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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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proposition 8, what it could mean for the future of same sex marriage in california. . welcome, it is thursday november 17th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, steve, how should people dress? >> i would begin with layers. there will be some light rain, some sun for a while temperatures 50s and lower 60s. here is sal. traffic on the san mateo bridge is off to a good start. traffic does look good and this morning we are looking at the bay bridge and it's a nice drive all the way to san francisco. no major problems at the toll
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plaza and no major problems if you are driving northbound on the 101. let's go back to the desk. uc berkeley police in riot gear are now raiding the occupied campus. claudine wong joins us with what is happening right now claudine? >> reporter: you can see uc berkeley police still standing guard keeping people from going inside the plaza and if you look on the steps, there were 15 tents as of yesterday morning and you can see remnants of what used to be there. the crowd of protesters that was cleared out, they remain on the other side of that police line basically just standing here they wanted to go back into the plaza and they said the university said they would be allowed to protest there 24 hours a day and they are not happy they are not allowed to
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take a stand and whether or not they are allowed to camp, tell me what happened this morning were you sleeping when they came in? >> yes, when i got the message they were tearing down tents and arresting people. >> reporter: do you know if anybody had been arrested? >> yes, one guy had a dog with him and he was being arrested and he asked somebody to take his dog home. >> reporter: what is the issue at this point with protesters out here? >> well of course we are still upset about education but at the same time police are being used to bridge our first amendment rights. we hope they will put down their riot shields and come join us, there is no reason this should not be their protests too. it was expected, i am an
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occupied medic and we hope other americans and bay area residents are as concerned as we are and come out and join us. >> and the situation as it stands now, we have somebody who will jump at the same time police are holding the line and you have people who are not camping but sitting on blankets hanging out and there is a bus back there, maybe they are loading up tents and equipment. students we spoke to said they are not going anywhere, they are moving back on to the plaza, how long they will do that, we will keep you updated on the situation. camping permits will no longer be given out in santa rosa and starting this afternoon, those without permits will be told to take down their tents. now the latest development comes after occupied protesters
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said they had too many restrictions and protesters with permits will be allowed to stay. a big cleanup in san francisco... occupied protesters swarmed the lobby of the bank building at 55 california street. they were mostly college students and with once they got inside the bank they sprayed graffiti on the walls and set up a tent. although no injuries were reported 95 protesters were arrested. speculation, one group of occupied protesters may be forced out of that location. kraig debro is at the federal reserve building and those being allowed to leave on their own will be evicted. >> reporter: there is 101
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market street occupied location they are supposed to be out of their areas and i asked one person and he said he had not heard that order and a sergeant is also unaware of the order. they told occupied campers here on market street to leave by 4:00 p.m. today. he told them to leave before so it is not necessarily etched in stone and all the signs show they are against the economic systems and the perception of that is very much alive. they have a list of conditions to be met in order for the encampment to be adjusted with the mayor yesterday and they recognize the conditions that need to be met including a ban on drugs and alcohol.
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this occupied site on 101 market street is the actual original site and we shot this video close to the one month anniversary and at that time the justin herman plaza had not been started and that became an encampment when this one got too large. i will go and speak to them and ask them if they know anything about this order and see if i can confirm the order to leave at 4:00 p.m. today. kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news san francisco. make sure you stay tuned on ktvu channel 2 news to get the very latest. the faculty at cal state
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east bay and doming guess hills will protest the withholding of negotiated pay raise. because of deep cuts and state funding they cannot afford to pay the raises. berkeley residents escaped a house fire. the fire started on the back patio of the 2000 block of parker street and the residents inside the home were sleeping at the time. some hot ashes were placed outside in a paper bag were to blame. >> so the lesson we have here, if we have a fire this time of year make sure after you metal can. >> the fire damaged the deck and charred the side of house, luckily no injuries were
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reported. the california supreme court will announce its ruling over the key ruling over same sex marriage. they will talk about whether they have a right to manage same sex bands. california elected officials have refused to approve that law. steven is likely to face some tough questioning over the $500 million federal loan given to pre-month based solyndra. coming up, we will have a live report from our washington d.c. room and how he feels about the company's bankruptcy. >> let's go to sal, are people awake on the east shore? >> well they might be but i am not. >> i am trying to help you, sal. >> i think it has to kick in.
