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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  November 22, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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pi city workers continue to clean up this morning after a partial sweep of the occupy oakland. coming up we will tell you why some of the tents here will still be here for another week. >> reporter: we're live in oakland where occupy oakland protesters have found a new home. why some say this spot is like a point like no other. a plan that's certain to outrage many shop earns. the days of free -- shoppers. the days of free parking may be over.
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well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. let's go right to sal. there's an accident on the san mateo bridge. which direction? >> westbound, tori, westbound, heading out to foster city. you will see traffic slowing down. it was first reported -- it was first reported as a tanker truck. now you can see it building -- almost all the way back to the toll plaza, not quite. when you get off the bridge or past the toll plaza it does look good briefly and then you slow down all the way across. this is because of a vehicle that broke an axle westbound, 92, near the high rise of the building. if you are used to pretty good traffic, our newschopper2 is gonna do the -- tilt down. as you can see, as we get closer to the high rise, on the shoulder, there's gonna be just a vehicle that was conked out.
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it's a little hard to show. it looked -- there you go. here is the -- the map of the problem. so it's westbound 92. you might want to use the dumb bar to be bridge instead. this is a -- dumbarton bridge instead. this is a huge line. there's the crash. it's on the shoulder. no one was injured. but it's causing a big delay as people are taking a look at what's going on. they also have to get a large tow pickup truck. we'll follow that and have another update in a moment. let's go back to the desk. some tents had to go away and others were allowed to stay at an encampment. here's more from allie rasmus. >> you can see this is a pickup
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truck, the city truck which -- they just finished loading a bunch of canvass and tarps, stuff left behind and they left this stuff behind. there is also a couch out here. all of that stuff is cleaned up. it's in the back of that santa rosa city tow truck you are looking at. and it appears police and the city are trying to move this stuff away. police came through and did a partial sweep around 3:45 this morning. i think partial because if we pan off to the left behind this row of police officers. the behind all of them are tents still standing. those tents belong to the people who got permits to camp out here. the police did not evict the permanent protesters and the people who had those permits will be allowed to go back to the tents. while police did this clean up and did the sweep, all of the protesters had to stay away,
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something some of them were not happy about. >> they could have isolated -- done it during the daytime instead of wake everybody up. is that supposed to disorient people or whatever? >> reporter: police say there were 1 tents with permit, 26 tents without permits. but even the protesters with permits can't stay out here forever. >> the permanent process has been suspended. there will be no more permits issued. after the november 30th deadline that decision will be up to the city manager's office and city council. >> whether to renew or extent. >> reporter: police say everything went smoothly last night. most of the protesters they said left voluntarily, one thing i want to -- what i want to point out is the opposite side of santa rosa and first. when police say some of the protesters left voluntarily,
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they did. but many just went across the other side of the street. it's certainly very possible a little later on that some of those protesters, ones who didn't have permits might be coming back to the site later on today. live in santa rosa, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. there is new life this morning, meanwhile, in the occupy oakland movement. protesters have staked out a new home. tara moriarty is live in west oakland to explain why demonstrators believe this will be different from previous camps. tara? >> reporter: we've been hearing a lot of honks and cheers from people as they go through the site and a lot of people are getting behind this 99% movement. you can see where the pents -- where the tents have been issued. occupying the line of a basically foreclosed property. they moved in last night around 7:00. there's probably about three
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dozen people karned out. one guy told me he just lost his job. so this movement really means something to him. the protesters see this as a win-win. they want to draw attention to the foreclosure dry sis and greedy -- the foreclosure crisis and greedy expects. >> basically, we're working with the people. >> reporter: the last encampment police took down was snow park at lake merritt. that happened early in the morning. jean quan says this can no loweninger be so tolerated because it's -- no longer be tolerated because it's putting a strain on local businesses. we did see a patrol car go by a couple of minutes ago. protesters say they have the blessing of the homeowner but
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some renters in the home are angry and they came out and had a confrontation with the group. we'll stay on top of it and try to get ahold of the homeowner and see what she has to say. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a 14-year-old boy from oakland is in juvenile hall accused of now jar kakings. he was arrested on -- of carjackings. he was arrested over the weekend. and police are not releasings had name because he's a minor. police say he and others stole guns between november 12th and november 16. businesses in san francisco that offer free parking to their customers may have to pay thousands of dollars every year for that privilege. there are about 30,000 unpaid
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parking spots in the city. sparking lots in stonestown galleria, grocery stores and other retailer outfits are charging a fee. muni could generate $3030 a year. we want to check in again with sal. any other problems besides the san mateo bridge? >> we're looking at other problems. but we're just gonna update it. where it was or is, one lake is being blocked here. for an accident clearing involving several vehicles, it looks like a lot of them will be put on tow trucks dr. westbound 92 is slow as you head across to foster city. you are see -- you will see slow traffic ail the way as could the -- all the way across
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the span. we have a backup at the toll plaza. you may want to think about using the dumbarton. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge. that's backed up for about a 10 to 15-minute delay. if you are driving into the city, it does look pretty good. we talked about the dumbarton bridge. let's move the maps down to the san jose area. northbound 280, 101, just a touch lighter than unusual but certainly show traffic there -- slow traffic there. let's go to steve. we have some fog. the biggest thick is out in the valley. the city looking for a near 60
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-- 60-hegg high. -- 60 degrees. it looks -- it looks good, doesn't it? fog, clouds, sun today. rain, thanksgiving. the timing is brutal, you know, watch rosemary at noon, our chief meteorologist bill martin. i guarantee you things will change a little bit. except for fog, it will be sunny and warmer. you can see our system kents -- coats to move into the north where heavy rains are falling, up towards washington and
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oregon oregon. 37, fairfield. they are stuck in that fog. 39, livermore. mid-40s for santa rosa. 45 in san jose. oakland 46. a couple of things are gonna happen to this system. it will start to march in tomorrow. it's losing a lot of its oomph. i think we'll still get some rain. the future model cast keeps everything to the north and that will lift tomorrow morning. here comes the system, we'll have in-- we'll have increasing clouds. watch what happens. it just falls apart, and there it goes. by 10:00 noon, it should be long gone. i think we'll get some rain early. maybe more likely thursday morning. fog, sun, mild, cold, lows. some of that cold air is trapped. 50s and 60s in the temperatures. it's cold out there. 50s for some -- for some, warmer in oakland but say
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antioch. may, 62. 62 say -- saratoga. how can san francisco be warmer than san bruno? because when the wind easterly comes over water that's cooler for sfo but warm he for f. we'll bring rain in thanksgiving morning and kick it out thursday night. with the weekend in view, except for fog it will be sunny an warmer. why same game wardens may be -- the gubs may be invisible. and why this video ismakerring the white house so mad. and that -- and are -- what our study shows about our global community. p in under a minute.
