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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: city hall is also releasing the same statement. the mayor should not allowed the camp to return. >> we have heard anything of her specifically saying we're going to do everything we can to protect the business community. >> reporter: the city leaders are expressing dissatisfaction. >> i think the people are in their right to be confused, the mayor is sending mixed messages. >> reporter: the mayor released a statement regarding tomorrow's general strike but made no mention of the position she's taking. this afternoon police chief howard jordan released a statement, saying unlike his officers he is not confused. christien kafton is following the plans for a general plan tomorrow and what the chances are that it will actually shut down on the city.
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>> reporter: one occupiers told me he wants everyone to participate. i worked over the weekend and watched as occupy oakland members made this sign right here. you can see the sign advertising for the strike and that strike is hours away. the occupy oakland movement is calling for the general strike to protest corporate greed and economic inequality. members are hoping that all workers will walk off the job not just sympathize with the protesters goals. >> there's no need for sympathy, we're not persecuting, i would like solidarity, that's a better word. >> we have planned to deal with situation. >> do you have additional help called out? >> no we don't. >> reporter: today the port said it's working with local and federal law enforcement
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agencies to keep the port secure. today the city sent out messages to businesses in the downtown area urging them to stay open. some like broadway beauty say they'll be closing their doors not wanting any trouble. others say they can't afford to close. >> tomorrow we're going to open and we'll see what's going on. if the thing gets ugly, we're going to close. >> reporter: now the city and occupiers i spoke with today say they are going to work to keep tomorrow's planned strikes, marchs peaceful. and it isn't the strike that the occupiers wanted. we're live in oakland christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco board of supervisors today released -- a
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growing number of demonstrators have been camping out. today they looked for ways to keep the encampments clean and safe. >> we don't want to have a confrontation right now. i think if we get levels of cooperation and allow them to make the point of their first amendment rights we will work toward that. >> reporter: the mayor says talked have resulted in progress and that organizers have agreed to set up committees to address clean ups. occupy santa rosa held its first rally october 15th but until this weekend members had agreed not to camp overnight, now the city must decide whether to allow the encampment to continue or instruct police to remove them. now from john to christien kafton, we have several crews monitoring the occupy movement. log on to on all the
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latest moves the groups are making. in athens officials called on an emergency cabinet meeting. it began when the greek president announced a referendum to allow the citizens of greece to vote on the debt reduction plan. it also requires deep budget cuts that greek protesters have opposed. today they said that debt deal must go through. >> they need to implement the very decisions they made last week. >> reporter: european officials warned today that if the greek people vote down that deal not only greece but also italy could go bankrupt and that that could just be the beginning. and the uncertainty of that deal triggered off wall street. investors were shaken by the idea of a national vote that
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could torpedo a greek sell out. the dow seesawing by as much as 100 points. in all the dow fell almost 300 points. nasdaq fell more than 177 points. a close call today at that world class surfing demonstration. one of the surfers said he saw a shark coming right toward him and that quote it was the biggest thing he had ever seen. this map shows where it's all taking place, at ocean beach not far from the cliff house. ktvu's david stevenson is there and tells us what happened right after that sighting. david-- >> reporter: frank this competition kicked off with a bang with a shark sighting that prompted that world class surfer to head back to shore. >> the rip curl prosearch brought world class surfers to san francisco's ocean beach. one of those surfers said he got an ugly welcome to these waters this morning. >> he believed he saw a shark when he was getting off of a
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wave. >> reporter: dusty payne told officials he spotted a shark in the water. that prompted him to come out of the water during a competition. >> we've seen dolphins in the water and you can mistake them for sharks. >> reporter: but the surfer it was not a dolphin. >> that's something we wouldn't wish on anybody. but it's mother nature out there. >> reporter: the national park service this morning scrambled a zodiac boat and ski patrol after payne's report. they assured competitors that the action on the water was safe to continue. >> sharks are definitely in the area, however we've never had a shark attack out here at ocean beach. and rarely if ever we'll have a
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sighting of a shark. >> reporter: now coming up at 6:00 it's not just sharks that worry the surfers here. the conditions that are raising concern at this competition. for now reporting live at san francisco's ocean beach, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the man who was injured in a powerful explosion in his home was releaseed from the hospital. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the explosion but they ruled out a leaking gas line as a cause. they said there was chemicals in the home. almost everyone in the home escaped unharmed. >> it was miraculous they got out unharmed. two people in front of the house and two people in front of the house that made it out alive was pretty remarkable. >> no other homes or near by buildings were damaged. a san francisco police officer is in critical condition tonight and another is in fair condition after
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their unmarked police car slammed into a pole. happened on 19th street and potrero. three uniformed officers were responding to a crash. >> the mate team uses lasers and other devices to draw a sketch of the vehicles. >> a third officer involved in the crash has been treated and released. a federal appeals court in san francisco heard arguments today from lawyers for tucson shooting rampage suspect laughner. he's been there since may after being declared mentally unfit to stand trial. six people were killed, 16 others injured including
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congress gabrielle giffords. hillary clinton is mourning the death of her mother tonight. she died last night at washington at the age of 92. mrs.clinton cancelled a trip to london and istambul. hillary clinton credits her mother for giving her a love for education. will high speed rail still run through california and the bay area or is the new price tag too high? we'll tell you what supporters are doing and saying to try to keep the project moving. strong gusty winds in the hills. we have gusts up to near 60 miles per hour on mount diablo. that red flag warning still in effect i will tell you when it goes away.
