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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 6, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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y. ♪ the clock is winding down towards election day and we'll show you what the candidates for san francisco mayor were doing on the last weekend before the election. after a miscalculation mishap the big-name surfer who finely gets to take home the rip curl trophy. and a part of the country better known for tornadoes is hit with an earthquake. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm half an houreen naylor,
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heather holmes is off tonight. developing news into the news room on the peninsula of the we're getting with that a sig-alert has shut down the area. chp has been calling this a mudslide, but we have learned that pg&e somehow is involved in testing in that area. what can you tell us, tom? >> reporter: it's not exactly clear what is gooding on, but i kind of diswliend was happening they were doing hydro static testing, filing the big line with water and pressure that water up, if there is a leak to be found that leak will be found with water rather than with fire. so what happened was apparently they had one of these pipes pressured up and it apparently failed. and in failing, what that did was cause a lot of water to escape and come down the hillside and when it came down the hillside it obviously took debris out with and it got that
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water on the i-280 north, just coming up on farm hill boulevard. there was enough debris in the road that chp felt compelled to shut down the entire 20 northbound for a little while. they were able to get a couple of lanes open and now there are three lanes open and what we have now is the situation where you see a lot of trucks up there. and what you see also going on is on the hillside, there appears to be a little bit of debris. what in fact, has happened on the top of the hill there has been a rather large gash torn out, apparehtly by water that was being tested in the pg&e hydro test. now brian swanson, the spokesperson is down here, but he hasn't returned any calls yet, but i think he is still trying to figure out what is going on. it's a fairly significant mess. three of the four lanes are open and the 280 is moving forward and there is not really much of a back-up as opposed to earlier. the situation is very fluid and
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we're going keep look and will bet back to you as soon as we have more information, especially of the blastout area where appears that water, not gas or some other sort of syphation is came out of there. that is the situation right now. reporting live from alongside interstate 280, tom vacar. >> thank you, tom. and other news tonight it's coming down to the wire. on this last weekend before election day, 16 candidates in the crowded race for san francisco mayor are doing all they can to stand out. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in the city with one candidate's unusual approach. ken. >> reporter: maureen, we're in the park not because of the people with the sign or the music, but because of what you are going to see. this video we shot a little time ago, goats that are carrying sign for the john avalos for mayor complain. it may seem like a strange idea, but it got our attention and got the candidate's name on tv. so it worked. many of the candidates are
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reaching out in a variety of ways, as the seconds in this campaign tick away you had to be nimble and fast to keep up with the candidates on this sunday. sent leeland yee's trolley stopped here and at the time time interim mayor ed lee was reminding voters about election tuesday. campaigners for dennis herrera were on geary street. and tony hall was at a shopping center. >> i think we're doing really well. we're going to be in the mix of this one, believe it or not, even in san francisco. >> reporter: no matter of the candidate or size of the entourage, they said they felt good about the election. >> we're going to every corner
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and every neighborhood in san francisco, just talking to voters about our candidacy and our campaign. >> it's all about jobs and economic development for our city. i think that resonates with everybody here. >> reporter: and judge big the line at the san francisco elections office on this sunday, interest among voters is high, more than a quarter of mail-in ballots have been returned. as for a front-runner erick ed lee and leland yee's names are mentioned, but say it could make for an interesting result. >> most of the people i have talked with on the streets kind of said, you know, i would like to vote for you for first, but i don't know what do with the second and third choice? >> you cannot neglect any voter. you have to treat every single voters a potential voter for you. >> well, the 16 candidates running, we obviously couldn't cover every campaign event taking place today, but the candidates will at it tomorrow leading into tuesday. in san francisco ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. an investigation is just getting underway tonight after five people were killed and five others injured in a fire at