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good morning. partly cloudy skies. partly sunny today. some fog out in the valley. a little bit around. temperatures upper 50s, low 60s. rain up to mendocino county, but that will lift north today. it is 7:14. federal agencies and government contractors are waking up to the harsh reality, the drastic budget cuts are coming. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom to tell us about the fallout from the failure of the super committee. allison son -- alison? >> reporter: defense contractor are likely to be hit the hardest as the pentagon faces the prospect of having to cut $600 billion from its budget over the next ten years. the super committee's failure also means that that other
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agencies will look at across- the-board cuts. these cuts will take effect in january 2013 and president obama warns he will reject any effort to overtum them. i will veto any efor to -- any effort to get rid of those cut. there will be no easy offramps on this one. we need to keep the pressure up to compromise, not turn off the pressure. >> reporter: the super committee collapse also has more immediate effect. some were hoping the community would take steps to extend tax rates and prevent a reduction in medicare reimbursement to doctors. now the question is can congress resolve those issues before some critical deadlines before the -- deadlines by the end of the year. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:16. that failure will not affect
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the u.s. credit rating, at least for now. standard and poor's says it will leave the -- standard & poor's says it will leave it. but they warn that's based on the expectation that all cuts will take effect in january 2013. as we heard them say, the republicans will try to block any of this. 7 a -- 7:17. well, tonight the republican presidential candidates will hold a debate just a couple of hours away from the white house. this debate will focus on national security and foreign policy. this is time lapse video of constitutional hall being transformed for the debate. it will be the first debate since newt gingrich has climbed in the polls and become a front- runner with mitt romney.
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this is president obama boarding air force one. recent polls show if the election were held today, mitt romney would beat president obama by about 10%. new hampshire holds the primary january 10th. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is under fire because of this new ad. the white house says the ad takes the president's comment out of context, saying it stems from a statement that president obama made back in 2008 when he was quoting senator john mccain. this ad will start airing today in new hampshire.
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it's the first television ad the romney campaign is airing. polls show rit romney with a strong lead ahead of his republican candidates in new hampshire. 7:18. a former vallejo restaurant arrested today. jessie shockley vanished from her home. police arrested the little girl's mother jerise hunter, on child abuse charges and they say they don't believe the girl is alive.  family members reacted to the news. >> she hadn't to be anything. >> gonna stand by her because she hasn't done anything. of course it's hard to hear as -- that as many family members or having to do with your
7:20 am
daughters being dead. 7:19. it's a high-speed chase with a twist. los angeles park rangers on patrol yesterday pull over a couple driving a stolen vehicle. the when the rangers tried to arrest the man and the woman, the man broke free and actually stole the ranger's suv. he was later shot in the torso during this escape. this system went through three valleys across interstate 5 and the 210 freeway. speeds got up to more than 100 miles an hour. the suspect finally stopped and surrendered pause he needed medical aterms. don't be alarmed if you will be -- if you will be driving through san mateo county and you see deer being captured. researchers will start track the movements. cal tran tant -- wants to
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reduce the commissions -- collisions. during this 18-month study you may see deer being shot or beep being shot with trainial lizer -- tran calizeer darts. -- tranquilizer darts. facebook partnered with the university of milla n and found the two -- millen and found, this study was based on 721 million active users. more than 10% of the world's population. 7:21. retailers are hoping more than 150 million shoppers will head to the malls an stores this coming friday. most day they will be looking for good deals. some of the stores are offering a little something extra to get the shoppers inside.
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a british bakery said they were loaded down by too many customers. good morning. san mateo bridge not a good place to be right now. we had an earlier crash mocking the lay. and this is what happened. we'll tell you more. if i can take classes year round
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in merchandise. j.c. penney is handing out nearly 2 million snow glowers. abercrombie & fitch will have those shirtless greeters starting on friday. a british bakery owner says groupon almost ruined her business after her you can price offer. the bakery offered a 75% discount on a dozen cupcakes through the internet groupon website. thousands signed -- signed up and the company had to cut it off. they had to hire temporary work to help make those cupcakes. and that wiped out the profits for the year. it's 7:25. we want to check in with sal.
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still problems out to the san mateo. >> that's right. it took a while for this to clear up. you can see traffic here at the toll plaza is very slow. even the though -- even though the crash did not turn out to be as serious as thought. the san mateo bridge traffic is not doing very well at all. let's put a look at the -- let's look at the maps. on the maps, i wanted to show you our maps here. it's slow. so you might want to think about using the dumbarton bridge instead. people getting down to the dumbarton bridge. at this point it might be -- it's six of this and half a dozen of other. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. that's backed up to the maze. that's definitely a 15 to 220 -- a 15 to 20-minute delay. let's go to steve. >> we have some partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies. some fog as well. a little bit of kestal --
7:27 am
coastal fog. if you are traveling -- if you are going south fog would be the only issue. if you are going north clouds and the breeze. 30s, 40s to 50 now in san francisco. so i mean, cold for some, not too bad for others. our system is going to weaken considerably. you think it arrives thanksgiving morning. but we's probably update this tomorrow as well. partly cloudy, partly sunny. 50s an 60s if you -- if you get any sun, and if you get in the fog it will be hard to get out
7:28 am
of it. next week looks dry. 7:27. there is a virus outbreak at a bay area nursing home. where it is and what's making dozens of people sick. >> reporter: police aren't telling occupy oakland campers when there might be a raid. so why do the campers believe that one is imminent? kidd --
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7:30. this is a tense tuesday morning at the occupy sf camp at justin herman plaza. there are growing -- grow signs that police are getting ready to move in. kraig debro has been at the camp since recally in morning. what is the mood there now? >> reporter: well, actually -- >> reporter: well, the sf camp may be in its final days, two days and the black friday, three. the police source tells us that days off have been -- just last
7:32 am
week, campers called the raid the bridge because it loosely linked to the -- it was similar to the justin herman plaza. this was over the weekend. some were at justin herman plaza, they believe they could be allowed to stay. some of the conditions include keep eck the camp clean. keeping those in the camp. i feel like the condition of the camp is improving. it feels like everybody pitching in and we're moving in the right direction.
