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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. a private presidential conversation made public. the technical mistake which has the leader of israel upset with america and france. . good morning thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, here is steve. we have mostly clear skies but it is cold.
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>> highs upper 50s and low-to- mid 60s. traffic is moving well if you are driving on the sunole grade, not a bad drive but also it looks good from novato to san rafael, now let's go back to the desk. topping our news, residents living near the navel station are ordered to stay inside. a pipeline exploded and it is still causing a stink this morning. jessica moran is joining us live from concord, what is going on, tara? >> reporter: there is no other way to describe it other than to say, it stinks out here. the ruptured pipe is up the street from where we were standing and we had to leave because the stench was so
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strong. we are now at an elementary school which is not too far away. the smell does not cause any health threat but the smell is so unbearable, it smells like soul far. here is what happened, a pipeline burst near holly creek drive which is close to the pavilion and the 16-inch pipe is own by the refinery in row day oh. according to a state reporting system, the leak caused a 25 by 25-foot spill. last night crews started clean up and capped the line and workers were still trying to depressurize the line and we put in a call to see how much crude oil leaked out and again in the immediate area, the stench is very strong. we just spoke to a woman walking her dog this morning who said it's not too bad where
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she lives. we will kief you update -- keep you updated, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. police officers saw smoke and called it in. a small fire was found behind that building. the state university, they are hitting the picket line. they will take part in what is being called an informational picket line. the board of trustees is out of touch with them and their students. they also say recent fee hikes are hurting them and public education. all three campuses will picket today and tomorrow. and in hayward, they are set to go on strike.
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the faculty members voted to walk out one week from this thursday. they went with the decision to go without raises because of budget cuts. southern california will also go on strike. today is election day in the bay area, polls open at 7:00 a.m. and voters will decide several elections. however the san francisco mayor, that is getting the most attention. there are 16 candidates for mayor and they will be using rank choice for voting and that's causing some confusion and may cause delays. so i done make any predictions until i certify the election, that is my stock answer but if it's really close, than i will probably have to wait and that will take until next week sometime. >> rank choice voting allows voters to pick their top three
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and it is just one trip to the polls eliminating the need for a reelection. bay area voters are depsyching today dinesh, san rafael and vallejo, a 1% sales tax is also on the ballot in vallejo, they are deciding on a 1.5% sales tax increase. mix sure you stay here with ktvu channel 2 news as well as for complete election coverage. we will have more details throughout the morning and complete live coverage returns tonight on the 10:00 news. those pesky microphones. coming up, we will have a live report with the negative comments the president obama and president of france were
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heard making about another world leader at the recent g-20 summit. president barack obama's approval ratings are low yet still beats other candidates in a hypothetical run off. his approval rating remains at 44% yet in a matchup against mitt romney, the president holds a 6 point edge and runs 15 points a heads of herman cane, 5 5% to 48%. how is the east shore doing right now? >> it is doing okay. >> well, be careful what you say. >> oh, are we on the air. westbound 80 traffic is moving along well, heading out to the mcarthur maze, heading out to the macarthur maze there is no major pro- traffic getting out to the toll plaza, traffic is
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light getting out to the city. one thing you will notice, all the road work is gone. 2 bound 280 looks good getting into the valley. >> a cold morning out there patchy fog, mainly inland not so much on the coast and what is there will burn over fast and it will be sunny and warmer but we will still be low average on the temperatures. there is an advance of a system which we could get normal on temperatures. san jose 70 and they have been coming in at 61 and 62 so if you think it is cool it has been. patchy fog, a lot more 30s, tuesday morning colder than monday morning.
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45 in oakland, red wood city, san rafael, even livermore is a 37, it is giving us fits and it might even slow down more. with high pressure large and in charge, we have some cold mornings and nights are getting longer days are getting shorter, patchy fog, low-to-mid 60s for a few but sunny and nice after a cold morning even san francisco will be nice. that 64 will go sonoma, vallejo 62, oakland also right in there with antioch and brentwood so there is not much of a change. mill speeds -- 60s down near santa cruz, woodside, palo alto will be cold as well. thursday we get some clouds but a south wind will help us warm
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up, with your weekend always in view. clearing system and cooler system clips us on sunday. we could learn more about the child abuse scandal with penn state, joe patterno is finally expected to speak out about it. and raising new questions about the oakland police response to last week's downtown oakland. traffic looks good if you look at 237 and we will tell you more about the morning commute. stay with us.
