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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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learned about it when police knocked on her home. >> they did a stake out at our house. >> reporter: cecilia says she didn't know the family well. but the man was in and out of work. >> the man ended up shooting himself and the members inside the house. >> reporter: a facebook page linked to the shooters had a message on it outlining his financial challenge and that facebook page was indicative of a suicide note. police say the second suspect 28-year-old michael crosby was arrested last night. he was booked on burglary, conspiracy and probation
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violation. gallardo was shot by an officer. the occupy protesters in oakland was marking a milestone and having a party. but many business owners in the downtown area say they have nothing to celebrate. ktvu's janine de la vega reports on the result of a new poll that shows a lot of frustration. >> reporter: the chambers surveyed 100,000 voters and 63% say the impact of occupy oakland is harmful to local businesses and workers. the poll showed that nearly 60% want the encampment to end. some restaurant owners at the plaza were too scared to go on camera but say they have lost revenue and some demonstrators have tried to steal food. >> we've talked to restaurants, to businesses of a variety of natures. they are losing depositions, they are losing customers. >> reporter: chamber officials say the situation has gotten out of control and are blaming mayor jean quan. 75% of voters disagree with the
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way the mayor is dealing with occupy oakland. so far that meeting has not happened and many demonstrators are concerned about safety issues in the plaza. >> lack of lights in the city area in an open space is dangerous and we need to address that. the mayor must do her job and support the people. >> reporter: as our janine de la vega is reports, she also tell us that today marks 30 days since that occupy oakland encampment began. she says that people there are planning on marking that milestone tonight. >> reporter: there's concern that what happened last night could happen again tonight. >> police in riot gear used batons to push their way through a human chain last night. they tore down tents and made dozens of arrests. but when the sun came up this morning, there were still a few tents left and a lot of people
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sleeping in sleeping bags. >> we intend to take back the space that was taken from us and we intend to camp and create a community here. just like oakland. >> reporter: police moved in again this morning to remove any new tents, students voted to form the encampment to show solidarity with the national occupy movement and to protest the seven tuition hikes over the past five years. >> we're just getting breaking news coming from the area of downtown oakland. our crews are telling us there's been a shooting in the area of 14th and broadway. if i'm right i think that's where a coffee shop may be located. all we're getting right now is that there are reports of a shooting that's right in the area of the occupy oakland encampment that's right in front of city hall. we have crews on the way, we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it. back to berkeley, the tents there are gone. faculty members say they
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decided to act in solidarity with their students so they're holding a teach out. we're live on the campus with what's happening there. >> reporter: we are live on campus tonight and the teach out is still going on. you can see a large crowd already gathered right here in front of one class. an assembly had been planned for 5:00 tonight. we've been told that's been turned into a premeeting. a premeeting discussing the day of action scheduled for next tuesday. also a general assembly had been moved an hour back to 6:00 where they will be talking about that strike and day of action. we'll monitoring it for you right here. we want to show you the scene this morning when uc berkeley police removed the one symbolic tent placed on campus this morning after campus police cleared them out with force last night. the university spokeswoman told me this afternoon, cal respects protests but will not allow any encampment to take hold. the university has watched the problems grow in oakland and san francisco and i was told
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one tent often leads to more. some faculty took a stand in solidarity with their students by refusing to teach inside, taking their students outside. >> the point was to use public space. to use the public university to talk about public education. and to engage in dialogue and conversation about what's important to the students. >> reporter: this class spent an hour reviewing a new york times piece about occupy oakland and mayor quan. >> a lot of students found it really interesting to think about belonging to the berkeley community.
