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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 27, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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this is the man wanted by san francisco police tonight for intentionally hitting a bay area firefighters with his car then driving off. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. the search is on for the driver of that car who they say ran down a firefighters on a san francisco corner. the hit-and-run left the firefighters in critical condition. christien kafton is live with a picture of the suspect. >> reporter: the calfire firefighters is in the
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intensative care unit. san francisco police gave us this video. this is new video captured by surveillance camera inside the jack in the box in san francisco. investigators say he is the same man captured in these mobile phone stills. the man who got into a fight with al bartal. shortly after the fight bartal walked to this shell station two blocks away, that's where investigators say the suspect hit bartel as he was walking then sped away. today bartal's coworkers hope he recovers. >> he's in the icu unit. and that speaks for itself. >> reporter: bartel was in the
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marines and has a lot to live for, especially his father. some people familiar with this jack in the box say it's open 24 hours adraws a dangerous crowd late at night. -- 24 hours and draws a dangerous crowd late at night. >> i try to stay away from that place, because there's a lot of drunk people. when you mix alcohol late at night things go down like that. >> reporter: we're going to give you one more look at the video and stills of the hit-and- run suspect in this case. police say they need someone who knows this man to step forward and tell them who he is so they can get him off the streets. we're live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. a driver who ditched his car after a traffic stop was then struck and killed when he attempted to cross interstate 80 in berkeley. authorities say the van was struck near the buchanan road exit. the highway patrol says that officers pulled the man over on a near by frontage road.
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he then got out of the car and walked across the westbound lanes of interstate 80 and the center median before getting hit on the eastbound lane. >> the driver was weaving. it could be a sign of impairment, it could be a sleepy driver, it could be any of those combinations. >> reporter: the man's identity has not been released but police say he was in his 30s. we're getting a close look at a fire sparked by someone making french fries. ken -- maureen naylor spoke to the victims and what happens next. >> reporter: this evening we obtain new home video showing the flames firefighters faced. >> oh my god this is amazing. >> reporter: a neighbor captured this video as flames developed part of the village
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green apartment complex. >> i stood there for 30 seconds and i watched it progress a little bit. the thing went up like a match box. >> reporter: the man who lives to the right of the flames, says the flames spread quickly. the fire was accidentally caused by a resident preparing to make french fries. >> they poured some oil inside a pan, turned it on, got distracted went into another room and when they heard the smoke detector. they came back into the kitchen. they saw there was fire coming from the pan. >> reporter: six units were destroyed, 10 others damaged. the red cross set up a shelter but today packed up and left.
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saying that the apartment complex set up the residents at new apartments. a family away for the weekend only discovered the damage today when they returned. >> they were one of the fortunate families because they were on the far end of the fire, it doesn't appear their unit had any water damage or fire damage. >> reporter: thankfully no one was injured. the silican valley fire department reports to 10 fires during holidays. the bay area news group reports berkeley city officials say the building is in danger of collapse and must either be
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shored up or demolishes. telegraph avenue remains closed between dwight way and chaning way. two adults and one child went to the emergency room with carbon monoxide symptoms which include headaches, dizziness and nausea. fire officials said there were measurable amounts of the gas in the victim's house. it apparently leaked from the home's heating system. state law now requires all california homes be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors. the rush back to the bay area hit a snag today due to mother nature. >> you're stuck in jfk now. >> reporter: knight is finding out that her long morning is about to become a very long day in the bay. an overbooked flight means half her family is stuck in new york
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for at least another four hours. >> you just never know, you just have to wait. >> i expected the long line for security but i didn't expect a delay in because that's just like plane stuff. but fog does cause delays and i'm sure there's tons of people traveling right now. >> reporter: there are quite a bit of delays out here after the thanksgiving holiday. for the most part they are about half an hour to an hour late. at oakland international it's nothing but smooth traveling. almost every flight is on time, a happy homecoming surprise for this alameda dad and his little girl. >> i do it every year at christmas and thanksgiving, and every year it's horrible. this year was a piece of cake. security lines were small. yeah really easy. >> we also checked with san jose international airport and they had a few delays
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throughout the day. at sfo, lorane blanco, ktvu news. it was smooth sailing tonight. this is what it looked like on westbound 80 and king vale. the weather appeared to be cooperating. you can find live downtown traffic updates on our website look for the bay area traffic link and a map on our web page. the highway patrol says as of 11:59 last night, 227 dui arrests were made in the bay area. that's down from last year's total. the number of traffic deaths in the bay area is up. this year two people died compared to no deaths last year. the chp's maximum enforcement period ends at midnight. police officers in walnut creek
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were busy early this morning dealing with two bar fights involving dozens of people. police say as many as 30 people were involved. a man suffered cuts when his arm went through a window. a man was found bleeding from the head in front of 1515 restaurant and lounge. he was hit in the face with a glass inside the bar. syracuse university abruptly fired a basketball coach accused of sexually abusing at least two boys. police searched bernie fine's new york home on friday. in addition to the firing a third accuser also came forward. 23-year-old zack thomas ellis is himself facing sexual assault charges and he says fine molested him in 2002 during a road trip. >> i was in a hotel room and he
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would put his hand down my shorts whenever i was sitting there watching tv. he would basically fondle me. four to five times. >> two stepbrothers now adults accused fine of molestation when they were ball boys with the team. fine has denied all allegations and today refused further comment. another accuser came out in the case of sandusky. sandusky was arrested earlier this month and faces 40 counts of sexual abuse, he denies the charges. the coast guard is searching the waters off pillar harbor. the coast guard says rodrigo rue wiz is described as being
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in his 30s -- rodrigo ruiz. the coast guard is using a 47- foot motor boat and helicopter for the search. anyone with any information that could help the search is asked to contact the coast guard. the clock is ticking, occupy l.a. faces its deadline to leave. we'll get a live update on the eviction. big numbers for black friday, so will shoppers spend on what's dubbed cyber monday? the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds. and a big tribute to a well known staple in the commune tip. -- in the community.
