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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 14, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on that. mid-60s today. if you liked sunday, you'll like today. traffic is doing well around the bay area. if you're starting off early this morning, it's a good time to go out there. this is a look at interstate 880. traffic is moving well in both directions. and watching the commutes on interstate 80 from richmond to the berkley area, you can see this little stretch of 80 looks good. and in san jose, northbound 280 into downtown, bird avenue, nice and light all the way into the valley. 4:30. back to the desk. we begin with a very tense situation this morning in downtown oakland. a police raid on the occupy oakland camp could be moments away. tell us where you are and what is happening. >> reporter: i'm at the north end of the frank gala plaza. and the police have blocked off streets behind next there's a police van just moving right
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there. there are medical emergency personnel staging. you see the car going by and flashing. this may be the worst kept secret in oakland history. everybody expecting the raid to happen. if you take a look at the video that we shot 30, 45 minutes ago, this is the backside. protestors started moving into the streets on the plaza and they have been there ever since. so we're west of that on 14th street. you take a look at the camp there. when i walked up through, people started to pull up stakes. what they did after that is not clear. some of the people that i talked to said they wanted to get their stuff out of the way so it would not get damaged when the police raid comes. and one of the people that i talked to said that he is not
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moving his stuff. he said they're not giving up. >> they don't have enough money for a few days and give up. and we're going to come back in like we did last time. >> reporter: so this is a live picture of the north side of the plaza. you can see a little bit of activity. a lot of this is 14th and broadway. we'll have more on this from here through the morning. overnight, law enforcement staged at the colosseum to go to the occupy oakland encampment. officers are on the move. we can see it right now. >> reporter: we're here at the oakland colosseum. there is a great deal of activity here. no word who has been this will go down. we arrived about 4:00 this
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morning. we saw a line of vehicles leave then. that line of vehicles was looking to do some kind of traffic enforcement. you can see there are more vehicles here lined up getting ready to leave now. again, no confirmation on what exactly is going on, whether this is the moment when they'll be beginning the activity to get rid of the occupy oakland site at the plaza. but we have heard a pa system here that has helped to keep everybody on the same page. so we know this is certainly a multi-jurisdictional group. we know that police officers from hayward are here, police units from the peninsula are here as well. so certainly a great deal of activity out here at the colosseum. we have been careful how we cover this situation. we can tell you what is going on is really no secret.
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the occupy oakland has been tweeting about this and live tweeting is going on at the coliseum. so it is no secret to the folks over there what is happening at the coliseum. it's no secret to the people at the occupy oakland site. but we have careful in terms of how we word things, not wanting to create a situation. we're just going to work as best we can to report what is going on at that moment. we'll continue to monitor situation at oakland coliseum. we'll bring you the latest details from here and get a confirm if this is the time that the oakland police and other police agencies will begin the operation to remove the protestors at the place saturday. we're live at the coliseum. continuing the team coverage, we want to go back to downtown oakland where ally is and she has a slightly different vantage point from where craig is. >> reporter: we've been here
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since 1:00 this morning. since then, the people who support and have been camping at the occupy oakland did not sleep this entire night. most of the people here said they were prepared and ready and waiting for the police to come break up the encampment. this intersection that is 14th and broadway that you're looking at, was full of three to 400 people. these are occupy oakland people that have been camping for the past month and people from san francisco and other cities that were texted to come and support the rest of the group and came out here to show up. in the last five minutes, we saw a large group of about 400 people start walking towards 14th and clay street. that is the other intersection that you see in the distance with that red light. we don't know why people are going that direction. we have been checking the texts that they've sent out and some of the things that they sent out on twitter. they're heading that direction. again the people here tell me that they have been expecting all night and waiting for all night the police to come and
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break up the encampment. there was a lot of people out here playing drums and there was some chanting. there was some recall little and people -- rallying and people out in the streets drawing things with chalk on the ground saying you cannot get rid of us. some of the participants say they plan to come back here if the police do break up the encampment. but right now it's fair to say that there's not many people in the plaza. and that is because most of the supporters came out in the middle of the intersection, 14th and broadway ahead of this police raid that they're expecting. just five minutes ago they started walking down towards 14th and clay streets. we'll continue to be out here so far we heard some helicopters overahead. we believe they are news media helicopters, not police helicopters. the people said they're expecting and waiting for to happen any minute now.