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>> now there are still some students here on campus that have gathered. they have their pillow, they are sleeping on boxes here tonight. they are getting ready in just about an hour, we're going to listen in on a general assembly that will be held. they'll be discussing that day of action that they're planning for next tuesday. we will have more on that coming up. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. back now to the breaking news. the shooting we just talked about a moment ago at 14th and broadway. that is essentially right next to the occupy oakland camp site. janine de la vega is on the phone with us now, janine what happened. >> reporter: i would say 10 minutes ago we were in the truck preparing to go on the air and suddenly we heard pan, pan, pan, pan. several gunshots. at first we did not know if they were fire crackers. we saw a group of people running. when we started heading that way, we saw people crying, we
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saw people running away. we saw people worried. now i'm standing in front of where i see a man down. he is on the ground right now. there's a group of firefighters and police. cpr is being performed on him. i'm told by witnesses here that he was shot. that supposedly the perpetrators ran away but there's been a group of occupy protesters sort of circling around him sort of linking a human chain. they don't want any video cameras any time they see anybody hold up a cell phone to take video of this victim, of this man that has apparently been shot, the crowd starts getting violent. any time a news photographer tries to approach close to the situation, they start mobbing news people. so i backed away, i can't even see where my camera man is. but people are crying in the crowd, people are saying they should end. it's a little chaotic, several
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fights have broken out. but right now, mainly it's just emergency personnel and people sort of gathering all looking at this poor victim that was apparently shot, is on the ground and there's people still doing cpr on him and everybody is just watching. >> as you're giving us this information we're able to put up a live picture. it seems to be just down the sidewalk from where i see a large group of people. this is in the general area of that large occupy oakland encampment. it's very early. do we know if this is at all related to the occupy oakland protest. >> i don't, i don't. i was talking to an eyewitness who said he did see some -- a group of young kids with a gun. but we don't know if they were part of the occupy movement. this literally happened just you know, feet like maybe 50 feet away from the tents. just on the sidewalk. right now they just brought in a gurney and they're trying to
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clear out the crowd. they're telling the crowd to back up. i don't nope if you can hear this in the background. but it's happened very close to the camp. >> what are all the people saying back up, is that what they're saying. >> back up, everybody is saying back up. because you know people are crowding around the body. some of the people were praying and again they were trying to prevent the media or any other people from shooting this victim on the ground as police are trying to get a handle on the situation and back up the crowd. and give emergency personnel space. >> it's a very tense situation janine. we are able to see a couple of people, the man in the cap saying move back, move back. we're showing exactly what you're able to tell us. i understand it's very early on. you say that emergency crews are on the scene. at this point that's all we have. we don't know the severity of the shooting or who was involved. >> no, no, they are literally
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putting up yellow tape as i'm talking. the yellow tape hasn't even gotten to me. i'm sure the yellow tape is going to go in front of me. >> you mentioned it was young kids running away, is the victim a young kid, a man. can you describe him. >> it looks like a man. it looks like african american hasn't. -- african american man. i can't see the face because it looks like they have around oxygen mask on him. it looks like a man, not a young kid. it is very hard to tell, i'm sorry frank. because it's starting to dim out here and a lot of emergency personnel are surrounding him. >> but it certainly looks like he's in pretty bad shape. >> oh yes. there's about 10 people, 10 people around him. i have not seen him move and
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again they are still pumping on his chest. i think desperately trying to save him. >> janine i know in the encampment. we've certainly seen first responders, was it police in the area or first responders had to come in. >> reporter: i did not police in the area when this happened. i mean, i believe police were called to this because it did take some time for them to come to the scene. we heard the gunshots, the rounds, it was probably three or four gunshots. and we looked outside and just saw people running from the direction of the camp. then we saw some people running toward that direction and then we made the decision to start heading down there. then people were yelling call 911, somebody has been shot, somebody has been shot. call 911. then it was still several minutes before we started hearing the ambulance and where
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we actually saw police come. so before police came. the occupy protesters surrounded this man that was down on the ground. and created sort of a human link of hands like a circle around the man barring someone from trying to gawk at him as he layed there on the ground before paramedics arrived if that makes sense. >> it does. and janine there's a tolley's coffee shop at the corner. i believe the b.a.r.t. station is there as well. was it right at the sidewalk in front of the tolley's? >> it's literally. there's 14th street i'm very close to 14th street and broadway. almost right on the corner of 14th street and broadway right in front of the b .a.r.t., the b.a. b.a.r.t. escalators that go down.