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the clock is ticking in los angeles where hundreds of occupy protesters showed no sign of moving. the city has imposed a midnight deadline for them to abandon their tents. reporter al nipo is live in downtown l.a. with what's happening right now, al. >> reporter: i tell you one thing what is notary public happening is the la encampment is not moving. by in large most of the folks are here and it appears that they plan on staying. that they're not going to be moved, so of course that then begs the question, what will the los angeles police department do and when will they do it.
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well it all depends who from the lapd you're going to be talking to. we found an exchange between an l.a. encampment and lapd. >> there's nothing going to happen tonight. obviously there's going to be some type for everybody to move out. as to when the removement is going to take action, we have no idea. >> i spoke to him and he said that there's not going to be anything going on tonight. we don't plan to leave until we feel we've accomplished what we need to accomplish. >> reporter: if you will believe that nothing is supposed to happen between 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. but then we found commander andrew smith and this is what he had to say. >> i'm saying we don't discuss
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when or where or how we will clear the park or what kind of tactics we use. we just won't talk about our plans. if you stay in the park after 12:00, you're there to be arrested. >> i think it's quite clear that they're making a move and it'll be between 12:01 and dawn. >> reporter: so what will happen? reporters at our station, myself included we are being told that as of 12:01 a.m. that the l.a.p.d. will not, not be moving in at that precise moment to try to clear city hall park here. but they are not saying exactly when they still might do that. but at 12:01 a.m. we're not expecting to see any kind of scrimmage line and police come through here at that time. all bets are off in terms of when the bet will occur.
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we're going to remain here as the deadline approaching. 12:01a.m. reporting live from downtown los angeles. i'm al naipo, heather we will send it back to you. >> we will be sure to follow that report today. and demonstrators were given until 5:00 this evening to clear out their tents. police are on the scene and say there have been no arrests or violence there so far. city officials issued the deadline because of construction that is set to start there in the coming weeks. uc regents will meet by teleconfrence tomorrow. police warned of possible violence if the regents all met in one location. instead they will hold teleconference meetings. the public may go to the
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teleconference location or watch online. look for the link near the top of the page. los angeles police are interviewing witnesses and victims of the pepper spray incident at a wal-mart in the san fernando valley. about 20 people were hurt on black friday when a woman sprayed the crowd near an x box display. she turned herself in that night and was later released. her name has not been released. police want to complete interviews to decide whether or not to press charges. investigators don't know if she used the spray to try to gain advantage to get an x box or if she was frightened by the crowd. people came together to remember masconi and harvey milk. people then marched through the castro to milk's old camera store. he and masconi were shot and
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killed in 1978 by dan white. milk was the first openly gay person to be nominated into public office. 19-year-old lance corporal joshua corral was killed earlier this month in afghanistan. tomorrow morning the family will receive his body at travis air force base in fair field. he will then travel south on interstate 680 then south on danville boulevard past corral's former high school. a funeral is planned for wednesday. if black friday sales figures are any indication it could be a record day for online sales for tomorrow's cyber monday. ktvu's ken pritchett tell us how internet sales actually help brick and mortar stores. >> avoiding the hectic shopping
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experience is why many people shop online. >> i do half of it online and half at the store. because i like the ambience of being with the people at the store. >> reporter: shopping on mobile devices such as iphones and i pads made up 10% of those sales. >> if i were to purchase something i probably would use my iphone because it's a mini computer. >> reporter: after a jump in sales on black friday it is expect cyber monday will top last year's $1 million mark. >> 2010 it was 100% bigger than 2009 and this year our expectation will be 20% bigger than black friday. but despite a huge surge in online shopping, going to the store and walking out with a bag in hand is still by far how people spend their holiday cash. >> i like going into the stores
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and being able to see and touch and feel stuff. that's just me though. >> reporter: the boost of sales is also the same for traditional stores such as macy's. because department store sales online jumped by 60% compared to last year. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a symbol of the season was unveiled today in the east bay. a giant ginger bread house. he said you go eat it. but that might be easier said than done. the replica of the clairmont hotel is several feet tall. it'll be on display through the holidays. germs on a plane, just one more thing travelers have to deal with during the holidays. but there's something you can try to keep from getting sick. and follow the leader, we will head to a bay area ranch
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and learn how horses can teach everyone from forces to priests do a better job. when strong winds could be pushing through parts of the bay area.
