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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 20, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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. the new occupy oakland encampment is already history. the police action this morning that caused protesters to fold up their tents. >> more fallout from this controversial perp spray it incident at uc davis and what happened to two of the officers involved. and emotional farewell to a police officer killed in the line of dutyism we're in vallejo as officers and family and friends honored jim capoot. >> pleat bay area news coverage starts right now, ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes.
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>> we have breaking newses out of new york where mayor michael bloomberg announced the arrest a suspected terrorist. 15 minutes ago mayor bloomberg said police arrested 27-year- old al-qaeda follower yesterday. who was plotting bomb attacks throughout new york city. they say josi pimental of manhattan was planning to bomb patrol cars and postal facilities and servicemen and women returning from afghanistan. they say he was in the midst of building three bombs with points from home depot. they demonstrated the strength of a both, showing a similar bomb blowing up a car. he told investigators he was angry about the presence of the us military in the middle east, but they say he was working alone. in other news, order obey, occupy demonstrators did not resist police demands to leave a vacant lot in oakland they
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just took over last night. ken pritch etlive in the district where they tell him they are glad it was short laved. >> reporter: can you see the deep ruts in the ground, the muddy ground left by city crews clean up after the police called what they moved out what they call the third largest occupy encampment at 19th and telegraph. this was quite different than what happened downtown. instead of lasting weeks, this only lasted overnight and it was peaceably removed. >> reporter: this is cell phone video shot by a neighbor as police moved on a having ant logg lot and park near 19th and telegraph, where occupy oakland protesters setup camp. >> they are like, you have 20 minutes to evacuate, you are on private property. >> reporter: the area is residential and neighbors quickly complained to the city and this neighbor say police approached the encampmentment and the protesters pack their own gear. no violent confrontations. >> i was shocked this that
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they took their stuff down, but happy about it. >> reporter: some of the displaced campers did remain on scene, yelling at police standing guard as you city crews cleaned up the lot of debris left behind. police say only 25 tents were setup. oakland's mayor says setting up tents to show protest is losing favor with occupy oakland. >> i think there is a growing part of occupy oakland that is quashing encampmentments. >> mayor quan says encampmentments will not be allowed and they say they the mayor is wrong and it's a tactic that they expect to keep using. >> i think we have a model at occupy hartford where people are preparing with wind and snow gear and he think you will see similar things here. >> reporter: as the city did in today's press conference and cited the
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cost to the city, $2.4 million is what the city says they have paid for, but those are figuring dating back to last week and it will go up as it doesn't include the marches yesterday or the clearing of this land this morning. >> police moved in on a occupy encampment in san francisco. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us it was an early morning raid in front of the federal reserve building on market street. >> reporter: the front of the reserve building in san francisco will you find plenty of metal barricades, but no more tents. the camp was taken down overnight. police moved in around 1:00 and broke down about a dozen tents. some people tried to hold their ground by sitting on the sidewalk. a police spokesperson wouldn't talk about the raid oncamera, but told us six people were arrested. >> they came after midnight when it was raining and they didn't expect us to come and we were setting up tents to protect himself.
