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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 18, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news. >> a devastating late season wildfire. tonight, he less than 24 hours later it's almost out. good evening. >> in a strange twist, snow flurries helping put out a wind whipped wildfire. if roared to life early today and has damaged or destroyed 25 homes. winds fueled the wildfire today if it wasn't flame itself was
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smoke or dust making impossible to see. fire crews seemed to have more than they could handle. wind gusts many up to 60 miles an hour spread the flames across collin ranch. it started about 12:3. the cause isn't known. >> just very scary. very unsettling. i smelled smoke but thought it was a fireplace. >> reporter: at least 400 firefighters were called from hundreds of miles away. including california. >> i have a phone call into the governor to see if there is any help he can provide. we are bringing all our resources to bear. >> reporter: some residents rushed to try it put out the flames themselves. reno's fire chief said nearly ten thousand were evacuated four thousand homes have been saved. a 74-year-old man died of a heart attack and one firefighter had burns.
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officials say the winds could have taken down the power lines sparking the blaze. they also say it may have been started by kids or people in a homeless camp trying to stay warm. 2,000 acres burned in the fire and a spokesman said the threat to homes still isn't over warning about hot embers and dry fuel. the national guard and police are patrolling tonight and we have posted more images from reno at just look for the link. >> vallejo police say the suspect accused of killing an officer acted alone and there was nobody with him as first thought president the suspect is a 37-year-old of fairfield. he is a accused of robbing a bank and after a brief chase shooting and killing an officer. police say he fired several shots at the officer who did not fire back. >> that suspect was arrested moments after the shooting
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itself, in the 100 block of janice by responding officers. he was in possession of a handgun. >> police revealed a camera in the officer's car recorded pictures the chase but not the shooting. smith is being held on suspicious of murder and bank robbery. if convicted of killing a police officer smith would be eligible for the death penalty. >> there is been support for the officer's family and fellow officers. janet is live now at the vallejo police department where people are expressing their sadness and also concerns about a reduction in the city's police staffing. >> reporter: if there is any question about how people are feeling tonight just take a look. it's amazing, the flowers, candles and messages of sympathy that have beena massing here outside the police department and as people mourn some are wonder figure a shortage of police officers is putting in danger officer's
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stay safety. a tribute to the spirit of the officer. a veteran officer with 19 years on the force. >> i feel just horrible for the family and my thoughts and prayers to with them. >> it shows how much of a community it is when one person goes down. >> reporter: he was riding alone thursday and he was one of only six officers practicelling officers patrolling the city, raising the question if he would have been safe we are more police on duty. . >> we can't determine if that's a factor. the officers normally work by themselves before we had the staffing issues. >> reporter: in the city freshly out of bankruptcy the police force has just 93 sworn full time officers. we investigated how they compare with cities of similar population and found it's significantly lower. saint santa clara has 131 and
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smaller cities have far more police officers on staff. >> because of the budget a lot of the police department has dropped and the numbers and i think we need to try to do something to change this. >> reporter: the assistant city manager said there is no funding rice now to add officers. measure b a sales tax would raise ten million dollars but the final vote isn't out until next week. this memorial continues to grow as people continue to recognize the sacrifice the officer in the line of duty. >> more details now on the staffing issues. the police force reached a peak in 2004 of 155 155 officers. in the next half hour a young woman shares how the officer changed her life and what his
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loss means for the community of vallejo. that story up at 10:30. >> we have developing news out of berkeley where right now firefighters are on the scene of a four alarm fire. it started at about 9:15 in an apartment building near the corner of telegraph avenue. when we spoke to a fire dispatcher just a few minutes ago she said there are no reports of injuries, we are expecting video of that fire into the newsroom any moment now. when it does arrive we will bring it to you. >> continuing coverage of the occupy oakland movement where there is movement tonight in the form of heated arguments among the demonstrators. that after protesters said they are ready to set up camp at a new location. we are live in oakland where we have been watching a team try to keep the demonstrators out their neighborhood. >> reporter: they already had plans to move up to 19th and telegraph just a few blocks
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here, especially since the city has made the plaza off limits for camping. you can see the meeting is still going on and protesters facing serious opposition from people who could be their future neighbors. >> 19 and the telegraph doesn't impact the 1%. >> reporter: a teacher led the effort meeting occupy oakland on its own terms to ask them to abandon a plan to camp at the upton location next to the fox theater starting tomorrow. >> it'll be the 99% verses the 99th and a public relations disaster. >> reporter: in the dark parent who have students at the school warned the new camp could put kids at risk. >> ia dirty, filthy tent city where we all live. . >> reporter: this neighbor confronted them but tonight protesters fired back. >> there is no safe place for a child in oakland and you live in a fantasy world if you
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believe that. >> all the concerns of tear gas or bullets should be brought down to the opd head quarters. >> reporter: opponents didn't get enough vote for occupy oakland to declare it would stay away but on the phone the mayor said she will no longer allow camping in any public space. >> i would ask people to get on with the organizing and to stop using valuable police resources on us having to clear the camps. >> reporter: back out here you may be able to make out that the protests just wrapping up their meeting here tonight. organized labor a group with -- put out their own agenda for events tomorrow including protests here but it didn't when you that plan for setting up a new camp. they said they haven't discussed if they will support that. >> the pentagon announced a young sold fresh in san jose has been killed in afghanistan.