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. a disturbing video has been raised which questions whether police used excessive force with protesters. scott campbell shot the video showing a line of police in riot gear. at one point he asked police if it's okay to be where he is standing. there is no audible reply. the video ends with him crying out in pain, so far there is no response from police. a man accused of severely beating his own mother, kraig
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debro is trying to find out more on this story and we will check with him in a moment. no comment from the white house about an embarrassing incident involving president barack obama, we will have more on that story from our washington d.c. bureau. thank you, our time is now 512, well head coach patterno is here to talk about that child abuse case but the focus will be dominated about that ongoing investigation into former defensive coordinator san jose jerry sandusky. joe paterno reported to his boss but some are wondering whether the coach should have
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done even more. >> would that characterize how i feel about joe paterno or any other individual in this case, all the sympathy i have is directed towards the children. >> now athletic director and advice president have already been charged and when accused they failed to report accusations of abuse. they will need somebody to step forward, a video shows a man spray painting a garage door and the home has been targeted by vandals eight times in recent weeks. some of that graffiti has included racest remarks. if you know anything about this case you are asked to call danville police. a man is accused of severely beating his mother which happened at a home on snake road at about 9:00 yesterday morning. oakland police were still
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collecting evidence from the scene late into the night. police source said the victim is 67 years old and she is in the hospital with life- threatening injuries but at this point we do not know the age of son and police have not talked about a possible motive in that case. oklahoma is still shaking, at least five after shocks, the strongest was a magnitude of 4.7 and there are no reports of any mail damage or injuries. there is also a strong earthquake in japan yesterday, 6.8 magnitude quake off the shores of southern island. they did not expect a tsunami 135 miles away from the island. nicolas sarkozy reportedly told president barack obama he could not stand the prime
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minister of israel and reportedly said the israeli leader is a liar, all this according to a report that is in the french website. we will have more on that in fact we are going to washington, allison burns is here, what happened with this open microphone situation, allison? >> reporter: it happened at the g-20 and a half dozen journalists reported it, they said after president barack obama and french president nicolas sarkozy held a public news conference they retreated for a private meeting. the two leaders were reportedly still wearing their microphones and started discussing israel and the palestinians which is when he let loose on washington on the israeli president.
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he said i am fed up, i have to deal with him every day and there is a recording and they have been pushing israel and the palestinians to start peace talks and there is no progress in that area and we will have more on why this story is coming out now, for now we are live ktvu channel 2 news. san jose city council will talk about the plan to bring the a's to the bay. they are offering the a's an option to buy 5 acres of land for a reduced rate near the downtown train stadium. they want them to know they are serious about becoming the new home of the a's but they have not decided whether to allow them to move which is still considered part of the giant's
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territory. what are you looking at sal? well we are looking at the east bay and starting of contra costa highway and through the antioch area it is nice and southbound from concord to walnut creek and 80 from vallejo and richmond traffic is moving well right through pan oil. no problems getting to san francisco or city streets and the morning drive will be fine on 280 getting up to 17 that traffic is moving along nicely let's go to steve. patchy fog, not much, nothing compared to what we had yesterday, it looks like a colder morning compared to monday morning, lots of 30s, fairfield is there with santa rosa, red wood city 39, san
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rafael, napa, that is at the airport so it is colder north of town 45 in oakland, 41 chilly degrees some upper 30s are not far away from san jose. all good to go today, tomorrow and we will focus our attention on that system which could be wet for some if it continues to come in as advertised and it will not be until thursday but it will go right down the coast and punch inland at least not here but it could set up a rather warm and rainily system. -- rainy system. in mendocino, we had some upper 20s , patchy fog and sunshine, it will be warmer even though we are running below average on these forecasted highs. we are coming in around 58 to