7:33 am
-- people who sell crafts, they say here that business has increased. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. jean quan is restructuring her staff after two of her top advisers resigned last week. she hired ann campbell- washington to be her chief of staff. she briefly served as chief of staff to jerry brown. jan segal resigned in protest when the police raided the camp and the deputy mayor resigned
7:34 am
saying she only -- own -- only saying she felt she could not be effective in her position. police in texas fired and wounded a man in a reflecting pool in a downtown park. the suspect was -- the message -- there was a
7:35 am
call for the chancellor to resign of the prefacers are also demanding a policy banning police from forcefully the faculty went on to propose disbanding the school's police department and keeping other police offcampus unless specifically requested. 7:34. this is new video of uc berkeley students this morning he -- morning sleeping under the stars outside of sproul plaza. students are trying to keep warm and now the occupy sleepover, this is the latest protest after campus police aggressively forced tents and students out of the same area last back. organizers say they plan to be out there again tonight. police say it was peaceful and no one was arrested. 7:35. contra costa county authorities are using surveillance images to catch a vandal who has been targeting banks.
7:36 am
this man tagged three banks. he's believed to have written the word foreclosed. at a nearby choice bank, he left a picture of the face mask used by anonymous protesters. and in concord, in-- concord, windows were hit by anonymous and foreclosed, those words. the district attorney's office this morning sent out a public service announcement and they said there are scams increasing during tough economic times. under the scam, a person has to their -- has their future read. the fortuneteller asks the individual to brick more money so the teller can cleanse it and make the evil spirit go pay way. 7:36. renters may soon get some extra protection. this commentates it bents who
7:37 am
get evicted when their rental properties are turning into something else. right now, they get a relocation fee of about $4500 each. under the proposed new plan they would get up to $10,000. the city of dublin is ordering a businessman to tear down an addition to his company that was built without filing proper guidelines. back in 2008, the owner built the addition with walls when he was only approved to build a carport like-he ed -- addition. investigators say 34 ricky sanders shot and wounded an employee at a san mateo pet start last month. officers say the robberies stretch from san jose to hayward to san francisco. police even nicknamed the suspect, the chrome revolver
7:38 am
bandit for the gun that was used. new york police busted a terror suspect the fbi had left slip away. the -- jose pimentel was taken into custody. police revealed -- released video showing the power of a car bomb. sources say the fbi turned down the case chase. the nypd said they thought the man was all talk and would never if go through -- never go through the attack. jury selection starts in the johannes mehserle case. this is his new trial for a -- an leaked excessive force case. we'll find out what the judge told jurors coming up at 7:45. a novato nursing home is quarantined because of a know
7:39 am
row -- norovirus outbreak. according to the marin independent journal, family and friends are not being allowed to visit. residents are being told to staytheir rooms. norovirus is a gastrointestinal virus that can cause nausea, and other health -- and other health proems l -- okay. okay-- and other health problems. let's go back to sal. >> fortunately, things are getting a little bit better. it was almost as a -- at a standstill. it's a little bit heavier because of a crash. but traffic will be slower than usual as you drive out from the toll plaza to foster city. if you are driving -- trying to catch than flight leave early or you might want to think about using the bay bridge. but this morning the bay bridge is gonna be -- it's gonna be
7:40 am
tough as well if you are driving in san jose, we have some slow traffic, northbound 2le -- northbound 280 at highway 17. there is a crash there. it's a minor crash. 85 at 17 is also slow getting up to cupertino. all right. thank you. a lot of cloud cover over us. some nothing as well. combination of some coastal fog and the inland valley. the actual fog which can be really -- the actually fog which can be -- the actually fog actual -- toole fog. cloud cover to the north. sebastopol, cloudy, calm, chilly. it feels like rain, smells line rain, but i don't know.
7:41 am
if there is any, it will be very night. our system was produce -- was producing a lot of cloud cover giving as you mostly cloudy morning. there is an easterly breeze coming in from the -- coming in from the valley. if you are the fog -- if you are in the fog, fairfield, that can be bone-chill, 39 livermore. 50 in the city. that he how -- how about that if you commute into fairfield. 46 degrees. temperatures have been going up due to the cloud cover and a easterly breeze. once they go back that -- every system that has come in has produced rain. but i'm going with it probably not until late, late wednesday. here is your cloud and rain forecast. watch how they keep everything
7:42 am
up through mendocino county. tune in tonight at 10:00. chief meteorologist bill martin will have more on the system. here comes the rainband w 10:00 tomorrow it's starting to get close. look what happens. it just literally doesn't do much. it just kind of hangs out and falls apart and then drags across. and then by noon or so, it looks like it -- like the last little oomph on the roman can'tle -- roman mandel -- roman candle. 50, 60s on the temperatures. oakland and mountain view,dy go 63. extended forecast, we have increasing clouds tomorrow. mild side and then we'll bring rain in. kick it out thursday night and -- it will be dry and warm e -- dry and warmer. meg whit -- see meg
7:43 am
whitman's reaction after her company reported net income dropped 91%. and case outat one government meet overseas. the deal that made one lawmaker so plaid this morning that he set off tear gas. like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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stocks are dune. there's persistent concern about europe. a new poll shows 93% of the italians consider cutting the huge deficit a pop priority but few are willing to make personal sacrifices to do so. right now, the dow is down 31.
