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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. deciding what to do with occupied san francisco, the resolution that could let the protesters stick around. we are live in stamford where doctors will accept rate conjoined -- separate conjoined twins, we have the pictures before their life saving surgery. good morning, thank you for joining us, it is tuesday november 1st, i am pam cook. >> and a brand-new day and month, let's go to steve, i am
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dave clark. we have more of a northerly breeze for most, it will be sunny mild to warm, in fact 60s and 70s coast and bay, even a few red flag warnings, here is sal. southbound 23rd clearing up a truck accident, so give yourself time if you are trying to head out. eastbound 580, this morning's commute is moving along north and southbound, 6:01 let's go back to the desk. san francisco just reopened less than 10 minutes ago after a patrol car crashed into a light pole. it happened on petrerro and 19th and that's where we find lorraine blanco with the condition of those officers, lorraine? >> reporter: yes, investigators
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are clearing up the scene right now and you can still see the skid marks on petrerro and 19th street. officer are trying to figure out how one of their own vehicles ended up wrapped around a light pole. it is at least reassuring to know those officers that were being treated on the scene are in reasonably good condition. they were transported with non- life threatening injuries and they were on their call to a man with a knife call. >> the man with a knife call was given code 4 which means it is under control and both parties left the scene but what i don't know is how long it took officers to get to that call once the call was made -- collision was made known, resources would have been placed at both locations. >> no other cars were involved in this cash and investigators
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did speak to one witness, the area from petrerro avenue has been blocked but as you can see it has been reopened. lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. an early morning explosion in richmond it happened at 2:30, the powerful blast nearly knocked the house off its foundation. here is a look at the house, take a look at that damage. firefighters and police are on the scene trying to determine the cause of that explosion. kraig debro is on the scene talking to investigators and he will have a live update coming up at 6:30. occupied san francisco, could possibly get the support of board of supervisors today. the call was given to avoid using force to shut down the
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encampment. the board of supervisors will consider that resolution at 2:00. now the mayor sponsored the measure. also, they could decide whether they will continue camping out in front of city hall. they told the protesters they could camp out until at least today and in the past they were told they could not have an encampment. the mayor tells the press democrat it does not make sense to have a forced put down of the movement. they are planning marches and rallies and protesting the use of police force, school closures, library closures and what is called an unfair
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economic system. tomorrow's strike will include a strike with the goal of shutting down the port with the 7:00 p.m. work shift. we will will continuing coverage here and on our website. just go to the tab and click on the occupied protest tab. threatened shut down of the port by the occupied demonstrators tomorrow, look at this, a long line of trucks sitting outside the port and that's because long shore men say they were improperly serviced in vietnam. the explosion killed three dockworkers. the long shore men want to know which containers are at risk.
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>> there are a few companies that refuse to provide transparency and what we are looking for is the records and whether they came from vietnam. >> now the coast guard and the port are trying to resolve this issue. some concerned citizens are headed to sacramento for a march and rally to save california state parks. they are on a list of 70 that can be closed next year. protesters will different petitions and they will attend assembly hearing on the proposed park closures. thousands of jobs could be at risk. coming up, we will have alive -- a live report on solar energy subsidies in the wake of the solyndra bankruptcy. well the lives of two-year-
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old conjoined twins in san jose are about to change forever this morning. tara moriarty is joining us live and she is at lucille packer hospital and just right now, a team of doctors are starting a delicate operation to separate them. >> this -- >> reporter: if this surgery goes off without a hitch, the girls will be able to live independently for the first time in their lives. we were just handed a photo of the girls minute before they go into surgery, angelina is the quiet one. the other one is talkingtive. they raked in candy at the hospital. they both moved here with their parents and 12-year-old brother. she started searching the
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internet for hope. they were found when they were only seven months in out row -- uterus. >> i think it is god's way and god has a plan. >> he is the lead surgeon and he said it is the shared liver that will be the biggest risk. >> reporter: if one conjoined twin dies, the other will die within hours. coming up, it is not the first surgery he has done on conjoined twins. he did another one, and we will give you another update on them in a few hours. 608, let's go to sal for
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the commute. southbound 880 is clear and the oakland commute looks pretty good. let's look at westbound 80 and that traffic looks very nice although you can tell it is much more crowded here and one of the things at this time of the year that takes a while to get used to, in the summer at 6:00 it is already light but right now it seems earlier than it is, it is 6:08, now grab that cup of coffee, we are already seeing a huge crowd and this morning's commute is moving along nicely in oakland, 6:09 let's go back to steve. >> don't forget, we fall back, today we had lots of sunshine first of november and it will be warmer and we had some
