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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 15, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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that's when one officer in particular opened fire on the man who had the weapon. the uc berkeley chancellor we talked with him this afternoon, he told us that there was a woman, a staff member who spotted this man or road the elevator with this man and saw the gun in his backpack. he apparently while he was in the elevator with this staff member, he reached in the backpack and reached in for the gun. that drew concern in her and she ended up alerted authorities. no one hurt in this shooting, we are still waiting. we asked police for an update on the condition of the man with the gun who was shot. he was rushed over to highland hospital we understand. we don't know his condition, police are not releasing his condition. they're not saying much about who he is either. we asked whether he's a student, they said at this point it's unclear if this person is a student or not. all we know is he is a man, a white man in his 20s, and
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again, uc berkeley police confronted him. he had a weapon they say inside of the business school this afternoon and he was shot by uc berkeley police officers. that's the latest as we know it here from the cal campus, i'm alex sadvedge. from alex we go straight to ken pritchett who talked to a witness shortly after that shooting, ken. >> reporter: frank we are right now outside the hass school of business. there's a police officer keeping people outside the building. the building is still evacuated. when we arrived there were students and faculty who had been evacuated. we heard from the people outside that the shooting had happened in a third floor computer lab after a staff member noticed a man with a gun in his backpack. we talked to a student who saw the gunman, here is what he saw. >> i work at the hass computer lab, four or five officers came in, they knew, it seemed as if they knew there was someone of
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suspicious nature in the lab. >> reporter: alex arroyo says the officers made their way into a classroom that was attached to the third floor computer lab. out of view from his location at the front desk. >> from where i was sitting i heard an altercation then, put down the gun, put down the gun, put down the gun. next thing i know i hear five or six shots, pop, pop, pop right away. >> reporter: the students were ordered out of the building. students and faculty waited outside, many talking and trying to figure out what happened. >> school is a crime scene for the moment, it's been evacuated and the police want to make absolutely sure that there are no other suspects here. >> reporter: that student you heard from alex arroyo says the suspect who was shot by police must have walked by his position because he said he walks right by his desk. he didn't know him neither did anyone we talked to. we will give you a better lay out of that computer lab and
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classroom. a drawing provided to us by a student as he tried to explain why he could not see what was going on between the man and police. cal students received a statement that reads in part, all classes are cancelled for the rest of the day and eving due to a shooting at the school -- and evening due to a shooting at the school. we will give you updates any time go to our website we also have developing news from another part of the cal campus where there is a huge crowd of occupy protesters both from cal and oakland. ktvu's eric rasmussen is right in the middle of it. he tell us what they did earlier this afternoon and what's going on right now. eric-- >> reporter: frank you can see behind me that a large group of students have once again filled sprawl plaza. we're giving you a wireless view here on the ground. but we want to give you another look from up above from chopper 2, you can get a better sense of just how huge this crowd is
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that has come back for another general assembly. they're all part of occupy cal. but i can also tell you they've joined up with occupy oakland which marched up here this afternoon. i've seen some of those folks. they also are calling this police brutality for what happened out here when they cleared this plaza last week. hundreds of people flooded bancroft way marching saying they should pay for recent tuition hikes. >> when we put it on a platform for people to accept or re reject and you get a response like this it means that the message is resinating. >> reporter: it's just part of an all day strike for occupy cal when they had a clash with police to clear an encampment at the plaza. >> we had to let all of the
