -- >> nothing out of the ordinary for this area of town. >> what is going to happen if they try to make you leave? >> no comment. >> back out here again, we're going to keep an eye on the situation. we'll lot you know if anything develops. protesters have been told to leave. it's unclear if they're going to be made to leave. >> we've been closely watching the website last night and there were no strong after shocks after the two that rattled the area yesterday. ktvu's noel walker says it has a lot of people on edge. >> our morning facebook page is blowing up with comments. we had someone from new jersey staying she was freaked out
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over this and was ready to pack her bags. we're near on the uc berkeley campus. now, they're supposed to be coming by to check this. the stadium is being seismically retro fitted for this reason. take a look at jay hernandez as she was getting ready for her live report. >> we just had an earthquake. >> so that was what that 3.9 tumbler felt like at 8:16 last night in berkley. jade was getting ready for a report at the time. it was centered on or near the berkley campus. it knocked items off of store shelves and rattled nerves, but there was not a lot of damage. people as far as santa rosa could feel the shaking. >> we were under the balcony
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and i wondered if it was going to collapse on us. >> all of this happened on a day where california held a statewide earthquake drill. you may remember those from school, duck, cover, and hold on. everybody across the state of california was supposed to be practicing that yesterday. about 8 million people participated. no better way to practice it than the real thing. it's also a pretty heavy reminder that we should all be ready for something much bigger if we're living here in california. reporting live from the uc berkeley campus. >> it was said the second quake was an after shock and there's the possibility of more quakes in the berkeley area, but they stress there's no reason to be alarmed. >> we have more than 100 earthquakes in northern california every day. most of them are too small to be felt. >> a lot of people felt yesterday's quakes, but experts
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say they were not large enough to affect the fault. you can click on earthquakes tab at the top of our website for more information. new this morning, plans to bury moammar gadhafi have been delayed until the circumstances of his death can be examined. the human rights office has called for an investigation on how he was killed. why some people are questioning the libyan's government's explanation. well, president obama's jobs bill failed in the senate late last night. it was made to boost the hiring of teachers and firefighters. it fell short of the 60 needed to bring the proposal up for debate. it's the second time in two weeks that the senate has killed a version of the president's jobs plan. the five men responsible for a hate crime outside a mission district taco ria.
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it happened outside the taco ria cancun. the group attacked three men for apparently no reason. one used a homophobic expression. a victim suffered a broken jaw and must undergo surgery. two other victims suffered minor injuries. they're getting ready to take a closer look at the office paying young men to stay out of trouble. the fight happened inside the office of neighborhood safety. young men from rival parts of town are believed to be involved. a witness saw the entire fight as it happened, but city policy allows them not to talk to police so they can keep the trust of the men they're working with. now some are second guessing the policy. the city council meeting will take place on tuesday. bay area and cyclist have a knew area of trail to explore. it hopes in the hills of san jose. the new addition is just east of allen rock park and it
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brings the total bay area trail to 137 miles. state bonds and a parcel tax helped pay for the new section. time now is 5:06. kraig and pam, good morning to you, traffic is off to a nice start. if you're driving on 80 westbound,ing see traffic is open. all those lanes are open headed out to the macarthur maze. no problem on 284 coming down to this general area where a lot of people at this point are going to the bay bridge. a lot of people are getting on early so they don't have to deal with what the bay bridge will bring later. right now is a good time to go. san jose, northbound looks good. we don't have anything reported so far for the south bay commute as we check in with every part of the bay area. right now the south bay is
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quiet. some low clouds out there, but some cool temperatures as well. 40s up by the airport. the fog is going right down the coast. that was not the case yesterday. it was moving west to east and stayed a while for many. napa has go to 48 and santa rosa. now that fog ceiling layer is going down. that's a sign of things to come as we go into the weekend. 52 in livermore and san jose at 55. southwest 8 and wind increasing. still west at 13 at sfo. so it's still a little bit of a sea breeze, but it looks like it's going to taper off here. high pressure is building and storm track stays to the north. it looks quiet for the next five, seven, ten days. i don't think we're going to get any rain here. big question is how much warmer will it get next week. there was talk about a strong event, now the models have
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backed off from that. but it will be dry. fog returns. it will be a cool morning, but it will be warmer today. today we'll continue that and it should say thursday. today, and friday. however you want to look at it. whatever, you know what i mean. today is today. fog, sun, little breezy. it will be warmer by the coast. and then mid-upper 70s toward 80 degrees. maybe up to clear lake, probably one more day and everyone will get into that. a little cooler on monday and it looks like we start to get breezy and warmer, but if not tuesday, the middle of next week. >> thank you, steve. 5:09 is the time right now. nfl runningback gets traded. how that trade may have saved his life. plus, how a boat wreck has gone from bad to worse for a
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local fisherman. good morning. 680 southbound looks good as you head to the south bay. we'll talk about the morning commute and have another look at the weekend forecast.
