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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 18, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we are on the scene of a deadly accident. we will tell you how this may effect your morning commute. a community in mourning. following the shoots death of a vallejo police officer. this morning the search for a second suspect. we had a couple days this week where temperatures topped out at 70 degrees. the trend now is to take the temperatures down. what about rain? we'll talk about that now on the morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us it's friday, november 18th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic here is steve. >> thank you, good morning. happy friday. mostly cloudy out there. a lot of low clouds advancing in this system coming in. it's weak. we've had light drizzle. that is key. the system doesn't have lot with it. highs only in the 50s. mostly cloudy cooler day.
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light rain. better opportunities for rain this evening. here is sal. steve, right now traffic is going to be moving along relatively well despite a fatal accident in contra costa county. this traffic trouble spot is eastbound 24 near pleasant hill road. let's go live to christian captain reporter on the scene. >> reporter: we are here on the side of eastbound 24 right before the split just east of pleasant hill road. if you take a look here you can see there is chp investigators looking for evidence out here in the last five minutes. two vehicles were loaded on tow trucks were removed from the scene in the last couple minutes. you can see the chp investigators running tape across the scene. we have been told they are looking for evidence out here to find out what happened. right now we can tell you the one, two, and three lanes the three lanes closest to the median are closed right now. it's looking like they are at
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least starting to clear the scene here. here's what we know so far. at least two vehicles were involved in this accident. we have heard one person was ejected from their vehicle and killed here. chp called for a coroner to come on out. again, no word on how long this investigation will take. let's give you a look at westbound 24 right now so you can see. that is another common commute route. at this point traffic is light. it is still early in the morning but you can see that the investigation is ongoing here on eastbound 24. we will continue to monitor the situation out here. we'll try to get the latest details about what seems to have happened in terms of the deadly incident and also try to find out how it will effect your morning commute. for now we are live christian calf kafton. a memorial is growing outside of police headquarters. we will be getting the latest on what is happening with the occupy patrol tests.
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but we can tell you a memorial is growing outside of the vallejo police department after the fatal shooting of an officer. 45-year-old james capoot had been on the police force for 19 years. he was married with three daughters. claudine wong is joining us. she's on the phone with details from out there. >> we will check in with claudine in a moment. meantime city officials in san francisco are ordering occupy protestors to remove tents on the sidewalk along market street. city issued the order yesterday saying the tents in front of the federal reserve building are in violation of city code. mayor ed lee says the tents need to be taken down immediately but he has not said whether police will step in if the tents remain. as for the main camp at justin
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herman plaza the mayor calls it unsustainable. complete -- it has been called a nuisance. >> as the encampment continues some merchants say they are worried how the protest will effect the upcoming holiday shopping season. occupy oakland is planning to set up a new camp. police took down the tents as you know on monday. but organizers say tomorrow they plan to take over an empty lot at 19th and telegraph right near the fox theater. they are also planning a mass day of action which includes a rally and a march. coming up at 5:30 we will have reaction from the city in a live report. our time is 5:04 as we mentioned a memorial is growing outside of vallejo police quarters after a shooting of a police officer. 45-year-old james capoot was a former marine. he had been with the police
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department the last 19 years. he was married and had three daughters. last night his body was taken away from vallejo kizer hospital in a flag draped casket. a caravan of law enforcement vehicles escorted the coroner's van as fellow loved ones and officers cried outside. >> he helped me through a lot. i don't want to say no more. >> he was a father figure to some of the girls that don't have their father there. like on the team. so he was a good coach. >> mourners you see here have been leaving flowers, balloons and other notes of sympathy outside the police headquarters. as we mentioned the entire city of vallejo is mourning this death of a very popular police officer. many students at vallejo high school are devastated about the news. officer capoot had been the
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coach of the girl's varsity basketball team. our time is 5:05. oakland police are investigating an overnight shooting. police found a wounded man near 34th street at 12:30 this morning. investigators don't think he was shot near 34th and san pablo because no shell casings were found there. the man was rushed to the hospital. he is expected to survive. oakland firefighters overnight battled an apartment fire. it started just after midnight in an eight unit vacant complex at 81st avenue and plymouth street. there are people interested in acquiring the company's assets. the new deadline for offers is
