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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 7, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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the jury has reached a verdict in the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. that's the top story that's still developing. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. los angeles officials say the verdict will be read at 1:00 p.m. one hour from now. murray has pleaded not guilty to one count of involuntary manslaughter in the death of
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michael jackson. prosecutors argued murray acted with gross negligence, giving jackson a powerful surgical anesthetic. the defense claims jackson gave himself the drug. the jury deliberated for eight hours over two days. ktvu will bring you the verdict as it is read live from the courtroom at 1:00 p.m. our other top story -- pg&e is about to begin repairs after a test of a pipeline on the peninsula caused an explosion. it also created a mudslide that caused down 280 for a time yesterday afternoon. kraig debro joins us live from woodside to explain more about this process. >> reporter: well, pg&e was not happy about the mudslide. but they did say this was the good type of result. nobody goss hurt. late -- nobody got hurt.
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pg&e says work probably won't begin until tomorrow morning. permits to do the work must first be secured. the rupture tore a two-foot hole section of pipe away. >> this is exactly what we want to have happen during a hydrostatic pressure test. the reason is, this is how we find the weaknesses in the pipe. so the way we know when something like this happens. >> reporter: the rupture sent water shooting up in the air and down the hill, highway 280. water and mud spread out over a part of the northbound section. someone reported the rupture at 3:30. pg&e says it was doing hydrostatic testing. the pipe burst when the pressure got to 550 pounds per square inch gauge. the pipe is only built to handle 300 ppig. >> we push it up to a point that is -- that is well above the normal operating capacity because we want to make sure
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there's a significant margin of safety. so we want to make sure when we're operating a pipeline at that level, that it will operate safely at that level. and the way to do that is to push it to a point that's well, well above that. >> reporter: pg&e says they've done testing on 120 miles of pipe so far this year. service was not disrupted. pg&e says that the pipe appears to have been weakened by a piece of equipment. the new pipe may be in the ground and ready for testing by friday. reporting live from woodside, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. this is the final day of campaigning for the san francisco mayoral race before election day tomorrow. there are a number of campaign ecelebrities today. allie rasmus joins us live to tell us why election officials are surprised by the turnout so far. >> reporter: well, i have a sample ballot. you can see, there's a lodge list of people who want to be san francisco's next mayor, a
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total of 16 candidates running for thats of office -- running for that office. san francisco election officials say 68,000 people, or 25% of registered voters, have cast their ballots already. >> i thout it would be stronger than it is. >> reporter: he says for the last ten elections with the mayor on the balt little in -- ballot in san francisco, the average turnout has been 50%. if the city is gonna maintain that level, another 25% of registered vetters -- registered voters will have to vote tomorrow. >> it's totally possible. it's not impossible. >> reporter: voters get to pick their first, second and third choices. >> i think it's a little confusing at first. you don't know how it's gonna play out, especially with a lot of the candidates being asked to choose for a second choice. >> for someone born in this town, we think we're pretty
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special for the way we do things here. >> reporter: it in the race last time, gavin newsom was the beat and he got more than -- he was the -- was the wasn't and he got more than -- incumbent and he got more than 50% of the vote. san francisco's elections director says he should have a clear picture of to the top -- who the top three mayoral candidates are wednesday afternoon, the day after the polls close. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. chinatown residents are taking advantage of early voting. san francisco voters have been able to vote at city hall or mail-in absentee ballots since october 11th. political consulting firm redirecting partners told "the chronicle" that 7% of china town's expected absentee voters
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have already cast their ballots. the mayor's race is not the only item that san francisco residents will be voting on tomorrow. the sheriff's position is on grabs without michael hennessey running. george gascon is fighting for reelection. and voters will also weigh in on pension form with props c and d. other races of vote in the -- of note in the bay area, the one to replace david smith, newark's mayor. he's held the position since 197. sunnyvale voters will decide if their mayor should be directly elected. in ma -- in marin county, voters are asked to raise the sales tax up to offset property taxes. mr. obama urged congress to support tax credits for
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businesses that hire veterans. he also said the labor department was putting a special emphasis on helping veterans find job. >> we ask our men and women in uniform to leave their families and jobs and risk their lives to fight for our country. the last thing they should have to do is fight for a job when they come home. >> the tax credits cleared the house next month. the senate is expected to take them up today. authorities in contra costa county are investigating two armed robberies just miles away ard trying to determine if they are -- just miles apart and are trying to determine if they are related. the first was at the drive-in at 8:50. the second was at a convenience store in clayton at 9:15. clayton police say the robbery at the shop and go, actually it began in the parking lot when the robbers forced the man back in the store and robbed him and
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the store. the description of the robbers, the same, two african-american men wearing halloween masks and gloves. no one was injured in either robbery. new efforts to make nightclubs safer appears to be working. the commission reports 3 violent incidents at nightclubs this summer compared to 42 the previous year. 2010 was marred by four shooting, including one death, outside of jelly's dance cafe in mission bay. the commission's executive director told "the chronicle" are helping -- that new rules are helping. vancouvers are looking into the cause of -- investigators are looking into the cause of a fire at the strip mall at nelana -- neland avenue. the flames caused major problems for to a barbershop and a liquor store. a small explosion blew out windows.