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the house of representatives is set to vote on the bill making the phrase
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the god we trust an official motto. the bill does have its opponents who say it is unnecessary and a violation of the first amendment separation of church and state. supporters of california's high speed rail began a damage control campaign today. as we first reported, the project's price tag has more than doubled and the new amount is staggering. robert handa is here with some of the fall outs. >> reporter: we're here along the track where is the high speed trail would run. many people here in the peninsula fought the project but now the new price tag has even supporters concerned about what's coming down the line. traveling by rail is popular on the peninsula but california high speed rail project has always inspired mixed emotions. the line has been fought by several peninsula cities and while those efforts has not stopped the project the latest cost figures just might. the high speed rail authority
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business plan shows the cost has more than doubled since 2008 to almost $100 billion. and about 20% of the money needs to come from private investments also the first leg in the central valley needs to start construction by next october to get 3.5 billion in federal funds. >> $100 billion seems very excessive and at least we should put it off until we're in a better situation as a state. >> it would be great if we had it it's too bad that it's too expensive especially in the current environment when we have so many other needs like education. >> reporter: supporters launched a campaign to counter the criticism. a clearl agitated mayor villaraigosa. >> more than 20 million people we're expected to be 60 million by 2050. what are we going to do to move those people? >> fortunately the president said it was a high priority for him so i suppose we will
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continue to see federal funding continue to come. >> reporter: a crucial comment period begins today to engage how much support and opposition the new price tag brings. you can find out how to weigh in by going to the web links at live in menlo park, robert handa. the utilities natural gas system has been under scrutiny since the san bruno explosion. the utilities commission will be allowed documents on pressure tests and other information on salvaged natural gas pipes. tonight hundreds of thousands of homes on the east coast are still in the dark. from maine to maryland the power is beginning to come back after that big snowstorm this past weekend. but almost 1.8 million homes and businesses are still without electricity. many are relying on generators for power as crews struggle
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with downed power lines and trees. some governors have declared a state of emergency to get federal aid for the recovery effort. windy conditions here in the bay area brought down a huge tree in the east bay. happened about noon at broadway plaza and mount diablo boulevard. this is actually cell phone video taken by a ktvu viewer. contra costa fire crews responded to clean up the debris, no one was hurt. those high winds and temperatures have prompted a red flag warning for much of the area. our crew was at the calfire station in petaluma when they were called to a fire in napa. that call was cancelled but that fire house and others around the bay are under alert today. a red flag warning is in effect. rangers in the seashore and golden gate national recreation area say the fire danger there is extreme and they have banned all wood and charcoal fires and all smoking.
