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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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there are still a grouch diehard protesters here at -- there are still a group of diehard protesters here in oakland.
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we will take you back to last night's protest. what does it look like on the streets of oakland the morning after? we will talk about trash, or even the lack of it. the tragic ending of a police pursuit. and making it easier to pay off student loans. the new measure president obama is introducing today. it's all ahead on channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us this wednesday, october 26. i'm palm cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic with steve. >> pam, thank you very much. we have some thick fog around the coast and bay. that will burn off. inland temperatures are all over the place on the lows. anywhere from 40s to 60s. the wind a big culprit. if you have any kind of a
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breeze, it's about 60 degrees. we will end up with sunshine and 60s and 70s today. >> interstate 80 looks pretty good here. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving in san francisco approaching downtown. now lets go back to the desk. >> all right. sal. 5:01. we are start being developing news. a marathon occupy oakland demonstration that started late yesterday, it's still going on this morning outside oakland city hall. we have live team coverage for you. ktvu's lorraine blanco is checking out the damage from 24 hours of demonstrations in oakland. but noel walker is right outside city hall. >> you mentioned there were a handfulle of protesters out here. we have about a dozen protesters and a dozen police
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officers. everything here this morning very peaceful. but that was not the case last night. take a look at how it all started. >> this is the police department. this is an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: now, that was the first tear gas and flash gren raid that were tossed out into the crowd around 8:00 last night and that was after the police gave the disbursal order you heard. it was preceded by some protesters throwing bottles, eggs and paint at police. police also fired bean bags into the crowd. the hours-long standoff had some tense moments and our ktvu camera men documented at least three protesters who were hurt. there were also two officers injured by the things thrown on them. the protesters were not the only people affected by them. there were people in some downtown buildings overcome by the gas. >> we work here. they shot the tear gas and it
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came in the building. everybody got to leave now. >> the cops are here to keep the peace in the city. the unfortunately, there was, you know, it was a peaceful protest. so maybe they could have thought of something else to do to clear the square. i don't know. >> reporter: what do you think about the tear gas though? >> i think it might have been a bit excessive. >> reporter: so you're looking at what's going on now with the protest. it's essentially just a staredown between a handful of protesters and the police that were here. i could imagine what it was like last night because we have been here a couple of hours this morning and every hour or so i get a little waft of something and my eyes and throat start to burn. some protesters are vowing they will be coming back here this morning. we will have to wait and see if anything happens today.
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>> we continue with our team coverage this morning with ktvu lorraine blanco, she is talking about the damage this morning downtown oakland. certainly a lot of businesses have been affected will by this for a while. lorraine. >> reporter: good morning. you know, we're just about a block east of our other crew where protesters are gathering this morning. but the only real damage we could find out here in downtown oakland looks like this. graffiti on a building and some trash on the ground. i just talked with oakland police and they're reporting the same thing. we drove several blocks in morning. there were a few garbage trucks picking up the last bits of trash out here. we also found some signs on the ground criticizing police. one guy who accidentally got caught in the scuffle says officers may have overreacted. >> i was just kind of following the crowd. i have never been in a protest,
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so i was kind of curious. all of a you had is they kind of throwing canisters and tear gas. and i just kind of -- my eyes started getting red. >> reporter: now, there is still definitely something in the air out here this morning. we saw garbage trucks run through the area again. it looks like the city is doing its best to keep this area as clean as they can. there is a lot of talk on social network about coming back out here tonight. we will have more about what's going on coming up. >> in san jose occupy protesters were on the move after another visit from police. officers showed up outside city hall there this morning and issued warnings. san jose police say protesters were cooperative. protesters are vowing to return, but they say they moved across the street to protect their belongings. >> we decided to be a little
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bit more proactive. now instead of taking our stuff and letting us take it later, they are talking about confiscating it. >> one protester who has been perched on top of a wall outside city hall has been allowed to stay. he is demanding a meeting with the mayor and the city manager. stay with us here at ktvu news for continuing coverage of the occupy protests. we will be watching the situation in san jose and providing team coverage of the demstrations in oakland as well. an innocent driver was killed in concord after a police chase ended in a crash. take a look at this scene. this was last night. highway 242 and solano way. a driver in a white pickup truck was being chase bid police because he was caught talking on a cellphone by --
