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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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incline or decline, we got a better look, it looks literally like thousands of people have taken to the streets from covering occupy oakland for the last couple of weeks there are a lot of faces i recognize. of course there are some i don't. the crowd is cheering, trucks passed by. and i can tell you there are a few in the crowd with faces covered, masks, scarfs, many are not covering their faces, as we know they said for the last week since this general strike was planned, one of the objectives was to shut down the port. and they are getting very close now. we saw a couple of semis trying to get out, of course that won't happen with the size of the crowd they have here. we'll continue marching with them and update you throughout the next 90 minutes. live here in oakland, eric rasmussen. are you getting a sense, eric of how they want to shut
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down the port? will they shut down the entrance or walk down to the port? >> reporter: well i have to imagine, there are some people here who are working on a plan, they have not made it clear, backup as we have seen, these things are fluid with the protesters, they have had a lot of influence, shutting down the port. however as i look down the road here to where the crowd is marching i do see a team of police, apparently in riot gear, still at a distance, we have the sun in our eyes. but it looks like at some point, very soon they may reach a block, where they may be stopped from going further. >> eric you mentioned you were with the protesters -- the mood tonight, are you seeing folks in there who are ready for battle? who are angry? or is this the type of thing where it is a little more peaceful. >> reporter: you know it is the same thing i saw, you have a
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mix of everything. just before we came on air here i walked by a couple of young men who said it will be a show. that is how they described it. i am taking out the bad words, but they felt there. of course there are signs from them, saying that greed is killing the middle class. a lot of young people, but a mix of all ages. so you have a group of people, it may affect how they act here tonight. >> eric rasmussen live for us almost at the port there. let's go to the other areas, whole foods, it was shut down because of vandalism. and ken, you spoke with people there? >> reporter: yes, gasia mikaelian, at 27th and harrison i want to show you some of the damage, there was paint put on the side of the building, about eight or 10 feet high, saying strike on the side of of the building. and there was paint thrown on the other level of the building here, this all happening at
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3:00 this afternoon, when a group of occupy demonstrators moved in on the whole foods building. i want to come back live. and we'll save the tape, if we can come back live i want to show you what is happening live. and then we'll go to the tape. there is a security car that just arrived here a few minutes ago, you can see the security guard with the gun, at the entrance, the store is closed. for a while there were tensions because security was trying to get inside the store, kept the customers in the store inside. this window here was smashed. double pane. so the exterior part of of the glass was broken, the interior remains, crews will replace it with plywood. i have one democrat straighters, jeff tell me what happened when you got here. >> well, what happened i saw the march coming up harrison, i jumped out. i wanted to be part of it. we rounded the corner and had
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you know, a really big group. unfortunately there is a small kind of splinter that is not part of occupy oakland. and they took the opportunity when they saw the whole foods to try to go after some windows. so a lot of us, me and many, many people got in between them and said you know, don't do this, this is distracting from the message. unfortunately one person got through, if one window breaks that becomes the story. and that is not why we're out here, we have really good reasons for being out here, over the last 30 years in the united states from 1980 through today, the concentration of rich people have gone tremendously towards the top 5%, top 1% that we're talking about. and unfortunately wealth and money is power. >> reporter: but tell us how this is affecting your movement. do you feel like you have been hijacked by outside people just intent on causing trouble? >> i don't know if i would say hijacked. it is a big distraction from what we need to be talking
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about. so the 99%, a lot of people are unhappy with the situation if they have been foreclosed on. or if they have seen their savings go down, or lost a job -- >> reporter: i'm sorry to cut you off, i'm told you're out of town, thank you for talking to me of the . i appreciate it. again, the whole foods market is not open now, the employees are cleaning up the mess from what happened today. they will be out here in the afternoon, following what is going on. yeah, this is a developing situation, we'll go back to the port of oakland where there is an estimated about 5000 people it seems marching towards the port of oakland. we'll go back there, first, we'll tell you about two hours ago, some of the demonstrators angry, happening when 2000 marchers arrived there on lakeside drive. witnesses say a dozen people sprayed graffiti on the building, smashing the walls
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and windows with a hammer. one protester reacted with anger. >> heck no, it is not right. they do it every time off it doesn't really solve any problems. because we're still poor and getting up and going to work. and the rich people are still going to be rich. >> she says she also saw damage to some atm's along with broken glass at another bank. now all of this started at the plaza in front of oakland city hall. 14th and broadway. the intersection has been shut down most of the day because of the protesters. ktvu's john suzuki is there. is anybody left at the plaza? >> reporter: i'm sorry, what was the question. >> is anybody still there? >> reporter: yes, go ahead and take a look. there are still thousands of people here at the epicenter of occupy oakland, this is 14th and broadway. and streets around here are shut down. looking down the street there you can see what appears to be another wave of protesters marching towards the ports,
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hoping to shut it down. now i shot a picture earlier. but think about an hour ago -- of a charter bus that was here on broadway. it was one of about five buses. there were -- they were carting people down to the port in an effort to try to shut it down. and that follows a day of live action here in downtown. thousands of people packing the plaza and streets outside oakland city hall all day. >> i think it is beautiful, people from all walks of life, all incomes here. closed together, a lot of angry people in this town and country. >> banks got bailed out. we are called out. >> dozens of angry people hitting the wells fargo bank shutting it down. the same scene played out over and over again at banks at the city. >> my voice is not as strong as the person at the top of the banks. i am one person, if corporations are one person how come they have more of a voice than i do?