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across from the rite-aid and the tolley's coffee. it's right next to tolley's coffee almost right next to that. >> all these people, we're looking at something here right now. i don't exactly know what this is. we have been told they found a suspect car about a block away. those are pictures of -- >> looked like somebody was being helped on the ground there. you see a large crowd of people. we saw the b.a.r.t. sign lit up on the background. that second picture appeared to be another one of our live cameras on the ground. the photographer appeared to be walking to it. we saw a group of people, someone on the ground. at this point we don't know who was shot, what sort of condition that person is in. you were mentioning there was a suspect car found. >> at 15th and broadway. and just based on what janine has been telling us, she heard several shots and it doesn't appear, it does appear rather
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that the injuries are very serious for this gentleman. on the ground. they've been conducting cpr for the past 15 minutes or so. so it appears he has pretty serious injuries. >> this really just unfolded in the last 15 minutes. janine de la vega on the scene, putting together a report. she saw the immediate response of what you're telling us about the suspect's car being found or a likely car just happening in the last few minutes. this sure backs up what janine was telling us, a lot of emergency crews on the scene. we see ambulance, fire truck, lights going. we see an awful lot of people in that area. we see someone, look at the very bottom right hand corner. it's obstructed now but we're going to give you a better look being loaded up on to the ambulance. it appears from what she can tell, the victim was a male. she really could not get an age. this is happening right near where the occupy oakland protest is happening. we have no idea at this point if the suspect, if the victim
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is anything at all in this shooting is related to the occupy oakland encampment. we do know there was a very swift response. there were a lot of emergency crews on the scene now. janine eluded to -- there's attention there now that people are telling others to back away, move away. certainly in part to get emergency help to the people who need it but also trying to preserve what's happening to get help to those who need it most. >> just so that you have a frame of reference here. that is 14th street right there. broadway would be at the bottom of the screen. and the trees you see there, that is right behind that is where all of the tents are. that is the occupy oakland camp site. tulley's coffee shop, where it appears it happened right in front of tulley's coffee shop. but the high rise is blocking the view. there's a b.a.r.t. entrance as well. this just happened 5:00, janine sitting in her live truck there
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preparing her report. says she hears several gunshots, jumped out of the car and sees several, what she describes as young kids running away. the victim right there on the sidewalk. people race up, try to keep other people away. squad cars arrive, the ambulances arrive, they've been working on him. about 15 minutes or so, and have just now taken him away. >> we have several crews on the scene. we have several pictures from high above. janine is on the ground and will bring us the very latest. it's a packed closet to begin with, again that's the way the occupy oakland encampment has been going on for the past month now. we're going to stay on top of the scene we're also going to keep covering it for you in all the ways that we have. with all of our resources. the key questions here that have not been answered. who is the shooter, who is the victim. what sort of shape is that victim in, the second question is was it in any way related
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to the occupy oakland. >> that's the corner there of 14th and broadway. janine where are you exactly and they've just taken this gentleman away. any new information that you've been able to learn. okay i guess we don't know yet. what we're trying to figure out is who is this gentleman, are they part of the occupy, are the kids part of occupy. this happened in front of the encampment, they might not have anything to do with it. we have been told a car was found on 15th street and broadway. >> eric are able to join us and give us more information go ahead. >> we're here at 14th and broadway. just minutes ago paramedics
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took the man, the person who was shot out on a stretcher. it's obviously a chaotic scene. if you haven't been down there before this is just right on one of the main corners of the occupy encampments that's been set up at frank plaza right outside of tulley's plaza. just a few moments ago i spoke to a person that's been part of the occupy oakland who is insistent that the person who was shot and the shooters were not part of the camp. they seem to believe these people were looking for a certain person and spotted them outside of the occupy oakland camp. i can see several officers going through a fairly large area here at the plaza. presumably looking for evidence, talking to each other about what happened. still a very large crowd has surrounded this area. it was already a tense area considering the encampment that was set up out here. again they just took the person
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who was shot away in an ambulance. we're continuing to gather more information. so far we've talked to people who heard the gunshot. we're still searching for folks who have seen something. >> are you getting a sense of how badly the injuries were to the person that was shot. >> that's something we're still trying to confirm. you're going to hear everything from somebody was shot to somebody was murdered. that's what people are saying out here. but i don't think we can confirm any of that at this point. police certainly are talking to us at this point as they try to process this scene. i'm going to continue to try to find out exactly how badly this person might be hurt. >> can you tell us, janine a couple of seconds ago said there was a lot of tension, with people saying move back. what's the mood? is there any tension or let's figure out what happened?