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>> reporter: he said he was living at that federal reserve encampment for the past month and things the crackdown is about city officials saving face. >> they want too make it about the tents or some other issue, but it's not some other issue, but we're actually protests and they are preventing us from protesting. i mean they don't want us in front of federal reserve bank. >> reporter: the other occupy san francisco encampment at embarcadero remains intact at justin herman plaza. some people believe that police will break this up next. occupiers say they will meet tonight to regroup and their movement will continue. >> it's not perfect in their execution, but i don't know what in society you could look at and say is perfect. this is new and they are come after it. >> reporter: they say the city can't put up
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these metal barricades everywhere. the occupy protests have brought out a familiar face. daniel ellsberg is the man behind the 1971 pentagon papers. and coming up at 5:30 claudine wong speaks to ellsberg about his support for the demonstration and why he says he is worried about protesters. uc davis has suspended the two campus police officers who pepper-sprayed occupy protesters. the officers were arresting several demonstrators friday for refusing to leave the university's quad and the officers sprayed protesters as they sat peacefully huddled on the ground. two of the protesters were hurt to badly they went to the hospital for treatment. resignation! >> meantime hundreds of students s demonstrateiated outside of the chancellor's office, demanding her resignation. the chancellor says feels their outrage and takes full responsibility. a task force will investigation the incident. you can see the pictures from other occupy demonstrations on our website at
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click on "the occupy protest" link on the home faith. it's been a day to dodge raid pulled and cloudbursts around the bay area. there was little drizzle and even heavy rain showers. the highway patrol reported a number of rain-related traffic incidents and flooding in san josi. well, the rain is beginning to taper off in parts of the bay area. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo with the conditions. >> still a few lingering showers on live stormtracker 2 radar, basically focused on the south bay. the san josi airport the most recent observation reporting light rain and activity in los gatos. the raindrops actually we're refracted offf it
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off of it. so we had a rainbow. of course we had significant rainfall earlier this morning into the afternoon hours. this is the radar loop over the past 24 hours. you can see the rain cells sweeping across the bay area. santa rosa topped utabout .5" and anticipating most rainfall amounts between .25" and 1" and most neighborhoods fell in that range. concord just over .25". this is how the weather system we're tracking heading down to our south. as a result this produces rain showers down towards southern california, but for us, we actually have a bit of a break in the action for tonight and also into tomorrow morning. still quite a bit of moisture and as a result, fog will be developing. visibilities tomorrow morning
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could come could down to a quarter of a mile. these are the areas where the fog forth and could impact your morning commute as we head into your monday. san francisco, 47, a bit of a break in the rain over the next couple of days, but there is another system i'm watching. i will break down the timing that could impact the travel rush week and we'll have more coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. speaking of traveling, the rainiv weather has caused problems at sfo. air-traffic controller officials say arriving flights were delayed as much as an hour due to the low cloud ceiling. san josi there have been a few delays for arrivals, but departures are not affected. we have a call into the oakland airport, but haven't heard back from them. a vallejo officer lost his life in the line of duty, jade hernandez is in vallejo where officer jim capoot is being remembered. >> reporter: a vigil is expected to begin in
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just about an hour. we stopped by the vallejo police department earlier today, where a memorial, a temporary memorial has sprung up there in empathy for the capoot family that only paint a picture of how many lives that capoot touched. a 19-year veteran was a decorated officer is surviveds by his three daughters and wife. "the outpouring of love and support from the entire community has been incredible and greatly appreciated." the 45-year-old was shot and killed during thursday's pursuit of a bank robbery suspect after a bank of america was robbed around 1:30 in the afternoon. vallejo officers eventually arrested the suspect, 37-year- oldd henry smith of fairfield. the vigil is organized by fighting back partnership and church on the hill. the capoot family is asking the
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community tonight to say thank you to any officer that community members might see tonight. that is an honorthat is in honor of james. reporting in vallejo, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. there is in information surfacing about the suspect in the officer capoot killing. court records obtained she'd henry albert smith was in financial trouble. the home lived with his wife and three children was recently placed in foreclosure. smith and his wife were more than $19,000 behind on their mortgage payments and had extensive credit card debt and outstanding student loans. a young man was stabbed multiple times last tight. the teen's identity and condition have not been released of the detectives say anyone who witnessed the attack should contract the sheriff's office. in oakland police are
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investigating an early morning shooting at a house party near merritt college. an unidentified person was wounded and rush to the hospital after the gunfire broke out just before 2:00 this morning. witnesses tell us there were more than 100 people attending that party. the condition of the shooting victim has not yet been released. >> pgee says a natural gas pipeline on the peninsula that ruptured during pressure test luck bag in service this week. crews are repaired go sections of the pipeline were leaks were found two weeks ago. another portion of the pipe in south san francisco is being retrofitted and will go back into service this week. this is the same transmission line that exploded in 2nd down brown next week. former bart officer mehserle is due back in court tomorrow. jury selection is expected to begin in san francisco. kenneth carrethers is suing bart, mehserle and fourth other
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transit officers. mehserle was convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of grant and released from prison last summer. a little relief to report at the gats pump although not so much more bayer bay area drivers. here in the bay area prices are still high, san francisco has the highest gas price in the nation at $3.84 and in oakland, $3.77 and in san josi, it's $3.75. firefighters are still on the scene of that devastating fire in reno and what crews are doing to prevent further damage. also ahead, are the police trying to hide something? hear what departments are doing to keep radio conversations
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private. there is word that the supercommittee could be deadlocked and hear what could happen if a deal is not made. first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden are off to the races and what brought them to the motor speedway in florida.