7:46 am
the nasdaq is down 5. s&p is down 3. hewlett-packard's stock is losing ground this morning. so far it's down 3% in morning trading. this is after hp reported net income cropped -- dropped an astounding 93%. revenue was down in personal computers, minuters -- printers and ink. and ceo, meg whitman, warns more challenges are ahead after the company reorganizes and shuts down its smartphone and tablet businesses and netflix is down 4%. so it has decided to issue more stock as a way too raise $400 million. the company is trying to recover after customers left the video distribution service. this is expected to hit -- they are expected to hit with a loss next year. opening statements in a very interesting case begin
7:47 am
today. former b.a.r.t. police officer johannes mehserle is back in court. ktvu's pam cook is in our newsroom and says the judge had very specific instructions about the oscar grant case. pam? >> well, the judge in this new case against former b.a.r.t. police officer, johannes mehserle, told the jurors they have to decide about the allegations. his attorney says that the case goes beyond that. >> so this isn't just about a civil right violation. it's about a constitutional right for the people to stand up to the powers at be. and to tell the powers at be what they are doing is wrong or
7:48 am
they should be doing itself. we want to establish the people's right, especially with the occupy movement. the people's right to look at the police and tell them what their mind is without fire of being beat down. now, the officers involved in the case, say carruthers cursed at them, refused to leave the area and had clenched fists and were yelling threats. now, people familiar with the case, tell us here at ktvu news, that the former b.a.r.t. chief and two african-american stations will -- station agents will be among the first to be called. back to you. >> thank you, pam. 7:48. lawmakers in nigeria are trying to make marriage -- gay marriage a crime. under the proposal gay couple of the who marry face up to three years in prison. anyone assisting them could be sentenced to five years behind
7:49 am
bars. homosexuality is already illegal in nigeria, a country divided by christians and muslims. south korea's parliament has approved a a free trade agreement with the u.s. but not everything went smoothly. look at this video. one opposition lawmaker set off tear gas. lawmakers could be seen fanning the air in front of them and wiping their eyes. he was then forced out of the chamber by security guards. this all happened just minutes before the agreement was approved. spacecraft as they -- >> and three astronauts from the international space station are safely back on earth. just hours ago the russian soyuz capsule carrying a russian, and american and japanese landed in central asia. another launch planned for next
7:50 am
month will be the person back to the crew. shopping smarter. one way people plan to hunt down holiday bargains this morning -- this holiday season.
7:51 am
7:52 am
malls could be less
7:53 am
crowded. a pay pal survey shows 46% of those asked say they will use a mobile device to buy at least one item this holiday season. some shoppers say that's the best way for them to buy things since it saves both time and money. >> i use things like -- a lot of these websites where they are the -- there are the designer discounts. and it makes it easier to shop on the phone. >> but even brick and mortar store the say they are changing how they market to -- stores say they are changing how they market to stores. shoppers are directed to websites, which are open 24 hours a day, even on holidays. a target employee delivered a petition with more than 193,000 signatures asking target to save thanksgiving and cancel plans to open stores at midnight on black friday.
7:54 am
target expectatives accepted the petition but they said opening stores early helped target compete with other business. walmart, kmart, macy's, kohl's and best buy are also opening at midnight. at&t says the cell phone customers accounts were the target of hackers. at&t says it was an organized attempt to break into online accounts but they say no accounts about breached. at&t says hackers used programs to try to access about 1% of all of its customers accounts. it's now investigating. find out who -- find out who was -- they are now investigating to find out who was behind the attack. funeral services are scheduled next week in los angeles for the father mown as -- for the man known as father dollar bills. he would give dollar bills to the down and out on skid row.
7:55 am
the line would be going on for blocks. he died on friday with a battle with -- from a battle with cancer. he was 92. a jewelry store in tokyo is diving in. jewelers spent four and a half months to build the tree. it's now worth nearly $2 million. that is the val you -- as the value of gold continues to rise, it will cost even more. 7:55. hey, sal, can you save the commute on the san mateo bridge. it will be tough. you remember that crash we told you about. that's really messed things up. we've had a couple of stalled vehicles out there to boot. this morning's commute is much slower even though that crash is long gone. it's backed up to space station number 5. that's a long. it's backed up to about the toll plaza. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge.
7:56 am
that's backed up beyond 80. no major problems once you get onto the bridge. and this morning's commute in san jose is also pretty slow. we had a minor accident on 280. 101 near 880 slow. 85 a little bit better than normal. let's get to steve. sal? >> yes. >> i'm gonna be the viewer who just walked. the -- who just walked into the room. the san mateo bridge is backed up to -- >> the toll plaza. >> okay. we do have higher clouds. most of those are to the north bay. and that fog out to the valley can be tough to burn off, especially when you don't have any sun. up above that, you get mult -- multiple layers of clouds. a little easterly breeze keeps the valley air going.
7:57 am
san jose, they are now 46. santa rosa was down to i think 40 and now they are -- now they are 48. the cloud cover will lift north throughout the day. the system will weaken and split but i still think we'll get some rain out of it think moving. partly cloudy. 50s an 6 as. if you are stuck in the fog, good luck. if not, a few low 60s. but -- but temperatures are still below average. then after that, it's gone. friday looks to be clearing out. except for fog, nice and warn -- nights and mornings, it will be nice and warm. the cost of shopping in san francisco could soon be going up. today's vote, to expand an already controversial law. >> reporter: police did a partial sweep of the occupy protests overnight. but some were allowed to stay. coming up how that's led to some tension within the camp.
