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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 9, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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at the courthouse. >> reporter: why now? >> good question. >> he wants to be a modern for his sons. of a man who stands up and takes the consequences. >> reporter: that man is now 67 years old. married with two grown children. his attorney says knew nothing of his past, shooting at police in 1968 in san francisco after he and two other men used stolen credit cards. no officers were hit but he was shot in the foot and arrested. >> he doesn't remember pleading guilty. he is coming back to plead guilty. >> when you fire shots at a police officer you need to go to prison. not a probation case. >> reporter: you will fight for him to go to pris someone. >> absolutely. >> he denied involvement in another case in san francisco in 1971. he was charged with eight men
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in the killing of a police sergeant. >> power to the people. >> those brock off and formed formed the black liberation army. they stuck a shut gone through a portitian and killed the sergeant. >> reporter: was he involved in the killing of the police officer? >> not at all. he was not in san francisco. not a member of the black liberation army. the attorney general is not saying yet if it will try him in the police officer's killing. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. in an hour a meeting is set to begin in morgan hill in the wake of a shooting that let a 14 girl dead. she was shot to death friday
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night. she was not affiliated with a gang. her father says more people need to speak up to help end the violence. >> don't want to get involved -- it may be you. it may be your kid. think about that. >> her friends are collecting money for the funeral for monday. san francisco has a new mayor tonight. ktvu's david stevenson is live where the voting results were just released a couple hours ago. >> he says he will hold for another four years. even with thousands of votes to be counted, ed lee said he made san francisco history. those results were released by the department of elections. after 11 round of tabulating
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results, ed lee won 68,721 votes. san francisco super visor came in second. that is 38.79% of the vote. at his party last night the mayor stopped just short of declaring victory. he held a strong lead ever since he announced he changed his mind to enter the race. based on the results, he won with a comfortable margin. >> the numbers are fairly accurate right now. i am confident that we can use the word victory right now. obviously sounds very good for -- the first elected asian mare of the city. >> like most first runners his
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margin grows with every round. i think it's same now that san francisco elected its first asian mayor. there are still votes to be counted and that will take several more days. but the votes are unlikely to sway the outcome. he will call his rivals in the race, which include several supervisors aiming to ensure they can work together. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco voters struck down a sales tax increase, measure g would have increased tax by half a% for 10 years. it needed 2/3 to pass but 53% of voters were against it. measure h is still too close to call. it asked the school board to assign students to schools closest to their homes first.
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we are live right now at the university of california at berkeley campus where students are trying to establish a occupy camp site near superprime minister. you can see the action right here. they are facing off with police who declared the situation an unlawful assembly. officers are wearing riot gear. >> ktvu's news crew were there when things got heated between police and protesters. authorities lined up, shoving them back. officers also began removing tents set up in sproul plaza. protesters have been putting the tents back up. they have been on campus since noon. coming up at 6:15 the new
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push to end "occupy oakland" and the crime concerns at occupy san francisco. billionaire investor initial shoal had contact with the white house. the e-mails describe involvement by members of the obama administration in the loan application. the second loan wasn't approved. tomorrow the california supreme court will hear arguments about redevelopment agencies. the state says the move will save california $2 billion a year. adobe is ending its fight with apple. ktvu's maureen naylor is live
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in downtown san jose with the problem that led them to issue layoff notices. >> reporter: adobe today, their stocks fell 2 points or 7% to $28 a share. some say the seed sprouted from am. >> reporter: this mother estimates she uses her iphone 5 times more than her computer. >> it's always with me. i use it several times per day. >> reporter: with more turning to cell phones, adobe systems was hampered after steve jobs refused to support their flash software. >> apple is the biggest problem. >> most amusers know flash technology for what it doesn't
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do. >> we have a big white empty box where it is supposed to be. >> they had been banking on android but it is abandoning its technology on all mobile devices. >> it didn't keep up. there were problems with battery life. >> reporter: flash is still used on desktops. >> adobe is still the leader when it comes to providing creative tools. >> reporter: 200 of the employees worked in san jose or san francisco. the company said most of the employees effected were notified yesterday.
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reporting live -- [no audio] >> we apologize for that. hundreds of homeless veterans enjoy things we take for granted in one place. project homeless connect offered services that va center in san francisco. there are 12-24 homeless veterans in san francisco alone. >> this really helps out. especially in the clothing department. all clothes, all food, really helps out. helps us to survive. >> there was also a mobile clinic where vets could get medical attention for pets. the federal crack down on cannabis today. 200 demonstrators lined the street in sacramento. one called the crack down an attack on responsible corporate
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citizens. >> i do not want any double messaging from the obama administration and i don't want procrastination on state officials. >> officials say the crack down targets large commercial operations using the medical marijuana law as a cover. show of caption in washington d.c. is aimed at streamlining funding for proceeds rhodes and bridges. the bill passed the committee today. it would increase federal funding, give states more flexibility and reduce the number of separate highway programs. they approved a $2 million land purchase for a new transit center. it will come bine trains, bus stops and a fairy terminal. 5:00, we told you about a
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puppy stolen from the shelter. the puppy has been returned now and we have photos of the snatching. look. the thieves are described as a couple, you can see the people right there with the dog in the arm of the man, leaving the shelter. the woman was described as 5'6". another woman said he returned the dog. she bought him and brought him back to the shelter. the adoptive family is picking him up tonight. >> more live pictures from the university of california at berkeley camp. there have been clashes as we showed you. more on this situation coming up. a cold night tonight and rain in the five-day forecast. i will show you when.