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♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit.
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take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on . the fire outside of reno is now 95% contained tonight after destroying 32 homes and burn more than 2,000 acres over the weekend. the unusual late season brush fire was driver by gale-force winds on friday. tonight crews are mop up hotspots and workers are using bulldozers and other equipment to shore up areas that could turn into mudslides this winter. more police departments are working to tune the public out when it comes to radio communications. an associated press report showed law enforcement agencies across the country are shifting to encrypt, as smartphone
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apps have made it easier for anyone to monitor officers responding to crimes. critics say the public has a right to listen in and could help the officers solve crimes. the supercommittee tasked with cutting the deficit is under the gun. monday is the deadline to reach a deal for $1.2 trillion in cuts. the committee is set to vote on wednesday. tomorrow could bring an announcement that negotiations have failed. >> there were 12 members of this committee putting in an enormous amount of time. it's going to be tough given where the clock is. >> i don't believe that anybody who is everybodying the public today, i don't believe anybody of my 99 colleagues and anybody in the 435 member of congress or the president or anybody wants us to fail. again, how would you want to be
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associated as a generation that failed america? if the committee fails to find common grounds, there will be automatic across the board spending cuts, including in the defense budget starting in 2013. congress could step in at the last-minute to change that requirement. occupy wall street activists are set to rally on wednesday. several protesters set out on foot from new york city and have been marching up to 20 miles a day towards washington. they are calling for an end to the bush tax breaks for the wealthy and more regulation of the banking industry. the marchers are spending the night in baltimore and will arrive in d.c. on tuesday. now to the race for the white house. a republican presidential candidate ron paul is getting heat for his stance on how to keep the country safe. >> i feel we can defend ourselveses with submarines and our troops back at home. it's an old-fashioned idea that you have to keep troops on 900 bases and besides we're bankrupt and can't afford it
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any more. >> in an interview on cbs's "face the nation" this the texas congressman says america's military presence overseas is contributing to antiamerican sentiments in other countries. paul also said that he thinks flawed foreign policy helped to lead to the 7- eleven attacks, but stopped short of saying it was america's fault. mitt romney wants president obama to stop the looming military cuts. in new hampshire today, the former massachusetts governor told supporters that the sure committee and congress probably wasn't come up with a deal by wednesday, resulting in major cuts. romney is calling president to introduce legislation to block the cuts. it was an exciting day oat the races for first lady michelle obama. mrs. obama and dr. jill biden, along with some help were the grand marshals for the nascar sprint cup final yeah, the ford 400. they pitched their joining forces
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initiative to help military families. president obama is back at the white house after his nine-day trip overseas. this week the president is scheduled to visit swing state new hampshire to talk about his jobs act, which is stalled in congress right now. a battle is brewing in richmond over a 10-acre piece of land along the city's northern shore. the issue is whether it should be used for an office park or open space. reporter claudia cowan talked to people on both sides of the argument. >> reporter: since 1999, joshua genser has envisioned a office. when the dot com bust put his dames on hold, now city planners want to redis nate his land as open space. >> wanted to restore the
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natural habitat and focus on infill rather than the suburban sprawl we have seen historical. >> i. >> he want to use this as a park, a public use and the constitution is clear that you have to pay for. it you don't get to designate. >> city officials deny that they are taking anything and suggest that the owners made a bad bet. >> they bought land that nobody wants to build on and the city is saying look, we have another vision for what we would like to see this land used for. you can participate or you can sell. that is your prerogative. >> but genser argues that the redesignation means a financial hit for him and a bargain fortune city. >> what they want to do is depress the value to be required by eminent domain for less money. >> the city council is set to vote on it next year, but in
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turf war is likely to be settled in court. in richmond, california, claudia cowan, fox news. a landmark affecting california's water supply will be tested in court. it also shifts water from farmland for use in san diego. farmers and environmentalists agree that the pact is flawed, but agencies say that the pact is critical to keep the water flowing. we have developing news out of a bart station in san francisco. closure happened just before 3:30 this afternoon at the 24th street mission station. bart officials say a man walked in front of a train and was killed. officials say bart riders should expect significant delays into san francisco and into the east bay. only one track is being used right now while authorities investigation the scene. it was a delayed day in egypt. find out what sparked the violence today in
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cairo's tahrir square. and california scientists discover a material 100 times lighter than styrofoam. what it's made from and what scientists say it could be used for? í
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. in news of the world tonight renewed protests turned violent in egypt, cairo's tahrir square erupted in violence.
