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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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north wind. napa 46. >> 40s or 50s, i mean san jose is down to 53. livermore is 45. 43 at santa rosa. that's brisk. we have this system that dives in there. high pressure is building in. this is not going to last long. it's mainly out to the veil or the higher elevations in the north by a hills. temperatures will not recover that much. if you get enough of that wind, yeah, a little warmer. 70s in some of these locations. only in the 60s and very low 70s and temperatures not warming up too much, pam. so yes, there is a little higher fire danger for wind and low humidities in the north and east bay hills, but temperatures really aren't that warm. >> all right. thank you, steve. now we begin with developing news. a marathon occupy oakland demonstration that began late yesterday continues this morning outside city hall.
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at one point an estimated 1,000 demonstrators clashed with police in riots here. there are now just about a handful of demonstrators left. but protesters are determined to retake the occupy pie -- occupy oakland camp. >> reporter: i came prepared this morning wearing glasses because quite frankly contacts and tears gas don't mix. nothing like that is going on here this morning. we have got about a handful of protesters here, and really they're kind of numbered one to one with the number of police officers on the other side of the barricade. everybody just kind of basically in a stairdown this morning. but take a look at how all this started last night. now, that tear gas and flash
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grenade came at 8:00 after police gave the disbursal order. it was preceded by some of the protesters throwing bottles, eggs at police. the hours long standoff had some really tense moments. there are at least three injured protesters. they appear to have been hurt when the flash grenade canisters went off. two police officers were also injured. come people in downtown buildings were also overcome by the gas. >> we work here. we work here. and they shot the tear gas and it came in the building. everybody has to leave now. >> now, you are still taking a look at some of the protesters here this morning who are getting a little bit louder quite frankly because i think they know we have gone live with our broadcast. before everything was pretty
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quiet and for the most partly it is right now. last week the city of oakland said the plaza had to be cleared between 10 at night and 6 morning. we will be here all morning with live reports and update you. noel walker. >> well, it was a tough 24 hours for all of the police responding to downtown oakland. at one point officers were surrounded by hundreds of demonstrators in the city streets around city hall. the protesters began throwing things at police officers as they moved in to make arrests. >> we were surround bid approximately 200 protesters at the time. two officers were hurt from the paint and chemicals thrown at
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them during that demonstration. we will continue to have team coverage throughout the morning. overnight in san jose occupy protesters were on the move after another visit from police. officers showed up outside city hall at about 12:30 this morning and issued warnings. police say protesters were cooperative and no citations were issued. protesters were told their belongings would be confiscated, so they moved across the street. but they do plan to learn. >>. >> looks like they are playing a waiting game with us. >> one protesters who has been perched on top of a wall outside city hall in san jose since monday. he is demanding a meeting with the mayor and city manager. well, occupy protesters in san francisco are on alert this morning. coming up at 4:45, the warning police issued to demonstrators
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there and who was introduced legislation that could allow them to remain camped out at justin herman plaza. right now san jose firefighters are on the scene of a suspicious fire that destroyed at least one business. that fire started just before 1:00 a.m. at a building on baskum avenue. the firefighters say the building is a totals loss. now, 60 people are still without power in san francisco. that's after a transformer exploded in the city's upper market neighborhood. that happened on for toll amazon a last night. the cause of the transformer failure is still under investigation. but pg&e tells us all power should be restored in just about two hours from now. well, overnight a major
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thoroughfare in concord reopened following a police chase that ended in a deadly crash. we want to show you the scene near the intersection of highway 242 and solano way last night. police say the driver of a white pickup truck was fleeing police when he slammed into an innocent driver. the driver of that car was killed. police say the chase started after an officer tried to pull over the driver of the pickup for talking on his cellphone. >> the guy was on his cellphone. but who knows why he was fleeing. like i said, when folks choose to engage in that type of behavior it's dangerous for everybody involved. >> officers arrested the driver of the pickup and his passenger after a short foot chase. investigators say they found a gun in the truck. multiple agencies are investigating the crash. today president obama will announce a new plan to help mills of americans pay back student loans. the president will use his executive authority to bypass
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congress and allow people to lower their payments and consolidate their loans. additionally, if the loan is not paid off in 20 years the balance would be forgiven. during president obama's brief visit to san francisco yesterday he tried to rally supporters at a campaign fundraiser. >> if we don't work even harder than we did in 2008, then we're going to have a government that tells the american people you are on your own. >> about 200 people paid $7,500 for lunch with the president at the w hotel. hundreds of protesters and demonstrators gathered outside the hotel and he said they support the president but they feel he has not made good on many of his campaign promises. >> what we're doing out here is telling them we still support him, but we want him to live up to those promises and to do more to lead on climate change. >> he campaigned on hope and change and all these things. and once he got elected, i