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departments that were here known that they cannot drive us out with batons. >> reporter: hundreds from occupy oakland also hit the street marching down telegraph toward berkeley leaving behind frank ogawa plaza which was cleared by police on monday. but they say they share a message with students protesting at cal. >> it's not only about all of our rights here in the state but our right to live in peace from police violence. >> reporter: and as we come back out live, we're getting another aerial view of this huge crowd that's assembled here. this was the scene of a teach out today telling everybody to come out of class. teachers were coming out to do the classes here. now it's filled with a lot of people. they have just begun a general assembly, we will bring you updates throughout the next 90 minutes, we're live here at berkeley, eric rasmussen, ktvu
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news. now across the bay students have taken over an office in the administrative building in san francisco state university. it started with a rally outside this afternoon. according to the student newspaper there, students walked out of class to protest proposed new fees, and cuts to the csu system. we do have a reporter on the scene and we will have an update for you on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. it appears all is quiet at frank ogawa plaza in oakland. police kept watch in theover night hours after a peaceful general assembly wrapped up last night. there were no efforts by protesters to set up at tents once again. some of the protesters have set up camp about seven blocks away as snow park next to lake merit. here is what it looks like early this morning as people started to wake up. oakland police told ktvu news that the encampment there will be dealt with but that no action is imminent. in new york tonight, a court ruling against occupy protesters who had set up an
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encampment at a park. >> reporter: early this morning, police cleared the tents and protesters out of the park, most left peacefully but more than 100 refused and they were arrested. then, this afternoon a state supreme court justice denied an appeal from the protesters and ruled that the city can ban that encampment. major michael bloomburg said he's been trying to protect two public rights. >> guaranteeing public health and safety and guaranteeing the protesters first amendment rights. but when those two goals crash the health and safety of the public and our first responders must be the priority. >> reporter: tonight police in riot gear remain on guard in that park surrounded by barricades. we have several crews monitoring the occupy protest across the bay area from berkeley to santa rosa. our coverage continues online, we are constantly update ing that site as we get new
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information. mary hayashi was accused from appearing in court today. the assemblywoman from castro valley is charged with felony grand theft accused of stealing nearly $2,500 in clothing from neiman marcus in san francisco. now to the controversial plans for high speed rail in california. today one person said those plans are like a tornado where everything in its path gets destroyed. ktvu's sal castaneda tells us what else lawmakers heard about a public hearing in palo alto, sal. >> reporter: frank, a lot of people who oppose high speed rail say the money could be better spend on systems like these. caltrain, they say caltrain needs more money. some of the supporters of high speed rail say we need more not fewer trains. at least three dozens high
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speed rail supporters were holding banners. >> it brings jobs, cuts down on pollution, cuts down on traffic. >> reporter: today was the first meeting on the plan to connect the bay area to southern california. this man says he's opposed to the plan because of plans to start the rails and expanding from there. >> we have these tracks in the middle of nowhere, if it started in los angeles or san francisco then at least it could be used for something. >> reporter: high speed rail would be what he called a destructive tornado through that city. >> several hundred homes will be destroyed. several hundred businesses will be destroyed. eight churches, one hospital, two schools. >> reporter: san mateo county assemblyman says they will provide a clearer picture of the plan. >> when it gets time to
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appropriate funds, when it gets time to see the issue we'll have that time to look at the situation. >> reporter: high speed rail opponents say they are looking forward to influencing, sorry the light just went out here. they are looking to influencing the assembly members who vote on this proposal in january. the san francisco commissioners who oversee nummi say that passengers will not get an increase. more than a dozen members of congress are actually asking for a pay cut this year. a bipartisan group of 18 lawmakers sent a hetter to a deaf -- a letter to a deficit cutting committee to have their pay cut.
