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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 28, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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tough going for drivers and air travelers today as stubborn fog hung over the bay area all morning. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. drivers throughout the bay area had a rough commute this morning. look at the conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza. the weather service says visibility has been recorded at less than a quarter mile with near zero visibility at times. the long weekend got longer for some travelers. the fog caused at least five flights to be cancelled and
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several more to be delayed by up to 90 minutes at san jose international airport. sfo is also facing a a major slowdown because of the fog. they have delays of about an hour for sole flights. oakland international is not reporting any issues. those folks on the right of the screen did not get to enjoy much of a view while walking across the golden gate bridge. the national weather service had issued a dense fog advisory for the entire region. it was lifted an hour ago. steve joins us with more on why the fog was so stubborn. >> we had some rain last week and the nights are getting very long. without any wind it sets up for ground tewing fog, valley fog. once you get that easterly breeze it's not just confine to the valley. you can see some of the fog still holding on by the bay bridge. there are some areas in the north bay getting some sun. some of the clouds are pushing
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east and south. this will help a bit. there is some clearing. it's cold out there. if you are stuck in the fog temperatures in the low 50s for almost everybody. it's consistent. 50 to 55 degrees, fairfield won't get much warmer, same for napa. you can see a little west wind. things are changing a bit. that high cloud deck is moving to the north. there will be some sun. tonight low clouds, fog and cold will return. we'll probably have another fog advisory. we'll have a big change later in the week, not rain or fog, something else. >> thank you. a somber presession will take place this afternoon for a fallen marine from danville. his body is due to land within the hour. kraig debro is live to explain who will help escort the body home to danville. >> reporter: there are big plans for the homecoming today. it's not just the marquee sign at san ramon valley high
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school. people all over town are planning to turn out to watch a marine come back to his hometown. a very rans support group, a prayer for a fallen marine begins today's mission. 19-year-old josh corral is headed home today. the danville man was killed in afghanistan earlier this month. it's the warriors watch riders who will make sure he gets home. >> it gives may lot of satisfaction to know somebody's watching out for these guys when they come home. >> great kid, just graduated, 19 years old, he's willing to defend his country. >> reporter: this morning his family riding in the stretch suv limo rendezvoused with more than 50 riders for the trip to travis air force base. it's not the way they wanted to greet their son. they're proved his service to country. the marine is set to land at 1:00 p.m. today.
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planting 150 american flags isn't easy. that's what another vso did yesterday at harts avenue. the ride to travis, the planting of the flags is part of operation homecoming, organized mostly by private citizens for returning service members. >> we use the flags for troops returning to welcome them home, and just a way to thank them for what they do. >> to see the looks on their faces when we do operation welcome home and we do this in support of the family and honoring our service member we've lost. >> reporter: operation welcome home is not only a a posthumous recognition. date before josh was killed the vsos held a ceremony for his best friend who made it back home alive. kraig debro, back to you. >> thank you. a vallejo police have announced funeral plans for a
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veteran officer. the public service will be held at 11:00 a.m. wednesday at the vallejo high school football field nebraska avenue. the father of three children was shot and killed eleven days ago while chasing a suspected bank robber. he is the fourth vallejo police officer killed in the line of duty in the city's history. protesters upset over budget cuts have been demonstrating at four university of california campuses including here at ucsf mission bay. the protest was set to coincide with the board of regents teleconference meeting this morning. the regents decided to use teleconference after threat was possible violence forced them to cancel a previous meeting. >> it's awkward at best. not ideal. it's what it is. the question was, do we change it yet again or cancel again which would have been a mistake. >> the group refund california
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joined occupy protesters this calling for the regents to open the discussion to all and to determine thousand make banks pay for public education. >> the thing about our rights is you don't need anybody's permission to exercise it. >> students with occupy uc davis are hoping for a shutdown of the universe. they're calling for a general strike in response to the uc regents meeting. 150 speakers signed up to speak during the comment period. today the uc berkeley police officers association has released an open letter in response to the use of force by campus police to break up an occupy encampment earlier this month. the letter says in part, quote, to the students a and faculty, please peacefully respect the rules. we are required to enforce them
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for all our safety and protection. please respect the requests of our officers as we try to do our jobs. to the university administration and regents, please don't ask us to enforce your policies and then refuse to stand by us when we do. the association also says it support as full investigation into the november 9 event. occupy protesters in los angeles are celebrating what they call a small victory. they're back at city hall park despite a midnight deadline to dismantle the encampment. demonstrators had technically complied by flooding into downtown streets just before midnight. police ordered them off the street before the morning commute began and commanders eventually allowed demonstrators to go back to city hall park. cyber monday is here and it could be one of the business east shopping days of the year. many holiday shoppers are using high speed computers at work to make online purchases. experts say about 120 million
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people will buy something off a website today. some forecast a cybersales during the holiday season could top the $1 billion mark for the second year in a row. more americans than ever decided to get out into the black friday shopping crowds this weekend much a record 226 million shoppers visited stores or websites during the thanksgiving holiday weekend. that's 14 million more than last year. the national retail federation says the average shopper spent $399 during that period. the strong start to the u.s. shopping season a and fresh proposals for a far reaching solution to europe's debt crisis are sending stocks sharply higher today. the dow is was up over 300 points today. right now it's up 236 points. the nasdaq is still up 3%.
