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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. danger at the port of oakland, the explosion causing major problems, complete bay
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area coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, it is tuesday november 1st. >> november already? >> november already. we have a red flag warning out with a northerly breeze picking up and strongest ones will be picking up in vacaville, spelling sunny weather, it will be sunny for all, here is sal. traffic is moving along well on the san rafael bridge, no major problems here. also the morning commute looks good on the san mateo bridge, now let's go back to the desk. three police officers recovering after their car crashed into a light pole.
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it happened just this morning and they were taken to the hospital. we just received an update from investigators and here is what they are saying. >>reporter: good morning, the three officers involved in that crash are conscious and talking as we speak. they are still on the scene trying to figure out what happened but a tow truck has since moved the car. you can see firefighters working to bring the officers out of the unmarked car. they were responding to a man with a knife when they were driving southbound and crashed into a light pole. investigators are not sure how the crash happened. >> they use laysers and other devices to draw a sketch of the intersection. other evidence will be noted and so forth and i will give it to them and they will determine a cause of the accident but
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that's not determined at this point. >> reporter: now streets are closed out here between 18th and 23rd street as sal said but they will reopen at 6:00 p.m reporting live lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. there was an explosion at 2:30 this morning, police were still on the scene. it happened at a home on ohio avenue, good morning kraig. fire investigators are on the scene and i want to show you the side of the house here. it is just incredible what this explosion did and the people inside survived it. that is the homeowner in front with the fire investigators, you didn't want to go on camera. he lost some hair at the top of his head but otherwise he is okay. the first call came in from a
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neighbor who said they heard an explosion when firefighters got here. this is the back of the house, i showed you the front of the house, look at the front, it is blown off the foundation. the fire department said the explosion probably happened on the back left corner of the house and that's under investigation as well as the cause is under investigation but the fact four people survived this, well, they are lucky to be alive. >> it was miraculous that they got out alive but we are not sure what happened yet. the fact that we had two people in the back of the house and the front of the house, it is pretty remarkable. >> and one person was injured in the explosion. they were taken to the hospital, there were some burns and abrasions on the person's leg. if you look at a live picture, everything is blowing around
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the house. a complete meet mess inside, that back wall was ripped by the explosion. we will try to talk to the homeowner, there were no other injuries, kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. they will vote today on whether they will officially support the city's occupied movement. a board committee approved it yesterday calling on mayor ed lee to avoid the use of force to shut down the encampment. supervisor and candidate for mayor is behind the measure. and city council will decide whether occupied protesters should be allowed to camp in front of city hall. they told them they could camp
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out at least until today but previously they told them they could not camp out. it does not make sense to go to violence over a pitched strike. tell graph and broadway called for people throughout oakland to protest of the police, the closings of schools and libraries and what they call an unfair economic system. tomorrow's strike will include a march on the port of oakland aimed at shutting down the port before the 7:00 p.m. work shift. there are problems ahead of that shut down of the port by the occupied protesters tomorrow. a long line -- a long line of trucks on the port of oakland and that's because longshoreman
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are afraid to unhall shipping containers that were not properly packaged and some of them have exploded. >> three people have died, one person was burned very badly. here we discovered a person got burned a month ago from that series of briefers and they had not disclosed to us. >> now the dockers want to know which containers were serviced in vietnam so they can take extra precautions. negotiations continue to be resolved on this issue. they will head to sacramento for a march and rally to save california's state parks. they are on a list of several state parks that could be closed next year. they organized a march at 8:00 this morning and protesters will deliver a protest and they
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will hear more on the proposed park closures. coming up at 5:13 we will have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom on how congress is feeling about solar energy subsidies in the wake of the solyndra bankruptcy. it is the first day of november, sal, what is happening on the roads now? >> well it is pretty quiet, except for that stretch of 18th and 21st, as you heard one of our reporters say it will be there for a bit so we will check in with her again. traffic on the roadways and freeways look good. on interstate 80, that is not bad. bay bridge is like coming into san francisco and if you are
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driving that andre goodman -- that looks good approaching the split. i want to mention mt. hamilton road, east is a big accident, it is a pretty serious accident on mt. hamilton road, east of brock. let's go to steve. good morning to you all, our jetstream stays to the north but high pressure is in and it will be blasted out of here and our pattern will change dramatically but not until the end of the week. high pressure even a north wind, higher fire danger and after thursday i think we can say enough of that but today and tomorrow, as long as those north winds are there, clear at the coast, breezy to windy, temperatures are 70s and 80s, coast bay and inland, everybody will be in on the sunshine.