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>> i think when the comes in residential situations, they need to slow down and not create these situations where people die. >> now, police arrested the pickup truck driver and his passenger after a short foot chase. a gun reportedly was found inside the truck. police say the crash happened before the police officers had time to evaluate whether to end that pursuit. later on today president obama will announce some new measures to help students pay off student loans. comingum at 5:15 we will bring you a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom on this new report out today on just how expensive a college education is these days. well, supporters of medical marijuana, they are turning to the voters in an effort to fight a federal crackdown on marijuana dispensaries. now, yesterday the group announced they are drafting a 2012 ballot initiative. they want to impose a regulatory system with state inspections and licensing on
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medical marijuana providers. they say the current efforts by the government to close down dispensaries are too extreme. in fact, they are calling it, and i'm quoting, a slap in the face to voters who voted to legalize the use of medical marijuana in 1996. the bay area's transportation commission is moving ahead on extending toll lanes. this is video of northern california's first toll lane. it stretches 14 miles from pleasen ton to million peadis. the transportation commission wants to extend this network by another 290 miles. in total they hope to build 570 miles of toll lanes on all bay area freeways. the lanes would be free for carpools. solo drivers would be charged up to $4 to use them, and the charge is charged to your fast track account. sal is watching the toll plazas and all the roads. >> yeah. if you are driving on 80 westbound coming out to the
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mcarthur mace, it is a nice looking drive with no major problems and this morning's driver to the bay bridge toll plaza also looks very nice. westbound traffic is light and no problems on the bridge. and as you are driving on northbound 280 any time soon, it is a nice drive downtown san jose all the way into the valley. sal, yesterday we had that system dropped in. temperatures cooled off. a lot of 60s. a westerly breeze. just looking, just tweeted by the way. travis airforce base is sitting at 62 with a north wind. suisun city is 50 degrees. you get that north wind. so after that system got out of the area, what happened? well, high pressure has built in. that moves off towards the east, the system we had yesterday, and now we get more of a northerly breeze for some,
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but not all. therein lies the key. if you are in the north wind, you are on the mudslide. there is some fog here around oakland as well. fairfax 41. santa cruz mountains also cool at 42. palo alto numerous readings at 44. brentwood 60 sonoma county airport, napa 45. concord is 45. pittsburg is about 59. just a tremendous difference. everyone in the 40s. san jose is 54. san francisco at 50, that is school for the city. low clouds 50. going for a high 67. without that north wind it may not reach that. they hit 64 yesterday as advertised so we'll bump it up a little bit. there is your north-northwest out towards of solano.
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the higher elevations, yeah, the winds kicked up. mount diablo has gusts of 52. high pressure will give us mostly sunny skies today. thick fog once that burns off and it will be good to go. very windy with higher fire danger north and east bay hills. higher fire danger is because of the wind and low humidity. not because of the temperatures, which are not that warm. a very, very quiet pattern. i don't see, except day to day changes, a little warmer, a little cooler, we'll take that all the way into the weekend. 5:12 is the time right now. today the remains of ten world war ii airmen will be buried at arlington cemetery. the reason it has been 67 years for them to be laid to rest. also ahead for you, nba owners and players due to meet today as that lockout drags on. a big name who will be there after sitting out the last meeting. we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay
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welcome back to the morning news. it's now 5:15. today the remains of ten airmen missing in action from world war ii will be buried at arlington national cemetery with full military honors. the group includes a man from oakland and another from fort bragg in northern california. they are from a crew on a bombing mission over berlin in april, 1944 when their plane crashed.
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there were no survivors. the crash site was located in 2003. investigators spent the next few years identifying the remains. time now 5:15. well, president obama wants to make it easier to pay off student loans. his new plan, it will be announced today in denver. as ktvu alison burns reports, this reporting shows that college is more expensive than ever. >> reporter: college tuition soared this year at twice the rate of inflation. the college board reports that tuition and fees at four-year public colleges are up 8.3%. that means students are paying about $631 more than the year before, and the increase is even higher in california where tuition is up about 21%. president obama will use a stop in denver today to announce his plan to institute a pay as you earn plan that could dramatically reduce monthly payments for college loans.
