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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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it's about 50 miles towards the east in the last few runs it starts to dive towards southern california. it will take most of the energy with it. cloudy cooler is the forecast for day. temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s, not those 72 readings we had yesterday. today will be different on the roads. today is veterans day. some people do have the day off. someone else reminded me that it was national metal day. traffic is moving along pretty well. we recollected see lighter than usual conditions on the road. the morning commute on westbound 92, no mayor problems are on the bay area bridges. there is road work at highway 4 at summerville. there is a detour for another hour. let's go to interstate 8806789 you can see
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some -- 880. you can see some road work here blocking one of the lanes. it is so early and light it's not causing a big traffic jam. let's go back to pam. in over night news, the highway patrol is investigating a by sr crash -- bizarre crash on 880. alex joins us now where he just got an update from police. >> this was a crash investigation that has turned into a shooting investigation. the police are trying to figure out who opened fire on a man as he was driving along the freeway over night. this happened before midnight along 80 near tennessee street. the car ended up crashed on to the shoulder of the road way. investigators showed up and they found the 28 driver inside. he had several gunshot wounds. he died at the scene. investigators interviewed a couple of witnesses. the police think this driver was tar g --
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targeted by the shooter. >> i don't believe it's a random act. again, i'm in the doing the -- not going the investigation. it's just from the first look at it. >> it was the 13th homicide this year. police are not releasing the identity of the man who was killed. they don't have a description on the gunman or the car that person may have been driving. if you were driving along 80 in valejo the police would like to talk to you if you saw anything suspicious. we're live this morning, am legislation safrj -- alex savrj major gene quan says it's -- gene quan suz it's time to shut -- says it's time to shut down í oakland protests again. that's after the shooting yesterday. our ktvu news crew was just a few feet away when the shots range out just before 5 o'clock yesterday evening.
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police say a young man who was involve in a fight with four other people was shot and killed. there's in the clear if the men that had any direct connection to the camp. í okay í oak land's major says ---ing í oakland's major says it's time for the protestors to pack up and leave. craig is in downtown with the scene this morning. craig? >> reporter: good morning, ma'am. -- good morning, pam. for the first time the occupy oakland camp is mourning the loss of somebody. we don't know if he was with the camp. opd is not releasing the name of that person. there is around the round opd officers on site. the officer says this is the first time this has happened. they are seriously now in the mode or at least moving towards closing the camp. what happened yesterday was probably one of the worst days in terms of violence since occupy oakland opened earlier this year. not only was a person shot and killed, but as we just saw, a
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loft the news crews were shooufed -- shooufed around as they tried to keep cameras from video taping the wounded person. we talked to somebody with occupy objecting labbed who was near -- í oakland and he said he saw what happened. >> a guy got free and ran and he ran right down here. then i heard -- we heard the pops, pops, pop, pop. we listened for breathing, we couldn't find any breathing. i tried to find a pulse. >> reporter: and it one just that young man who was shot and killed. i heard from an í oakland officer that an employee with the western credit union was grazed by a bullet during the hail of gunfire. no word -- police have -- no word if police have anyone in custody. what happened yesterday did nothing but heat up the talk whether í í í
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occupy í oakland should close. as we said earlier, the major is now trying to take the lead the close down the camp. >> i'm calling on the camp to please leave voluntarily. i have city workers out there who have been offering vowtures to homeless shelt sglers -- shelters >> reporter: just looking at the camp it's hard to tell if anybody took the major up on that offer. political pressure is getting hotter for her. one of the counsel members is now saying he will call for a no confidence vote in the major. -- mayor. that could effect how quickly the camp closes or if and when it closes. we're going to try to talk to police this morning about their purpose out here this morning and try to talk to some of the occupy í okay í oak lander -- í oaklanders. many í oakland business owners were calling on the city to shut down the camp before this
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shooting. the killing is certain to step up their campaign to pressure the city to shut down the camp once and forker all. the month long protest as been an economic disasters for downtown businesses. violence could make a bad situation even worse. >> i certainly hope it doesn't have a long lasting effect. it does effect people's opinions of what í oakland is like. >> the í oakland chamber of conference is demanding the city down -- hear down to -- -- tear down the camp. occupy santa rosa and that city are working together to keep the movement -- working together to keep the order under control. the city counsel aproofed the necessary -- approved the necessary permits during a meeting last night. dozens of speakers explained
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their reasoning to the counsel. >> it can't take place only during business hours. if we go home at night we will forget. >> the counsel placed conditions on the permits, including no cooking, smoking or drinking and all adults staying over night must provide their name to have the -- to the stay. not -- to the city. not everyone spoke in support. . students at uk berkeley -- uc berkeley will be preparing for a demonstration this weekend. we'll have more on that will later. two veterans hospitalized following í oakland's protest will be honored today. they are planning a protest and march. scott olsen is recovering from a skull frak churl after a police
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tier gas republicanest hit him in the hit. -- head vm occupy organizers say any injury is unacceptable. the 9 #rd -- 93rd annul veterans parade will kick off in san jose today. the elk lodge honored veterans last night who are unable to march in today's parade. several of them have lost limbs and others have lost their eyesight. the vet reasons we talk -- the veterans we talked to say they appreciate the gesture. well, president obama will mark veterans today later this morning. this is video from 2009 where the president will lay a reef on the thom of the -- tom of the unknowns. that will be at 8 o'clock our time.
