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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 9, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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a clash on campus after students put up tents in an attempt to occupy uc berkely. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. a showdown is taking place right now at uc berkely. hundreds of students are trying to start their own occupy encampment. earlier, the university told the students they are free to protest, but not with tents.
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when campus police and sheriff deputies pulled down tents, it led toes arrests of seven people. authorities moved in, and took some of the tents down as well. developing news right now. ken wayne is live at the birth place of the free speech movement where both sides are bracing for another confrontation. >> reporter: in front of sprowl hall, there's probably 50 officers lining the steps in front of the hall, and several hundred demonstrators out here. about 20 minutes ago, police moved in and took about a half dozen tents where you see a tree near the building. we're showing you pictures of what happened a short time ago, this is all within the last 15 or 0 minutes. police in riot gear with batons moved in, and started punching
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with their batons to form a human chain. trying to protect the half dozen tents that had been set up earlier today. police had warned them and said that the tents had to come down. they were given ten minutes notice to dispurse the area, or face arrest. after ten minutes, police in riot gear moved in, punched a hole through that human chain, and took down the tents that were placed near sprowl hall. the theme continues with police standing their ground in front of the hall, and the protesters still standing next to the police. we talked to some of the people who were in those tents earlier this evening, and asked them what they planned on doing. here's what they said. >> i have absolutely no intentions on leaving. >> are you prepared to be arrested? >> yeah. >> you know it's going to get physical at some point. >> for some reason, i don't have fear right now, i don't know why. >> reporter: graduate student teaching assistants who are
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also union members are joining in the protests. there's also the support of some berkely city council members. one was upset that police took action on what many here consider to be jed ground by taking away protest banners. >> why are actually within steps of where mario started the free speech movement. >> reporter: back live, a couple of protesters apparently were injured during this confrontation with police. we saw a couple of people helped away by fellow protesters. this all started mainly over concerns over more fee increases for students at the university of california system. this has also been linked to the occupy movement. so they've kind of combined forces here. demonstrators say they're going to set up an occupy cal encampment. the vice president for student affairs showed up tonight. now the crowd is booing,
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because police are taking down some signs. the vice chancellor told students they could protest, with you they could not set up tents or any kind of encampment. they couldn't have amp fied sound, but they could remain here, they just couldn't sleep here. police warned them, these tents had to come down. after ten minutes, they came in and removed those tents. now we have a standoff between protesters and police. we'll keep an eye on it, if anything else develops, we'll come back to you live. live in berkely. ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now. the demonstration at cal started as a noisy, but peaceful protest march through the streets of berkely. thousands of students and some community supporters marched down telegraph, stopping to protest at a bank of america branch. students complain banks are not paying their fair share of taxes while their tuition keeps
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going up. in san francisco, the opening of the holiday skating rink, amid new concerns of crime at the encampment. new at 10:00, a major development in the sex abuse scandal at penn state. coach joepa other thano and the university president are out. both were fired tonight, affective immediately. paterno has been one of the best known college football coaches in the country for decades. the board of trustees made the announcement, just about two hours ago. >> i would hope that everyone would agree that what we're doing is what we believe in our best judgment, is in the best long term interest of the university, which is much larger than athletics. >> paterno came under fire for not doing enough after a graduate assistant assistant
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told paterno he say sandusky abusing a child in a shower. after the announcement, more than a dozen students flooded in saying we want joe. but now we're getting late word that the situation is getting ugly. including the students flipping over a tv news truck. police and riot gear have been called in. ed lee emerged victorious tonight after the counting of the second, and third place votes. lee received less than 1 1/3%
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of the original vote. >> reporter: it was right up there on his, the second floor. right outside his office, where mayor ed lee came very close to tears late this afternoon, as he gave his response to those election results. in a moment of mad, a crowd swarmed outside the san francisco department of elections to get the 4:00 p.m. voting tally. >> at this point, ed lee has 60 some percent of the vote. 85 or 95% of the vote already tabulated. >> reporter: upstairs, an emotional response from the man on track to become san francisco's first elected asian mayor. >> i want to thank the people
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of san francisco. it's wonderful. >> reporter: lee's voice faltered for a moment before the crowd of cameras, as the politician layed out his plans. >> job creation, that's making sure we have more unity in the city, and now we're going to work very hard to do that. >> reporter: as campaign headquarters, john stopped short of conceding. avalos says he supports the ranked choice voting system. others say the system is ft. lauderdale. >> instant runoff is a failure, and which want to eliminate that. >> reporter: the reality of instant runoff elections is that it allows candidates, such as ed lee to win office, without winning a majority of the overall vote. >> the truth is only 43% of the voters voted for him. >> reporter: ed lee says he plans to call all 15 of the
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other mayoral candidates tomorrow. as for the proposal to return to the run off elections, he will need the board of supervisors and a majority of san francisco voters to approve it. jana katsuyama ktvu, channel 2 news. more details mow on the ranked choice -- now on the ranked choice running. it's one form of runoff running. its use goes back to 1893 in australia. it is us till used there, as well as presidential elections in india, and ireland. here in the u.s., rank choice is also used in oakland, and minneapolis, among other cities. another race in san francisco is decided. george gascone is going to remain on as the city's district attorney. it's a 45,000 vote margin. he was appointed at the beginning of the year.
