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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 21, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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this a party. they are protesting what they call police brutality at the demonstration two weeks ago as well as other campuses like university of california at davis. thousands gathered at university of california at davis where they demandded the chancellor resign after police pepper spraid demonstrators on friday. ktvu's ken pritchett is there live. >> reporter: we had a large rally this afternoon. thousands of participates. what we are left with now is a tent encampment that was put up this afternoon in defiance of the administration. what they are protesting is the pepper spraying incident on friday. many here say that is not enough. >> reporter: this is the video that outraged some at university of california at davis on friday. police pepper sprayed
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protesters. today thousands returned to the common area to protest that event. she spoke to the crowd. she was one of those pepper sprayed. >> i describe it, sitting in front of a fire and you get to point, it's too hard and you pull away. >> reporter: two police officers involve were placed on leave. this morning the chancellor announced the police chief was placed on leave. many say it is the chancellor who should resign. >> i am here to apologize. i feel horrible for what happened on friday. >> reporter: chants of resign could be heard as she left the stage as she was fallowed by an angry crowd to her car. >> don't come back. >> reporter: some say instead of protesting fee increases the message has changed and focused on the police and the chancellor. >> i am not saying she didn't
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make any mistakes but people are too quick to blame her. >> reporter: as part of the rally this afternoon, they voted to hold a strike on monday here on the university of california at davis campus. as for this tent encampment they say it's here for the long term. unclear how police will respond to this. which the campus said is not allowed to have this. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. university of california president says he will convene a meeting with the presidents to discuss how police should handle future protests. they called to include students in the meeting. he said the students were the victims of gross police misconduct and deserve to have their voices heard. no word on when the meeting will happen. time is running out at the
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occupy san francisco encampment. the mayor's office isn't saying what the next move will be but conditions are unhealthy. one plan being talked about calls for the protest to be moved to another location, possibly on private land. there are no occupy camps anywhere in oakland. police took down the tents at snow park this morning. officers gave protesters time to pack up and leave or they would face arrest or citations. demonstrators opened the encampment last week. it was cleared peacefully. hundreds of people came together to show their support for the family of a danville marine killed in the line of duty. the family of joshua corral returned home this afternoon after claiming his body. he was killed friday during
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cambat in afghanistan. he joined the military after graduating last year. a vigiller is sedge -- a -- charges filed today against the man accused of killing a police officer. ktvu's jade hernandez is live with why officers are being quit about the investigation. >> reporter: i just learned the police chief issued a gag order. they don't want to jeopardize the prosecution. we were inside the court and we watched as henry albert smith's family members entered the courtroom. he is accused of shooting and killing james capoot. i don't know wanted to speak -- no one wanted to speak to us.
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smith did not enter a plea. they filed a motion to exclude media coverage, arguing it puts smith's safety at risk. james capoot died last thursday after responding to a bank robbery at a bank of america. the da is saying smith, who robbed the blank is a fell 1 a strike against him after defined under the three strike's law. they added a first degree murder charge against smith lay in wait for james capoot as he chased him. smith shot james capoot several times before they used a taser to take him into custody. "jack andjames capoot died at
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the hospital. smith is expected in court on the 29th 29th. james capoot is scheduled for wednesday. he leaves behind three daughters and a wife. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the man who walked off with a pablo picasso drawing from a gallery is about to be exrudited to new york. mark lugo pleaded guilty from stealing it from the weinstein gallery. he was sentenced today to time served. also today the gallery rehung the sketch with new security measures now in place. man fighting to stay in the u.s. will be able to stay another year. he came from the philippines back in 1995. immigration and customs told him to report to sfo today for
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deportation. however, the agency has now given him a one year stay of removal. he now has more time to fight deportation in court. president obama promised to veto any attempt to undue spending cuts. this came after a super committee said it failed to reach a deal on a trillion dollars in cuts. president obama says lawmakers have one year to find the savings. >> congress hasn't come to an agreement yet, nothing prevents them from coming up with an agreement in the days ahead. >> without a deal the cuts will trump lending. trading on wall street started to slide as it was clear the super committee was going to announce defeat. the dow was down 300 points. it gained a little ground but finish down 249 points.
