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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  November 18, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning. welcome to mornings on 2! it is friday, november 18th. and we want to go straight to sal. big problem on 880. >> we do have big traffic trouble here on 880 southbound, and this is because of roadwork on 880 at union city.
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the pavement was not ready in time to be driven over southbound 880 here at alvarado niles road. see this patch of pavement, they had to wait for it to cure, and they're waiting until 8:00. that's one more hour of having two lanes closed here on interstate 880, and it's backing traffic up for a good long way, heading south out of hayward. one of the things we want to advise is that the traffic is backing up past 238 at this point. so we would recommend that you somehow get on the freeway either after union city, some people have been using highway 92 as an alternative. traffic is very, very slow, and we will follow this until it clears. again, the authorities say it will not clear until at least 8:00. back to the studio. >> thank you, sal. the city of vallejo is in mourning following the fatal shooting of a veteran police officer. james capoot was a former marine and married faffing
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three daughters. claudine wong is outside police headquarters. how is this city honoring the fallen officer? >> reporter: lots of people are coming by the police department, trying to find way to express their grief and the support for the department. this is the front entrance to the police department. and there are flowers and candles. people who have come by, some who knew him and some who just came because they felt compelled to. in the last hour we saw deputy from solano county sheriff's department come to the memorial to pay respects. he stood here for just a moment, and offered a prayer, not just for the department but for the wife and three daughters that officer capoot leaves behind. he was killed as he chased a suspected bank robber yesterday afternoon. the neighborhood where it all happened is back open this morning, but this investigation continues. again, last hour, we saw several people come and one this deputy from solano county, sheriff's department.
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here's what he had to say. >> that was his job, all our jobs, and pray for his family. they're the ones that will need all the prayers now. he was a good officer. great cop, out there helping the community, and just senseless, whole thing just senseless. >> so the investigation does continue. there's one suspect in custody. we do not know that suspect's name. we don't know anything about him. police have yet to release that information. as far as a possibility of more suspects, there was word that there could be one, maybe two suspects still out there. as far as we know, the investigation is continuing and search for them will also continue. we have not heard from police this morning. obviously, it's a very difficult day, andsas they come to work because it's their job and that's what they will do, but certainly not an easy day for anyone. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. occupy protestors camped
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out on a san francisco sidewalk are now being told to leave. the city issued an order yesterday saying the tents on the sidewalk along market street near the federal reserve building are in violation of city code. mayor ed lee says the tents need to be taken down immediately. he will not say whether police officers will step in, if the tents remain. occupy oakland is planning to set. a new camp. police took down the tents on monday. mayor quan's office released a statement saying police have a strategy in place to prevent the establishment of a new camp. we have continuing coverage of the occupy protests. coming up at 7:30, ktvu's kraig debro will have more on what else occupy organizers are calling on pro testers to do this weekend. an 18-year-old woman was killed just hours ago in an overnight crash on highway 24. the chp says she was involved in a accident just east of pleasant hill road, about 3:30
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this morning. police say when the woman got out of her car, she was hit and killed by another car. the chp says that driver did stop there at the scene, and so far investigators say it does not appear drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. two sisters who say they were fired from their jobs at a south bay hotel in retaliation for complaining about harassment will be filing a federal complaint today. christian kafton is live now where a protest is scheduled for later this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's show you the area where the protest will be, we're at the hyatt in santa clara, the two women's lawyer says both women worked here at this hyatt as housekeepers but were fired. martha and lorena rayes discovered altered photographs of themselves on the company's bulletin board. they say they tore down the photos and were later fired. we received these photos from the women's attorney. these are the photos they
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noticed on the company bulletin board, tore down and were subsequently fired. we received the photos from the women's attorney. she will be leading that pro test. that you were talking about here in about an hour or so. she will be speaking to us as will both martha and lorena through an interpreter and we've heard the hyatt will make someone available to talk with us shortly. again, this is where that protest will be scheduled for later on so we will continue to update you throughout the morning. a stockton special ed teacher is on paid leave amid allegations she was operating pornographic websites from her school issued computer. the lincoln school district is investigating whether she violated the code of ethics. the school district hired a computer expert to investigate her laptop computer. if that investigation also involves a former stockton police officer.
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the officer says he acquired domain names so develop the pornographic websites and the caseload involvement was limited. it's 7:06. four months after the death of a 14-year-old girl at a sleepover, her death remains a mystery. she died in july at her santa rosa home. investigators initially said alcohol poisoning likely led to the teen's death. her friends admitted they all drank soda mixed with what they thought to be vodka. but now the press democrat reports a second rounds of toxicology results show she had a low blood alcohol level. investigators are now waiting for a third round of toxicology reports. sal, tori -- sal is busy looking at 880 delays. i feel bad for them. >> people will be driving through a lot of slow traffic and a on 880 you need to leave the house early or rethink your commute if you have that
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option. a lot of people can delay their commutes, perhaps you can use the san mateo bridge, which is not that great of an option, and i'll tell you why. 880, two lanes closed union city, but the traffic will be very slow as you drive to this point. as you can see, our newschopper 2 tipping way up past highway 92, so getting to the san mateo bridge to go around might even be a problem there. this traffic has been backed up all the way now into san leandro. you take one most busy freeways in the bay area and reduce it to two lanes and that's a big trouble spot. southbound 880 very slow because of that late running roadwork. we're advising to you take another route, if you can. let's go out and look at westbound bay bridge. that's backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze, a 10 or 15-minute delay. if you're driving in contra costa county, westbound highway 4, slow from antioch to
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pittsburg but improving. southbound 680 concord to walnut creek looks good. >> lot of cloud cover on this friday morning, it will be cool today, lot of 50s and rain is beginning to pick up, just heard from one of our observers near kenwood, light rain and 46 degrees. looks like rain is picking up in inn marin county. it's a cold system but when he get this kind of cold air it picks up rain rates. so not a lot of rain but looks like we'll get rain here. and it's already beginning to develop here and it's going to only pick up more in intensity later this afternoon. see a lot of that cloud cover just racing in advance of that system. marin county things are starting to pick up, not all that rain is showing up on radar. some of it below the beam. but 40s, 50s, and i really don't think temperatures are going to go very far here. your trifecta there, 46 santa a, yet oakland 54 degrees. not a lot of rain with this system. there's also some snow in the sierra but the main message is
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wind. it's howling. heard from some of our observers at bridgeport, just unbelievable wind. also tahoe truckee, gusts to 35 some that's the bigger story now. snow will come in later. our system will pack good cold air. nothing we haven't dealt with before. but for the sierra, advisory starts at 10 a.m. snow level starts around 5,000, down to 3,000. maybe a foot above 7,000. but right now winds the big story. mostly cloudy, light rain for us. that will pick up, and towards the weekend it will be colder, cooler and breezy on saturday. cold on sunday. cloudy, maybe some rain right near the coast. very similar to the pattern we had last friday. 50s, low to mid-for some. only 54, kentfield 57. walnut creek 57. some on the high side but it will be a cool day with a lot of 50s, maybe a few low 60s towards santa clara valley but that will be it. 58 san bruno. san francisco redwood city, everyone really close. cool and breezy on saturday
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after that rain overnight. then a cloudy, cold sunday. rain near the coast. warmer, dry monday, tuesday. we have developing news right now, coming in from reno. look at these pictures. emergency crews battling this gigantic fire. we're just getting this dramatic video in, just got it in a couple minutes ago. so far the flames you're looking at have destroyed at least a dozen homes in the reno area. it has shut down dozens of schools all over reno, possibly up to 90 schools. there are also reports of some minor injuries, several of them. firefighters also have to deal with some strong winds. they're trying to get this under control. make sure you stay with us on mornings on 2 for the next two hours to get updates on this developing story in the reno area. >> it's kind of big fire for this time of year. unusual. all right. it's 7:11. marking a tragic anniversary, why there will be anger along
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with sorrow at the jonestown memorial today in oakland. also the reason bankrupt solyndra delayed the auction of its assets for two months. is this the future of the u.s. military? a new weapon that can travel more than 4,000 miles per hour.