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the system is digging to the east of us and high pressure comes in behind that, 61 degrees. livermore at 60 concord at 50, that is a big difference between the two. 7 at vacaville, but to calm at san jose. i am surprised if they have a 48-degree reading and usually that means they are warming up. probably through tomorrow morning, by tonight we may start to lose that northeast wind and for a while, humidity very low. so one more rain and that would be it but today and tomorrow we have to mention it. you can see there is not much upstream until you get to the gulf of alaska so we head towards thursday and friday. this does not look like a big rain producer and there will be two and another one drops on
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sunday. sun and clouds, windy at times, that could start tomorrow but a big drop in our high temperatures. breezy and warm, upper 70s and a few lower 80s, temperatures will be below average, sunny and windy, clouds and cold, rain developing by afternoon evening and friday morning, very cool and another system on sunday. hard to imagine another cold front coming in. surveillance video of a russian spy, the video shows how they operated. desperate calls for help after a green elevator blows up killing several people. good morning, southbound mission looks good, another look at the commute and we will
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. welcome barks time now 5:14, they released the 911 call after the explosion. >> hurry, get them, hurry, hurry, oh, my g-d it blew up.
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saturday's explosion killed six workers left two others badly burned, very unstable conditions caused search crews not to be able to get in until yesterday. the search continues. it continues online as the solar grant runs out at the end of this year. allison burns is in the newsroom, allison? >> reporter: that's right, the solar industry has gotten more money than any other renewable programs and other companies have benefited. california ranges number one for the number of solar industry jobs and right now it is projected to nearly double in the next five years. 467 of the california companies
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have gotten a grant from the treasury department to write off assets but the problem is, the program runs out and they are in no mood to renew it. solyndra has soured many here for the sol lar industry and they are looking to end green energy solar subsidies. how many jobs are at stake nationwide, during my next update nationwide, allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:16, the fbi just released surveillance video showing russian spice conducting operations right here in the u.s. it shows the red headed agent who went on to become famous as a television host. now in this surveillance video, she unknowingly talks with an
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undercover agent and a russian official is passing something off in a train station. another one shows a russian spy digging up a package of money. the 10 russian agencies were sent back to russia in the biggest swap since the colds war. jared loughner will ask a federal appeals call to ends their client's forced medication. they want to resince his stay at a missouri prison which is where they are trying to make him fit to be able to stand trial. jared loughner has pled not guilty from shooting rampage in tucson. six people were killed, 13 others were injured including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. a taxi driver ran a red
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light before hitting a bicyclist. the bicyclist was taken to san francisco hospital with head trauma. he was not wearing a helmet. the taxi driver was cited for running a -- cited for running a red light. they are looking for suspects for a shooting in away view district -- a bay view district. a man was shot several times while standing on the street. he is expected to survive. the shooting appears to be gang related. >> the avenue is still closed for an investigation, three officers were hurt in a crash and these are live pictures of pet trevor row and they will have that street closed. you can see the police officers are still there.
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. southbound 880 not blocking too many lanes, one will be closed in the southbound direction. if you are driving in the south bay traffic is moving well and there is a big-rig accident east. but the freeways look pretty good right now.$♪ thank you sal, it will be sunny and warm today and very sunny like, temperatures 70s and 80s even along the coast looks good to go. clouds temperatures will take a big drop, 40s to 60s.
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fairfield 61 degrees, livermore at 60 and concord 10 degrees cooler. red wood city is down to 52. west southwest, still a hint of a westerly breeze in parts of the peninsular, they are seeing 45 to 50 miles per hour. and until wednesday morning, wind tails off tonight and we can cancel that sooner. the biggest i have seen is out of the north. northwest along the coast. high and dry, clear skies today, patchy fog will get wiped out very fast and that system coming out of the north, very breezy and warm, windy up in the hills, sunnyside up good to go. if the wind collapses, tomorrow morning will be cold and we will lean more on that on thursday. rain develops and this is more of a cold winds than it is rain but we will get something out of it on friday.