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to answer day of's question, on the east shore freeway it does look good but we have noticed a temporary closure. look at the top of your screen, i think what they are doing is holding traffic temporarily and right now eastbound 880 is at a standstill and we are assuming this is only a temporary thing. they had been doing road work overnight and one thing we do know for sure is that traffic is at a standstill in berkeley on 80 westbound. we will find out what is going on exactly and it is unusual for them to close all the lanes for construction but sometimes they do, do that so we will let you know. also this morning's commute, it
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is light, no problems coming in san francisco. and along northbound, that traffic looks well getting up to highway 17. lots of sunshine, mild to warm and a little cooler over by the waters' edge. this system will weaken as it moves south. cold air begins to move in tonight into tomorrow. it will be breezy windy and colder, snow level is coming down although there is not a lot of moisture to work with. possibly two maybe three and a half, models are splitting the systems, that is not good. it has enhanced the fog heading
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towards northern mendocino county and that's still a ways away. oakland 50s and that's out at the mourn attain view bay. a lot of that cold air will push south and it is going to drop, a chilly morning, dense fog, we will have increasing clouds throughout the day. the biggest plunge will start later. the wind is beginning to pick up 50s and lower 60s and i think you will notice temperatures coming down. we will continue that to friday some off and on rain, breezy and cool saturday. confidence level about a "b" and we will have more on monday
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stay tuned. a high speed rail plan... >> and the race for president, who is on top in the latest poll of california republicans? they cleared it up and we will have more on your commute and the bay area weather.
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. welcome back, good morning to you. the company snc. if which is owned by the french government deported thousands of jews to concentration camps. they testified they should be allowed to sue that company. they are interested in bidding for the first phase of california's high speed rail project. some other high speed rail projects across the company, well they are in jeopardy this morning. they are on the verge of killing funding for that programming. president barack obama has asked for 53 billion over six years and they say that is too much money. they favor high speed in the
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northeast rather than nationally. they are investigating a federal loan given to fremont based solyndra. he will be called to explain why taxpayers are out a half billion dollars, allison? >> reporter: pam, the secretary will be here to testify on capitol hill in a little less than two hours and he is here to testify, saying solyndra was once a promising company and the energy department made a decision to support it because they are in a competitive battle with country's like china to win the clean energy base. he will say i made them with the best taxpayer in minds and i want to be clear over the loan guarantee, i did not make any decisions based on
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political considerations. while they -- while they owe kay it in favor to a campaign top donor, there will be new documents showing how solyndra made demands and i will have that for you in my next update in about an hour. for now from washington allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. now the latest los angeles times poll shows republican voters in the state support mitt romney. 14% for newt gingrich. 6% for rand paul and 3% for rick perry. yosemite park officials
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called off the search for people. they could not find their bodies in the hearse set river. both men are from the central valley and it is the first time the low water season ended without the recovery of drowning victims. they want to know what caused a fire in the mission terrace neighborhood. firefighters rushed to this house just before 9:00 last night, they were able to get out, you can see they were overcome with smoke they were taken to the hospital and we don't know their condition. sal is keeping an eye on the roads, any problems, sal? >> i don't any but we showed you there was a stoppage of the freeway there and now the traffic has been left through,
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did -- one officer stopped traffic and picked up the latter and put it on to the right shoulder. also the morning commute looks good right passed the coliseum potential directions look good. san mateo bridge traffic looks good to the high-rise and westbound 101 dumbarton that traffic looks good over to the peninsular. if you got out the last couple of days, mile to warm, that is a sign things are upstream and they are heading in our direction. we have light rain and drizzle
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with fog, so even if we get some sun it will not be very warm. we are started with 30s 40s and 50s. our system, there is two and a half, it will weaken considerably and that could give us off and on rain. some dense fog, increasing clouds throughout the day but temperature trends, we topped it out and a colder pattern kicks in with highs struggling. light rain moves into the north bay and this system will fall apart but still some light rain, 50s and 60s, turning gold
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better. i didn't cancel any -- i would not cancel any plans for saturday and sunday but clearing early next week. european markets continue to slide this morning and crude oil prices continue to rise as investors worried are you about the debt crisis. that pat certain likely to continue until investors see default and realizes it is not the end of the financial world. we will keep watching. look what happened on wall street. the to you do you starts pillow 5,000, nasdaq and s&p 500 also losing ground and right now the future is showing a lowering opening. stock market on angie's list is expected to begin
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trading on the nazdaq. it is offering $13 per share. angie's list will trade under that symbol and we will bring it to you live in a little more than help hour. this happened almost eight months ago, why is it taking so long. a a look at the most educated cities in the state. looking good on the highway 101 peps and i will -- 101 peninsular and i will have more on your weather and commute coming up stay tuned.
