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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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for the overnight hours and continuing, i will shift it back just a little bit, notice there is a back edge so the light rain falling this morning, we will eventually dry out and have shattered showers for the forecast, we will have 19 degrees warmer because of the cloud cover and through the afternoon it will be partly cloudy and a little cool, upper 50s, greens indicating lower 60s. we will take you through thanksgiving day and into the weekend and for more on your shopping holiday weekend. >> good morning, rosemary, we want to make sure you take it easy this morning. very light traffic this morning, we expect light traffic throughout the next few hours. let's look at east shore freeway towards the mcarthur maze, no delays there and finally down in the south bay,
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280 near san jose northbound highway 17 and everything is looking good, let's head back to the desk. >> one person this morning is stabbed following a home invasion. live in the neighborhood with what we know about the attack and a search for a suspect, good morning lorraine. >> reporter: good morning, there are still many investigators on seen at this home, there are many lights on outside, we don't know the condition of the victim but we dough he know the victim was taken to the hospital with several stab wounds. the police department said there was some kind of argument when they stabbed the victim and a family dog inside the home. the dog was taken by animal control. now investigators have spoken with a person of interest and so far nobody has been arrested
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but they are not sure what started this dispute and we are told they will have more information later this morning. we have more information about the explosion at santa rosa gas station. three men are suspected of stealing fuel yesterday. they caught the men filling multiple containers that were kept inside the van. then it appears somebody either lit a cigarette and ignited the gas vapor. nobody was seriously hurt. somebody tampered with credit card readers at more than a dozen stores.
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they were in a self checkout line and there have been no reported complaints. >> -- lucky is telling people to keep an eye on their bank cuts -- bank accounts. right now they are preparing for their largest meal distribution ever and in just a few hours they will start delivering this much needed food. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you can see they are already in the thanksgiving spirit and it is buzzing with activity down here. as you said, a lot of meals to present and it will be a total
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of 4600 people normally people who are house bound, people who can't make it out of bounds. we are moving over to chef shawn bradley, how big of a task is it to get this ready? >> as you can see it took us a little work to do . i know when my mom makes thank giving there is a lot of work, is this a big prep assembly day? >> yes, right our shelves will have the assembly room and they will pack up 500 meals in just a few hours. >> i will be checking with you periodically to find out how
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things are going so far. >> very fixing -- chef fixing meals to go out to 5 -- 4500 people. as we said we will be check on the progress here. k tv u channel 3 news. >> good to prepare for today's meal, here is video as people prepared more than 5,000 guests essex expected for dinner. with all the trimmings it will be served from refineries a.m. until 2:00 p.m. in this tough economy businesses are looking for any break they can get. for example k-mart will open at
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6:00 a.m. even ahead of black friday. entrist extended stores and retail hours. they suspect retail will modelsly increase by 2%, target best by and macies will all open monday. >> i guess there is family ties and people are trying everything they can with the economy they are in. >> an estimated 152 million shoppers would be out looking for deals and they will be waiting outside the best by in mill pediatric. an knit retail analyst says first 20 days of november they
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spend 9. billion dollars. that is an up trace of 14% and one california mom wants to know which stores stop is visit the moment and coming up, reaction from shoppers who heard about the plan. they have set up an elaborate cooking tent. today organizers will serve up meals to protesters and whoever stops by and they will camp in general preparation of a strike for monday. occupied cd v is doing their inn familiar house in pepper spray incident. come period movements -- occupied movementels are all invited, even police officers who are keeping an eye on them,
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those in plant city are looking to create their own institution and that will keep the money out testified hands of the so called 1%. a fatal crash involving a livermore teenager, a vigil was held for david goddard. he was speeding when he rolled his van on tuesday, there was evidence, alcohol was involved. classmates reacted to the news. >> i don't think they will be drinking and driving because they can see the outcome of what would have happened. if you plan to take bart,
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it will operate because of the thanks giving -- thanksgiving holiday which means there will be fewer strains. monday it will run starting at 6:00 a.m. to accommodate all of you shoppers. tara moriarty is here talking about chp, right? we have one person who spotted a dozen chp cars so make sure, through the pets area traffic -- through the pittsburgh area traffic. you can seeyou can see stragglers. let's check in with rosemary to find out when the rain will let
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up. rosemary? it is spread out and we will taper to scattered showers in the forecast and we could remain cloudy for the thanksgiving afternoon. you can see light rain falling and do you have an early morning commute. 55 mid-oakland, you can see rain we have along the peninsular and it's pretty much hitting the ground. concord to the north of us. mostly cloudy skies after some rain and the overnight hours, you can see where the back is, they have been mainly dry but there will be scattered showers in the forecast, behind this system there is a lingering shower for the afternoon.