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the nasdaq composite index declined 49.36 to 2,523.14. charities today opened their doors to loud charges in need for the holidays. ktvu's robert handa has the story of those in need and who stepped in to help this holiday season. >> people began lining up this morning. more than 4,000 families will get food boxes. the most the charity has ever given out. anthony came for the first time. >> i got all the provisions for thanksgiving. >> what would you have down if you haven't -- done if you sent a got this. >> i have no idea. >> donations rescued the give away. >> we have seen cuts from state and county and local governments that have been key to us, part of our funding mix.
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we seen that dry up and go away. >> city team served a male and also gave out food boxes to 3,000 families. a 20% jump from last year. >> they probably have one job holding the family together and they are trying to pay the rent. >> they solved a worker shortage with groups. >> i want to cry. i am so grateful to give them a hot meal and help them feel more thankful. >> it needs more food and 17,000 toys for christmas boxes. that donation drive starts next monday. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu is continuing its commitment to the community. on friday a number of personalities, including mark ibanez will fan out around the bay area to collect warm coats
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for those in need. you can visit us at one of four locations and donate a coat for the one warm coat drive. encouraging new numbers from aids researchers. the program on hiv aids reports the number of new hiv infectionicize down 21% compared to 1997. the number of aids related deaths is also down 21%. these are the lowest levels reported since 14 years ago. deal is in the works involving a biotechfirm. they are buying help titing c developer for $11 billion. they are known for its hiv fighting drugs says the company is a strong fit. it has three drugs now in clinical stages. meeting is taking lysright now to go over the effects of
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converting clayton valley high school into a charter school. it has been appealed to the board of education. the school district estimates the conversion would cost $2 million annually. technician accused of falsifying tests could face criminal charges. duane wiles falsified data on three construction projects. he worked on the bay bridge but caltrans says he didn't falsify tests there. caltrains is asking prosecutors to reconsider charges against him. 3/4 of this intersection are now empty. what does that mean for the future of telegraph avenue? a bort police officer is back in court, the action taken
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today against johannes mehserle. the big holiday week is upon us. i will have details in a minute. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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look at this scene in san francisco early this morning. the driver of the car slammed into a light poll. a san francisco police officer and three men raced into action, rescued the driver from the burning car. the man was rushed to the hospital, doctors say he is expected to survibe. investigators say it appears alcohol played a roll in the crash. a jury was selected in a case involving former bart police officer johannes
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mehserle. he is one of five bart officers defending themselves in the lawsuit. it was filed by a passenger who says the officers used excessive force and violated his rights that bart station in november 2008. that was just six weeks before the shooting of oscar grant. >> johannes mehserle turned and said have you learned not to mess with the police. and i stated to him, all i know is you beat me up. >> witnesses will continue kenneth carrethers refused an order to leave and approached the officers with a clinch fist. a fire is raising concerns about a stretch of telegraph avenue. ktvu's christian has more.