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temperatures on the coast, breezy out of the northeast breezy and warm, chilly tomorrow, but it will be cooler but still nice and then much colder on thursday as clouds roll in with wind and some rain. it looks colder and we will get something out of it. it just kicked in 9 minutes ago. gusts up to 45 and i have seen 45 to 50 in mt. dab low. it looks like it will only last a day with that system which allows the north wind to wipe out the fog. we have mild lows and we had 60s at bethel island. canfield 47 and there are a few readings cooler than that. yet fairfield 59. lots of low 50s, peninsular
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south bay is getting more of a westerly breeze. that north wind so far, north and east bay, days are getting shorer. it is tough to warm up past upper 70s. 70s and 80s for everybody, this may be it for the 80s because we have a cold air mass coming in. danville 79, hayward 75, we will have some upper 70s to near 80s, morgan hill gilroy cupertino 76 to red wood city, city will go 72 and 60s and 70s on the coast but tomorrow we start that northerly breeze into a westerly breeze so it will be sunny and cooler. thursday and friday it will be much cooler 20 degrees cooler and sunday another system drops
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in. time now 6:11, a cleanup from a powerful rare storm, how one hard hit state is now getting some help from the president. >> i told you this bullseye on my back has gotten bigger. we have no idea the source of this which hunt. herman cane talks about what he says led to a sexual harassment claim against him.
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. time now 6:14 this was in vancouver and police say it has taken four months and they now recommend 60 people be charged on the stanley cup riot. the musculoskeletal lost in june and they identified 60 people ranging in crimes from assault to burglary. some of them were put on their facebook pages and they say they were the worst riots in history. they are still in the northeast after that rare october storm that dumped more than two feet of snow. it could befriday until the power is back on and at least
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31 deaths. they signed a declaration order -- president barack obama signed a declaration ordering federal aid to the state. allison burns is live in our washington d.c. newsroom and solar companies are warning thousands of local jobs could disappear if they are not renewed, allison? congress created the grant as part of the big economic stimulus program and as you mentioned, it is -- mentioned it has been a big benefit for local companies and california ranges number one for solar jobs. the industry rates the most hired in the state and that's projected to nearly double in the next five years. 465 companies have received hundreds of dollars through the grant program but that grant is
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running out and the solar industry program says many jobs will be saved if the industry is renewed but congress is in no mood to renew them. it could end up costing taxpayers half a billion dollars and the hearing tomorrow will focus on ending green energy subsidies all together. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. republican presidential candidate herman cane says he was falsely accused of sexual harassment while head of the restaurant association. his view is different than that reported. >> i was standing near her and i said you are the same height as my wife because my wife is
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five feet tall and she comes up to my chin, this woman was five feet tall and comes up to my chin and she felt it was too close to comfort. >> one woman said he invited her up to his hotel during an event and made sexually explicit suggestions to her that made her feel uncomfortable. >> the women have been paid because of those claims and herman cane said he did not know anything about the settlement. they will take a wait and see when their two day policy ends tomorrow. they will see it through to keep interest rates low. they have strengthened enough to ease fears of another recession. president barack obama will go to a summit which will be
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about the european debt crisis and the danger with poses. it comes just a week after european leaders devised a plan to cut greece's debt in half. this is the president's group of 20. they are searching for suspects in the bay view district and it happened at veer avenue. an unidentified man was shot several times while standing on the street and he is expected to survive. the shooting appears to be gang related. pg&e's pipeline record keeping will be the topic of a hearing before an administrative judge today. the commission attorney is seeking to force the release of documents from the utility that he says shows pg&e used salvaged or junked pipes in the transmission lines. they are working with the
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commission but they are requesting the documents and the request is vague. let's go to sal, do you have everything under control sal? >> dave i am trying hard to make this commute as smooth as possible but there is are couple of things i want to warn you about. traffic is starting up to the downtown area and then we do have a look at the peninsular. northbound near woodside, a car hit a deer and now police are on the way to take a report. the person driving was not injured but it is dangerous this time of year -- as deer are active. also this morning's commute a ten minute delay at the bay bridge toll plaza but it is getting busier. also, you can find news updates on our facebook page,