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>> there's absolutely tension. you can imagine that at any time an incident happens in and around the occupy oakland encampment, they even come at us because they don't want to be painted in any bad light. that's why an organizers came to talk to me and said it had nothing to do with their occupy movement. considering where it happened, so close to the camp, certainly there's going to be a lot of talk if this would have happened if this camp was not here. >> that's some of the things they've been talking about, the safety concerns. they're saying it had nothing
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to do with the occupy camp but that's some of the things we're going to have to figure out. what else? anything around there that they're telling you? >> again really a lot of people are just in shock. unfortunately over the years i've been at a lot of crime scenes and this one is not that different i should say in the sense that you have a lot of people standing around, asking and wondering what happened. and it just so happens that this happened outside the occupy camp where you already have hundreds and hundreds of people. as you can imagine, you have people standing around right at the edge of the police tape trying to find out what happened, others talking to each other about it. i'm looking at faces right now, people just simply in shock right now. >> and eric, just so you know just in the past 20 or so minutes we've been covering this story and bringing live pictures sure looks like it's gotten a lot darker. things tend to change as nightfall comes in and we have to think about what the large number of people there are going to do an certainly how police are going forward in
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their investigation. do you see police talking to the people on the sidewalk, certainly that's one of the most kind of where they start. >> you would imagine, it certainly would be. i should also add that the one thing different about the scene here, is that we're obviously, we have a large number of police responding to this incident in the weeks that i've been covering the occupy camp out here. unless there's a march or something specifically happening there are no police even to be seen. they have been very hands off. so now you've obviously changed the dynamic out here because you have officers out here that have quardened off the area. >> probably about 15 minutes or so ago, janine de la vega one of our reporters inside a live truck heard several shots, jumped out of the live truck.
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there was a man on the ground that had been hit several times. there were several people running away, she described them as young kids. we don't know anything at all about the victim. we have been told that a suspect car was found. janine is back on the phone. did you find anything out? >> i spoke to one of the occupy people who has been here for the last 30 days. he is claiming that this is not occupy related. that he does not recognize the man that was on the ground. and that this is an outside street violence situation. i also spoke to a woman who says she saw a man running away from the scene with a gun. so i don't know if he got into a car because i heard you talking about a suspect
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vehicle. but this was very blatant sounds like. it happened in front of many many people and a lot of people. seems like there's a lot -- >> we're also being told janine that b.a.r.t. is holding at least one train right now. searching for possible gunman. can you take us through again janine. what happened, you're just siting in your truck and you hear what? four shots. >> we were sitting in the truck and we heard about, yeah, i would say at least three to four maybe five shots. and then i looked up and i suddenly saw people running toward me. toward my direction. so, then i started hearing people say, is it fire crackers, is it gunshots. so there were passive people running toward us, and we saw people running toward where we heard gunshots. that's when we decided to get out of the truck. then we started hearing, call
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911, call 911 someone's been shot. at the same moment we started hearing that people in the crowd started seeing a man running away from the scene with a gun in his hand. then at that point, after that when i started approaching the crowd, i got broken up from my photographer. people started getting hostile toward news media who had any sort of recording devices, getting upset not letting us film. people formed a human chain, link of hands around the victim. at that point, paramedics and police still weren't on the scene. so people were sort of guarding his body that was on the ground. and it was hard to tell if he was getting any sort of medical aid from anybody at this point. i would say a few minutes later that's where paramedics and police started showing up and back away the crowd. in the midst of that it seemed like little fights were going on in the crowd. i could not tell what that was
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about because it was a chaotic scene. i would say about 10 minutes ago they took away the body. as they were putting him on the gurney, they were still pumping on his chest. it looked like appearing to resuscitate him. but they weren't giving us as they were taking him away. as he was leaving i heard many people in the crowd saying, we love you. and there were people crying. there were people yelling out, we're going to pray for you. now, you know people are just sort of standing around. just sort of wandering around in disbelief just talking about what's happened. i think people are in shock here. you know i've heard some people say this needs to ends. this is crazy, but then there's a lot of people saying this has nothing to do with occupy, that this was an outside manner. these two people weren't at all involved in the movement it was just street bound. so at this point we're still
