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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 7, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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that's some bad hat, harry. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news. >> at this hour police are investigating a deadly collision that has closed the usually busy road from count contra kosta. >> a woman is dead and two are in the hospital after a violent collision between a suv and a pick up at a traffic light in danville. we are live and sycamore valley remains closed as police try to figure out what happened. . >> reporter: some new information. a resident came up and said she heard the crash but she said she didn't hear anything
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squeals squeals brakes, just the smack. you can see investigators taking measurements, trying to find what happened. the collision was at the intersection of sycamore valley road and brook side drive at 4:30 this afternoon. police say it appears the red toyota pickup truck with a male driver was going westbound, the dodge was southbound with two women inside when the dodge suv pulled outs in to the intersection the oncoming toyota plowed in to it. >> impact the dodge rolled over on to the passenger side and came to rest near the center. >> reporter: the unidentified woman driver died at the scene. helicopters were called into take the two others to the hospital in walnut creek and eden meadow center. neighbors say there was a fatal
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accident here a few years ago and the circumstances were similar. some have worried about the danger of this intersection. >> the sun blinds people coming down. i have been blinded and it's really hard to see whether the light is green or red. >> i have seen several young people reaching for cell phones go through the red light. >> reporter: police say they are investigating and will hopefully determine what caused the collision. they say they hope to have the road open in time for the morning drive. live in danville. ktvu channel 2news. >> joe frazier the man who pushed mohammed ali to the brink died from cancer tote. he had been found to have liver cancer only a few weeks ago. he was nicknamed smoking joe and was known for his left
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hook. it was that punch that floored ali in 1971. both men entered what was called the fight of the country undefeated. ali won the second match but it was the third night 1975 that would go down as one of the greatest fights of a time fraser battled the brutal heat and ali for 14 rounds. nearly blind he wanted to go out for the final round but his trainer stopped the fight. some said if his trainer had just waited a bit longer fraser would have reclaimed the title because ali was telling his corner he wanted to quit. ali's mocking leading up to the fight left him bitter for years but eventually he forgave ali. >> tomorrow is election day and in the bay area the rates getting the most attention is the race for mayor. we are live at city hall and
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tell you why it hey be daying before we know the winner. >> reporter: that depends on how close the race is. with enough candidates to fill up one full side of a ballot and wait there is more, with eight write in candidates there is a chance we may not know who the next mayor is after the first vote count. there are 16 names on a crowded ballot for satisfy mayor. harold miller suspect one of them. he is one of eight write ins. >> i don't care about my chances, it's just i know i have a chance. >> reporter: the ranked choice voting giving hip optimism and others worry. >> this is the first where -- its been a lot of people expressing doubt about the voting method. >> reporter: the director of elections saddle have preliminary results the day after the election but if it's close it could be a week before the results are tallied. that's why the candidates leaving nothing to chance. >> i'm nervous, wondering in
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-- what tomorrow night could be like. >> it's still a lot of people that don't realize there is a vote tomorrow. there are 16 candidates, its rank choice. >> reporter: from the streets to the phone banks. >> tomorrow is election day . >> reporter: ranked choice is what every candidate will go to sleep thinking about. >> we have to be number one. if we can't ben they number two or three. >> 16 candidates, eight write in, three choices it's a lot of numbers and a lot of chances to an unknown to move from the steps of city hall to city hall. >> i love it. it's like i never thought about running for office and this how i'm breaking in and -- thank you man. >> reporter: now voter turn out tomorrow will be development past election san francisco has had 50% voter turn out. the ballots are at just about 25%. reporting live. noelle walker. >> more details now, san
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francisco also used rank choice voting in the last race. newsom received more than 50% of the vote in the first round. the voter second and third choices candidates didn't have to be counted. tomorrow's election will be closely watched. the state is sending people to monitor the vote after several requested oversight in the wake of alleged fraud and in alameda workers will monitor polling places to make sure minority voters have equal access to information at the polls. >> someone broke in to the campaign office of david shoe. police say they broke a side window and then crawled inside the headquarters. thousands of dollars of equipment was taken. his campaign manager stayed they are checking their copier's memory to see if anything was copied. >> all the campaign document was thrown about, the campaign