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the specialist shaun walsh was 21. he died on wednesday when his patrol was attacked. he had been serving in the army national guard. friends say he liked long distance running. his parents flew back east. and there is late word that a young marine from the east bay has also died oversees. there is been no official word from the pentagon. we heard about it during an announcement tonight at a high school football game. was serving in afghanistan. a coach said he was killed today by an ied. he graduated just last year and immediately joined the marines. >> its going to take a long time if ever for the community to heal. it's -- going tim pack the town significantly. we are obviously proud of the sacrifice and our prayers are with his family. >> the coach called him an outstanding young man who had a deep desire to serve his
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country. and in 15 minutes we will show you how veterans made sure that those currently serving in the military received a proper welcome home. >> the unemployment rate showing some improvement. it dipped in october but remains well above the national average. the state jobless rate is at 11.7% down from 11.9%. the state added more than 25,000 jobs. the employment development department said silicon valley leads the way in job growth followed by san diego, san francisco is third statewide here in the bay area the rate declined in all nine counties and all nine are you lower than the state average. three counties, are still experiencing double digit unemployment. >> we are on storm watch tracking wet weather in the bay area and snow in the mountains.
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here at sea level scattered showers today led to a slow evening drive in some parts. this is what it look like in san francisco. up in the sierra a winter weather advisory is in effect until midnight and chains required toward i-80. a news crew took those pictures as they were passing through the tahoe area and as you can see, it was very slow going. >> and back here in ten minutes. the radar still picking up light showers in the south bay and more headed your way for the bay area weekend. >> i have been trying to get this out for many years. >> what really happened the night natalie wood died. new questions and what investigators now say about the case. >> plus a deadly display of holiday lights steps san francisco's occupy camp. what we are learning about a possible risk among them.
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. 3, 2, 1,. >> earlier tonight san francisco's center flipped the switch on the trademark christmas lights and fireworks lit up the evening sky. the shop owners there are concerned this year that the occupy camp could discourage shoppers coming to the area. according to the bay citizens, several real estate developers are threatening to sue.
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also tonight city leaders telling us that 25 to 35% those sleeping at the occupy camp are homeless and rob roth said some supporters say the homeless issue is over shadowing the larger message. >> this man is an architect downtown and a big supporter of occupy. he said the camp is more about the issue of homelessness and less about a political statement. >> it's the face of the movement and it's -- not the proper face of the movement. it's not what the movement is about. >> reporter: we found this man who said he has slept in an alley and now he sleeps here. >> they started moving in and they -- basically hack set me the way i am. >> reporter: members of the public health department toured the camp. they say the main concerns are about health and sleeping in
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the plaza can't go on indefinitely. >> if we move without a long tomorrow idea you get it back and get the attitudes. >> reporter: many say homelessness is showing the financial inquestion you'll. >> it's a problem, why don't they help us? the homeless need help. >> they have to be cared for. the movement is not a movement to provide services to homeless people. it's not what the movement is about. >> reporter: organizers say camps like this are the best to keep occupy in the public eye. others say they just see a public eyesore. in san francisco. rob roth. >> san jose police are looking for the driver in a hit and run that's left one person dead. it happened about 6:40 at story road and bedford. authorities say the driver
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struck a pedestrian and took off. the man died at the scene. authorities say he appears to be in his 10's. no details on the hit and run vehicle. it marks the 61st time a car has struck and killed a pedestrian in san jose. >> was it really an accident. after natalie wood drowned the case is being reopened. the captain of the boat she was on changed his story and is pointing the finger atwood's husband. it was ruled accidental but questions have always surrounded the death. now almost 30 years after she drowned off the coast of southern california the los angeles county sheriff is reopening the case. >> we have received information which we felt was substantial, enough to make us take another look. >> reporter: the news after the captain of the yacht that wood was won when she died claimed
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he lied about what happened. he alleges that the husband robert wagner had something to do with it. he said the couple had dinner with christopher watkin shooting a movie with wood at the time. all three returned to the boat for drinks. he said he then heard wagner and woods fighting in their cabin and tried breaking it up. hours later wood was missing, her body later found in the water. >> i have been trying to get this out for many years. nobody would listen. she was very afraid of the water, had no desire to get near it. >> reporter: at a news conference the sheriff's detective was asked if he thought wagner was involved in the death? >> is wagner a suspect? >> no. >> reporter: robert wagner's family released a statement saying they have not been contacted by the sheriff's department. >> oakland police announced an 18-year-old has been charged with a sexual assault.