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a montrey county home for the disabled. home is in the city of marina, north of monterey and police say five residents died in the fire and two others were taken to the hospital. three officers, who responded, suffering smoke inhalation while trying to rescue those inside. the officers were treated and released. the cause of the fire is under investigation. police say the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives were on the scene today. a teenaged girl from pleasanton is back home tonight and the man found with her is under arrest of the 25-year-old gavin mcfate was found with the teenager this morning at an hotel in stanislaus county. as we booked at santa rita jail on felony warrant. police say harris was not hurt and is cooperating with investigators. a body has been found with a vehicle in sonoma county, but authorities aren't sure if it's the same person reported missing from sea ranch. the vehicle was found in a pond
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at the bottom 300-foot cliff northwest of lake sewn najibullah sonoma. authorities have not released the missing person's name or whether they believe that person was behind the wheel. occupy oakland protesters are bundling up tonight at their encampment in front of city hall. our crew stopped by frank ogawa plaza and the cold and wet weather has not stopped them from camping out, but they are sending out tweet for supplies to brave the conditions. they are requesting items, such as tarps and rain gear and hot liquids to keep warm. it appears that the occupy protest is helping people make a profit. we found these items being sold on-line. there also have been requests to trademark in items. many say it counters their
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goals. >> police arrested two people last night who allegedly attacked members of the san josi occupy movement. an occupy san josi protester was camped outside near city hall says two men arrested were trying to steal items from the protesters' encampment. in an e-mail an occupy activist says, "the attackers tried to run, but caught by san josi police officers who were nearby." >> clear the street! clear the street! >> in atlanta, violence erupted last night between police and occupy protesters. about 150 officers on horseback, motorcycles and in riot gear moved in on demonstrators marching near a city park. atlanta police say 20 people were arrested. earlier in the day, jesse jackson told the crowd that their movement was "an extension of the last movement organized by martin luther king, jr.," the poor people's
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movement. one person was shot after 150e69 this morning near 10th and campbell streets in west oakland near an elementary school. one witness tells ktvu he heard about 20 shots fired. police say the victim was taken to highland hospital and so far police have not made any arrest glbz earlier this morning at 10:00, oakland police responded to a shooting. when officers arrived they found two people inside a car with gunshot wounds. the victims were taken to the hospital. no word yet on their conditions. police have not yet released if they have made any arrests. san josi police are investigating an accident that left a teenaged girl dead on branham lane and pearl avenue. officers say a honda civic and mazda 3 hit the girl as she was walking. she died at scene. the drivers of both cars are cooperating with police. investigators do not believe they were driving under the influence.
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two people were killed after a car crashed into the tree in rural sonoma county. it happened near the corner of boakda avenue and pepper road south of santa rosa. law enforcement says a white honda slammed into the tree along the road. the road was wet the at the time of the collision, but it's unclear if rain was a factor in the crash. the two victims died at the scene. >> he was surfing champion and then he wasn't. now he is again. ktvu's alex savidge savidge tells buses the final day of the rip curl contest. >> kelly slater has won his 11th world the time, but earlier in the week he was prematurely crowned the championship because of a scoring miscalculation and that meant he had to hit the water once again to seal the deal. he is now officially the top surf in the world and kelly slater celebrated today at the rip curl prosurf event in san francisco. >> i have two kids that could
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literally be my kid and there were radical errors. it made t-a little more nerve rack. >> reporter: fans packed ocean beach to watch the 39 surfing legend as he clinched the crown with one last incredible heat. >> coming off this last wave, pulled in and tuck under, disappeared for, like, five seconds. shot out and everybody's hands is out. it's pretty rad, you know? he won it in san francisco. yeah, i don't know, it was great. >> reporter: this hard-fought victory came four days after slater was mistakingly crowned the champion by the association of surfing professionals, but it turned out there was a scoring mistake and slater had to hit the water to take the title. he says he handled the mishap well. >> it sucks it had to happen at this point, but