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mean, he's now the puppet. >> president obama spent less than three hours in the bay area before heading off to denver. san jose property owners could be asked to pick up the bill to repair the city streets. according to a memo submitted to the city council yesterday, there are 502 miles of damaged streets in the city. the council is now considering a partial tax to raise about $600 million over ten years to pay for city improvements. the city has a $272 million backlog of streets and repair projects. 4:38 is the time right now. we want to check in with sal for a lack at traffic this morning. >> pam, good morning to you. traffic is doing well around the bay area. no major problems if you are driving, say, to the east shore freeway. that traffic looks good. heading out to the mccarter mays and the car keenis bridge,
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it is a very nice drive coming through toward the bay bridge toll plaza. also this morning's commute looks pretty good on westbound bay bridge. westbound traffic is going to be, well, it's going to be light. no major problems. i want to mention that downtown oakland at 14th and broadway still a pretty good area to avoid. still some barricades set up, as you saw earlier. you can take bart, though. as we rook at a live picture of 280 in san jose that traffic is moving nicely into the valley. right now is a good time to get through the valley. the roads are clear. most of the road construction has been picked up. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. i was just putting a traffic together on some of the crazy temperatures. in truckee. >> it's 19 degrees. if you get that north wind or any breeze at all, it's in the
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upper 50s or 60s. with no breeze and fog is down right cold with temperatures in the 40s. there is a good indication of it. fairfield 62. napa airport says 46. santa rose a now 39. how about that? 45 livermore. >> 50 in san francisco. let's not forget them in redwood city now checking in at 48. palo alto is at 44 and wood side 43. so there is a no doubt about it chill and thick fog. there is your north breeze. i know, anitoch, oakley are about 50 degrees. you come down kerr kerr pass into concord, it's about 44. the reason is we have a little bit of a wind vent in the higher elevations. fire danger goes up there because of the wind and the direction. it's north-northeast. by the temperatures are not going to recover that much and be that warm. mostly sunny after thick fog on the coast and bay, and then
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wind in the valley. i would say napa valley and napa north. also solano and east contra costa. time now 4:40. this morning there is a red flag fire warning for several parts of the bay area. that includes the east by a hills where residents just marked the 20th anniversary of the 1991 firestorm. >> it's a traumatic experience for everyone. it comes back over and over and over when they hear that. >> now, that homeowner marla kaufman says she and her neighbors have already cut back weeds and brush from their yards just in case there is another fire. the red flag warning is expected to run through tomorrow morning. the areas at greatest risk are the hills in alameda, contra costa, santa clara and napa counties. a dire warning about two santa clara county dams. the concerns about their safety and what is being done to fix the problem. and children kept like
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animals inside a nebraska home. how parents explain their actions in this horrific case of child abuse. good morning. traffic on the richmond bridge looks pretty good in and out of mar incounty. tell you more about the commute in the east bay and also in the north bay.
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good morning.
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well, north and east it's rather windy and mild right not. others some thick fog. temperatures today 60s and 70s. >> thank you, steve. early this morning police arrested more than 50 protesters taking part in the occupy atlanta movement. this is new video. you can see a wall of police officers moving in on woodruff park. that's located in downtown atlanta. prosecutors have been camping out there for about two weeks. they say protesters were warned a couple of times about vacating the park or facing arrest. state senator vincent fort was one of the people arrested. in san francisco occupy protesters at justin herman plaza fear police could soon break up their encamp. . they say the police chief issued a written warning saying they are subject to arrest. protesters are vowing to stay and they have the support of
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supervisor john alvarez. the full board in san francisco will consider that proposal by next month. the death of a woman whose body was found inside an empty home in concord is now being treated as a homicide. police discovered the body yesterday afternoon. they blocked off the area where yellow police tape, and residents had to show identification to get to their homes. police say they are expecting to release more information about that case soon. the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le will not get a new attorney. she asked a judge yesterday to fire her attorney. well, two santa clara county dams are in dire need of seismic retro fits. a report issued to the santa clara valley water district board of directors last night
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shows the guadalupe and kalaro reservoirs are in need of repair. water is flowing over the top and eroding the dam, allowing a large wave to go through. people living nearby are certainly concerned. >> very. i mean, earthquake is going to happen someday. they talk about it. so, i don't know, i think they should do something about it. >> a board member says the water district could consider raising rates to pay for retro fits, but it could be five years before repairs again. the water in the reservoir has been lowered 25 feet to minimize the danger. time now 4:47. california's attorney general pamela harris is going after the bottled water industry n a lawsuit to be filed today harris is suing three national companies that make plastic bottles or sell bottled water