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demonstrators set up camps call for the military to hand over power to a civilian government. egypt's cabinet promised today that next week's scheduled elections will take place on time. libyans continue to celebrate the capture of muammar gaddafi's son. saif gadhafi was caught up in the desert and delivered to the city of zintan. he will face the death penalty and saif gadhafi was the last of gadhafi's eight children on the run. the international court in the hague called for his trial there for crimes against humanity. pope benedict xvi addressed nearly 80,000 people during mass at a soccer stadium. he called for true leadership on the continent. comments that africans interpreted as criticism of corrupt leaders. clergy delivered the mass in several languages
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and it was broadcasted in st. peter's square. spanish voters have overwhelming elected a more conservative government. mariano rajoy became the prime minister. he is expected to push drastic measures to keep spain from the debt storm that has hit the euro-zone. the country's unemployment rate is more than 20% and 45% for young workers. well, a team ever california engineers claims to have created the world's lightest material. i want to you take a look at. this it's so lightweight it can sit on top of a fluffy dandelion. you are seeing it, without quashing the fuzzy fluffs. substance is made out of tiny, hollow metallic tubes arranged
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into a micro-lattice absence crisscrossing apparent with small open spaces between the tubes. what can one do with something this light is in the engineers sayte t-could be used for insulation and battery electrodes. he is known for exposing secret during the vietnam war and how daniel ellsberg is spending time with occupy protesters and what he saying about the movement and why he is concerned about the de
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. tonight well-known political activist daniel ellsberg is set to speak to protesters at occupy san francisco. the man behind the 1971
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pentagon papers says he is inspired by the young people involved in this movement. he spoke to ktvu's claudine wong about what his message will be. >> reporter: when 80-year-old daniel ellsberg spent the night with occupy cal earlier this week, he got a little help from the younger generation? >> they set up the tect, young people are very clever. >> reporter: the long time activist who will speak to occupy sf says that same generation can learn something from him as well. >> they wanted to hear how they fitted into the history of resistance and protest and social change in this country. so they need to white-haired people to come tell them. >> reporter: resistance is part of the fabric that is daniel ellsberg, known as the man behind the pentagon papers he is credited with revealing the role that four different administrations played in the vietnam war and he has been watching the occupy movement closely. >> i have been waiting for
5:32 pm
this a long time. it was a youth movement, really in the '60s and early ' 70s and i was one of the older people then, and why there hasn't been a youth movement in the last 20, 30 years i have wondered. >> reporter: ellsberg says he is concerned by some of the police tactics he has witnessed, but it's critical that protesters don't turn to violence themselves. >> that is one of the messages i would want to pass on, not to think that this hasn't work and so let's go back to violence. >> reporter: ellsberg says his most important message tonight will be individuals who stand for the truth to make a difference. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. thousands of californians are ripped off by mortgage scams while trying to save their homes from foreclosure every year and now a san diego county prosecutor says banks are not giving his team the information that they need to go after the scam artists. he says the problem is that mortgages are bought and sold
5:33 pm