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he is a true champ. >> reporter: slater says the last few days were nerve-wracking knowing had he to face tough competition today to earn the title. >> classy, as usual. i think he handles himself well, pretty much. i have been following him since '92, not that i'm a stalker or anything. [ laughter ]. >> reporter: a fan here at rip curl event brought that scoring miscalculation to light and slater says he doesn't have any hard feelings about the error and says mistakes happen and now he officially has 11 world surfing titles by far the most in history of the sport. live in san francisco alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> as you can see in that report a nigh a nice sunset and mark tamayo, our surfer dude is keeping an eye on it. >> i was out there and neat to
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watch him surf his home break. i think we have to talk about weather. the radar loop over the past 24 hours and the heavy rainfall pushing into parts the bay area last night, producing significant amounts in kenfield and san francisco around point 3.0 and san josi, .16. the radar, not a lot to show you. light showers mainly out of gilroy, the 2:00 hour reported thunderstorms and some hail, but the action has been phasing out and leaving us with a beautiful sunset. very nice and brisk and chilly, so get ready for the cold night. for monday morning partly cloudy skies and patchy fog, especially for the inland valleys. santa rosa is the spot forecast with patchy, dense fog first thing tomorrow morning, but in the afternoon, it will be dry with temperatures on track to
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reach right around 60 degrees by 3:00m i'm tracking another strong storm developing in the pacific and coming up i will let you know what that is moving in coming up. a rare 5.6 magnitude quake hit last night, the largest in the state's history. no serious injuries were reported and shelby lin reports on the search for damage. >> having an earthquake right now. our lights shaking quite a bit. it's calming down as another earthquake has just hit. i still hear a few lights rattling in our studio and we still -- if you can see behind us it's still shaking. here in oklahoma city. we do not know the epicenter as it just now happened. >> reporter: late saturday night central oklahoma was hit in the second earthquake in less than 24 hours. a 5.6 magnitude quake, oklahoma's largest ever. >> we were getting ready to go to bed after the two football games and this was a little bit
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more exciting. >> i know we have had smaller earthquakes in oklahoma. i slightly felt them, but nothing like this. >> it was at least a minute. upstairs, literally my kids' trophies and the piano upstairs, everything was -- i mean the little tassels on the fan, least a minute. >> reporter: hours earlier the same area was hit with another earthquake, followed by more than 30 aftershocks. >> he grabbed a gun and thought -- i don't know he thought there was explosion or some kind of attack. i'm not sure what he thought. >> reporter: crews are assessing road and structural damage. >> i could not believe how much damage there was from it. >> i'm surprised there is not more to be honest, as long as it struck. >> reporter: strongest earthquake up to until now was april of 1952. coming up on the 5:00 news a nurse is attacked by a patient at an east bay hospital. what other nurses and hospital officials are saying about the incident. a vote is looming this week on a controversial initiative
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and where it could put an end to abortion. new numbers are out that shows the state is billions of dollars short what is needed to maintain california's roadways.
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. >> a nurse said alta bates medical center in oakland was attacked by a patient. ktvu assists allie rasmus explains why other nurses say it's a sign of security problems, while hospital officials have a different view. >> i heard screaming andd hysteria. >> a patient lashed out at one of the nurses. >> the patient had his hands around her throat and put her into a head lock and started to pummel with his fists the back of her head. >> reporter: staff members say the patient was not arrested, but moved to another part of the hospital. >> the nurse is fine,
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physically, other than a few bruises on her head. but mentally and emotionally she is still in shock. >> i know that the medical center is doing everything that it can to get to the bottom and examine what happened. >> reporter: this nurse says she doesn't usually work at this hospital, but says she has felt okay here so far. >> we do have policies in place when a patient started to getting get agitated. >> they can't put their hands on patients. we need a better system in place. >> reporter: the nurses' union says their members should have a say in adopting the hospital security procedures and it's one of the sticking points in the ongoing negotiations between the hospital and the union. we want the nurses to to have input. >> reporter: hospital officials give their