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the one race not yet decided is the race for sheriff. ross is leading with 53%. paul miyamoto is second with 47%. the difference in raw votes is only 7,000. at this point, it is still too close to call. when we caught up with mirkarimi he was optimistic. he is now open to a debate about possible revisions. coming up in 8 minutes, the race for president, how herman cain addressed sexual harassment allegations during the debate tonight. and the question that rick perry couldn't answer. new at 10:00, hundreds of people attended a town hall meeting in morgan hill as the city tries to come to grips with its first homicide of the year. the shooting death of a 14-year-
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old girl. ktvu's lloyd mcquesta was at the meeting tonight, where police said the teen was gunned down, because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time restroom julie, morgan hill has had three homicides over the last six years. police say all were gang connected. last week's drive-by shooting was the first time a child was killed. tonight, residents came to this community center. some wearing these memorial bracelets. they came seekk answers. a standing room only crowd of some 350 people packed the morgan hill community center tonight. they came bake of the friday night shooting death of 14-year- old tara romero, and the wounding of three other teenagers who were walking from a birthday party. >> she was always bright, since she was a little girl. >> the father was at the
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meeting tonight. >> gang violence is something we have to put a stop to. there's no rhyme or reason to them doing that. >> reporter: the mom spoke to the crowd. earlier today, five suspects ranging from the 17 to 23 years old were arranged and charged with attempted homicide, and homicide. police say they were a member of a gang and that night were looking for rival gang members. >> just began shooting randomly, and unfortunately, four teenagers got shot. >> reporter: from a relative who's niece is fighting for her life in the hospital tonight, her advice to teenagers. >> stay home. you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time, like these teenagers and something has
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changed for the rest of their life tore for being out at a birthday party. >> reporter: tara romero will be laid to rest on monday. after eluding police for 43 years, a fugitive will surrender here tomorrow morning. we'll tell you why, still ahead. the annual holiday skating rink here is just steps from occupy san francisco. we'll hear from the protesters themselves on how to keep the area safe from violence. new research on teens cyber bullying, i investigate new findings that every parent should know.
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we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. as the holiday season kicks off in san francisco, there's growing concern about the occupy encampment. what just opened up next to that occupy campsite is what's causing the concern. >> reporter: here at justin herman plaza. it is just steps from occupy san francisco. we wanted to find out how the encampment effected businesses and safety in this area. the magic of the holiday season opens with the ice rink. we found this newlywed couple enjoying that annual tradition. >> it's our first skating of the holiday season. >> reporter: it's also the first time the holiday ice rink is sharing justin herman plaza
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with the occupy movement. this couple says they don't see the encampment as a problem. >> it's a very contained city. there's stuff going on around it. >> reporter: there are growing safety concerns, most recently involving a man with a gun. >> there's been reports of a stabbing victim. assaults have occurred. a number of incidents of fighting, verbal as well as physical that have occurred over the last week. >> reporter: this protester told us, he's one of quote 20 unarmed peacekeepers. he acknowledges there's been several outside incidents, but he says it's outsiders that cause problems. >> we work, we try to work together. >> reporter: at one market, there have been a few incidents where patrons have asked to be seated away from the window, so they wouldn't see the protesters. he said he would like to see an
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end to the encampment. >> we just hope we see a resolution that is peaceful, and easy. >> reporter: we asked ed lee, if he would have police clear out the protesters. >> i think that's premature at this time. >> reporter: some people who work nights in this area told me they don't feel safe, and want the protesters to go away. reporting live here at justin herman plaza. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. in oakland, anger and antagonism marked a press conference today, by city and business leaders trying to push for a peaceful end to the occupy oakland encampment. >> this is a city of 400,000 people, and we must, and we will bring sanity back downtown to oakland. >> after a city councilman was repeatedly interrupted by shouting demonstrators the others began chanting back, until both sides were in a shouting match.