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it will not be very warm, but another system moved in. this lowers the snow level at 3,000 feet. so it's good for the sierra but not so much for us right now. european markets have been down 2% after new concerns are raised over the debt resolution plan. those worries were visible at the close of trading. japan and australia were each down at 1.5% each. we will check in on wall street on our numbers and what the futures indicate for us. as you can see a big drop with the dow up 276 points. it does start below 12,000 and dow jones industrial average futures are indicating a 2 point drop after that opening bell rings this morning. international coalition of health and environmental groups are calling for a boycott of
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johnson & johnson baby products. they are still selling versions of their shampoo which are harmful to children. the company says they are phasing out the use of those chemicals. time now it was halloween night in the castro district, how things have changed in the past up ael of years. still no electricity, how local stores are keeping up with the demands for gas. traffic on westbound 92 looks good but there is a crash on 880 and it could affect your drive gettin -- get egg he --
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getting here. state farm. this is jessica.
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is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. text save to 7-8836. . time now 5:25 people in the northeast still have no electricity after that rare october storm. check out connecticut, stores are running out of stock, trying to keep up with the demand for groceries and fire wood and the damage that the storm left behind. they are looking for an open
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gas station 0 that has electricity to run the gas pumps. >> people are having a difficult time, we feel sorry for them and we wish we could help them out and get more gasoline. >> they are ordering a federal aid to help them with that storm recovery. >> well it used to be one of the wildest places to spend halloween night but they reported a quiet evening in the castro district. it was a much 0 -- much smaller and tamer crowd and fewer people have actually improved business one bar owner says. >> it makes it easier to come and have a good time and feel safe without being pressed by mobs in the street. >> years ago tens of thousands
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would fill the streets of castro but they canceled the official street party after there was a shooting in 2006. a frightening scene in the east bay, a powerful explosion brought down a house in the city of richmond. kraig debro is talking to investigators. live in stamford where the surgery to separate couldn't joined twins begins in one hour, we will tell you what the trickiest part of the procedure will be coming up. one bay area sheriff's deputies... >> interstate 880 in oakland looks good but southbound, we have a big problem involving a big-rig. verizon 4g lte.
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america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 160 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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. brought me my second cup. well it will feel summer- like because we will have sunshine and warm temperatures, a little breezy to windy for some, lots of upper 70s to near 80s and enjoy it while you can. here is sal. you can see there is a long
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line of traffic eding south on -- heading south on interstate 880, this is a taillight we have focused on 880, traffic is slowing down because of a big- rig crash that only has one lane open southbound 880 at 23rd, it has only been there for about 25 minutes and we will keep watching this for you. 101 traffic looks good southbound getting into downtown. let's go back to the desk. right now police and firefighters are still at the scene of a powerful early morning explosion in the city of richmond. you have to see this, a powerful blast about 230 this morning. kraig debro is there and you can show us what happened, good morning kraig. yes. >> reporter: i just got off the
5:32 am
phone with pg&e and they say there is no gas leak in the neighborhood but take a look at the side of this house, a wall was literally blown off the side of the house and i was speaking with the captain and he tells me the origin of the fire was in the back left of the house. i want to tell you everybody got out without injuries and the dogs got out as well. the fire department got the call, came here and take a look at the back of the house, i was talking about that a second ago, the back of the house is a lot worse and that's indicative of where the explosion occurred. some were taken to the hospital with a burn to his leg and we spoke to the homeowner who said he had sings and the cass is
5:33 am
still a -- cause is still a mystery. >> one thing we looked for was the pg&e meter because normally just like anybody else, when the gas is running the dial on the meter pins. if there was some type of league the dial would be spinning excessively. and we didn't see that. >> reporter: the other thing that is strange about what happened here, no fire. he said there was a small patch of a burned area in the back but that is it. neither house on either side was damaged with the exception of the siding for the house resting up against the other house. the two dogs are sitting in the owner's car right now. he didn't want them to run away and they are probably frightened right now. but again, as far as we know, no detectable gas leak is anywhere and we will continue to ask questions of pg&e and
5:34 am
the fire department. three san francisco police officers are recovering after their patrol car crashed overnight. this is a live picture of the scene we are talking about. this is 19th and petrerro, it happened when officers tried to respond to a nearby call for help on 24th antioch. for some reason their car crashed into a light pole. you can see one police officer on the ground but the officers are expected to be okay. petrerro will be closed at least until 6:00 p.m sal will have an update on traffic in just a few minutes. police in oakland are investigating two shootings. the first happened at a gas
5:35 am
station near 580. two people were shot several times and both are listed in serious condition. it is still not clear what led up to that shooting. a few hours later, they responded to a shooting in east oakland. a man was shot analysted in critical condition. police are still looking for suspects and the two shootings are not connected. time now 5:35 the sheriff's department is concerned about the safety of a deputy who took part in the raid of an oakland camp. several websites are blaming that deputy for injuring scott olson. he is the iraq war veteran who suffered and injury to his skull. some information includes the officer's address and phone number but there is no proof the deputy had anything to do with the war veteran's juries.