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it would limit payments to 10% of a person's income and wipe the balance off the books after 20 years. we are going through this college board report now to find out just how much student loan debt people are carrying these days. imhave that for you -- i will have that for you in my next update in about an hour. well, talks between nba owners and players are scheduled to resume today. both sides walked away from the table thursday after an acrimonious three days of negotiations. today's meeting will be with small groups from each side. david stern will attend after sitting out the last meeting with an ailment. the sides are far apart on how to split revenues and a new player salary cap. the league has canceled the first 100 games of the season. after 126 years that the city of alameda is quitting the animal rescue business. yesterday the city announced it
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will hand over the city shelttory a group of volunteers. they say a lack of financing is to blame. the city will now pay friends of alameda animal shelter a fee of $300,000 to run the facility. this will save alameda at least $600,000 a year. time now 5:19. sal is ready to get you out the door. how we looking so far? >> dave, you asked me on our little im system. anything going? i said no. then all of a sudden, boom. >> that's why we talk to each other. >> exactly. there is a new crash. i will tell you about it in just a moment. let's take a look at most of these live pictures. right now on the bay bridge approach, it is actually doing very well. no major problems. the traffic looks pretty good as you drive on the bridge as well. also this morning, we're looking at the san mateo
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bridge. the traffic looks nice all the way up to highway 101. no problems on the done barton bridge this morning if you are driving there. should be a pretty nice drive for you. we have a new accident that popped up here less than two minutes ago westbound 4 at port chicago highway. this was called in by a cellphone caller. chp is now arriving on the scene. it's a four-vehicle crash. apparently they just moved it to the shoulder. a inmooer delay here on highway 4 coming from bay point there is a little bit of a delay. leave the house a little early. something unexpected for you heading to concord. >> kathy up in napa, very windy. it's about 62, 63 degrees. yet you get closer to the napa airport and hidden brook and vallejo, it's 44 and 45. also chris in san bruno 44 degrees. there is some really cool and
5:20 am
windy and warm weather. morning fog clear. then sunny and breezy today. the highest wind will be towards northern napa county, solano county, north and east bay hills. that's where the fire danger will exist. fog is around, though. napa airport says fog. also sonoma county airport says fog. ken wood is 41. a lot of 40s up in the santa cruz mountains . palo alto 44. bend wood is now 62 and jointville is also 62. if you are traveling from fairfield to suisun city, is goes up. pittsburg is closer to 60. livermore 45. 50 in san francisco. we'll start off a very chilly 50 degrees. going for a high today of 67 in san francisco. i take a lot of pride in trying
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to get this temperature forecast right for the city because it's one of the toughest challenges, trust me. barbara stanwick called in from the big valley, stockton, said we have a north wind out here. all right. see how everything is beginning to carve itself out. it's going to be sunny after some of that thick fog burns off but a but it won't be that warm. you know, i tried to find something exciting to stay in the extended out look. it's just quiet. night and morning fog and then sunny. temperatures 60s and 70s. pam and dave. european markets are trading in a very narrow range this morning. asian traders were a bit more optimistic with all of the markets finishing up.
5:22 am
china and taiwan had 1% up each. nikkei finished down slightly. our futures right now point to a slightly higher opening here in the u.s. following a bit of a drop yesterday. ed the dow starts at 11706. amazon stocks down about 13% this morning after yesterday's closing bell the online retailer reports profits fell 73% in the last year. the company says sales remain healthy, but it did spend a lot of money to expand services and invested heavily in its new tablet computer the kindle spire, which is supposed to do well in the holidays. >> i'm sure. the bay area is known for having some really good restaurants. now we know which ones are the very best according together the misch lin restaurant guide. >> there is a new warning about two santa clara county dams. what has water officials concerned, and who could end up paying to fix it.