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mayor gene kwan did not attend today's event. she is it release a statement saying she is pleased that a consensus is developing. that the camp at frank ogawa plaza must be removed. fears that the euro zone won't be able to handle italy's massive debt drove the markets down. in italy the parliament is scrambling to stimulate growth, but there are cancers that mr. berlusconi might decide to try to stay in power. republican candidates for president held a debate in michigan tonight. the focus was supposed to be on the economy. but the elephant in the room,
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the sexual harassment allegations of herman cain were bound to come up and he addressed them. >> the american people deserve better than someone being tried in a court of public opinion, based on unfounded accusations. >> reporter: that drew applause from the audience. the candidates appeared to agree when it come to the debt crisis in europe. >> there's going to be an effort to draw us in and try to help europe and italy. europe is able to help europe. >> they also spent time attacking president obama and his handling of the economy. texas governor rick perry stumbled tonight, when he tried to list the three cabinet level agencies he would eliminate if he's elected president. >> it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, education, and the, what's the third one there?
10:20 pm
let's see. >> he couldn't come up with the third, but in campaign speeches, perry has said he would do away with the department of energy. two of the four women who say they were sexually harassed by republican presidential candidate herman cain say they may soon hold a press conference to detail their allegations. tonight, we're learning more about one of those women. karenreceiveed a payment after she complained she was sexually harassed on the job by herman cain. three years after that settlement, she filed another complaint at another job accusing someone there of circulating a sexual email. and two former supervisors said she initially demanded a settlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars in connection with that complaint. he has e leaded police for more than 40 years. a fugitive says he will turn himself in tomorrow, a understand plead guilty for shooting at an officer.
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>> reporter: a man who has eluded police for more than 40 years, says tomorrow, will he surrender here at the san mateo county courthouse. >> i think it's about time. >> why come back now? >> that's a good question. he wants to be a model for his sons. of a man who stands up, and takes the consequences of what he had done wrong. >> reporter: that man is ronald bridgeforth, now 67 years old. bridgefort's attorney said they knew nothing of their father's past. that past included shooting at, but not hitting police in 1968 in south san francisco. >> he's coming back to plead guilty and deal with the consequences. >> i think when you fire shots at a police officer, you need to go to prison. it's not a probation case. >> reporter: bridgeforth denies involvement in another case in 1971. he was charged with eight other men in the killing of a san francisco police officer. >> back then, those who felt
10:22 pm
the black panthers were not active enough, they stuck a shotgun through a bulletproof partition and killed john young. >> he was not a member of the black liberation army. he was not the getaway driver. >> reporter: the first step tomorrow is whether he should be released on bail. the prosecutor says absolutely not. the defense attorney says yes. it will be up to the judge to decide. in redwood city, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. it will be another cold morning tomorrow morning, there's no advisories out there, but frost will show up in the inland bay valleys. over night lows in the north bay, in the upper 20s and low 30s. the rest of us, looking for temperatures in the low 30s in the, or the mid-30s in the
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inland valleys, and low 40s around the bay. 38 in concord. might see patchy fog as well. daytime highs tomorrow about where they were today. we start off colted. these temperatures corresponding to colors. the purples, representing 30s. daytime highs tomorrow are green. that's 60s. mid-60s and upper 60s, maybe a couple of low 70s. we're going to look at your temperature and your five-day forecast, which does have some rain in it. cruelty online. startling statistics about how pervasive cyber bullying is among teenagers and equally surprising information on what most teens do about it. also, cash for gold. it's an attractive proposition, what we discovered when we went to sell a gold chain, and how you can protect yourself. and more live pictures from the cal campus. we are continuing to monitor this developing situation as police move in to break up this demonstration. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription.
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a new study shows the majority of teenagers have witnessed cyber bullying. it's what else they did that's a pleasant surprise. >> it's a really great way for me to communicate with my friends. it's really easy, like if we need to plan something, like a dinner. >> reporter: there's a negative too. >> i've been harassed a little bit on facebook. >> all of the teenage, like cyber bullying stuff. >> reporter: they found social networks echoed and amplified teens offline's social life. the good and the bad. including bullying, and defending against bullies. >> it gets posted online in a social media spot. other kids see it immediately.
