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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 11, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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troutman, it is friday and around here that means we're counting down our top 20 videos, "right this minute." a cop car slams into a house. >> what a wake-up call if you're sleeping. this is the middle of the night if that's your house. >> you'll hear about the woman who came out of this alive. she's a pregnant woman with a really strange craving. >> she has developed a craving for road kill. >> now hear the whole story from the mom-to-be. consider it video proof -- it's a small world after all.
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see why disneyland has got nothing on dwarfland. thanksgiving leftovers will never taste the same. >> pizza and you put gravy on it? >> see the concoction that edged the competition to make the top 20. and tired of your dog mooching your beer? well now tell him to get his own. >> beefy brown ale and cock-a-doodle brew. as we kick off today's "rtm countdown"! welcome to the "rtm countdown," the best videos we found by searching the web. today they're our top 20 and we're counting them down to number one. we'll begin with number 20. [ sirens ] >> lights and sirens when they're behind you. what do you do? ♪ >> wh if
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well that didn't happen in this case. here's some dash cam video from the police department in oregon. watch closely. lights and sirens are clearly on. he's approaching a car. this officer is on his way to -- >> oh! >> down goes the house. that police car went completely through and demolished a guest room and also into the living room. ♪ >> what a wake-up call if you're sleeping. this is the middle of the night if that's your house. this was actually 8:30 in the morning. there was somebody at home at the time, but they were in a different part of the house. no one was injured inside the house. no one was seriously injured in this crash, either. the officer walked away. the husband and wife in the car were okay as well. they were treated for minor injuries. the 65-year-old driver said, yeah,dy see the lights and i heard the sirens. but i thought i could make the turn in time. >> oh, my goodness. >> whoops.
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>> he was given a traffic citation for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. >> how lucky that no one was in that room. that no one was sleeping. that no one was injured. and it's amazing that even though the officer hit the driver's side of the car, that no one in that car was injured. we're staying on the road for the next video at number 19, roadkill is on one pregnant woman's menu. >> it's pretty common knowledge that when women are pregnant, they crave certain things. like ice cream and pickles or things that they haven't ever craved before. >> like if you're a vegan and you all of a sudden want a hot dog. >> right. >> there's a woman in the uk named allison breyerly, a taxideterminist. she has developed a craving for roadkill. >> define roadkill. >> define a craving. >> meaning she wants to eat it and she has a taste for it. has eaten things like pigeons,
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owls, deer and more. >> in what form is this roadkill? >> i wanted to know a similar thing. so we have allison breyerly via skype "right this minute." you're five months, did this craving for roadkill start at the beginning of your pregnancy? and how did you know that that's what you were craving? >> i've seen in roadkill for years. since i've been pregnant i've actually developed more of a craving for red meat. anything with lots of iron and one of the healthiest forms of meat to me is roadkill. it hasn't been through the factory farming. >> what kind of roadkill are you eating? >> what's really popular on business roads is rabbit. so that's everywhere at this time of year, especially. >> how long has the roadkill been on the road? are you worried that maybe it's spoiled? >> i am really concerned about how fresh things are. especially now that i'm pregnant. i don't put anything that's black or that's been run over several times. it has to have a clean hit.
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>> most people swerve to avoid animals when they're driving. do you find that you're aiming? >> i swerve, too. i'm an opportunist. although my partner is joking. he kind of goes for them. but he never gets them. [ laughter ] >> you know, this is a story that you wake up in the middle of the night and you're like, honey, go to the store and get me ice cream. do you think she wakes him up and says, honey, could you go run over a rabbit? at number 18 in the "rtm countdown," gayle's got a bank robber who makes a strange choice for his weapon. >> the fbi and some san diego county sheriffs officials are on the lookout for -- the pesticide bandit. this video comes to us from kgtv in san diego. >> crime stoppers, looking for what, a guy in a pesticide suit? >> he had a mask, a uniform and the fbi says he flashed a handgun -- he got the money. disappeared and now they're
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looking for him. >> i guess no one questions you, if you have a mask on and you're walking down the street carrying the whole tank with the bug spray in it. >> what else could you dress as? >> the u.p.s. guy. >> delivery guy. >> let's not give people ideas. it's kind of like the old bill murray morevy, "quick change"? remember that. he robs a bank dressed as a clown. >> i think we're closed, bozo. >> i wouldn't. and that's mr. bozo, okay? >> it's kind of like nobody thinks the terminator is going to rob a bank, until now. >> it seems like robbing banks is incredibly antiquated, there's so much technology that goes into putting those dye sacks on ak sacks of money. serial numbers on the money. bank robbers always get caught. at number 17, a shocking video that's being shared all over the internet. and it's leaving us wondering -- what is this guy thinking?