5:23 am
good morning. mayor incounty southbound 101 looks pretty good. we will tell you about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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good morning. very crazy lows. either very windy, warm. 50s and 60s. or foggy and cold. we will have sunshine after that fog burns off.
5:26 am
60s and 70s. windy in the north and east bay hills. maybe a little chilly for us here. but look at this. people already facing winter- like conditions in parts of colorado. these are pictures of snowfall from traffic in denver. forecasters say the city could see a as much as a foot of snow. that certainly would create some slick roads there. a 6.0 magnitude earthquake could pose a dank to two south bay dams. that's according to a new report issued by the santa clara valley water district last night. the ger narrow and guadalupe dams sit near active quake falls. these dams are about 75 years old. >> we have a problem that we have to address. we need to study it further to figure out exactly what it would cost and where the money would come from. >> one of the board members say
5:27 am
the water rates could be raised to provide a seismic retrofit. meantime, the district has lowered the water level by 25 feet to minimize the danger. well, the bay area has several entries in the newest michelin restaurant guide. two napa restaurants had three stars. french laundry has been given that rating every year. six other bay area restaurants received a two star rating which the guide says is worth taking a detour for. we have them on our website the occupy oakland protests that began yesterday is still going on this morning. we will take you back there live to see what's happening right now. and as police prepare for another possible protest tonight, we're going to talk about what's left on the ground
5:28 am
in morning. good morning. if you are driving on 280 northbound you see traffic is looking pretty good. we will tell you more about an area that's already becoming slow. wrap- verizon 4g lte.
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welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. already the middle of the week. it's wednesday, october 26. good morning. time now is 5:30. let's check in with steve for the forecast.
5:31 am
>> thank you, pam and dave. some testimonies this morning are warm and mild and others are really cold if you get that north wind, temperatures in the 50s. 30s and 40s with some thick fog. after everything settles down, sunny, windy, breezy in the north by a hills. >> traffic is moving along pretty well here if you are driving in oakland. north and southbound you see traffic is light. the morning commute looks good in san francisco along northbound 101. let's go back to the desk. topping our news this morning, a marathon occupy oakland protest that began early yesterday continues this morning outside city hall. that was the scene last night. police in riot gear fired tier gas into the crowd. the demonstrators were determined to retake the
5:32 am
encamp. outside city hall. the streets in downtown oakland often looked like a battlefield. at one point there were 1,000 demonstrators in downtown oakland. right now down to about a handful. different scene out there this morning. noel walker is there this morning. she will have a live report for us in the next half hour. several protesters were hurt during the long and very tense demonstration. most of the injuries, we're told, are cuts and bruises. look at these pictures. but we do have unconfirmed reports of serious head injuries as well. protesters say most of the injuries are tied to the flash bang grenades and tear gas canisters fired by police. we talked to one protester who rushed to help an injured man. >> i got a ton of tear gas in my eyes and i couldn't help it. i needed to carry the man out.
5:33 am
i needed to go back for him. >> so far we have no official word on the exactly how many protesters were hurt. no official word on the number of arrests as well. now, at one point police officers were surrounded by hundreds of demonstrators in the streets around city hall. the protesters, look at this, started throwing paint and other things at the police as they moved in to make arrests. >> we were surrounded by approximately 200 protesters at a time while we were trying to take people into custody. they were throwing bottles, eggs, beer at myself and other officers. >> at least two of the officers were hurt from the paint and chemicals thrown at them during that occupy oakland demonstration. well, you can imagine all of the damage after all of that to downtown oakland. ktvu channel 2-reporter lorraine blanco is there with the story. >> reporter: good morning.
5:34 am
oakland police say they have got quite a few calls about vandalism, of like the graffiti you see right here. last night protesters set several trash garnes on -- trash cans on fire. this morning we didn't find too much damage, considering the clash between protesters and police. there is a lot of talk on twitter about another protest tonight and reaction to what happened last night. so i checked out the hashtag occupy oakland. i found a few tweets. the country is broken. i stand with occupy oakland. another read watch occupy oakland like a war zone in my own area. terrible. just terrible. there is a lot of different opinions about what it looked like last night, what happened last night and what norway may happen tonight we will have to wait and see. en.
