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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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it cap as long, difficult journey. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: he returned from war to san jose this afternoon. wounded by grateful and happy to be welcomed by family members. >> it will be fun, lot of family here. more kids and it will be good. >> reporter: he joined the marines in 2007 after he graduated from high school. on october 1 this year in afghanistan he stepped on a road side bomb. his foot was amputated and spent weeks in the hospital. but daniel and his family keep it in perspective. >> quick recovery. there are lot of guys in san diego, worse off. >> we know how lucky we are and -- different seeing him. >> reporter: he is recovering under the loving eyes of his mother who came to his side after the injury and never
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left. >> progressing really well. nice to be with the family. we are all -- i am overwhelmed right now. >> he knows what he will be thankful for on thanksgiving. >> being here and alive, obviously. could have been worse. not all of the explosions went off. i only got a lilt bit of what all went off. if all went off, i would have been dead. >> reporter: he will go back to san diego next week to be fitted for a prosthetic foot. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. in time for the weekend, a winter storm is expected to bring fresh no is in to the sierra. ken pritchett is live where there is an early start to the ski season. >> reporter: the storm and the snow haven't arrived here just yet but it is very cold, very windy. you see interstate 80. the traffic right now is light.
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2-3,000 cars will be passing by here at the summit that peck, per hour, 2-3,000 cars that peak of the thanksgiving traffic rush and some of the drivers will have to deal with holiday snow. >> reporter: this will be the destination for many travelers. the ski areas. several resorts with enough snow to open. >> last year we had 800 inches of snow fall. >> reporter: much of what is on the ground is man made snow. it's good. breezy. yesterday was sunnier and warmer. today chillier. >> reporter: they arrived before the holiday rush which is expected tomorrow. on i-80 thanksgiving is the busiest time of the year. >> one thing we noticedover interstate 80 is a complete lack of road conduction. it has been torn up for months. this morning at 9:00 they
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pulled the last of the crews out. >> easy. no traffic at all. zero. >> reporter: this family took advantage of the open roads to go sliding in the snow but they had to go high up and close to the summit. the snow is patchy below 6,000 feet. >> there isn't much but they are having fun. >> reporter: if you are driving up tonight or tomorrow morning you may have road conditions, chain controls to deal with. beyond that, the snow may not be a factor. come prepared for very cold weather here in the sierra. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. concerns about mud slides have residents taking actions ahead of the wet weather. they used tarps and sand bags to line the area.
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storms caused the hillside to crumble. damaging roads. since then residents spent thousands of dollarss to protect their homes. the airport rush is on tonight as folks race to make their way out of town. this was the scene earlier today. more than 42 million people are expected to hit the road or take to the skys for thanksgiving this year. that is the highest number since 2007. a live look now at san jose international airport. no reports of delays at the moment. it is a similar scene in oakland. sfo they are reporting delays up to 30 minutes frurivals
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because of the weather. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the weather and the impact here in the bay area. >> the delays are because of a wind shift. the winds are out of the south with speed and that changes takeoffs and landings. that's where you are getting delays. no rain at sfo. but scattered showers in santa rosa. we go outside, the golden gate bridge is dry. no rain on the golden gate bridge. in three hours we will have a wet roadway. i-80 in berkeley. you can see the traffic there. westbound, eastbound, towards sacramento roads are dry there. scattered showers, the main front, you can see it to the north of us. santa rosa area, picking up light sprinkles. these light sprinkles, nothing, really. as the weather gets closether rain picks up, we could see up to an inch in santa rosa tomorrow morning. your five-day forecast with your weekend in view in a few
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minutes. has lots of resources to help travelers. right now you will find traffic and more on flight delays on our home page under hot topics. >> we are learning more about what could be a move by occupy protesters in san francisco. ktvu's eric rasmussen is in the city where a group announced it is launching its own credit union. >> reporter: they say it will be called the people's reserve. it might be a first of its kind and not something easy to pull off but demonstrators say they have the money and the support to make it happen. >> mad the banking system. provide a solution. >> reporter: it might be the ultimate stand against big banks. occupy protesters gathered to announce the creation of their own credit union, with $7 million in assets. >> reporter: where does the
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money come from? >> from a variety of sources. not prepared to discuss the organizations that will give us money. >> while they are moving money, protesters might not be ready to move their camp. san francisco unified school district says they asked about using this lot. >> we only demand we are making -- the only demand we are making, let us continue to use this space. >> reporter: protesters say the needs include feeding and housing the homeless. they invited the public to see the conditions for themselves while the mayor hasn't ordered police to move in yet it can't go on forever. >> not sustainable to camp over night in public spaces. we will always have this high attention. >> tonight they handed out