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let me show you, it looks lick the north bay just mouth of the u80 so it is each further south. by noon we are still dealing with cloudy skies and then you can see up over the hill up avenue the ian snow is down to 4500 feet. afternoon showers, forecasted high, 50s and 60s. 58 for oakland looking at low 60s and your weekend for cast, we are looking at nice weather in time for your weekend. look at the ticketers, even upper 60s as we approach your
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sunday. we will look at those rainfall tote tall -- totals. what he is saying about a bart passenger. and a fiery crash near phoenix, why they are having trouble getting to the wreckage. not a lot of trouble on the san mateo bridge, but we will show you where we do have traffic coming up in traffic.
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. two earthquake rattled january january -- japan, it hit off the other one by the tsunami and it was centered north of japan 225 miles east of tokyo. so far no reports of damage. at least one child's body was recovered from the wreck sergeant of -- wreckage of a small plane crash. it burst to the side of a mountain, three adults and three children ages five to nine on board. no sign of any survivors.
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rescuers are looking for more from the plane but everything is slowed from the weather. charged in the shooting death of a german tourist, she was caught between a shootout between rival gangs. they handed down an indictment -- an indictment but they delivered more than 1,000 pages, that trial is set for december 17th. a police officer filed a $10 million lawsuit against the school yesterday. he shot and killed him where a school dance was taking place. brown tried to stab an officer with a true driver. the new trial in san
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francisco. yesterday former bart police officer took the stand and he testified about his role in an incident involving a bart passenger that took place six weeks before the fatal shooting of oscar grant. he grabbed him outside the bart station in 2008. his attorney is telling a different story. >> this is about ken. >> i don't think the officers have been doing anything other than telling the truth. >> they are suing him for allegedly excess sufficient force and he said all he did was complain about the recent incident in bart parking lot.
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the iranian official says they were working with the security agency to target the nuclear program. north where or where they were allegedly arrested but the u.s. is not commenting. they are cutting the credit rating pushing deeper into junk status. for the first time in nearly a week, there is no trouble and police are holding steady. they announced they will not step down but next week's election will take place. there is a debt of at last 30.
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joe paterno's wife has been at her husband's side during the scandal. the avid swimmer was turned away from a campus pool yesterday. a university spoke said he was unaware of the directives posted. they could be mandatory reporters of child abuse under senator varice gus, it would trip nonprofit if they are caught concealing or failing to report child abuse. they plan dollars to keep track of shoppers. mall managers want to see which stores get the most traffic and which ones have customers in
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common. they say they will not direct any person envelope information. >> i don't care, if they want to know where i am that is fine with me. >> i am an open book, come and join me. >> one shopper said she didn't care we she was. . it is called plaid friday and it's starting to take hold nationwide. the owner says shoppers can help their communities buying from local small businesses. >> the name matt comes from the idea of woving a business
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together. now small businesses say it may cost more to buy locally but it stays where the shoppers live. they will give a 10% discount and a portion of all sales will be donated to the local fool bank. the company that is offering a free ride tonight. and it is harbaugh versus harbaugh, the reason they will not be attending tonight's game.
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. the winery is providing jobs to more than 40 military
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veterans. all the servicemen and woman could not find other jobs and it is his way to take care of people who serve our country. he also said they make great employees. >> they don't have to be micromanaged. they know how to take a task and carry it out. >> it is so easy to come out here and work... >> they say the veterans are the kind of worker anybody would be lucky to have. aaa offers a safe way home, the company is offering a free ten mile to your -- tow home, you can question the help -- request the help up a done even have to be a member. -- you don't even have to be a
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member. silicone valley with the turkey trot. 20,000 people are expected to take part in the owe the event. this year organizers expect to raise more than $3,000 and guess to several local charities. a fight like no other, when the 49ers square off against the ravens it will be the first time two brothers led teams in the nfl. jim harbaugh is 15 months younger than their parents john. their parents plan on stopping by but jim says he wants their attention on the team, not on the family. are there some wet roads out there? >> yes, make sure you take it easy on your way to grandmas or on your way to work today.
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northbound at lucky drive, all lanes are affected. at the golden gate bridge, not many folks coming in, finally in the east bay, traffic on the far right folks are doing well, let's go to rosemary. we have some light rain out there, santa rosa is getting a break and this will be moving east and southeast. those rain showers will taper off and we will have a few light showers for the afternoon especially over the hills they are reporting more than two inches, petaluma what just a
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few 100th and so goes most of the way for the bay area and this system is finally arriving early this morning for most of the bay area. for most ever us, an inch to half inch of rain especially the coastal maintain, a little breezy showers for thanksgiving day, it will be rising throughout the afternoon and speaking of afternoon highs, upper 50 and 60s with the possibility of a few showers. ones we get wassed this, we will be sitting in the 60s and 70s. one person and a dog are injured after a late night
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stabbing, up next so see what happened after the attack. they are already staking it out on this thanksgiving morning, we will be right back.
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