10:27 pm
>> reporter: child psychologist laura daveys says it's a common trauma. what surprised daveys, 80% did something about it. >> some of our kids are going to respond tho that, and stand up for their friends. >> i've actually stud up to people who like racial slurs that i've seen, or homosexual slurs. >> i usually step in and provide evidence that they're wrong or make the bully feel bad. >> reporter: one in five reporting about bullied in the past year. two in five said they spilled over to real life. >> instead of confronting them face-to-face, she did it through social networking and it actually backfired, and she was suspended. >> reporter: teens overwhelmingly accepted advice from their parents. tonight on our facebook wall, we ask about cyber bullying. one writes, i was bullied as a kid, and now my daughter is going through the same, with the exception, as a parent, i
10:28 pm
get involved to stop it by doing whatever it takes, even the schools sometimes make it difficult. and carol writes, bullying has to be addressed at a young age. as a teacher, i saw it happen in first grade. address it then when the kids still listen to you. you can tell us if you've had any experiences with bullying, on ktvu channel 2 on facebook. is every gold buyer legit? what to look for in a ktvu special report. a stolen puppy joins his new owner. how he was recovered, and how the animal shelter is still looking for the dog napper.
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we want to let you know, we are monitoring tomorrow's
10:31 pm
developing news at uc berkely. looking at a live picture of a standoff on sprowl hall. several hundred protesters are gathered there right now, they've been trying to put up stents and start an occupy encampment. the university says free speech is fine, but no tents and no occupying overnight. more on this situation in the next 15 minutes. now to tonight's special report. it's on the booming gold business. it means more sellers and more buyers in the bay area. we've discovered some dealers willing to break the law to cash in on your jewelry. the key signs of an illegal operation. if this doesn't look like you're average cash for gold store. it's not. we brought in a gold chain to this shop on oakland boulevard, which advertises, we buy gold in the front, and fixes cars in the back.
10:32 pm
the man offered us $116 for the chain. when we asked what's all that stuff on your hands? he said i'm an auto mechanic. we checked with california's department of justice and consumer affairs and found no record this business has a license to buy gold, or even repair cars for that matter. industry experts tell us this man offered a fair brice, but that doesn't mean the public's not at risk. >> they're melting the stuff immediately and making it all go away. >> reporter: more and more rock gold buyers in the bay area. as a licensed pawn broker, he has to follow a long list of regulations, holding any gold he buys for 30 days, to make sure it's not stolen. >> each item that we take in is reported on a daily basis to our local police department. the description of that is entered into a statewide database of stolen property. >> reporter: anybody that wants to sell gold at a police like
10:33 pm
this has to give their thumb print and signature. that's what makes rogue dealers so attractive to people trying to sell stolen merchandise. we provided almost no information for this transaction. you can see him filling out the receipt by hand. i'm eric with channel 2. we came back to ask this man about his business. >> one of my associates sold some gold to you last week. do you still have that gold? do you still have the necklace? >> we don't have it here. what do you want first? can you turn the camera off? >> reporter: he told us, he keeps the gold he buys off site for security purposes. but he bristled when we asked for a license. >> do you know that you have to have a license to buy gold. >> yeah. >> do you have a license to buy gold? >> yes, we're into the law.
10:34 pm
>> can you show my the license? >> i cannot show nothing to you. >> reporter: he allowed us to go back inside without the camera, but still didn't show us any documentation. >> it's very bad for the community, because they're taking a big risk. >> reporter: newman says he knows police have more pressing priorities and can't always enforce the laws that regulate a growing industry, which has more gold buyers popping up all the time. he says the state could actually generate revenue by forcing more dealers to get licensed, protecting customers in the process. eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now. today gold sells for $1,785 an ounce. that is up from just $625, five years ago. for many investors, the precious metal is a hedge against fluctuations in the
10:35 pm
stock and bond markets. the contra costa county released a sketch of a gunman. he was dressed in a gray hoody, faded jeans and white tennis shoes. the victim says he pulled over to the side of an off ramp. at that point, the man approached him and tried to rob him. the gun went off, shattering the victim's windshield. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's democratic. ability yoke police -- antioch police arrested three teenagers involved in a robbery ring. republicans are calling it the christmas tree tax. the white house says it's no such thing, but it's going to
10:36 pm
delay implementing the fee for now anyway. earlier this week, the obama administration green lighted a free promotion program that growers had long sought. under the program, growers and importers would pay 15 cents per tree to a fund. that would pay for advertising and marketing of large christmas trees. tonight, an 8-week-old puppy stolen from a san francisco animal shelter is with his new, and very happy owner. this is bode, and his human pal edgar sea. yesterday, bode was stolen on 16th street. today a woman said she bought the dog from someone at the safeway on market street for $200. but returned it after seeing about the theft. >> i would love to meet her and thank her. not everybody would do this. >> the spca says their
10:37 pm
surveillance camera captured the thieves in action. you can see the man leaving with the dog and a woman looking out of the door. anyone with information is asked to call police. an aftershock strikes a city already devastated. some people trapped in a collapsed building are sending text messages for help. back here in less than 10 minutes. i've got some rain to talk about. it's in the five-day forecast. i'll let you know when it gets here. plus steve jobs is nominated for person of the year. why it would be a first for time magazine.