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air travelers bracing themselves through the holiday season may have something else to worry about. claudine wong looks at the number of people getting sick after sitting in the cramped confines of a airplane. >> you're in a tin can basically. once the doors open you get the fresh air, that's pretty awesome. >> reporter: but the air isn't steal it's just really dry. a 2004 study published in the journal of environment health research says 20% of people questioned after a 2-1/2 flight
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actually came down with a cold within a week. reduced resistance from infection from the usual very dry cabin air and fatigue. the holiday season may bring its headaches but one brand new san francisco company says they have a new product that may make traveling a little easier and a little healthier. it's called sky cap, it's like lotion for your nose. if your nose it is hydrated it is better at fighting off germs. >> we just launched the product at the masconi center in san francisco. >> how was it received? >> it was well received by your nose and throat doctors. >> reporter: nasal sprays, drinking water and moisturizer all good tips but some passengers say they have too many other things to worry about. >> i don't really have paranoia of getting sick on the planes. i'm not happy about a six hour flight with two 10 -month-old babies but other than that i'm pretty relaxed. >> reporter: the company says
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it's not just focused on flying but also places like kuwait where low humidity is a constant problem. claudine wong. in lebanon today the arab league voted to place sanctions on syria. they include freezing government assets. they want president azad to stop his campaign against civilians. azad has shown no slow down of his crack down. funeral services were held for 24 pakistani groups killed yesterday. a pakistani government blockade of trucks carrying supplies continued. former u.n. ambassador john bo, den says suggestions of punishing pakistans aren't practical because pakistan has
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nuclear weapons. in germany, police cleared several thousand protesters. the annual rail shipment goes to a storage facility. demonstrators say it's unsafe. all of germany's nuclear power plants are said to be closed by 2022. egyptians have begun voting for parliamentary seats. all three american protesters detailed in egypt are safely home tonight. luke gates and his parents had a tearful reunion. he and two other students were arrested. derrick sweeney says he and his friends were beaten and threatened to be shot and he says they did nothing wrong. >> the three of us americans never held, prepared or threw any bombs or even rocks or did
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anything to harm anyone or anything. >> reporter: porter of philadelphia just said thank you to his family, american university and the embassy in cairo. a marshal artist legend has died. al n, vack ran a martial arts school has died. novack is credited for breaking down barriers. bruce lee would not spar with novack publicly. he died yesterday after he was struck by a car earlier this week. can you lead a horse to water let alone make it drink. how horses can serve as a barometer for human leadership. and beautiful site in the bay area, butterflies galore. the surprise this year for those who track the population. look! here she comes!
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you might hear a number of theories about what it takes to be a leader. but at a horse ranch, it comes down to horse sense. >> reporter: the people are the pupils and you could say the instructors are the horses. >> people will accept the feed back from a horse in a way they won't from over people. >> reporter: the students are often ceos, political leaders, even priests. >> i think it will help me to be truer of living a life of compassion and right action and awareness. and feeling more fully alive. >> reporter: the idea is to learn how the animals respond to a person's leadership. it may be easy for a boss to motivate his employees after all he's signing their paychecks but trying to get a
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thousand pound animal to do what you want, that could be a whole different story. >> the horses don't care about how smart you are, how educated you are, how much money you make or your career title. >> reporter: that pushy boss who pushes their employee, they think that will work with his employees but it will not work with these horses. the students get a horse to follow without treats, or gimmicks. >> when they're really like, this is what i'm doing, this is what we're going. the horse will connect. and they can feel the difference. >> the horse has no reason to lie, he or she has no reason to manipulate. it's just what it is. >> they are not preconditioned to money, height, weight, sex, age, job title, they are who
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they are. they mirror you as an individual. >> reporter: it's simple horse sense, leading by believing in yourself. >> if they can walk away with that and see people that way, how can i bring out the beauty in that person, that person's potential, that's a true leader. >> reporter: ariana says horses won't follow bosses who are too enthusiastic. he says sometimes bosses need to practice -- to get people and horses to follow. and the butterflies are making an annual migration. this year naturalists counted almost 4,200 of them. experts don't know why there's a resurgence this year. but they know what can impact butterfly numbers. >> there's a lot of factors
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that of sex, the population count of our mononarcs and varies by climate, habitat loss, food loss. >> reporter: in addition to the arden woods park, you can watch them at pinol regent. an environment impact report on america's cup will begin on thursday. one organization is worried about pollution from cruise ships. special electrical hook ups will be offline during construction for the race. and that could mean tons of pollution from fossil fuels are released into the air. port officials say those concerned are addressed in the report which will be considered by the board of supervisors at its december 15th meeting. fans of the burning manifest value will have a new way to buy tickets tomorrow. people can register monday for the first round of 3,000 tickets to the festival.