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police say dna evidence linked him to that attack. they say parks grabbed the woman as she walked home from work back in february. he then allegedly forced her in to the basement of her apartment where he raped and beat her. parks was already in custody for a similar attack back in june. >> the court of appeals in san francisco wants to hear from support its and opponents of proposition eight. . they asked lawyers to file papers by december 2nd on what they want to see happen next. yesterday the california supreme court ruled the backers had a legal standing in the appeals process. now the appeals court wants both sides to explain how the ruling affects the broader case. >> a suspected parolee is in custody after a wild pursuit in oakland. it started around noon. police say the driver didn't stop when officers tried to pull him over. he then took off, causing two
10:19 pm
crashes before getting out of the car with a gun. officers say he then forced a family out of their car and drove away. he crashed a short time later. at least three people including the suspect were taken to the hospital. >> a demolition worker is in the hospital tonight after being knocked in to a power line in antioch. it happened around 11:20 near the glass company at 4th and o. it appears the wind blew the man in to the 60,000volt power line. . >> the attorney jena nouned the seizure of more than a million dollars of cocaine. the department of justice targeted a cartel in baja that gives drugs throughout southern california. they seized 18 and a half kilos
10:20 pm
of cocaine. they were both arrested. they are being held on a million dollars bail. >> showers still lingering in the mountains around santa cruz, south toward morgan hill. few scattered showers toward evergreen. most have ended. they are light today with the wet ground and the cool night look for areas of dense fog in the north and east bay. it'll be dense. a lot of folks will be traveling early tomorrow morning. it's a holiday week, in this will be a problem the valley fog. pay attention to it, five and six. tomorrow, forecast model does this. here we are saturday morning, not bad, few clouds, few high clouds, valley -- here we go saturday afternoon and you see this next system starting to move in. saturday night it starts to move in. when i come back five-day forecast. we will talk about that and
10:21 pm
have specific temperatures for the bay area weekend. >> pg&e is busy trying to restore power to hundreds. the outage is in san jose. it started just before seven initially affected more than 5,000 customers, 4,020 are without power. the outage is in the area -- interstate 280 and 880 merged. >> home just in time for the holidays. the big welcome, three bay area soldiers got today. >> some restaurants said they are feeling the spirit of the holiday season. we will show you why. ♪ [ male announcer ] sometimes, a hint is all the wrapping a gift needs. is that what i think it is? ♪
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. a basketball player has died following a car accident.