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even driving on 580 this weekend. bill it was a two hands on the wheel kinds of day, so windy. >> it really came up today. it's a red flag warning we're really in the height of fire season. but the fire conditions aren't as bad as we typically see this late in october or this -- i guess it's november 1st this late in the season. we're fortunate in that aspect. we have plenty of rain, the temperatures are staying in a mild range, 70s and low 80s. we're still seeing gusty winds. these are live buoy readings. we pick up this this buoy right here. that's a north wind. see that little arrow right there. you can see my curser. you can all see the san rafael richmond bridge, that's a northeast wind. gusting to 30, we had gusts near 60 miles per hour on mount diablo. up near the berkeley hills, we had gusts of 30 miles per hour. the winds are going to keep going, tonight in through tomorrow morning. the red flag warning for these areas the hills and the north
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and east bay certainly part of the south bay right. just above mission peak and south toward evergreen and the morgan hill. you have winds that will be blowing back to the 30 miles per hour range. they're going to start to back up a little bit. this red flag warning is all about winds and humidity. it's not really about the heat. it's not that hot quiet frankly. as we go into tonight the gusts could pick up a little bit. the 40s in the hills. we could see gusts up to 60 miles per hour overnight. tomorrow the winds will back off. but in the meantime the red flag warning stays in effect. so the forecast as we go through the next few hours will be for clear skies, breezy conditions. if you get up on the winds it's going to get cold. the wind warms you up, circulates. but when you get to those wind protected valleys it's real cold. upper 30s in some cases. mostly sunny and cooler for your tuesday. as you get into the extended forecast we've been talking
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about this, rain enters back into the five day forecast and into your forecast. we'll come back here, i'll be back here about 5:45, we're going to look at the forecast highs for tomorrow for your city, then we're going to look at the five day weekend with your view. an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will pass by the earth a week from now. if it had been on a course to hit the earth it would have impacted with the force of a 4,000 mega ton blast causing a massive tsunami if it hit in the ocean or digging a city sized hole in the ground if it struck land. the family of one of those killed in the reno air races is taking legal action today. final out who they are suing. plus an amazing video to share. take a look at that it's an incredible feat. what led to this amazing landing and how the pilot fared. congress voted on a plan to keep peaceful volunteers safe. the 2009 murder that led to all
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of this and the results of the vote. a rodent problem triggering health concerns. now we'll introduce you to the one man on a mission to get it under control. also. it is a huge auction and it's drawing hoards of bidders. the new solyndra sell off and who's on the block. i am here today because i'm reclaiming my home. a bay area's bold move after she says she was wrongly evicted. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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just a remarkable feat of piloting hear. when the pilot of a 787 landed a plane safely on its belly after its landing gear failed. the airplane circled the
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airport for hours to burn down fuel. the family of one of those 11 people who died in a reno air race plane crash has filed a $25 million wrongful death lawsuit. the widow of craig salerno of texas filed suit against organizers. 150 people were killed after a plane suffered a mechanical failure. congress approved a new law designed to stop the violence against peace corp. volunteers. the law is named for a woman who was murdered overseas. >> i'm pleased that the law will become law. >> reporter: georgia senator and barbara boxer coauthored the bill.
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cate fusey was murdered while serving in africa in 2009. the bill mandates better training for peace corp. volunteers. it also urges the corp. to hire victims advocates. parents can be more confident now when their children join the peace corp. >> they can be very confident now and be confident that their children will be handled the way they should be overseas. >> the senate already has approved the kate pusey bill. today's vote in the house sends the measure directly to the president for his signature. a new report shows california continues to lag behind most other states when it comes to education. california ranks a 59.
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according to the latest test results 25% of 8th graders tested proficient in reading. in math, 25% of 4th graders were found to be proficient. it's a miracle a mother has prayed for for two years. and now her twin girls have been cut apart. to fee or not to fee. why bank of america changed its controversial bank regarding fees.
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you are looking at pictures from inside the operating room as a team of doctors separated two little girls today who have been joined together since birth.
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it was a long and delicate operational that will allow the two girls to be completely independent for the first time ever. ktvu's rita williams first told us about the twins last night and she's here again with what doctors told her within the past hour, rita. >> reporter: frank it's been a reality drama that's been playing out here at lucielle packered children's hospital all day and it just ended a little more than an hour ago. >> wow. >> reporter: for more than nine hours today the precious lives of these two little girls were in the hands of a medical team of more than three dozen people. finally a surgeon came out to say -- >> both twins are doing great and so far no issues. >> reporter: when they were wheeled into the operating room before dawn today, angelina and angelica seduco were not sick, just different. they were born in the philippines two years ago joined in the chest and belly.