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>> we already know on this show that i'm not a cat enthusiast. but -- this makes even me pretty sick. watch this video. this is security camera outside of the camden arms pub in ramsgate, which is in the united nations. what we're seeing here is a man swinging a cat by its tail. and he's doing so pretty violently. the cat was unharmed, it was terrified of course, but it ran away right after this video. the owner was informed of this video from a friend. the friend saw the video and thought that this guy was swinging around a cardigan. you wouldn't think that a human being would swing an animal around like this. especially a cat, a domesticated animal by its tail. the rspca, the lead animal welfare charity has released this video and they're looking for this guy. so they can go after him and investigate. >> is he drunk or? >> he probably is drunk. he see as cat. it's the neighborhood cat.
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>> but he doesn't know that people recognized him. >> you mean even if at any time a neighborhood cat, you shouldn't do it to any cat. the cat's owner says the cat has been really tense and nervous, and won't even go outside any more. >> i can see why. i always worry about my tequila breaking in my bag. >> we don't want that to happen. >> no, we don't. the cool new way to keep your cocktails contained. a driver is cruising along and -- >> uh-oh, that's not a good place for a dog to be. >> see where this came to rest. it's not what it looks like. and later -- it doesn't bark, meow or chirp. but it does call "shotgun"! meet this guy's big old pet and where it landed.
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welcome back to the "rtm" top 20 countdown. we're at number 16, and this is a tragic mix of competition and speed. >> these races push the limit of what's possible with speed and water, powerboat races. sadly, the limits went a little too far on wednesday a powerboat by the name of "big thunder" was a 46-foot marine catamaran, about 1200 horsepower, caught some wind underneath it. going about 130 miles per hour. the boat just lifts off. >> oh. >> the boat catches some wind underneath. it flips over, crashes upside-down. >> this was caused by wind? >> this was caused by churning up the water, which normally isn't a big deal for these kinds of boats. but he catch it is the wrong way
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and he gets air under the boat and you see him launch. >> whenever i see speed boats like that i always think that just the back of the boat is skimming the water. >> they call up on plain. and it's a real delicate balancing act to keep the right amount of boat out of the water and keeping your propellers trimmed. you're pushing the limits and you have to ride that fine line. the force was so strong it busted the right front part of the hull clean off. and those boats are really, really strong. that gives you an idea of how, how hard that impact was. it's just an unfortunate accident. despite this accident, regularly-scheduled races in this championship are going on today and tomorrow. of course, everybody will be hoping for safe racing from here on out. now we're moving on to number 15, and when we first saw this one, we thought, you know what, we need to tell everybody about this. so -- here we go. >> i have found the best gift of
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the year. it's called the vini bag. >> if you travel with breakables or liquids like the china in this bag or the wine in this bag and you want to keep it safe, vini bag is the way to go. >> she puts it to the test like a real baggage handler. she's throwing it down two flights of stairs. >> i've seen this from the window of many an airplane. >>. >> i like how the guy kicked, it, for good measure. >> this is perfect. if you take a trip to the winery these days, you can't come home with the wine, because you can't carry it on. >> it sits in your luggage safely. to tell us about it is summer on "right this minute" via skype. >> can you tell us how the vini bag works? >> the way it works is it would be laying flat. you would put a wine bottle inside. and you would inflate it. and it conforms to the shape and
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size. this one here show as bunch of little things that you put inside. and so, you would put them in, blow it up and you would seal it and at the bottom of the liquid dry seal. not going to get liquid inside if it does leak. >> are you working on developing a larger one? >> we're working on one right now to deal with more than one bottle. and larger items. >> this is a gift that i thought for under $50, how much is it? >> it retails for 28. >> you guys didn't know this, but i'm mexican, and sometimes i go to mexico and bring back tequila and i always worry about my tequila breaking in my bag. >> we don't want that to happen. >> we don't want that to happen. we want to save the tequila and all the different wines. we're now inside the top 15 in our "countdown." at number 14, a look inside the dwarf empire. >> ladies and gentlemen, i take