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it could save taxpayers an extra $100 million over 10 years. >> i think it's critically important that we send this message just for the symbolism of it and also the fairness issue. we're going to have to be makeing the same sacrifices that we're asking the american people to make. >> the last time congress took a pay cut was back in 1933 in the midst of the great depression. arizona congresswoman giffords had been pushing for this pay cut before the february shooting that landed her in the hospital with a severe head injury. coming up at 5:30, the message she sent to her constituents today as she continues her recovery. on wall street today, stocks seesawed before closing with modest gains. the stocks fell early in the day as investors grappled with the european debt crisis. but a positive report on retail sales and gains in stocks sent the numbers higher. the dow up a little more than 17 points, the nasdaq up just about 29 points. we're hearing tonight from
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a key witness in the penn state child sex abuse scandal one day after the public message from the man accused. assistant coach mike mquery told a friend he had stopped an alleged assault by jerry sandusky and went to the police about it. mcquery told a jury he witnessed a former assistant coordinator raping a 10-year- old boy. today he told cbs news his emotions are shot. >> describe your emotions right now. >> all over the place. just kind of, shaken. >> crazy? >> crazy. >> you said what -- >> like a snow globe. >> like a snow globe. >> yes, sir. >> jerry sandusky give an interview. he admitted to showering with kids and touching their leg but insisted it was not sexual. that's a huge public safety issue. >> he's talking about what
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prisoners across the state of california have in record numbers. what it is and what's being done about it. back here in 10 minutes we have more fog to talk about tomorrow morning and in the five day forecast there's some rain drops, i'll tell you when that happens. #k
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>> it's a story we first brought you two years ago. prisoners using cell phones it was a problem then and it's even worse today. san quentin officials say they have found 46 illegal cell phones in just the last three months. in tonight's special report, ktvu has learned a recent test reveals inmates are making thousands of cell phone calls and sending text messages every day. ken pritchett tells us about new technology that the state hopes will silence those calls. >> reporter: the slamming of a cell door, a sound associated with prisons but perhaps it
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should be this or this. prison guards have used dogs and random searching to confiscate cell phones from prisoners. this year at california state prison solano, 335 cell phones have been seized from inmates. >> statewide it's about 12,000 right now. that's a huge public safety issue. >> reporter: a test in june found that despite all of the searches his inmates had cell phones and they were busy. >> the results were pretty phenomenal. we did an 11 day test period, there were approximately 25,000 phone calls or texts intercepted. >> reporter: that's more than 2,000 a day, tim vice is in charge of the department of corrections cell phone interdiction project. >> you knew you were going to find something? >> yes but we didn't know it was going to be in that order of magnitude. >> reporter: the same system that detected those phone calls can block them from reaching a
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cell phone our and it installed at all california prisons starting with solano prison early next year. >> imagine putting an umbrella over a given area, a cone of silence sort to speak, that that particular unauthorized phone would not be able to penetrate. >> reporter: cell phones sell for hundreds of dollars inside prison, they are smuggled inside parcels or laundry, including by prison staff. one was found earlier this year. >> a lot of the prisoners we found have used those phones to contact, girls, young girls. a lot of them are girls that are on facebook or communicated with randomly. >> reporter: when we first brought you this story it was not illegal at the time to possess or use a cell phone inside of a state prison and that did not change until earlier this year.
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but few believe a new law will stop the sale of phones. that is until technology proves successful. a former prison guard has pleaded guilty to a charge of fraud for smuggling tobacco and cell phones to prisoners. bobby joe kerby worked as a guard. according to a plea agreement, kirby admitted getting $150 for each phone that he smuggled in. kirby now faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. we're hearing from students about a hacking scandal of santa clara university. as we first reported on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 yesterday the fbi is trying to track down the person who got into the university's computer system and boosted the grades of some undergraduate students.
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>> it's a private school, it's an institution and i was pretty surprised that they were able to do that. i would expect the security to be a little higher here. >> reporter: the hacker could be expelled if it turns out to be a currently enrolled students. commercial crab fishermen continue to hold out for more money. as we first reported on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 yesterday, the fishermen have gone on strike amidst the price of crab. the crab season officially started at 12:01 this morning. let's talk about our weather, another very nice day here in the bay area. bill are we still looking at changes at the ends of the week. >> still rain drops at the end of the week. we do have fog in the forecast, we had fog again this morning. that valley fog can make your going slow.