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just search ktvu channel 2 news morning news team. now let's go to steve. thank you sal, we have clear skies and temperatures will warm up but i will tell you this time thursday how cold it will get if you want sunshine and warm weather, it is a system that is dropping down north and east of us but there is no north wind behind it. yet we have cool lows or mild lows, we have a northeast wind at 9, napa calm, 50s, red wood city, santa rosa 57, there is a big difference between the lows. one system will drive down into utah. 60s and 70s and 80s, we will go with it today and the extented outlook has more sunshine but we will have a chilly morning
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on wednesday and here comes the system for thursday, a lot of clouds and it will be colder, i mean colder and there will be some rain thursday and friday but with your weekend in view, sunday looks okay, another system drops in maybe some rain, snow will get down around 3,000 feet. the shall pieces -- pieces of the bankrupt company solyndra will go on sale tomorrow. it will run through thursday evening. the company itself is also for sale. they have drawn so much attention that the company's website went down temporarily. for the first time in years, americans spent more on home videos. shoppers spent $3.9 billion and the increase is because of the blue ray disks but it is
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because customers rented more from net flicks and red box. red wood shores has a new bestseller, 5 million copies sold in the first week. the demand was so great and servers expect sales to remain strong. look at this, the fbi video that shows what they were doing. good morning, traffic here on 237 is slow already and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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. metering lights have been turned on, there are no problems on the bridge right now. well a bus hit a hydrant at the corner sending thousands of gallons of water into the air, streets flooded but no injuries are reported. hayward apartments after a fire started in the kitchen of a
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three story complex and firefighters said they were able to contain it to the kitchen and knock it down quickly and nobody was hurt. >> officials meet with the owners about plans to remake the shopping center. the company has 25 acres, more than 90 stores and restaurants and this were plans to add 300,000 square feet of space possibly some residential units. they just released russian spies conducting here in the u.s. anna chap pan later became famous and she is talking with an undercover fbi agent. she is trading a bag of cash and last year, the 10 russian agents were deported and it was the biggest spy swap since the cold war.
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three san francisco police officers were sent to the hospital overnight, the investigation is underway after the patrol car was sandwiched between a light pole and a tree. an explosion, what fire investigators are doing to find the cause. and the stock market is set to plunk plunk -- plunge, the only bell will be live in three minutes. [ screaming ] [ zapping ]
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. welcome back, there is the sound of the opening bell, celebrity cruises, they are showing off their new ship called the silhouette, they are supposed to have some nice a menties on -- amenities on board and as you can see on the bottom part of your screen, dow jones industrial average is
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supposed to drop quickly and 144 ready, 160 dropping as we watch, a lot of it has to do with europe, and business news -- more business news coming up. thank you, it is tuesday, a brand-new month november 1, i am dave clark. right now, we are starting with an update overnight the one that injured 3 san francisco police officers, it happened just after 1:30, 19 and petrerro avenue, lorraine blanco and has more questions about this crash. >> reporter: good morning, we don't know the why but at this point, we know there are skid marks on the roadway. an unmarked police officers' car crashed and questions remain on what led to the
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accident. they were heading southbound on petrerro when the vehicle left the roadway and hit a street lamp, they told us investigators have not determined their speed but it does not seem to be a factor. it shows quite a dramatic scene and at last checked, they are expected to be hospitalized for the rest of the day. a few blocks were closed much of the early morning but it is all open and traffic is slowing. reporting live, lorraine blanco channel 2 news. turning now to our other top stories, police are on the scene of an early morning explosion in richmond. the powerful blast hit a home on ohio street nearly knocking it off its foundation. kraig debro has been talking with investigators this morning, kraig, it is an
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incredible scene out there. >>reporter: yes, right now the investigator tells me they are eliminating possibility one by one so they can fine the cause of the fire. >> literally blew two sides of the house off from the roof and it just tells us how powerful and how the people inside survived is still a mystery. >> two people are in front of the house, it is remarkable. >> motorcyclist of the back walls are blue from the roof and the foundation, there were four people at the time of the explosion, two people were in the room when the explosion
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happened, one was there with burns on his leg and this appears to be a gas explosion only they can't find a gas leak. >> one thing we were looking for, a pg&e meter, just like when the gas is running, the dial on the meter spins, so we didn't see that at all when we got here. >> and i did speak to pg&e this morning and they tell me the gas was off by the time they got here and they could not find a league immediately and of course the power is still on every other house in this neighborhood and nobody else had to be evacuated. >> the two dogs are in the car and they didn't want the dogs to run away because of the