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january 17th. solyndra fired for bankruptcy back in september and the collapse lead to a congressional investigation of the $500 million federal loan guarantee it received. 5:06. with less than a week to go before its deadline the super committee still hasn't reached a deal to reach the federal deficit. we will bring you a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom about what will happen if they don't have a deal by the thanksgiving deadline. 5:07. the san francisco department of elections has certified the results of last weeks election. the results officially declare ed lee the winner of the mayor's race. 60% of the vote after 12 rounds of rank choice voting. george gascsn won with 52% -- with 62%. city voters did not support measure h. nonbinding measure
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called on san francisco public schools to change the student assignment system in favor of allowing kids to do to schools close to their home. when the ballot counting was over the measure lost by 115 votes. 5:07 is the time right now we want to go back to sal. >> good morning, once again on this friday. we are still following this fatal crash on eastbound 34. it is one of the investigations that will take a little while since it was a fatal crash. they do a pretty thorough job in investigating these things. you will see that it may effect traffic on the other side of the freeway as people are looking at the freeway traffic looking at the police officers doing their job on the other side. let's go outside and take a look at highway 80 westbound at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is looking pretty good there. no major problems on the upper deck. this mornings drive will be okay in san jose.
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northbound 280 off to a nice start getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. happy friday everybody. not bad yesterday. clouds came in later. it cut the edge off the temps. system is moving in. doesn't have a lot with it. it does have cold air. most of that is driving east toward seattle. we will get rain out of this. had a little ban go through already. not a big deal. some of the streets got wet a little bit. some drizzle in advance of it. the main focus will be later this evening and tonight. saturday looks okay. cool and breezy. one more system on saturday. you can see the increasing low clouds. they are really screaming along as that system moves in. we will go mostly cloudy. that will prevent us from warming up today. 40s and 50s. san jose at 50. livermore at 50. everyone is close here. you can see how the system is carving itself out at the west
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coast. these are not strong rain wise. we will get light rain out of this. they do have a punch for cold air. sierra nevada starts a winter weather advisory. it's already windy up there. snow will start off at 5,000 feet. not a big snow producer. mostly cloudy. light rain today. continues to cool down on the temps. one system slides by and it will be colder over the weekend as the next system brushes us. cool and breezy on sat. it looks like it wants to be closest to the coast. 50s on yore temp -- on your temps today. it won't be much of a difference here on your temps. cool and breezy on saturday. dry monday and tuesday. a somber ceremony in oakland today marking a tragic accident. it will be the future of the u.s. military. the new weapon this one can travel more than 4,000 miles an
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hour. good morning, still a developing situation here on highway 24 after a fatal crash right near interstate 680. we have new information. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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for a moment of warm, gooey, togetherness. chocolate chip cookies... from pillsbury. welcome back to the morning news. 5:13. dozens of people will gather at an oakland cemetery to mark the 33rd anniversary of the
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jonestown tragedy. 900 people took their own lives in november 1978. many of those people were from right here in the bay area. this will be the first jonestown service since a new memorial was unvailed at evergreen cemetery earlier this year. it includes the name of the reverend jim jones. the founder of the temple. many family members are outraged that it honors the man responsible for the tragedy. a self-help author that was convicted in the sweat lodge death. prosecutors say james arthur ray should receive the maximum nine years in prison. he lead a so-called purification ceremony in october of 2009 that resulted in three people's death. yesterday ray agreed to pay $57,000 in restitution to the families of his victims. defense attorney says ray should get probation. our time now 5:14. washington, d.c. the
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congressional super committee that has until next week to reach a deficit cutting deal could be on the brink of collapse. alison burns has the latest. >> reporter: dave, the supercommittee only has until monday night to reach a deal so it can be put in legislative language and congressional budget office can find out how much it's going to cost. the 12-member bipartisan committee is planning on working through the weekend. if it does not reach an agreement by next weekend automatic tax increases will start next year. patty murray tried to seem on mystic. >> i believe we have opened a door in negotiations. if they can come to an agreement on their side of revenue to move forward. >> reporter: republicans say they have agreed to raise some
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taxes and they are waiting for a democratic counter offer. >> they are well aware what we are willing to do. the problem we've had every year is getting to year. >> reporter: now republicans are calling on president obama to jump in. why that is unlikely to happen during my next update in an hour. for now we are live in washington, d.c., alison burns. san mateo county gang task force is in the middle of a four-day game sweep. deputies and officers are tracking down gang members before they commit their next crime. they used traffic stops like this one. this one was stopped for an expired license. there is 1800 gang members in the county. they have searched probationers homes for drugs or guns. >> each one we take off the street, we are avoiding some type of crime involving that weapon down the road.