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the jet stream here is the jet stream up here. see where the clouds are. it dropped south as we head into friday, that's going to bring showers everyone some snow to some places that you wouldn't expect. so we'll get to that. we'll talk about patchy fog late tonight, early tomorrow morning. you saw it in moraga up by lafayette you saw it up in the napa valley. wide, very patchy. it went away rapidly. that's how tomorrow morning goes. it's going to be a little bit of patchy fog in the usual spots. slows your morning commute. give yourself a little extra time. might take 10 to 15 minutes longer than you might expect. especially in these areas where the fog on the ground. these will be your lows for tomorrow morning. as your kids head off to school tomorrow you're looking for temperatures to be on the cool side 42 in vallejo, that's cool. 42 in livermore, that's cool. and again that patchy fog definitely a player in the morning commute for your wednesday. now right now i'm tracking a weather system that's out in
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the pacific. and as it gets closer the winds, the on shore winds are going to start to pick up. we have a little bit of a westerly winds now. that's why temperatures have been generally above freezing. it also has been conducive to the lighter winds have been conducive to the lighter patchy fog. as we get into the next 36 hours or so, this very cold low pressure center is going to drop down, it's going to go right down to central valley and east of us. it's going to introduce very cold air. temperatures trend down, showers on friday. and then snow in some unusual spots. when i come back in about just a few minutes we're going to have the five day forecast, we're going to look right at the weekend, we're going to look at your forecast highs and pinpoint where your fog will be for the morning commute. we'll see you back here in a little bit. congresswoman giffords is sending a message to her con constituents. what she says she misses the
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most. what a woman says she is doing to elementary school students when it comes to their jewelry. and the latest on the situation in cal berkeley. a huge crowd gathering for what's being called a general assembly. more details coming up momentarily. new at 6:00, this area man boarded a suspected burglar in his home and you will not believe what he used to do it. then paying tribute to a boy who overcame incredible odds. only on 2, a school remembers the student who's determination inspired everyone he knew. and we're following the very latest on an officer involved shooting inside the hall school of business. a live report on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, complete bay area news coverage. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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we continue to follow developing news happening right now on the cal campus. our news chopper 2 is high over head sprawl plaza. look right in the middle of
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your screen, hundreds and hundreds of people gathered as part of the occupy protest specifically they are having their general assembly. this group we're showing you here includes people from the occupy oakland movement. a large group marched from frank ogawa plaza in oakland up telegraph avenue to berkeley. today's protest at the cal campus, people are speaking out in protests of rising tuition costs and they're also speaking out about the police action we showed you last week on the cal campus when protesters tried to set up a tent city on campus and police did not allow that to happen. we have reporters on the scene at cal, we're going to keep checking on them throughout this hour and on ktvu channel 2 at 6:00. board members say they hope the move will improve dental care in the county especially for children. >> we were impressed by the fact that the effects of
5:26 pm
flouride water on children who have no other ability to fight dental decay. >> reporter: the water board held months of hearings on whether to put flouride in their water. they heard from experts who showed that flouride water treatment saves dental treatments. >> they show an average decrease of intelligence between three to five points. >> the flouridation plan will cost $800,000 a year in maintenance and operation. it might take a few years to get the flouridation in place. a judghas sued an arrest warrant for one of the lawyers on dr. conrad murray's
5:27 pm
defense team. matt alford failed to show up for a content meeting says he was in a trial in houston. the judge wants details in writing and ordered alford to appear in court november 29. that's the day dr. murray will be sentenced for involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. the charges against alford stem from a september tv appearance where he violated the judges orders not to comment on the case outside of court. with occupy oakland shut down many here at occupy san francisco expect their camp to be next. what the mayor is planning to do tomorrow. [ male announcer ] steak & lobster is on the menu at sizzler. a fresh cut tri-tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail... just $15.99. sizzler.