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>> reporter: long time fixtures, drawing customers. >> it's where you hang out. meet your friends. you know, i don't know how to tell you. shocking to me that it burnt down. >> some have questions about the viability of this intersection. this lot has sat empty for decades. now they are both gone. what was once cody's books sits vacant. the only business that is open is this music store. he has been here 40 years. he hopes the intersection will bounce back from this economic hit. >> my hope is we can get more creative people. >> reporter: telegraph avenue crosses through the city counsel district. the city needs to help. >> to super fast tract the
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process and let them go any space. tenants are lined up to take over the old book store and the city foreclosed on this vacant lot. >> i don't think one fire will destroy the whole commercial district. >> reporter: one owner hopes this intersection will raise from the ashes. ktvu channel 2 news. unemployment fraud is a growing problem in the numbers of the people claiming jobless benefits is making it more difficult to catch those cheating the system. fraud accounted for $88 million in 2008. last year $250 million. edd says the most common is when people return to work but continue to collect unemployment checks. >> everybody is giving us false information and they could be
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charged with a fraud overpayment that they have to pay back, but a 30% penality. >> investigators are going after the most agreges cases first. chef ron is expected to be fined for a off shore oil spill. 110,000 gallons of oil is leaking off into the ocean. the spill could have been avoided. chevron accepted responsibility. linked in shares dropped today. the 180 day lock up period ended today allowing employees to sell their shares for the first time. here is the result. stocks fell to $70 a share. that is the lowest level in 5
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months. keep the umbrellas handy. lot of kids are off and there are clouds increasing. especially to the north of us. showers. here they are. north of -- north of -- south of the cape. showers work their way south into the north bay wednesday. looking for rain. real rain on wednesday night right now. heaviest is overnight, that's what the model says or thinks. we will stay tuned on this one just because. big holiday weekend. the models didn't do a great job last weekend, they were off. right now, the wheelhouse, wednesday afternoon into thursday morning. looks like a storm. wind, rain. tomorrow is not windy or raining. warmer. clouds out there. there will be fog in the morning.
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valley fog. dense fog advisory. there is one in the sacramento valley tomorrow morning. for us, nothing. official. doesn't matter. just because they don't say, doesn't mean you won't have dense fog in napa, you know what i am talking about. valleys. easy to get it. not hard. easy forecast for me. the fog and low clouds are increasing or high clouds increasing tuesday. tuesday is not a bad day. next storm wednesday. this is it. wednesday night, thursday morning we will see, some places half inch of rain, inch of rain. models do this, there is tuesday. clouds. here comes wednesday, noon time, 2:00, wednesday afternoon commute. right there, north bay. overnight, 9:00 wednesday. overnight showers and out of mere. that's how it looks right now. we will have to watch it
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closely. come back tonight at 10:00, i will have an update and we will have an i'd on the timing. how narrow the frontal band is, very narrow. it moves through quickly. lot of moisture in the area. lots of rain could fall. we will watch it for you. five-day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view. you will see we got not a bad looking forecast. not loaded with rain, but wednesday night, thursday will be wet. >> thank you. not so bad -- >> looks better than last week. this week it's wednesday night, thursday morning. >> and clearing. >> great. thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 cameras where there for the return of a danville marine killed in afghanistan. also the shocking death of a major league baseball player
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thousands of miles from where he played. who police have in custody. join us at 7:00 on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the motive fueling a battle between dolphins and porpoises in the pacific ocean. .
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four dead porpoises were found in ocean beach. ruthers say their killers are young male dolphins and the attacks are happening during the breeding season. they think the dolphins are sexually frustrated. >> probably a natural response. >> researchers say this behavior is new and they are trying to understand it. two brothers, nfl coaches going head to head on thanksgiving, the battle of the har the -- harbaugh. >> going to be a big week. jim harbaugh, fresh off his 9 9th win in 10 games. the focus was on the match-up
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with his brother. who coaches the ravens. the two teams face-off against each other on thursday. and big brother and jim harbaugh, the coach in the nfl, sounds like there is plenty of brotherly love. >> this is -- that's my brother. next to my wife, my dad, my brother are my best friend. so there is -- there is that. there is all those things. i am proud of him. i love him. i am his biggest supporter. next to his wife. but, you know, this week he is somebody we are trying to beat. >> there you go. nothing but business. mean time, it's the big award in the american league. justin verlander of the tigers, the first starting pitcher since 1986 to win the cy young award and the most valuable
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player award. that's the sporting life right now. julie. >> thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. our news coverage continues on and mobile ktvu. join the conversation on facebook. voice your feeling about the super committee failing to reach a deficit plan. we want to know what you think.
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