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>> somebody wrote graffiti on the wall, but after the police stopped by, the protesters cleaned it up. people of all ages, colors and backgrounds joined the general strike today made up of school parents and their children, they called themselves the children's brigade. >> the kids really wanted to come out. i think that is what really started it. >> i want to point out if you look down the street, this is looking east on 14th. there are about 8 motorcycle police officers, possibly chp that just pulled off. looks like they're roaring down the street, just arrived five minutes ago. i want to point it out. that is really the first time we saw force shown here, not that they used any force. but police presence, most of the officers have just really been maintaining traffic control more than anything else. so that is really the first thing we saw, we heard there are more down on the square, ready for anything that happens
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tonight. live, ktvu. back to the port of oakland where protesters say they're trying to shut down the port tonight. more on the story. >> reporter: well, gasia, a spokesperson for the port says that the port is open for business, it is 24-7. in fact all seven terminals, importing and exporting. but we're getting other stories here, probably about 15 minutes ago, a bus of activists pulled up. they got off the bus, the bus took off. since then, we saw them try to enter, but got turned away, made a u-turn and came back. some of the employees that work inside the area have been allowed to leave, allowed to leave peacefully. but the protesters sometimes are making a line, going south, blocking people. one of the individuals they blocked was trying to get to a ship. his name is scott barton, and if i could get this -- scott,
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tell us the story about several minutes ago you pulled up and what happened from there? >> well i just drove down there, the people started to walk towards me. i wanted to get in the gate. they started walking towards me, holding hands and formed a line. i will have to notify my employer that they're blocking the gate. >> reporter: scott tell me a little about what they were telling you? >> they didn't tell me nothing, just showed me body language, the language was you are not coming past me. >> reporter: what are your thoughts? you're supposed to go to work and make a paycheck. >> we're supposed to do that, i'm out here working for the family. we'll honor the picket line, we won't dishonor their right to pick kent, if we can't cross it. we can't cross it. >> reporter: i'll look at those folks, from what you have seen in the past few weeks here in oakland? >> you know it is worldwide. worldwide, complete capitalism.