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information about the new credit union, it did say it is working with another local cret union and the department of financial institutions. they expect to file more documents next month. live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. the most recent occupy oakland camp on private property in west oakland has been dismantled. they took over the lot on monday. the owners of the property said they wanted the group to go. last night a photographer was there as police told the protesters they needed to leave. police spokeswoman said they left peacefully and there were no arrests. former bart police officer
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johannes mehserle took the stand in san francisco today in a civil rights trial. kenneth carrethers says johannes mehserle and four other officers used excessive force against him in a attack in november 2008. witnesses said kenneth carrethers came at the officers with fists and threats. today johannes mehserle reiterated that on the stand. >> i am just glad the truth is coming out. >> i don't believe there is any evidence that would suggest the officers haven't been doing anything but telling the truth. >> the jury must decide if the officers violated kenneth carrethers' civil rights and if so how much bart has to pay him. there was drama after court today. ktvu's rita williams was there and said johannes mehserle's father snapped a picture of oscar oscar grant's uncle. the judge bard johannes mehserle's father from the courtroom for the rest of the
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trial. woman has been sentenced in a foreclosure scam. she took many from spanish speaking homeowners disparate to avoid foreclosure and then never helped them. she was ordered to pay back $31,000 to 9 victims. they have been named one of the 50 best inventions of 2011. uses an allegor rhythm to determine where future crimes will occur. the i-pad and electric car received the same -- same moner. this month, penn state coach jerry sandusky was arrested and accused of sexual abusing eight boys. stripping nonprofits of their status if they fail to report the abuse of children. lawsuit over budget cuts is putting law enforcement
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officers against the governor tonight. kamala harris says $71 million in cuts will force her to lay off people next month. as a result they are suing the governor. the union claims the cuts are illegal. officials are offering safety tips for preventing food forn illness. washing your hands before and after handling food is the best way to keep bacteria from spreading. and keeping work surfaces clean and cook food to the proper temperatures. speaking of food, the california farm bureau says half of fruits and vegetables produced in the country, 7% of turkeys and sweet potatoes all come from california. pumpkin and cranberries are the only items that are not grown here. these are some of the
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remains of a deadly accident. how police are using them to warn people. >> flames gutted this business. the unusual way the fire started that led investigators to call it suspicious. o
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[ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. an arson investigation is under way after a fire tore through a liquor store. it started this morning. the fire is suspicious because it started in three separate locations. this is the second suspicious fire in the area this month.
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>> authorities are investigating a suspicious morning fire at a gas station. a viewer sent us photos. you could see officials say security video shows three men at 4:00 this morning. it appears they were filling large containers with fuel without paying when the gas exploded. firefighters say the containers weren't meant for fuel. crews say one man was treated and released. an arrest warrant was issued today for a san francisco mother who failed to show up for a hearing on drunk driving charges. she was arrested after taking her daughters to the movies in august. at first she couldn't tell officers her name so the four- year-old had to identify her. right now the chp is heading the roads on the look out for drunk drives this weekend. new at 6:00, ktvu's john sasaki
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is live. >> reporter: this is where people say he died last night. this afternoon his friends came by to drop off a photo and candles. alcohol was likely a factor in his crash. >> reporter: people tell me that van was hit in the accident after 11:00 p.m. >> i couldn't stop crying when i found out. nothing you would expect from one of your best friends, randomly dying. >> reporter: he was driving a van at 100 miles per hour when he crashed. >> you can see there are no skid marks. after hitting this driveway the van took out this fence before hitting that van and ending up across the parking lot. >> the driver was crushed inside the vehicle. >> reporter: they found a
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bottle in his car. >> now i think we will have a bigger impact on not doing that. >> because? >> because my best friend just died from it. >> everybody thinks i am fine, i can drive. you are not. >> reporter: the decision the drivers make in getting behind the wheel when intoxicated have police in a maximum enforcement period. he is motivated to bust drunk drivers. it's the injury and the death that is involved. you know, that's one of the missions to s to prevent -- missions is to prevent this. >> friends and family plan to be here tonight for a vigil. live, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. thanksgiving came a day early for thousands. there was a long line and a constant flow of people today.