between companies and says the samep companies are not doing the legwork necessary to track down where the loan originated and just how it ended up where it is now. >> there is no question that there are isolated instances where banks aren't necessarily looking at our requests and making the speediest of responses to us. >> robinson says what is particularly troubling is that there is only a four-year window for fraud cases to be prosecuted. so delays can mean cases never come to court. it's expected to be a tough season for a holiday charitable donations. more people need help and donations are down. alex savidge seldom teleus savidge tells house you this two are making a difference. >> reporter: tina wiltner came to donate. >> we are blessed with everything that we have, so
5:34 pm
we like to give from our abundance. >> reporter: the official turkey counter was at 60, a great start by st. anthony's needs to get 100 turkeys a day between nune thanksgiving to feed all the needy families that they are expecting. >> they can come down and make a difference. a turkey canned food, dry socks it all makes a difference and we're so grateful. >> reporter: at this san francisco safeway store, volunteers from glide memorial church collected turkeys and bags of food from generous shoppers. refer cecil williams says this is the start of a very important food drive with so many more people in need of a warm meal this holiday season. >> if we can meet the people's needs and we make sure that people are happy. they feel good about themselves and they feel about about their families. >> reporter: the economic downturn has led to fire donations and still glide is hoping to get 5,000 turkeys by thanksgiving. >> the demand is so great. we're up 30% in demand and the
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revenue is down, because people are hurting. >> reporter: both glide and st. anthonys will continue to collect food through the holiday season, feeding thousands who might otherwise go hungry. alex savidge, ktvu . air travelers may have to shell out more to check their bags. from the year 2000 to 2010 total fees sored from $120 million to $3.4 billion and fees are expected to go up again this year. airlines are getting strict about all of those carry-ons. in fact, if a bag weighs more than 25 pounds you may see it checked and the fee charged. analysts say that the fees are hitting passengers hard. >> i don't blame them for wanting to do that because they want to make a profit, but their baggage fines cancellation fees in the last quarter reported by the department of transportation wracked up $1.5 billion in fees. >> a trade route tellses you
5:36 pm
that airfare alone is not enough to make a profit, especially when the price of gas goes up. >> sending ups packages is about to get more expensive, but the higher prices won't kick in until after the holidays. the company says it will raise prices beginning january 2nd. ground shipments will go up almost 6% as well as next-day and second-day airfreight rates. air and international shipment rates are going up almost 7%. there is some good news though, ups is dropping its fuel surcharge up to 2% next year. >> a new report finds that releasing inmates to counties may create a health care crisis. the report by says that the challenges are unprecedented because inmates tend to need more health care than the general population. medical services are already strained by budget cuts. the study's author says money should be shifted to the counties to keep the inmate population healthy. >> so they have a lot of
5:37 pm
difficulty navigating the health care system and one of the recommendation is the need for developing what we call patient navigators and care management services that are really tailored to the population to help them work through that system. >> andor says yankee inmates have fewer chronic conditions, but they need more mental health services, social services and drug treatment. a story of a pest control company that brings out the big guns. that is when they go after a small rodent. we'll explain, coming up. and it has been a soggy sunday and channel 2 meteorologist mark tamayo will tell you if rain sticks around for your work week.
