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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 30, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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i'm beth troutmanp. it's time for another all new edition of "right this minute." we found great videos for you today and they're coming up. a man with an assault rifle turns up a political rally, as a panicked bystander tries to warn others. >> that is a real weapon! >> if i saw that, i would have been out. >> he picked his gun up, who knows what the guy is going to do. >> chick-fil-a says eat more chicken. now they want to put the kibosh on the dude who says eat more kale. a man plunges into an icy lake. >> that's awesome. >> hear about the promise that
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drove pastor dave to do it. >> i thought i was going to die at the moment. >> you'll meet a porcupine who goes all cranky pants if you touch his corn. >> that's cute. >> the porcupine made that noise. we begi today's show with video that is graphic disturbin. so viewer discretion is advised. this video was shot in tranquility park in houston, texas, during the occupy houston protest. the guy that you see smoking the cigarette, 21-year-old joshua anthony tuhig is holding an assault rifle. he fires several times into the fountain. he even does hold the gun to his head. >> oh, my goodness. >> david loeser is the guy who shot the video. he was interested in the occupy houston protest activity and he saw the suited gunman and started shooting with his camera and you hear him yelling. >> that is a real weapon!
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>> and as soon as you hear him yell that, that's when police spring into action. ask him to drop his weapon. he does not. the police shoot him and take him down. >> you see him get hit once and he goes down and then he goes back for his weapon and then they hit him with a couple more shots. what was the guy trying to do out there? >> they hit him with several shots below the waist. he was then taken to the hospital where he is currently in stable condition under charges of aggravated assault against a public servant. >> the scary part is, when you see the mistake him down, you see a few of their bullets hit the water in the fountain in front of where this cameraman is. >> this guy chose to stay and it continue recording, so if i saw that, i would have been out. >> he picks his gun up, who knows what the guy is going to do. >> he could open fire every
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single person. >> they had to do what they had to do there. >> this could have been a whole mass shooting situation. >> with all of the fire going on both from the gunman and police, no innocent bystanders were harmed, no one was injured other than the gunman. this is your classic case of david versus goliath. this is bo muller-moore. he has a website where he makes t-shirts that say "eat more kale." he's based in vermont. he started this in the year 2000 when farmer friends who grow kale said we would like a couple t-shirts that say eat more kale. over the summer he decided i'm going to trademark eat more kale. the signature of his business. when he went to trademark it guess who stepped in and said nope. chick-fil-a. they have that "eat more chicken" campaign and they sent
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a letter to bo muller-moore demanding that he give up his patent application because it would, quote, confuse the public and weaken the sandwich brand. >> it's t-shirts and chicken sandwiches. it's apples to zebras. >> there's been more than 30 other times people have tried to use the phrase "eat more" blank and chick-fil-a has caused them to withdraw their trademarking. we contacted chick-fil-a but received no comment by our deadline and they have said in other reports they don't comment on pending lit ittygation. >> would one guy making t-shirts by hand really have threatened their business, their huge business, of being this second largest retailer of chicken? >> it's not like he said eat more beef, then i could understand them saying, wait a minute, that's getting a little too close, but this is a small business guy in vermont. you have good days, you have bad days, sometimes you have lucky days.
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this biker on a busy highway. he loses control. >> oh! >> almost gets his melon run over by a car. it didn't run his head over? >> it did not run his head over. >> how do you know for sure. >> pull back. ♪ now, watch as this continues to play out. >> two bikers in the middle of the road creating a traffic block. that doesn't stop this guy on the moped from riding on the sidewalk to get around everybody. look at him go. i'm thankful this guy in the red shirt ran over to help. i'm glad people are there to help these guys. >> he's walking away too. >> with the help of that gentleman, yeah. >> i didn't think he was going to walk away. i really thought he was worse. >> yeah. lucky day is right. you said it, dude. after seeing the video, i'm going to take a 50, 75-year sabbatical from ocean waters.