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good morning. mostly cloudy, few breaks but some light rain make picking up in the north bay. just system comes in lot a lot of rain but it will start to fall. temperatures stay cool with a lot of 50s here. cool and breezy into saturday. highs mid-50s for many. well, rare tornado in bolivia. people are cleaning up after a tornado rimmed through. that was up without warning yesterday, it ripped mettle
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shooting off roofs, uprooted trees, no reports every any deaths. it's 7:14. free month based solyndra has delayed the auction of its business, originally scheduled for today, because it did not receive any acceptable bids. solyndra says there are people interested in acquiring the company's assets, but potential buyers need more time to evaluate the business. the new deadline for offers is january 1917th, with the auction set for two days later. there was a congressional investigation of the $500 million federal loan guarantee it received. in washington, d.c., the congressional super committee has less than a week to reach a deficit cutting deal and it appears to be on the brink of collapse. ktvu's allison burns is in washington, d.c. with the latest on the painstaking negotiations. allison. >> reporter: this super committee really only has until monday night to get some sort
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of deal into legislative language so the congressional budget office can figure out how much it's going to cost. the 12-member committee is planning to work through the weekend. if it does not reach an agreement by thanksgiving, across the word spending cuts kick in next year. they're deadlocked over tax increases and cuts to benefit programs. but democratic committee leader washington senator patty murray is trying to sound optimistic. >> i believe that we have opened the door to negotiations in these last final hours, if they can come to an agreement on revenue, we'll be able to move forward. >> republicans say they have agreed to raise some taxes. they're waiting for a democratic counter-offer. >> they're well aware of what we're willing to do. but you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. the problem with that all year is getting to yes! >> now some republicans are calling on president obama so jump into the negotiations, but
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democrats say that is not how the super committee will set up. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning italy's new prime minister won a second confidence vote in parliament after presenting his plan for dealing with the country's debt crisis. he said the main points of the program are balancing the budget, promoting growth, and cutting down on social disparities. the prime minister took office on wednesday after former prime minister berlusconi was forced to resign. this morning dozens of people will gather at an oakland cemetery, marking the 33rd anniversariest jonestown tragedy. 900 people took their over lives in jonestown november 1978. many were from here in the bay area. this will be the first jonestown service since a new memorial was unveiled at evergreen cemetery early this year. this one includes the name of the reverend jim jones. the founder of the people's
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temple. many family members are angry that this memorial honors the man responsible for the tragedy. sentencing is set for today for a self-help author convicted in the 2009 arizona sweat lodge deaths. prosecutors say james arthur ray should get the maximum sentence, nine years in prison. he led a so-called purification ceremony at a sedona retreat in october 2009, that led to three people's deaths. yesterday ray agreed to pay $57,000 restitution to the families of the victims. the defense lawyers say ray should get probation. san mateo county gang task force is in the mid of a four- day sweep. members are telling us they're trying to track down gang members before they commit more crimes. they're using traffic stops, like this one, in redwood city outside redwood city this. man was stopped on wednesday night nor an expired license. officers searched the homes of
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people who were on probation for drug use. there were also searching for guns. >> each time which take one these off the streets we're avoiding crime. >> taking guns off the streets is a priority for the sheriff's department. so far this year they've seized 35 compared to 34 for all of last year. and just 15 in 2009. it's 7:18. a peninsula congresswoman wants big changes in the way the military handles sex abuse cases. congresswoman jackie speier says the pentagon has failed misbelief in investigating the crimes. she wants to create an independent office that would encourage victims to step forward. she cites the defense department study that found almost 20,000 servicemen and women were targets of unwanted sexual advances last year, but only 3,000 were reported. the army is calling the test of a new weapon
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successful. the army tested the hypersonic weapon yesterday at the pacific missile range in hawaii. details have not been released, but estimates put the weapon speed at more than 4800 miles per hour. this weapon could one day let the u.s. hit targets anywhere in the world, within an hour. strange story, a very helpful passenger caused quite a scare aboard a airlines flight on wednesday. it all started when the bathroom door jammed, that locked the pilot of that asheville to la guardia flight inside the bathroom. a passenger heard the pilot pounding on the door, and tried to alert the cockpit. but the passenger has a middle eastern accent. so the co-pilot didn't believe him. a ground controller ordered that plane to quickly land at la guardia. the pilot got the door open and explained what happened. >> kind of worst case scenario there. all right. 7:26. puppies are being nursed back to health this morning, the
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augmentation where these puppies were found. also a san francisco holiday tradition continues tonight. thousands of lights will brighten the embarcadero! >> good morning. traffic is still a huge mess on interstate 880, as you drive to union city. we'll tell you what is causing the problem and some ways you may want to get around it.
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♪ if i should fall from grace with god ♪ ♪ where no doctor can relieve me ♪ ♪ if i'm buried 'neath the sod
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♪ but the angels won't receive me ♪ ♪ let me go, boys, let me go, boys ♪ ♪ let me go down in the mud where the rivers... ♪ [ female announcer ] when you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪ 7:23. monterey county's spca is offering a reward for information leading to the conviction of whoever left six puppies at a recycling center. they were found at the facility north of watsonville on wednesday. they say evidence of the scene suggests someone drove up to a fence and threw them over it. >> wow. holiday tradition on a lighter note, comes back to macy's store in san francisco union square for the 25th year.
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the san francisco spca will showcase these dogs and cats by storm windows through january 1. all of them for tori! >> so cute! >> and all of them can be adopted. last year about 300 dogs and cats in the windows found new homes. more than 70,000 dollars in donations was raised by the spca. san francisco's embarcadero will be a lot brighter. starting tonight, it's the annual lighting of the center buildings. you're looking at video from last year. today the events start with a winter carnival with 4 p.m., and then the four building will be lit at 6:00, followed by the fireworks. >> if the weather will cooperate. >> that would be nice! >> yes. want to check in with sal, still a big problem on 880, and sure there may be issues el worst. >> that's right, we do have positive news. looks like the crews may be picking up the roadwork
7:25 am
southbound 880 at alvarado niles and union city, with some late-running pavement work. the pavement was not ready for cars to driver over it. they were waiting for and it set. this morning's commute has been really slow as a result. two right lanes still remain closed. it looks like they may be getting ready to pick up those cones, but the traffic is already very, very slow coming out of hayward and san leandro heading south. we recommend you might want to use a different way to get on the freeway. you might want to use mission boulevard or his peer ann and get on the freeway after union city, not in all this slow traffic. some people were using highway 92 as a result. if you took down these -- chopper 2, you can tilt down for me? there is some sort of emergency vehicle coming through here that looks like a police -- chp cruiser. they may be getting ready to -- thank you very much -- to reopen this. we'll follow that closely on
7:26 am
this developing situation. let's go out and look at westbound bay bridge that, is backed up for about a 20-minute delay. and this morning if you're driving in contra costa county, it's slow in antioch. 80 looks pretty good this morning from pinole to richmond. now let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. mostly cloudy, very light rain drizzle overnight. starting to pick up now, especially towards the north bay, and that will move in later on so a very cool day, mostly cloudy, maybe a few sun breaks for a while. but lot of cloud cover, cool, breezy temperatures in the 50s. this is not a big producer of rain. we can certainly use some, especially up towards the sierra nevada, some snow maybe later today. there's a lot of cold air and that will enhance some rain later on. 40s and 50s, and some of the temperatures towards the north will not go above about 51, 52, especially up in mendocino county. also up in the sierra, very, very windy, more on that and also on the fire southwest reno coming up in five minutes. but for us, breezy to blustery and some, some rain, not a lot,
7:27 am
for the sierra. winter weather advisory starts at 10 a.m. they could use that snow because it's extremely windy, 45 miles an hour carson city. 59 ma'am mother. a foot of snow by late tonight, tomorrow morning. for us mostly cloudy, much cooler, offer and on rain picking up in the afternoon, evening hours. 50s on your temps mainly, could be a very low ski around san jose or mountainview. rain into the evening, early saturday. then cool and breezy, it will be cold for that stanford-cal game tomorrow night. but keep rain gear handy but mainly bundle up. cloudy, cold on sunday, rain close to the coast. dry monday, tuesday. developing news, a big fire, this is big, burn right now in reno. we found out just minutes ago about homes and schools in this area. >> four days after it was closed, city workers are still cleaning up the plaza, that as occupy oaklanders set their sight on a new encampment. >> still one of the biggest
7:28 am
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it's foolproof.