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investigators believe the blast came from materials inside one of the businesses and they don't no -- and they do not believe that the fire was intentionally set. no one was hurt. san jose police are warning an entire neighborhood to be on alert after a teenaged girl was sexually assaulted. police say it happened saturday night when a man approached two girls asking to use their cell phone. one girl ran away but the suspect allegedly forced the 14- year-old victim to a secluded area. the other teenaged area called police when she couldn't find her friend. officers found the victim of -- officers found the victim. the suspect ran away from police. he's described as in his 30s with a heavy-set build and slight facial hair. if you ask any information call police. two high-level officials from penn state surrendered to authorities, facing charges of perjury and failing to report child sex abuse alleged toward
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retired football coach, jerry sandusky, tim curley, and the vice president gary schultz were arraigned this morning in pennsylvania. the two announced their resignation. the arrests come in the wake of allegations that sandusky sexually abused eight boys over 15 years. a fourth accuser has just stepped forward to accuse republican candidate for president, herman cain, of sexual harassment. sharon byleck if the -- is the first to appear to be publicly with these violation. she says cain made sexual advances when he she approached looking for a job. >> i was very, very surprisedded and very, very shock. i said, what you -- what are you doing? you know i have a boyfriend.
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this isn't what i came here for. mr. cain said, you want a job, right? >> celebrity attorney, gloria allred, represents her in her sexual harassment claims against herman cain. just ahead -- a bold protest high above a new york river. we'll tell you if this is a new tic tac tick -- a new tactic in the "occupy oakland." and operators of local cannabis clubs announced they are fighting back. we'll tell you who will be the target of a lawsuit. [ screaming ] [ zapping ]
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faculty members at all 23 cal state campuses are planning a protest tomorrow and wednesday. the faculties are calling attention to several issues including what they call lavish gifts to csu executives, massive fee hikes and unfair bargaining proposals. a faculty member a at -- at -- at san francisco state says 500 protesters are expected tomorrow. faculty members at san jose state and csu east bay are set to protest own wednesday. res than one hour ago -- less than one hour it was announced that a lawsuit was
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being filed against the federal government seeking a crackdown on medical marijuana operations. >> the government'ser rational -- the government's irrational policy, we're here to tell the federal government that they can no longer continue with their flip-flopping and their irrational policy towards medical canny was -- cannabis. an arrest in richmond may be linked to a series of burglaries in marin county. police recovered a number of items early this morning, including several bicycles from
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a stolen pickup truck. police say three suspects ditched the truck following a chase over the richmond bridge. the chase started after police spotted the suspect leaving a larks spur apartment complex where there's been a string of burglaries. police are now checking to see if items in the truck belong to any of the burglary victims. two men are facing possible charges after being accused of attacking members of "occupy san jose." an occupy member e-mailed us this picture from the scene at city hall saturday night. the member claims the men tried to steal a luggage cart before hitting and attacking another occupy medical -- occupy member. police arrested the men a short time later. "occupy oakland" demonstrators are not letting the rain and cold clear out their encampment in city hall. but the group is sending out tweets asking for supplies to
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help them cope with conditions. among the requests, tarps rain gear, and hot liquid to keep warm. a man who suspended himself above the hudson river dangled and he was holding a banner, and a rocklin county spokesman says the man was let go from his job and is receiving disability payments. good afternoon. fairly pleasant weather out there at this hour. blue skies across the region. we'll have some pleasant weather for the next few days. let's enjoy it. mild conditions for the most part, slightly cool for this time of year. not too bad. right now a light breeze over sfo. calm conditions in fairfield. our temperatures still in the