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a trade may have saved a pro football player's life. detroit's runningback jerome harrison has a brain tumor. it was discovered afterring with traded to the eagles. he has a good chance of
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recovering and the physical may have been a lifesaver. >> this morning we're finding out that the burial of moammar gadhafi has been delayed. carol hahn reports that questions are being raised about how he died. >> it's the viral moments of his last moments that raised questions about what exactly happened. was he shot in a firefight after his convoy was hit by nato firefight, or was he taken alive as cell phone video showed and then shot by his captors. they will discuss when and how to end the bombing campaign in libya. they may keep flying for a few days until the situation
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stabilizes. but the general says the operation will end soon. >> and now i call on all libyans to put aside their differences and work together to build a brighter future. >> now, gadhafi's death means libyan oil production could soon get back to normal, but as celebrations rock the streets, the question is whether forces who took down gadhafi, can they come together to govern a country? >> well, libyan americans have been glued to their tvs as word spread about gadhafi's capture and death. they say they've been waiting for a long time for this moment. >> we're hoping to see this day because people suffered a lot for like 42 years now. >> people are eager to rebuild and people are eager to start working to make the country a million times letter than it was. everyone has faith that it will
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become a phenomenal country. >> now, these libyan americans in fremont say they want to return to their homeland, at least for a visit. two men accused of stealing from a stranded fishing boat are due in court today. the boat ran aground last week. the owner says he can't afford to have it towed, and he's upset that the coast guard refused to help. things got worse on wednesday when a security guard spotted two men removing gear from the boat. they claimed to be friends of the owner, but the security guard was suspicious. the men stole $7,000 worth of equipment. >> a judge in marine county will consider requests by a serial killer. the shackles have been -- he has asked he be allowed to use his cell phone in jail as he prepares his defense. he's representing himself in
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court. he's accused of killing four women in crimes dating back to the '70s. fish and game commission voted to open -- in june instead of april. it's a move to help the population restore itself after red tide conditions killed many, prompting the closure of the season. the rest of the abloan knee season will begin as usual. what are you keeping an eye on, staal on -- sal. the whole area. we're starting off pretty good. way out closer to our camera in bay point, off to a good starred
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starred. bay bridge toll plaza looks good good. heading out the the high rise with no main problems. i'm about to tweet your forecast to people who may not follow you. it's out there. >> i always get a response saying, how come you aren't doing the traffic. i always say they should follow you at traffic at sb weather. we do have low clouds around yesterday. the fog wouldn't burn off. i had tie mend my temperatures at noon yesterday, which is very rare, but it was too much in the way of low clouds. finally it burned off. today we'll continue that. it looks like that fog going right down the coast, that's a sign it will burn off today for everybody. still, we're starting off with upper 40s, 48 in napa and santana rosa. high pressure builds in, that fog deck that was way up there a few days ago will start to come down.
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fairfield is in there, san francisco, redwood city, and san jose at 55. san rafael holding steady at 50. last hour, they were 13 miles per hour. you see fog coming down. the wind decreasing. these are all warmer temperatures in the some of the higher elevations. i don't see it yet. it will pop up in a couple of hours. yesterday, we were on the tail of it. that enhanced the fog. now we get a little behind that and that takes care of it. fog returns. it's still a cool morning. we'll go right into the weekend with that. a bigger jump tomorrow as we get low to mid-80s as we go into sunday. some fog, more so than the low cloud deck, but it's still there. sunny and breezy and warmer as well. upper 70s to very low 80s, but that theme of some warmer temperatures goes right into your weekend. so fog will be right down on
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the deck. it will burn off much sooner, even over the coast. little cooler on monday and then it will warm up tuesday. european markets are up this morning after german chancellor insists her country and france agree on the main points of a plan to deal with the debt crisis. asian markets did not benefit from her statements since they closed before her announcement. samsung reports selling 20 million phones during the 4 4th quarter. all right. checking in on our numbers, pretty quiet. we have earnings reports coming in this morning that could affect things. ge profit up in the 3rd quarter, but revenue was flat. of course watching europe's debt crisis will affect your markets as well. and a report being released this morning shows americans are hurt by high gas prices, but they have few options that would let them reduce the cost of driving.