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information, materials, all of that it sorted through drawers, thrown about throughout the office. >> he isn't surprised by the theft adding it's to early to say if the break-in was political. >> there are dozens of other he other elections to be decide tomorrow in most but not all candidates. mayors beinge electricked in newark, san rafael and others. fairfax and san francisco voters deciding on a half per sent sales tax increase. stay bus for complete election coverage. we will monitor the polls tomorrow for any problems that have complete live coverage right here on the 10:00 news. >> pg&e said it has found the likely cause of that pipeline that failed yesterday. the pipe ruptured during a lie pressure water test. it's the same pipeline that exploded in san bruno last
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year. they say it looks like there was some kind of scrape that may have been caused by heavy equipment. they expect the repairs to take less than a week. >> we anticipate starting construction as early as tomorrow. we should have that section cut out and replaced then we will test it again. >> while pg&e said the tests worked as it's supposed to some in the area are questioning the safety of their pipelines and whether it's maintenance practices are enough. >> two hold ups in overnight race the question are the new robbers or some of the same people who have been terrorizing convenience stores for months. deborah reports clayton where a customer was caught in the middle of the latest. >> reporter: surrender valance from the shop and go shows a hood gunman at the counter and another behind him pushing a customer to the floor at gun point. >> he pulled a gun on his head
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and then -- took his wallet. >> reporter: the owner's brother is seen stuffing cash into a bag, a gun on him too. >> they had the mask and black color and like white color. >> reporter: a half hour before two men with a same disguise threatened to shoot the cashier at this theater. >> they could we a copy cat robber. >> reporter: because only last week three teens fleeing a 7-11 were arrested and linked to a spade of hold ups. . >> for juveniles to be doing armed robberies, it's rare but it does happen. the parent was shocked when they were told. >> reporter: and now it's this store owner's turn to be shocked. he has never been robbed before and these robberrers didn't scoop up drinks, condoms, tobacco, only cash. >> you almost have to depend on the bad guy mike making a
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mistake and usually they do. >> reporter: searching cars and homes police found evidence but no masks, linked to the 14 armed robberies. 1 if you count the two last night. right now its not clear if those suspects have anything to do with the three in custody now. in clayton. >> it's getting chilly outside tonight and it's going to get colder in the north bay where a frost advisory is in effect. bill martin is in the weather center to tell us how cold it'll get. >> reporter: it's already cold. temperatures will be near freezing in the north bay and near freezing in parts of the east and south bay. frost advisory in effect for the north bay overnight lows in santa rosa out skirts of town may 29, 30 degrees. frost up -- for your neighborhood overnight lows will look like this. these are conservative. lue find 35 degrees.
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there is a chance for valley fog as well. frost in the east bay, very cool temperatures, you will notice them tomorrow morning. which will look at tomorrow's forecast highs and i you this you will like them and then the five-day forecast with rain in init. >> touring flames and a fire night. the strip mall fire here in northern california and how much water it hook to put out. >> the sheriff's department shows video they say proves they did help a veteran after he was hurt during a protest. why his friends are still upset. >> and the crowd outside the courthouse cheered when they heard the verdict in the trial of conrad murray. big! big.
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small! [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ . eye jury convicted conrad murray of manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. >> reporter: good evening. yeah the crowd that had been growing outside this courthouse all day and the worry, the tension rising in appear -- let out a cheer when the jurors came in and said the verdict and said murray, michael jackson's personal doctor was guilty. fans outside the courthouse say
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this verdict is justice for michael jackson and inside the courtroom as the jury comes back reaction to the verdict reached after more than eight hours. >> we the jury in the above title action find the defendant conrad murray guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: during the trial jurors saw more than 300 pieces of evidence and a jarring photograph of a lifeless michael jackson on a gurney. they heard a recording of jackson. prosecutors painted a picture of a irresponsible doctor hungry for the 150,000-dollar a month paycheck. >> would you walk out of the room and leave them alone with no people and month monitor something. >> i would -- no. >> reporter: court ended with murray in handcuffs led out by officers. he will be sentenced tuesday morning november 29th.