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>> taking guns off the street is a priority. so far they have seized 35 compared for 34 of all of last year and just 15 in 2009. the family of the slain nursing student michelle le is reaching out to other families. they are forming a new support called mission michelle. the family says mission michelle will get the word out for missing persons and provide volunteers for searches. a meeting will take place tomorrow at the library. michelle le disappeared in may and they didn't find her body until september. time now 5:17. a peninsula congresswoman wants big changes on how they handle sex abuse charges. she wants to create an independent office that would encourage victims to come
5:18 am
forward. congresswoman spears cited a defense study. but only 3,000 were reported. the army is calling the test of a new hypersonic weapon a success. they tested this weapon at the pacific missile range in hawaii yesterday. we don't have exact details. it's estimated this weapon can go at a speed of more than 4800 miles an hour. it could one day let the united states hit targets anywhere in the world in as little as one hour. the air force is said to be developing a similar weapon. 5:18 is the time right now. let's check in with sal for traffic. >> we have new information about the fatal accident that happened on highway 24. by the way they were opening all the lanes so our crew had to get out of there. eastbound 24 or pleasant hill
5:19 am
road it appears the woman that was driving the vehicle one of the vehicles 18-year-old woman got out of her car after she was involved in the wreck and was hit by another vehicle. the driver of that car a 21- year-old woman. we are finding out more information. that is new. eastbound 24 was closed in three lanes for three lanes eastbound direction right near 680. again, we are trying to find out more information. the lanes have been reopened. our crew has been relocated. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge. that traffic looks good coming up to the toll plaza. if you are driving on san francisco freeways northbound 101 looks good. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a very good morning. happy friday everyone. a little change here. mainly in the cold pattern. not so much in rain. there has been light rain. mostly cloudy. light rain. more likely tonight. cool and breezy.
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if you are up near mendocino county i think ukiah and clear lake will be 51 and 52. occasional rain. cooling continues tonight. the rain opportunity will increase tonight. not a heavy system. maybe a little more than where we are seeing this morning. the wind will pick up. our system doesn't have a lot of rain with it or moisture. it has a lot of cold air. most of that is bottled up. some of that will work its way in later on. already the low clouds are streaming in here. advance of that so far. 40s to 50s. there will not be much in a drop of low temps. there will be another system dropping in for sunday. looks like it wants to be near the coast. forecast models are having a heck of a time trying to pin it down. winter weather advisory starts at 10:00 a.m.. gusts at 35. not a lot of snow but above
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7,000 feet. by sunday they could get a foot. much cooler off and on rain. mostly cloudy. highs temperatures 50s. there will be low to mid 50s farther north you go. extended forecast has your week in view. cool and breezy on saturday. cloudy to mostly cloudy. dry monday and tuesday. financial markets in asia and europe are down this morning. new worries about spain's borrowing are being felt around the world. overnight the major indexes in japan, south korea, and china fell. greece's new mayor say -- you are taking a look at what happened yesterday. the dow, nasdaq, and s & p losing ground. this morning the future does point to a higher opening despite the losses overnight.