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64, calistoga richmond 63 for berkeley brentwood livermore is in there not much of a spread, 62 santa cruz, morgan hill 64, los gatos 64. not much change wednesday, increasing fog clouding up late thursday and friday. it does look cooler and breezy with a few passing showers on sunday. well this morning toyota announced its profits slid down to 5% because of decreases and they blame that on a shortage of parts both related to tsunami disaster from japan and recent flooding in thailand. asia struggled and italy can be the next domino to fall in europe's debt crisis. they lost with nearly all the
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other markets losing ground as well and that's in contrast to europe where shares are up many up more than 1% this morning. checking on wall street, our futures indicate a higher opening this morning probably about 80 points for the dow jones industrial average and that's what it gained yesterday, 85 and starts today at 1 #0 68. -- 12068. dr. conrad murray is waking up behind bars, a new law could decide how long he will be behind bars. why getting a drink next year could be a little harder, we will explain. highway 4 looks good coming to willow pass road, we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather, stay tuned. so i got this new job last week, but their health insurance
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. good morning, mostly clear skies. take a look at that, first earthquake, now tornadoes, at least two possible twisters responded in tillman county and no injuries have been reported so far. back here a judge has
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refused to drop charges against somebody accused. he was caught in a shootout between rival gangs last summer, five men and one juvenile were arraigned and a november 21strd hearing will require a reporter to produce missing transcripts in the case. dr. conrad murray is reportedly on suicide watch, he is being held without bail after causing the death of michael jackson. >> we the jury in the above entitled action find dr. conrad murray guilty of the crime of involuntary man slaughter. >> now after the verdict, you will see dr. conrad murray was handcuffed, he was taken to jail and there is the sheriff's
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deputy handcuffing him there and he is scheduled to be sentenced november 29th. that could actually reduce dr. conrad murray's sentence because of 8109, a completely potentially failed system is now in place and it will be difficult to achieve an appropriate sentence of incarceration for dr. conrad murray. >> under realignment, nonviolent offenders are sent to county jails and with jail over crowding he could possibly be released early and in the meantime, his attorneys plan to appeal his conviction. stricter rules regarding alcohol sales and they are hosting a workshop to hear feedback on an audience that would affect them. many things are needed to deal
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with grim issues that serve alcohol. a horrible crash has killed a basketball player, actually is in grave condition, this man fighting for his life and his teammate is under arrest. we just spoke with san francisco's elect tore and he said he is surprised by voter turnout and surprised not in a good way. the may or all -- mayor all candidate had to clean up after today's election. and the traffic looks good but we will explain where we are already seeing some slowing traffic. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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. we have a cold morning only, so what is there burns off and will be sunny but a little bit warmer. we will end up with some mid- 60s, here is sal. traffic is moving well on the san mateo bridge on the high-rise and all the way to the peninsular, we don't have any major problems on the
5:31 am
dumbarton, here is a picture of the bay bridge getting into san francisco. some early morning people some people making it slightly crowded on the way into the city, let's go back to the desk. polls open at 7:00 a.m., they will decide dozens of important races but the mayor seems to be getting the most attention. good morning allie rasmus. >> reporter: he is hoping for a big turnout at the polls and he said so far voter turnout is lower than expected. estimated 2 5% and had cast an early vote ballot but this morning, he crunched the numbers late last night and is now revising that turnout down. the turnout is actually 0
5:32 am
closer to 16%, not 25. there is still one more day for voters to cast their ballot for mayor and new sheriff. >> average turnout usually is about 50%. now he said -- >> reporter: now he said he does not know why voter turnout is so low but they are using voter choice where they pick a first, second and third choice. it has been a competitive race and because of that voters will be stopping randomly throughout the day to monitor elections and that was after several candidates expressed concerns about possible fraud and
5:33 am
manipulation. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:32, san francisco police are investigating a break-in of mayoral candidate david shoe. whoever got in got in through aside area. they crawled inside the campaign headquarters, thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stone end -- stolen, they are checking the copier's memory to make sure none of the documents were wopped. -- copied. stay with us, we will have much more details throughout the morning and live coverage of the election returns on the 10:00 news. he is in grave condition after a car crash and his teammate is under arrest.