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explosion. reporting live kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:34, oakland police investigating two overnight shootings, the first happened near 5:80, but two people were shot several times, both listed in good condition, still not clear what led up to that shooting. oakland police rushed to a shooting on he -- on the avenue and investigators say the two shootings are not connected. >> several websites are blaming the deputy for injuring scott olson, the iraq war veteran with the injured skull. it includes his name and pictures and some include the
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officer's home address and phone number. there is no proof the deputy had anything to do with the war veteran's injury. it is standing up for the so called 99% but is the encampment hurting part ever that instead. just ahead, businesses are telling us they are losing customers because of this ongoing demonstration. now we have continuing coverage of the occupied movement here on our website any time of day, you can go to ktvu channel 2 news and click on the occupied protest tab. oakland mayor -- the oakland mayor is highlighting her successes in an effort to fend off a reelection. they had an official response filed with the city clerk's office and also mentioned securing a grand and 200 more
6:37 am
in state and federal grants that should create jobs at the port. last week they handed in a petition of 71 signatures to start the recall process. just an hour ago, we found out the police found two missing bay area teens. the brother and sister disappeared while the mother was attending class at the university. they tell us the two teens were found safe in antioch this morning and they are now back with family members but they are still not clear how they ended up in antioch. also it is the beginning of the winter spare the air season. now during the spare the air alert, pallets are ban in fireplaces. you can be fined up to $400 and the season lasts until
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february. back over to sal, people are getting to sleep in after trick or treating. a year ago, giants have won the world championship. november 1, it was at night. people were wondering what my cryptic tweet was about. it is another anniversary, good morning everybody. pam is absolutely right, some people were sleeping in a little bit, but now the roads are getting more and more crowded and we certainly do have a halloween affect as some parents may have been up a little late trying to sort out the candy, you know how it goes, so they are getting crowded now. this is a look at the commute on interstate 880 and traffic is moving relatively well. and we are looking at the
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peninsular on 101 and northbound 280 at woodside -- 280 at woodside. 880 looks good from hayward down to fremont in the southbound direction. >> mostly clear skies, down towards monterey, that will not last very long and everything stays to the north for two days and there is a cold pattern today it is sunny and warm. in fact, you know what i mean, clear at the coast, temperatures in the 70s and 80s and we do have a red flag warning which started a few minutes ago. the strongest gusts so far have been 48 miles per hour, low humidity offshore wind and it will only last a day. once you get to see it from that angle, you need a northeast wind and that will be one of those days and this sunday we fall back on the
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clock so it will even be tougher. we start off, concord 48, stamford 48, ken field 48 so for some it is warm and for others it is kind of cold. red wood city 52. north wind or no women or west wind, so a hint south bay but a north wind east bay is making sense based on the red flag warnings. we will have sunshine coast and bay and that system arrives on thursday. this is more of a wind and cold system on thursday but we will get some rain thursday. after that we'll see a reinforcement taking us to the weekend, but snow was going to come down to 3,000 feet so be advised. breezy up in the hills it will be warmer at the coast, 70s for many, to near upper 80s, 78
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concord, caster valley, berkeley 76, 80 gilroy, cupertino and santa clara, san mateo as well, 68 daily city, half-moon bay, here comes the system thursday into friday, and another system drops in on sunday. thank you steve, 640 is the time right now, california rail system, work was supposed to be starting, but we will find out the costs if and the timetable. >> reporter: we are at the hospital where the surgery just got underway and we will tell you what the girls did upon learning they would be separated. we will tell you more about the troubled spots on the bay area commute. stay with us.
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. just hours ago with 19th
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and petrerro, the cause of the crash is expected to be under investigation. and the city of richmond injured one person, it rocked that house on ohio street, almost knocked it on its foundation. firefighters and police officers are there trying to find out what caused that explosion. the board of supervisors are looking at whether they officially could support the occupied movement. they officially looked at that calling on mayor ed lee to avoid the use of force to shutting down the encampment at herman plaza. >> and there is an occupied movement surrounding this encampment outside city hall. business is down 40% since the protest started. other businesses such as the washington inn and night club say they are losing customers because people are afraid to
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come downtown. the chamber of commerce is worried about tomorrow's planned general strike and march on the banks. >> and they say it's all to get after the 1%, what about the mother who has to cash a check to go to the doctor or to pay a bill she needs to pay and the banks are not open. >> and the downtown merchant's association said they have cut back hours and have even had to lay off people in the last few weeks. well the surgery is underway to separate the two conjoined twins. joining us from outside the hospital with more on the girl's amazing story, tara? >> reporter: the mother found out her girls were conjoined during a sonogram and she was very emotional crying she said she prayed to god and now it appears this may be the answer to her prayers.