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>> i think god has a plan and i think that this is a big challenge for us. >> reporter: it's been more than a year since the family now living in san jose first asked lead surgeon gary hartman for help. the girls who are known as ina and ika were color coded in the operating room. doctors had lots of scans to guide them as they started to cut the twins apart. separating their shaverred liver was the most dangerous -- their shared liver was the most dangerous. >> when they were born, it was like a window to the girls. they have a big scar from the middle of their chest to their abdomen. >> reporter: the girls will finally sleep apart, a specialist will be there to help with separation anxiety. a view of the world without her sister in her face.
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>> we don't see any barriers to complete recovery. >> two little girls who now have an opportunity they were not born with. to go in different directions. in the conrad murray trial testimony came to an end with the defendant telling the jury he will not testify. he answered questions from both the prosecution and the defense today on the issue of standard of care. >> it's what we would seek for every patient. but there are many circumstances and i indicated a few where it's not necessarily possible. >> also today prosecutors called the rebuttal expert to testify that jackson gave
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himself the deadly doze of propofol was not feasible. a complete about face by bank of america and this time it's to the benefit of customers. >> reporter: frank you could call it bank of america's netflix moment. tonight the plan to charge $5 a month to use a debit card is no longer. >> i think they felt the pressure of people saying that that's ridiculous and that i can go some where else and take my business some where else. >> reporter: one month after announcing plans to charge customers $5 to use debit cards, the company today said our customers voices are most important to us. as a result we are not currently charging the fee and will not be moving forward with additional plans to do so. >> if you have people take the debit debit cards out of their wallets and not using them at
5:31 pm
all. >> reporter: he thinks the decision was less about the occupy movement and more about competition. >> all they have to do is move above some price threshold that they don't know where it is and competition will move in and they risk losing it all. >> reporter: bank of america decided to drop fees. some bank of america customers told us they would have used their credit card a lot less had the fee go into effect. >> because i don't want to waste my money. it's a lot, $5 per charge, that's a lot. >> my wife were probably going to go to the credit union and put our money in there. that's what we were talking about. >> so does this keep you a b of a customer? >> for a little while, yeah. >> reporter: one final note, experts say banks right now focus more on promoting credit instead of debit. reporting live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. some local and state
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leaders in california are calling for new restrictions in the payday lending industry. they say the loans are growing here in california even in other 17 states and the military have banned the lending practice. the congress will soon hear about lowering fees. and we're hearing more about the weather nightmare where passengers were stuck in a plane for hours. >> what kind of nightmare would that be without food and no toilets running, and people getting sick. this is unacceptable. >> reporter: boxer is talking about saturday's plane that was stuck on the tarmac. >> literally people could have
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died on that aircraft. >> reporter: the department of transportation has already implemented new rules forbidding airlines to keep customers on the tarmac for more than three hours. and we have more on the story of those two little girls just separated by surgeons. let's go to the mother speaking now about the surgery. >> asking if there were any way for the girls to have their surgery here if it was deemed that they could be separated. i really didn't know that that was all going to transpire. but we have here who a year lat on our doorstep with all of the ct scans and the motivation to get things done. and so we're very happy that things went so smoothly today. and i wanted to introduce angelina and angelica's mother to you and she has a few words
5:34 pm
to say. >> hello, good afternoon everyone. first of all i thank god for everything. this is a dream come true. words cannot express how the family -- words cannot express how the family feels about the separation of our dreams, angelica and angelina. on behalf of my family, we thank dr. gary hickeman and the team, all the nurses, the staff
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of the lucille packered children's hospital and the media. my family will be grateful eternally. god bless us all. >> hearing now from the mother of those two little twin girls after the surgery. we heard from some of the doctors, this was the first time frank we were able to hear from that mother. so so emotional and so so grateful thanking the doctors and surgeons and staff there at lucielle packered children's hospital for separating her two little girls and essentially thanking them for those two little lives. rita williams is there we will have more as the story develops. republican presidential candidate john huntsman today spoke out for the rights of occupy protesters. huntsman was campaigning at the university of new hampshire in
5:36 pm
durham where he commented on the occupy movement. >> i don't like the message coming out of occupy, i don't agree with it. all of it. but i do agree that unlike in china where five folks show up in a street corner and are taken out we have the right to gather, we have the right to speak out. >> reporter: huntsman also outlined his campaign policy. he wants to expand energy production, fund new energy technology and find any alternatives for oil. the group americans elect is working to secure a slot on the november 2012 ballots of all 50 states. the candidate would then be selected from an online convention in june of 2012 who would then face off against president obama and the republicans party elect. johnson and johnson is called out for having toxic in
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some baby shampoo. why what the company has done so far is not enough. and a flight to hawaii for only $149. why alaska airlines is practically giving flights away. and new fall out for the solyndra fall out. why it's threatening other companies.