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pg and e says corrosion has caused a hole in the natural gas pipeline on the peninsula. it's the same line that exploded in san bruno last year. pg and e said the corrosion didn't mean problems for the whole pipeline. the crew finished repairs today. a smart phone standard could be a thing of the past. adobe says it's not going to upgrade it's flash. steve jobs had forbidden the use of flash on his drives,
10:41 pm
because he considered it an energy hog. adobe says it is going to lay off 200 employees now. but the company is vowing to create new software for mobile devices. a nominee for time magazine's person of the year could break all the years. steve jobs has jobs has been nominated. if chosen, he would be the first person to win the award after his death. in news of the world tonight, in turkey, an aftershock measuring 5.7 struck the eastern part of the country today, it comes after last month's 7.2 earthquake. dozens of people are trapped in buildings that collapsedk and rescuers struggled to find survivers. at least seven people are now confirmed dead. journalists trapped there sent
10:42 pm
text messages asking to be rescued. human rights watch says the misconduct is happening at all levels of authority. in the central asian republic of kazakhstan a russian rocket reached orbit, but a booster rocket failed. russian engineers have two weeks to try to get it to work. otherwise it will come crashing back to earth. most experts in the u.s. suspect it would burn up before reaching the ground. several hundred protesters and several dozen sheriffs deputies are squared off here on the campus of uc berkely. we'll have a live update for you coming up. falling temperatures at this hour, but the forecast for the weekend is changing. bill martin back here in six minutes. big! big.
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back now to our developing news. standoff between law enforcement officers and student protesters an the campus of uc berkely. ken wayne live again. this all started as an occupy style protest over tuition and fees. >> reporter: frank, things have calmed down considerably here. there are still several hundred protesters and several dozen officers over sprowl hall. some of the protesters are sitting in front of the deputies cross legged. we have music playing. at one point, we saw what appeared to be rose petals tossed toward deputies and bubbles blown into the air. we had a union representative who said at least two of their members have been arrested, and their trying to figure out if any more have been arrested. we saw at least one person who
10:46 pm
appeared to be injured being taken away. other than that, things are calm. although we still have several hundred people here. earlier police did move in a little after 9:30 tonight and took down about half a dozen tents that had been set up outside. university officials said they could protest here, but they could not sleep or set up camp here. we're taking an eye on things, so far things are calm. live in berkely, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. the $150 fee is supposed to help cover the cost for fighting fires in the place where the state provides wildfire prevention and protection. about 850,000 properties will get the bill. governor brown figures the fee will raise $50 million this fiscal year. there is no more free lunch for california state senators in sacramento, the senate rules
10:47 pm
committee voted to end the practice. the large times reports more than $110,000 has been spent this year to feed them. senators already get a per diem of $143,000 in expenses. the tsa says it's willing to expand its program for those who provide information about themselves. the precheck program allows allows travelers to be screened ahead of time. those passengers who successfully participate in the program, become eligible for expedited screening. pilot programs were started at four airports throughout the country. now the tsa wants to expand the program to three more airports across the country next year, including l.a.x. zsa zsa gabor is back in the hospital tonight. her health has deteriorated
10:48 pm
since she broke her hip last year and later had her leg amputated. we've got a weather system we're tracking that will bring showers to parts of the bay area. but it is not a big deal. it's going to move south of the area on friday. here's the system we're tracking right now. it's fairly impressive looking. what it's going to do that is different than earlier forecast, instead of coming right threw the bay area, it's going to drop south of the bay area. so we'll end up on the north end of this thing. these were the highs for today. highs tomorrow come up a few degrees. mid-60s tomorrow. i don't think we'll see any 70s, but a very nice day with a very cool start. frost to the north bay. maybe a little patchy valley fog. tomorrow, a chilly start. nice warm day. friday, the clouds increase. when you see this weather system, you'll see what i'm
10:49 pm
talking about, it's going to head south. as it moves in, it's going to swing south of the bay area. southern california is going to get some rain out of this. for us, we're going to see sprinkles, some clouds on friday, and then it's gone. bay area weekend looks dry right now. so here goes the system, most of our systems come through like this, don't they? tomorrow, it's going to be silting off shore. watch what it does as we head toward the weekend, it drops south. the strongest part of that storm misses the bay area. it brings clods, and skirts clouds and showers along the coastal actions. very little inland penetration. very few showers past the concord area, if that. santa rosa, much less shower activity than in the san jose area. that all happens on friday. here's the computer model. tomorrow afternoon, it's still offshore. watch how it dances around offshore. there is 7:00 a.m. friday. here we go a little further along. there it is, 1:00 p.m., right? a few sprinkles here. a little bit here.