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trying to sort things out and figure out what led up to this. >> janine we're going to put you on pause as you gather your thoughts and get more information from wherever you can. we're going to go back 15 minutes when it all happened. we have video that we're going to share with you that was taken just after the shooting happened. again it was janine de la vega, and a photographer with her. they started rolling just as soon as they heard the gunshots. what we're about to play for you here is what i'm guessing is raw video unedited just after it happened. we're going to play it for you. >> this is video that was taken from another photographer. one who was on the ground and it appears he or she is walking up as many people are walking up. for a brief moment we saw someone on the ground. we saw essentially a circle of people crowding in, apparently trying to shield other people. i guess gawkers for lack of a
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better word from getting into where the victim was. i'm assuming on the ground. there you can see the photographer put the camera down. but that backed up exactly what janine and what eric were telling us. they heard gunshots. they saw a couple of people running in. they saw a group of people running toward the person who had been hit by the gunfire. the only description we have to pass along at this point is that it was a male who was hit, janine saw a person being guarded by a group of people. forming a human hand, trying to keep gawkers away. the person has been taken to the hospital in the back of an ambulance. at this point we don't have any description of what the shooter looks like or any name. or whether or not we don't have an official word on whether this person either victim or shooter was connected to the occupy oakland encampment. we have several people on the ground, they each spoke to the
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occupy oakland officials and they say the shooting is not linked to the occupy oakland movement. >> that is 14th and broadway, that is arguably one of the busiest spots in all of oakland. it's a transit hub, there's a b.a.r.t. station right there. there's people coming off of b.a.r.t. it's really remarkable here that no one else was hit by stray gunfire. speaking of b.a.r.t., our consumer editor tom vacar is here now joining us. tom, what's the situation with b.a.r.t. we heard that maybe they had stopped one train, potentially are looking for a suspect. >> that's in deed the case. they stopped one train and they directed the people off so there was a march of people on both sides of the street here. getting to the next b.a.r.t. station because that one was closed off. i'm standing in front of tulley's and it is obviously all taped off. we have police interviewing
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certain hubs. you can hear perhaps the media airports overhead. the people at the occupy are looking as much as spectators as anyone else. this area is blocked off right next to tulley's. i would say the next four blocks north are also themselves closed off as police continue their investigation. they were looking for a suspect allegedly on that train. i suspect that search is going on right now. that's the latest from broadway and 14th where the shooting took place. >> tom, i have to say, we certainly covered violent incidents in oakland and other cities, for this being what appears a single victim shooting. this looks like an awfully big response from the police department from what you're seeing, does that back that up? >> well, i think it's simply because of the hour of the day and then on top of that there are so many people in this area
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because of the occupy movement, normally there wouldn't be nearly as many people, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of people because of occupy then all of the people that are watching them. then of course you come to the end of the day, you have all kinds of people exiting these very large office buildings. so all of this makes for the necessity of the big response. to make sure there were not multiple victims and whoever did this know that they were going to be caught. >> the 14th b.a.r.t. station is that station closed? >> it is, the escalator down to it is closed. it's taped off, it's closed across the street. people that we talked to told us in certain terms that they were told to leave the train. they were going to be directed to another train. but that is closed and of course that puts a big crimp in the commute to say the least. >> yeah, certainly that station just a couple of way from the
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west oakland station which is the busiest station throughout the b.a. -- throughout the entire b.a.r.t. system. so people definitely being inconvenienced. according to tom, it is closed. tom can i ask you someone who has been talking to our other reporters there, they both mentioned a little bit of tension. that was literally just in the minutes and moments after the shooting happened. what's your read on things now? >> well my read on is that a lot of people are looking around. they are very curious as to what goes on. i don't think there's a lot of tension here, there's a lot of people standing around but that really wouldn't be unusual because i think people are pretty confident that whatever happened is indeed over and there's no danger to them. janine de la vega, my colleague is here, did you see anything that you saw that may have
5:33 pm
happened? she just got there and doesn't have that. but we have people looking around. a large number of police and now it appears that broadway and 15th are open. i just saw the first car pass by. broadway is open in the 14th area. i do see some police cars on the 15th and 17th. but it appears for now that traffic is flowing. if it's not flowing it's been diverted on to telegraph. but other than that right now the traffic is moving and quite a few cars. >> tom let me ask you to stand by for a few seconds because we want to go back to eric rasmussen. eric is there where all of this happened. >> reporter: since i last talked to you i moved to the other side. our photographer is going to try to show you an officer.