5:35 am
>> stay with us here at ktvu channel 2 morning news for continuing coverage of the occupy protests. we are providing team coverage of the demstrations, what happened overnight and how it's looking this morning. our time now 5:34. an innocent driver was killed in concord after a police chase that ended in a crash. tara to tell us how it happened. >> reporter: well, we probably all have been glee at one time or another. talking on the cellphone while driving. that's exactly why police pulled over the driver of a pickup truck. but instead of stopping he actually sped away. and if you see where that spray paint is on the road right there and also in the median, that is where he slammed into another car coming off of the freeway. now, according to concord police it happened in less than a minute. police signaled for the driver of the white pickup truck to pull over near the intersection of grant avenue and highway 422
5:36 am
but he took off, and killed the driver of the other vehicle. the debris all over the road gives you an idea of how hard he slammed into the car. >> the guy was on the cellphone. who knows why he was fleeing. like i said, what folks choose to engage in that type of behavior it's very dangerous for everybody involved. >> reporter: now, police have not identified the driver who was killed. after a short foot chase police caught the pickup driver. investigators actually found a gun in his trunk. police said that the chase was so short that the crash happened before the officer could evaluate whether or not to call off the pursuit. others don't agree. hear what they have to say coming up later in the show. back here live, this is the freeway that the bmw was coming off of when the truck slammed into it in the middle of this intersection here. we will have much more on the investigation coming up later on the show.
5:37 am
>> ter the death of a woman whose body was found inside of a empty house is now being investigated as a homicide. police found the body while conducting a security check at glen side court yesterday afternoon. they blocked off the area. residents had to show identification in order to get into their houses. police say they are expecting to release more information about this soon. firefighters in san jose are investigating a suspicious fire that destroyed at least one business. that fire started just before 1:00 a.m. at a building on south baskin avenue. we are going to take you live to the area, show you the extensive damage. two buildings affected. no one was hurt. but the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation. 60 people are still without power in san francisco after a transformer exploded in the city's upper market neighborhood. that happened on pore total a and market about 10:30 last night. originally 270 customers were affected but their electricity
5:38 am
was restored overnight. the cause of the transformer failure is still under investigation. pg&e tells us all power should be restored within the next hour. a local fisherman looks on as his disabled boat is taken apart piece by piece. and he is claiming full responsibility for the incident lead to go this. coming up for you at 5:45, why he wasn't able to save his boat and why emergency workers had to tear it apart. time no is now 5:38. cash-strapped san jose looking for new ways to pay for road repairs. the city has more than 3500 miles of damaged streets. the city shows it has $277 million worth of deferred pavement maintenance. that report raised the problemsability of seeking a parcel tax in order to raise $600 million over the next ten years to pay forum prompts. right now it is 5:38. want to check in with sal for a
5:39 am
look at traffic this morning. any problem spots, sal? >> there is one, pam and dave. that's at highway 4. you are going to see some slow traffic coming up on the port chicago highway exit. although they have moved that accident to the shoulder and things are much better than they were. it was in the lanes for a while. slow traffic in antioch as well. as we move over to some live pictures you can see at the bay bridge toll plaza we are off to a pretty nice start with no problems on the bridge itself, upper or lower deck. the commute in san francisco, downtown san francisco here northbound 101 traffic looks good. perhaps some gusty winds you will face today. for more on that and the conditions let's go to steve. >> that is correct, stall. some of the higher elevations. big difference is. yesterday's system came in and didn't do much. enhanced the fog a little bit and gave us a cooldown here. a westerly breeze.