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and they just want to have complete control in everybody's business. there is no chance for the working people. >> and scott barton, thank you for taking the time. i guess you play it by ear, probably come back tomorrow? >> thank you, i will. >> reporter: scott barton, just one of the individuals who have been turned away. the line of vests activists popped up, we saw one truck get turned away, employees are leaving the area, they're allowed to leave peacefully. guys are allowed to turn away. he is supposed to be starting his shift at 6 tropical 6. ktvu. >> we'll get back to mike again -- in just a minute, we have a number of crews out there for you. another part of the story, involving oakland teachers, possibilities, students, marching in support of the occupy portland protest earlier
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this morning. the school district says that 360 teachers missed school today, about 18% of the district's teachers. they were with the demonstrators as they marched. more coming up in the news cast. and the coast guard in monterey conducting unusual missions this week, trying to protect the hump back whales who are getting too close. plus more live pictures of this massive protest that is happening, these marchers are very close to the port of oakland, the thought for them is they want to shut down the port of oakland when the 7:00 shift shows up for work. you just heard them. some of the workers
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. typically we ask that the marchers allow our important workers safe passage home. please allow our fellow 99% to get home safe to their families. maritime operations will resume when it is safe and secure to do so. okay, good afternoon, chief jordan from opd, we estimate the crowd to be about 4000, 500. there is roughly about 3000 of them right now marching peacefully to the port. we will continue to allow that to happen. earlier today, there was approximately five businesses that have been damaged. most of them banks and whole foods. so we are -- deeply regret that
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that took place. this is a action of a small group of people, i think i mentioned in the press briefing that we had indication that a group -- a group we believe to be anarchists to be in the crowd, about 60 to 70 were responsible for the action, which leaves the approximately 4000 or 2 or 300 or so people that went there peacefully to be able to carry on with their normal business. so this is an important message to be made, that we are aware of people that are bent on causing problems. we are going to be taking steps to address those problems later on tonight. there were no reports of officers being injured. or no reports of anybody else being injured as a result of today's action. the chp and the alameda county sheriff's office have been requested to assist us with mitigating traffic in the port area, by allowing some of the people to leave and also by stopping anybody from entering
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onto the freeway, or possibly trying to get onto the bridge. so with that, i'll turn it over to ms. santana for her information. >> good afternoon, city administrator, what has already been described, it has been largely a peaceful demonstration, with isolated incidents of graffiti, violence, vandalism. i do want to acknowledge the democrat straighters that were out there monitoring the large crowds and insuring that those that are involved in the graffiti are redirected. i do appreciate those efforts, there has been a lot of issues around crowd control . based on that i decided to release them to proceed to go home, for safety reasons. we also did alert our local
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merchants so that they can take whatever action they would like based on the city's decision to close businesses. as i said last week and as we go into this evening, i just want to reinforce what we insure as public safety in the streets. last week i shared that in order to insure public safety through the evening we need no fires, we need no vandalism, no throwing bottles or walks -- rocks or waste at the police officers, they need to be allowed to enforce crowd control. i think it is important to note that the world is watching oakland tonight, we need to make it a safe place. thank you. >> i'd like you to please -- state your name and media link.
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. [inaudible] . i'll answer the first question, we have not made any arrests yet. but to the second part of the question, yes were we're trying to be as specific as possible when arresting those that are involved in these types of acts of vandalism. in a perfect world we would want those to have the first amendment right, to have it peacefully. and what we have known so far is that the people causing the destruction and damages are addressed. they're wearing all black and usually wear a mask over their faces. so we were able to effectively arrest them to stop them from causing further damage, that is the preferred technique we would like to
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use. we have a middle amount of police presence available. and also have sufficient resources to affect any arrests or stop any further damage to city businesses or injuries to people. we're listening in here to oakland's interim police chief, howard jordan, bringing us the latest numbers, about 4500 people taking part in the protests, there were about 3000 at the port of oakland, that is the live picture we're showing you on the left-hand side of your screen. we know that five businesses have been damaged. no arrests at this point, we'll stay on top of this and bring you more coverage. right now we're going to the ktvu port of oakland, and heather holmes is in the middle, what are you seeing?
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>> reporter: there are a lot of protesters, hundreds of thousands are here. effectively they have shut down the port of oakland and have successfully gained control. starting about 4:30. when the first wave of people on bikes here arrived. as you can see now they have blocked this entrance, essentially stopping people from pulling in, or pulling out. there is a long line of trucks stopped here. and then right here in the middle of the intersection you see people both on foot and on bikes, stopping any sort of activity. it was just about five or 10 minutes ago when we saw this huge wave of people coming across the overpass to the port of oakland. and it was just an impressive scene. so many people carrying signs and chanting. and now they are gathered here. some of them though have kind of moved into another group, heading down further into the port. as you know, here at the nation's busier ports there are