5:34 am
19-year-old andrew gain suffered major damage early saturday morning. his teammate, 22-year-old bill heard was behind the wheel. he was suspected of driving under the influence. another teammate and two women were driving but the basketball team is scheduled to open their season on thursday. they are investigating the shooting death of a man outside an apartment complex. it happened just of a 8:00 and found a man in his 40s who had been shot several times and was pronounced dead at the scene. a man accused of severely beating his mother is in police custody. the mother is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> reporter: i just spoke to
5:35 am
headquarters and he tells me the mother is still in the hospital which happened on snake road east of highway 13 but before we go to the video, you can see through the trees there is a light on in the house so perhaps somebody is home. let's go to the videotape now. led, we saw police had this man in custody and was sitting in the back of a patrol car and they have not identified him and also have not told us why and when it happened. police have accused him of beating his mother, we will talk to somebody inside the house to find out why this happened in the first place. our time is five 35 they are expected to have a guilty
5:36 am
plea, gary -- gary scott holland posed as a utility worker. he is accused of robbing miss holland and raping her before killing her. under the plea deal he will get 50 years in prison and avoid the death penalty. police say a truck coll with an suv that pulled out into the intersection of prod side drive. the woman died at the scene, a female passenger and a truck driver were airlifted to hospitals. it was the scene of another fatal collision. >> there is a change of seasons so the front coming over the hills blinds people. >> now we don't know the extent of the injuries of the man and
5:37 am
woman taken to the hospital and police have not released the name of the driver who was killed. pg&e is moving ahead with repair work on the ruptured repair line, coming up at 546, we will tell you what is happening. pg&e has agreed to pay a fine which killed a sacramento area homeowner. he died after the cigarette triggered a fire off of gas leaking from a pipeline in rancho cordova. five other people were hurt and now the report says pg&e agreed to pay a $8 million -- $38 million fine. the judge ruled $36 million was too low. i was just checking twitter and the basketball player from gilroy prayers for him trending
5:38 am
on twitter. it is unbelievable, people around the country are praying for this young boy. >> we just updated this story but in case you don't know what is happening, go to our website if case you dash in case you missed it. that traffic looks good coming to the willow pass grade westbound. you can debt traffic and weather information, it is kind of an updated look. traffic is moving along well on 80 westbound and i want to move it to highway 4 and we are looking at traffic on antioch where it is already stop and go, people done fool around
5:39 am
here. some stop-and-go traffic already heading west. >> mostly clear skies, yesterday we had a little pit of mists. 30s, right there with santa rosa, red wood city, palo alto, san jose, 41 degrees and even 45 in oakland. so there is a definite bite. good to did and i will focus my attention on this few. there is not a consensus on what it should, this may not do anything but it is expected to slide along the coast and head into southern california. that is what it is supposed to
5:40 am
do. i know it will do that and also into lake contradiction lakeport yesterday was 29 -- lakeport was 29, we should be below 65 to 70 and we are around 74. novato along with kent field, hayward, all around 63, santa clara cupertino, 62, 64 red wood city, half-moon bay, daily city, 61 after yesterday's 59. a little warmer on wednesday, thursday increasing clouds and we cloud it up on friday. with your weekend always in view, it is a northwest system
5:41 am
brushes out on sunday. sexual harassment, why she said she is coming forward and how herman cane is responding. new video released, after allegations of mistreatment inside away area jail. good morning, if you are driving in marin county if you are driving, we have some stop- and-go traffic. ♪ sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪
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and little warmer. steve good morning to you, welcome back, here is a look at some of the top stories we are following for you. you are adviced to stay indoors, accrued line burst, it is still causing a stink this morning. the leak does not appear to be causing a serious health threat though. bay area voting polls open at 7:00 a.m., voters will decide important elections but the san francisco mayor is getting the most attention. there are 16 candidates in that race. french president nicolas sarkozy was overheard telling president barack obama he can't stand israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the conversation between the
5:45 am
two presidents was overheard used by simultaneous speeches. and the latest allegation of sexual harassment, the 4th woman was the first to speak publically. now she said back in 1997, she went out to dinner with cane looking for his help in finding a job. she said he groped her and in the latest, she made an appearance and spoke. >> i really didn't want to be here and would not have been here had it not been the three other women who alleged sexual harassment. i want you, mr. cane, to come clean, just admit what you did. >> there is not an ounce of truth in all of these accusations. >> i am willing to do a press