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just a few days ago amazon released the kindle fire computer and now it could be adding a smart phone. they wrote amazon is poised to release a smart phone by the end of next year. amazon has not commented on the report. 5:21. you are a queen of facebook. you know all about it. it has completely changed with the way we stay in touch. people in florida found out facebook could be a lifesaver. san francisco market street is a lot brighter this morning as the city gets ready for the holidays. you are driving on 680. driving down from pleasanton you can see traffic looks pretty good on the way down south. tell you more about the morning commute and we'll have the weekend forecast.
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good morning, mostly cloudy. some very light rain. drizzle has gone through. it's going to be a cool day. mostly cloudy. cool light rain. highs mid 50s and very low 60s. take a look at that. that is a tornado in bo live yeah. people -- bo live yeah. this is actually cell phone video of the picture.
5:26 am
dozens of homes and warehouses are damaged but no reports of deaths. one quick thinking police officer in florida used facebook to save the life of a suicidal man. the man had barricaded himself inside a shed in rural pasco county after telling his wife he wanted to kill himself. police investigators tried to phone him but he refused to take their calls. one changed him when an officer decided to send him a facebook friend request. >> never used facebook before to negotiate. we have never texted or sent anything through the computer. so this is the first time ever. >> the facebook friend request opened a dialogue and the suicidal man chatted with the officer for 30 minutes and then decided to surrounder. downtown redwood city is getting into the holiday spirit. holiday skating on the square starts this afternoon in
5:27 am
courthouse square but they won't use real ice to skate on. this rink uses synthetic ice and feels like the real thing. san francisco's market street is ready for the holidays. the giant led snow flakes were it will last night. this is the fourth year of the lighted snow flakes. there are now 162 snow flakes on 81 of the very historic lamp posts. >> very nice. 5:27 is the time right now. a child sex abuse investigation at another east coast college. the claims made against a lodge- time -- long-time assistant basketball coach at syracuse university. [ mom ] hey guys.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news it's friday, november 18th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30. let's check in with steve for the friday forecast. >> thank you. happy friday. we do have mostly cloudy skies. light rain, drizzle has happened. it will be a cool day with a lot of cloud cover. 50s maybe a few very low 60s down toward the southern end of the peninsula. for many 50s and a little bit of rain. here is sal. good morning. traffic in san francisco looks pretty good. and this mornings drive in san jose the same thing goes right
5:31 am
through downtown san jose it's off to a good start. it's 5:30 let's go back to the desk. the city of vallejo is in mourning following the federal shooting of a police officer. 45-year-old james capoot is a former marine that has been with the police department for the past 19 years. he was married with three daughters. claudine wong is in vallejo with more on the story and the search for another suspect. >> reporter: good morning, pam. we are at the vallejo police department. at the front of the door you can see the memorial that continues to grow. in the last hour we have seen one man that came here to pay his respects and take a moment. by the time he left he was clearly overwhelmed. the officer of jim capoot still has this community reeling. it all happened yesterday afternoon when the 19-year-old veteran responded to a bank robbery call. police say he was alone when hi caught the suspects car.
5:32 am
he gave chase and found fatally shot in the backyard of a home. the neighborhood on the north side of vallejo was shut down overnight. she was not home at the time as her mother prepares to head back into the home she has lived in for 60 years, she is still struggling with what happened. >> not just an officer got killed, an officer got killed in front of her home. >> reporter: and an officer she knew. >> and an officer she knew. >> reporter: as the morning continues so does the investigation. one suspect is in custody. police are still looking for other possible suspects. possibly one or two more. they will not say after time. we do not know the suspects name. police still have yet to release ha. we can tell you this morning the neighborhood is back open as this investigation continues. it has been almost 12 years since vallejo lost an officer in the line of duty. our time is now 5:32.