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you inside the dwarf empire. >> this is in the outskirts of a town in china. it's an attraction that people come and watch these, more than 80 dwarfs perform twice a day. there are dwarf dancers, dwarf singers, darfur acrobats. some dressed as medievel soldiers, some dressed as butterflies. this is a man dressed in auld gold. each dwarf makes $147 a month. to work there. also free room and board. now one worker, who is considered to be the princess of the dwarf empire told a website where we got this video, that it's actually really hard for little people to find jobs. she believes more than half the people that she works with have probably considered suicide in the past, before getting this job. >> they've got to really there .
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it's like a circus. >> i'm glad that they're being respected and they've got a good life out of it. >> is it really hard for them just because they're dwarfs to get a job in regular china? and this is an opportunity for them to do something, why not. >> the man who started the empire of the dwarves said he created it out of respect. he said he employs more than 80 dwarves now, but plans to expand where he will be employing upwards of 600 dwarves. the first beer for dogs. a new beer video makes the top 15, it's the bowser beer. >> you don't want your dog getting loaded. >> what's in that beer? the "rtm countdown" continues, the top
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state farm. this is jessica.
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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. duke and duchess of cambridge have picked their new digs. and i found this awesome video on sky news that shows us an inside look. so this is apartment 1a in kensington palace, which was once inhabited by the late princess margaret. apartment 1a actually has five bedrooms, three reception rooms. >> good for them. i don't know why we care so much. as american people. >> i can see why people would be interested in this.
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instead of and over the kardashians or the hiltons. >> they're contributing to society. and these two people seem like lovely people. >> they don't get to move into the home until late 2013. because they're using the apartment right now for a public exhibition, which wraps next summer and until then, they're going to be updating the electric and plumbing systems and they're also going to remove asbestos. >> while we're counting down the day's top videos, some people are counting down the days to christmas. and others are trying to find a new way to tell the christmas story. >> there's a contest in the uk called the "nativity factor." to make the best video recreation of the nativity. this one is an entire nativity recreation with a little technology added to it. done completely in legos. >> turn around when possible. turn around when possible.
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>> oh. >> you can see the wise men, they're missing everything. >> little baby jesus lego is already all wrapped up. >> you've reached your destination. >> that is really well done. here's another really funny one. this is called the quick-fire nativity zero. >> mary meets a man, joseph. mary and joseph get married. mary and joseph get pregnant. the baby is not joseph's. joseph is happy. their birth place is bethd lee hem. they travel on a donky. there are no cars, it is the year zero. >> the winner will get about $8,000 american or around 5,000 pounds. i wanted to show one more because i thought this was pretty cute. this is just a kid. >> my name is amy and this is our nativity.
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>> mary and joseph with all the animals. [ animal noises ] ♪ >> there's alligators, there are monkeys and -- >> i think they're getting noah's ark and jesus' birth mixed up. >> this is on the website, the >> i like the lego, that's my favorite. >> mine, too. holidays, football season, there are lots of reasons to lift a beer in the coming weeks. but will you be sharing a brew with your best friend? you can, you know. >> people love to share special moments with their pets, namely their dogs. w you can a brebrewski.