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. they came crashing down on to nelson road after some heavy rain out there and neighbors are getting by with a bypass road and they are told it is a temporary problem but over the summer fema denied a request for assistant. they asked for help with a 1.2
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million dollars project. sutter health is warning more than 4 million patients their personal information was on a computer that was stolen from an office last month. the information is from patients in berkeley and oakland. eden medical center from caster valley, pacific in san francisco, and sutter medical center of santa rosa. now names addresses birth dates and medical diagnoses were on that computer and the information was not encrypted. >> my name was on that computer. >> it was? >> yes, on the main database. >> reporter: sutter said all of the patients were treated between '95 and this year, they
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will see if they were included in that data. a new state finance report shows they are from silicone valley. palo alto is from there and cupertino follows close behind. other quote educated cities as you would expect, berkeley as well. a very busy day ahead, the issue that is taking up that could change when you will be able to use your cell phone. taking a look at cal, police are still performing a barricade while they clean up from the occupied camp. i just spoke to police and i will tell you what they are saying, coming up. they are about to go on strike, the message they are trying to send to add minute
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. good morning to you, it is 5:30 steve paulsen has the weather, what is it? we have clouds coming in, there will be some light rain early this evening. we will get some sun, look for
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50s and 60s and that system gets closer, here is sal. it should be a nice drive for you if you are driving on 880 it is nice and no problems getting to the oakland area. looking at 880, that area looks good driving to the mcarthur maze, let's go back to the desk. it happened two hours ago, a police raid on the occupied camp. claudine is back, what is going on claudine? >> reporter: they are not happy now because what they are watching is their encampment being taken apart piece by piece and officers are standing bias this clean up gets underway. take a look, this is the issue,
5:32 am
you can see chalk boards and that's actually a piano, they are going to clear all of that out, all of this is in violation of uc policy and they have warned these protesters several times this cannot stay and that is the reason they have decided to come in and clear it out. i have just spoke to them and he said now is the time at 3:30 they gave one last order telling them to leave they could take their tents and leave peacefully and out of the 20 or so tent -- actually two thirds, they are the ones that remained and they are clearing out. 2 dozen protesters are kind of in a face off with uc police officers because they want to get back into the plaza. they do not want it loaded into
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the truck but uc police say it is in violation of policy, they will be allowed to go back in but will not be allowed to set up furniture and tents anything that looks like an encampment. one protest made an announcement saying they are not engaging us, let's not engage them, let's take a step back. two people said, look we want to be arrested, take us too, they are being booked in the jail in oakland. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a few reports they were warned to go to another camp or face eviction. the department of public works at the fit read reserve on market street, the city wants them to move to the main
5:34 am
building. to avoid a confrontation with police, they took down their tents. a group of officers told demonstrators to leave or risk be arrested cited. they moved from city hall to a -- from city hall to across the street. they stayed from 5:00 this morning and marched through downtown. the new york stock exchange will open in just about an hour from now. a lot of people working on wall street will have trouble getting to their jobs this morning. this is a live picture. look at how jammed the situation is in lower manhattan at this hour. new york occupied protesters are trying to shut down wall
5:35 am
street and they say they will block bangers from going to work. the movement started two months ago and they are holding a series of actions today like what you are looking at right now, will they start on wall street and they will end up with a rally at city hall in new york city. we have continuing coverage of all of the occupied protests, stay here with ktvu channel 2 news to get the very latest. two faculties universities will be walking the campus today and they say they never received pay raises. live with what we might expect when the up with day strike gets underway, christian? one is this area and
5:36 am