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the 19-year-old had been in the hospital on life support since the crash near san francisco on november 6th. two of his teammates were in the vehicle. one was at the wheel and now faces a drunk driving charge. he graduated from gilroy last year. >> the son of joe paterno says his father has lung cancer. he said it's a treatable form of cancer and the coach is expected to make a full recovery. this news came shortly after the ncaa announced it's investigating when penn state broke any rules. paterno was fired last week. the. in the man in the car shown here is at the center of that scandal. that's jerry sandusky. the pennsylvania attorney general -- used his charity called the second mile to prey on boys. the interim president said the organization may keep operating
10:25 pm
although it's possible it may transfer children to another organization. >> three soldiers received a proper home coming in san jose after serving a year long tour in iraq. rita williams says why they wanted to make sister they were welcomed home. >> they are called the patriot guard riders and most of them know what it means to fight their their country. vietnam veterans -- want to give current returning troops what they didn't get. the thank you of a grateful nation. >> we are here to make sure that there is no ambivalenc yes,. >> at the san jose airport this afternoon three soldiers -- returns a year in iraq couldn't believe the homecoming waiting for them. >> have no idea, just relieved
10:26 pm
he is okay. we are all very happy. its been a long year. >> big relief. everybody got back safe. >> reporter: act this time last year 26-year-old anthony gadd had just graduated with a degree in engineering and had just finished in the national guard but then he went back with his unit. >> it's some things like i always want to say that i have done and -- you know -- the combat zone for my country and i think it's really important. >> i'm hammy he is home. >> reporter: his mom relieved, proud and -- said now that her son is home he needs a job. rita williams, channel 2news. >> holiday parties scaled back during the recession. a lot of companies hosting them again. the key difference. >> he was a good friend. >> eyeful especially police officer remembered as a hero.
10:27 pm
how he touched so many lives. >> first a video from the scene of the four alarm fire in berkeley. it's not yet contained. ♪ ♪ if i should fall from grace with god ♪ ♪ where no doctor can relieve me ♪ ♪ if i'm buried 'neath the sod ♪ but the angels won't receive me ♪ ♪ let me go, boys, let me go, boys ♪ ♪ let me go down in the mud where the rivers... ♪ [ female announcer ] when you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪
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-big -big! -♪ big -big. -big big big. big big big. big big big. small. big big big big. small! [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ . more now on developing news, a four alarm fire apartment fire in the city of berkeley. we just got off the phone with the fire chief. the building is on hey street near telegraph street. this video came in to the ktvu newsroom. the fire chief said the fire is still burning on the second and third floors of the building. the residents have been evacuate from the complex and at this time there are no reports of injuries. the chief said the fire was first reported about 8:45 and quickly grew to four alarms. we have a reporter on the scene
10:30 pm
and will bring you more information as we get it. >> new at ten, could holiday parties indicate that the economy is on the move? amber lee is in the city and say what she found at several local restaurants. >> reporter: we -- this restaurant has been around for 19 years. despite the tough economy the season is looking to be a good one for restaurants. the mappinger said the restaurant has bookings almost every day since december. the restaurant has seen the increase of 20% compared to this time last year. >> i -- a lot of banquets, this has been my biggest year. >> reporter: companies are still cost conscious. the host said -- they are saving money by serving piazza instead of a sit down dinner. >> we are saving several hundred dollars in terms the
10:31 pm
yearly budget. it's quite significant. we are a volunteer organization, a nonprofit. >> reporter: across the city in the western addition neighborhood they have been in business only four years, the owner said last december he had only one buy out where someone booked the whole restaurant for a party. >> we shot this off when we do them. >> reporter: davids he was five buy outs already this december. >> december looks fantastic. we have more parties in december than we have had when we -- even when we first opened. it's -- its been great. >> reporter: the restaurant will host parties rage ranging 80 to 200 people. >> i'm looking at high tech companies -- real estate -- and some credit card companies if you can believe it. >> reporter: back here live, the banquet manager said companies would try to talk down the price of a party.
10:32 pm
she is surprised nobody tried to negotiate this year. reporting live. amber lee. ktvu channel 2news. >> on facebook we asked if your company is throwing a hole day party. we are having a year end one with dinner, drinks and a raffle with parties, they have not cut back. if only i would hold the winning ticket. and helen smith had this to say. no hole party this year. they have a lunch catered at the office for all employees. tell us what you think on facebook. >> investors continue to worry about the europe debt crisis to trim the united states deficit. the dow is headed higher.
10:33 pm
remember that? when linked in went public in may? it was the biggest ipo since google. it raised another $88 million as more shares hit the market. insiders were also allowed to sell their shares for the first time since the company went public. >> the fda today revoked a proval of a questionable breast cancer treatmentment saying avastin shouldn't be used to treat advanced breast cancer. they said it gave false hope and had dangerous side effects. without approval some insurance will no longer pay for it. it is still approved for colon and other cancers. california could vote on a far reaching isn'ty abortion measure. it would impact invitro. or organizers get the go ahead to start collecting signatures today. mississippi voters rejected a similar one tonight.