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this is an 18-foot great white shark. >> 18 feet. >> they're guessing on the size but by the looks of it i think it's like 55 feet. >> [ bleep ]. >> they're out in the ocean, 25 miles southeast of wrightsville beach off of north carolina. >> yeah. >> there's north carolina shark. >> that's a north carolina shark, baby. they're out fishing and then all of a sudden they notice this big, humongous shark. >> this looks like the jaws ride at universal studios where the big -- >> can you hear the "jaws" theme song right now. i'm not kidding. >> not bothering anybody. >> i like the fact he's just circling us. >> you know he was thinking meal. >> when the fishermen are out there and see the sharks they want to get a closer look, so they'll throw bait in. the shark is probably used to getting a meal from a fishing boat. >> if i was in the boat i don't
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know if i would be nervous, because they're protected by a boat. >> did you know see the end of "jaws" where he ate the end of the boat. >> they're going to start getting heads and arms and eating people. >> you guys are terrified for no reason. >> it is beautiful but terrifyingly beautiful. when you want to know where something is, 85% of the time i know i use [ inaudible ]. how about you? >> i use the north star and then i go from there. >> google has come up with inside maps. >> with indoor google maps you can easily find your way. find your debarting gate, your favorite coffee spot, the nearest rest room or gift shop with a few taps. >> if you're inside an airport in a city you're not familiar with or inside ikea, this will tell you where you are and show you how to get there. >> ikea can confuse me.
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they have this shortcut here, this way to bedding, kitchen, i end up getting lost myself. i can see it being helpful. i feel like people would use this more for like strategic parking. like where is the gap in the mall? is the mall -- is the gap on that side or this side? which parking lot should i park in? >> how did we everet a technology? >> pay phone and -- >> paper map. >> random mcnally. if they start making like maps of like inside our homes like how do i get to the bathroom again? then i'll be a little bit -- [ inaudible ]. ♪ this is a motorcycle stunt show about to go wrong. watch out for the cars. >> oh! >> see what happens next. and then, our pick story. >> all over the place. >> yes, he is.
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some shows can always be losts of fun to watch but they can always be dangerous for the performers too. we're in the middle of a stunt show involving two motorcycle guys here. their bikes are spinning out of control. they jump back on their bikes and there's a guy in white and a guy in black. guys race down to the edge of the arena here, they spin around, come back, the chase is scene. the crowd is going wild. when they go back this way, look, cars! >> oh! >> three cars, which was part of the stunt, three red cars, are
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coming in the opposite direction towards the motorcycles and watch the guy in black. something went wrong here. >> oh. >> wow. >> he -- >> he does about maybe three rotations in the air. i do not think that this is, you know, part of the act here. you see somebody at the very tail end of this video, as the crowd looks concerned, start to run out there to help the guy. >> it will be curious to know who hit who. at this point you can't tell if he ran into the car or the car ran into him. >> looks like he hit the car. >> yeah. >> the bike went flying too. not just his body. the bike flew up in the air. >> it happened so fast. you know, i have no idea if the red car made a turn too soon or the guy on the black bike was a little ahead. it's all timing. >> something is unusual about this. >> not pink. >> he doesn't have any --
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>> what? what? what? >> he doesn't have hind legs. it that's right. he learned to work walk on his two front legs. >> oh, my gosh. >> the villagers in village in eastern province of china called him long pig. >> he's like a yoga pig. >> why wouldn't he drag his stuff along? >> the problem with dragging himself along, that's why they give animals prosthetic wheels and the stuff in the back. you don't want your body parts to drag on the ground. there would be irritation. this is better for him. look how strong those arms must be on that guy. >> the terrain is changing, going from the rock to the dirt to the wet and he's totally fine with it. >> he goes pretty far too. not like he takes a few steps and quits. he's all over the place. >> why don't they make him a cart. >> doesn't look like the farmer has a lot. >> the farmer helping him run around like spider pig. there's all kinds of ways
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mentors and teachers use to motivate kids. incentives, right? this is pastor dave and pastor dave put out a challenge to his entire congregation to raise money for the beyond the tree christmas giving challenge. and if they met the goal that he set, he would jump in the lake in his skiv vis. >> the guys will not let me off the hook. they say i have to jump into this lake. >> that's a good reason to raise money. >> in the middle of wynter. >> where is he? >> washington. >> it not a warm winter. >> good for him. be a man of your word. >> here we are. i'm about to do it. rachel, megan, i love you guys. hopefully i've been a good father and husband for you. >> saying his good-byes just in case. >> he gets in the lake like ankle deep. he has to trudge through the water to get out there. >> no. >> you want deep enough water dive right in and get it over with. >> that's awesome.