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they've been walking around with flashlights out. obviously possibly looking for any evidence that might be associated with this shooting. you see two officers converging there. you may not be able to see a third off in the background. but you see this is a large area of frank ocawa plaza that they've roped off because of the shooting. here's more information i learned from somebody who's been out here really since the occupy movement began. this is just one man's account of what he saw and what he knows. but he insists that there was a person trying to avoid people pursuing him for whatever reason. he believes the person came here to seek some sort of cover at the camp. because there are frankly hundreds of people out here. he insists they were not part of the oakland occupy camp specifically. but he said the people who were after him came here and found that person, and that's when the shooting happened. obviously a lot of people very fired up about what happened. we also now want to show you some video we have that
5:35 pm
happened just moments after that shooting. >> [screaming ] >> obviously that was just moments after the shooting happened. you hear the screams there. i even talked to people as we were walking through the crowd here as we arrived who said they heard those shots. one man told me it sounded like two shots to him. but of course when you're in a plaza between large buildings you can see reverberation. certainly, we know this person was shot right in the middle of frank ogawa plaza. we were here as paramedics put that person on a stretcher and wheeled them away. police probably going to be out here for a very long time looking for evidence. any time you have a shooting they're out here looking for shell casings. and it's that time of year when it's gotten dark very early. so they have a lot of work to
5:36 pm
do here in the dark. a lot of people want to know what's happening. a huge crowd has surrounded us as we deliver this report. we're going to stay on the scene and bring you updates as we get them. we'll send it back to you. >> you said you saw some cars coming down 14th and broadway. while it may be squeezed down it is technically opened. cars can get through. >> i think i heard tom say that in my ear. i have since relocated to the other side of the plaza. even as i walked up cars seemed to be getting through. they've contained it to the plaza area here. especially now that the ambulance has made it out presumably taking that victim to the hospital. >> janine mentioned that they were getting a little of antagonism, people saying get away with the camera. what about you? are you having any issues with any of the folks there.
5:37 pm
i know there's a big crowd, if you have to mince your words, go ahead. >> i can tell you two things, no problems at all with the crowd here right now. like i said, people just standing around trying to find out what happened. however i heard the same reports that immediately after it happened there were people trying to stop our cameras from reporting what had happened. i have some experience in that. we were here just two weekends ago and had rolled up when members of the camp were escorting a person out of the camp who appeared to be drunk. didn't belong there, we thought it was interesting that they were policing themselves so we began to record that small incident and we had as many as five or six people rush our cameras and tried to stop us from shooting. literally putting their hands on the camera. so the stuff we're hearing from janine certainly is consistent with what we've experienced out here. >> eric, certainly as you've been covering news all over the bay area. and we've all been in situations where we're covering stories that are unpleasant, it's not unusual to get that kind of response everyone in a
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street corner where there's no one around. they come and find you and tell you to go away. what's happening in that street corner in oakland has happened all over the bay area with or without large groups of people being already there. >> it certainly can. but this is a unique situation out here. we were just talking about how the occupy oakland camp has been out here for a month. there are a unique set of circumstances going on here with a very diverse group of people out here protesting. i would certainly say that the mood here might be different than what you would find at your normal crime scene. >> i thought it was interesting what you said about the skwrept -- gentleman that he saw happen. the victim tried to run to the camp to get some protection from the camp. maybe a group was following him, found him and shot him. i know that i've seen that
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scene there. it's just feet away from that encampment. it's remarkable that no one else was hit. >> it is amazing, it's amazing, this place is packed and it has been for a long time. i know you've seen it. we're going the pan off here thanks to sean suggesting this. just look at all the people standing on the steps here. that is literally one of the edges of the camp that has been set out here at frank ogawa plaza. to give you perspective, as i was there covering the shooting, police began to extend the crime scene tape. extend the crime scene. and that literally pushed us back up the steps and into the camp. that is how close this shooting happened to everybody. >> and as i understand, there's kids in that encampment as
5:40 pm
well. janine said she saw kids running away, others say they saw a man running away. what are you hearing about the person or people who did the shooting? >> reporter: that's a great question. i've been everybody i can find. who they saw, or what they saw. the one person that i've talked to, there's no doubt someone might have seen what happened and may have seen people who shot, but they are not talking. it might be a different story once they talk to police. >> we're showing you a live
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5:44 pm
coffee shot, and right next to the occupy oakland encampment. tom vacar is on the scene with more information. >> reporter: there are two different stories going on. i initially talked to one of the media people, a person saying they were a media people with occupy oakland saying that their medics were the first on the scene. saying that they wanted to keep the peace or whatever. that they were the first one. and then i talked to another gentleman and he says that that is exactly what didn't happen. that they blocked people from taking pictures for the shooting victim. and that they acted in a way that they allowed the perpetrator to get away. those are two stories and it's clear there's some manipulation going on. there's one person who did an
5:45 pm
interview and made all of these stations. then the occupy person spoke to us. there's a general disagreement of what happened. we know somebody got shot. that it was near tulley's. that's the latest and again, changing stories but that's what we've heard so far. >> we don't have an yours -- we don't have an identity of the person that got hit. >> they do have sitting in one of the police cars a person with a white hoodie. but that person police tell us is a person that's a witness to all of this. not a suspect but a witness. and that person does not want to be photographed and police certainly asked us not to do that because they say this person is a witness not a suspect or anything like that. so the investigation pretty intense there. there are a lot of police around here.