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americans will spend a report $490 billion on gas by tend of this year. that's up $100 billion in the last year. researchers say americans are making cuts in other places, including food, to afford gas. a large scale search in danville, following a poring lot robbery, a mistake that nearly ended in his arrest. the nba lockout has cost the first two week of the season, now, no new negotiations on the horizon. 101 in san francisco looks pretty good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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good morning. we have some fog. also some cool temps in the north bay. 40s. once this fog burns off, then we'll have sunshine and warmer temps. thailand's prime minister is telling people to be ready to evacuate. the flood is moving forward bangkok. a robbery suspect avoided capture after returning to the scene of the crime. a man was robbed in the parking lot of mcdonald's last night by a man he arranged to sell his
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iphone to. he reported the robbery after he spotted the suspect back at the mcdonald's police searched for him by helicopter and on the ground with police dogs, but he's still on the loose. the nba lockout, it will not resolve soon. talks were broken off after spending three days with a federal mediator and no new talks are scheduled. now, the labor committee is meeting to discuss the remainder of the schedule. all games will be canceled so far, and that has cost players about $170 million in salaries. it's also hurting bay area businesses such as sports bars. >> we're like a theater, a theater without a movie to show. it's huge. huge, all over the country. >> now, the sides are still far apart on how to divide revenues and structure salary cap. the last agreement that had the
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players receiving 57% of basketball related income, but the owners are offering 50%. a major expansion project for a berkley family clinic is one step closer this morning. a groundbreaking ceremony was held yesterday on 6th and addison. the expansion project calls for 6 new exam rooms. 36% of patients seen at the west berkeley clinic have no health insurance. >> any of us at any point can lose our health insurance, can lose our jobs, can be in a situation where a community clinic like this is necessary. >> $500,000 still needs to be raised. the total project is expected to cost $2.1 million. cirque du soleil returns to the area this week.
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crews and artists arrived in san francisco a few days ago. they brought with them 65 trailers full of equipment and they're setting up near at&t park. evolution of live all the way to space exploration. more trouble for pg&e, why thousands of trans formers need to be expected again. we'll let you know if classes will be canceled. first, the drill, then the real thing, twice, a live report on the latest tremblers to affect the bay area. you should have a pretty decent commute. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. [ female announcer ] when something isn't right,
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so call anthem today at 1-855-born2bwild. that's 1-855-267-6229. it's friday, october 21st. >> i think our producer wishes it was summer. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it's a 29:00. we've been having summer like weather, but it's definitely cooling off, steven. >> that's correct, pamela. it just didn't want to burn off in the north bay, but today we'll see the sunshine sooner and warmer temps. warmer area usually helps,
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that's happen's happening -- here's what's happening. no roadwork reported there. as a matter of fact, traffic is wide open for you. also this morning we're looking at the san mateo bridge and dunbar bridge traffic look good headed over to the peninsula. this morning, san francisco police are looking for the driver that lost control of their car, crashed into a fire hydrant and then took off. it all happened around midnight on valencia street in the mission. you can see all the water that gushed onto the road as a result of the crash. the city crews had to wait for a tow truck before they could shut off the water to the hydrant. it's 5:30. let's go back to the desk. the threat to students and staff at a high school has them taking extra precautions. live from concord this morning. what at concord high is being
5:31 am
done? >> reporter: well, police officers were on hand patrolling the street this morning even though classes don't start for another two and a half hours. a warning message was sent out to parents last night. >> the safety for all of our students is most important to us. >> reporter: this all stems from a fact that school officials that say a claim that someone would start shooting at 10:00 on campus. now, classes, again, are not canceled. school will be in session. police say they want to ensure that nothing happens, and they're asking parents and students to be observant and routinist suspicious. now, they had a similar saying
5:32 am
in -- police said it was not credible and school went on as planned and many parents were irritated by the hoax. police are investigating this most recent threat. the big thing they tell us is most of these threats tell us it's a hoax to get kids out of class, but the district has to remain vigilant. we're live in concord, i'm tara moriarty. >> we've been keeping a close eye on the bps overnight. a 4.0 quake hit the berkeley area yesterday afternoon. then a 3.8 quake jolted the same area last night. noel walker says the quakes have a lot of people on edge. good morning. >> good morning. there still could be after shock this is morning. we're here on campus where the quake was centered. behind me is memorial stadium. this building is undergoing seismic retro fit for this very reason and they're going to be inspecting it later today to