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. >> someone dies as a result of them playing the role of doctor feel good, they will be held pomp. >> reporter: and the jackson family hugged the prosecutors, i'm hold rat latoya was the most emotional. there were a large number of cheers as they were outside. there was a small number of conrad murray fans. they have been very faithful staying outside but they left quickly after the verdict was announced and conrad murray faces up to four years in prison. live in los angeles craig boswell. >> members of the jackson family quietly cried in court following the reading of the verdict and as they left the courthouse jackson's sister had this to say. >> think of the verdict? >> wonderful. absolutely justice was served. >> reporter: fans outside the
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courtroom cheered when the verdict was announced. a statement on the michael jackson website said justice has been served. >> today's verdict has been a hot 207 topic on facebook, the jury got it right. sue disagrees okay, we all liked him but come on, he was on a road of destruction. did murray handle it wrong yes but i don't think he should have been found guilty. tell us what you think on facebook. >> a woman from chicago today went public and accused of herman cain of making a crude sexual advance. she talked about the incident that she claimed happened in july of 1997. very said she went for help finding a job and he groped her. >> i was very surprised and
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very shocked. i said what are you doing? you know i have a boyfriend. this isn't what i came here for. he said you want a job right? >> she is the first of four to go public with harassment claims. she called on cain to come clean. the campaign said all allegations of harassment are false. he announced that he will hold a news conference tomorrow afternoon to address the charges. >> firefighters in a subsubof sacramento say they haven't figured out what caused today's three alarm fire at a strip mall. it started just after four in citrus heights. firefighters say they put 6,000 gallons of water per minute onto a pair of burning stores. nobody was hurt but traffic in the area came to a stand still so crews could get to the fire. >> in alameda fire
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investigators are calling a fire at a strip mall suspicious. it was reported just after three in an area near haywood. the flames blew out windows, a barbershop, liquor show and secondhand clothing store sustained major damage. >> the sheriff's department is rejecting claims that an iraq war veteran didn't receive proper medical attention after being arrested last week. amber lee is live at the hospital with video from the jail of the man in custody before he was taken to the hospital with a ruptured spleen. >> reporter: a hospital spokesman said the veteran remains in icu here in fair condition. his friend's have complained the veteran didn't get the quick medical attention he needed after he got into i tussle with law. the county sheriff says they have video to prove they did help him. >> as you can see he is
10:19 pm
walking, talking moving good. >> reporter: jd nelson said this is video taken early thursday when the veteran and others were processed and kept after they were arrested. 11 hours later this video shows him crawling into what is called a sobering cell when deputies decided to separate him after he complained of feeling sick. he said a nurse offers to give him medication but he declines. >> deputy comes back. says we will of month you to another cell. he reaches up for him. and he gets helped up. and he is able to walk off. >> reporter: the sergeant said after he is moved to another area he vomits a clear fluid and at that point authorities got concerned and called for an ambulance to take him to the hospital.
10:20 pm
>> allegations that we did nothing while he suffered is a lie. >> exarmy ranger . >> reporter: we showed the video to brian kelly a friend who posted bail before he was taken to the hospital. he said the video doesn't prove his friend was ported to the hospital in a timely manner. >> there is no doubt it was a medical emergency. he was bleeding on the inside. he had to have a serious operation done couple days ago to fix it. >> reporter: kelly said he is upset with police seeing it was a conflict between officers and the vet that caused his friend to be hurt. reporting live. amber lee. >> an expert in police use of force said he is shocked, amazed and embarrassed by a video showing an officer firing a nonlethel project i'll at a man with a many kyara last week. this is video shot by scott campbell last thursday.