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will these tents be the next to be taken down? san francisco occupiers are keeping a close eye on what's happening across the bay. some protesters say they won't go without a fight. new problems within that camp at herman plaza is causing some to think the end is near. robert handa live now to tell us about a health threat to animals discovered at that camp. >> reporter: well for many people here at occupy san francisco these barricades are an ominous sign that this expanding sea of tents here at justin her man plaza may not be here much longer -- herman plaza may not be here much longer. san francisco major -- mayor ed lee is planning a meeting tomorrow morning. many occupiers sense it will be closed within the next few days. >> i don't see it being a stand off, or in any way violent situation current. i'm not feeling that. i don't think anybody here really is. >> if they come, we're
5:31 pm
definitely ready. we're not moving without a fight. >> city officials are concerned about crime and potential health risks not only to the campers but to the pets many have brought here. san francisco animal care and control reports that three dogs here have contracted the potential deadly parvo virus and that all the dogs here were vaccinated yesterday. >> a lot of these animals are living outside all the time any way so that's not unusual but in such crowded quarters it is unusual. so it's putting them at risk. >> reporter: while the camp may not be here much longer the occupy message of economic inequality is being heard at city hall. some board members are considering pulling the funds out of private banks. >> we just have to make sure that the realities of our financial picture are taken
5:32 pm
into account as well. >> reporter: and we're back live in justin herman plaza. mayor lee has said he is support áfive of people protesting here around the clock but keeping tents and tarps up may not be permitted much longer. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktv you -- ktvu channel 2 news. we want to go back to that huge crowd that has gathered outside of the cal campus. more live pictures here from news chopper 2. you can see there are hundreds of protesters they are right in front of sprawl hall. if you're not familiar with the cal campus this is about 200 feet from the interception of bancroft and telegraph. these protesters are joined by occupy san francisco protesters. they are upset on what they consider to be alleged police
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brutality last week. what they do after that is anyone's guess. we've had some information that they might try to set up another tent city which police have said they will not allow. perhaps they may go on another march. we just don't know but we are continuing to follow this situation and we will have more live coverage during this newscast and ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. two inmates escape from a minimum security prison camp in solano county. the prisoners disappeared from outside sassoon city early this morning. the inmates at that camp help fight fires and clear vegetation. one was eduardo hernandez, the other is jose padilla. both men are from los angeles county. herman cain was on the defensive again today. this time over remarks he made about labor negotiations. cain campaigned today in lebuke
5:34 pm
iowa. he recently angered voters. today cain tried to clear up his remarks. >> when an organization puts so many demands on a state that's going to force it to go bankrupt, they've gone too far. collective bargaining they have the right, but i do not accept collective high jacking. republican front runner romney told factory workers there that he wants to give funds to the states to run safety net programs like medicaid instead of federal agencies running them. he also criticized president obama for telling businessmen that america has become quote a little bit lazy about selling itself. >> i'm convinced that america is not guilty lazy, is not soft, has not lost its ambition
5:35 pm
or creativeness. i just feel they are being held down by a government that has gotten too big. giffords and her husband former astronaut mark kelly were interviewed last night on 20/20. giffords says she would like to return to congress but only after she has made a full recovery. she has also posted this message for people in her arizona district. >> this is gabby giffords, i miss you. i miss tucson, the mountains, blue skies, in the heat. i am getting stronger. >> reporter: giffords recorded that message last week in houston where she's undergoing rehabilitation of her injuries. one city has found a new way to deal with their occupy protesters. we'll tell you what's going on in santa rosa. plus a new message from the
5:36 pm
occupy movement, what it has to do with people half a world away. starbucks is giving customers a break on their coffee. find out what they're doing in a moment.
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some positive news for retailers as the holiday shopping season moving into full gear. consumers are giving the economy a modest boost.
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the commerce department says over a retail sales rose .5% last month that's the sixth month of gain. inflation pressures are easing, companies are paying less for wholesale goods. in the north bay tonight occupy protesters and local officials have come to a meeting of the minds if you will. ktvu' paul chambers is in santa rosa with word on what the city is doing to accommodate those occupiers. >> reporter: frank i tell you what, there are more than 100 campers out here as part of occupy santa rosa. and the city says that number needs to change, the way they plan to do it is by using this permit. today police patrol the area where more than 100 at the present 100 -- 100 tents are lining the lawn. city officials are now requiring occupiers to get a camping permit. >> we have 67 camp sites and we are allowing up to four individuals in a four person tent on the site. >> i think very much the city
5:40 pm
wants to box us in. reduce our effective population and prevent us from essentially enacting any proper civil disobedience. >> reporter: the permit is good for 15 days, and is issued to the person not the tent. drugs, alcohol and cooking is prohibited. >> it's buying time and going along with the process. because we are -- if they call it a camping permit and in fact, we are not camping we are occupying. >> reporter: but if the city decides to continue the process a person can reapply for a new permit but they must do so before the current one expires. most within the encampment say they will not go within the permitting process but also will not stand in the way of those who go through the process. >> if they want to go through the process, they can do that all they like.