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employees at least ten hours' of workplace safety and either training for staff in high-risk areas. representative s from the nurses' union say they contacted calosha to file a complaint against the hospital. oakland, allie ras us in, ktvu . a nonpartisan think-tank in sacramento is taking steps that it says will overhaul the state conch. it budget. one of the authors of proposal says it's time for change in sacramento because "reaching a consensus is getting more and more difficult." >> we have been pretty frustrated working with the legislature, because even when we request k-get the legislature to agree, the governor doesn't always agree. >> a similar initiative was vetoed by governor brown earlier this month. presidential hopeful ron paul is speaking out about the
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sexual harassment allegations about fellow candidate herman cain. ron paul called the controversy a "distraction." >> i think the media was blown that way out of proportion. i think there are a thousand stories are out on it and it dilutes the real debate. this week mississippi voters will decide on a constitutional amendment that would end abortions in their state. today in washington a democratic leader attacked the so-called personhood initiative. >> the extreme right-winger of the republican party has taken over to the point where we now have an amendment in several states that criminalizes a woman's right to chaos and preempts in vitro fertilization and birth-control. >> a handsful doctors and mississippi's governor announce third for theive, defining
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"fertilized egg as a person. food lovers in california are fighting for a new law to make sales of homemade foods legal. the law would allow casual cooks to sell their food for profit. the so-called cottage food law prohibit the sale of homemade goods unless the proceeds go to charity. it's modeled by a law in iowa, which does not limit how much money home cooks can make. in last week gas prices have dropped across the nation, but remain flat here in california a. according to triple-a the national average is down $0.04 from last week, but in california the average hasn't changed from $3.84 and in storm the price for gallon $$3.91 and san josi is at $3.88. from startling new numbers out tonight about california's transportation funds. transportation commission reports a $294 billion shortfall over the next
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decade to maintain road and transit agencies. that estimate does not include almost $100 billion needed for high-speed rail projects. transaction officials hope that the report will convince state and federal leaders to give them more financial aid. coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, another record break year-ago at the new york city marathon and the new record set bit newest winner. and a new sign that restrictions are easing on travel to cuba. q
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. it was a record-breaking race at the new york city marathon today. more than 47,000 runners took part. kenyan geoffrey mutai won the race, breaking the record set a decade earlier. it should be no surprise mutai ran the faster 26239 miles earlier in history earlier this year in boston. ethomeain firehiwot dado won the women's marathon. there is a new sign of easing of travel restrictions to cuba. delta airlines teamed up to provide charter flights tot communist makes it. a delta flight took off from kennedy airport in new york to havana. president obama eased travel to cuba for students and religious and cultural groups. it's estimated 400,000 american will fly to cuba, compared to a
5:27 pm
quarter million last year. members of the greek government are calling today an historic day after the prime minister sealedded a deal with the opposition on cameraing a coalition government for euro bailout. prime minister gore papandreou agreed to move aside when the new government takes over. the union gave greece 24 authorizing explain how it will form a unity government. the greek government has been scrambling to reach a deal before finance ministers of euro countries meet in brussels tomorrow. violence broke out in afghanistan as a muslim holiday was beginning. a suicide bomber tacked a mosque as they were leaving a prayer service, killing seven people, including two police officers. more than a dozen others were
5:28 pm
wound. the holiday of eid al-adha is marked by prayers and feasting. violence in iraq eruptedded in a baghdad marketplace bombing. the death toll from thigh in thailand has risen. the thai prime ministers had asked for patience. he is concerned residents will try on their own to drain neighborhoods. tomorrow is day 2 of jury deliberations in the trial of michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray. the doctor is accused of emeralding a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol to the pop superstar. dr. murray says jackson administered it himself without the doctor's knowledge. if convicted he could face up to four years in prison. plans to bring a professional baseball team to the north bay hits some opposition. what one neighborhood group is
5:29 pm
threatening to do. recreational crab season is off and run. we talked to some fishermen how the season seems to be going so far and the tips to prepare the best fresh crab. at u.s. capitol christmas tree is on the move tonight and this year it's coming not too far from the bay area.