10:34 pm
a group is behind the measure. >> we are learning more about that vallejo police officer killed yet in the line of duty. mike tells you how he changed one woman's life during his off duty hours. >> reporter: inside the high school gym, there are memories of a coach, a man who brought home a championship banner. . >> pain is temporary, pride is forever. >> reporter: she wore number 32 during that run and on this day she put it on the steps of the pd in honor of her coach. >> he helped me, you know to -- never give up on myself. you know basketball was the reason why i could see you going to school. >> is he a legend here. >> reporter: the price principal said -- not because he won but because he reached out throughout the vallejo community. a community in morning u his wife grew up in and where he once lived. >> he was a good friend.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: the former neighbor randy smith said he acted as a father figure after his own father passed away. >> he was outstanding. always try to help people in their time of need. it was just a shock that some second rate hood could take the life of a decorated officer that everybody appreciates. >> reporter: especially everybody dressed in blue. >> came to work every day. smile on his face. enjoyed what he did, enjoyed life. enjoyed his family. >> reporter: a wife, three daughters, now without a husband and father. last night -- american flags across the city are at half staff for a man now known --. >> a true american hero. >> reporter: ktvu. >> a memorial fund has been set up on behalf of the officer's family for information on how you can contribute go to and click on web links near the top of the home page. >> the long time leader the of
10:36 pm
the sierra club is resigning. he is known for efforts to help protect wilderness areas. he is also been criticized for decisions like a partnership on a line of agree products. the incoming chairman said the contract won't be renewed. he said he plans to focus on helping businesses. >> the auto show is on and so are car sales. why is may be one of the best no month ins years. . >> showers still on live storm tracker two. mainly looking at the weekend which has rain in that forecast as well. >> an oil rig leaks and there is a dispute over how much oil. you ready for your present? yeah.
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senate auto show is getting ready for a nine day run starting tomorrow. the show is back for its yearly trip. auto sales have been strong this month with car dealers seeing more people replacing old vehicles with newer ones. this month is on track to be the into industry's strongest month of the year. >> people because of the economy put off the purchase. they waited and waited.
10:40 pm
now --. >>
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. it's all happening tomorrow night. stanford and cal will be playing each other in the 114th big game. one of the most intense rivalries anywhere in the country. lloyd is here and says that some students from both schools are coming together now for a single cause. >> reporter: much of the bay area will be focused tomorrow here, stanford stadium where the cardinal and the bears will play a game. tonight there was a different kind of pregame rally. we have stanford and cal students who stand together for
10:45 pm
a common cause. >> because civil liberties,. >> have no rivalries. >> reporter: a group of students went to a dining commons, to invite students to a protest demonstration. it was born out of police routeing the occupy cal movement. dozen. >> we are working together to stand together with cal. this isn't a question of agreeing their demands but standing against police brutality. >> reporter: signs have been made and the plan is for stanford and cal students to march together to stanford stadium before the big game starts. >> it's about civil rights, speech to express yourself, your opinion. >> civil liberty are bigger than the rivalry. . >> reporter: there are signs that the rivalry is a live and well and the tradition continues.
10:46 pm
>> kind of unity through the fact we are not united right now but for a good cause like that is definitely something to look up to. >> it'll be an interesting way to bring the two schools together on what is normally a day that is based off rivalry. >> reporter: organizers of the demonstration are expecting 400 stanford and cal students to participate in the prebig game rally and march. live at stanford university. ktvu channel 2news. >> it appears amazon may loose money from the kindle fire. each one costs nearly $202 to make which is almost three dollars more than it's 199 retail price. it's their first tablet computer. officials hope to make up the cost by selling books, movies and apps. . >> two charities getting help from a special santa.