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it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew. . >> it appears more americans are relying on pills to deal with
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mental health problems. the wall street journal reports that one in five adult takes at least one psychiatric drug and found an increase in adult use of adhd drus normally prescribed for children. the data is based on claims by medco health claims. the teen birthrate is down to a record-low. the centers for disease control say the numbers fell 9% compared to the year before. experts say the drop is in part because by improvements in several education as well as the struggling economy. two professional football stars teamed up with students to a turkey give away. first annual turkey give away was sponsored by two former oakland tech bulldogs who made it big time, marshawn lynch and johnson. >> today we have given away
5:41 pm
over 250 turkeys and had a fat bbq come out and give out vittles away as well, but the main thing is that we blessed over 250 families today. >> marshawn himself wasn't able to attend the giveaway today, but he had a pretty good excuse. as we helping to push the seattle seahawks to victory in st. louis. as you saw, there lots of people with their umbrellas and rain gear on. let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> heather and ken, it looks like a bit of a break as rainshowers have been moving out of town, all reflected nicely on stormtracker 2. the rain showers moving into parts of the south bay and just diminishing. san josi for the 5:00 observation reporting light rain. but here is the most recent imagery and not a lot to show you. there is still the slight chance of light showers in the
5:42 pm
short-term. the cloud motion moving from left to right, a neat seen with the time-lapse and setting sun with partly to mostly cloudy skies. there is a rotation offshore and you can pick it up on the satellite, that area of low pressure drift down our coastline. the clouds i showed you just basically rotating around the bay area. showers for the most part moving out of town. that will set the stage for a break as we move into monday and tuesday. fog, as we mentioned earlier, will be a factor for the inland valleys. but skies becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon and temperatures back up a few degrees over today's high. back into the mid-50s to lower 60s. for wednesday and thursday, our next system approaches. rain begins. there is a chance wednesday afternoon, a better bet as we take this into wednesday night and the chance of lingering showers into thanksgiving on thursday. mostly for the morning hours. here is the updated forecast
5:43 pm
model. tomorrow is will be dry, so no upbrelas umbrellas needed for monday and tuesday. we bring in a slight chance of showers by wednesday afternoon, but a better bet after 4:00, 5:00. tomorrow morning, watch out for fog first thing tomorrow. most of the region starting out the day in the 40s with just a few areas in the included inland valleys. temperatures into the upper 50s to the lower 60s. santa rosa around 54 and cooler in santa rosa if that fog is a bit stubborn into afternoon hours. hayward in the upper 50s and san josi tops out around 60 degrees. here is a look ahead, your extended forecast and two dry days, monday and tuesday and essentially into a good portion of your wednesday. but we increase shower chances by wednesday night. thursday the chance of a few showers. right now the timing could be into thursday morning, but we'll have to keep an eye on that. scattered clouds and with your
5:44 pm
weekend always in view, next weekend should have a mixture of sun and clouds and slight chance of showers on sunday. but heather and ken, it's been chilly over past few days of we're going to turn up the heat a little bit for monday and tuesday. >> the timing of the showers is problematic for folks heading out for thanksgiving. >> yes, not.great for people heading out for thinking. we'll fine tune that forecast over next few days. >> thank you, mark. a san diego county pest company is "a rather unusual technique for try trying to deal with gophers. >> right now i'm fill their tunnel full of a mixture of oxygen and propane. >> sounds like something from "caddy shack." when he feels the tunnel is full of gas, he hits the button and there is the result. >> i lamb blowing them up, but it's the most humane way, because it's instantaneous. it's over and i'm not putting any occupancy in the
5:45 pm
ground that a coyote or dog could get at. >> the coninterception carlson used is the rodenator, like a flay throwing of the makers say it should be used primarily in commercial and not residential applications. well, fans of the comedy show "arrested development" will be able to see episodes on netflix. the show which was canceled by fox in 2006 will only be available to netflix subscribers beginning in 2013. the latest twilight movie has already made box-office history. >> breaking down part 1 followed bella and edward as they get married. the film had the third biggest open day in history with $32 million.
5:46 pm
only harry potter and deathly hallows part 2 and the second movie in the twilight movie "new moon" earned more than that on opening-day. coming up, boy, a nail- biter for the raiders in minnesota. and the rivalry gets heated between the 49ers and cardinals, but who would have the last tough? laugh? sportswrap is next. , we're open to all new ways to save you money. [ imitates explosion ] [ male announcer ] dnyny's.
