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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. sunny and warmer today after patchy low clouds, we do have a few upper 60s, here is sal. good morning, traffic is moving well around the bay area as we go to the live pictures some workers are out there adjusting some of those pile ons and just be careful as you drive near the toll plaza near the golden gate bridge. this is 808 and hayward before the exit, there is a crash on the shoulder, a hit-and-run crash as they are waiting for police to arrive, and the morning commute the traffic is at the speed limit. police are moving in on
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occupied wall street encampment. new york city police started raiding the two-year-old encampment just after 1:00 a.m. local time. they are now clearing the park of tents and belongings. they are now leading them to take to the streets but they are not saying where they are going next. >> i don't think we want to say that in front of all these cops, but we will be here for a very long time, i can promise you that. >> 70 people have been arrested so far this morning. some came after they refused to leave the encampment but others came after they refused to block city streets. and similar police raid at the occupied encampment, police tore town the tent city and arrested protesters who refused to leave.
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they say this movement is far from over and they are already planning their next move. joining us from oakland to tell us what they are doing today. kraig? >> reporter: here at frank ogawa plaza, you will not see any tents but you will see a heavy police presence. they are here only to prevent people from sleeping here, not speaking here. they cleaned it up and welcomed back members of the occupied movement late yesterday afternoon and it was what they call corporate greed and government corruption as it was a statement of defiance and even though the encampment is gone, the movement is living on. >> they need to allow people to rightfully assemble. people were not doing anything
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wrong. >> like she said we are here to facilitate a peaceful process and they need to get their views out and have freedom of speech. >> police tore down tents and the bill is now coming due just because of the police response and mutual aid. one person was murdered and an iraqi war vet had his skull fractured but it was a common area for people to come together and express outrage to plan for economic and political change. we are going to talk to two people who actually stayed here overnight. police didn't move in on them and you will hear the reason they are still here. reporting live in oakland kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. >> it has cost them nearly 2.
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$5 million and that includes 1 million-dollar for police staffing. it cost the city a half million dollars as kraig mentioned and the city is paying $16,000 a day to remove tons of debris from frank ogawa plaza and the surrounding area. 30,000 will be spent to replace grass at the plaza. occupied cow will set up an encampment. they tried to set up camp but police quickly stopped them. they are calling for a campus strike and a new attempt to set up a camp. it will include a 2:00 p.m. rally followed by a march on banks. occupied cal said they are protesting corporate greed and cuts to higher education. >> the california board of
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relation gents remained canceled. rogue elements were planning possible violence during student protests during meetings and they are set to take place on the mission bay campus. students of uc berkeley are suing them over occupied demonstration, by any means necessary, police used excessive force during a peaceful protest and the university did nothing to stop it. they also plan to sue oakland police and alameda county sheriff. we will have complete coverage and the cal strike throughout the morning and we have the latest on our video and website time now 4:35, the fbi is looking into whoever hacked the system and changed dozens of
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grades. a former student reported a discrepancy after noticing an incorrect grade on her traps script. in all, a handful of students had their grades changed and in each instance, the grades were improved. >> some of them moved from a "d" or f moved to a very respectable grade of an "a" or b. >> the students affected are from a variety of majors and as of now it appears no other personal data was compromised. police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a 17- year-old girl . ed on sunday afternoon near the trail. a man asked if she needed a ride. when she said no he tried to grab her butt he let her go after she kicked him in the groin. the suspect is described as
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latino in his mid-40s, 150 pounds and a clean shaven face with black hair described as a small sedan hatchback with dark blue and black paint spots. homicide detectives are investigating that left one person dead last night. they put yellow crime scene tape in unincorporated richmond. they told ktvu channel 2 news one man died at the scene and a woman was taken by helicopter to the medical center and deputies found what they believed to be the shooters car about a mile and a half away. well it has been ten months since congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot in the head. she has just given her first television interview. coming up, what congresswoman gabrielle giffords says about a
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possible return to congress as she continues her remarkable recovery. well today the city of santa clara is expected to move another step closer to the new home of the 49ers. they are expected to be tied to the million dollar stadium project. 10million will go to water lines and stadiums which is right next to great america. now if all goes as planned construction will begin 2013 and 9ers will play their first game in santa clara two years later. 438, here is a complete look at traffic, hey, sal. we are starting the morning off nicely, you can see traffic looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze and no major problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge or on the toll
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plaza, moving up to the bay bridge and no problems on that upper deck either. this morning's commute, getting up to highway 17, that traffic is moving along nicely at 4:38 let's go to steve. quiet pattern, that is friday, i don't know where friday came from. we have high pressure and nothing really dramatic, high temperatures, upper 60s near 70 degrees, a little colder, 39 napa, 30s, 40s and 150 there. they run warm because they are closer to the bay. south wit fairfield, he -- southwest, fairfield conditions everybody was howling but that's not the case so far today. that is going to affect everything until late thursday and it will be more of a cold system than a wet system but
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today some patchy cold mornings. a little breeze up on the hills and for the north nothing compared to yesterday. mid-60s a very mild pattern, low 60s closer to the coast. mostly sunny into wednesday, it will be cooler and could be some rain more likely on friday, again don't cancel any plans. it does look like a reinforcing cold air especially on the weekend. time now 4:40 there are reports of more people coming forward accusing him of sexual abuse plus herman cain is defending himself, but this time it is over a response about a question for president
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barack obama. coming up to the grade, traffic looks good, we will tell you more straight ahead.