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since 11:00 a.m. organizers have been feeding 500 people an hour. by buy the end of the day they will have fed 5,000 people. >> food runs out half way through the month and the rest of the month we got to worry about what we will eat. >> the mission in santa rosa organized the meal with the help of 500 volunteers and a similar effort is scheduled for christmas. join ktvu channel 2 news this friday. a number of personalities will be out at these four locations collecting your coats for our coat drive. the shopping surge has
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already begun online. shoppers have already spent fine $.7 billion since november 1. shopping is expected to increase 15% to $37.6 billion. a tough day on wall street over concerns of european debt. the dow fell 236 points to close at 11,258. the nasdaq fell 61 to 2,460. light showers picked up in the north bay. santa rosa light sprinkles. the main weather system is to the north. you see it up here. radar sweeps trying to pick up showers. you are wednesday get away for many has been dry. we showed you ken pritchett in the mountains. not snowing yet. rain and snow past midnight. snow level 5500 feet. system is a slow mover. not that powerful. inch of rain in the north bay.
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most of us, quarter inch to half inch. most of the rain comes overnight. few sprinkles in the morning. tonight as the system moves in, the rain starts heaviest in the north bay, gusty winds. rain spreads south. heaviest rain at 11:00 tonight. as the front slides south overnight showers will move that way. rainfall accumulations 10th of an inch. cooler tomorrow. the front is a fast mover. cool air in place. tomorrow morning, valley fogga possibility. as it has been. what i am getting at, thanksgiving, sprinkles around. you will see more sunshine. more sunshine than today. 11:00, there it is. right? that's the heart of the storm. santa rosa. 3:00 a.m., falling apart.
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8:00. lingering showers. in the mountains, snow flurries tomorrow. snowing till tomorrow afternoon. and then the system moves on. back tonight at 10:00 to update the forecast. we are close enough, we should be able to dial it down. tomorrow, cool side, upper 50s. low 60s. that's it. rainfall, heaviest in the north bay. five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. thursday, not a bad day. accept in the morning. few showers lingering till lunchtime. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 yahoo may be a takeover target. also 106,000 pounds of onions, chickens and a record number of families in need, what the food
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bank needs and how you can help. >> join us at 7:00 on tv 36. mlb takes the next step with moving the oakland a's. alright, so we have $10.
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because it is.
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. we have breaking news right now from arizona. what you are looking at is the wreckage of a plane crash. happened near apache junction in arizona. a plane crashed into the mountains there near flat iron. we don't know a lot. no word on what kind of plane, how many people were on board. just that the plane crashed and caught fire. if we get more information we will have it at 7:00 on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. we have been talking about the 49ers, time to talk about the raiders. >> let's spend time talking about thet raiders. they are entertaining the chicago bears on sunday. it's a huge game for them. they are 4-1 on the road. 2-3 at home. as we mentioned hosting the
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bears who will be without jay cutler. raiders would like to develop more of a home field advantage and they will try change that starting this sunday. >> we got to protect our house. we haven't done that very well. if we do at home what we have done on the road we would be sitting pretty right now. >> strange. it's always other way around. if you use our fans and their energy, we could be a lot better right now. >> big game for the raiders. the bears have a big following around the country. you will see that game right here on sunday. if you are a stanford fan and holding out maybe andrew luck would return for another year, don't get your hopes out as he did not enroll for next
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semester's classes. he will most likely ready up for the draft in the spring. that's the sporting life for right now. luck probably go one or two in the draft. >> maybe indianapolis. >> you never know. >> all right. so much fun watching him. thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. stick with us on and mobile ktvu for pleat bay nr
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