7:58 am
>> we're live in oakland where a new pop of tents has dropped up in the city. a little done front -- a little confrontation brewing. we'll tell you more coming up. if i can take classes year round
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welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, november 22nd. overnight in santa rosa, police there shook up the city's occupy encampment. they told people without permits to leave. allie rasmus is there now telling us what protesters are saying about a growing split. >> reporter: well, first off, i want to show you this intersection. this is santa rosa avenue and first street. just within the last half-hour, police opened up part of this intersection. traffic is moving here. now they are at a stoplight but once the light changes, traffic will keep moving here. it just opened up. this is next to the occupy oakland encampment but the encampment is in front of city hall where it's been since october 29th. police came here at 5:30 and evicted some of the protesters,
8:01 am
the people allowed to stay are the ones who got permits from the city to camp here legally. only 1 tents had the permits. police say there were another 26 tents taken down and cleared away this morning by police. city workers came by with trucks to take away some of those belonging. we saw some old mattresses and -- along with canvass hauled away. police say overrule, things went smoothly. we started to make the announcements. we made four announcements over in about a half-hour period and everybody complied and left the area we have no arrests. it's gone very smoothly this morning. >> reporter: even though the protesters left voluntarily, many went right over across the street. we talked to one who said there is a polarization, a split, in the group, for political
8:02 am
reasons. and there are those, too, who have a -- who don't have a place to go. >> what can we do for ourselves? do we want to work with the system in place? do we want somebody they? >> reporter: now, that protesters said the more politically-minded people did not get permits and they voted as a group not to do so. and the people who did have permits, she says weren't falling with the -- weren't falling with what the rest of the group decided. the permits are set to expire on november 30th and the city's permit process has been suspended. so we'll have to wait and see if police might be out here to clear out the remaining tents a week from now. 8:026789 occupy oakland protesters are waking up in a new home. they have just set up camp near
8:03 am
the west oakland library. tara moriarty is there to tell us why they picked that location tara. they say that this is a fear closed property and they wanted to bring some attention to that fact and the whole -- and the whole foreclosure crisis. but i we contacted the landlord and she said she did not give permission for the protesters to be here. we're pat -- we're here at 18th and lyndon. you can see all of the tents that have sprung up here on the corner. these protesters say they discovered that the property was here and they say some nearby tenants are not happy. >> i'm very upset they were here. they kept my dogs all last night. >> reporter: the group moved in last night around 7:00 and pitched several tents. many drivers have been honking in support, cheering the pipe on. we even saw people dropping off
8:04 am
doughnuts and dofffy. >> i'm grateful there are people out here putting their bodies outside. i support the cause i'm gonna -- i'm not gonna be -- i'm gonna -- i say their cause is right and i support them. >> i just think these are concerns that we all have and i think they've -- they definitely with for me. >> reporter: now, the last encampment police picked out was at snow park. it happened early yesterday morning. back here live. there is a little bit of a confrontation going on right now. the woman you are seeing the getting into the cop car is a tenant. she was very angry the protesters camped here. we've been hearing a lot of arguing going on. the neighbors are not too closed with what's been happening. it will be interesting to see how police handled this
8:05 am
situation. this is not city property, this is private property. we did speak to the landlord, she said she did not give permission. again, the protesters said she had, so again, this may be an issue for police to get involved in and get some of these questions answered. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. police looking for two bank robbers. they robbed a bank in manteca yesterday morning. surveillance video shows them wearing dark, black, curly wigs. the suspects got away with an unknown amount of cash and jewelry from bank customers. >> it's only two blocks from my house. in is a small area. >> some witnesses report seeing a thai pack exploding inside the moneybag spreading red die all over the one of the -- red
8:06 am
dye all over the robbers. the board of supervisors is scheduled to consider legislation that bo expand -- exclude banning placer bigs -- paper bugs. the stores would be able too keep the money they collect for the bags. a coalition of small political parties plan to file a lawsuit today in an effort to block proposition 14 from become law. california voters approved the measure last year. it mandates the two top vote- getters in a primary election regardless of party facing off in a general direction. they say the lay will effectively shut them out of general elections. the state plans to start using the method in this june's
8:07 am
election. the court hearing for henry albert smith, junior was pushed back until next tuesday. there will also be a hearing next week on the defense request to keep the media from taking pictures of smith. he's charged with first-degree murder in the shooting of veteran officer james capoot. is police say -- police say he was shot after smith robbed a bank. part of the candlestick point state recreation area in san francisco will be flooded on purpose. it's part of the -- it's part of the project to restore wetlands along the shoreline. the foundation is help to deep
8:08 am
this restoration forward despite candlestick point being one of the state parks that could close next year. caltrans released thousands of documents yesterday in an an -- in an attempt to quell worries about the new bay bridge's safety. they fired a technician that worked on the bridge, accusing him of qualls fiing -- falsifying engineering data on three projects. caltrans said he did not make up any data on the bay bridge. the documents show the bridge's foundation and to your have been tested more extensively than has been previously disclosed. let's go back to sal. you have updates rice? >> yes. >> we started the show at 7:00 with traffic on the san mateo bridge not doing well at all. and now it's improved. if you are driving over to the 101 freeway or highway 101.
8:09 am
we're not in l.a. we don't say "the." driving over to highway 101, it is slow due to a stalled vehicle on the incline be section. ty moved it but traffic is really slow all the way out to the maze. if you are driving on highway 17, northbound, you will see some slow traffic coming down to the valley. 2 0 is -- 280 is slow again. let's move it up to livermore westbound 5le 0 -- 580. i also want to check out walnut creek in concord, southbound 680. 8:09. all right. sal, thank you. well, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. san jose showing let cloud cover. we're going our loy 60s. santa rosa, also around los ail tease. there is a good old system out there. it's been plowing into the
8:10 am
north. there's been a quarter inch to an inch. our observer picked up 42/100ths. he's up in crescent city, had gusts to 48 miles an how. see the system is it -- dash if you are driving, the farther the north you go, you will run in to it there. the system will withen considerably. although you can see a band of clouds streaming over us. we have fog, we alsos have postal fog. the inland fog it -- the inland follow can -- inland fog can make it cold and breezy. the breeze is, it's -- that's okay for the coast. but that's warm or others. >> we were starting to get critical lows and then the cloud cover came in. our system is going to -- well,
8:11 am
it's going to change its mind. i still think that thanksgiving it arrivessened a then -- and will ex-- and then it will weaken. check in with the meteorologist. low 50s for some. it's not a very warm pattern. a little bit warmer, though, as you head toward the coast and bay, richmond, berkeley, warmer than pittsburg, antioch. i'm no -- i'm a tad nervous. hayward 52. not bad santa clara there to mid-60s. cupertino in -- we'll go 62 palo alto, half moon bay, along with the city. so big difference in some of the temperatures. up to the east cooler.