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on the video you can hear campbell asking officers in riot gear if it's okay to be where he is. there is no audible reply and after a few seconds abhijit officer races a weapon and fires. the video end was campbell crying out in pain. he said he was hit in the leg with a rubber bullet. a professor said unless there is a threat that can't be seen seen the fires looks like punish entity something he calls the worst type of excessive force. the da said three protesters involved in that demonstration were charged. 103 were arrested early thursday morning. one person was charged with a felony. another was charged with several misdemeanors and had their felony probation revoked. >> you know it's going it be cold over night. we talked about that and the frost advisory in the north bay. you could see frost in your
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neighborhood. these are the highs, highs tomorrow warmer but not much. these are still nice. mid60s. haywood up in the low 60s. as we go in to the current temperatures you can see it's 39 in napa, right now -- freezing in napa, we will look for opportunity for valley fog. especially out toward clayton and up toward the valley, up toward the -- vacaville area with a lot of standing water. be prepared for a little frost in the north bay. cold overnight and some of that valley fog. back here 10:45, specific forecast highs for your area the the five-day forecast with rain in it. >> millions in refunds for bank bank of her customers. >> i remember where i was on the day because it was magic johnson. >> 20 years later the impact imagine magic johnson's bat
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. bank of america customers will get a partial refund after a restaurant alleging excessive overdraft fees. eligible customers were hit with a 35-dollar overdraft charge between january 2001 and may 20011. current customers will get it credited to their act accounts. >> on wall street the dow and nasdaq closed higher despite worries italy may be the next victim in the debt crisis. nasdaq rose 9 points. >> we have new information tonight about a deadly fire in
10:26 pm
san rafael. the corner has now identified the haven't as 90-year-old dorcus stalbert. her body was found after a fire late wednesday night. the coroner didn't release her cause of death. the fire destroyed two condos and damaged two others. firefighters say the cause is believed to be accidental. exactly 20 years ago today magic johnson was at the top of his game when he stunned the world by revealing he has hiv positive. it was an announcement that is still having an him pact today. >> thank you. >> reporter: magic johnson marked the anniversary with an emotional celebration. it was this announcement in 1991 that woke up the world. >> because of -- h iv virus that i have attained i will have to retire from the lakers
10:27 pm
today. sometimes you are a little n iraq ve and think it count happen to you. >> reporter: it was because it did people realized anyone could get it many. >> i remember where i was because it was him. >> reporter: juvs johnson work was aids patients. he said the nba star's announcement still helps people today. >> especially in a community like oakland and a city like this, now what happens is rather than people being in a denial about this i get people who say well i have a cousin or uncle. >> reporter: magic johnson's route reach extends beyond beyond that. in the heart of east oakland is the magic johnson center. >> i know the tag line is changing lives and that's what he has done. . >> reporter: seven years ago johnson came here to open the center. naria was here and one of the
10:28 pm
first to graduate from it. >> i have come so far at learning all the programs and they are free, like the fact they were free programs to come and -- it was just an opportunity i wouldn't have imagined. >> reporter: the sign down stairs reads change begins with you. for many a change in perception about their future and h iv began with magic. . >> late word of a deadly shooting in the east bay. new video in to the newsroom after the break. and remarkable bay area research that promises to change lives, change how we live. a special report is just ahead. >> and word of a labor action at cal state east bay. who won't be showing up for class one day next week. ♪