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>> this is called the bowser beer. and of course, it's nonalcoholic. you don't want your dogs getting loaded. the beer comes in two flavors. beefy brown ale and cock-a-doodle brew. >> i love that. that's so awesome! >> steven, is this real? >> bowser beer is very, very real. we have jenny brown, the founder of bowser beer with us "right this minute" to tell us all about it. first off, why did you feel like you know, dogs need their own beer? >> well, if you look at all your friends and what they do with their dogs, everybody parties with their dog. they need their own beer, because real beer is not good for them. >> you're calling it bowzer beer, is it like a packaged broth? >> we can't add the carb nation
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or alcohol. we have this with vitamins so it's good for them. >> where can people buy this? >> we have locations online and we do have custom labels. this is one i did for a little dog naked chuck. and we send in pictures and they put their pictures on it and they get to name their own brew on the bottom and they have beer and pretzels and they have their own happy hour. >> they thought of anything. >> have any of your customers ever had to go into rehab? >> we're starting a facebook page. it's for dogs who need help with their drinking problem. >> hey, jenny, thanks so much. we love the idea and thanks for being such a fan of the show. >> i love your show, i watch it every day when i'm working. >> hey! >> cheers! we have another dog story at number 11. and maybe, just maybe this one's had one too many to drink.
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>> being a couch potato is pretty cool, right? >> sometimes. >> on a saturday after a long week -- >> uh-huh. >> chilling, yeah. >> this dog loves being, what i would call -- a road potato. >> uh-oh, that's not a good place for a dog to be. >> this guy is driving around with a dash cam in his car. and all of a sudden he sees something up on the road. >> it looks like a dead dog. [ laughter ] >> but by their laughs, you can see something going on. the dog is alive. it's just chilling on the road. >> out cold, he's not even moving. >> i think this dog is laying on the dark pavement because it has absorbs the heat from the sun and it's a warm place to kind of take a nap. >> i agree. so the car backs up a little bit. the dog raises its head. >> just go around.
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>> so what does the driver do? >> he goes around. >> the dog doesn't move? >> the dog doesn't move. >> he's marked his territory. >> so he gets the dog to get up and start walking away. >> and he lays down again. >> he lays down again in the middle of the road. >> you wake me up from my nap. this is what you're going to get. some great homecoming videos are near the top of the "countdown" this veteran's day. get your hankies, folks, you're going to need them for this. and, it's an amazing time-lapse video across america. >> what inspired this journey? >> hear about the epic undertaking that pushed
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it's time to show you our picks for the day's top ten videos here on the "rtm countdown."
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remember the florida trooper who pulled over a florida cop? >> put your hands out the window! >> well now some are calling this pay-back. hear about the nasty -- and we do mean nasty -- attack on a trooper's car. it's a popular museum exhibit, but -- >> these things aren't just a couple of guys peeing at the urinal. >> we'll tell you about it. and poor lou lou gets her doggie toe stuck in the drain. >> no wonder dogs hate taking baths. >> you'll see her rescue and her relieved owner. and they serve their country, now they're out to surprise good old mom. >> oh my god! >> the homecoming videos to make u laugh and cry as head
9:30 am
into the top n of thertm you may remember the story from last month, of donna watts, a florida highway trooper who pulled over miami p.d. officer, fausto lopez. >> put your hands out the window! >> she arrested him at gun-point. >> he was mad. >> there seems to be tension between the florida highway patrol and the city of miami p.d. over the weekend, it got a little messy. >> oh. >> apparently five gallons of human feces. >> no way. >> were found on a florida highway patrolman's car. some on the florida highway patrol are wondering if the miami p.d. had something to do with this. the interim police chief of the miami p.d. believes that this whole rift is something that the media is feeding into.