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time is 7:30. we have developing news coming from reno. a 400-acre wildfire is burned at least 20 homes, 90 schools are closed now just so the
7:31 am
roads can stay clear for the emergency workers to get in and deal with this. some minor injuries have been reported. more than 100 firefighters are out there. they're also dealing on top of everything else's with powerful winds, trying to get this big fire under control. >> joining us now live on the phone is the news director of radio in reno, good morning, john. what can you tell us about the fire? >> it's not known how it started, it started around midnight, 12:30 this morning. we of course as was mentioned have extremely gusty winds in the area, clocked as high as 71 miles per hour overnight. we're dealing with that, of course, and hoping that the front will move through for rain to come in this afternoon. now, the high wind warning was extended from 1 this afternoon until 4. >> all right. and you can tell us how big this fire is, and is it getting close to threatening homes,
7:32 am
people evacuating? >> there are evacuations. reno high is already full with 115 evacuees. gras lena high set up as a center. the homes destroyed are at least 20, and there are more threatened, and it apparently according to fire chief hernandez here has split in two, in two directions, due to the wind activity. >> and we were saying more than 100 firefighters dealing with this, are you potentially going to be looking for more resources possibly to fight this fire? >> yes, because as i mentioned, the high wind warning is extended until 4:00. we're looking at probably an all-day battle and hopefully the rains moving in tonight to help the firefighters. the winds are still quite strong, even after sun-up this morning. >> john, before you go, just talk about the level of anxiety right now this morning, we're looking at pictures. how anxious are the folks there now? >> very much so, because it is -- in a rural part of southwest
7:33 am
reno, just outside the mccarron circle, but it's still close in. as you probably know, reno is not that large a city geographically, and it is quite -- it was in fact quite prominent, the glow of the fire, all across the southern sky this morning before sun-up. so it is creating a lot of anxiety, ash and smoke in the air. >> john, meteorologist steve paulsen here. reno is not that windy at carson city, 45, almost gusts to 50. are you seeing something of that nature? >> right, right. it's off and on with sun-up. it was quite steady before sunrise, and we are having gusts at times, but it has calmed down from earlier this morning. >> now, i know you're waiting for the rain, but are the -- or the snow, but that will obviously help a little bit. but you're just bone-dry up there. you haven't had much precip, or even snow, unless above 7,000 feet, and even there not much. >> that's right.
7:34 am
and that's one of the problems we're dealing with today, and the forces are building as we speak. other units coming in to help with the reno and wash ow agencies and so on. >> double high schools used as evacuation shelters, you can give more on that? >> yes, reno high school is apparently full up right now with 115 evacuees already there. and galena high was opened up. all schools in the county school district closed department and for incline village and we have several private schools closed. so they're trying to keep as much traffic off the highways and by ways as possible. >> i'm just curious, this is unusual for this kind of fire this time. year? is it just unusually dry there? >> well, it is. i have to be very straight but, i've only been here two months.
7:35 am
i'm from los angeles. and the fire season is obviously over, i guess, officially. but this fire is something that just basically caught us by surprise. in fact last night we were praying with the forecast that power lines would stay up and so on. but unfortunately, as we woke up this morning, or were alerted to it, that wasn't the case. it is definitely something of concern. >> all right. joining us live on the phone, news director john summers, thank you so much for letting us -- tell us more about this fire in reno. and obviously a story we will be continuing to follow on ktvu. >> steve is still here with us. you will talk more about what they're facing, what we're facing? >> i think he covered it pretty much. it's southwest of reno. the gusts up there, around reno i'm only seeing north at 3, yet
7:36 am
nearby 45 to 55 miles per hour. they will get some rain and snow, but it won't be for another couple hours, more this afternoon than this morning. requirement now the big news is the wind, gusts hurricane almost 75 miles an hour for some. moving on now to occupy movements, the frank ogawa plaza locked down, protestors set their rights on a new location. kraig debro has words of a mass dave action set for this weekend. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, tori. they're supposed to move into that new location during that mass day of action. but here i want it show you something, on the form terry encampment site off in the distance you can see grass start to go grow back here. so they're making progress here. city workers seeded this on monday, almost immediately after the campers were forced out. occupy oakland is going to announce plans for this march and rally and just a couple
7:37 am
hours from now right here, and occupy oakland is looking amount a vacant lot for their next encampment. on monday police backed up from law enforcement from all over the bay area tore down tents. the city made it clear there would be no more camping for people could occupy the plaza at any time. just couldn't camp. movement now is plans to occupy empty lot. group says it wants to start a new encampment at 19th and telegraph. this is next to the fox theater. it's not clear if this is city property or in the process of boeing developing. but police say they do have a strategy in place to prevent the encampment. the movement suffered a setback in court friday. a motion for a temporary restraining order and against the oakland police. the movement wanted to keep police from using excessive force in violation of their own crowd control procedures, according to occupy oakland. the judge has denied that request, however, a hearing on
7:38 am
a preliminary injunction is november 30th, and still making calls to find out who owns that lot at 19th and telegraph. reporting live, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. it's 7:37. almost 30 years to the dave of her detective a los angeles county sheriff's office says it is reopening the investigation into the 1981 drowning of famed actress natalie wood. we have more from monterey park in southern california. gigi, we're expected to learn new details today? >> reporter: good morning, tori. good morning, everybody. yes, at 11 a.m. homicide investigators have scheduled a news conference here to give us more details on the reasons they have reopened this case, but we're learning a little bit more about it today. and it's amazing things that 30 years after natalie wood dried, we have more questions today than we did back then. this morning the yacht's captain admitted on television that he lied to police investigators 30 years ago,
7:39 am
that he didn't tell them the truth about what really happened the night she died. but he really isn't giving a lot of details referring back to the homicide investigators. it was thanksgiving weekend 1981, when natalie wood, her actor husband robert wagner and woods' friend christopher walken set sail on their yacht off catalina island. after dinner they returned to the yacht and natalie wood was never seen alive again. reports were that the three actors spent the night drinking and walken and wagner got into a heated argument. wagner told police natalie wood went into their cab on but when he went there, she was gone. her body was found the next morning. now police ruled the death back then in '81 an accident. she most likely slipped off the yacht, hit her head and drowned. but now the case is being reopened after the ship's captain admits he lied.