5:41 pm
>> reporter: many people here say without a permit they will be kicked out any day now. so far the city has issued 115 permits. a different kind of occupy protest took place on behalf of pelestinians. >> occupy oakland, not palestine. >> reporter: members of the voice for peace rallied outside the veolia transportation. protesters rallied in solidarity with so called freedom writers in palestine. >> today there was a demonstration of young pelestinians deliberately boarding veolia only buses. inspired by the civil rights movement. >> reporter: veolia
5:42 pm
transportation told ktvu a subsidiary runs the service. the service is provided there and that buss are not segregated. the coffee chain has eliminated a fee that it charged for bags of coffee beans weighs less than a pound. the agency said starbucks failed to notify customers that it was adding a surcharge of about $1.50 for partial bags of beans. a new poll is shedding some light on how americans acquire their pets. 40% of pet owners according to the poll say at least one of their pets was a gift. 33% said they took in a stray. 31% turned to a breeder while 30% adopted. only 14% of pet owners say they got a pet from a pet store. we continue to follow developing news from a cal campus. you can see from high above a
5:43 pm
crowd of hundreds gathered at sprawl plaza. the two issues behind this protest that brought hundreds from occupy oakland to this site. back here in 10 minutes we have a five day forecast with some rain in it. we will show you when that rain starts and when it ends and when that city could be the wettest. new at 6:00, this bay area plan boarded a suspected burglar in his home and you won't believe what he used to do it. >> it's to bring silence. paying tribute to a boy who overcame the odds. a school remember it is student who's determination inspired everyone he knew. and we're following the very latest on an officer involved shooting inside the hass school of business. a live update, tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, complete bay area news cover ram. - - newscoverage.
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5:45 pm
news chopper 2 still liveover head, that live rally that is going on right now in sprawl plaza right in front of sprawl hall on the uc berkeley campus. it's getting dark obviously so it's a little bit difficult to
5:46 pm
tell but the estimates we're getting that there are several hundred at the very least. maybe more than a thousand at this rally right now. what they're doing is holding a general assembly, what they do after that we don't know. but we are monitoring this, and we will have complete coverage for you coming up tonight on ktvu challenge two news at 6:00. a police warning tonight about a brazen thief targeting little girls. maureen naylor with how a woman is stealing gold chains from children. >> reporter: gasia, the victims are six, seven and eight years old. the most recent theft happened right here. gold necklaces are a family tradition in the molina family but they were just recently contacted after another girl had her gold necklace taken. >> they told me to be careful with the kids.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: a woman recently came on the campus of grant, kennedy and watson elementary school and stole necklaces off three girls. in two cases replaced it with costume jewelry. san jose police recently realized the cases were connected. >> the method in which she's approaching the victims and targeting specific victims in this case they're all hispanic. >> it happened outside in the lunch area. another one was in the library. so you know, but adults were around. this is the thing, with this person is very, you know i want to say cunning. >> reporter: two of the schools are in the san jose unified school district which has since tightened it's security. >> we believe it's the same person. seeing this person we know it was not a person that was part of the community. >> reporter: one motivation is the price of gold. a small gold chain fetches $50. >> any adult that approaches a
5:48 pm
child needs to be arrested. >> reporter: the suspect is described as a hispanic woman in her 30s, medium height, medium weight with brown hair and she brings with her a three to 5-year-old boy. police say it's a reminder for parents to tell their children to never talk to strangers everyone if they say they're a friend of the family. panetta testified before the senate on services committee. republican law mangers called the decision to pull out a purely political move. secretary panetta disagreed. >> this is about negotiating with a sovereign country, an independent country, this is about their needs, this is not about us telling them what we're going to do for them or what they're going to have to do. >> it's about our needs as well. >> reporter: defense officials said today that the u.s.