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president barack obama is hosting a white house summit with leaders from the european union today. we'll have the president's take on the crisis and what he says the u.s. is willing to do. today is demolition day for a building in berkeley at telegraph and haight street. it was destroyed by fire ten days ago and fire crews say it's so unstable it needs to come down. we're live to explain what's happening at the scene right now. >> reporter: right now crews are still in the process of assembling that massive excavator in the middle of telegraph avenue. the business of tearing down the building next to it could start this afternoon. the sequoia apartment building won't come crumbling down at once. crews will break it apart one floor at a time.
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the claw on the end of the machine will chop through the building's brick facade. the building was red tagged after a five-alarm fire on november 18. no one was hurt. 68 people who lived here were displaced. the berkeley fire department and a fire inspect over told us this will be a partial demolition at least for now. the ground floor and basement will stay intact. >> we believe in the basement and we need to dig further to determine a specific area. we'll remove the fire debris until we get to an area of interest. >> one of the building owners told us off camera they want the whole thing torn down and they have no plans to restore popular businesses that were on the ground floor. >> i'm bummed about all those -- that pizza place that was
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going to open. we're only store on the corner right now. >> reporter: these photos taken by a berkeley resident from the building above next door to the one that burned down give us an aerial view of the damage. the roof is gone. you can barely see the wooden frames on the amounts. the building is so unstable that residents won't be allowed to go back into the building to collect their stuff before it gets torn down. back to you. a skate park in the east bay is demolished. we'll tell you where it was and why it had to come down. it's been a dry few days. will that last for the work week? steve paulson will be here with the forecast. they immediately took selfless actions to save the driver knowing that the driver was going to be in a very serious danger. >> we showed it to you last week. a a followup to this dramatic rescue. if i can take classes year round
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professional fishing boats and their crab nets are expected to be headed out to sea this hour ending a stalemate over pricing. crab ears seafood processors have agreed on $2.25 a pound for crab. crabbers have been asking for
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$2.50. because of the dispute, for the first time in decades fish markets and restaurants had no fresh local crab for thanksgiving. crowds of voters turned out in egypt today for a historic exercise in democracy. long lines formed at polling stations across the country to choose a new civilian parliament. these were the first elections since the old regime was over thrown in february. it's the first step toward a civilian government. >> our voice has a venue. >> i'm so happy. if you ask anybody, they'll tell you, we're all happy. this is the first step in realizing the goals of the revolution. >> this is the first round of parliamentary elections. president barack obama is hosting a summit at the white house today in hopes of finding a way to resolve the ongoing
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european debt crisis. he is meeting with members of the european union. the euro is in grave danger with a analysts saying the currency could fall apart within days without drastic action. if that happens, it could have catastrophic effects around the global economy and trigger another recession here in the u.s. >> i communicated to them that the united states stands ready to do our part to help them resolve this issue. this is of huge importance to our economy. >> a critical test comes tomorrow when european finance ministers meet for a sum anytime brussels. italy will try to raise cash by auctioning up to $8 billion euro. one of the top democrat mrs. congress is retiring after serving 16 terms in the house. representative barney frank of massachusetts announced today he will not seek re-election next year. he serves as the top democrat on the powerful house financial
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services committee. frank was also one of the first openly gay members of congress. san francisco police are still searching for the hit and run driver accused of running down a firefighter and leaving him this critical condition. surveillance video was taken thanksgiving night at a jack in the box at 11th avenue and geary. investigators say it shows the driver who hit 29-year-old albert bartal outside a nearby shell gas station. investigators say the suspect and albert bartal got into a fight at the restaurant before the hit and run. the injured firefighter is also a former marine. >> he's a typical of a lot of young military people out there today. there's quite a few of them that have had those experiences overseas and they come into an organization like ours which is a paramilitary organization. >> a mobile phone still photo gives us a bet leashing at the suspect -- better look at the suspect. in the wake of a spike in