7:40 am
a lot of questions, is this a publicity ploy because the yacht's captain did write a book two years ago which we hear is being reprinted, so could this be to sell more books? apparently, the sheriff's department does not think so because they have reopened the case. robert wagner says he welcomes the investigation, but does question the motives behind the ship's captain's admission this morning. we should learn more at 11:00. that's the latest. we'll send it back to you now. >> thank you, gigi. let's go to sal, you and the chopper are busy, still hooking at 880? >> yes, they've reopened southbound 880 at alvarado niles union city or in the process of reopening them so still one lane closed here but they're becoming up, picking up the cones. traffic is beginning to ease. however, it's still very slow coming out of hayward. so if you're driving south, give yourself a lot of extra time from driving from hayward
7:41 am
to fremont. it's much slower than it normally is. newschopper 2 is tilting up for us, showing us a huge backup out of hayward. it's getting better but not much. think about using mission or hesperian. bay bridge toll plaza backed up about a 20-mundt delay. if you're driving on the east shore freeway, this morning it's actually looking good, from pinole to richmond. :40, let's go to steve. >> beautiful sunrise, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures going to stay cool today. there's been light rain to the north. that will pick up later on. again this is -- everybody gets rain but not that much rain. this is more of a cold system and windy system. north coast there, also the wind is really cranked up in the sierra nevada. and southwestern reno, the pine haven fire is what they're calling this. gusts to 45, almost 50 at carson city. and about 70 over the passes, which means they can't bring in the air tankers unless the wind dies down so we'll keep you updated on that. gusts almost to 50 at south
7:42 am
lake tahoe. they will get some precipitation later, but the wind or weather advisory doesn't kick in until 10 a.m. so probably more likely this afternoon. snow level will come down. it won't be a lot of snow unless you're above 7,000 feet but right now winds the big story. 40s, 50s for us, temperatures will stay cool today. mostly cloudy, this system will slide south, lot of clouds, little bit of rain but the rain will pick up by this afternoon. so 50s on your temps, almost everybody 50s or right about at 60. so cool pattern with in place, extended forecast always has your weekend in view. cool saturday. sunday cloudy and cold with rain near the coast. dry monday, tuesday. >> thank you, steve. it is 7:42. it's completely changed the way we keep in touch. now police in florida have also learned facebook can be a lifesaver. if i can take classes year round
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u.s. stock indexes fairly mixed today on a some news, strong report on future economic activity, and signals that fiscal pressure on european countries is easing, however, still concern about what is going on in europe. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 53 at 11,823. nasdaq is down slightly, down 3, s&p up 3. the banana republic store is offering more than clothes this holiday season. the chain is under the gap umbrella, which continues to post disappointing earnings in sales figures. but this year it's opening a store within a store. according to the san francisco business times, chocolate, cards and other gift items will offer something to go along
7:46 am
with the clothing so the store can be a one-stop shop. it could expand the program to other stores. and business at macy' is growing so much, it's look to be expand its san francisco headquarters. macy's says its downline sales are up 40% this year. the business times reports the online branch of the nationwide chain is looking for about 250,000 square feet of office space somewhere downtown. one quick thinking police officer in florida used facebook to save the life of a suicidal man. the man had barricaded himself inside a shed in rural pascoag county after telling his wife he wanted to kill himself. police negotiators tried to phone him but he refused the calls. things changed when one officer sent him a facebook friend request, which he immediately accepted. >> never used facebook before to negotiate. we've never texted or sent anything through the computer.
7:47 am
so for us this is a first time ever. >> the facebook friend request opened up a dialogue. the man chatted with the officer for 30 minutes, and then decided to surrender. the idaho man who is accused of firing shots at the white house has been charged now with trying to assassinate president obama or members of his staff. according to court documentst, oscar ortega hernandez called the president the devil, and said he wanted to hurt him. he is suspected of firing shots at the white house last friday. the president and the first lady were out of the country at the time. the attempted as narcotics charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. the secret service is now protecting republican presidential candidate herman cain. the approval came yesterday from the department of homeland security. herman cain has been getting threats. secret service protection is usually provided today all of the party's presidential nominees, but it can be
7:48 am
requested earlier if homeland security approves it. today while in indonesia president obama announced secretary of state hillary clinton will travel to myanmar next month. >> we want to seize what could be an historic opportunity for progress and make it clear that if burma continues to travel down the road of democratic reform, it can forge a new relationship with the united states of america. >> it will be the first visit which a u.s. secretary of state in more than 50 years. president obama says there have been flickers of progress in myanmar since new civilian leadership took power in march, after decades of military rule. president obama says he did consult with myanmar opposition leader chi before making the decision on secretary clinton's visit. the president called the peace prize winner from air force one on his way to bali. president obama says she was very supportive of the idea and
7:49 am
will meet with secretary clinton during her visit. she spent 15 years under house arrest by the country's former military dictators. california attorney general pamela harris has subpoenaed information from mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac. this is part of an investigation to determine the extent of fannie and freddie's role in california's foreclosure crisis. according to the l.a. times, state investigators want to know about the firm's mortgage servicing and repossession practices. also being questioned, fannie and freddie support of securities holding toxic mortgages. about $50 million of unused health care funds were returned to san francisco companies last year. through a public records request, ktvu found out that many restaurant are the worst offenders when it comes to billing customers a surcharge for the healthy sf program and then keeping the money for themselves. because companies can have
7:50 am
strict restrictions on how employees can use the funds, a lot of money goes unused and it's returned at the end of the year. >> it is simply wrong for businesses, for the restaurants to charge consumers for health care when in reality they're not providing it. >> next year -- next week, the san francisco board of supervisors is set to finalize a law that would extent the time period businesses have until they can get the unused funds. labor groups say it still doesn't go far enough. crab boats should be taking off from docks around the bay area, but an ongoing price dispute has stalled the crab season start so far. the crab season from sonoma county south opened on tuesday, but fishermen are refusing to go out until a price is agreed upon. fishermen are asking 2.50 a pound. buyers are offering $2. >> it's almost too late for
7:51 am
thanksgiving. >> people are disappointed. >> i feel really bad about that but we can't work for free. >> the crab season north of sonoma county has been delayed until december 15th because the crabs are too small. time is 7:50. a story coming in now, oklahoma state university mourning the loss of two its own, the women's basketball team head coach and an assistant killed in a small plane crash. there's a lot more to the story to tell you. >> a child sex abuse investigation at another east coast college, the claims made against a longtime distant basketball coach at syracuse.
7:52 am
7:53 am
overnight we learned that the head coach and assistant coach at the oklahoma state university women's basketball team were killed in a small plane crash. last night's crash killed curt bed key, miranda serna and two others not a phil 88 with the
7:54 am
university. the cause is still under investigation. oklahoma state has cancelled its two games set for this weekend. back in 2001, 10 people connected with the oklahoma state men's basketball team were killed in a plane crash in colorado. another university sports program is investigating claims of child sex abuse. syracuse placed longtime assistant basketball coach bernie fine on administrative leave. two former ball boys say fine molested them between the late 1970s and 1990s. one alleged victim says he reported the abuse in 2003, but the detective told him the statute of limitations had run out. syracuse university says it investigated the allegations at the time but did not find any evidence of wrongdoing. the accusation comes in the wake of course the of the scanned at at penn state. jerry sandusky faces charges every abusing eight boys over 15 years.