5:33 am
make sure everything is okay. take a look at what it felt like to jade hernandez has she was getting ready for a live shot last night. >> oh, my goodness. >> tell them we just had an earthquake. >> yep, we did. >> so that was what the 3.9 tremor felt like at 8:16 last night in berkeley. the quake was centered six miles below the surface. it knocked items off the shelves and rattled some nerves. >> it was interesting. everything started shaking. >> i saw the desk move and a my computer screen fell down. >> took a break from class, just to gather senses back. so yesterday was stop, drop, and hold on day, otherwise known as the statewide earthquake drill. about 8 million people took
5:34 am
part in that. no better practice than the real thing for an earthquake drill. of course it is also a reminder that we all need to be prepared for something much bigger than the 3.8 and 3.9 quakes that hit yesterday. noelle walker, ktvu news. well, a warning system to alert the public from terrorist attacks to earthquakes. $555,000 grant was awarted to install a mass notification system. the system will include video boards and loud speakers to notify changes to transit operations during a disaster. now, you can find more coverage along with yesterday's quakes on and clicking on the special earthquakes tab right at the top of the page. pg&e crews will inspect
5:35 am
more than 16,000 transformers and other equipment statewide over assertions that previous inspections were not performed. pg&e fired workers earlier this year when it was learned they didn't carry out inspections as they claimed. pg&e said most of the overhead items in the bay area that need to be rechecked are in santa clara county. an oakland man is in jail in connection with the shooting deaths of three people. 20-year-old paul stevenson the third was taken into custody in oakland around 7:00 yesterday morning with the help of a swat team. investigators believe stevenson opened fire on an suv parked outside a tattoo party outside a warehouse last month. a 16-year-old was killed. investigators say they don't know the motive for the shooting, but they're still looking for a second gunman. public tips led them to the
5:36 am
arrest. in cue per tin know, a man with a fake beard walked into the bank and handed a note to the teller on wednesday, demanding cash. the teller complied and the man took off with the cash. it's believed he may be involved in several other bank robberies. take a look at the surveillance picture. 5'5", either eastern indian or caucasian. well, fun and games, kids are passing out, some are dying. coming up at 5:45, the warning a bay area school is delivering to parents about the so-called fainting game. mayoral candidates discussed how to improve the public schools at a public forum last night. it was sponsored by the teacher's union. 16 are running. if elected, they will have to influence the board of
5:37 am
education that oversees the public schools. >> we're not educating your young folks to work in the very jobs we have in the city. >> we need to be given a tool to work in the city. >> this community has an opportunity to the the schools. >> many parents told ktvu they played close attention because it means they will have to select three candidates. the election is scheduled for november 8th. let's go back over to sal to check in. kraig, right now traffic is moving around pretty well around the bay area. we're going to look at highway 4, a freeway that almost never take as day off. today, heading west up to the grade and continuing on to concord and march madness, if -- martinez. one of the things we've noticed is a will the of roadwork that's been overnight has been
5:38 am
picked up early, a lot of lanes are open and that makes for great driving around the bay. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza westbound, it looks good. certainly more people show up every minute. it's not a big crowd, though. i was just putting a graphic together. it's cool in the north bay. san he len na is is 44, montgomery village, santa rosa is 45 degrees and mill valley is 47. i'm putting it together, but there's cool numbers around the north bay. the fog will be wiped out sooner today. i promise, i do. it was just tough yesterday. sunny, warmer weather. we'll take it off, cool lows, afternoon highs, next week, no rain. looks like a lot of sunshine. it will be dry. the question is will we get a decent offshore event? i don't think so. maybe one day an offshore, but
5:39 am
i don't think it will be outrageous. it will be dry and sunny. when is the rain? maybe the first week of november, maybe. but next week, no way, unless there's something going wrong with our forecast models, and i don't think so because they're all in sync. 46 at so know ma county airport. san rafael is 50. 50s elsewhere. 55 in fairfield and the sea breeze is falling apart. everything is calm. the fog is going down the coast. that spells warmer afternoon highs today. the jet stream stays to the north, looks look it's going to stay there for a while. it looks a little cooler on monday. fog returns a cool morning for some. then it won't take long to burn off the fog and we'll have warmer afternoon highs. we'll take it right into the weekend. more sun today after a chilly morning and then temperatures will begin to warm up.