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>> pastor dave made good. >> oh. >> i bet this year, the wager is a little different, it doesn't include jumping into ice cold water. >> let's find out how that felt and what the new wager is this year. right this minute, pastor dave, tell me how that felt? >> it was cold. it was really cold. we were trying to find a lake that wasn't frozen over. that show you cold it was. it was funny watching it in hindsight. i thought i was going to die. >> do you show these videos to the entire congregation? >> for sure. we're not your typical church. >> when you first came up for the idea for this wager you thought it was a good idea and you also didn't think they would probably raise the funds, did you? >> the organization these funds go to is called vine maple place and helps single moms and kids homeless get back on their feet, get their life started again. it's an incredible organization. i have no problem challenging our folks, give big, give generous and hopefully i'm not the one that has to fulfill a bet this time. i'm done jumping in a freezing
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cold lake. >> feet are gone. can't feel a thing. >> mike tyson, wild athlete, loves his pin gones, some think he's cute he's all celebrity and stuff. >> crazy, face tattoos, awesome stuff, great guy, love him. >> well that great guy is now singing. mike tyson traveled to brazil on a show and sang "girl from ipanema." >> classic. >> mike tyson. "girl from ipanema." >> is that not ted from "bill and ted's excellent adventure". >> no way! ♪ ♪ the girl from ipanema comes walking in when she passes ♪ >> i like when he says "passes." ♪ >> he's kind of good. >> a dude singing with him. he has to match the guy playing
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the piano singing the song. >> he is singing with antonio's grandson. >> this antonio's grandfather, did the exact same song with frank sinatra. a hugely famous song. now you have his grandson and -- >> mike tyson. >> mike tyson gets a bad rap. i've always liked the guy. >> he bit off evander holyfield's ear, said he wants to eat children and you think he gets a bad rap? >> someone killed his pigeons when he was a kid. >> mike, if you're watching, i would like to be friends with you. i'll stick up for you any day. >> that was weird to watch. that was weird. getting hit in prison. too easy. >> some people do say that getting married is like going to prison. see, but really, people are getting married at this prison and we'll tell you why. block upon block of frozen snow. >> you could see the curve that they're putting on it. >> this is like building an
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awesome snowman you can get inside of. >> see what they're building when we come back.
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your fears of robots are about to get a little worse. ♪ it's a flexible, rubberized robot that scientists at harvard has developed that crawls, wiggles, in spaces about five inches long and its legs can be
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independently controlled by pumping them up with air. >> looks like something that should be living in the bottom of the ocean. >> scientists drew a lot of their inspiration from squids and other animals without hard skeletons. it is crawling under a three-quarter inch gap underneath that piece of glass. >> this thing can sneak into my house under the door? >> or little cameras, to monitor your every move. >> or it could be used for searching buildings that have been collapsed by earthquakes, crawling into small spaces trying to rescue people, good things. when you're getting married, the venue is one of the big things, besides the dress, and who gets invited and all that stuff, right? >> it's all big. >> it's the thing. >> don't forget the cake. >> and you want to start off with your ball and chain the right way, do it in the ohio state reformer to. i'm not talking about marrying people who are in prison. i'm talking about getting
9:22 am
married in an old prison. >> some people do say that getting married is like going to prison, so it kind of goes with the theme. >> this is the same place where they shot "the shawshank redemption," scenes from "air force one" that were shot here. people are getting married there, because they have a central room that's supposed to hey, th's a great venue, let's get married there. >> can you imagine getting that wedding invitation. look, bob and francis, they're getting married, at the ohio state reformer to prison. >> like steven is ready to do it. he has his prison stripes on. >> i would just put the place where they shot "shawshank redemption" because that's pretty cool. >> being cared for by the mansfield preservation society. take a look at the pictures on their website of this building. it has three different architectural styles. queen anne, victorian gothic and romanesque.