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. plan to bring provingal tbiebl san rafael is itsing another hurt. the marine independent journal report a neighborhood group is threatening to sue to get an environmental report down done on the project. supporters say a new team would
5:32 pm
bring family fun to san rafael, but opponents are concerned about added traffic, parking and crowds. highway 101 is back to normal tonight after a multicar crash closed the freeway and left seven people injured. the crash involving four cars closed the southbound lanes of highway 101 in millbrae for several hours. it happened after 1:30 this morning. the highway patrol says a volkswagen bug, a limousine and two other cars were involved. in richmond at about the same time two vehicles drag-racing crashed, ultimately kill one person and sending two others to the hospital. a police spokesman says the two vehicles were racing in the eastbound lanes of richmond parkway and she says that the cars clipped each other and spun out of control. one of the drivers died. he was identified as 1-year-old pablo lopez jalie and the
5:33 pm
driver of the other car, 21- year-old israel gomez was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. police say he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. recreational crabbing kicked off this season and that means families from all over the bay area can take advantage before the commercial boats drop their cages. lorraine blanco at point pillar. >> reporter: the aroma wofts through the area. it's a season-opener for recreation crabbing and this sunday instead of talking touchdowns, these guys crack crustaceans and eat the fresh meat until there is nothing left burb shells and they find a variety of takes on how to do it right. >> this really good on crab. we actually cook some with cayenne pepper to give it a little more spice. >> boil it and kosher salt and
5:34 pm
sea salt about 12 minutes. >> we're just steaming them with beer. >> reporter: the seafood doesn't get any fresher than that, but it's not just about the crab, but it's also about the camaraderie. >> we do this every year and we come out and camp out for the entire weekend. have nice, but, but, nice bar-b-qs and it's fun. >> reporter: department of fire and game allows them to keep just ten crabs per day. >> iate threee of them. >> reporter: enjoying all they can, next week the commercial season opens and the basketball will be packed with more cages and much bigger vessels a. at pillar point harbor, lorraine blanc yoarks ktvu channel 2 news. nevada's first bear hunt could soon go to an early end. the season is scheduled to close tad of the year, but
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state officials say it will end premature if another female bear is killed. they capped the number of bears killed in the season, at 0 with no more than five females. you may have enjoyed an extra hour of sleep and you may be tempted to sleep in tomorrow. sleep experts say it can take as long as three days to adjust to standard time. it's kind of like jet lag fighter whole country. on top of that, most people don't sleep all that well in the first place. >> no, we're not sleeping as well as we should. we neglect it and we actually live anyway society, the 24/7 always up for it and always e- mailing late at night and having your black berry on at night. we live anyway society that saint sleep. >> experts say everyone needs 8 hours of sleep and the best way too get is it establish a routine that lets you relax, unwind and unlug. starting tomorrow the city of oakland will start to give away sandbags to residents and
5:36 pm
business owners. the department of public works is limiting the to 20 per household or business and offering auto 50 feet of plastic sheeting. pick-off locations including muncal service center and maintenance satellite office. local firehouses will also offer sandbags, but the limit there is 5 per person. for the first time ever the capitol christmas tree in washington, d.c. will come from right here in northern california. as neda iranpour reports the tree was hand picked from the stanislaus forest. >> reporter: for nearly a year they searched for the sierra, and only a select few stood tall above the rest. a hunt for a tree with six stories high and colors, full and fit for a nation. >> we really look for the perfect tree that is full from top to bottom. >> reporter: from their top-ten the superintendent of the capitol grounds got the final say, meet the chosen one. a tree that is about to get
5:37 pm
more exposure than any for the first time a free from.stanislaus national forest will sit on the lawn at the capitol. >> it's something that hasn't been done in stanislaus. only the fourth time that california has had the tree. so it's huge and we're over the top excited about it. >> bless this tree and the area and glad to be able to share it with people. >> reporter: after the tribal ceremony came the chopping of the trunk. this gargantuan green was laid on to a truck tided down tight and it will parade in california and then stop in several states before heading to d.c. >> it's about give and this is a gift that we can give. >> reporter: a give gift that will take a week to decorate as millions of
5:38 pm
eyes watch. >> that was neda iranpour reporting. that christmas tree expected to arrive in washington d.c. november 15th. >> the doctor has seen an increase in complaints with scented candles and say people with asthma are sensitive. he says allergists need to be more aware of the issue. a cholesterol fighting drug has been a cash cow for pfizer is about to retire. the imreant for lipitor the patent for lipitor runs out soon. analysts say it may take an alzheimer drug breakthrough to rival that kind of sales record. when ktvu channel 2 news at
5:39 pm
5:00 returns, it is starting to look like winter in the sierra and if there are any road restrictions. another strong storm is heading to the bay area and i'm meteorologist mark tamayo is up next with the forecast.