5:36 am
the mayor filed an official respond and it includes and i am quoting, oakland is on the move and we are making progress together. in 20 years of serving oakland my only agenda has been to work hard for them. the mayor does on to grant more for police officers and jobs at the port and it shows her job has accomplished a lot in less than a year. well this morning police at san francisco state are looking for some missing teens. right now a team of doctors are preparing for a risky operation to separate two conn joined twins. joining us to tell us outside the hospital, tell us about this amazing story, jessica
5:37 am
tara? >> reporter: they have the chance to live independent lives. we had a chance to meet them along with their mother, the family along with an aunt moved to the u.s. yesterday and the aunt searched the internet looking for hope, which landed them at stamford. they say it is the separation of the girl's shared liver that will be the riskiest part of the nine hour procedure. >> so it is fused across the front of the entire abdomen so it is the longest and thickest dimension. >> hartman says keeping the girls couldn't joined -- conn joined poses a big risk. if one dies, the other will die within hours. coming up, how she found about
5:38 am
her twin's conditions and what she said after. we will be receiving updates every 15 minutes to a half hour so we will keep you posted as to what is going on in there. ktvu channel 2 news. some breaking news to tell you about, police have just found those two missing teenagers who vanished yesterday while their mother was attending class in san francisco university. a person tells us the two teens were found safe in antioch. they are now back with family members but it is still not clear how they got from san francisco state to antioch but again the breaking news, the two missing teens we have been talking about found safe in antioch and they are with family members. time for the update, we get an update on your commute, sal, how are we looking?
5:39 am
we are okay for the most part but there is something i want to tell you about, in fact there is a crash involving a big-rig so watch for slow traffic in this area because only one lane is getting by. earlier we showed you slow traffic from our roof camera. one southbound lane is not affected as much. traffic is light getting into san francisco, no problems on the bridge and this morning's commute in san jose, northbound and southbound 280 looking good and that's actually 880 here in oakland and tell you that is looking ghoul as well, -- looking good as well, let's go to steve. we have a northeasterly breeze, sunshine and good weather but big changes as the
5:40 am
system in the gulf of alaska dives in here. but today lots of sunshine, breezy in the hills to win dig, temperatures lots of 70s and 80s so we are good to go. diving into nevada, that take care of all the fog with that wind. bethel island, they both have a northerly breeze, outside of beau canon 48, canfield 47 and for some it is mild and for others, it is cool. concord and santa rosa, relative humidity is down to 50, 52 at san jose, north wind to fairfield vacaville and santa rosa, but a westerly breeze at fs o so for some that northerly breeze is not
5:41 am
happening yet. we will go tomorrow morning with low humidity and a northeast wind or northerly breeze and you can see that system is carving itself out to utah. this only lasts about a day and by thursday, we have a system coming behind that and that will give us a very dramatic change, but it is not really a rain system but it will be a cold s today sunny, breezy and warm, coast bay 70s and 80s and this may be it for the 80s. berkeley 76, livermore 77, san jose 78 degrees and a northeast wind is a cool breeze for fs o but not for the city. breezy and warm, here comes that system for thursday and friday and then saturday looks okay, saturday another system will not be very warm.
5:42 am
well, here is a ghastly image of the president, what they are saying about a party invitation with a bullet hole in his forehead. they are going after a new target south of the border. good morning, traffic in the south bay looks good and we will let you know more about the south bay commute but there is a big problem in the east bay and i will tell you more about that as well.