5:46 pm
and things go on but again the streets in the general area do seem to be open accept for 14th. where i guess that would be to the west. fourteenthis closed because we have a lot of police cars blocking the way. and that is the situation. >> at the top of our newscast, we first reported this -- heard this from our reporter janine de la vega who was on the scene. she was right inside her live truck when she said she heard what sounded like four or five pops. pop, pop, pop, pop. he thought it was fireworks at first and then saw a lot of people running and realized that was the situation. she could see the gentleman actually on the ground describe him as an african american men. this is video that we took moments after the shot. this is right at 14th and broadway. the oakland occupy camp right to the right of this picture. you will see the camera men moves in they have surrounded the person that was shot. there are some people working
5:47 pm
on them. our photographer then backs up. you can see in janine's voice the emotion in her voice. having just heard this and been right there often times when we're covering stories like this. we get their a little bit later and here, she got there literally within seconds. and you can tell that she was a little shaken up by it. >> now, well i'll tell you it was a situation where i talked to one gal who was driving on 14th and she heard the shooting and then she said she saw people scattered everywhere they could possibly scatter. she stopped a car just to see what was going on. but she said it was a melee immediately thereafter. >> i know you're giving us the latest information and we're getting more information on this end in our studio. we have several people in the newsroom trying to confirm
5:48 pm
information we're getting. at this point what we know it's been about 45 minutes. there's been a shooting right near the occupy oakland encampment according to our numerous reporters there on the scene. they've had a will the of people from the encampment approach them and say it was not related to the encampment. occupy oakland campers were not involved then our tom vacar told us, hey that's not the case. they actually sort of formed a shield to prevent people who might be able to help from getting to the victim, with so many people out there you're bound to get several different stories. >> also we're unfortunately just hearing from sources that the person who was shot ended up dying. we got the sense right off the top here that he was very seriously injured just based on the number of shots and how frantic they were when they were working on him. and unfortunately we have just confirmed now from several of our sources that the person who was shot is now dead. >> let's go ahead and bring in another piece of video that we just got back to the newsroom. it shows the moments after the
5:49 pm
shooting just happened. we're going to roll it, we're going to take a short pause and meet you on the other end. >> actually this is the video we've already shown you. let's see if we have -- let's see if we have the other video. but again this was taken just literally seconds after -- there you see the tents in the background. again, several occupy people have been very adamant about saying this had nothing to do with the occupy protest. we also heard from eric rasmussen that one person told him that the gentleman who was shot was trying to run away from these people and ran to the occupy camp hopefully to get some protection from the people who were after him. it did not work. they caught him and from what we understand it was a small caliber weapon. several shot and as we told you a moment ago we just confirmed now that the suspect died. not suspect, the victim died.