10:50 pm
then a few more sprinkles lingering. widely scattered showers. friday is not a wash out. friday is the day you will get things done. santa cruz mountains south, and the rain could be a bit of an issue. maybe a 10th of an inch, maybe a little more towards big sur. a lot of clouds and temperatures that will be cooler. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. lots of upper 60s. the five-day forecast with your weekend in view, i pulled the showers out and put sunshine in on friday. hope that works for you guys. weekend is okay too. weekends draw just a few clouds. >> a huge game for stanford, against oregon. >> looks good. caltrans will open a southbound hov lane on interstate 680 between rut ger lane and la gorner road.
10:51 pm
toyota is recalling more than 280,000 vehicles in the united states for problems that could make them harder to steel. it includes lexus es and rs models. toyota says drivers who hear abnormal noises should call the dealer for inspection. the company adds, it has no reports of accidents or injuries. flooding stopped toyota production in thailand. now it says it plans to resume production there in about two weeks. floods caused a ripple effect in north america and japan. those plants couldn't get parts, but they should be back to normal shortly. the cold weather is just the thing for a holiday season sport right in the heart of san francisco. [ lisping ] i lost my front tooth the other day,
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which would be great... if i was seven. i'm forty-six. and the tooth fairy doesn't come when you're forty-six.
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just lots of referrals and appointments and bills that costs tons. maybe i'll keep it... it adds character... right? [ male announcer ] we know life can be unpredictable. that's why we offer affordable health coverage and dental plans. blue shield. that chill in the air tonight makes for good ice skating weather in san francisco's union square. another outdoor ice skating rink also opened today on the embarcadero at justin herman plaza. joe paterno is penn state,
10:55 pm
but not anymore. >> because he could not find the courage to voice his outrage and make sure the culprit was put behind bars immediately, the legend is ousted in disgrace. joe paterno was fired today under an unanimous vote this evening. along with the school president graham spanier. after the ouster, hundreds of students showed their support for paterno who seemed out of touch with the gravity of the situation. >> we are penn state, and we'll always be.
10:56 pm
the list of sensational home-grown athletes from the bay area tonight is illustrious. five were honored into the hall of fame. water polo player and coach, art lambert. dante pasterimi. a great career he had in the nfl. along with being a car racer at the end of his career. and of course kristi yamaguchi. the olympic gold medalist. >> the athletes here in the bay area just have a certain class. certain high standards to live up to, and i think it just helps the future generations. >> it's been a long time. we were reminiscing today. it's been 48 years since i met rusty weeks. to come book and see a lot of my old teammates and everything and friends, it's been a joy. you could argue that it is a golf shot even more rare than a hole in one.
10:57 pm
the albatross. two shots on a par 5. the australian open was the scene of that albatross sighting in today's first round. par 5, number 8, adam scott. this is his second shot out of the rough and into the cup. he went from one over to two under on that shot. tiger woods playing for the first time in about a month in the tournament, at 13, in the sand and out. almost an eagle himself. winds up with a bird. he just finished up his round, 4 under 68. frightening story out of venezuela today, wilson ramos was abducted and driven away in an suv. no ransom request yet. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we will see you
10:58 pm
the next time news breaks. uc berkely where police have pulled out. protesters are now swarming. more on the ktvu morning news beginning at 4:30. thanks for joining us. ...and get an extra 15...20... or 30% off all regular, sale and clearance items. no exclusions. go to see everything on sale. jcpenney.
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