9:31 am
>> yeah, definitely the media's fault, got to be, right? the media made made lopez drive 120 miles per hour and throw poo on the car. gotta be. >> if these two units are feuding with one another -- i have a problem with that. >> the guy was breaking the law. and that trooper did the exact right thing in my opinion. >> what that woman did, did not -- deserve that. >> these guys have a job to do. and that is to protect the citizens of florida. and to engage in such childish behavior, because of hurt egos is really shameful. >> somebody needs, either the police chief, the mayor, even the governor needs to say, this stops right now. we're at number nine in our "countdown" on our way to number one. a dog, a rescue and a happy ending. you're going to love this story. >> lou lou is a little dog that got herself in trouble while
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taking a bath. her owner was giving her a back and she got a little freaked off and she flipped back and got her paw stuck in the drain of the tub. the dog's owner tried for an hour to release the dog's paw. couldn't get it out. had to call the fire department. got a couple of firefighters and a veterinarian to get the dog unstuck. >> we need to cut through that. >> i'm amazed at how calm this little guy is. he's just laying there in the bath tub with his little foot stuck in the drain. if it was my dog he would be yanking his leg. >> lou lou wasn't as calm before the drugs. they had to sedate her to get her toe unstuck. >> i'll put the plug in next time. so it doesn't happen again. >> did he take some of the
9:33 am
sedatives. >> not only do they get all wet, but then their foot gets stuck in the drain. >> he's not going to want to take a shower ever again. this next video took days to shoot, but it flies by in just a couple of minutes. it's number eight, because it's all american. i mean, literally. >> i love all of those amazing videos of people traveling the country, doing all kinds of fun things with their time. well this guy, brian, is a photographer and he drove 12,225 miles around america. and took pictures every five seconds to document his travels. >> whoa. >> put it together in this cool little five-minute video. he started in syracuse new york and traveled south. >> south carolina. >> here he's going through texas. >> arizona. he goes to l.a. and he makes it to san francisco, my favorite city in the whole wide world.
9:34 am
>> yeah, that's just epic. >> we have brian with us "right this minute" all the way from syracuse new york. was this trip planned, brian? >> i had some points that i definitely wanted to hit and some of it i just improvised along the way. >> what did you use to shoot all of these pictures? >> i had a cannon camera that shot the pictures every five seconds. >> what wrur favorite spots? >> utah, there's so many amazing national parks in that state that i didn't even get to experience. >> what inspired this journey? >> i didn't do a lot of people my age do after college, which is just travel. there's tons of family and friends i haven't seen in years. i figured why not put all that into one trip. >> what are you doing now that you're back in new york? >> because of the success of the video, i'm considering planning out future trips. >> you now hoe you get teary-eyed at proposal videos, this gets me all choked up
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because i just want to break free. today is veteran's day and there's no better way to honor them than to sit and watch the heartwarming homecomings that are at number seven. there is nothing like seeing military members come home and shine from yahoo, videos coming home. >>. [ screaming ] >> oh my gosh! >> i know. i know. >> oh my god! >> get your hankies out, you're going it need them for this. >> oh my god!
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[ crying ] ♪ >> yeah! >> this is the perfect way for us to mark veteran's day. >> and this isn't just moms being reacquainted with their kids who are service members, there are some mom who is are service members that are surprising their kids. >> awww. >> i have nothing to say to this, except thank them all for their service and i'm happy they got home safe. really amazing to watch the love of family. >> awww. ♪ we've got pie video in
9:37 am
's the thanksgiving pie versus the screaming pie hole. >> mashed potatoes in it. hey, you're not yellow! you're orange! >> any way you slice it, they're both moving up the countdown.
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you're watching the "rtm
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countdown," you can find all the 20 videos from our countdown on our website, and share them with your friends, with just the click of a mouse. all right enough of that, now back to the countdown. >> welcome back to the "rtm countdown." we've got six to go on the way to number one. we chose this video as number six. because when you've spent the day looking at videos online. sometimes it's nice to find one that's just really funny. >> this guy is full of road rage. but it's not really directed at anybody. it's directed at things. >> hey! what are you doing? it's not delivery! it's dejorano! you can't deliverdy digorno! it says so right on the side of the truck. >> this guy was mad because the
9:41 am
truck was delivering the pizzas to the store. >> dijorno is not delivering pizza! >> hey, you're not yellow! you're orange! you're a liar! you're not even yellow! >> i love this. this is great. >> you forget something! >> you're doing it wrong! you're supposed to have cars there! >> hey! >> he's angry, but he makes sense. >> he could also maybe be a pro wrestler in real life. >> hey! are you --! we're at number five.