5:33 am
members of occupy oakland are regrouping. kraig debro is here now. joining us from oakland with the details of a mass day of action and plans to set up a new camp. >> reporter: yeah, dave. occupy oakland at this hour is unoccupied. that could change. it will change later today. they will make announcements here about tomorrow and their future plans. they are planning a march and rally tomorrow. on monday oakland police backed up law enforcement from all over the bay area. tore down tents. the city made it clear at the time there would be no camps but people can come here any time they want to but they couldn't camp. group says it wants to start a new encampment at 19th and telegraph. it's right next to the fox theater. we still haven't been able to determine if it's city property
5:34 am
or will be developed by a private owner. finally the move suffered a back in court yesterday. they filed a motion for a temporary restraining order on behalf of occupy oakland and oakland police. they wanted to keep police from using excessive force. the judge has denied the request. a hearing on a preliminary injunction is set for november 30th. reporting live in oakland kraig debro. >> occupy santa rosa protestors are putting out a call for more people to join them outside of city hall this morning. that is after police officers handed out eviction notices yesterday. people without permits were warned they would be subject to an arrest. the city is no longer issuing new permits citing health and safety concerns and the permits that were already issued expire
5:35 am
on november 30th. in san jose more than 100 people turned out for a rally last night outside of city hall. protestor there is say they have no plans to leave the plaza. in fact, they want to set up more tents. right now about 20-25 people have been camping out including shawn okelly. he's the man that perched on top of a 35-foot ledge. he's vowing to stay on the wall for 99 days. we have continuing coverage of occupy protests. stay right here or online any time of the day at yet another university sports program is investigating claims of child sex abuse. syracuse placed long-time basketball coach bernie fine on administrative leave. two former ball boys say fine molested them between 1970 and 1990. one says they reported the
5:36 am
abuse in 2003. however a police officer told him the statue of limitations has worn out. all of these accusations come in the wake of a child sex abuse scandal at penn state university. former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky is accused of abusing eight boys over 15 years. the university trustees hired a law firm to represent them in this scandal. about 20 people have come forward with claims that sandusky abused them. sandusky denies the allegations. republican presidential candidate herman cain has a few more people in his entourage this morning. he's being protected by the secret service. coming up why his campaign requested the extra security. twilight fever is once again gripping the bay area.
5:37 am
it was a full house last night before the midnight screening of breaking dawn part one. the first showing was completely sold out. two more theaters were opened up. the movies producers expect breaking dawn to bring in between $110 to $125 million through sunday. >> they are saving a space in line for you. >> yeah. 5:36. sal, the toll plaza is not looking sexy right now. >> it's crowded early. i want to mention we showed -- mentioned we showed that video. look at that one guy. >> he's a good boyfriend. >> that is for sure. it is crowded earlier at the toll plaza. it's unusual to be it's 5:36. usually we don't get this crowded. you look at traffic every day. it's a little early for that. we'll see what happens. maybe it will be an early
5:38 am
commute. no major delays at the toll plaza. if you have dvr, rewind that vehicle. he's trying to shrink in seat there. northbound 101 that traffic is moving along nicely. this morning 880 southbound hayward union city and fremont traffic is moving along nicely. 5:37 hello steve. making yourself laugh a little, sal. >> it happens on friday. >> thank you, sir. well, some cold air with this. a little bit of rain. not a lot of rain. yesterday's system the leading edge of the cool down. it will still be a mostly cloudy day. there is a lot of cold air up there. it's starting to take a dive southward. eventually that will settle in over us. light rain. kind of hit and miss so far. the heavier amounts are up to the north. the rain opportunity chances will pick up. these systems are not that
5:39 am
strong. usually you can say it's going to rain. this is really kind of more hit and miss rain activity. the low clouds are in effect of this. highs will be in the low to mid 50s up toward mendocino county, lake county and napa county. a lot of 40s upper 40s to low 50s. i don't think they will go any lower than this. you can see the bulk of the cold air slides off to the northeast. some of that will dip south. as it does it will stabilize the atmosphere. 10:00 a.m. not a big system. two to four inches around 5,000. snow level will go down as we head into the weekend. cold air continues to work its way. mostly cloudy. light rain. it will be colder.