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this is video from 2009. obama did not attend the ceremony last year because he was out of the city at the time. a man is recovering from a stab wound suffered after the raiders game. police say two men got into a fight in the parking lot after the raiders beat the chargers last night. a 25-year-old man was stabbed in the stomach. his injuries are not believed to be life threatening. police say the fight does not appear to have anything to do with the raiders chargeers -- chargers arrive -- rivalry. the victim is not cooper rating. one of penn state's assistant coaching won't be coaching in the team's game tomorrow. mike has received multiple threats after testifying in a grand jury investigation. the investigation led to child sex asues charges against jerry sandusky.
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sandusky's lawyer says his client is innocent. joe paterno was fired on wednesday on growing criticism that he did not do more to stop the alleged abuse. this is new talk of increasing parking fees in san francisco. they are considering several proposals to close the $80 million deficit. they include enforcing parking meters on sundays and raising parking tiths by 3 o'clock ---ing tickets by $3. h 4 -- 4:40 is the time >> i'm more expensive now than i used to be. i've raised any prices. >> that's true. >> well, he does. let's go out and take a look at what we've. i know steve is chomping at the bit to comment on that. this is 80 as we head out to mechanic or
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their. you can see traffic looks good. we are not reporting any major problems. as i wanted to remind you, it's veterans day, some people have the day off. you might have a better than usual commute if you have to go to work. this is a look at the bay bridge coming into san francisco. no problems on the lower deck either from san francisco to í oakland. the morning drive in san jose, northbound 280, it's a nice drive. two areas to focus -- on, one, tropical clouds. have produce -- they have produce issue produced some light rains. the main front is still right offshore and it's going to stay offshore. the closer you are tot coast, the better opportunity for rain. if this would -- it's a zigzag thing.
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if it would push 50 miles we would get the rain. there's a lot there. the coastal areas most likely to see the rain. inlands areas, mainly cloudy and cool. there could be some lite rain in the morning here -- light rain in the morning here. you can see where it's heading. it's right offshore. a lot of that is going to stay there because of the low. as it does, it takes it's moisture with it. a lot of 50s now because of the cloud coverage. temperatures have held up a little bit. we will expect this system to tease us all morning long. i would throw the rain gear in the back. lock at the -- look at the low. it's already driving south -- diving south. cloudy, cool. rain main ly on the coast. 50s and 60s for your temperatures today. temperatures come down 5, 10 degrees compared to
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yesterday. saturday morning, clouds, maybe some clouds in the south. quite monday, tuesday. the end of next week looking very snow and ice. thank you. valejo's mayor race in dispute again. the mistakes that has one candidates -- that has one candidate disputing the race. >> good morning. traffic is moving along nightsly -- nicely passing mission boulevard. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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a lot of cloud cover and not a lot of rain. the main system is offshore, so the closer to the coast the possibility of rain is greater. a mill stair u.s. -- military jury sentence add soldier to life in prison for his killing of three afghan's for sport. he is charged in the death of the unarmed men they shot while on patrol in afghanistan early this year. that was early last year that is. gribs -- gibs will be especially jill -- eligible for patrol in ten years. they say they killed them because they
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were bored. in the major's race the end come bant is decliering -- declaring victory while the other is claiming fraud. there are still thousands of ballots to be counted. now, david says as far as he is concerned, he has won. but shooifly says she's prepare today contest the -- prepared to contest the election after people said they were unable to vote. this isn't the first time there has been a controversy. back in 200 # 7, candidate -- 2007 there was a win by five votes. then there was a recount that showed the other one by two votes. pittsburgh man said is man president omaba tested -- protested a message on facebook
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after kill threeing family member -- killing three family members. the man called 9 # # 1 -- 911 to report he killed family members. at 9 a.m. swat members found him dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. >> it's quite shocking for us because this neighborhood is quite. >> police say the shooter switched several jobs recently. they have not released the victim's names but say they are a 36-year-old woman, 73-year-old man and 65-year-old woman. >> there are any complaints about the occupy san francisco camp by business owners. some managers at the ferry building say there's been a spike in shof lifting and human waist being left behind. the building manager sites # 1 incidents of cell phones and other items being stole b. -- stolen. she
