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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 28, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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it will be many months before you can drive on it, but a final piece goes in today. i'm story. ktvu's wonk joins us live.
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>> reporter: good afternoon. it ice gone well this morning. i want to show you where we are now. we are on the west coast lifter. this is the crane that lifted in into place. the piece is right in front of us. it is flush with the road way. the iron workers getting it all in place. this is the final piece of the road way. we can talk mere across it and to the second part of bay bridge. this is a huge milestone. this started early this morning when we got a look at the 1000- ton of section of road way. this is the lasix to go in. news copper two was there as it
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got under position under the bridge. and just a few hours later we went to the road way. the lowering of that piece into place became a symbol that cities celebrateed. >> it is going to be amazing for us regular people on the east side to really tie us together in the bay area. >> the celebration today marking installation of the 28th piece of bridge completes the drive way bringing the bridge into san francisco. >> the road way also is at the end of a long road. they broke ground 20 years ago. >> i hope that we can put the
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ped al to the met al. >> so, what is next? the cable. it will wrap around and then come back. just because we are up here, we can give you a look at the road way. it is now one smooth road way from oakland through here and to treasure island. a big celebration today. completion set for 2013. >> thank you. here is a look at some of the key events. the funding was approved in october 20/01. the construction started in january 20/02. the brog was closed in 2009 to
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build a detour. the tour started in july of last year. the last section of the bridge deck was installed today. and it will open in the fall of 2013. we have a special section on the bridge on web . later today we will have more on the project. just click on the bay bridge tab. and as you just saw, okay land's mayor was at the news conference. after the conference was over. reporters asked about criticism. >> we are going to do something in city hall. >> i cannot say anything at
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this time. >> the credit sisment has- has--credit serve has come from several places. and a national figure to expected to be outside the city is hall today. good afternoon, alley. >> we recollect good afternoon. just three days after police broke it up, people are back out here. there are about 50 tents out here. and there is a diverse crowd. you have the people who have brought their tents, people who come out and are not camping.
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and then you have people who work in the downtown area and are just passing by. we are hearing that film maker michael more is supposed to be here today. we also talked to a man who can't camp but believes in the pro test. >> this is nicer than may nobody neighborhood. i want to enlighten the rest of the 99%. that's been enough for me. >> i come out during the days and go home at night. i am paying rent and i have a place to stay. i support the people in the camp, though. >> now, this was the scene last
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night when oakland mayor tried to address the crowd and discuss the confrontation on tuesday night. but, back out here live, scott oleson was serously hurt. he was a wart veteran. you can see the memorial for him. but later onto night we have been hearing that michael moore is going to speak and there is a meeting out here at 6:00 p.m. all right, thank you. occupy protestors in san francisco are still camped out. last night the mayor met behind
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close doors at city hall. the president of the board of super visors said the meeting was a conversation to balance safety and rights. >> and sean o kellly is on top of a high wall. he wants to meet with the mayor and the city manager. chuck reid does not plan to hold any meetings with protestors. this is going to be a 4:00 p.m. march and rally this afternoon. >> you can get updates but going the going--to the website. we know the name of a man who was killed in a car crash.
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46 year-old joseph smith was killed in tuesday's crash. 25 year-old, a parolely now faces vehicular manslaughter charges. police tried to pull himover for talking on his cell phone. sheriff deputies have launched an investigation after finding a body. they found the body of a man on the side of the road. anyone with information is asked to call the police. oakland police are investing a homicide atimiers and 100 avenue. around 11:15 p.m.
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last night. one man was pronounsed dead at the scene. we don't know his name or age, or a possible motive. a battleship is on the move today. why is the good news for an east bay city. if you want to make outdoor plans, resume re-has more. we think kids need to play more and we are here to make that happen. dozens of people rolled up their sleeves. it's a protect of love for some inner city children. [ screaming ]
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at this hour, a battleship is going through bay waters. the uss iowa is going to be docked. it is going to under go three months of repairs. it will then go to be a museum.