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
. same storm that brought rain to the bay area brought more snow to the sierra. the snow level dropped to 4,000 feet and some areas got a foot or more of seminole currently more of snow. >> we want to return to our developing news on the peninsula and ktvu consumer editor tom vacar is on the scene of a mudslide near
5:42 pm
woodside. what is the latest, tom? >> reporter: this is pretty amazing. what happened was pg&e was apparently conducting one of those hydro test where's they put water into the pipe and then they pressure it up to almost its bursting pressure to make sure it won't spring a leak at lower pressures burb in this case it ripped a hole in the pipe and that ejected all kinds of water and a lot of debris. rock and dirt and things like that, directly onto interstate 280 north that caused a short closure of the entire northbound lanes until the chp could figure it it out. the water was ejected innocent ed instant instantaneously from the pipe. the purpose is to find the weaknesses in the pipe at pressures way above where they normally operate, but in this
5:43 pm
case the pipe completely lost it and as a result we did have a lot of stuff on the freeway. three of the four northbound lanes are open and traffic is flowing smoothly and we're told it could be opened as early as 6:00. i don't believe that with all the cones and vehicles identity here. my guess is that it will be later, but there is no real obstruction going north on the 280 and absolutely none going south. that is the status now with a hydrostatic pipe bursting with a gash that ejected water and all kinds of rock and debris onto the freeway. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu, channel 2 news. tom, you are partially answered a question i had. you said the water pressure is much higher than would have been in that pipeline had it been natural gas. do you know whether or not this pipe is one of those 60-plus- year-old pipes we have been hearing about that pg&e has? >> reporter: well certainly an older pipe and it's a pipe that is a main transmission pipe. what is important about that is
5:44 pm
that these pipes have to be tested and have to be really running in the next 60 days or so, because when the cold weather really sets in, they need to run gas through the pipes. so they are testing 150 miles of the most critical pipes, this being one of them. they found some problems earlier over off of the 101 they found a problem, 1 millimeter hole in a pipe there that they are repairing. there was the big failure in bakessersfield and this is a big failure near woodside. so indeed that is exactly what they are doing and we'll know more and my colleague patti lee will pick this up and you will hear more from her later on. tam vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, fork update, tom. let's switch gears and turn to mark tamayo and the weather. >> at least we did have a little bit of ray break in the action over the next few days with cold mornings out there, but skies becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon. right now the maps i can show you on live stormtracker 2, the
5:45 pm
bulk of the storm that moved through the bay area yesterday is heading down to southern california. not a lot to show you on the radar right now. lingering showers around fairfield and you can see still activity mainly to the south of gilroy. that cell is dissipating rapidly. forecast headlines for tonight, partly cloudy skies and temperatures on the chilly side. tomorrow, a sun cloud mix into the afternoon and extended forecast, more rain clouds will push back into the bay area forecast we had that cold front move across the bay area last night and cold, unstable air pushed through the area today. as a result we had clear skies and clouds and even a few isolated thunderstorms. you can see as we take into this homer, homer strengthens and as a result the stormtrack
5:46 pm
gets pushed to the north and temperatures come come up and that means that the warmest locations and the inland spots approaching the low to mid-60s. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 30s, 40s and a few spots around the coast, 50s. you can see the numbers for your monday afternoon, santa rosa 60, san francisco, 57 and san mateo in the upper 50s, around 59. a look ahead at your extended forecast. for monday, tuesday, wednesday, we do bring in a chance of a few showers for thursday. rainfall potential could pick up into friday and by the upcoming weekend your weekend always in view, we'll have to hold on to shower chances and temperatures on the cool side, only in the upper 50s and low 60s. thank you, mark. thank you, mark. stay with us, sports wrap is next.