7:55 am
the university trustees hired a law firm to represent them in the scandal. a philadelphia lawyer says he has been in contact with other lawyers and legal investigators who tell him about 20 people have now come forward with claims sandusky abused them. sandusky still denies the allegations. the legal case over proposition 8, california's same-sex marriage ban, will now head back to federal court. the california supreme court ruled yesterday supporters of prop 8 have the right to appeal a federal judge's ruling that says the law is unconstitutional. both supporters and critics of prop 8 say they're pleased the case can now move ahead. now the case goes back to the court of appeals. it's likely any decision will be appealed all the way to the u.s. supreme court. legislation cutting $8 billion in federal high speed rail funding is now headed to president obama. the house signed off on the
7:56 am
cuts yesterday. california's high speed rail authority says those cuts were expected and should not delay the line's construction in the central valley next year. the rail watchdogs tell us the cuts were a sign california needs to take a hard look at how it plans to pay future this project. it's 7:55. sal this could be get away day for a lot of people with thanksgiving next week. >> you know, this is one of the busiest days to get away on the friday before the thanksgiving week. lot of people just take the very next week off. so we're looking at the traffic here on 80 westbound. it looks pretty good towards the berkeley area. you can see traffic is moving well. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza there's a delay there of about 15 minutes. you won't be on the bridge for too long, that's only about a 10-minute ride into san francisco. and we looked at the lower east shore. let's look at the upper east shore. that traffic has been lighter than usual and eastbound not a
7:57 am
trouble spot. westbound 580 traffic moving along nicely heading over to castro valley. and again, i'm going to move the maps down, manually because i want to go here. you can see traffic is still very slow on 880 south, right there passing 92, because of earlier roadwork in union city that has finally been cleared up. now steve. >> thank you. mostly cloudy, some light rain will make it here later. we've had some, not too much. nothing really measurable. but it will pick up in the north by. already beginning there. had some reports of rain, line forming also stretching from about vallejo, pinole, oakland back over towards san francisco. some of that probably not reaching the ground. system does pack good cold air. there's that little line forming around -- the delta, back across the east bay, towards oakland and emeryville and city and also marin county. not much. that's really light stuff. temperatures are going up, upper 40s now low 50s due to the south wind and also the cloud cover. so they're not going to get
7:58 am
much warmer than mid-50s to upper 50s, just too much cold air. it looks like the next system will go right along the coast so we'll get cloudy and cold on sunday but just looks like a bigger colder event than any kind of rain event. but some rain this afternoon, and tonight, then breezy, cool, cold saturday night. sunday cloudy, cold and rain to the west. then dry, clearing out, warmer monday, tuesday. a horrible situation is getting worse every minute. we're talking about this, a huge fire in reno. it's destroying homes and shutting down schools. a bay area city mourns the death of a popular police officer. homicide detectives are still searching for suspects. >> we'll tell you why organizers are planning a protest over the firing of two housekeepers here at the hyatt hotel in santa clara.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday, november 18th. a big story we're still following developing news from reno, a wildfire that is destroyed at least 20 homes so far this morning. look at the pictures. a 400-acre fire started in the
8:01 am
colin ranch area of southwest reno. 90 schools there have been closed. they want it keep the roads clear for emergency workers. some minor injuries have already been reported. firefighters were also dealing with strong winds, so they probably won't be able to use any planes, any aircraft, to fight these flames. the phones with us now is radio news director john summers of kho radio. john, are you there? >> yes, i sure am. >> john, bring us up to date. what are you seeing, what is happening right now? >> okay, the very latest is governor sandoval of nevada just signed a declaration of emergency regarding the fire. also, we're having winds in excess of 35 miles per hour, which means as you mentioned we can't lift the helicopters at this point. the blaze is headed towards now 500 acres. welch had at least 20 homes destroyed, confirmed on that. and several others are
8:02 am
threatened. so far, no report of injuries. we do have a report of one man who apparently suffered cardiac arrest from this. >> and you can describe the area where this fire is burning? you said it was a southwest part of reno and that's rural? >> well, it's rural on the outside of the mccarron boulevard circle, but it's now jumped towards the inner part of the circle which surrounds the city of reno. it's a lot of thick brush, and very nice homes. very nice part of reno, and it's -- the typical high altitude geography. so dry as bones, you might say. >> john, i know you just moved to the area two months ago. and you're used to feeling your way around. tell us what is happening at the schools and where people are trying to find refuge from this. >> okay. the school district has closed most of the schools, except for
8:03 am
those that lie outside the affected area. that's first of all to keep as much traffic off the highways as possible. the reno high school is full up now with roughly 120 evacuees. and galena high has been opened as well, and they're taking in refugees or evacuees as well. >> what is the anxiety level there? have you been hearing from your listeners, people calling in, talking about this? >> very much so. very concerned since we're news talk station, 24-7, and the news authority here. we get a lot of input from our listeners and they're very interactive, they're right on the scene. >> you were saying earlier that you folks are praying for rain. our meteorologist steve paulsen is here, maybe he can help you with info on what is coming. >> okay. >> well, i think it's later on, right now it's just the wind, john. and they're looking for the rain but not until this afternoon. is that was you're hearing as
8:04 am
well? no write. and we're told that even if we do get rain, it's not going to be much unfortunately. >> we will keep a close eye on this. thank you, john summers, joining us live from koh radio, and keeping us up to date on the large wildfire, over 500 acres burning in reno. again, a story we will be following throughout the day here on ktvu. time is coming up on 8:04, we're following another big story, the tragic killing of a veteran bay area police officer. ktvu's claudine wong joins us from vallejo. we understand there is a growing memorial for the fallen officer? >> reporter: that's right, people coming to the doors of the police department to lay down flowers and candles and cards. that flower right there with the dog and candle just laid down by a man who tried to talk to us, but got so upset he just couldn't even make the words come out. people today trying to come to terms with the loss of officer
8:05 am
jim capoot. he was a veteran officer described which many as a leader, a man dedicated to his job. this morning the deputy with the solano county sheriff's department came as well to offer a prayer before he tried to put his grief aside and go back to work. >> dedicated police officer, out there doing his job, helping the community. just came by to pay my respects. >> capoot was remembered as an officer and also remembered for his commitment to the community. he was a basketball coach, mentor at vallejo high school and this morning students are struggling to make sense of what happened. >> cared about him. he was just -- i don't know, he was just cool a lot of times. like i don't know, i don't know why this happened to him. he was like a cool dude to me.
8:06 am
>> officer capoot -- we're also following the investigation into the scheidting. officer capoot was shot as he chased a suspected bank robber. this morning the neighborhood where that shooting happened is back open. and we are still trying to get more information on the one suspect they do have in custody. there is also the question of if there are more suspects out there. there was word maybe two or three people that were associated with that bank robbery, again that investigation continues as this very difficult morning for the city vallejo and the police department continues. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. our time is 8:06. we're watching santa clara this morning, where two women say they were fired from their jobs at a hyatt hotel because they complained about harassment. now they say they filed a federal complaint. ktvu's christien kafton is
8:07 am
there now where a protest is happening. >> reporter: the protest is just now starting to get underway. you see the crowd of peep gathering here. these are some union members who are upset about this firing. you can even see the picket signs that they'll be using later on. the two women's lawyer contacted us and said these two women work as housekeepers here at the hyatt hotel in santa clara, but they were fired. martha and lorraine a rayes discovered these altered photographs of them on the company's bulletin bothered. they say they tore the photos down and were fired. in the last half hour we spoke with a spokesperson for the hyatt who tells us the protests here today is more about declining union membership, than an improper dismissal. >> they're using a couple days miss as very well warranted, clear violation of policy, to drum up an emotional response to something that's not true.
8:08 am
>> again, the protests here set to get underway. again, the attorney for the two women say they were fired improperly because they had complained about that photograph. they say the hyatt has a poor record for working with their employees. we'll continue to monitor the situation here and we will let you know how this protest here develops. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to check in with sal, very busy morning to start off with. is traffic getting any better? >> it is getting a little better. but now a new trouble spot in hayward that, is southbound 880 as you drive to highway 92. there's a new spot where the traffic is going to be slow. remember, we had some earlier delays because of paving work in union city that was blocking the lanes. that has been picked up, and now there's a new crash here, southbound 880 approaching 92. the best thing for you to do is
8:09 am
leave early or perhaps use mission or hesperian after highway 92, down as far as union city and get on the freeway there. let's go to interstate 80 in oakland. northbound 880 is slow. if you're driving up to hyde street thawers the slowdown is, westbound 580 also slow to high street heading west. and at the bay bridge toll plaza about a 15-minute delay. no major problems on the bridge. >> san francisco. and we're following the developments of a fatal crash that happened overnight on highway 24 eastbound. one woman was killed when she got out of her car after a traffic collision. the lanes were closed on eastbound 24 near pleasant hill road. very close to the 680 interchange, for about two hours as they investigated the crash. they did reopen the lanes of traffic not delayed, but they were interviewing witnesses, again one person died in the crash, all lanes however now
8:10 am
have been reopened. let's go to steve. >> we do center mostly cloudy skies, some partly sunny but lot of clouds, cooler, breezy today's some light rain. that will start to pick up later on. this is not a big rain event. it's mainly colder air, starting to work its way south. but things will thicken up late morning, early afternoon north bay some light rain up there. lot of low clouds just streaming in advance, and up in the sierra nevada still southwest to rene, the pine haven fire. 48-mile-per-hour winds at tahoe, 45 carson city and over 70 in some of the passes. rain-snow will make it there, but not for the morning hours. it's going to take until the afternoon, so things will get better later. winter weather advisory starts at 10 a.m., goes until midnight. big news is the wind now. start aren't 5,000 then to below 3,000 tonight and saturday morning. maybe about a foot above 7,000 lesser amounts down to lake
8:11 am
level. it's not a strong system but it is in the wind and cold department. oakland at 54. mountainview 55. lot of cold air, not much rain. but as that system slides south, including the cold air that, will help juice up the atmosphere. lot of 50s, 60s and sunbreaks in the morning. best bet do something in the morning, afternoon looks like more in the way of light rain makes it so clouds and rain, cool, cold and breezy on saturdays. cloudy and cold on sunday. rain to the west. but i think most will miss as the system splits. clearing breezy and warmer monday than more so on tuesday. >> thank you. time is 8:11. new concerns about gas pipelines, the battle between pg&e and one bay area city. also, developing news just in on the battle against breast cancer. this morning's big announcement from the fda. >> why are the girls screaming? >> i don't know. >> what is causing all the
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
good morning. we have mostly cloudy skies, few sun breaks as light rain to the north. that will pick up later today. late morning, early afternoon, to this evening. not a lot but looks like everybody will get a bit. cool air works in, lot of mid and upper 50s today. news up in the sierra never is it's going to be cold, very, very windy up there today and there will be some snow. live look on i-80, east of
8:15 am
kingvale, gust about 28 miles an hour. blue canyon almost 50 at truckee and south lake tahoe over 50 at mammoth. some people could see a foot of snow as we head into tonight and tomorrow. that would be above 7,000 feet. maybe nor snow next wednesday. skiers can hit the trails at north star starting today. they open at 8:30. lifts open at north star although really anything worse than wind when it's 50, 60 miles an hour? heavenly also opens today. ski resorts open next week. it's 8:15. new this morning, the food and drug administration just announced moments ago cancer drug avastin should no longer be used to treat breast cancer patients. drug is causing dangerous side effects. the agency also adds there is no proof it extends patients' lives. despite this new ruling, it will still be used to treat colon cancer patients and patients with certain tumors.