organizers are starting to set up, striking workers are scheduled to march here at carlos b in hayward. organizers said they were expecting tonight strike from other cal state schools they are expected to take part in that protest. they are voting overwhelmingly in favor of the one day strike saying the administration to failure to pay which were never deliberate. organizers will be coming back and are setting up here. we are expecting to speak with some of the union leadership later this morning and we will bring you that information so you can hear about what they have to say about their reasons for striking and their excuse
5:37 am
saying the money is simply not there. that is the scene when protesters clashed yesterday at cal state trustees meeting. they agreed to a tuition hike and tuition will now be almost $6,000 a year. the vote happened behind closed doors after that violence erupted. two campus officers were hurt. new son is calling -- one official is calling for another vote. they fell short by almost $4 billion and the shortfall is expected to trigger $2 billion in automatic cuts. the usc systemels along with public schools stand to loose
5:38 am
millions of dollars. also at risk funding for seniors disabled and childcare. we are learning more about a man who was a self described computer nerd and we will hear more about what happened leading up to the shooting coming up at 5:00. three employees were killed when their cessna plane went down in a residential area. nobody on the ground was hurt. a report by the ntsb board last month shows the the planes propellers and engines were working properly but did not name the exact reason for the crash. bart will examine their cell phone policies when they could seriously cause problems. they are going to work after
5:39 am
the backlash they received when they interrupted cell phone service after a planned protest until august. checking in on the commute, how is it looking, sal? cool we are looking at mostly cleared highways. if you are driving out to the commute, you will see traffic looks good getting to hayward. there is a small delay at the toll plaza, no problems once you get on to the upper deck of the bay bridge. fremont traffic looks good and i want to move the maps to concord and yock, traffic -- antioch, traffic looks good, and walnut creek to alamo, it is a nice drive all the way to
5:40 am
san ramon moan -- san ramon. we will have some sun before the system inches closer. cooler back into the 50s and lower 60s for many. there will be some rain and we will carry that into tomorrow. there is more of a breezy colder system coming in for the weekend. saturday looks okay, highs in the 50s, rain sunday, it looks like it wants to favor coastal locations. first system does not have much to it, in fact crescent city had rain but we will have light drizzle in the north bay. it is starting to inch closer to northern mendocino county and northern lake county later on. 40s and 50s on the temperatures and cloud cover will be coming up.
5:41 am
there is going to be a couple. one thing i want to point out, when you see this, right here, that is development, that is a good sign for rain, that is a developing system and most of it is pushing to the pacific northwest. low clouds, fog chilly morning, breezy and clouds increase but the main message is, it will be a colder pattern. light rain to the north but until then, high clouds, it will be cooler breezy, 50s and 60s out of those temperatures near 70s. an extended outlook hit and miss, we will mention rain for the coast on sunday. time now 541, some new developments in the sex abuse allegations at penn state, what they are saying about the e-
5:42 am
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. good morning, low clouds dense fog, some rain, increasing clouds throughout the day temperatures 50s and 60s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are
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following, just two hours ago, officers in riot gear tore down their tents and ordered demonstrators who leave. so far they have made only two arrests. claudine wong was the first reporter on the scene and she will bring us a live update at the top of the hour. cal state will be kicking off a one day strike today. they are protesting not honor negotiated pay raises for faculty workers. the court will issue a decision of whether sponsors of proposition 8 have the right to defend the issue of same sex band in federal court. there is controversy on whether mike mcqueary says he spoke to police about what
5:46 am
happened with jerry sandusky raping a boy in the locker room shower. mike mcqueary said he did talk to police about witnessing the alleged incident in 2002. a spokesperson said no reports were ever filed and the new york times reports attorney general's office first contacted mike mcqueary after reading a post on a message board. meanwhile, he said his client is prepared to testify in court about being severely sexually assaulted by jerry sandusky. more alleged victims are prepared to come forward and jerry sandusky has denied the charges. president barack obama wrapped up his two day visit to australia about where american and australian troops died in 2002. they laid this wreathe laying