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[people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece.
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paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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alaska airlines is adding new nonstop flights from the bay area to honolulu. to kick off the service alaska is offering an introductory fare. some federal health for the solar industry expires at the end of the year. solar companies here in california received more than $400 million through a treasury department grant program. congress is set to vote for an extension for that program but after the solyndra bankruptcy and scandal some in congress want to end solar subsidies. however some in congress say that would hurt solar's help. >> we fully expect the solar industry to double that includes manufacturers as well as installation and construction jobs. >> reporter: opponents in congress argue it's time for the solar companies to try and make it on their own.
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a big sale begins tomorrow at the big bankrupt company solyndra. tom vacar will show us what's up for auction at that company and what is not being sold. google has added new features to its free g-mail service. the company has simplified some of its interface for g-mail. google g-mail is free but the company uses key words from the person's e-mail messages to send them targeting advertising. johnson and johnson is being pressured to remove carcenogens. the plan for safe cosmetics began pushing johnson and
5:42 pm
johnson to change its formula. the u.s. senate today cleared the way for the fda to ban the sale of over the counter asthma inhalers. the senate voted down an amendment that would have stripped funding for the ban. it's set to take effect january of 2012. the ban will force asthma suffers to spend two to three times more on prescription inhalers. the ban is an attempt to reduce chlorofomic emissions. new at 6:00, a rodent problem triggering health concerns. now we introduce you to a man
5:43 pm
trying to get it under control. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, the great solyndra sell off, what's on the block. fighting back after foreclosure. >> i am here today because i am reclaiming my home. a bay area woman's bold move after she says she was wrongly evicted. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. complete bay area coverage.
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from a distance and during these gorgeous fall evenings, living a careful life in the south bay may seem idealic. but a new community of people scraping by in rickety boats looks and feels very different up close. >> reporter: out here just beyond the yachts and sailboats, sits a flotilla of mostly small cricky boats, anchored down and going nowhere. but these are not just small
5:46 pm
boats, they are people's homes. >> basically it's our neighborhood. >> we got evicted, no place to go. >> reporter: so chris alden says his friend offered up this vessel, he and his girlfriend are now living on it. >> getting a roof over our heads for a minute. >> reporter: their bathroom is a container they empty at a container on land. for them life on a boat is a mystery they are trying to solve. >> we have to weatherize the boat or something. i mean, neither one of us know anything about the boats or the water or any of this. but we're learning piece by piece. we're learning. >> reporter: it's one thing to be living out on a boat when the water is calm and the air is still warm, but winter is coming and that is going to be a whole other ball game. >> any way i will try.