9:42 am
a dog video had to make it no the top five. one did. although this one took some extreme measures. a few weeks ago we brought you the story of a dog afraid of julia roberts. well now we have another dog, who has a celebrity phobia. what's he scared of? >> richard simmons. >> completely understandable, though. come on. >> if that dog belonged to richard simmons, he would be living in the lap of luxury. i'm sure richard would baby him, take him to the groomers, get his nails clipped. >> but that doesn't still mean he wouldn't be afraid of the crazy hair and the short-shorts. >> why does the man have a cut-out of richard simmons' face? >> in case you're wondering, beagles are known to bark and howl. the owners assure us that this beagle is not usually very
9:43 am
vocal. so this is rare that this dog would have this kind of reaction to anything. >> i'm wondering if it's just the mask itself as opposed to richard simmons. because dogs are so strong on scent, because maybe he's smelling his owner and seeing a face that isn't his. thanksgiving is only two weeks away, believe it or not. so you can't blame us for putting this video high in our "countdown" at number four. we're thinking leftovers. >> after thanksgiving, people have lots of turkey left over. and i notice that my friends get sick of turkey sandwiches and turkey salad. so i found a recipe that i think people will really like. once thanksgiving is over and they have all that leftover bird. >> i give you turkey pizza. >> it has mashed potatoes and our toppings are leftover turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce. >> so it's a canadian thing. this is from ctv in edmonton,
9:44 am
canada. she puts gravy on tomato sauce. >> you know what doesn't look appealing on camera? gravy. >> then she puts the turkey and the leftover stuffing on top of the pizza. you don't have enough carbs with the crust. you have to add more carbs with the stuffing. all the extra cranberry sauce that you didn't eat because you made too much -- you put that on it, too. >> pizza and you put gravy on it? >> i put gravy on my leftover turkey sandwich. >> do you? >> you soak the middle piece of bread with gravy and you put it in the middle of the sandwich with the stuffing and the cranberry sauce. and then a gravy-soaked piece of bread in the middle. >> i'm going to end this debate. this is turkey leftovers for italians. >> the goal of thanksgiving is thanksgiving leftovers is to get as many of these staple thanksgiving foods into your mouth at the same time. >> this looks like something that a really boutique pizza
9:45 am
joint would offer. you would pay $4 a slice for it. >> if you want to see the full recipe and eat this on your own, go to who says a buffalo can't be a pet? >> they take up so much room. >> see if this big fellow took up a spot on our countdown. it's a beautiful work of art with a, life-like water feature. >> the hips seem to retate on this thing. >> there's some up and down movement as well. >> oh, oh, dear. >> it's taking a number one, but will it take
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welcome back, everyone. >> a man was shot outside the occupy oakland encampment thursday night. >> they say that four to six shots were fired. but people running the camp say it had nothing to do with occupy oakland. it was outsiders who were allegedly fighting over marijuana. >> it got really nasty down here really fast. >> to get more on this story, go to now back to the "rtm countdown." number three, that's where we are on the top 20 countdown. and it's a whole new category of pets. >> some people's idea of a pet, is a little different than others. >> we got this from the edmonton journal. >> when he grows up, he'll be, i
9:49 am
would guess right around 2,000 pounds, to 2200 pounds. >> canadian jim has a pet buffalo. it weighs 1500 pounds. it is six feet tall. and eight feet long. and as you can see, he's riding happily in jim's convertible. >> he got rid of his window so that the buffalo could ride in the car. >> the car has a built-in little seat for him. >> i think he goes inside of more than just a car. it's a house pet. >> you take up so much room. >> now he potty-trains this thing, i'll be really impressed. >> today's runner-up. the number two video in our top 20 countdown, is something that only guys seem to understand.