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. we developing news where homicide investigators on the scene of a deadly shooting, a man in his 40s was found outside apartments. he had been shot several times and was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they got calls people hearing gun fire about a quarter after eight. police haven't identified the victim or released any information about suspects. >> now to tonight's special report where we look at something we are pretty sure you haven't heard of. we ail have them. john fowler says how a sciencist has come up with a way to test them. >> reporter: when you are born a kind of clock starts ticking in every cell. each tick increases your risk of disease and death. would you want to know how. youou have left? >> better to have it be a surprise and live every day the
10:32 pm
best youk. >> reporter: what if simple actions even your thoughts could turn back your clock? >> question is always interesting but that would be for me i wouldn't mind it. >> reporter: cal harley did and came up with remarkable science. now 59 he learned three years ago he had a biologocal age of 85. >> my kilomers were shortening faster than expected and often associated with stress and a very busy lifestyle. >> reporter: think of a strand of your dna like a shoe lace and this like the aglet on the end protects the important parts. you can see them here, growing this on the tips of these protecting genes. >> the length is essentially what is our risk of getting disease. >> reporter: today harley said
10:33 pm
he exercises regularly, eats better reduces stress. he said he is now younger. he co founded a health company to develop a commercial test for personal use. >> actually able to take a test that is going to let you know what your cells telling you about your health. >> reporter: the idea, prevent disease by encouraging heatier lifestyles many. >> would give me a wake up call to know if i'm leading my live the way it should be. >> reporter: where this science won a prize doctors and learning how to increase their health span by better coping with stress. >> the alarming things that we have found about what happens when stress gets under the skin. >> the mind influences the bott in powerful ways we wouldn't have guessed. our every day thoughts as we walk around in our normal every
10:34 pm
day life are shaping our body at that moment. >> reporter: one expert says research shows bio aging, disease risk, even body shape are changed by our minds. >> our feelings and thoughts shape it and our cell its are listening. >> reporter: she said new research shows stress, hostility, even multitasking shortens kilomers and healthy life. your length even changes how medicines work. this can personalize medicine. >> i think it'll save the whole system a lot of money and time and waste lives. >> reporter: they expect to offer a 200-dollar test in two months and start a new study to find how powerful it may be. john fowler. ktvu. >> a federal judge in san francisco ruled supporters of proposition eight don't have a
10:35 pm
right to stay anonymous. he said they aren't entitled to the same protection that the supreme court has give tone small persecute cuted groups. they didn't want the names of donors made public because of fear of harassment. staff members at two university voted to go on strike next week. it'll take place a week from thursday at cal state east bay. more than 90% of the staff union members voted for the walk out. they say they want to protest the administration's decision to with hold pay races because of budget cuts. >> a popular basketball player, in gilroy was badly hurt in a car accident and now his teammate is under arrest. the 19-year-old suffered major head trauma and may not survive. a former coach said he was a good basketball player and a better person. his teammate was behind the wheel and they crashed on
10:36 pm
highway 101 early yesterday morning. he was arrested on suspicious of driving under influence. >> the president renewed his effort to get legislation passed to get veterans jobs. the rabeer labor department says about 12% of the four million veterans from the wars in iraq and afghanistan are unemployed. that's much higher than the national average of 9%. >> we ask our men and women in uniform to leave their families and jobs and risk their lives to fight for our country. the last thing they should have to do is fight for a job when they come home. >> he wants it congress to set aside money for an electric job bank for veteran. >> undercover effort catches a vandal in the act. now police want to toe in you know him. >> back here in ten minutes for a look at the cold morning
10:37 pm
tomorrow morning and then rain in the five-day forecast. i will see you in ten. >> bigger than harry potter, than avatar the major entertainment police people will lining up for. big! big. big, big. big big big big? big big big big big. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big big big -big big. -big!