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several entry ports. so they are essentially trying to block all of those as they go. like i said, frank and gasia, it is an impressive crowd. >> well unfortunately we lost heather's signal. but let's see if we can get it back. again these are live pictures from news chopper 2. and we heard howard jordan say a minute ago a crowd of about 3500 people down there, so far it has been pretty peaceful. i guess the thought here is that what they will try to do is block the entrances, and essentially keep the port workers from entering for the -- 7:00 shift. the third shift this evening. >> and frank, some of the live pictures we brought you, we saw a lot of people on the trucks, the streets, when we brought you the news conference just a minute ago, from downtown oakland, the first person we heard from was omar benjamin, who asked that the people be allowed safe passage. to make reference, we are part
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of the 99%, we heard from the police chief, howard jordan who said about 3000 people were here at the port of oakland. and chief jordan made a point saying that the group is mostly peaceful. but he said there were a -- people 60 or 70 of them, dressed in all black, covering their paces, he pointed to that much smaller group as a group causing problem throughout businesses in oakland. >> yeah, we told you about some of the banks, with broken windows at some of the banks in downtown oakland. also graffiti spray painted on there, later when you go to the occupy oakland website, you can see all the tweets there. there are really two sides, one side saying that the protesters should be peaceful. another side saying nothing is peaceful when you're at war. >> and more quotes, eric rasmussen live by telephone. the protesters are in the
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background, eric are you with us? >> reporter: yes, i am right here. [inaudible] . eric, we're trying to bring you more reports, we can hear a large crowd, and the noise from his signal. again if you hear us, go ahead and jump in, tell us what you're seeing. these live pictures sure do tell the story that we're hearing. eric, i think i hear you, let's turn it over to you. >> reporter: sure, we -- i believe we have -- you can hear us. [inaudible] we're just walking along the crowd here, as they make their way through the ports. i've been trying to move as they go through a very large crowd. [inaudible]
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what you're hearing is all the cheering and also some of the truck drivers blowing their horns. we're told as the protesters marched towards the port of oakland, a lot of people blowing their horns in support of what these protesters are doing. eric if you're with us, go ahead and jump back in, we may be able to hear you. >> reporter: sure, hopefully you can get us now, again what i was trying to tell you before, we are just walking in this crowd of thousands as they make their way down the port. while we have seen police so far they have not tried to stop the path. at least on this main road along the areas here at the port of oakland. i will be quiet for a second, you can hear the noise, whose port? our port, to take off on the same chant they have had. throughout the occupy wall street protesters. whose street, our street. and just a huge crowd as you
5:25 pm
see, a giant, red and yellow banner, we are the 99%. this is something again they have been planning for the better part of a week now. and it looks like they have gotten the huge turnout that they hoped for. for the massive protest, again i saw police here, but it doesn't appear they're trying to stop the path of the crowd. >> eric it sure seems like the crowd is getting more excited. accurate description there? >> this is the first part, right -- >> reporter: frank if you said you think the crowd is getting more excited i may have heard you say. i will tell you a couple of things you saw, you may have seen it in the live video we brought you. a couple of people climbing up on top of some of the -- occupying the trucks, if you will. it looks like the crowd has stopped now for the moment. they have been doing this sometimes. i talked to truck drivers stuck in the crowd. i asked one guy, what he was doing, and he just pointed, said i'm trying to get over
5:26 pm
there. he knows he is in for a very long night. >> and eric this is certainly the largest gather of occupied protesters we've seen, by the police estimates at least 3000 people strong. looks like right where the live camera is, they set up a line, we see large banners. at this point, police are at the core, but again you have seen no confrontationings confrontations of any sort. so this is a peaceful protest. >> reporter: it has remained a largely peaceful protest. of course we're following the coverage throughout the day. there were some incidents around the city with broken windows and vandalism. but -- as for what is happening right here, you just had a lot of chanting, people marching together here. and although you may have one perspective here of course from where we stand with our live camera, i haven't seen any real live confrontations. our camera man says it is a
5:27 pm
huge crowd here, so far, chanting the demands. we'll stay here and find out what happens next. >> eric when you talk specifically to the protesters, what do they say specifically they want to see happen? >> reporter: well, of the -- the largest, most common comment i have heard is they simply want to shut down the city of oakland. and they have said that over and over again. sounded like talk earlier in the week, and even up to today. obviously some businesses still function and people still came to work. but i can tell you for right now if there is business being done here at the port of oakland it is not going in and out at this main road. >> and eric when we talk about the small number of people who we're told by police are causing problems in oakland, when you have a chance to talk to people within the occupied movement do they tell you anything about how they feel about the set of outsiders, or the people causing chaos, as we heard the city administrators say the word is watching what
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is happening in oakland. >> reporter: you're exactly right, i talked to some of the folks out here from day one. and paul, if we can -- the guy holding the camera there, he is one of the folks who -- has been out here, says he lives in oakland. he has a place to live but has been camping out there at the plaza. they say they are really frustrated with the handful of people doing the vandalism. because we know it takes away from the message. i followed the crowd saturday night, when somebody broke a window at the recruiting office. immediately there were a number of people who came up to me saying this does not represent all of us. >> okay, eric rasmussen, we'll be back to you throughout the evening to continue the live coverage. . and once again, you're looking at live pictures here from the port.