5:40 am
that westerly breeze has been replaced by some with more of a north wind. especially some of the higher elevations. doesn't matter. all the way down to the santa cruz mountains seeing a north wind. mainly east of the north by hills seems to be taking the brunt of it. also down towards some of the higher elevations east of san jose. this does not look like a long lasting event. by tonight we should see the winds calm down. they are not making it to the surface for everybody. i did see 35 at lake port in lake county as well. heels berg is 41. million valley 42. big rock near lucas valley is 60 degrees. so, i mean, you get up at 1,500 feet and get that wind it's mild to warm. brentwood 62. downsville at 62 agrees. there is a big difference between the napa airport, concord and fairfield. 15-degree spread. santa rosa is 39 degrees, yet
5:41 am
it's radio for some and 60 for others. still sunny later on. a little bit warmer today. it was 64 yesterday. i will go 67 today. there is your north wind in the valley but not so much here. higher elevations, yes. that system is digging in. that will give us a rather windy day. a higher fire danger for higher elevations. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. the wind is there out of the north-northeast and that means humidity goes down. for about a day we will have higher fire danger. after that it will be nice. just normal conditions. 60s and 70s. >> all right. thank you, steve. new details into the death of singer aim my winehouse. the habit she started up again that is now being blamed for her death. new hope this morning in the middle of the fair. an amazing rescue three days after that horrible earthquake in turkey. good morning. if you are driving in marin county so far so good.
5:42 am
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good morning. windy and warm conditions for some and foggy and cold for others. 60s and 70s, windy mainly higher elevations. welcome back. good morning to you. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following. bliss in riot gear fired tear gas several times as this big crowd of protesters from the occupy oakland movement. demonstrators were determined to retake the encamp. outside of city hall. there were about a thousand
5:45 am
demonstrators out there tonight. a handful are out there still this morning. we will continue our team coverage of all of this at the top of the hour. a police chase this concord ended horribly in a deadly crash. police say the driver of a white pickup truck was trying to get away from police and slammed into a car. the driver of the car was killed. this chase started after a police officer saw the driver of the truck talking on a cellphone. and later today president obama will announce a new plan to help college students pay off college debts. the new measures will allow people to lower their payments and consolidate their loans. three days after that devastating earthquake in te'o- nesheim rescuers are still finding survivors. early this morning an 18-year- old man was pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building. an estimated 2000 buildings collapsed in sunday's 7.2 quake. so far about 460 people are confirmed dead. the votes are still being
5:46 am
counted in tunisia's landmark election, but it appears that the candidate from a moderate islamist party has one. tunisia was the first arab country this year to overthrow its long ruling dictator. international observers are praising the country for holding a free and fair election. 90% of the country's registered voters cast ballots. new details this morning about the death of singer amy winehouse. the coroner now says she died because she drank too much alcohol. blood and urine samples showed she was 4.5 times over the legal drunk driving limit when she died. now, at first the autopsy on amy winehouse was not conclusive, saying they didn't find any illegal drugs in her body. amy winehouse's doctor says she started drinking again in the days before her death following a period of sobriety. later today jurors in the trial of dr. conrad murray,
5:47 am
michael jackson's doctor, they are going to hear from people who say the doctor saved their lives. defense attorneys are trying to prove dr. murray had michael jackson's best interests in mind and that michael jackson himself administered a lethal dose of propofol. yesterday they put a holistic nurse practitioner on the witness stand. she testified that michael jackson often asked her for propofol. but during cross-examination prosecutors say they showed she refused to do so. something, they say, dr. murray should have done. >> you were not willing to give michael jackson the propofol, correct? >> absolutely not. >> now, she also testified she told michael jackson that nobody who cared about his health would allow him to have such a powerful drug. the nurse practitioner is the sixth witness so far to be called by the defense. they are expected to call 15 witnesses in total. they could possibly rest their case by the end of next week.