9:50 am
>> take a look at these two statues outside of the museum in the czech republic. keep a close eye on the movement going on in this piece of art. >> it's this way, the hips seem to rotate on this thing. >> there's some up and down movement as well. >> this was created by the famous czech artist and sculptor, david czerny. and these things aren't just a couple of guys peeing at the urinal. they are writing quotes from famous prague residents. >> nick, how many times when you were a little kid or now did you write your name in the snow with your pee when you're outside? >> any chance i get. >> what the hell are they doing? i mean, honestly? art tells a story. art evokes emotions. this is a man peeg in a
9:51 am
puddle. >> theseopular. lots of people are visiting the area outside of the museum to check them out. and now there is a little phone number that's on a little placard. you can text message something to this number and these guys will pee the message. >> you have no idea if it's writing the correct word. >> it's not on paper, it's not on sand, it's not on snow, it's in a puddle of water. >> ladies, you're both way too excited about this. >> you know, you kind of use your imagination. it's interpretation. >> right. >> you can't tell me that's not pretty awesome. >> i can tell you it's not pretty awesome. >> you know,ky probably you text something and say hey, you know what, it's snowing out, could you pee this text into the snow? >> yeah, i'd have to drink a lot of water first. art is in the art of the beholder. >> or in the eye of the pee-holder. >> oh! we're just a break away from
9:52 am
our number one video. but what will number one be? we'll give you a hint. it's the best of the best.
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time-lapse video is always really cool. this one is especially awesome. check this out. this is aboard the "u.s.s. carl vincent" off the coast of california and you may remember this is the 95,000-ton u.s. navy warship, which is the same ship that buried osama bin laden at sea. what does it look like they're building there? a couple of bleachers, a grandstand? >> a track or something. >> they're building a hardwood basketball court for a very special basketball game that's happening for veteran's day between north carolina and michigan state. >> president obama himself is going to be in attendance. north carolina and michigan state are actually wearing really cool camo uniforms. for this special game. >> it took eight days to build
9:56 am
the bleachers and the hardwood court and the surrounding stuff. pretty cool. >> we only showed you a little bit, but if you want to see the clip, head over to our website, guys, we're finally here at the number one story of the day. did you know that there's a brand-new pepper that could be a contender for the world's hottest pepper? >> no. >> it's currently being grown in rock hill, south carolina. and a reporter from wfae in charlotte, north carolina, took a trip to rock hills so that he could sample one of these peppers. the guy you're seeing taking a bite of the pepper is marshall terry, he's a reporter for wfae. as you can see, he's having a violent reaction to the pepper. >> the poor guy. >> a regular jalapeno has anywhere from 2500 to 5,000 schuylkill units. this is 1.5 million units.
9:57 am
and right now the guinness book of world records is determining whether or not this will be considered the hottest pepper in the world. >> my stomach is hot. my face is twitching. >> the guy pointing and laughing here in the video is growing these peppers, because he believes that the capsaicin in peppers can cure cancer. we actually have marshall perry with us, "right this minute" via skype. >> the guy that's growing this stuff, what's his point? >> cancer runs in his family, so literally he's trying to find a cure for cancer. >> and he thinks the answer is in the peppers. >> how long did it take for the pain of the hot pepper to go away? >> i was writhing on the floor for half an hour. >> describe the hallucinations. >> at some point i got this really bad tingling feeling in my arms. >> you have the feeling in your hands? >> what was the green concoction you were drinking, and did it work? did it take away the pain? >> it was lime juice and, no, it
9:58 am
just actually pissedf, frankly. >> what made you want to try this pepper? >> the worst part for me, it just feels like i got this horrible sort of feeling. >> i took the day off work. it was like a wall of fire. it was like a bonfire hitting your mouth. >> i can see why it's number one, but i would never do it. that wraps up the "rtm countdown." we're going to leave you today with a look at bruno mars' brand-new video called "it will rain" and it's from the "twilight" "breaking dawn" part one soundt
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