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we'll take a short break, and we'll be back covering the massive protests. as the city administrator said a couple of minutes ago, the world is watching oakland, california tonight
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. this is ktvu channel 2 action news at 5:00. we're continuing our live coverage of what is happening with the occupy oakland movement. this is a live look at what is happening above the port of
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oakland. you see several people on top of trucks here parked at the top of oakland. and there are some 3000 protesters in the port or at the port right now. at this point the protest has been peaceful. what we really have tonight are two protests, the one going on right now at the port of oakland, whereas gasia mentioned, there were about 3000 people, another one is in downtown oakland where there are an estimated 1500 people. among them, our reporter john sazaki, what is happening right now? >> reporter: i tell you, they're going in all directions from this area here at 14th and brooklyn. there were about 2000 people, including everybody up and down broadway, out in front of city hall, et cetera. so these people have been really rallying from here, going to the banks and i guess they went to whole foods as we talked about earlier in the show. and they just announced at the podium over there, that the
5:33 pm
first wave of marchers who headed towards the port actually reached the port. about 3000 of them as we showed you with news chopper 2. and according to folks here they have been surrounding the port in an effort to totally shut it down. as i told you a few minutes ago there is another wave of folks who are heading down there. so who knows when they will be there? the folks here are calling for anybody who is in a car or who has a car, to head down there as well to help out with the blocks that they're trying to put in place at the port. so still, a very, very fluid situation here at 14th and broadway. more coming in, turning away from places they're protesting, some are leaving to go to other places to protest. one thing we have not seen here is real police presence, when we first got here this morning there were police cars and officers blocking off 14th and franklin. over on the other side of city
5:34 pm
hall, and broadway, trying to keep traffic out of this area so that nobody in the street would get hurt by any type of cars coming through. but we haven't seen that in the last few hours, in fact there were a couple of cases where cars and bikes, that is motorcycles have been passing through the crowd, very, very slowly and carefully. so this area is pretty wide open. except for the fact that there are you know a thousand or more people blocking the streets. so there is by and large very little traffic coming through here. it is now a place that you want to come -- unless you're coming here for this purpose -- i wanted to -- [inaudible] okay, well unfortunately we lost john's signal there. but again there are an estimated 1500, perhaps 2000 people in downtown oakland's on broadway. it is closed. this is the other protests going on, where there is an estimated 3000 people at the port of oakland. their mission tonight they
5:35 pm
wanted to shut the port of oakland down. and from what we see and gather it appears that they have been successful with that mission. it has been a very peaceful protest. but based on the number of people, essentially access into and out of the port tonight is pretty much not existing. we were talking to mike nebak a couple of minutes ago as well as eric rasmussen. they say the protesters were climbing on top of the big rigs there, carrying signs, chanting whose port? our port. again, the 7:00 shift was set to begin in about an hour and a half. and based on everything that we're seeing now it doesn't appear that that 7:00 shift at the port of oakland is going to happen tonight. >> just a minute ago we brought you the port director live, speaking from downtown city hall. and he appealed essentially to the protesters, saying please allow the men and women safe passage home. this is a situation where it has been peaceful up until now. and keep in mind, this was planned.