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. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our early sunday edition of sportswrap. the 49ers seemed to be in total control of today's game against arizona. yet it was hardly a picture- perfect performance, but you
5:49 pm
know what? it's been nine years since we can spend time worrying about style points for the 49ers. they hosted the struggling cardinals. alex smith didn't get a lot of help from his receivers. braylon edwards can't catch this potential td pass and settled for three field goals and 9-0 lead at halftime. >> niners come back hot in the 3rd quarter. smith with a 8-yard touchdown to kyle williams. williams makes it 16-0. cardinals started back-up quarterback john skelton who played like a back-up, 6 for 19 with three interceptions. don'tdonte whitner with the pass. 23-0, arizona scores a touchdown, set up by this little tuftle. cardinal's early doucet started it and goldson is called for a personal foul and ejected, but san francisco wins 23-8 and they are now
5:50 pm
9-1. san francisco forces five more turnovers. they lead the nfl with 26 takeaways in ten games. alex smith, 20 for 38, 267 yards and two touchdowns and one pick, but with a game in baltimore on thanksgiving night there is little time to ponder today's 23-7 win. the raiders keep turning big first half leads into second half nail-biters, but today in minnesota the raiders steroid destiny may be somewhere between grateful and self-destruction. raiders tried to stop minnesota's superback adrian peterson early in the game. they couldn't. adrien scores this 12-yard touchdown and investigators say led early. peterson ran six times before he injured his ankle. peterson never returned. look at schilling an 11-yard touchdown and oakland takes treasfirst lead, 10-7. minnesota did not allow a 100-
5:51 pm
yard rusher today, but michael bush did it today. ensuing kickoff, booker is hammered by brandon meyers. that is just a great tackle. van dyke recovers at the 16- yard line to set up the touchdown. 23f24-7 at halftime. ponder through two touchdowns in theport, percy harvin request with the touchdown. heyward-bey is kneed in the back on this play and he is carted off. after the game coach hue jackson said darrius told him he would be okay. raiders hold on, and they are 6-4 and
5:52 pm
vikings 2-le for the first time 19 1962. next sunday raiders play their second straight nfc north team, that is chicago. today those same bears helped oakland's cause. bears hosted another afc west team, san diego, two teams going in different depression. chicago's jay cutler to knox, knox makes the right move for the td. bears win their fifth straight while the chargers lose their fifth in a row. 31-20 is your final. also today atlanta takes down tennessee, 23-17. baltimore hosted cincinnati and ravens for the first time in 5 games, linebacker ray lewis missed the start. flacco with what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown to torrey
5:53 pm
smith. baltimore 7-3 and host the harbaugh bowl on thursday. bengals fall 6-4 and cleveland beats jacksonville, 14-10. >> aaron rodgerss hosting tampa. roanses and company, how about aaron rodgerss? throwing three, nor touchdown passes two, to jordy nelson. look at that. prime target here, 40-yard score. packers now a perfect 10-0. >> bucs are 4-6. also today seattle wins a game that features 19 punts. 4-7 over st. louis. detroit is the first nfl team in more that on 60 years to win three games in ath is season after trailing in points.
5:54 pm
miami wins over buffalo. dallas wins as washington loses its sixth straight game and two other nfc east games, eagles and giants are just underway. coming up it was a wild, wide ride for the new sprint cup champion, just two racers had a chance for the title. one had to pass over 76 cars to go to. we'll take you to the circle, the winner's circle next.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
. driver tony stewart didn't win a single race until the sprint cup playoffs. that is when tony got his car literally into gear and today he capped off one of the greatest comebacks in racing history. carl edward was three points ahead of tony stewart and edwards had the pole in homestead, florida. stewart started 15th and falls back to 40th place. stewart trying to become the first owner/driver to win the championship since 1972, passes
5:57 pm
76 cars over the course of this race and takes the lead away from edwards and then tony makes the decision, 56 laps to go and smoke hits the pits, but the florida rain brings out the caution. that is huge, because it allows tony to come back and he takes the lead again. tony stewart wins. edwards comes in second. now edwards finished with the exact same season-ending points total as stony, but stewart's pfeifer wins in ten races earnses him his third sprint cup championship. ultimate fighting championship last night. the main event was between light-heavyweights between rua and henderson. henderson in the long are longer shorts won the decision.
5:58 pm
ucf president white called it one of the top three fights in the history of mixed martial arts. that is sports as we see it for this early sunday edition of sportswrap. 49ers and raiders winning today and holding first place in their respectful division. sound goods. thank you, fred. a memorial is about to begin for slain vallejo officer jim capoot and we'll have more on the man who touched the community and changed lives. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we're always on-line at and mobile ktvu. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00.
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