8:12 am
increasing clouds wins. we'll bring in some rain thursday morning. clear it out thursday night except for fog and into the weekend, it it looks dry and warm he -- dry and warmer. a candlelight vigil will be held for a fallen u.s. marine. joshua corral known to his friends as "catch chi." he was -- known to his friends at chachi, friends and supporters, they filled the streets with carrying flags and signs. >> he was just so loved. >> he graduated in 2010 e was a star athlete. he was one of 12 classmates that went into the military. tonight's vigil starts at 6:00 at the veterans memorial in danville's park. happening right now, president obama is arriving in
8:13 am
manchester, new hampshire. these are live pictures of the president. he just got off the plane and greetings from dignitaries there. the president is in new hampshire to push for the extension of payroll tax cuts due to expire at the end of the year. the white house says if the tax cuts are not renewed, the average middle class family will pay an extra $1,000 in texas. the president ratherring to some folks to -- at the school too give his -- at the school to different his talk. rit -- rit romney in airing -- mitt romney is airing his first ad in new hampshire. he's also running ads in new
8:14 am
hampshire -- in the newspaper in new hampshire. breaking news coming in from egypt. one political figure says the military government there just made a major concession after days of deadly protests. also, why three americans are part of the growing turmoil in oakland. >> here at home, the machines that could cut down -- that could cut down how much you have to wait in line. and a mom spends too much time in the bathroom? check out this surprise. we'll tell you what happened in the living room. @8
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
well, sunshine, machine, partly cloudy, but mostly sunny towards santa clara valley. there will be some mild temperatures down there also on the peninsula, santa clara valley. a lot of cloud cover. so temperatures there in the 50s. well, we have a record-setting hurricane. it's hurricane kenneth. by the way, a visible loop just kame over. i'm going to tweet that here, spweather. wind is 150 miles an hour. it's now a category 4 storm. the strongest hurricane ever in the eastern pacific for so late in the eason -- season. it's centered -- it's centered 700 miles from the baja coastle it will start to weaken as it moves into the colder waters. this is really late in the year to be getting a category 4. if you will allow me for a second,
8:18 am
what's the frequency? >> it is 8:17. well, new this morning, egyptian government officials say the country's ruling military council mass moved up the date to hand over power to a civilian government to july 1st, 2012. however, this announcement was immediately rejected by tens of thousands of protesters in cairo's it remember square and it comes after -- that rear square and ten -- that year square -- tarir square. egypt's tv ran this video of three men lined up against a wall. it also showed their i.d. cards including an indiana driver's license. their identities have not been released. there was a jam session last night at the white house.
8:19 am
♪ lyle lovett was one of the entertainers who performed in the east room in front of the president and the first lady. they hosted this event honoring the art of country music. other musicians including alison krauss and darius rucker. we're tracking the fallout from the super committee failing to meet a deal. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom and say they are bracing for big cuts. >> reporter: leon panetta has warned $600 million in cuts over ten years could be cat traffic and create a hollow
8:20 am
force. -- could be catastrophic and create a hollow force. the problem is the government is spending too much money and president obama has been a-walled and with no disrespect to the president, it's kind of like where's waldo? the super committee failure has some more immediate effects. some were hoping they would take breaks to extend tax breaks and long-term benefits that expire at the end of the year, and congress is off for the thanksgiving holiday but those will be the most pressing issues when they return.
8:21 am
ed lee is hoping the holiday spirit will extend to city hall. people can give money on this website to help the homeless, clean up parks and maintain public art. this site can be used to make donations in case of a serious emergency. there's new automated kiosk at some california dmv offices to help cut down on the time you spend waiting in line. you can only use them to renew your registration. 29 have been installed around the state so far. all you have to do is scan the registration you received in the mail. pay the fee, the computer does the rest. >> one customer who tried said he was go 0 -- said he was able to finish his intear
8:22 am
transaction in about two mints. >> that's impressive. a california consumer protection group will release its annual trouble in toyland report. it provides safety guidelines for parents looking for toys for their small children. the report identifies dangerous toys on store shelves currently. the report will be released during a 10:00 a.m. news conference. a michigan mother said she spent a few minutes in the bathroom and she kame out to find a not so pleasant surprise in her living room. >> what are you doing? >> yeah, good question. well, mary says she forgot to lock the cupboard and her 1- year-old and 3-year-old sons frabbed a five-pound bag of flour and just offer -- covered the house. >> i started crying. >> mary used a shop vac is
8:23 am
remove part of the flower but she did -- flour but she did have to throw away a rug from the damage. a childhood obesity crisis in one bay area city, where the new report is out that points the finger of blame. also -- men's underwear and women's high heels? how can they reflect the health of the economy. if you are driving on 80 westbound, you can see traffic is moving along pretty well heading out to the maze.
8:24 am
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some economists say what we buy daily to wear will indicate the economy. there are better fortunes on the horizon, lower hills are expected to be back in style next bring and the sale of men's underwear up 10%. contra costa county health officials blame sugary drinks for the high rates in san pablo. the city council got a report on this last night. it says san pablo has one of the highest rates in the county and says many residents live within walking distance of
8:27 am
vendors selling sugary drinks. let's check in with sal. what's happening at the toll plaza? >> all right. we're gonna go there and look at that quickly for you. it will be a backup for at least 25 minutes. monking along and taking a look at 80 northbound. that traffic is slow from the coliseum up to 23rd. and highway 4 is slow. let's go to steve. on. mostly sunny south, mostly cloudy to north and. , partly cloudy in between. we'll have increasing clouds on wednesday. looks like rain on wednesday. the weekend will be dry and warmer. so dave, one day of rain and then i think we're good. well, another stinky smell on an east bay neighborhood, why its hoecation, well, that's acrocking -- well, that's attracting a lot of concerns. and could businesses in san francisco be one of the reasons that police may move in on an
8:28 am