5:36 pm
we knew about this days in advance. the protesters put out their plan, saying 9, noon, 5:00, the action will be attempting to shut down the port of oakland. so police in the city of oakland knew about it. and they have a plan. they are not seeing a lot of police in huge numbers, but again, police are in the area and do know that this is happening. this is another live look that we're giving you now, an up close look from high above. people climbing on top of those trucks and -- the containers, thank you, if you have driven by the port of oakland this is what you see. but you don't see this often at all. this is the first time since the '40s there has been a general strike in oakland. and this is definitely affecting the port of oakland. again, the protester's goal is to shut down the port of oakland, looking out we see a lot of people you know with cameras of course and video cameras, and a lot of people in
5:37 pm
bike helmets, riding their bikes down, many of them coming down the original occupy site. and we heard the interim chief talking a bit ago. it appears that really what the police are planning to do tonight is give these protesters -- their space, howard jordan was saying they will protect property if need be. they will -- make sure that everything is safe if need be, but meanwhile, they are going to essentially back off. there are police in this area, we have also been told that there are chp officers block -- not blocking, but guarding the entrances and off ramps to some of the freeways because they don't want these protesters obviously marching on to the freeway. it would be a very dangerous situation, number one, and cause potentially mass chaos, number two. and our mike nebak is live there, what do you see mike from where you are? >> reporter: well, gasia, as i told you top of the hour, there were about two dozen or so
5:38 pm
folks out there, at exits 30 and 32. the crowd has since moved up here to the intersection of 7th street and middle harbor. now the majority of these people arrive probably about 4:45 or so. many of them on bikes, but there was another group that came on the chartered bus and then got off at this intersection. one of those individuals was kate, kate? -- i saw you at the group, turn away from the rig as well as other long shoremen. your thoughts on the effort here? >> well, i think it has been a big success. you know what we're trying to do is provide the long shoremen a way of turning around and not ending up at work, and create a situation where they have a chance to turn around and go home. and i think you know with some organizations we have been able to do it pretty well so far. so we'll keep it going? >> reporter: how long are you going to be out here? what are the demands, what do you expect to have? >> i am not an organizer, just
5:39 pm
a participant, i can't speak to demands. i personally will be out here as long as i feel my presence is needed. >> reporter: and kate, the president of the port of oakland said the port has been in the same boat. basically they had to drop their work force to about 70% over the last several years. they have been struggling as well. the blue collar workers. but yet this movement is out in the front of the port of oakland? >> absolutely, a lot of industries have been hit really hard. for me and again i'm not an organizer, i'm a participant. but for me this is not about attacking the shipping industry. this is about creating a solidarity action with the ailwu and the members of the rank and file who wanted a chance to participate in our general strike today. >> reporter: okay, there you have it. one last sign, believe in love and change. that is the theme out here, and i should mention a peaceful theme. and just a few officers from the alameda county sheriff's office have been out here, but other than that, a peaceful
5:40 pm
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. based on everything that we have seen for all intents and purposes it appears that they have been successful. we'll continue to follow this protest, moment by moment during this news cast and also during ktvu channel 2 action news at 6:00. now we have an update on the conjoined twins separated by surgeons at the medical center just yesterday. ktvu's rita williams has more on the head of the medical team who performed the surgery. rita is live at stanford with late developments. >> reporter: gasia, good news we learned about two hours ago, one of the newly separated twins, she not only woke up, but sat up for the first time. >> angelina is progressing quicker than her sibling. >> reporter: they're out of sync but doing fine.
5:44 pm
the doctor talked about the twins and the first two years of life. >> we're right where we hoped to be. >> reporter: dr. hartman says the girls are in the same room in separate beds but turned so they could see each other when both are awake. it is one way of helping with the separation issues, the last set of conjoined twins experienced here after their surgery four years ago. >> when the one was coming out of surgery, she was reaching out to touch her sister, so it is like waking up one day and having a major part of your body missing. >> reporter: so they put those twins in the same bed. and at some point probably will do the same thing with the two girls. >> i think it is a miracle. and i'm happy for them. >> reporter: the twins separation is giving renewed hope to others looking for miracles here at the children's hospital. >> there is always a silver lining, so yes. >> reporter: have you found that? >> no, we're still searching
5:45 pm
for ours, but hopefully we'll find it soon. >> reporter: her son, cain bradley, is here being evaluated for a heart transplant and following the success of the twins. >> when i think about it, i -- it makes me feel like anything that happens -- >> reporter: this week at least one family's dreams did come true here. reporting live at stanford, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 action news. the protest goes on, but not the place you may think. that story coming right up. and these are live pictures of the heart of the occupied protests. this is happening in west oakland right at the port. we'll bring you more in just a moment. back in just moments, we'll look at the rain in your bay area forecast