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. good morning we have mostly clear skies, a bit warmer, 70 in santa rosa, antioch as well. more alleged victims of
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jerry sandusky are coming forward as jerry sandusky is claiming he is innocent. they are now telling investigators about their contact with jerry sandusky. he is already charged with molesting eight boys. in a phone interview with bob costa, jerry sandusky says he is not a child molester and his contact with children was just horseplay. >> i have done some of those things, i have horsed around with kids, i have showered after work outs i have hugged them and i have touched their leg without intent of sexual contact. >> the grand jury claims he met his alleged victims through the charity he founded. former penn state joe paterno never spoke to him about his behavior or ever expressed
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disapproval. the memoir hits store shelves since being shot in the head and still struggles with speaking. >> it is better? oh, um -- >> she wants to get better. >> better. >> better. >> astronaut mark kelly helped his wife complete her thoughts and she said she will not return to congress until she is better. they chronicle her recovery from the shooting rampage which killed six people an injured two others. she made a surprise return to the house to vote on the debt ceiling plan. she and her husband talk about becoming parents and they say is your gas i is one -- surrogacy is one option.
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he seemed to struggle with the question on whether or not he agreed with president barack obama's dealing with libya. >> i do not agree with that, no, that is a different one. i have to go back -- see -- i got all this stuff twirling around in my head. >> now king went on to say he probably would have decided to intervene as lib they did they dismissed to gather his thoughts. rick perry will under plan a route of all three branches of government. his plan will touch the executive and judicial because he said they have all contributed to the demise of
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america. in example they are expected to call for term limits even in the supreme court. he has spent the last several days at the apex center and it is a long time to coming for the president. he canceled two previous visits one for the passage of his healthcare bill and again in the wake of the gulf oil spill. he will meet with the prime minister, address parliament and pay his respects at a world war ii memorial. 4:42, a south bay man purchased a used chrysler town and minivan. a mechanic found 19 bricks of cocaine when the windows would not go down. they called police and they say
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the street drugs have a value of $1 million. >> they told me how lucky i was that i had never been stopped because i would have been put into jail for a long time. >> he said he had the van for a year and a half before finding the drugs. they have since offered to buy it back but for $4,000 less than preston paid for it. and he is due back in court, he faces charges of burglary and being in position of stolen property. now the incident at the marriott marquise hotel made national headlines. rebecca awoke to find a woman and stealing their valuables. they suffered a serious ankle injury when he chased the thief down the hallway.
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a new update this morning from the family of injured giants fan bryan stow. he is now said to be writing the names of his two children with his left hand and they are trying to get him to eat more solid food which he is sometimes resisting. he just visited the 42-year-old on saturday. >> there is definitely a slow coming where i told him i was going to las vegas, he said i want to go and without hesitation he looked over and said i want to go. >> quote, though he smiles, it is not the same smile we know to the brian's. though he jokes, the humor is different. though he interacts with his children, he is not the dad they have known. there could be more on the basketball court this winter. yesterday the player's association rejected the latest
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proposal to end the lock out. they are now disbanding the union and planning to file an antitrust suit. they are seeking to prove the lock out is illegal and the sides are at odds on how to split revenue and restructure the salary system. 4:49 is the time construction work on the subway is causing major headaches downtown. how the city is giving businesses and shoppers a break. and our first look at conjoined twins from two weeks ago, the major progresses they are making.
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. getting to union square is more difficult than usual because of construction yards away. construction crews are shutting down all lanes of traffic as they do prep work for the central subway project. >> as you can see it is not ideal for retail in the square. they do business precisely when they are working. >> now the national transportation agency understands shoppers worries so they are stopping all construction work between thanksgiving and january 3rd. it is not expected to be complete for another eight years. they are holding their annual tree-lighting ceremony and it is so popular that they are moving the event. it runs until 9:00 tonight and at 7:00 tonight american idol
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contestant will perform. what is going on sal? not much, we are looking at highway 4 and some of these roads which get busy started early through highway 4 through antioch as people get on the road getting out to the willow pass grade. no major problems on 680 southbound as you drive from concord to walnut creek. also this morning's commute is looking good with headlights coming towards us. if you are driving in vallejo, richmond, interstate 880, it looks good in oakland. >> let's go to steve. >> some patchy fog but colder than we were yesterday morning and some of that fog can reduce it, no big changes tomorrow. the changes occur thursday
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through sunday and this looked like more of a colder pattern and windy pattern. it will be some rain and everything stays north when the system drops down, it holds cold air but not holding much moisture. sunny for all, 60 to 70 degrees may be thursday into friday. high pressure hanging around for a couple of days, the wind has been cut in half and in fact most locations have fog. nothing like we had yesterday. 30s for some. once the fog gets burned off you can see nothing upstream but we have a couple of days to tackle it. patchy fog, chilly mornings mostly sunny temperatures continue to be in the mild category mostly sunny and warmer, breezy up in the hills,
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60s to upper 60s, did go with 1, 70-degree reading in santa rosa. we will have some rain late thursday into friday and it's that reenforcement of cold weather which looks to be a chilly weekend. doctors at stamford say the conjoined twins are doing so well they will be released from the hospital early. they will recovering well from the nine hour surgery to separate them. they are receiving therapy to walk forward rather than side ways. >> we cannot wait to see them playing, walking and running and playing with other children
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again. thank you very much. and god bless to all. >> the twins were born joined at the chest and stomach and they shared a liver, separating the liver was the most delicate part of the operation. doctors say each child's liver is now functioning on their own. they will be expected to leave tomorrow. just look for the slide show section on our front page. occupied movement comes to uc berkeley. they plan to take action today. and the fbi investigating a cheating scandal. how they found out a dozen of students grades were changed.
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. we will tell you why the feds are investigating out of south university. santa clara is becoming the


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