6:47 am
the girls were prepped for surgery and this is a photo of them taken with their mom. their surgery is supposed to last nine hours and if the surgery goes off without a hitch, the two-year-olds will be able to live independently for the first time in their lives . you are like this, and they will be separated but they -- they don't understand yet. >> they started searching for hope and started looking for help at stamford. this is their 6th separate surgery and the last was in costa rica. >> the last picture i have is
6:48 am
them eating mcdonald's so i was not totally happy with that and they look totally happy and healthy and that's what we are hoping for. >> now, he said it will be the separation of the shared liver that is the riskiest part of the surgery and that's because of the potential for blood loss. we will be staying here waiting for updates and we will of course bring you updates. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. the new plan says the most ambitious state rail project in the country could cost nearly $100 billion by the time all the work is complete. the original estimate is for $4 million. the system will not need public subsidies to operate. california could lose money if
6:49 am
work does not start before next october. time now 6:48, hey, sal, it is a brand-new month, i would like you to take me somewhere. >> okay, let's take it to the bridge. one, two, three, let's go to the bridge, but i failed. highway 4, this is not a bridge. >> highway 4, stop-and-go traffic also stopped in parts of pittsburgh, pam was mentioning the halloween affect, just a little bit later this morning, maybe they slept an extra half hour after last night's festivities and let's go to the bridge. here we go, westbound backed up for a 15 minute delay, no major problems getting to san
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francisco, and the morning commute on the south bay, that will be slow on blossom hill, peninsular is looking fine except for some slowing in daily city, hello steve. >> sal, you are super bad. >> thank you steve brother. >> thank you . thank you. clear skies, it will be sunny and warm on november 1st. tomorrow should not be bad either but it will not be as warm because we will lose that northerly breeze. it is a chilly morning for some, if not in the 40s. cooler clouds take us to friday as well, clear skies, any fog will get wiped out and i think it is just patchy towards
6:51 am
monterey peninsular. concord 48, stamford 48, 46 in napa, red wood city right at 50, san jose inches down and there appears to be a component of a westerly breeze at least right now and that system right up there is on its way for thursday abut today it is sunny and the rain develops thursday. this is not a big rain producer but it is a dynamic system. snow level will be going to 3,000 feet. windy in the east bay, near 80 degrees and this may be it for the 80s so this cold air mass will send temperatures down to 20 degrees by thursday.
6:52 am
cupertino sunnyville, san mateo, daily city, sunny on wednesday, thursday clouding up, rain moves in, cold air arrives, saturday should be okay, not very warm and another system moves in. well the company that google wants to buy is cutting jobs before the end of the year. moat role la designs and builds consumer products. they agreed to pay 12.5 billion one reason is because of the thousands of pattons it -- patents it holds. the dow is down to 11,000, it started the day below 12,000, 11699 and really it is plummeting as greece ponders its bailout package.
6:53 am
the g20 -- g-20 meets this weekend president barack obama will be there and feds will be talking about the economy and the effects that the global economy is feeling because of the european debt crisis. regulating nudity in san francisco, the big vote is set for today. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up.
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. taking a live look at the big board, dow jones industrial average down 260 points ahead of an important meeting with the federal reserve. overnight a house fire with san francisco, one person injured firefighters rushed to the scene at 3:30 this morning. it took crews 15 minutes to put out the flames and one person was taken to the hospital. we do not have information on their injuries at this time and we are told the fire may have started in a closet but unclear how the investigation continues. and time now san francisco board of supervisors are looking to regulate nudity. it will ban naked people from restaurants and require towels be placed on public shares and benches before nudests can sit down. $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second offense
6:57 am
within a year. in a few minutes we will know if the world's best surfers will be competing off ocean beach. look at that fog, covering the beach. they plan to decide if today's conditions are good enough for the rip curl pro search contest. the search could start as early as 8:00 this morning. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. moving along, i want to go through this quickly here. bay bring is backed up for a 20 minute delay. this traffic is moving along well passed the coliseum and there is also some stop-and-go traffic, let's go to steve. and monterey, there is some fog otherwise coast is clear and warmest temperatures will be there as the red flag
6:58 am
warning is out tonight and tomorrow morning. coming up on mornings on 2, also coming up next we have been on the scene, a powerful explosion nearly knocked a richmond home off its foundation. also really bad night for three san francisco police officers, the overnight crash on san francisco hill stay right here with us.
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