5:50 pm
>> what we are showing you actually on the right hand side of the screen, those i believe are pictures from earlier. a minute ago you see there the police cars are coming down, b.a.r.t. police also responding to the scene. that's in keeping with what we've heard from our consumer editor tom vacar. he tell us that the 14th street is closed. that happened just more than half an hour ago. we've been able to confirm to our sources in the newsroom that the victim in the shooting on broadway and oakland has died. here we're seeing more pictures, the first time we've been able to bring you these. we see officers collecting several things from the ground. as you watch this camera that's on the shoulder of one of our photographers. a moment ago we saw a person come and put his body, trying to stand in between the photographer and the scene that he or she was trying to shoot. these pictures that we're
5:51 pm
bringing to you were sent into our newsroom minutes ago. even moments after the shooting happened, it was one of our crews there janine de la vega and her photographer. they were reporting on the occupy oakland encampment. they were telling us how it was 14 days of the encampment. it was a party being planned to celebrate the milestone of one month of occupy oakland. then we got the call from janine say that she heard gunshots from outside of her news truck. all these pieces of video that we're showing you come from janine and her crew. again 12th street, b.a.r.t. station closed. the area around 14th and broadway. very, very busy. those the streets do appear to be open. i think that's 14th there that's blocked off with that handful of police cars. but you see there that car going east-west on broadway. but broadway is open. when you have a situation like this. if you have the option of
5:52 pm
avoiding the area certainly that would be the best choice. >> one of the things that make this so noteworthy is that it happened during rush hour in downtown oakland. in the busiest area of oakland. one of the busiest areas of oakland. you can see the b.a.r.t. entrance right there. the b.a.r.t. escalator right there on the top right hand corner of the screen. so it really is, i've been saying this but it really is remarkable that no one else was injured because several shots were fired. i want to bring back our reporter eric rasmussen who is right on the ground right next to or right near i should say where this shooting happened, eric. >> i just heard you guys a moment ago reporting the information that this person was killed. and that information of course is now starting to filter through the camp. i talked to some people obviously who are just incredibly upset about this. i talked to another man i've seen out here a lot during the occupy protest and he told me he talked to somebody who
5:53 pm
actually knew the victim who was out here who was just incredibly upset about what happened. let's give you one more look though at what's happening out here right now. you see officers although it's dark, walking through here. what i thought i would be showing you, they seemed to be clearing out a few minutes, they are going door to door at some of the these store fronts obviously trying to gather any information they can. you have to imagine with all the businesses here, there may be surveillance cameras. there may be people who were still at work when this happened. of course the timing is just incredible. the people were just wrapping up their day. of course you had a camp that was just full of people. also in the last 15 minutes or so, i talked to another person with occupy oakland and he gave me a sense of what he says they did to try to help when this happened. he says they sent in their medics. if you haven't been out here they have designated medics with crosses on their back wearing red crosses. i saw one of them inside the
5:54 pm
perimeter helping police. this person also told us that some people tried to help with the crowd control. the message from the dedicated occupy oakland folks, that they were trying to control the situation. just heard another person right before we came on air say that he thought this was it for occupy oakland. whether they deserve the blame for it or not. he thought this was something they just cannot recover from. again i'm stepping out of the way. because you see more officers, another one walking right up to the perimeter here. and sean i don't know if we can see the man standing by the window there. they're gathering more information. of course that's what we're doing too. staying here, trying to find out whatever we can. we're going to continue to talk to people here. there are a lot of people, even potential witnesses we'll be bringing you whoever we can in the next 30 minutes here. >> eric rasmussen live for us
5:55 pm
there. we're going to let you go just for a moment. we have new information to tell all of those affected. we've just learned that the b.a.r.t. station is open again. there are going to be some residual delays throughout the system. but the city center b.a.r.t. station is open once again. that happened here just in the past few minutes. >> i'm also looking at the occupy oakland website. it says a camera man for channel 7 was attacked on this scene and may have suffered some type of concussion. i'm just going off of the tweets that i see on the occupy oakland website. but i just thought i would share that information as well. it has been a tense situation at times for people in the media. particularly when you pull out a camera. it's one thing to walk through the camp without a camera. you pull out that camera and sometimes that can get a
5:56 pm
negative reaction and that may have been the case here. also, something else here just to consider, is how this will play now with city leaders. mayor jean quan has come under a lot of fire with how she has handled this situation here with the camp site. one of their concerns was safety concerns. regardless of whether this had anything to do with the occupy camp or not, city leaders say this is just another reason why this camp has to go. >> when you think of all the people involved in what just happened, the occupy oakland protester, the people who were bystanders. the businesses that line 14th and broadway. the oakland police department we have not been able to hear from directly yesterday. the mayors office we're trying to get in contact with. there's a lot of people who have factored into what happened and we're bringing you the information as soon as we can get it. we're going to keep the chopper
5:57 pm
over scene. we're going to bring you the very latest information as we get it. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we have breaking news of this developing story. janine was right there when the gunfire broke out. take us through those moments. >> reporter: we're here at frank ogawa plaza. i was sitting in the live truck with my photographer when suddenly we heard about three or four gunshots like pow, pow, pow. then we jumped out of the truck and then we looked over around here, and right where you're looking, i don't know if you can see a b.a.r.t.


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