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here in california. she says they illegally claim that their bottles are biodegradable when in fact they are damaging natural resources. well, today cleanup efforts on a boat that ran aboard is expected to wrap up. yesterday the owner stood on the beach and watched as the boat he and owned for 14 years was destroyed. >> i am watching my friend die, you know, and you can't do anything to help it. >> reporter: it's part of you? >> yeah. oh, yeah. >> marin county officials made the decision to destroy the boat. they say the buildup of water and sand made it impossible to move. he does not have any insurance. he says the fishing industry has been bad for years and he was having trouble coming up with the eight thousand dollars
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a year premium. he says there is nothing you can do now but pay the cleanup bill and figure out his next career move. in nebraska a horrific case of child abuse. police say two young boys aging 3 and 5 were found locked inside a kennel inside this mobile home. officers made the story during a welfare check monday night. two other children also also found. they were not kept in kennels. now, the parents of the children and two other people were arrested. they told police that they kept the children in the kennel so that he wouldn't leave the home. well, today a holistic nurse practitioner will be back on the stand in the trial of dr. conrad murray. yesterday she testified she received a call from michael jackson's assistant on june 21, four days before jackson's death. she said she heard jackson say in the background that one half of his body was hot and the
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other half eld could. that's when she advised the assistant to get jackson to the hospital. >> i said the systems that he stated, i don't know what's going on with him. it could be a central nervous system problem and i am too far away to assess what's going on but he needs to go to the hospital. >> defense attorneys are trying to prove that jackson was desperate for sleep and eager to take propofol, the drug the corpner says killed him. the nurse practitioner is the sixth witness so far to be called by the defense. time now 4:50. they are being called the dirtiest police places. the everyday items you might want to avoid as we get into the flu season. and more stories of survival three days after that devastating earthquake in te'o- nesheim. also, the magic is about to disappear. why you will no longer find harry potter movies in stores
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come next year.
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the stock price for netflix will open trading today at just about $77 a share. that's after shareholders watched their stock lose more than one third of value yesterday. as we told you yesterday, netflix reports losing 800,000 subscribers during the 1st quarter when it raised prices.
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now the company needs to figure out how to repair the damage. >> it's like the titanic has hit the iceberg and the captain is going to say, okay, let's ignore this full steam ahead. you have to recognize you hit the iceberg and start patching the holes. >> the ads say netflix went from one of a kind dvd service to a streaming service. most of the customers that we talked with said they won't go back to netflix until its prices drop. all of the harry potter filaments are about to pull a disappearing act. warner bros. plans to stop shipping any dvds to stars after december 29. the series has generated more than $500 billion in sales. the studio will release the
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final movie on november 11. downloads and video on demand sales won't be affected. 4:54. i think they are trying to get people to invest for christmas. maybe buy all of those movies if they haven't already. >> dvds one day will be like long play vinyl records. there will be like these little novelties that you have. look at this. i had this when i was a young man. >> good morning, everybody. of course, traffic will be a novelty, too, when everyone has their own personal spaceship. let's look at the golden gate bridge. that looks pretty good. no major problems. a little foggy this morning here on the golden gate bridge. parts of the north bay and also parts of the very best west bay. also the morning commute on westbound bay bridge, that traffic is moving along nicely coming into san francisco. and if you are driving in antioch right now, not a big
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delay through the construction zone if you want to get out there early. 680 traffic looks good from pleasant hill to walnut creek. this morning looking at interstate 80, it is a nice drive. some of the roadwork has been picked up. for the most part, we are doing very nicely. the freeway between, let's say, sonoma county and marin county, pretty good traffic. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you very much. yesterday we had the morning low clouds hung around there. temperatures 60s and 70s at a westerly breeze. the system responsible for that has moved east and south. today we have thick fog by the coast. temperatures could be really cool or on the mudslide if you get that north wind. it will be windy in the hills. there goes our system from yesterday that starts its march
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towards the rockies. for us, though, skies are clear except for some thick fog. fairfax 41. santa cruz mountains 42. palo alto 44. brentwood because of a north breeze is 60 degrees. so you may go from a mild condition and go into a very cold one or vice versa. santa rosa 39 degrees. napa is 42. 45 concord. i mean, pttsburg at 60. redwood city says 48. speaking of the city, some fog to start. high today of 67. a little nervous about that. have you to make up 17 degrees, and i don't think will get that north wind. it's out in the valley, not a problem there. you can see the the high building in. everything is going to the north. today it's wind in the higher elevations. but thick fog for some.
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especially closer to the bay and the coast. fog clear. cool, sunny, and breezy. the extended outlook, it's the dullest, quietest pattern i have seek in a long time. >> thank you, steve. well, pump gas may be a dirty job. until now we may not have known how dirty it can be. according to a study, gas pump handles are the dirtiest thing the public can encounter. germs on people's hands can transfer seven times before leaving the skin. the best advice to you, wash your hands a lot. oakland is still occupied. we are going to take you live there this morning for team coverage of the damage left behind for more than 24 hours of clashes with police. plus, putting pot shops to
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a vote. the future of medical marijuana here in california.


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