occupy camp.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:29. the clock is ticking on occupy sf, all signs pointing to a possible police raid on the camp at justin herman plaza. ktvu's kraig debro has been out there all morning and has the latest. >> reporter: thank, dave. last week the san francisco department of public health declared -- declared occupy san francisco a health issue. the people i talked to in the encampment are not worried about police action and don't appear to be leaving on their
8:31 am
own. officials accused occupiers of shoplifting and workers say paper towels have been taken out of the -- out of one of the bathrooms here to prevent campers from bathing in the sink. we -- sink. we spoke to businesses and not one of them said they've shoplifted. >> it seems like everybody moves in and out and no one really cares about what the other one is doing in san francisco. everybody is welcome. no big deal. they've been great. very polite. we actually donate to them. we have extra produce. >> they are not hurting the business either by proximity or shop live -- or by shoplifting? >> every other occupy encampment in san francisco and oakland has been closed. this could be signs as --
8:32 am
signs. we've also learned from police today all vacations and holidays have been canceled today, that appeared to be an indication that something might go on today. certainly it wasn't official and it's certainly not definitive but we're keeping an eye on what's going on here. 8:31. angry uc davis students are occupy that school's main squad. students are upset about the pepper spraying of peaceful demonstrators set up dozens of tents. idea. the chancellor -- yesterday, the chancellor spoke and was heckled. and told not to come back. and professors are also demanding a new policy banning police from forcibly removing
8:33 am
nonviolent protesters. the faculty goes on to propose disbanding the school's police department. uc berkeley students spent the night sleeping on the sproul plaza concrete. students tried to keep warm and stay comfortable inside their sleeping bags. the occupy sleepover is the latest protest after campus police forced tents and students from the area last back -- last week. police say it was peaceful. no arrests were needed. organizers tell our view they plan to sleep out again for one more night. uc berkeley is in morning. a former chancellor crediting with shaping the future of the university has cried. ira michael hayneman first taught at the university in 1959. he later became a professor at the law school. he was chancellor between 1980 and 1990. his colleagues say he championed student diversity. he also boosted fund-raising --
8:34 am
fund-raises. he was 1 years old. 8:33. new this morning, well, there is another big stink in concord. the contra costa county fire department says they are getting complaint the about a good smell. those complaints are coming from residents living near the old concord weapons station. that's the same area where a con know key phillips pipeline burst two weeks ago. that also created a pretty big smell. there are no reports of any new leaks in the area and it's still not clear if this spill has any connection to the oil spill last month. a 14-year-old is in juvenile hall alled of four armed carjackings. he was arrested saturday but thely are not el telling us -- are not telling us his name because he's a minor.
8:35 am
police say the teenagers stole cars at gunpoint on four separate occasions between november 12, and november 16th. a langs county sheriff's deputy has lot part of his ear in a grisly attack. he was stopped yesterday moving. the suspect was walking across the street in 38-year-old drive he. they started to fight. de la cruz reportedly bit off the deputies here, part of it, but the doctors could not atouch it -- could into the attach it duel too an infolk shue. -- could not attach it due to an infection that might be
8:36 am
present. okay. let's check in with sal. we're starting 237, as you drive over to 80, you still see some slow traffic here. so it's definitely still looking like a typical work day. perhaps tomorrow we'll have lighter than unusual traffic and on thursday, we won't have much traffic at all for the holiday. we do have some slow traffic here as you come up coliseum. this morning's commute in concord has immoved quite a bit from concord to ball knit creek. 80 westbound, a little slow in richmond heading to el cerrito and the san mateo bridge is still slow. let's go out -- let's go out 0 -- let's go out to steve. partly sunny, partly cloudy. some areas out toward the east bay have had some fog but melody says it's freezing. machine to the north. hoar comes our system for increasing cloud tomorrow and it looks lie rain to me on the
8:37 am
-- and the timing is very, very give -- very, very daff. they are pushing -- they are pushing it pack to thanksgiving. i still think we'll get something on thanksgiving day. -- after that, the rain line will move to the north. there's been a quarter-inch of rain up the coast. a lot of cloud cover but the farther south you go, things are a little better. numbers you are out in the valleyal then you might want to deal with some of that fog. easterly breeze continues to -- not much. theres is ban -- there has been a little bit of an easterly component. for other areas, it's too cold. 35 fairfield. 39 livermore. santa rosa, san rafael, all at 4 along with hayward. mountain view says 49. our system looks good but the key is it's gonna do two things. the southern end of this looks
8:38 am
like it wants to break away from the front and head more to is southern california -- southern california and it will slow down the rain. this is our computer-generated forecast. everything stays north and lifts northed a i buy that. tomorrow we'll start to have increasing clouds. other than fog, i don't think you will have any issues. that's late wednesday. now look what happens to the system. it really doesn't do muff. it hangs in there, hangs in there and finally moves across. and by noon most of it is gone. and we will be on the drier side. 50s and 60s. a almost waller to the east. a lot of cloud cover to the north bay. so upper clouds there. we'll bring rain in for thanksgiving and we clear it out. accept for fog and it will be warmer, too.
8:39 am
police chases have been -- police chases happen quite frequently. but a pursuit took an unusual term. when the man and woman were -- and woman were being hand duffed. the man broke free and was shot in the torso. the pursuit went through the interstate 5 and the 210 freewayses. speeds reached more than -- freeways. the speeds reached more than 100 miles an hour. the driver finally stopped because he needed -- needed medical attention. and starting next month, researchers will begin tracking the movement of clear. caltrans wants to reduce collisions between vehicles and animals along highway 280 during the 18-month study, drivers might see deer getting trapped or shot with tran kimizeer-type guns. we have developing news from san francisco. johannes mehserle is back in a courtroom right now. this is a live picture of where
8:40 am
we're talking about. what is happening today in his new trial? a plan that is, certainly -- that is certain to outrage many shoppers. overnight santa rosa police told somele obl pie -- sold some occupy protesters that they had to go. and why this has led to a -- told some occupy protesters that they had to go, and why this has led to a different vision of the group. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done.