5:40 am
52 clear lake, ukiah. 58 sausalito. 59 antioch. we are not very warm. pencil in a 58-59 you will be close. maybe a 60 or two here and there. dry monday and tuesday. check your fridge. why certain type of lettuce is being recalled this morning. also there have been questions about a hollywood stars death for the past 30 years. today we may get answers. we have new details about a deadly accident along 24. good morning, westbound interstate 80 looks pretty good here as you drive down to the mccarthur maze. i will tell you more about the morning commute and the weekend forecast.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
good morning. mostly cloudy. cooler. some light rain. more tonight than today. upper 50s for many. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following for you right now at 5:42. there is a growing memorial. it's right outside the vallejo police headquarters after the shooting of a police officer. 45-year-old james capoot was killed after chasing a suspected bank robber. also in the news this morning occupy oakland will lay out details of a mass day of action that includes a plan to set up a new camp. police took down the tents on monday. other top story this morning. eastbound highway 24 is back open but that is after a fatal
5:44 am
crash. ktvu christian kafton joins us now with more information about the victim. >> reporter: chp cleared that scene about 20 minutes or so ago. we had to leave the scene for our own safety. we do have video. that accident along eastbound 24 just east of pleasant hill road. the one, two, and three lanes the three lanes closest to the median were shut down. we did speak with an officer that gave us the narrative of what happened. it started with a two-vehicle accident around 3:30 this morning. they stopped along the eastbound 24 again just east of pleasant hill road. an 18-year-old female got out of her vehicle and that is when a third vehicle came by and struck and killed that 18-year- old driver that stepped out of her vehicle. the 21-year-old woman that was driving the third vehicle involved the one that struck
5:45 am
that 18-year-old woman did stop at the scene. we asked the chp if there appeared to be any alcohol involved in this. they said no. they don't believe speed was a factor in this case. this was under investigation for about an hour this morning. and at that time chp had the three lanes shut down. now fortunately the impact on the morning commute was minimal again because of the early hour of this accident. we did check the eastbound and westbound traffic along 24 and again that impact minimal on the mornings commute. again, we have learned an 18- year-old woman who was involved in a two-vehicle accident got out of her vehicle and was struck and killed by a third passing vehicle. that driver did stop for chp. at this point in time it has been cleared. it has opened up for traffic. chp is continuing their investigation. the los angeles county sheriffs department will hold a
5:46 am
news conference today on a 30- year-old hollywood mystery. investigators say they have received new information about the 1981 drowning death of actress natalee wood. the west side story star drowned after a night of partying with her husband robert wagner. they were on the couples yacht off the catalina islands. today's l.a. times reports this new development involves the captain of that yacht. the idaho man accused of shooting at the white house has been charged with attempting to assassinate obama or the member's of his staff. oscar ortega hernandez called the president the devil and wanted to hurt him. ortega hernandez is suspected of firing shots at the white house last friday. the president and first lady were away at the time. the charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. the secret service is
5:47 am
protecting republican presidential candidate herman cain. cain has reportedly been getting threats. secret service protection is usually provided to each of the party's presidential nominees but they can ask for it earlier if homeland security okays it. president obama announced secretary of state hillary clinton will go to myanmar next month. >> we want to seize what could be a historic opportunity for progress. and make it clear if beer ma travels down the road of reform it could forge a new relationship with the united states of america. >> this will be the first visit by the secretary of state in more than 50 years. there have been flickers of progress in myanmar since the civilian leader took power in march after decades of military
5:48 am
form. they have gotten new information from fannie mae and freddie mac. it's to determine the extent of fannie and freddie's role. state investigators want to know about the firm's mortgage servicing and repossession practices. it's also being questioned fannie and freddie's toxic mortgages. crab boats in the bay area should normally be taking off on the docks in our area but a price dispute has stalled the crab season. the season opened tuesday. however fishermen are refusing to go out until a price is agreed upon. fishermen are asking $2.50 a pound buyers are offering $2. >> it's close to thanksgiving but we can't work for free.