5:47 am
ceremony in darwin australia in 1942. 91 americans died in that attack. it is his final stop on the asian pacific region and he will be the first american president to attend east asian nations. hillary rodham clinton made a stop in thailand on her way to that summit and is there to announce a package with that country and they have been ravaged with flooding since july. more than a 5th has been a affected by the flooding and more than 650 people have died. rising faster than expected and most of the marsh lands could be gone in the next 100 years. it depends on two things, how
5:48 am
quickly the ocean rises and how much sediment lands in the bay. the oceans have risen and scientists say it is because of the ice melting. we are learning more about the gunman who was shot and killed at cal's business school. christopher travis was a transfer student and a self prescribed computer man. he took classes at the school of business where his deadly confrontation with police took place. they are still trying to determine why he brought a loaded gun to the business school but they did not think he was trying to harm other students. >> so far it sounds like they were trying to take it easy. we are not sure what is going
5:49 am
on here but it is police activity from area branch but if you are driving on 380 you cannot get off the freeway at royal, and we are trying to get more information into the newsroom and we will let you know when we get that. highway #0 1, slow -- 101 and slowed traffic in antioch as you make your way through the area. 5:49 let's did to steve. well, our change in the atmosphere will change, increasing clouds, drizzle light rain mostly in the north bay, we will get information
5:50 am
that the cooling has begun. our system is not macing a lot of rain. kind of a prod brush, there will be rain into the evening hours. it will be noticeably colder and if there is any available moisture, there is a lot of cold air. drawing your attention mostly of this is heading to the pacific northeast and we are own getting some of it not all of it but any time you get that much cold air seeping in to our area the possibility of rain is there. there is a system heading east but closer to mendocino county and lake county, it may hit the bay area as well. winds are picking up as well and they start to turn more southerly and we will have
5:51 am
another one on friday. saturday looks okay but sunday it appears to just want to hug the coast. some sun increasing clouds, the biggest message is that it will turn much colder. some light rain in the north bay later on. 50s and 60s testimony will be much colder with off and on rain and we will take a break and another system on saturday and sunday. unemployment claims dropped again last week. there were 38 8,000 filings for initial jobless benefits and that's the second week in a row that it is below 100,000. new jobless claims need to stay below 37 5,000 to signal it is
5:52 am
gaining strength. they are running ads promising to help homeowners facing foreclosure. they are questioning the role google is playing in allowing online misconduct but it also comes after paying from profiting from online ads for sell online prescription in the u.s. they are trying to remove toxins from baby products. those groups say johnson & johnson already removed chemicals from other products sold from other countries. he is back but is leaving the baseball scandal behind. the man who pain the face of the steroid scandal and his
5:53 am
plans for the future. major setbacks for an employee stay tuned.
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. welcome back. police arrested a man at the company headquarters in san francisco. he faces several felony counts. he heads several games. they will soon have a new rival in the american league west. this morning major leagues are expected to approve the new as veries and it will be move -- astros in 2013. both will have 15 teams. a man at the center of the ballco drug scandal is back. he is training boxers and ultimate fighters just like he worked with baseball stars. he showed of his new techniques and supplement business. back in 2005, he served prison
5:57 am
time for his roll in the -- role in the steroid scandal. >> i am grateful for many people for giving me a second opportunity. >> they are willing to are tested for performance enhancing drugs. they can't imagine why anybody would want to associate themselves with somebody who has a checkered past. you can see video of how his boxer who is a world champion is training. just look for the special reports link which is right there on the front paint. how toes it looks and right now we are looking at police activity that is blocking eastbound which is the el comino off ramp and we are not sure what is going on. also this morning we are
5:58 am
looking at a commute on southbound 680 which is a nice drive through the pleasantton area and san jose. let's go back to the desk. berkeley protesters, what police did more than an hour ago but is it enough to end the campus protest. why the energy secretary is going before congress today for solyndra.
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