8:16 am
just a couple days ago for the congressional super- committee to come up with a deal on cutting the deficit, republicans want president obama to get involved. but as allison burns reports, that probably won't happen. allison. >> reporter: dave, one republican senator is going so far as to say there won't be a deal unless president obama steps in. democrats say that is not going to happen, that republicans are just looking for someone to blame instead of working towards an agreement. president obama is in indonesia and republicans who want his job are taking aim. >> center committee is a great as well of lack of leadership. the president is awol, as far as i'm concerned. >> they are meeting, both sides still miles apart over how to balance cuts to federal benefits programs with higher taxes. >> the democrats are in complete agreement. we have met their offer on
8:17 am
revenue, so we have said that it has to be fair to the american people. >> the super committee meets to reach a deal by thanksgiving or steep across the board spending cuts kick in next year. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. there has been another violent year on the streets of oakland. today several religious groups will gather in a church on san pablo avenue to talk about how to stop the deadly attacks. have been more than 100 homicides in oakland so far this year. many of those killings have been tied to the city's violent street gangs. the family of slain nursing student michelle le is now reaching out to other families with missing loved ones. the family tells the daily review it's forming a new support group called mission michelle. the family says mission michelle will get the word out about missing persons and provide volunteers for searches. a meeting will take place at
8:18 am
noon tomorrow in san jose. michelle le disappeared in may. volunteers did not find her body until september. esteban remains behind bars on murder charges. a homeless man in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car in santa rosa. this happened last night about 6:00, on mendocino avenue near russell avenue. the driver is cooperating with police. she says she didn't see the man until the last minute. the press democrat says there's no crosswalk in the area and the streetlight was out. investigators say the man who was hit may possibly have been drinking. accused serial killer joseph naso is due in a courtroom within the hour for a pre-trial hearing. he is charged with killing four northern california women between 1977 and 1994. he is 77 years old and is defending himself. that motion's hearing is due to begin at 9:00. there's new concern over a
8:19 am
pg&e pipeline running through a pall neighborhood. the daily news reports pg&e has no plans to perform a hydrostraight static safety test on the line in the city. that is sparking concern with the palo alto city council, which wants to see a test performed. however, pg&e says money is better spent on replacing the pipeline in 2013. the city council is now set to meet with pg&e to discuss the issue. palo alto is trying to keep people shopping a bit longer this holiday season with extended parking hours. through new year's day, parking inside city-owned garages will be for four hours, instead of the usual two. palo alto's deputy city manager said the city wants people to shop without worrying about a ticket. two hours restrictions will remain at surface lots. the san francisco department of elections has certified the results of last
8:20 am
week's elections. the results officially declare ed lee the winner of the mayor's race, with 60%est vote, after 12 rounds of rank choice voting. george gascon won the district attorney's race with 62%. and ross received 53% of the vote, he will be sworn in as sheriff in january. measure h lost by a slim margin. the measure called on san francisco public schools to change the student assignment system in favor of allowing kids to go to schools close to their homes. when the ballot counting was over, the measure lost by 115 votes. "twilight" fever once again is gripping the bay area. >> got to go! >> this is the different kind of fever. i'm talking about "twilight" fever, the movie. they had a full house at jack
8:21 am
london cinemas in oakland last night for the midnight screening of the movie breaking dawn, part one, from the "twilight" movie says. the first showing was completely sold out, so they had two more theaters opened up. the movies producers expect breaking down to bring in somewhere between 110 to $125 million through sunday. lots of people there very enthusiastic and the middle of the night. it is 8:20. big news for salad lovers. the recall involving california lets. also, the holiday season is here, thanksgiving travel. rush is understand way! >> westbound 24 looks good to the tunnel. slow on highway 4, though. tell you more about the morning commute and bay weather. if i can take classes year round
8:22 am
on campus, online, or both and earn my bachelor's degree in 3 years you can, too. [ male announcer ] at devry university, whether you study at one of our 4 bay area locations, online or both, you can prepare for a career in a growing field...
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and with year round class offerings, you can even do it in as few as three years. if i can let nothing nothing...stand in my way you can too. [ male announcer ] classes start january 3. learn more at
8:24 am
california company recalling its romaine lettuce because of a possible e.coli contamination. the recall includes more than 5,000 cases of ready-pack bagged salad. the bags were sold under several brands at safeway, trader joe's, raley's and other stores. they have a used by date of november 18. you can either return the product to a store for refund or throw it away. if you'd like to learn more about the lettuce recall and stores, just go to, scroll down to the web links section, and find a link to the
8:25 am
fda web page. the holiday travel season is officially underway. sfo said today will be its busiest day. more than 140,000 passengers are expected to pass through sfo today. nationwide, air travel is expected to be down this thanksgiving. but not at sfo. a 4.5% increase is expected compared to this time last year. now in contrast, san jose airport made the top of the orbitz lift of the least crowded airport this thanksgiving. amtrak is gearing up for the holiday rush starting next week, cars will be added to trains along the capital corridor, with the pacific surf liner and san joaquin routes. bus service will also be increased. next wednesday will be amtrak's busiest day. you should make advanced reservations if that's what you man to do. >> if you're travel tolling alaska, i just found fairbanks had their record low for
8:26 am
november, 41 below in fair bank some if you're feeling it's chilly, think about the poor folks there! sal? >> if anyone is traveling to the cal stanford game this weekend, you should use caltrain! >> i like it! >> don't worry about parking or anything and watch my golden bears perhaps defeat those -- from stanford. good morning, everybody! had to get that in, right? let's go out and look at the commute now. if you're driving across bay area bridges now, the bay bridge is not friday light. in fact, it has been pretty typical for friday. i know some people are disappointed by that because sometimes we have better than usual commutes there. san mateo looks good, 92 has been a mess getting there. golden gate bridge the fog is not an issue this morning on that span, and on the richmond bridge about the only slow traffic you'll see is getting there out of the east bay on your way to marin. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. we do have mostly cloudy skies,
8:27 am
colder air moving in. nothing like fairbanks, thank you. but we're on the southern edge that. system will give us some light rain, not a lot of rain but there's a lot of cold air. the system for sunday looks like it want to stay offshore, so anybody near the coast maybe more rain than anybody else. some rain beginning to pick up now north bay, marin county, lot of this is very light. won't do much. but the wind is going to be breezy, mostly cloudy day, all that low cloud deck just racing down the coast in advance of that system. waiting up in the sierra, the advisory don't even start until 10 a.m. and maybe this afternoon some rain, then snow. it's very, very windy up there. 50s on the temperatures now. they were down to mid-40s. now they're up there because of that system coming in. look a the cold air plunging south. so no wonder it's cold. we're note getting much. we're getting some of it. 50s on the temps, upper 50s very low 60s, partly sunny but mostly cloudy. some rain coming in, not a lot of rain with this. cool, cold and breezy if you're heading to the big game.