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those who are picked from a random drawing will be notified by december 19th. the bulk of the tickets will be sold in a second lottery in january. there will also be a final round of ticket sales in march on a first come first serve basis. the festival runs from august 27 to september 3rd next year. some south bay homeless shelters are working to make sure everyone stays out of the cold. santa clara county and ehc builders cold weather shelter program started tonight at three locations. beds are now set up at the national guard armory. a conservative newspaper in los angeles has backed newt
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gingrich. the new hampshire paper says that gingrich -- herman cain admitted today he's slipping in the polls following allegations of sexual harassment. the georgia businessman says some people are more influenced by perception than reality but that his campaign is still going strong. campaigning in florida tonight cain listed several issues affecting the nation including a security crisis. the republican sports what he calls targeted identification of suspected terrorists. a week after the deficit super committee admitted defeat. washington is facing the possibility of automatic cuts to the federal budget. >> the one good consensus we have on both democratic and republican sides is that we have to reduce the deficit. we're sort of like a blindfolded man walking toward a cliff. if we keep walking we're going to fall off and die. >> reporter: automatic cuts are slated to start in 2013.
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hospitals would lose an estimated $43 billion a year in medicare payments. and the pentagon is slated to lose half a trillion dollars from its budget. congress returns tomorrow with some lawmakers looking to overturn those cuts. it wasn't pretty, but the raiders take hold of the bears. and we're going to look at what areas could see 40 degrees this week.
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for the past few days we've been tracking the flow of the fog really not too much change for tonight. the fog regrouped and it'll be a big factor as we head into
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your monday morning commute. right now the maps as you can see on storm tracker 2. we have high clouds pushing through parts of the bay area. but visibilities have been coming down. latest report you can see santa rosa, napa, fairfield and down to concord, visibility down to .25 of mile. a live look outside looking out toward san francisco bay. you can see the fog doing its thing. looking at this you get the idea of the forecast for tomorrow. you know it'll be cloudy with not only the higher clouds but the dense fog and it will at least bring down visibilities as we head into your monday morning. a dense fog advisory in place right now for the santa clara valley. visibility is coming down to less than .25 of a mile. expanding to other parts of the bay area. the east bay valleys this in place until 9:00 tomorrow morning. overnight lows chilly out there. coolest locations will be in the upper 30s for livermore 39. napa at 39, and san francisco
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right around 48-degree with more cloud cover out there. high clouds sweeping from the north and the west. high pressure in command of the weather and all that recent rainfall we had so much rainfall it sits in place. skies becoming partly sunny. the dry weather pattern will continue. temperatures ranging from the upper 60s. strong offshore winds especially -- for tomorrow here's our forecast model. almost tracing out the dense fog in the central valley. also a big band of dense fog sweeps into the area. as we head into the afternoon, skies becoming partly cloudy
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with clearing conditions and that's all reflected in your forecast as we head into your monday afternoon with skies partly sunny by 3:00. a good portion of the region back up into the 60s for the high. we will keep thing chilly, only in the upper 50s. but san jose recovers nicely. san jose by the boardwalk right around 70 degrees. here is your look ahead. pretty much the seam deal on a tuesday -- same deal on your tuesday. but watch what happens wednesday, a wind advisory or high wind warning. with your weekend always in view you will notice partly cloudy skies. and the strange omission from that forecast, no rain clouds. it'll be dry for the next five to seven days. >> we'll take it. >> we get a break. we have complete highlights around the nfl. >> and we hear from the raiders after their battle with the bears. sports is next. [ mom ] hey guys.
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good evening everyone and welcome to this sunday night's sports wrap. the raiders have removed themselves from what was a log jam. jay cutler for the bears were forced to watch this one. oakland translated into a win just before halftime. curry tips to haney catch. wimbley doesn't always get to run with


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