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live downtown oakland, ktvu morning news. >> we'll have live coverage through the morning and on our website, in the meantime, we're learning more about the man shot and killed near the occupy oakland last week. police have identified the victim as a 25-year-old of oakland. police stay he had been staying at the camp for a few days before he was shot and had been introducing himself to campers as alex from richmond. no arrests have made in the shooting. but oakland police and crimestoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. is of police are continuing their -- san francisco police of continuing their search. a woman slashed and officer's hand and second officer was hurt while chasing a pro
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protestor. both officers were treated and released at the scene. police in other cities are also taking action against occupy camps. there have been clashes in portland and denver. coming up in about nine minutes, how officials in portland are trying to keep protestors out of a park for good. two officers are now on administrative leave after a man was shot and killed. it began last night during a routine traffic stop on highway 99 just south of sacramento. police say that the driver of the car opened fire, hitting the officer in the wrist and in the him he returned fire and called for backup as the scar started to drive a-- the car started to drive away the officer as approached the car and when the suspect refused to show his hands, two rounds were
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shot into the car. >> i looked outside and saw the car crashed into the fence. >> the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. the injured officer underwent surgery and is expected to recover. a pedestrian is dead after being hit by a san francisco muny bus. the man was run over by the 14 mission bus just after noon yet at 57b8g and mission streets -- fifth and mission streets. his right leg was pinned under the wheel. they freed the man and took him to the hospital but he died later. the driver has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. president obama said sanctions on iran are having an enormous bite. president obama met with russian and chinese leaders that sar the u.s. goal of making sure that iran does not develop a nuclear bomb. >> we now have a situation where the world is united and
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vane isolated. and because of our diplomatsy, west strongest sanctions on iran than we've ever seen. >> they have a new report from the united nations watchdog agency that indicates new evidence that iran is work on developing a nuclear bomb. the president said he will continue discussions with china and russia over the next few weeks over ways to respond to iran. a tense situation right now in oakland with the police moving into the occupy encampments. it is affecting traffic in the area again. that's right. we're looking at 14th and broadway because it will affect car traffic here. but on the right, that is -- you might not be able to tell because there are people standing in front of it. but that is one of the exits and entrances to the 12th street barge station.
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you can see the sign as our photographer pushes in. it's usually a busy bart station. but that bart station entrance is closed. you cannot get off there as well. and that could and it will have impact on bart service this morning. as you can see, people are just standing there in the wake of most what most likely is police action in the encampment. if you take bart to downtown oakland, you may have to go up to 19th street instead or plan in some other things because they're not going let you get you don't here. the west bridge toll plaza looks good. and northbound 280 traffic look goods in downtown san jose. and now to steve. happy monday, everybody. slightly cooler than sunday. sunday we had mid- and upper 60s. a little more fog.
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and move a northwesterly breeze, westerly breeze. we had more of a westerlily. the big changes will not occur till the end of the week. so the next couple days look very calm and quiet. this is move a summer pattern than a november pattern but southwest at fairfield, southwest in backville. but we have fog and low clouds. but once that burns off, we're good to go for sunshine. 40s and 50s on the temperature maps. and some of the fog can hold the temperature there. very quiet in the pacific till the end of the week when a cold system will drop in here it looks like the usual suspects out toward the bay and out to the straight. 60s on the temperatures and mainly mid-60s. we have more of a northwest
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wind today and a little warmer on tuesday and wednesday thursday we cloud it up and a cold rain comes in on friday. a cold pattern for the up coming weekend with one more sunday on your sunday. 4:42 we continue to follow the impending raid of the occupy oakland encamp mment. i want to take you live to downtown oakland near the plaza where it's estimated that hundreds of people are at the cam and hundreds of police may be moving n. the bridge looks good out to the high-rise. no major problems. we'll tel you more straight ahead.
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we're live downtown oakland where the police are preparing to raid the occupy oakland encampment for the second time in three weeks. you see a large group of people in the streets and more protestors are there than the last raid. we're going continue to follow this story with live team coverage through the morning. we have two reporters there in downtown oakland. and we have been watching the oakland coliseum where the police officers and law enforcement from many agencies, have been gathering. we're also following another occupy protest. several days of tension boiled over on the streets of
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portland, oregon. you can see police in riot gear. they were forcing occupy portland demonstrators out of their camps in two city parks. the city put up chain linked fences with barbed wire to keep them out of the park. but many of the demonstrators vow to return. tensions are running high between occupy protestors and police in denver, colorado. the police made dozens of arrests this weekend. in one confrontation works police officers suffered minor injuries. several demonstrators were hurt during the scuffles with police. the nor we again right -- norwegian right-wing extremist that opened fire killing several people had his first court appearance today.