5:40 am
if you like this kind of a pat ten, you will -- pattern, you will love the weekend. afternoon highs already warmer, especially as we get to sunday. steven, thank you. it's 5:39, a great white shark attack off the coast of oregon. the surfer escaped injury, but his board, not so lucky. and secretary of state hillary clinton speaking against terrorism this morning. the new pledge of support she's making. on the east shore freeway, the traffic looks good as you head out to the macarthur maze and a look at the traffic and bay area forecast straight ahead. @ i will awaken you with a song.
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i will present your world, at a glance. i will remain untangled and uncomplicated. and let nothing or no one go unnoticed. all from one. all for you. i am the new rhyme by htc. only from verizon. good morning. we have some fog, but it's
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really cool. some upper 40s and mid 40s. a lot of 70s and 60s closer to the coast. good morning. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following right now. extra police officers will be at the concord high school this morning after someone threatened gun fire. someone claimed they would start shooting people at 10:00 a.m. last night the city of oakland issued a notice of vacate to occupy oakland protesters. tents will no longer will allowed at the plaza. protesters are vowing to stay put and they remain camped out there this morning. it's unclear how long the rules will go unenforced. the burial for moammar gadhafi has been delayed. the government leaders say the body will not be buried until an investigation is completed in how he died.
5:44 am
secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan this morning and that's where she pledged to continue fighting terrorism. >> people in afganistan and pakistan, just trying to go about their lives and are brutally murdered by terrorists whose disregard for human life seems to be endless. >> that was clinton meeting with the pakistan any foreign minister. she also met with the country's president. secretary clinton is trying to increase pressure on the pakistan government to crack down on terrorists. defense secretary will attend a meeting and the group is expected to discuss relations with china, which is not a member of the group. panetta will also visit japan and end his trip with a stop in seoul, south korea.
5:45 am
jean and jot adam of southern california and robert riggle and phillies kay were shot by pirates. today sentencing is for the 11 11th man to plead guilty in the case. he face as mandatory life sentence. the state attorney general is trying to decide if they could bring charges at a prosecutor accused of raping a coworker. although there was cause to indict him, the grand jury should have been notified of a settlement between the county and the alleged victim. it was said he raped a colleague during a lunch break and he says the sex was consensual. conrad murray trial, testimony will be challenged of a key witness. dr. steve schaefer is an expert on the powerful anesthetic
5:46 am
propofol. he shot down the theory that michael jackson injected himself with a le lethal injection of propofol. >> what was your reaction to the statement he swallowed the propofol? >> i was disappointed because it's not possible. >> after questioning schaefer today, defense attorneys are expected to start calling witnesses. murray has pled not guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges. a dineros game students are playing. the fainting game is more of a serious health risk than a good time. students have tried to induce a high by cutting off oxygen to their brain. the school recently sent letters to parents warning them about the game's possibly deadly risks and urging them to talk to their kids. parents are concerned.
5:47 am
>> there's been a game going on where kids are passing out. >> what was your reaction? >> scared, very scared that it was happening at this young age. >> now the game isn't limited to the school. the is centers for disease control says 82 children across the u.s. have died from the activity. most were doing it alone. it was a close call for a surfer in oregon. he was off the coast when a great white shark approached him. the shark bit into the surf board and he was thrown ten feet into the air. >> i was scared for my life. it was like almost witnessing a murder. here it is, my good friend just being lifted up like you see on tv, up in the air, and there was just nothing you could do. >> the shark ripped 23 inches off the surf board. he was not hurt, though, and was able to swim to shore.