5:47 pm
if i can't do it, abandon ship. >> it's hard, it's real hard. i lost 30 pounds the first six months i was here. >> reporter: two years ago 56- year-old and era nicoles says she grew tired of sleeping under bridges and in parks. she said she bought this boat for just $250. >> i just wanted a place to live where the city could not come and take my stuff and throw it out on me whenever they wanted to. i wanted a place to live to call my own. >> on the streets it's a lot colder. last winter i got pneumonia three times living on the beaches, 32 degrees out there. >> reporter: for big cities dealing with the chronically homeless, but here cities don't have jurisdiction. boats have been sold for peanuts because of the economy. the coast guard does check out here for safety and told us it has no problems with the boats
5:48 pm
but the san francisco bay development commission says it's a crisis. >> it is a violation of our law. >> reporter: but the commission says it has limited resources and these boats are not a high priority right now so the boat population could continue growing. >> it is getting bigger because of our economy. it's going to be a lot more people living out on the water or any where they can. >> reporter: on the oakland estuary, rob roth. plans to expand the oakland zoo may be put on hold as the issue heads to court. two environmental groups have abandoned mediation over their concerns about the environment impacts on the project. the zoo wants to build a new veterinary hospital along with an area gondola and education center. opponents say the project is way too big and would endanger several native animals. our julie haener is live in the newsroom with some of the
5:49 pm
stories we're working on for 6:00. the pinnacle of silican valley has been turned into an auction house. new at 6:00, we go inside the bankruptcy auction going on right now inside the solyndra plant. plus bearing all now comes with some restrictions in san francisco. the new rulist nudist must now follow. president obama has declared a closed army fort in virginia as a national monument. fort monroe is the site where dutch sailors first brought slaves. >> i look forward to slitting myself and taking malia -- forward to visiting myself and
5:50 pm
taking malia and sasha down there so they take in a little bit of their history. >> reporter: investigation is under way into an unusual robbery. a pair of robbers broke into a railcar in the san bern bernardino. officials believe thieves probably didn't know what was in that railcar before breaking into it. the entire haul is estimated to be about $200. the winds are certainly picking up and boy you are absolutely right. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. >> coming up on 60. we had a 58-mile an hour gust. you are right there, winds could actually be there at elevation. for the oakland hills wind gusts could go up to 45 miles per hour. they've been up to 40 today. the winds on the richmond bridge, richmond san mateo bridge look like this. it's gusting to 30 miles per
5:51 pm
hour. notice the arrow right there that white arrow that's the way it's blowing. this perpendicular direction gives you some grief on the bridges. so the chp has been monitoring. tomorrow mostly sunny, and not quite as windy. the wind advisory, the red flag warning goes away. there's no wind advisory but there's a red flag warning. the red flag warning goes away tomorrow morning and as it does we start to see some more sunshine, less wind but then this system starts to roll in. wednesday, tomorrow night look at this. not that strong, watch what happens. there it is. still not that strong but look behind it, there's that cold air. here we are thursday morning, it's dry. thursday afternoon some scattered showers. afternoon commute on thursday, there'll be some wet on the roadway look what else is coming. here we go to 10:00 on thursday
5:52 pm
night. widely scattered showers, you're going to get some snow up in the mountains then here comes the cold air right down in here. that cold air gets in here friday morning. i wouldn't be surprised to see flurry on the top of the highest bay area peaks that's hamilton and diablo. you will see snow flurries friday afternoon and it's just an unsettled weather pattern into the weekend. we have a chance of showers saturday night and sunday morning. temperatures cooler than they were today by a few degrees. enjoy it, enjoy the warmth. because i have to tell you this run of weather we're going to have is not huge but it's cold. and it's unusually cold for this time of year with your weekend always in view. get used to getting the jackets out after thursday because it's going to be cool, showery, breezy and not at all like tomorrow. after that it goes a little goofy. >> a little haywire. hitching a ride, where the
5:53 pm
coast guard is taking that endangered pup seal and why. it's about building cars in america. it's all about jobs. it's all about respect. security. the american dream. [ jamaul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautiful benefits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here. [ jennifer ] not a single layoff of a u.s. manufacturing worker. [ glen ] not one. not one. doing things the right way. quality. [ jimmeka ] building cars that americans want. [ jamaul ] right here in america. hyundai is an all-american success story. ♪ hyundai is an all-american success story.
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a young marine mammal is hitching a ride back home.
5:56 pm
captain michael eagle is the commanding officer at air station sacramento. in san jose he took the special delivery. kawai pup 2 has helped marine biologists study the seal. captain eagle says folks are surprised to learn that the coast guard would help a seal. >> they think search and rescue, they think anti drugs or maybe illegal migration of people trying to get into the united states. but they don't think many times too often of marine protection. and that is a huge mission that we have. >> veterinarians have discovered that kp2 has serious vision problems he also became inprinted on humans and thus cannot live in the wild. so now kp2 will spend his life in a marine sanctuary in hawaii. if you want to learn how you
5:57 pm
can follow that seal's journey, go to coming up in 90 seconds, new at 6:00, people's park is being infested with rats. the one person that's trying to tackle the problem on his own. q
5:58 pm
oakland residents and business owners are taking
5:59 pm
sides tonight. what is being done to protect those who won't take part in the general strike. and solyndra is getting sold off piece by piece. why uncle sam will have to wait to get paid back. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the city oakland is bracing for a protest being organized by occupy oakland. >> reporter: i've been working out here since they announced the protest. so far they're getting mixed commitment. members are preparing


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