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. right now, the occupy protesters shutting down the port of oakland, and some 3000 people are running upon the port. we have a number of crews around the city and at the port. we'll bring you more live reports as we continue. good news about jobs, private employers in the united states added 110,000 jobs in october. which is more than what was expected. also last month -- gasia -- >> sure, last month you said that planned layoffs dropped
5:49 pm
sharply, let's look at the story. >> reporter: we want to see something in the financial institutions and government, this is not oakland, this is walnut creek, california, and more coming here on a regular basis say they too are fed up with the situation as it is. it appears so long since the loss of jobs which led to the loss of homes, led to the economic mess, we're here and continues even up scale communities are going to occupy. >> so many issues and causes occupy the attention of the occupiers, much of it relates to wall street, banks and most particularly the lack of jobs. >> 100%, i think really. jobs are scarce, nobody is getting them. >> the system has always been broken, even though the white middle class is feeling it and ready to take a stand, saying we need a better system that will meet the needs of the people, instead of the needs of
5:50 pm
ceos. >> reporter: for many, traditional thinking has got to go. >> the economy is the product of -- us, you know, choosing red or blue all the time. black or white all the time. >> reporter: the very slow recovery seems to be felt as much in walnut creek as here. >> a lot of people are hurting, lashing out, blaming government or whoever. it is a tough time, tough times for a lot of people. >> a lot of people can't find jobs or banks and everything that they had jobs, they don't want to hire more people. >> reporter: for one woman, pointing fingers is a waste of time. >> they need to educate themselves on what the bottom of the problem is, to just blame it on the top 1% is not understanding economics or how the world goes around. >> reporter: but pro or apartment occupy, jobs will make it more normal. >> people will be busy working. >> reporter: it is important to note that many of the so-called
5:51 pm
99% have already used up their 99 weeks of unemployment a long time ago. the protest here continues, and as i say this is not oakland, this is san francisco, wal nut creek, it means a lot to government workers and politicians, ktvu news. all right i have my voice back i apologize for what happened a moment ago, julie haener in the news room with the stories we're working on at 6:00. and frank, san francisco's law enforcement officers are divided tonight. new at 6:00. the act sixes of racism and the lack of loyalty clouding the race. also ahead, a simple act can cause stress for newborns, tonight, how far how it can add a lasting impact, more on the strike coming up. we turn now to our chief meteorologist bill martin for big changes. changes in the forecast, showers our way, a big cooldown. computer model, tomorrow afternoon, the scattered showers, mid-morning, early afternoon, they will be a
5:52 pm
little wet on the afternoon commute, maybe on the morning commute. not a big, big rainstorm, but what is happening is the cooler air comes behind it. temperatures as much as ten or 15 degrees cooler tomorrow. here is the five-day forecast, you can see it is an unsettled weather period coming up. even in the bay area, what you will notice tomorrow, big time cooler, i'll see you back here in a bit with an updated forecast. all right, we'll continue to cover the occupied protest general strike, thousands of people taking part as we heard a little while ago, the city administrator saying tonight the world is watching oakland. we are watching as well. and you are seeing live what is happening right now near the port of oakland, thousands of protesters on the move [ jamaul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautiful benefits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here.
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. hows in the area of the port of oakland, the alameda county sheriff's deputies are heading to the scene, more live coverage this evening. and hump back whales attracting a lot of people. robert handa has more. >> reporter: well, the hump back whales are closer than ever. some are getting way too close for safety. the photographer randy straka
5:56 pm
got on a boat, and shot this still picture of the hump back whales just a mile or so across the santa cruz coast of . right now many are close to the shores, bringing the whales within paddle distance. he says now people are getting too close and the coast guard agrees. they will patrol to warn boaters, kayakers and paddle boarders to keep at least 100 yards away. >> at any time the whales could raise their flukes, and send that person flying out. or if it has a calf, even if the mother wanted to gracefully push you out of the way, there is a potential of death. >> reporter: they are considered the harassment of whales, and they carry a fine of up to 3200 -- >> once the voters come closer to the pod, their props could
5:57 pm
injury the whales, you could have the strikes of the vessel on the whales. >> reporter: the up-close visits may accomplish exactly what whale watchers don't want to happen. today it was much harder to find the whales. and it may be because of the sight-seers. >> that is entirely possible . they're not used to a lot of human activity. >> reporter: well, until they meet permanently, the coast guard says they will be out every day watching the whale watchers. and coming up in just 90 seconds we continue to be live over the port of oakland as we have been throughout the news cast. that is where the protesters are blocking the shipping trucks. we have more on the march, the damage done in today's general strike.
5:58 pm
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[ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver, only from at&t. now get u-verse with dvr at the lowest price ever. at&t. . this is ktvu channel 2 action news news at 6:00. on the move and making a point. the occupy oakland protesters march through downtown oakland and thousands join their cause. good evening, i'm julie haener. and i'm frank somerville, protesters there have made good on their promise to shut down the port of oakland. you can see there


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