5:48 am
>> that story is going to get embellished as he gets older. how is traffic looking. >> it's looking good. let's go out and take a look at the commute westbound 80. that traffic is moving along nicely as you head out to the macarthur maze. it's getting a lot more crowded, though. you can see the traffic is going to be even busier by the minute here near albany hill. that's where it usually crowds earliest. now, taking a look at the toll plaza, it's getting more crowded coming into san francisco. 242 and highway 4 and 680. , it looks good. if you're on 80 westbound, it looks good. san mateo and dunbar bridge
5:49 am
looks good. 880, so far so good. we really have cool numbers starting to come in. most of those are in the north bay. kenwood, 43. santa rosa, 43. mill valley and nevada, 47. lafayette, eastbound and also 49. fog is going down the coast. that will mean sooner burnoff today. it will also mean it will be warmer. we don't have much of a sea breeze at all. we're down to 45. san rafael at 49. 52 redwood city to livermore. moffitt seems -- i don't get it. okay. everyone else is calm. this breeze is decreasing. it looks like we'll carry this into the weekend. cool lows, warmer highs, less fog. if anything it's going to get
5:50 am
squashed. now, more in the way of fog, some of it may be reducing a little bit, but it will be warmer in the afternoon. temperatures started to warm up for some yesterday, more towards the east bay. we'll take it right on into the weekend. a lot of sun. it will be warmer after a chilly brisk morning. there will be more sunshine today and the fog will burn off sooner. inland, upper 70s to near 80- degrees. with the weekend in view, it will be sunny and warm. cool, though. thick fog around the coast. that will burn off and be warmer on sunday, and then tuesday and wednesday. wells fargo customers received portions of other customers receipts. it only affects new customers in florida and south carolina. it resulted from a printing error that put names and social security numbers from multiple accounts on a single page. well, some bank of america
5:51 am
customers will be able to avoid the new debit card fee. it's eliminating the checking around that kept a $5,000 total balance. now customers have to have $20,000 in deposits, or you can have a mortgage with the bank to get out of that $5 monthly debit card fee. best buy plans to shrink its best buy areas. it will start subleasing some of its store space at 16 local stores. they can lease as much as 18,000 square feet in a single store. time now is 5:51. why occupy oakland is going to be the romantic backdrop for a wedding today. and what has cell phone makers and sellers saying, i told you so. go of myself either.
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welcome back. time is 5:54 and a new danish study says there's no link between cancer and using cell phones. researchers followed 350,000 people for ten years and said there was no raise in increase of cancer. critics say the study did not run long enough because it can take decades for symptoms of brain tumors to develop.
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well, signs will not have to be posted regarding radiation for another week. city officials agreed to delay the law that was supposed to take place on tuesday. cell phone companies say it only scares customers. san mateo county sheriff's office is warning about a wire transfer scam that's targeting elderly people. in one case, an elderly man wired $10,000 to someone who called and said he was his grandson. he said he had been injured abroad and needed cash. he also instructed the man to keep it secret. confirm stories with other family members to avoid becoming a victim. a bay area couple is going to get married today and they will have occupy oakland as
5:56 am
their backdrop. matay i can't say is the grand nephew of cesar chavez. now, previously camping predicted a may 21st rapure but nothing happened. the minister is avoiding the media this time around, but he continues to post the messages on his website. the world series is tied at one game a piece. and he's delivered again. >> former cal bear alan craig -- this time texas rallied to beat the cardinals. you can watch the game in texas right here on ktvu channel 2.
5:57 am
well, a big fight turned out to be the highlight of last night's college football game between arizona and ucla. the fight started when a streaker ran onto the field and players started taunting each other. that led to punching and shoving. then the chaos spread to the entire field. two players were ejected, and this is the part that i really hate to report. arizona winning big. >> yet it's not a surprise. >> spoken from a cal bear, not having a great season. >> not getting beat like that, however. let's go to sal one last time this half hour. the coach's job is in jeopardy. >> he played there when i was a freshman, i think. >> out of there. >> i think so. >> good morning, everybody. i certainly hope for no one to lose their jobs, but i think ucla fans may disagree. let's look at the commute. 880, that traffic is moving
5:58 am
well. we're off toed a goo start. if you get out there and drive carefully, the roads are dry and the road construction has been lifted. hope you have a good friday morning commute. >> coming up at 6:00, why city is telling oakland you don't have to go home, but you can't sleep here. >> plus a violent threat targets a local school. the warning that put a local school on high alert this morning. good morning, some fog out there, but temperatures will warm up today. we'll talk about how much come up in 2 minutes.
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