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. here is a look at some stories, san francisco police officers recovering, their patrol car crashed into a light pole. those officers are expected to be okay and an investigation continues. an early explosion in richmond virginia, look at this, this powerful blast rocked this house in ohio street almost knocked it off its foundation. firefighters and police officers are still there trying to find out what caused the explosion. and the full san francisco board of supervisors will take a vote on whether they should officially support the occupied movement. they called on mayor ed lee and the police to avoid the use of force to shut down the encampment at justin herman plaza. the group appears to have a
5:46 am
new target, they are threatening the mexican drug cartel. anonymously they claim one of them kidnapped somebody, and they will release the people who support the cartel. they have done this before after they stopped a protest. and it has busted a crime ring linked to another cartel in mexico. officials have arrested 76 people and seized 30-tons of marijuana, 160 pounds of heroin. 100 guns were also confiscated and they are not confirming whether they are linked to the fast and furious operation. that operation attempted to buy guns and put them in the hands of criminals. time now a house fire
5:47 am
injured one person. firefighters rushed to the scene at 19th and diamond at 3:30 this morning. it took fire crews 15 minutes to put the flames out. one person was rushed to the hospital but we don't know anything about the fires. we were told it may have started inside of a closet and the investigation continues. also a trial starts for one of the two fairfield sisters. they left their children alone with candles burning in their fairfield apartment back in april of 2010. one woman who is charged with murder will go on trial today and her sister will be tried separately. they are expecting to find out if michael jackson's doctor will be testifying in his own
5:48 am
defense. yesterday dr. conrad murray told a judge else undecided. he has pled not guilty to involuntary murder charges stemming from michael jackson's death in 2009. they are still in the process of working out the evidence and these why experts -- anesthesia experts could be called again today. two front runners, herman cane and mitt romney will not be there. many of the candidates are increasing the amount of time they are spending in iowa, in the presidential race, the iowa caucus is coming up on january 3rd. an e-mail depicting president barack obama with a bullet hole in his head is sparking outrage in virginia. they e-mailed the ghastly image as part of a halloween e-mail
5:49 am
invitation. they issued an apology and said it was not meant to imply the president should be harmed. let's quickly check in with sal, let's get to where you want to go. 880 southbound on 23rd, it is still there blocking three out of the four lanes. it is nice and early so it is not creating the big traffic jam it could let's say on tuesday afternoon and you might want to use 580 instead, head eastbound instead of using 880 and both will end up at 238 and you can do whatever you want at that point. westbound 580 traffic is already a little bit busy heading to the 580 interchange. you can tell it is getting more
5:50 am
crowded heading to the mcarthur maze. and heading up to the bay bridge plaza, traffic is going well. 41 degrees at 40 feet and yet at 1200 feet it is 60 degrees. that is in santa cruz mountains and it just depends, higher elevations are getting that northeast winds, bethel island 59 concord 48 and that as way from beau canon -- and ken fields 47 degrees, napa 49, 61 livermore and that's a big dips, you don't usually -- big difference. mid-50s for some, mid-50s for
5:51 am
san rafael, north wind at 10, north at 5, yet a little hint of a west southwest at fs o. takes us from 6:00 a.m. today to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, gusts almost at 50 and that's the strongest i can find coming over from the east to the oakland berkeley side. i think i saw the pass at about 20. that is bigging up, high pressure comes in behind that and we will focus which will go sliding down. breezy and warm up in the hills, sonoma 79, we will go 76 vallejo 77, martinez low 80s brentwood 74 and alameda 78 and
5:52 am
80 morgan hill santa cruz right at 50. san bruno san mateo 76 and now the lows will stay chilly and then we bring in that system thursday. rain will make it thursday into friday and so will that cold air. sunny breezy and cool and sunday there is another round of cold weather. moat role la mobility, they are planning on cutting 800 jobs. it is part of a company that builds the android including smart phones. the layoffs will happen before the end of the year in august and they agreed to buy it for $12.5 million which will give it thousands of patents owned
5:53 am
by moat role la. now if the results match expectations it would mark sales gains from the previous year. chrysler would put it ahead of its rivals. nissan is expected to have the largest improvement. coming up, we will take a look at the laws that allow you to walk around. coming up, a shark attack that almost killed him.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
. 27-year-old eric waved to cameras as he was rolled out of the hospital of san jose. as suspected it was a great white shark that bit him in monterey and he spoke to reporters for less than a minute and said he is doing fine. >> i just feel really lucky and grateful right now and thanks to everyone who helped me this whole time. >> see that scar on his neck,
5:57 am
experts measured the bite marks on his surf board and they estimated the shark to be about 18 feet long. they are deciding whether or not to regulate nudity. it will ban naked people from restaurants and require towels on public chairs and benches before nudests can sit down. $200 for a second offense within a year. go with me, traffic is doing well, 880 southbound, clearing up a truck accident, let's go out and take a look at southbound 280 traffic looks good, if you are driving in from pleasantton or fremont, it is still looking pretty good. let's go back to dave and pam.
5:58 am
several san francisco police officers were rushed to a hospital after a car crash, where it happened and what they were doing at the time, we will have a live report after the details. plus we are watching an amazing surgery where conn joined twins is taking place this morning.
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