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it served in world war ii to desert storm. 22% of the seafood tested in super markets was either mislabeled or misidentified. consumer reports say mislabeling can cause serious health issues. the fda is aware of the problem. now we are learning that aspirin may also pre-deuce cancer risks for some patients. that's the study in britain with people with lynch
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syndrome. those who took daily aspirin developed koa lin cancer less. the defense trial of con more is winding down. a doctor did not consider the levels of the sedatives that jackson may have accumulated in his body. white says that maybe the reason that jackson died. court will start again on monday. a student says she was assaulted. the attacker is white, 5'4" he was wearing a green sweater, blew jeans and had a russian accent. a man asked for help.
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the man gapped her and she passed out. police are investigating another threat to a school. police are on the campus of an elementary school today. we were told a threatening letter was mailed to the campus. school officials gave it police. >> they do not feel it is a credible through the. but the safety is most important. >> last week someone faxed a shooting threat to concord high school. earlier this month another school had a threatening email. cool train is not going to
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offer train services tomorrow or on sunday. instead a new bus bridge is going to be installed. a new report says thousands of jobs in california are threatened by defense cuts. the committee in washington is looking for ways to cut the deficit. if there is no deal in the next few weeks, more than a half trillion dollars in defense cutsover the next 10 years. a report says california may loss 125000 jobs and $7 billion inernings if the cuts go
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through. nasa launched a new satellite into space this morning. the delta two blasted into space carrying a weather satellite about the size of a small suv. the satellite will help spot hurricanes and other storms. it is to be a bridge between the old satellites and the new satellites before satellites- -being generated. we are slightly warmer. boy it was a cool start but were very mild it .l and this afternoon, seasonal temperatures. so still, a bit of an offshore breeze. and we are going to hold onto this for part of the weekend.
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64 degrees right now. 64 near redwood city. in san jose, 69. and 66 in nap pa. temperatures from two to three degrees warmer than yesterday. and for the afternoon, we'll be slightly warmer. satellite radar, this is to the south and is going to stay there. storm track to the north is going to stay to the north. washington and oregon is getting a little rain but we will not. so, chilly mornings through the weekend. 60s and 70s. in the bay.
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temperatures today are nice. 72 expected in richmond. east bay oakland, 72. mid-70s for dan vile. heading to the south bay, nice as well. in the city, 70 expected. san from in the 60s. again, looking at the weekend, just very nice. a little warmer into saturday. we'll be mostly clear on sunday and we are going the be chilly. monday looks good for halloween, tuesday, wednesday also looking good. maybe by late next week, on thursday, maybe some rain in the forecast. all right, sounds good. inch children in east oakland have a new playground thanks to
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a bunch of volunteers. an army of volunteers warmed up and then got to work. the volunteers were from youth uprising. and the playground features sonic the h hedgehog. >> he maybe in video games in 1991. >> the project was funded by kaitlyn boom. they want to build a safe place for children allover the nation. and, a look at one of the most exciting world series ever. plus, free costumes. state farm. this is jessica.
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taking a live look at wall street. it's been a mixed bag to far- -so far for the numbers. stocks are on track for a 4% increase. the dow is up 5. the that is deck is down four. engineers are going to be
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working at the new wal-mart lab. san francisco baseed leavy had an increase. theyerned $38 million. jeans are growing in china. the company plans to open two stores in month in china over the next 18 months. the hayward police department give away hundreds of costumes. some kids stopped by the department to pick out cost costumes. they collected 180 costumes.
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60 of them will go to holeless shelters. game seven for the world series is just a few hours away. after a great finish to game six. the 11th inning home run saw the cardinals rally from a two run deficit down to their last strike to get the win 10-9. >> we just kept battling. that defines the team. the way we kept coming back. >> the rangers got a 7-4 lead before the cardinals came back. the series is tied. 4:30 is the pregame.
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and that follows an early ' dig of news at 4:00. and coming up, chef on has a huge revenue increase. and the video san francisco police hope will help them catch two jewelry thieves. thanks for watching. have a great weekend.
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