5:49 am
>> the crab season north of sonoma county has been delayed until december 1st. they are recalling roman lettuce. it includes 5,000 cases of ready packed bagged salad. they were sold at safeway, trader joes, and other stores. it has a used by date of november 18th. that is today. you can return the product to the store for a refund or throw it away. if you want more information about the recall, just go to our website and scroll down to the web links section. you will find a link to the fda web page with all the information you need to know. this is not a friday light traffic. sal is busy. i know you are watching 880. >> we are. we are hoping that will change. we hope we will have friday
5:50 am
light commute later on. right now it could go either way as you eluded too. we've had a rough start. now things seem to be settling down a little bit as you see on interstate 880. alsos morning commute is getting busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's busy pretty early here. no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. if you are driving in livermore southbound 680 to the knot bay. 5:50 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. happy friday. mostly cloudy today. light rain. we will have a little bit. drizzle. more so this evening. this evening into tonight. it will be cooler today. highs in the 50 for many. we will continue that tonight into the weekend. the cooling will continue. the wind is cranked up.
5:51 am
especially in the higher elevations. occasional rain tonight. the system is not that strong in the rain department. it does have some cold air with it. cold air will continue to filter in. system is producing rain up to the north. you can see some of that rain near the oregon border is turning to snow. we will get a little bit out of that. we will see upstream toward fort bragg there and moving parts of lake county. that will give us light rain. 40s and 50s on the temps. they will stay right there for most of the morning until we get going. we won't warm up that much. there is a lot of cold air and cloud cover. snow forecast windy up in tahoe and truckee. not a lot of snow with this stuff. snow will start off 5,000 and head down as we head into the weekend and also tonight. much cooler off and on rain
5:52 am
picks up later on. mostly cloudy cool and breezy. 50s low to mid and upper. 57 walnut creek. 60 milpitas. that will be about it. some of these will be mid 50s to upper 50s. cool and breezy on saturday after rain this evening. we'll go cloudy with rain. it does look dry monday and tuesday. san francisco based yelp is going public. they want to raise as much as $100 million in an initial public offering. the company is not disclosing how many shares it will offer or what price they are looking at. it was founded in 2004. it has yet to turn a profit but the company is said to be valued at $1.5 billion. graphics are amazing and the new video game call of duty
5:53 am
modern warfare three is setting a new record. it has brought in $775 million in the first five days on sale. 5:52. occupy protestors matching whits with the police. how chains are being used to lock horns in one bay area city. start your engines. where the big motorcycle show is opening in the bay area this weekend. introducing htc rezound.
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get studio quality sound for music and hd video at verizon 4g lte speed. the first smartphone with beats audio™ and beats™ headphones included. exclusively at verizon.
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well, this is occupy philadelphia where police made dozens of arrests during a protest last night. protestors sat down on a street near the market street bridge blocking traffic right near rush hour. protestors say the bridge in bad shape and fixing it could create work. new youtube video shows an apparent prank at justin herman plaza in san francisco. someone wrapped chains around police barricades. an officer can be seen trying to untangle the chains. 5:56. later today the international motorcycle show returns to san mateo. expect to see experts performing stunts like that. don't try this at home, please. these guys, pam, told us they like to do the impossible.
5:57 am
the doors by the way open at 4:00 this afternoon. now the show will also have the newest models from 25 manufacture displays. look at that. they will feature a dream pavilion. all of the latest luxury motorcycles. the show runs through sunday. it will continue on to 11 other cities. >> nice. coming up on 6:00. let's check in with sal for traffic. >> that looks like the motorcycle i road in on today opinion-- road in on today. [ laughter ] if you are driving a motorcycle or car anywhere on 280 and continuing up to the cupertino area it looks good. morning commute also looks good driving on the sunol grade. no problems on 580. let's go back to the desk. what is next for occupy oakland? in just a few hours protest organizers will tell us their plans for a massive day of
5:58 am
protests. plus a stunned and shocked community. vallejo mourning the shooting of a popular police officer. if you are riding one of the sweet looking ducati's you want to plan a little bit of a rain.
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