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he has pleaded not guilty to terror charges, claim is that he is in a state of war to keep europe interest being taken over by muslim immigrants. the sex case scandal has called for pennsylvania for a tougher law in reporting child sex abuse. jerry sandusky is charged with molesting eight boys. joe paterno reported the allegations to his superiors, but not the police. >> if you don't continue to follow through, then i lose confidence in your ability to lead. that would be the case here. >> prosecutors say that a legal duty to report the alleged abuse applied to two other university officials that were filed but not joe paterno. the governor wants the law strengthened that will require the officials to report the
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abuse directly to the police. gloria cain said the claims of sexual harassment against her husband doesn't ring true. because he, quote, totally respects women. >> >> i looked at especially last lady and the things that that she said, i said he would have to have a split personality to do the things that she said. >> four women have stepped forward in the past few weeks saying that they were sexually harassed by herman cain while he was president of the national restaurant association in the 1990s. cain has deinside the allegations. -- denied the allegations. analysts said that the meeting between the nba and the players will be held today and it could determine if there will abe basketball season this year. players and owners will meet to
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discuss the nba's latest proposal. the nba is hoping that a 72 game season could begin december 15th. for that to happen, commissioner stern said that a handshake deal would be needed this week. it is a big week in the plan to build a new home for the 49ers. tomorrow the city council is expected to approve $10 million in tax money to build a new 65,000 seat stadium. the 49ers appear closer to ever to moving out of san francisco. these moving plans are getting mixed reaction to fans that we spoke to at candlestick park yesterday. >> this is an icon here. that's what it's all about, the 9ers at the stick. >> it will be warmer weather all the time and you have several highways that feed into
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that area. >> if the plan is approved, the construction will begin in 2013. time could go not be better for those pushing for a new stadium. the red hot 49ers are celebrating their seventh straight victory. they recall thyroid defeat the giants -- rallied to defeat the giants last night. new coach is widely credited for turning things around in a short time. right now it is 4:51. hundreds of people are in downtown oakland this morning. hundreds of police are now preparing to arrive at that occupy oakland encampment. here's a live picture at 14th and broadway. many people crowding the streets. we'll have live coverage coming up.
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we're live downtown oakland on 14th and broadway. crew have been there all night as protestors with the occupy encampment have crowded the streets. more protestors than the last time that the police have moved n we understand that hundreds of police officers could be ready to raid that camp. we have been watching law enforcement agencies gather. it looks like we're sort of a wait and see what happens next. let's go back over to sal to check on traffic. this will have an effect on the morning commute. we have a look at the 12th street barge station that station is closed. it has one of the exits that comes out at 14th and broadway. but all the entrances and skits closed because of -- skits closed because of -- exits
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because of this activity here. you can use lake married as an alternate. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. that traffic looks good. it's light and early. and the morning commute is moving well here in pittsburgh and bay point. so we're off to a nice start. interstate 680 looks good heading down to walnut creek. happy monday. we have a lot of patchy, thinking fog out there. it's that time of year. that fog is coming in from the valley. you see the winds out of the west and gusting to 33. and it's only on the breezier side this is taking things out of the northwest. so we'll clear out of these clouds and lots of sunshine. it looks wall to wall. temperatures 40s and 50s. nothing too cold yet. but if you're stuck in the fog,
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it's brisk in there. the high pressure system will hold on till about wednesday and big changes that come down that change. you see it going up and over the mountains. so a little cool in the morning, especially parts of the bay and the inland areas. maybe parts of the east bay. but maybe the north bay seems to be the coldest air of the morning and patchy fog and breezy as times. mid-60s more so today. dry and mild and patchy fog and a little breeze caseing in. but it doesn't -- kicking in. but it doesn't look widespread. i think we'll lose that northerly win the and get southerly. warmer on tuesday and wednesday mostly sunny. thursday we cloud it up, maybe light rain. but a cold windy rain on saturday and sunday. snow down around 2500 feet.
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we begin -- we continue with our top story this morning. the police preparing to move in on the occupy oakland camps for a second time. we are live in downtown oakland. >> where you can see police once again in riot gear lining up. hundreds of protestors are there to meet them head on. and we have an investigation underplay in san francisco after a pedestrian was hit and killed by a muny bus. we'll tell you about the actions taken against that driver overnight. stay with us.
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her shall words for rain from president obama. the one thing that he -- for iran from president obama. the one thing that he wants to make sure they don't develop that is coming ahead on ktvu news. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's monday, ve


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