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. severe weather went through oklahoma at least two tornadoes hit the southwestern part of the state. the storm chaser who caught this video flipped his car trying to back up. he said the steering jammed causing him to slide into a ditch. its been a rough few days for oklahoma. the largest quake in the state's history struck on saturday night. it was a 5.6. danville police released video hoping someone will identity a vandal. the video shows a man spray
10:40 pm
painting a garage door friday. we spoke with someone who lives at the home and she said the home has been hit eight times in recent eggs. police set up this camera and say the man grafitti has contained racist remarks. >> the case of a young man accused of shooting a police officer is now in the hands of the jury. the prosecution describes the 21-year-old as a member of a gang that glorifies the murder of police. he is a ceus of shooting todd young in august of last year. the defense says he was trying to defend himself because he didn't know young was an officer since he was in plains clothes. the man accused of killinga a woman is expected to enter a guilty pleat plea. gary scott holland posed as a utility worker when he knocked
10:41 pm
on the door. they say he robbed her and attempted to rape her before he killed her. under the plea deal he would get 50 years to life in prison but he would avoid the death penalty. he would be eligible for parole when he is 91. >> in news of the world in italy the prime minister is denying reports he is resigning. he is under huge pressure to step down because of the massive debt. its be 2.6 trillon and is likely to large for a bailout. italy is the third largest economy in europe. millions of muslims taking part in the yearly pilgrimage. today they preformed the traditional stoning of the devil. all muslims are obligated to make the trip at least once in their life. >> a federal judge sided with
10:42 pm
tobacco and struck down gory new warning labels. the fda was about to require them as part of the family smoking prevention and tobacco control act but five companies sued. the judge issued a temporary injunction saying the warnings breached the company's rights to free speech by forcing them to work for the government. >> here we go. >> one industry doing very well. we will show you why all of these people are lined up in union square. >> and bill martin is monitoring low overnight temperatures. in six minutes when the cold makes way for rain.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
. new at ten the anticipated release of a game that's
10:45 pm
expected to bring in three hundred million dollars in just one day. ken wayne live in union square where a line of people have just about an hour more to wait before they can finally get it. >> reporter: the line goes around the block, we are at union square, you can see all the people have been waiting here for as long as five hours to get their hands on this brand new video game which won't be available until the stroke of midnight. >> watch and learn. >> reporter: the air waves covered with commercials for the newest call of duty. as many as 5 million copies are expected to be sold in the first 24 hours. at $10 each that will make this the biggest entertainment premiere ever, bigger than hari potter, titanic or avatar. michael brock brown is first in line. >> i will jump online, start blasting with everybody all over the world. >> reporter: the game takes you through different combat situations, and can be played
10:46 pm
online with others. game stop union square has more than a thousand preorders. >> on hand for physical copies well over a thousand. we have over a thousand reserved. you. >> reporter: you could be wiped out after midnight. >> yep. >> reporter: it's more expensive than a movie ticket but lasts longer. it's entertainment even some on a budget say they can't be without. >> i'm a college student so money is tight but for a big game like this that everybody will quiet i feel like i need to get it and tonight is the night. >> reporter: this woman does president know anything about the game just that her son in the philippines has to have it. >> before i left he gave he a list of the games he wants. >> reporter: this is at the top? >> yes. >> reporter: and while it's mostly young men in line some women like it too many. >> i guess i'm competitive. i didn't like barbies, i liked to destroy them. >> reporter: all of the people inline have bought the game. they will be able to go in the
10:47 pm
store? an hour and 15 minutes and finally pick up that game but i tell you this line goes all the way around the corner more than 200 people here and i'm told as many as 500 could be in line by midnight. live in san francisco, ken wayne. >> the newest and most advanced plane encountered it's first problem. the dream liner went this to service in japan less than two weeks ago. the airway said an error message yesterday said the landing gear hadn't engaged properly as the plane tried to land. the pilots deployed manually. >> those who watched the skies say tomorrow afternoon an asteroid will zoom past earth. i will show you a radar image of the asteroid. it's 1300 feet across and will go past earth at 30,000 miles an hour. a former astronaut said it
10:48 pm
would be a disaster it hit the earth. >> if it hit it with basically end civilization. it would be a global devastation. >> reporter: nasa should look at ways to monitor and deflect them and he said only 8,000 have been identified out of the possible two million or two that are around in space. >> it'll be cold one. when the winds die down the temperatures drop off. it's still breezy off shore, we have winds gusting to 18. let's go to the golden gate bridge here.
10:49 pm
the wind goes other way and temperatures drop off. we will have the upper 20s, low 30s in the coolest locations, that's a frost advisory in the north bay, even if you don't have a frost advisory with you you don't in the livermore valley you will see frost, you will see it in clayton, out toward antioch, maybe valley fog. overnight lows in the napa valley and the reason it's so cold. that's the russian river drainage basin but it's just a valley. the cold air sits in the bottom with no wind, hard to get in wind. lue see temperatures really drop off. low lying inland valley also be cold. north bay best set up but we have area that get very cold. overnight cold. daytime highs in the 60s. thursday that high pressure breaks down and this weather system which i can barely see, makes a play for us. it is going to get here as we go into friday. watch the model.