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the recent number of gold thefts, oakland is putting a temporary hold on new pawnshops opening in the city. with the price of gold surging and the current economic troubles, city leaders say second hand dealers are a destination for those who want to launder stolen gold into cash. there are five applications waiting for approval for oakland pawnshops. a planned detour in richmond is coming under heavy criticism by people who would have to use it. yesterday neighbors and local politicians attacked a plan to close the western drive ramp on to eastbound 580 for repair work. the eleven-mile detour will be in place for two years. it would require drivers to cross the richmond san rafael bridge, do a u-turn and drive back close to where they started. that would add 15 minutes with
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no traffic and require a five dollar toll. starting today, all of amtrak's capital corridor trains will have free wi-fi. the rail service has been trying to offer wi-fi on trains for nine years. the new wi-fi service will be basic. passengers can send emails and visit websites but cannot stream movies or download large files. you will probably be able to take pictures of some of that fog we had today. today it was everywhere from santa rosa to san jose, even oakland and san francisco. in northern sonoma and napa county, there's sunshine out there. there is a leading edge on the higher clouds. the fog under makes it really tough. 52 in san francisco. you can see light rain got to crescent city. we had drizzle this will morning around berkeley and oakland. higher clouds are starting to
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clear. fog is not going anywhere today or tonight. tomorrow looks like more sunshine. 50s, that's it. with sun i expect czar to bump up a bit. a lot of 50s. san jose 52 degrees. fairfield 51. you can see the edge of the clouds. they're moving south. a westerly breeze today. yesterday it had an easterly component. that fog will be back tonight. it won't wash out or scour out. low clouds, fog, near zero visibility tonight into tomorrow. there are changes, but they won't be here until wednesday night and thursday. it will be in the form of wind. today we have higher clouds. higher clouds are thinning out. fog is in place in the valley. it really socks in temperatures. i saw 49 at stockton.
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that's really cold. thick fog, zero visibility. it's a dry pattern, very windy by thursday, maybe extremely windy. no sign of any rain. mostly cloudy are lots of fog, hazy skies, some sun to the north. santa rosa 60, pacifica also. temperatures will be very cold in the fog. then a wind machine cranks on wednesday night into thursday. we could have very howling conditions north and east bay hillses. things will quiet down into the weekend. fog to wind this week. >> thank you. four good samaritans were honored for their bravery today in san francisco. last monday they pulled a man from this burning car and risked their lives to save him. the car hit a light pole on
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foulsome street knocking the driver unconscious. moments before the car burst into flames, the men and a police officer broke a a car win dorks cut the man from his seat belt and dragged him to safety. >> it was surreal. there are very few chances in life that you get to actually participate in something that is doing the right thing without any gray area. there's right. there's wrong. you either die then and you become a part of it and you get to help somebody or you stand back and you wait. >> fire and police officials say there's no doubt driver would have been killed without the help of the good samaritans. a 7-year-old skate park tucked under the i-580 in oakland was torn down today. skateboarders watched as crews used heavy machinery to take down the ramp. the park was an illegal encroachment built without authority. the state tried to work out a deal with the city of oakland
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and skate borders. the city decided not to renew its lease for the land. caltrans will consider approving another skate narkt future. another look at the markets after the break. stocks are soaring. one christmas tree's long journey from california to washington, d.c., and where it ended up today. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm.
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a live look at wall street, numbers have been higher all day thanks to strong start to the u.s. shopping season and fresh proposals for a solution to the european debt crisis. the marketses have come back a bit. the dow is up 241. nasdaq up 72. after a 20-day tour of country suchtd capitol christmas tree has arrived in washington, d.c. the 65-foot first made it from california's stanislaus national for totes west lawn of the capitol building. it will be trimmed with lights and more than 2,000 handmade ornaments. tonight at 5:00, a a vote of no confidence, some uc berkeley faculty members will discos no confidence vote in senior campus administrators after the crackdown on occupy berkeley protesters on campus. the meet something open to all. our cameras will be there. a quick goodbye to our noon
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news director george rager. ' and his wife are headed to los angeles. we will miss you. we appreciate you. thank you for trusting us for your news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you on [ male announcer ] are you still shopping
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