8:28 am
cold. i think more than anything else. and crowdie, cold on sunday. rain favors those near the coast. clearing, little warmer monday, tuesday. >> all right. thank you. we're still following developing news from nevada. new info on this morning's disastrous fire in reno. >> occupy oakland has plans to take over another lot in downtown oakland. and it lands that could be owned by the city. >> also the bay area getting ready for the holiday season!
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. a wildfire, a big one, in reno has now burned 500 acres, at
8:31 am
least 20 homes have been destroyed. this fire you're looking anthony the pictures, started just after midnight in the colin ranch area of southwest reno. we're told dozens of people were evacuated to nearby schools, and 90 schools in the area are closed. they want to keep the roads clear so emergency workers with get through. firefighters have their hands full not only with the flames, they're dealing with strong winds, and the fire is burning in steep canyons and ravines that are tough to reach. some minor injuries reported. on the phone with us again, we're been talk to them all morning, we have news director for radio sayings koh radio, john summers. john, will you? >> yes, sure am. >> when are you seeing right now? where are you, anyway and what are you seeing? >> we're actually near reno tahoe international, studios located on east plum street here in reno. and speaking of reno tahoe, we're just getting word that some flights are being cancelled due to the excessive
8:32 am
winds and we're trying to get confirmation if not all flights have been cancelled. >> all right. we're going to keep an eye on everything and we appreciate all the help you're giving us and the insight from on ground and stay safe. we understand the governor is also declared an emergency in the area. we'll keep you posted right here throughout the morning. john summers, thanks a lot. back here at home, in just a couple hours occupy oakland will be laying out details of a mass day of action that includes a plan to set up a new camp. kraig debro is all over this, live at frank ogawa plaza with new information. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with jane bruiner, city councilmember. behind me is now the old old encampment site. so police are protecting it from anybody else come, in they may also be busy protecting another site before the weekend
8:33 am
is done. yesterday occupy oakland calls for members to occupy this site tomorrow. she is against the encampment at this spot and told me this used to be -- spotted was developed into condos like the one that ring the own tee lot now. but the economy tanked, and it didn't get done. the city of oakland was supposed to buy it. it could be in private hands now, could be in public hands. occupy oakland elizabeth a number of reasons future this spot. they say the park is only three blocks from the plaza, and the intersection of 14th and broadway, and occupy oakland says it also likes the site because the neighborhood has lots of foot traffic. oakland police have a strategy to prevent the movement from taking over any other property. on monday, oakland police tore down about 1 tents and tarps on the plaza, it was the second time police removed the encampment. members were allowed back into the camp following a nasty
8:34 am
street conflict between police protestors that day. mayor quan appeared convincened the encampment couldn't work after reports of assault and a homicide at the plaza. furthermore, also almost all of department officers were tied up with the encampment, which left other parts of oakland virtually unprotected. we have heard many stories of more than 100 calls going unanswered, if the calls weren't life-threatening. the city of oakland police department simply not answering the cause because of this encampment here. an hour from now, they're going to have a news conference announcing the main rally for tomorrow. during that rally they're supposed to take over that spot at 19th and telegraph. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. our time is 8:34. occupy santa rosa protestors calling out a call for more people to join them. after police handed out eviction notices is yesterday.
8:35 am
people without permits were warned they could be arrested. that prompted some to take down their tents, but others vow they'll stay. the city is no longer issuing per minutes, citing health and safety concerns. permits were already issued will expire november 30th. in san jose, more than 100 people turned out last night for this rally outside city hall. protestors say they have no prance to leave the plaza and in fact, they plan to set up even more tents. right now about 20 to 25 people have been camping out, including shawn o'kelley, the man perched atop of 36-foot ledge. he vows to stay on that wall for 99 days. the occupy movement will appear in antioch this weekend. rational rally tomorrow at 11 am on summersville road between bank of america and the wells fargo branches. organizers expect up to 60 people to be there. this is a second occupy rally
8:36 am
to take place in antioch. rallies have also taken place in other contra costa communities. a stockton special education teacher is on paid leave amid allegations she was operating pornographic websites from her school-issued computer. the lincoln unified school district is investigating whether heidi caselynn die violated the code ofth licks. the investigation involves a former stockton police officer. the officer says he acquired domain names to develop the pornographic websites and the woman's involvement was limited. this happened around 3:00 yesterday afternoon on oak road, north of treated boulevard. a 25-year-old woman told authorities a man who had been following her grabbed her, he
8:37 am
ran off though after she turned around. police described the suspect as caucasian, 35 years old, 5 feet 10, weighing 200 pounds. he was wearing black slacks, a black dress shirt and a red tie. police are warning people to be on alert after a sexual assault near highland hospital. it handow 13th avenue on tuesday around 2 a.m. police say a 21-year-old woman was walking home from work when the suspect attacked her. police described the suspect as a 25-year-old african-american man wearing a black beanie, black jacket and blue jeans. time is 8:37. it's been four months since the death of a 14-year-old girl at a sleepover at and her death is still a mystery. she died in july at her home in santa rosa. investigators first said alcohol poisoning probably led to her death. her friends admitted they all drank soda mixed with what they thought was vodka. but now the press democrat is
8:38 am
reporting a second round of toxicology results show she had a low blood alcohol level. investigators are waiting for a third round of toxicology reports. a funeral will take place today for a 12-year-old have lay mow boy killed after being hit by a garbage truck. he died a week ago today after skateboarding downhill on chapman court. he ended up under a truck. another 8-year-old boy was hurt. the young man's funeral will take place at 2:00 this afternoon at sky view memorial lawn in vallejo. two women filing a complaint against the hyatt regency in santa clara has triggered a protest. the women say they were fired after complaining of harassment. ktvu's christien kafton is following the story and will have more of the protests developing now. we'll have those details as soon as we can bring them in to you. get an update on the commute and what is happening
8:39 am
at bay bridge toll plaza. >> still busy there, and westbound bay bridge you'll see some slow traffic there on the bridge approaching although it has improved a little bit. one of the things that i do notice is that things have become better at the toll plaza, but not much. still about a 20 to 25 men delay getting into san francisco. also this morning's commute is slowing down on interstate 880, passing the coliseum. you will see some stop and go photographic in front of parking lot and it continues to slow to 23rd. if you're driving south. earlier crash, 880 southbound at 92. that's been cleared. southbound 880 traffic is going to be busy as you drive south. 8:39, let's go to sal. >> happy friday, everybody. mostly cloudy, cooler today, turned colder by tonight. we'll get some rain out of this. cameron tweeted me and said he's wearing his ugly shoes today because i said it's going
8:40 am
to rain. i hope i'm right for your sake there! i like that tweet. funny. we to have some rain upstream, anna reported some near kenwood, oakmont, so it's on its way. starting in the north bay first, emphasis on very light. we'll get some rain out of there, but not much. the main message is the clouds and also the cooler temperatures. you can see right there, marin county from novato, 50 this morning, which is about 10 degrees warmer than it's been there in the last couple mornings. san rafael, sausalito towards berkeley and emeryville, 24, concord, lot a lot there. but a little bit starting to pick up and it makes sense bus the cold air is beginning to come in. record low in fairbanks at 41 below! we're not looking for anything like that but a lot of that cold air is slam into the pacific northwest. northern california good downpours showers and cold towards eureka.
8:41 am
ronald sudden it's cold up here! some of that is sliding south. now again we're on the tail end of this but 50s on the temps. but they're not going to travel very far. especially in the north bay. the cold air is trapped so the system will slide through. this is the second of three. the third one wanted on you know it, looks like it will split. and most of it will stay offshore. cloudy and cold for sunday. saturday looks like the better part of the weekends unless that system completely splits but mostly cloudy, light rain today. colder, breezy to windy at times. and that's the main mention colder on the weekends. bundle up to the big game. i think cold is a bigger story than anything else. clouds sunday, rain possible, one forecast model brings it in. the other two or three send it offshore. so much cooler today, off and on rain picking up later this afternoon into the evening. 50s on your temps. very low 60s. little partly sunny out there but it's mainly mostly cloudy. cool and breese saturday. cloudy, cold sunday. warmer monday and tuesday.