10:50 pm
through tomorrow, here we are wednesday at nine. more clouds comen. wednesday afternoon more clouds and into thursday afternoon, there it is right there. nice looking weather system. thursday even, the way it looks rights now thursday overnight this to friday and friday scattered showers, maybe overnight and -- like that deal on saturday. rain pretty hard overnight. we will watch it. right now the forecast models want to keep rain into friday. at this point it looks like friday night. forecast highs tomorrow, 59, 63napa, 60 vallejo. they will be about the same tomorrow and wednesday and the daytime highs mid1o's. looks like a nice day. no fog along the coast. maybe patchy fog and a five-day forecast with the weekend in view, it's kind of looks like a good couple days and then dicey on friday and thursday night into friday and saturday and sunday showers in the forecast as well. >> a cold one tonight.
10:51 pm
you will notice it in the morning. >> thank you bill. it was more of a jail house visit than jailed for lindsey lohan. she checked into a jail around nine. she was released five hours later due to overcrowding. she was supposed to serve a 30 day sentence forgetting kick out of a community service job. she is now under court order to serve 423 hours at the morgue. justin bieber will take a paternity test and said he infer met the woman suing him for child support. he plans to sue her when he returns to the united states. he met with fans in london today and switched on holiday lights at two malls. a 20-year-old filed a suit in san diego last week saying she had sex with him after a concert in los angeles last year. >> the giants today traded one their starting pitchers. that's next. [ screaming ]
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doesn't cover my kid's pediatrician. which is not cool. she was so fantastic. she had this sock puppet that she would use to explain exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. i just wish there was someone to explain to me how i'm going to find another doctor like that. [ male announcer ] we know a good doctor is hard to find. we have some of the largest networks in california so you can choose one that's right for you. blue shield. . three watering holes have within named among the best in the world. britain's drinks international magazine com piled a list of the world's 50 best bars and at number 5, smuggler's cove and tommy's mexican restaurant consider a bar in new york took
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the top spot. los angeles and boston are the only other united states cities represented you can see the list on the website. >> we talked to the top of the newscast about the death of joe fraser. >> really -- you know thinking about that, when we were coming up really was the gold hennaing of heavy weights. ali the greatest but he couldn't carry that without having beaten frazier who was the first man to best ali. he couldn't beat the liver cancer though. found out just a few weeks ago. died earlier tonight at the age of 67, never to be forgotten for a great career in the ring and the three incredible battles he endured against mohammed ali. a champion in every sense of the world.
10:56 pm
sanchez's concentration and focus appear to be worth less than three millions. the giants jumped at a chance to get a big time bat by trading him. had a no huttner 2010 but never got on track this past year. he so welcome from the kansas city royals in exchange a guy who can swing the bat. cabrera, switch hitter can play all three out field positions, just 27, hit 305 last season, 84 rbis and 2o 1 hits along the way. sharks put pretty good wood on the puck tonight and along the way not so gentle remind tore the kings we are the ones who put you out of the playoffs last year and we may do it again. sharks doing it up a bit. having won seven out of the last nine. boyle will hit patty nicely, 2-
10:57 pm
1. just one good game after another against the kings, and a five on three power play situation shortly after that, boyle not been finding the back of the net this year but he does there. blasting away his first of the year. 3-1 lead, 4-2 final and an entertaining monday night game. probably not if you are in philadelphia something far less than a dream season has unfolded for the hyped eagles and cutler of the chicago bears is the quarterback of note, not michael vick as he brings them back, nice little throw to bennett back in the end zone. five yards, held up 30-27 final. eagles, dream team, they are now 3-5 early on. that's the sporting life for a monday night. >> wow. >> all right. thank you. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2news. we will see you the next time news breaks. . and join the morning news
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