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a sales tax hike lost by 64 votes. it would have increased sales tax by 1% for 10 years. voters approved a business license tax on medical marijuana dispensaries. 76% voted for measure c, it is one way leaders hope to regulate the business. has more election coverage. log on now to find the results. more on the developing news from university of california at berkeley. live pictures here. this is april sproul plaza.
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the police say they are backing off. among other things the students are upset about tuition increases. they have gone up 7 times in 5 years. these are live pictures from sproul plaza. hundreds of students from university of california at berkeley there protesting and there were tense moments earlier with police and there have been allegations made that the police were too harsh when they arrested some students. more on bay area news at 7:00 and the 10:00 news. protesters drowned out a press conference today in oakland. >> so -- >> a group of city counsel members want to start a dialogue. the counsel members hopes it will end peacefully but demonstrators say they are
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staying put and not about to move. we have an update on a story we brought you monday on a donation from "occupy wall street" to the "occupy oakland." the group is depositing the money into a wells fargo account. the group says that was the fastest way to use the money. at the occupy camp in san francisco, justin herman plaza, there are growing concerns about crime. ktvu's rob roth is live where protesters say they are considering pulling up stakes. >> reporter: many folks are having meetings. one group is discussing the pros and cons of moving the camp to civic center plaza. >> reporter: some say moving from here at justin herman plaza to civic center plaza would give them more space.
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>> it is in the stage where we are figuring out our boundaries here at justin herman plaza and if i want to extend further. >> we want an area where we are getting more attention. i think that will bring in more bad elements that will mislead the public. as far as what we are about. >> reporter: we asked her about that possibility. >> i think that would be difficult. again, i am -- i think i am going to respect their rights to protest and their first amendment rights. but there are lot of people. >> he has no plans to order police into sweep the camp at justin herman plaza but he wants them to obey the law. >> if they are going to occupy, they have to help us with the complaints we are receiving. that's the only way that we
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avoid the confrontation. >> reporter: they say any problems are isolated. >> we do a good job of policing our selves. if there is an issue we come up with ways to prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: some say they expect the camp to continue to grow but city officials say the rains may have a say in what happens here. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san jose officials say residents will be able to find healthcare closer to home. a new clinic will open next year. it is a joint venture with the county and gardener health services. when it closed in 2004, officials say it left people without healthcare. slightly better, but still not good. that's the conclusion of a study on california school children who are over weight or
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obese. the numbers is 38%. san mateo had 6% fewer over weight children. marine had the lowest at 25%. napa, 39%. other counties fell about 38%. another cold one for your thursday morning. freezing temperatures in the inland bay valley. we go outside. clear night with light winds. that delivers cold temperatures. no frost advisory tonight. as you send the kids off to school or if you go to your job, you will notice it. you know, temperatures say at 9:00, numbers in the low 40s still. chilly out there. friday, more clouds and the showers move in. the rain forecast for friday is
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beginning to weaken. it will be wet on friday. the main impact is south of the area. i will show you that in a minute. overnight lowes, that's where it will be the coldest, 34 santa rosa. 34 napa. very chilly. next 24 -- 48 hours, the system moves in. tomorrow it's off shore. watch where it goes friday. drops south. usually they swing in, you get rain, scattered showers, behind it. different deal. this drops south. strongest part of the system, monterey. we are on the north end. maybe a few sprinkles. san jose, they will see more rain, san jose, morgan hill. we are watching for you. you will see the system coming in thursday. it is sitting off shore here.
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here is friday morning. reds are heading south. friday at lever time. north bay is dry -- friday at lunchtime. north bay is dry. bay area weekend, doesn't look bad. there will be clouds but no rain for saturday and sunday. temperatures tomorrow, upper 60s. 67 antioch. 67 brentwood. five-day forecast, with your bay area vehicle in view, there it is. clouds. lots of clouds, not a lot of rain for friday. wet for the commute. >> thank you, bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, we have been showing you the stand off with students and police at university of california at berkeley. we are live where officials are trying to talk to the clouds. and joe paterno is stepping
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down. coming up in 30 minutes on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the san jose sports hall of fame has 5 new inductees. we will hear from someone. so i got this new job last week, but their health insurance
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. mark is here now with a big night for san jose. >> the sharks aren't playing but they got the san jose sports hall of fame and big names being inducted tonight. including a former raider quarterback, huge name around the bay area, grew up in the south bay. joe fonzi on the scene with a full report. joe? >> reporter: one of five new inductees to the san jose hall of fame. it has been be gratifying to the fact that people remember when santa clara had a football program and you were the quarterback. it's sad to see football gone from santa clara. >> reporter: you are the year of the quarterback. people talk about that these guys. you went to the oilers and had
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a good career there, long and productive career there. anyone can't help thinking back what might have been. you brought innocent replay in today. >> it's a fact. we are playing the steelers in the championship game, there was the catch and it was called an incompletion, he didn't have droll ball. i also have a friend, mike, my roommate, now an nfl official. he said it was a catch. it was definitely a catch. but, you know it brought in incident replay couple years after that. unfortunately we lost the game. >> reporter: nfl history may have changed significantly if not for that. tell me about tonight, how may this hit you? >> it's nice to come back to friendly faces in the san jose area, family and friends.
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it's been a joy for me and my girlfriend. she is meeting old coaches and everything else. >> reporter: congratulations to you. you look great. inducted into the san jose sports hall of fame. joe fonzi, back to you. >> thank you. one of the first guys i ever interviewed. really nice guy. >> thank you. >> coming up next on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. right now watch our interview with don on election day politics. thanks for joining us.
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