5:46 am
conference for tomorrow afternoon. and on the package of awesterty measures, it could put pressure on her to step down. however a no vote in the parliament may change that. they are enacting quick reforms to deal with the crisis and italy's economy which is the third largest in europe, could be too big to rescue. alameda county sheriff's office is defending itself after failing to give an iraq war veteran adequate medical attention. they arrested kevin last week at the occupied oakland protest. later he suffered a ruptured spleen and friends and family say they failed to act on the
5:47 am
ruptured spleen but they have video showing they helped him after complaining he was sick. >> when the family says he comes in and he is in terrible pain for 15 or 16 hours but that's not true. he was fine. >> whether they think it was just that he was not up pain the second he was in the door but the fact was they brought liced him to the point where he is a lacerated spleen and was bleeding. >> today he remains in fair condition at the hospital. they are starting a new pipeline, a section ruptured on two 80 after high water pressure testing. a scrape or gouge probably caused that rupture and once they put a new pipeline in
5:48 am
place more testing will be done to make sure it is safe. it is the same pipeline involved in last year's explosion. tomorrow morning, they will conduct the first major test . interrupt every television radio and satellight television at even a.m. -- 11:00 a.m. by the way local alerts can also be issued tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. time right now, sal will a her the us. >> yes, i don't see anything major in fact we had an accident reported on highway 4 and chp said they can't find it so that is good, maybe it was there briefly but westbound, it
5:49 am
is already busy in antioch. you might want to get ahead of that crowd if you can. richmond and panel and richmond, still looks pretty good, if you are driving in hayward or fremont you should have a doesn't drive. right now we have a petty decent drive. westbound bridge nothing mail, usually the pattern is 615 and we are off to a nice quiet start you can see traffic is moving along well. let's go to steve. >> it is hard enough predicting weather, don't go there. >> i can do a page of about 30.
5:50 am
i just saw it in the marin department of public works. hidden brook which is vallejo and palo alto four readings of 38 degrees, and i know there is a bunch but i can only do one graphic at a time. temperatures are cold 30s and 40s and 34 santa rosa, near pine high school, 36 degrees, red wood city 39 degrees and along with palo alto and you know not far a war. if he makes it to 41, good to go, sunshine, still below
5:51 am
average on the temperatures, that is the system heading towards thursday, warmer system on friday, looks like high pressure upper 20ss and 0s, but they seem to be the van guard, forecasted highs still staying below average which should be 675 to -- 65 to 70. and walnut creek 6 , hayward shall everybody is really close again forecasted highs are not close, upper 50s, including san mateo and then palo alto. increasing clouds probably fog, rain on friday sliding down the coast, clearing saturday night and a cooler system brushes by
5:52 am
on sunday. on the rise, nearly 6% of all homeowners were late during the summer. it is the first time it has increased during the end of 2009. bank of america customers, they approved a settlement over debit card overdraft fees. the fees were $35 each but customers will only receive a small portion of that amount. google social network t- cookel plus now allows organizations and brands which all are allow you to act with businesses. angry birds and pepsi. time now 5:52 he mastered the boxing ring but lost the fight for his life, saying
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farewell, that devastating punch, his name is smoking joe. and it is expected to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars, stay tuned
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. will come back, joe frasier went toe-to-toe, the heavyweight champion died yesterday at the age of 67. his three battles with mohammed ollie made him a superstar. he was the first to beat mohammed ollie, they are calling for a statue of him, just like fictional rockby balboa has. it went on sale midnight outside the game store in union square and it is happening all across the country. the store expects to quickly sellout of the 1,000 they have in stock and customers ordered another 3,000, for this, it is all about fun.
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>> i like -- i would like to destroy my barbie dolls. >> warfare sells for $60 which quickly adds up and could knock off some of the hollywood blockbusters for the biggest opening for any kind of entertainment. >> that is unbelievable in the graphics. >> i remember g.i. joe attacking barbie. >> getting completely consumed, get that game. good morning everybody, you know graphics, we use them here too. let's look at the traffic on 280 northbound, 6 #0 southbound, we noticed more people getting on to the south by. >> there is something in the
5:58 am
air this morning and it is not good. bad odor fouling the air in one bay area neighborhood, what is causing it and how long will it last. and around the bay area on this election day, what is at stake and the outlook for voter turnout. good morning, it's cold out there and it will be a little bit warmer, we will have those in two minutes. [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered.
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