10:47 pm
this santa was built out of legos in union square during a lego builda thon. masters were on hand to coordinate the operation. the end result was a 12-foot tall santa that looked like yoda. it was a benefit for the boys and girls club and toys for tots. >> some remaining showers on live storm tracker. take a peek and you will see down toward santa cruz ask san jose. the showers were light to moderate. rainfall accumulations a tenth of an inch, maybe more into the coastal hills, not a big deal but enough to slow the drive and enough to drop snow up in the mountains, rain in the bay area forecast as we move forward into saturday night, sunday. first things first overnight lows chilly, dew points high, there is moisture from the rain. we are looking for valley fog and you have the potential for
10:48 pm
valley fog late night early morning. the next three hours, it plays in because i know a lot of people are off and there is a lot of traveling, valley fog in the mountains that winter weather advisory stays in effect for another hour. they were chaining up on 80 and 50 for a time and that will continue probably for the next few hours, i wouldn't be surprise fire department it was pushed back for a couple hours. the system now, it's starting up here. here its. it'll work right down the coast. just, just off shore. ly show you here how it works out. here is tomorrow. saturday, dryest day on the bay area weekend. it'll be dry, maybe a few sprinkles, few clouds and a chance shower. your saturday, looks good. cool, here comes the system. it doesn't translate that way. it did happen last week. this isn't the normal pattern. look at the rain band. on the coastal hills, western
10:49 pm
bay area for the most part. light showers and moving out of here quickly. by sunday afternoon, you are clearing out. the big game at stanford, they should be try. act the 4th quarter or about -- you may see rain drops, overnight saturday into sunday morning, sunday afternoon dries out. here we are saturday night. game at stanford. here is the rainfall and 2:00 a.m. light scattered showers, motion this is way and then into sunset morning some leftover showers and that's the weekend. that's how to looks. we will be in here this weekend and tracking, because the model is all over the place. they -- sunday's system a little chevier. that's how goes. clearing sunday afternoon. winter weather advisory up
10:50 pm
around lake tahoe. >> no rain fort game. >> no rain for the big game. >> all right. good. >> little chilly. >> thank you. >> thank you bill. more now on that apartment fire burning in berkeley. eric just got to the scene and he can see smoke out of the biling there are a lot of people on the streets watching. here is a live picture from the scene. the apartment building four stories tall. it's an hay street and telegraph. it started about 8:45 and when we spoke to the fire chief she said it's not yet contained. the good news, no reports of any injuries. >> a star filled crowd turn out for the funeral of heavy d. among those were jay z, don king and al sharpton. the president sent a letter that was read. the popular star died last week
10:51 pm
after collapsing, he was only 44. >> sports is next. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, you don't have to wait for black friday...
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the pictures were caught by the mars orbit er. less than ten years ago sciencists thought the ripples didn't move or moved to slowly to be seen. >> very cool. fred is in for mark. the big game of course tomorrow. football but tonight the basketball team played. >> let's put it this way. the stanford team has one more loss than the basketball team. the team is young but they have places to go and tonight they are prepared for next week week's trip by taking down uc davis. they have bigger fish to fry but made quick work. jason randall making the steal and check out aaron. pass to josh owen. he was one of 12 cardinals who scored tonight. cardinal win, 70-49.
10:55 pm
stanford 4-0 and they head to new york for the semi-finals. the only time team usa ever lost a president's cup was in 1998 in melbourne australia. they turn to that same site to avenge that one defeat. welcome to australia. they played two match pleuron rounds and here is the shot of the round. hunter with a chip shot on the 6th hole. the ball goes for the hole. he gets -- a 5-4 win. tiger lost his first two matches but today he finally earns a point by making 20-foot bit yesterday. he yesterday a -- replaced by rainy conditions, usa held a big lead after three rounds and mickelson, 50-foot birdie.
10:56 pm
tiger and johnson played together again today. tiger started to make real putts. watch the fan behind tiger. what makes you think he might just be an american? it wasn't enough for them. this is -- him on 15. usa currently leading 11 and a half to i go other and i half. usa needs sixer month point -- six more points. this is the start of the california federation's high school playoff. tonight castillo valley traveled to canville to take on the wolves. in green led by zach kline. he came in with 26td passes, add four more tonight. jordon white. wolves led 28-0 -- tonight they score twice in 15 seconds.
10:57 pm
nick racing 52 yards for this score but san ramo understanding e valley has the great passer and a jordon weiss and he puts the final touches on the victory. the -- 7-3 wolfs move onto play james logan next week movement fans at tonight's oklahoma state and iowa state game remember the top go women's basketball coaches and eight others who died in a plane crash yesterday. oklahoma state took a 10-0 record to iowa state but blew a 17 point lead. double overtime. brandon weeden passes, iowa state's leonard johnson bringing in the flying pig skin meaning they many need a field goal but -- unranked iowa state they upset second ranged oklahoma state. the rangings just got more complicated. that's good news for stanford and that's sports. >> that's a good game.
10:58 pm
thank you. and thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> and the morning starts tomorrow at 7 and we will have more on the four alarm fire. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big big big -big big. -big! -big -big! -♪ big -big. -big big big. big big big. big big big. small. big big big big. small!
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