5:48 am
california's attorney general is going after the bottled water industry. in a lawsuit to be filed today she is suing three national companies that make plastic bottles in california. she says they illegally claim that their bottles of biodegradable when in fact they are damaging natural resources. our time is now 5:47. a local fisherman is looking for a new job this morning. yesterday greg ambiolstood on the beach watching as the boat he owned for 14 years was destroyed. the boat ran aground on october 14. as his boat was being taken apart piece by piece he wondered what's he going to do now that fishing is no longer an option? >> it's part of what i do. yeah, realistically, you know, coming up for another 100,000
5:49 am
for another boat is not happening any time soon. >> he was below deck he says when the boat ran aground. he is taking full responsibility for it. the buildup from water and sand could have made it twice its usual weight. 5:48 is the time right now. back over to sal. let's check in on traffic this morning. >> good morning. traffic is actually moving along pretty well in many areas as we're starting off this wednesday morning. middle of the week. no major problems here on the east shore freeway from vallejo to richmond and continuing down to the mcarthur area. heyward and union city still looks pretty good. no problems on westbound 92 heading over to 101. on the peninsula you will see some nice traffic. if you are in the livermore valley, same thing there. nice early start for you. 680 san ramon looks good as
5:50 am
well. the bay bridge is still not a big delay, although things tend to change rather quickly around this time. another half hour or so and things will be a lot different. also, the morning commute is pretty good in san jose and the south bay, including 280. as you can see, it's light through downtown san jose. 5:49. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. we have windy conditions for many of the higher elevations. not so much at the surface. there are some. northern napa county. solano, contra costa. others it's cold and foggy. it will be sunny today but there are some recalling cool lows this morning. lake forest 35. western marin county, gills berg 41. palo alto 34, excuse me. yes. 44, and then brentwood 62 and yountville 62. so just huge differences. if you get that north wind, it's warm. if you don't, it's cool. concord 45. hidden brook in vallejo is 42. santa rosa down at sonoma
5:51 am
airport 36. that's cold. san francisco starting off at 50. low clouds and fog around. 64. go for a high today of 67. north-northwest vacaville, fairfield, everyone else so far on this panel says calm. so mostly it's in the higher elevations and off to the east. not around here on the bay. it will be sunny today after that fog burns off. windy. fire danger goes up mainly north by a hills. lower humiditieds. foggy, sun, and the wind will start to relax and an extremely quiet pattern with your weekend always in view. no big changes. google is facing increased government demands for information on its users. google reports receiving 15600 requests for user data during the first half of this year. that's up 10-% from the last maf half of 10.
5:52 am
one third of the requests came from the u.s. government. it collects people from search functions and what people watch on youtube. ibm's new ceo will break a gender barrier at the company. virginia rometti will be the first female at big blue on january 21st. rometty is currently the sales and marketing chief. the latest reliability rankings are out and nine of the top ten brands are japanese. toyota's scion division took the top spot followed by lekis. acura, mazda and honda after that. all right. our time is 5:52. a new deadline if you are harry potter fans. what you need to know if you want to buy copies of the
5:53 am
wizard movie in the future. plus, which bay area city has a new message for the occupy protesters and why the protesters may like it.
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back to the morning news. >> time now 5:55. early this morning a wall of police officers moved in and
5:56 am
arrested more than 50 protesters taking part in the occupy atlanta movement. they were camping out in woodruff park located in downtown atlanta. police say protesters were warned a couple of times about vacating the park or facing arrest. state senator vincent supported was one of the people arrested. back here at home in san francisco occupy protesters at justin herman plaza fear police could soon break up their encamp. . they say police chief greg state route issued a warning. protesters are vowing to stay and they have the support of supervisor john avolas. the full board will consider the proposal by next month. harry potter fans, if you want to buy dvds of all the movies you have just a couple weeks to get them all. the final stall. of harry parter comes out november 11. however, warner bros.
5:57 am
says it won't ship dvds of any harry potter movies to the stores until after november 29. the movies will still be available for down loud. the studio wouldn't comments on how they're doing this. coming up on 6:00. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> good morning. traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. we have just a couple of cameras to show you traffic is moving along really well. this would be a boring program if we left it on for two long. 280, i don't know, if doesn't have the excitement i need. southbound 680 past michigan boulevard is off to a good start. let's go back to dave and pam. more occupy protests planned for the city of oakland. up next we will tell you what is happening right now and what the city is bracing for today after that chaos and violence that paralyzed downtown oakland last night.
5:58 am
plus, the deadly ending to a bay area police chase. how an didn't person becomes a tragic victim. good morning. some really low thick fog. cold temperatures. windy and warm. we will iron it all out. have your forecast coming right now- state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing?
5:59 am
fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.


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