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. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our early sunday edition of sportswrap. raiders came off a bye-week and hosted the denver tebows today. oakland has a quarterback that has a lot of prove carson palmer showed he can still throw the pigskin and the defense proved they can't stop the big play. carson palmer started today. you can see that bye-week got him more comfortable with the playbook and the teammates, but tim tebow has been called the worst nfl passing quarterback in history, but he throws to eric decker for the score and 7- 3 lead in the 1st quarter. raiders gave up a lot to get
5:50 pm
palmer three weeks ago and he throws two td passes. mars yell reers' touchdown gives the raiders the lead at halftime. tik answers to make it 1-13. jacoby ford makes a great leap and that is when mr. momentum switched jerseys. 24-17 now. carson palmer throw downs the middle. it's deflected. chris harris with the interception and here we go. willis mcgahee, are you kidding me? somebody catch willis. 30-year-old willis mcgahee outruns the so-called track stores and we're tied at 246789 raiders just can't tackle, whether it's on defense or special teams. eddie royal the punt, this is sick. eddie royal goes untouched 85 yards. broncos
5:51 pm
avenge a loss from week 1. palmer through for more than 300 yards and three touchdowns, but he also got intercepted three times and tebow passed for 124 yards and ran for a career-high 117 yards. raiders now 4-4. 49er fans you better get used to. san francisco is not the most explosive offensive team in the nfl and if winning is what turns you on, you are no doubt a happy camper anyway. 49ers in washington, d.c. looking for their fourth road win of the season. redskins started john beck. one of three turnovers by the skins sets up the first of 49ers four field goals. washington rookie roy helu, the former san ramon valley high
5:52 pm
running back had a franchise- record 14 catches, but fumbles on this one. donte witner recovers. that was costly because on the very next play alex smith find his own rookie, bruce miller and the first nfl touchdown for bruce miller, niners led 13-3 at halftime. only question in the saferl is whether the niners could keep washington out of end zon ? it's an 8-point ballgame. san francisco wins six straight game for the first time since 1997. 19-11 is your final. frank gore ran for 19 carries and bain bail the first 49er to run for 100 yards in five straight games. alex smith another mistake-free game, 17 of 24 pass, 197 yards and that one touchdown. niners led the nfc west by five full games. 7-1 niners have the second-best
5:53 pm
record in the nfl, second to green bay. philip rivers throws four touchdown passes and three interceptions. two of the picks are returned for touchdowns, two for touchdowns. peprah weaves his way through the white jerseys. oh, my. blue jerseys as well. that is a 40-yard touchdown. chargers 4-4. also today, new orleans beats the bucs, 27-16. chiefs with they get beat, they are 4-4, but miami wins and colt's loss and means that the winless indianapolis colts lead the andrew luck sweepstakes. new york giants are one last drive. manning to cruz and it's incomplete that. pass interdepartment of defense
5:54 pm
interference by sergio brown. giants are 6-2, the hotshot pats 5-3. >> jets beat the bills and both teams are 5-3. arizona snapped its six-game losing streak on this punt return in overtime. cincinnati shots out tennessee 17-0 in the second half and wins it. houston is 6-3 after beating cleveland 30-12321. 30-12. holy smokes just three races left in the chase for the sprint cup and the stands are even tighter. we'll show you how that happened next.
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5:56 pm
. golfer tom lehman wins the season-long points race and tack home the $1
5:57 pm
million charles schwab cup championship. jay don blake's wife was wearing her lucky moustache in san francisco. the race was for second place. san mateo native michael allen finished second last year and shot an even par 71 to finish in a four-way tie for second this year. tom lehman wednesday $1 million, but jay don blake shoots an even par 71 and win his second tournament in his last five starts. >> kyle busch was suspended for the race today and mcdowell came in a distant 36 today. five-time sprint cup championship jimmie johnson saw his chances for the sixth title slip away. j.j. trails the leaders by 44 points. burton runs out of gas and puts tony stewart in first. carl edwards was second and
5:58 pm
still leads tony stewart by 3 little points with two more races to go. stanford's undefeated football team climbs to third. that is sports as we see it for this early edition of sportswrap. >> thank you, fred. tonight on the 10:00 news, we'll remain on the scene in woodside after hydro testing shut down the highway. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news and we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> our coverage continues on and on the 10:00 news tonight. have a good night.
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