5:49 pm
military will continue with some limited counter terrorism training in iraq beyond the years end. poor training is causing safety problems. the pilots say they're distracted learning new procedures for flying their planes. in fact, they say that that led to three planes almost landing without putting their landing gear down. nasa is making a push to recruit new astronauts. veteran astronauts are leaving the space agency and a nasa official says the agency is afraid it will not have enough people to put into space for future programs. with the country's shuttle fleet retired, nasa astronauts will the fly on a russian space capsule. >> all that in the bay area, you see a lot of jackets but so far not a lot of umbrellas however that's going to change. >> we're moving right along
5:50 pm
here into november. the middle of november, things are cooling off at night and we do have rain back in the forecast. umbrellas will be needed as we go into the end of the week. outside we go, they're going to stay north, see the clouds out here. as we head into your thursday night, friday they're going to drop in over the top of us and bring us some showers, everyone some low snow levels. the forecast then for tonight will be that patchy valley fog. it will impact you as we get going. temperatures today in the mid- and upper 60s. satellite loop here shows the satellite system to the north. this is what i'm tracking right here. you can barely see it. it's going to shoot down into the northern side of the state and it'll bring us know on some of the bay area peaks, light showers here. in the meantime though, tomorrow afternoon still dominated by high pressure. dry conditions in the inland bay valleys in and around the coast with numbers down into the mid-60s. here is what the computer model
5:51 pm
see, it sees rain north wednesday at about 7:00 p.m. you see the showers, this is thursday at 6:00. watch what happens friday? that unstable cool air comes in. you're going to see snow at low elevations you're going to see widely scattered showers for your friday. this is at 2:00, this isn't going to be a wash out. they'll be widely scattered showers a little wet on the morning commute. a little wet on the afternoon commute. this isn't a well organized front what that means it won't be copious amount of rain. steve pallson will be here tomorrow morning and he'll give you the latest on that. right now the rain looks like it's going to be here on friday morning. scattered showers in the mid- morning hours. your five day forecast shapes up like this. with your bay area weekend in look, this does not look like a big event. patchy fog in the morning hours and milder temperatures, cooler
5:52 pm
into the weekend, more showers on sunday. >> and still looking for more showers for next week. >> yeah, next week will be wet. walnut creek on ice, the rink finally opened today after last friday's scheduled opening was delayed because the ice making machine was not working properly. the seasonal rank is bigger than ever with 8,000 square feet of ice. the skating for free event runs until 7:00 tonight. a movement to change target from opening on thanksgiving night is under way. and what officials are asking lawmakers to do now. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... no exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. an omaha man who's trying to get target to change its black friday plans now has the supports of hundreds of thousands of people and he didn't even have to use his desk. he says the late night hours means that employees will have to miss thanksgiving gathering in order to get enough rest to come into work. a san francisco woman who almost lost her life in a shooting spoke out in washington, d.c. today. she and other victims of violence are demanding stricter gun control. >> you know we're not trying to take guns away from people that are fine to have them. it's the people that shouldn't
5:56 pm
have them in the first place. >> minty finkestein was shot by a convicted killer 12 years ago. she and dozens of other mass shootings victims and family members today urged congress to strengthen gun laws. they say it is too easy right now to buy a gun. >> we're losing our children left and right and my babies lips are silenced but i wouldn't be. >> reporter: today senate committee heard testimony. it's the first attempt to correct what some believe are flawed in that system since the shootings in tucson that injured congresswoman giffords and killed six others. today's visit to congress was the final stop in the national drive to fix gun checks tour. in which the victims took their anti gun violence message all across the country. coming up here in just 90 seconds, we're live at uc berkeley. that's where hundreds of protesters are converging on
5:57 pm
sprawl plaza. the message they are sharing tonight. also we're following the officer involved shooting inside a computer lab also at cal. what witnesses tell us that they saw after gunshots rang out. for $2. or one for $6 and two for $2. [ male announcer ] with denny's 2-4-6-8 value menu, we're open to all new ways to save you money. [ imitates explosion ] [ male announcer ] dnyny's.
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good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. shots were fired on the cal campus and students were in the area. ken pritchett has what he heard and saw. >> reporter: we're at the cal building where that shooting took place. when we arrived on seen, right now there's not much to see it's pretty quiet. but when we arrived there were students and faculty outside of the hass school of business with police on the steps. they had been evacuated from the building. the students we talked to they heard what happened, they didn't see what happened, one of them gave us a diagram of that classroom, that third floor computer lab where it happened. the state of -- the students we talked to said most of them were in the computer lab where they were. this is the entrance from the ha


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