8:41 am
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the dow is down 111. the nasdaq is down 23. s&p is down 10. now, the so-called super committee's failure to agree on deficit cuts will not affect the u.s. credit rating, at least for now. standard and poor's says it will leave the u.s. rating one notch before the top rating but s&p warns that's based on the expectation that all automatic cut also take effect in january
8:44 am
of 2013. some republicans say they will block any cuts to defend spending but the president says he will veto anything that tries to override the mandatory cuts. johannes mehserle is back in court right now. ktvu's pam cook is in the newsroom with what will take place in this case against the former b.a.r.t. police officer. >> this says stems from an incident the at -- incident at the oakland coliseum station back in 2008. i want to take you live outside in san francisco. this is golden gate avenue. this is a federal case because the plaintiff is claiming a violation of civil rights. we understand that johannes mehserle is inside that courthouse right now and open arguments are just beginning. we do not have video of him entering because our crews were told he was brought in very early this morning, more than likely to avid the attention
8:45 am
this -- to avoid the attention this case is going. now, he and four others are being sued by kenneth carruthers. ka rutters claim the officers used excessive force and vite lated -- carruthers claims the officers used excessive force and violated his ongoing rights. >> our first amendment as well as our fourth amendment right is on still. it's important to us to see that kenneth carruthers seems some sort of -- receives some sort of justice. now the judge told the jurors that they have to tee decide this case independent of the oscar grant case. in fact, one juror was actually dismissed when he said i could not separate the -- he could not separate the two case. now, we're told evening arguments are just getting underway right now. a number of witnesses will be calmed to the stand for both
8:46 am
sides including former b.a.r.t. police officer, johannes mehserle, he's expected to tiff in this case. that could be as early as next week. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm pam cook, let's go back to dave. three americans have been detained in egypt for allegedly following molotov cocktails. you see the three young men here, also within the hour, egyptian officials announce the military government plans to transfer power to a civilian government in july of next year. >> occupy oakland protesters have set up a settlement about tenements -- ten tents were set up near the west oakland library. that home we're told is going through foreclosure. we've heard reports they have the approval of the current property owner to there. we've also heard reports that owner did not give permission. and santa rosa police are searching the -- are searching
8:47 am
out the city's occupy encampment of certain tents. allie rasmus is there in santa rosa to tell us why some tents were okay to stay but others had to go. allie? >> reporter: that's right. at the peak, there were about 60 tents damped out -- camped out. over the weekend, the number dwindled to about 40 and this morning there are significantly less than that the intersection was reopen to that -- was reopened to that -- the area was closed down as police did a partial look -- the city of santa rosa had established a permit process for those who wanted to camp legally. so the people with permits were allowed to stay overnight. police say there were 26 tents that did not have permits and those protesters are were evicted this morning. city crews were called in later this morning to clear away some of the stuff which they did.
8:48 am
police say the evicted protesters left voluntarily. however many people evicted we you one -- we watched them simply go across the street and -- and waited for police to -- and waited for the police to go away. one protesters said there's been a split, a split that she says is happening at other occupy camps across the ut country, the people who are here for political liens and the people who are here because they have no place to go. >> i think that the movement needs to have a conversation about how homelessness and helplessness intersects with this whole talk about the 99% and the 1%. obviously there is a consolidation of power because why are people homeless? >> reporter: back out here live you are looking at a picture of a number of that dash of a number of people back at the occupy camp. we saw a few police officers here -- there's evenly about a
8:49 am
dozen left -- come over to the encampment. earlier police say they have had problems with safety and death conditions. police say they've gotten mere than 100 calls to this website and have arrested 72 people. even the people still here with permits won't be allowed to stay here forever. the city has suspended its per m its -- permit process. police could be back here too recomplaining people a week from now. there is a -- there is a few or -- furor over fur. this ordiens -- this ordinance is believed tosh the first of its kind in the nation. stores cannot sell anything made from the skin or pelt of animals with hair, cool or -- wooler fir.
8:50 am
the city bans declawing as cats. well, dr. cop rad murray suffered another legal setback. a judge denied his request so the doctor of -- so the doctor of convicted of voluntarily -- and dr. murray faces up to four years in jail when sentenced next week. there are businesses in san francisco that offer free parking to their customers. may have to pay thousands of dollars each year. muni can considering a proposal -- preparal to charge businesses per city parks.
8:51 am
oklahoma bid farewell to two women's babble coaches killed in a plane crash -- killed in plane crashes. 6,000 people attended a vigil on oklahoma state university campus. they were mourning the deaths of two coaches -- coaches and two other people who died in a plane crash. the memorial was televised throughout the state. 8:51. well, the child abuse scandal at penn state university is starting to hurt the university financially. students and fans are buying fewer merchandise. ever since jerry sandusky was arrested on child sex abuse charges. the sports misdemeanor nin
8:52 am
keticks has not put dollars on it. 49 blue pep ginns are back in the while this morning after almost two months of rehabilitation. look at them. here they come they look good now. 350 of them were rescued, 2,000 others, though, died in the oil spill. the survivers, they will be tracked by microchips for at leet the next year. someone left a suit days -- for at least the next year. someone left a suitcase with $1 million in it at a pizza shop in australia. police say a man wearing surfing shorts and a t-shirt carried the suitcase in and then detectives say the man seemed to get spooked and left without the money. it seals everywhere that jennifer lopez goes these days,
8:53 am
there is a fiat not too far off. some think plot duct placement went too -- product placement went too far. fiat teamed up two this year and she also appears in the company's commercials. 8:52. an arizona woman officered -- accused in the disappearance of her daughter, what police are saying about the investigation and the woman's ties right here. the local athlete that stepped in to make sure that thousands could have a free thanksgiving meal today. mis
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
a former vallejo resident, arrested in connection with the disappearance of her 5-year-old daughter is due in an arizona court today. little jahessye shockley vanished from her family's home oth the 11th while being cared for by three siblings. yesterday, police arrested gerise hunter on child abuse charges relating to her missing daughter. >> i can tell you that if the -- i can tell you that with the information that's come to our investigators in the past two days, we do not believe that it will be likely that we will find jahessye alive. >> now, hunter says she had nothing to do with her daughter's adisappearance. in 2005 she was convicted in -- on child abuse charges and
8:57 am
served four years in prison. people in oakland can thank a golden state warrior for a thanksgiving dinner. warriors for wright picked up the tab after learning the city was not able to raise enough money to cover the cost of dinner -- thanksgiving dinner. it's ticket tuesday. the tickets are for the december 22nd show at the golden gate theater and the show runs through the 31st. the grinch musical for your chance to win, go to the website, scroll down. 8:57, one more time with sal. >> clearing an accident on marsh. westbound, bay bridge, that's backed up for about a 20-minute
8:58 am
wait. let's go to steve. all right. thank you. mostly cloudy, partly sunny, partly cloudy in between. the north bay steeling -- dealing with a lot of clouds. we'll have temperatures 50s and 60s. it looks like rain on thursday. it's out of there and then after that everything looks good. that's our report for this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join us for the news at noon on new developments across the bay area. thank you for joining us.
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