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upper 50s low 60s. 55 in redwood city. 56 in san francisco. 58 in san jose. pretty much everywhere we turn we're in the mid-50s. 57 in napa. santa rosa checking in at 56 with, again, plenty of sunshine expected. we have high pressure in place for the next few days. that's gonna push that storm front not north -- front to the north. patchy fog through the morning hours, and slightly warmer in the afternoon but with dry, clear, conditions and light winds you get a frost for the morning tomorrow, with the lows sinking in the 20s. you will definitely need the jacket. but we'll hold off on the rain at least through the first half of the week. forecasted highs for today, upper 50s, low 60s. 60 degrees in novato. 60 degrees in san rafael. 59 for richmond. along the east bay, it will be
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mild. 60 degrees oakland. 62 in danville. 61 expected livermore. south bay more of the same. take a look at at -- take a look at all of the 60s. 60s expected in morgan hill. so slightly cooler but with the sunshine out there. it helps to offset that cool feeling. 61 san mateo. along the beaches we're looking at partly cloudy to mostly clear skies and temperatures sitting in the mid- to upper 50s. your extended forecast, not too bad the first few days of take a look at -- first few days. take a look at thursday. it looks like rain again. scattered showers in the forecast for friday. saturday, dry.
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but it will be cool. on sunday another system expected to arrive. >> it kind of feels like we went from summer to winter in the last 24 hours. >> yes. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. carpool rains -- lanes have thinned out and traffic has improved. according to a study by uc berkeley researchers, more than 4300 vehicles abandon the -- ababb -- aa -- abandoned those lanes as the toll became free. other reasons, gas prices, unemployment and switching to b.a.r.t. the study also showed that congestion-based toll pricing is saving drivers as much as 16 minutes on some bay bridge approaches. the first health insurance store within a store in california opened in san francisco this morning. blueshield of california opened a fire inside the lucky supermath market on fulton -- supermarket on fulton avenue. it's a place to get information on their health plan. people said they liicked -- they like the idea of having
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someone to talk to in person. >> if you already see it's here, why not get it taken care of? you don't have to worry about getting someone on the phone. you can get someone face to face and get your answers. >> there's also equipment able so -- available to check your weight and people who are not blueshield members can still get access to the wellness services but they have to pay a fee. ahead -- a trade announcement by the giants is getting a lot of attention. big tobacco companies score a win over graphic labels on cigarette packages.
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stocks wobbling, alternating between positive and necktive. investors wor -- negative. investors worry about italy. italy has too much debt to be rescued by its european neighbors. right now the dow is in positive territory up, 48. nasdaq is up 5. s&p up 4. a judge glocked a new de -- blocked a new requirement by the fda that puts graphic images on cigarette packages in an effort to show the dangers of smoking. a judge says tobacco companies would likely win any lawsuit against the fda claiming the
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images infringe on the tobacco company's right to free speech. san francisco is considering a tougher bag than. the board is re-- bag ban. the board is looking to continue this to all restaurants. a supervisor is considering charging customers up to 25 cents per bag. the san francisco giants made a big trade. it involves a pitcher who was a major contributor in last year's world series. the giants are sending -- sending jonathan sanchez for cabrera. sanchez who pitched a no-hitter in 2009 was just 4-7 this season before missing the final month with an injury. cabrera is expected to play center field. he hit a .305, with 1 homers this past season.
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the 49ers' record has improved to 7-1 after another win on the road. >> the football is scooped up by the 4ers. >> against the washington redskins, theers forced three turnovers and took advantage of that play with an alex smith touchdown pass to bruce miller. david akers kicked four field goals. oakland raiders have fallen to 4-4 after a loss to the denver broncos. carson palmer made his first start and threw three interceptions, the broncos scored the game's last 24 points, going on to win, 38-24. tonight, at 5:00, new fallout of the "occupy oakland" protest. the movement to remove oakland mayor jean quan, find out who is behind it and what's
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happening in the next couple of days. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. in fact, fox news will break into programming in 30 minutes for the verdict in the michael jackson case. also we're here for you at and mobile ktvu. state farm. this is jessica.
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