8:42 am
>> thank you. steve. a new study on meds, why more and more american women of a certain age are taking prescription drugs. also questions about this for the past 30 years, new information about the death of actress natalie wood. >> and a definitely morning in vallejo as this police department and community mourns the loss of a development ran officer. and tastes great! stive like cne, martinelli's: since 1868.
8:43 am
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it's markets are up this morning, thanks to some good news. there is some worries easing a little bit about europe, also some light trading ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. the dow currently up 38, at 11,809. nasdaq down to negative territory, down 6. s&p, though, in positive territory up about 2. your time for is just turning 8:45. a protest is form this is morning in santa clara where two women filed complaints against the hyatt regency, claiming they were fired for complaining of harassment. christien kafton is live with the details of what is going on. >> reporter: let's give you an update. we saw group of about 20 protestors walk into the hyatt
8:46 am
20 minutes ago, asking for two housekeepers' jobs back. the lawyer says the two women worked here as housekeepers but he says they were fired. we have a full screen of some of the photos that were involved in this case. martha and lorraine a reyes say they discovered these altered photos of themselves on the bulletin board. the women tore down the photos and were later fired. >> the reason we're filing this retaliation charge is that martha and lorraineee opposed sexually suggestive photos pasted in the employee break room of the housekeeping staff. and only a few weeks later they were terminated by the hyatt hotel. we think the termination raises questions. >> we spoke with a spokesperson for the hyatt, who tells us the protests today is more about union membership or -- than improper case of dismissal.
8:47 am
>> they're using a couple of dismissals that were very well warranted, clear violation of policy, to drum up an emotional response to something that's not true. >> we have noticed that a couple police officers have just arrived here on scene. those protestors still inside the hyatt. we're not sure what is going to occur this morning so we will continue to follow development out here and bring you the latest. for now, live in santa clara, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. look at this, more than 100 firefighters in reno right now are battling this 500-acre wildfire. at least 50 homes have already been destroyed, and the strong winds out there are hampering the firefight. some minor injuries have been reported, and we now know that several flights in and out of the reno-tahoe airport have been delayed or cancel.
8:48 am
occupy oakland organizers will be holding a news conference at 10:15 this morning. they'll talk about plans for a mass day of action set for tomorrow. the plans include we're told they're going to try to set of a new camp if empty lot near the fox theater. and there's a growing memorial this one outside the vallejo police headquarters after the fatal shooting of a veteran officer. 45-year-old james capoot was killed yesterday while chasing a suspected bank robber. call clean wong is in vallejo with more on what is happening. claudine. >> reporter: there have been a steady stream of people coming to the memorial, many people with different reasons. but all dealing with grief. you can see on their faces. among the people who have come this morning, a man named don, he knew officer jim capoot and says he was part of reason he got away from drugs and got liss life back on the right track. >> i'm on parole. i've done prison time.
8:49 am
jim never gave on he many he said if you get clean, you can have a life. there's a better life for you. and i have that life now. >> his brother is also a police officer, and says he talked to his brother but one time was partnered up with capoot. his brother like all the other officers in the department are struggling today to deal with the tragedy that took this well respected veteran officer's life. >> i never know if my brother is coming home at night. he works graveyard. i don't know if i'll see him the next day. end up like jim. >> one suspect is in custody in connection with officer capoot's death. the accept for other suspects continues, and in the meantime people trying to deal with this loss. you can see the flags in front of the police department flying at half-staff. the governor jerry brown has issued a statement saying the flags will fly at half-staff at the capitol as well, in honor of this fallen officer.
8:50 am
oakland police are investigating an overnight shooting. police found the victim lying on san pablo avenue near 34th street around 12:30 this morning. police tell us the victim had been shot at least once. but they don't leave he was shot near 34th and san pablo because they couldn't find any shell casings there. the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. oakland firefighters spent the night putting out an apartment fire. it broke out after midnight at 81st and plymouth street. firefighters say the complex but vacant. no one was hurt. our time is 8:50. there was a small earthquake overnight, just north of santa rosa. it was a 3.2 magnitude quake, it struck about 3 a.m. three miles northwest of the geysers. so far no reports of injuries or damage. a san quinten inmate on death row for killing a young boy has taken his own life.
8:51 am
brandon wilson, 1998, he admitted killing the nine-year- old boy during that hearing. authorities say he slashed the child's throat in a public rest room in san diego county. prison officials say wilson was found hanging from his cell in san quinten yesterday morning. turns out a more women than usual are needing mother's helper. more than one in four american women took at least one drug for conditions like anxiety and depression last year. according to a report by medco health solutions, the use of drugs for psychiatric and behavioral disorders in all adults rose 22% from 2001. the medications most often prescribed to women over 45 years old. more than 20% of american adults were on at least one medication for mental health disorders. and a gallop poll indicates
8:52 am
alcohol consumption in the united states dipped lightly this year after reaching a 25- year high. 64% of those surveyed said they drank, down from 67% in 2010. the beer institute says new hampshire drinks the most, more than twice the national average, and while beer remains the most popular alcoholic beverage, wine is gaining in popularity, especially among women and older americans. the l.a. county sheriff's office will hold a news conference today after reopening an investigation into the death of actress natalie wood. she died in 1981, drowning in the waters off southern california. she was on a yacht with her husband actor robert wagner, and actor christopher walken. investigators called her death an accident. however, the captain onboard the yacht announced this morning he lied to investigators. that captain dennis da vern says they fought before she
8:53 am
died, and that fight led to her death. also word this morning that a convicted child molester work as a casting assistant for child friendly movies. the l.a. times is reporting 35-year-old jason james murphy worked in hollywood for a decade, before that he served five years in prison after being convicted for the 1996 kidnapping and molestation of an 8-year-old boy in seattle. murphy registered as a sex offender in california, in 2005, but somehow apparently avoided detection by dropping his last name. this afternoon the san mateo county event center will open its doors to the international motorcycle show. we caught up with some of the performers yesterday, yikes! definitely not something you want to try at home. they challenge themselves to do the impossible. and the show is much more than stunts. inside attendees will find the latest motorcycle designs and
8:54 am
products from the industry's leading manufacturers. and for the high spenders, there will be a dream pavilion showcasing luxury motorcycles, running through sunday. have to show you these heartbreaking puppies. six of them abandon, where they were found and the search for whoever is responsible for dumping them. >> plus another sure sign the holiday season has arrived. pictures just came in from jack london square. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big big big -big big. -big! -big -big! -♪ big -big. -big big big. big big big. big big big. small. big big big big. small! [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪
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time 8:56. heartbreaking story about some abandon puppies. this show you the pictures. monterey county says someone abandoned the six puppies at a recycling facility near watsonville wednesday. they found them hungry, dehydrated and infested with fleas. they are offering a $had hundred pre wards for information leading to whoever abandoned those dogs. a giant christmas tree arrived been about an hour ago in oakland. this new video of the 55-ftse remember tipped fir just came in around 6 a.m. after a drive from mount shasta. public is invited to the tree lighting ceremony two weeks from today on friday, december 2. event will also feature live reindeer! music it a talent show. >> it's almost here! sal is here, you're been busy all morning, my friend. >> and we're been watching the
8:58 am
toll plaza. if you're trying to get into san francisco, there's still a lit delay but it's not all that bad. it's about a 15-meant wait. let's go to steve. >> light rain up in the north bay already. and marin county, some light rain here. it's going to be cloudy, cold today, mostly cloudy with some light rain. cool and leadsee on saturday, then cloudy, cold sunday. rain to the west. video very big waves! >> wow. >> all right. thank you for watching! senator aaron, y all set. great, thanks. mike, thanks for doing that discount double check. you saved us hundreds. what was that? e check? it's when we comb through your policies and make sure that you're getting all the discounts you deserve. no, i get that part, but you guys are doing my move. the discount double check move? that's my touchdown dance. so you're a dancer? no, i'm a quarterback. oh, a quarterback. mrr. i'm a robot. mm, mm. ee, er, ee, er. get out of here.
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