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say the building toy let paper and paper towel costs have double. uc berkeley will be spending the weekend preparing for the main event in the occupy cal contest. they work working out the -- they began working out the details. they hope to send a message to lawmakers. >> our representatives are not long to us. it does not matter if we flood their indocses -- inboxes with e-mails or voice mails. >> meantime the occupy cal protestors say a you tube video proved police used excessive force against the students wednesday night chlth they charged -- they clashed with the demonstrators to block -- that formed a human chain to broke
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block -- block a tent. pg&e crews in san francisco fixed a gas leak that forzed the -- forced the closure of several city streets. the leak happened at beel and mission at 7 o'clock night -- last night. pg&e say construction workers sdently hit the -- accidentally hit the pipe. they did cap off that like at t -- leak at 9 o'clock. the nba lock out is still on this morning. contract walks between owners and players broke down once again last night after nierly 11 -- nearly 11 hours of investigation. there is still basketball in the bay area. we are reminded that the richmond rockets than their -- began their season last night n addition to -- in addition to providing entertainment the team will be involved in the community. >> welcome be a resource for --
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we can be a resource for helping young people being a mentoring opportunity, whether it's on the court or off the court. >> now, the rockets won last night 's season opener meeting the matrix. the team lays their -- plays their home games and tickets are just $10. county is considering posing a daytime sur few for school -- curfew for school children. parents could also be fined. eight of counter kos a city's already have similar pressures -- measures in place. right now it is 4:51. why some hospitals in the bay area are expecting a mini baby boom today. releasing traffic for bike lanes, a closer look at a plan in san francisco that has bicyclists and drivers up in
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back back. this monthing d welcome back. this morning we have a closer look at plans to make it easier for loik u.s.s to -- loik -- bicyclists to commute. they would convert one lane of a three block stretch of í okay í oak street for bike only traffic. they say bike traffic is up by 40 percent. drivers we talked to haven't thrilled ability lose -- about losing a lane of traffic connecting goalen gait park to the city center. >> i think that san francisco needs to realize that real people live here, not just the bicycle people. this is one of the major routes. >> car traffic isn't necessary, not everybody needs to go in a private car often by themselves.
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>> the mta is expected to make a final decision sometime in the spring. coming up on 5 o'clock. sal is taking a look at the bridge. how is it? >> it looks good. we're start starting there that time as we look at the bay area bridges. we're checking out the bridges. people are driving out to the high-rise. in the last few day it is bay bridge has been getting all the attention. we'll look at the san mateo bridge. you'll see the traffic is moving alock nicely. -- along niceliful you see some road wosh. this ---ing road work. the morning's commute on highway 4 looking good. you maybe see some construction at summerville. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we do have a lot of cloud cover over us, very little rain.
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there's very few showers from the tropical clouds stream anything ahead. the main front is offshore. the key is the upper low is driving south ward and it will take its moisture with it. if you're near the coast, you have a better opportunity to see rain. inland is the light stuff and doesn't last too long. if you are getting rain, you can tweet me. 40s and 50s now. the key though, again t low offshore -- again, the low offshore it's heading east. to thes so close -- it's so close. we'll stay cloudy, cooler with some off and on rain. the low says test -- it's head together southern -- heading to southern california. rain could be along the coast. 58 to 65 and hit and miss rain inland. so mainly a cooler
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forecast, a lot of cloud cover. 50s and 60s today. in the extended out land, clouds -- out look, clouds saturday and it's it's out of here. >> thank you. a lot of people think today's date, 11/11/11 is lucky or special. the wedding capsules are gearing up for a boom in business today. the clark county toy marge -- marriage license bur lieu expects -- bur rue expects 4,000 people. nearly a dozen women have scheduled to make sure their babies are born today, 11, 11 -- 11/11/11. more fall how thes -- more fall outs from the shooting. the steps the city is considering to end the protest.
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gunfire along a bay area free way over night leaves one man dead. why vallejo police don't think this was a random act. fall out from a fatal shooting near


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