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people are saying that's a nice spot to get married and only costs about a thousand bucks to rent the place. >> the important thing f you want to get married next year you're out of luck. they're booked for 2012. >> your average person is not getting married at westminster abbey. it's something different. >> if you don't want to go there and get married, you go for a ghost hunt. >> prison on your invitation and have ghosts at your wedding? >> why not. >> that's kind of cool. >> why not? >> i must say. >> it's like an adventure, destination wedding. >> destination, prison. >> this guy's name is teddy bear. but i'm not thinking you want to hug him. teddy loves corn on the cobb. he gets it as a treat. teddy does not like to share. >> [ inaudible ]. >> that's cute. >> who knew porcupines made that noise. >> you know, i like my corn too. i know what the porcupine thinks. get your own corn. i waited all day to get my hands
9:24 am
on this corn. >> sounds a lot like when you let the air out of a balloon, like a -- [ inaudible ]. noise that makes. that's what it sounds like. >> this was shot by, and it's an organization in texas, traveling animal education organization and they take animals and teach people about wildlife. >> [ inaudible ]. >> really? >> like uses his hands too, like a human. he doesn't -- i would think this thing would eat it on the ground. he uses his hands. gets that butter brush, brushes the butter on there, a little salt. >> there's a mixed bag on whether or not porcupines are good pets. some people say sure, they can be gentle, but the consensus for most people on-line say never. don't have a porcupine as a pet. >> why would you give it a corn and try to take it away? that's not fair. >> exactly. so, what happens when you blatantly kick somebody on the
9:25 am
football field on thanksgiving in front of a huge, national audience like suh did from the lions? you get suspended two games and docked $164,000, but you know what else happens? the taiwanese make an animation about you. [ speaking foreign language ] >> known for being a pretty dirty player. you see him here like literally throwing people around. he shoots a fireball at bears quarterback jay cutler. don't think he's managed to do that yet. they re-enact the moment we've all seen a million times by now of the kick. but they kind of, don't know how you -- exaggerated a little. [ speaking foreign language ] ♪ that doesn't look like it happened? >> the whole ripping off the limbs and then eating the guy with blood coming from your mouth, that part i didn't notice that on thanksgiving.
9:26 am
it could have been between bites of turkey. i didn't notice that part. he didn't know they had a lion tamer putting it into a cage. that's all $164,000 in two games worth of pay going down the tubes. we'll say the one flaw here, although this is so far almost completely 100% accurate as to what happened on thanksgiving, they made him a little skinnier than he is. he's like a pretty big guy. >> you're right. that is the craziest thing in this video. >> that's the one inaccuracy, they made him too skinny. what do you have for us tomorrow? >> you know when you were a kid and your mom take etakes you to the grocery store and you want to play bumper cars with the cart. this dad is the perfect dad. this dad is a cheap genius because look at the thrill they're getting. >> didn't have to stand in line for this one either. >> i wish moms were this cool.
9:27 am
>> i'm getting dizzy. >> the perfect boy ride. we'll hear from the perfect dad, tomorrow on "right this minute." a virgin first kiss. >> what was that? he was trying to eat her. >> the tlc kissing scene we haven't stopped talking about. a snowboarder has a horrific accident that leads him to this. where he is now and what he has to say to other snowboarders.
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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we're back with more "right this minute." a driver lays on the horn after police block his route home. how did that work out for you? >> what did he think, she would move the yellow tape so he could drive through the crime scene? >> see the high school football move that defied physics and
9:30 am
left opponents stunned. >> we've got a sneak peek at the new virgin diary show and all of the talk is about that kiss. >> imagine what the wedding night looked like. >> whoa! and, he's half human, half dog, but all business when it comes to eating some dunkers. we begin the second half hour of our show here at "right this minute" with a case of road rage. you have the full story for us. >> when do you use the horn in your car? i use it when the person in front of me forgets the light is green because they're too busy texting. >> i try not to use it as much. i used to be a jersey -- >> how you shouldn't use your horn in your car. take a look at this video. [ horn ] >> somebody was honking his horn because he didn't like the fact that broadway in fort wayne, indiana, was blocked off by police for a police investigation. he was so upset with the police
9:31 am
investigation, he got out of his suv. that's when police said, they smelled a little alcohol on 25-year-old jason's breath. they did a breathalyzer. he was twice the legal limit. he was also driving on a suspended license. one part that made me honestly laugh, he was a block from home. he was carted off to jail and pleaded guilty to charges. >> got to say not a smart tape. >> did he think they would move the yellow tape so he could drive through the crime scene. >> you would think because he's drunk, he would be extra careful around police. >> shouldn't have been on the road in the first place and got pinched for it. >> want to show you rescue video we're getting out of china. check this out. this is on a hillside in hongjo. an elderly man caught in a bore trap. you see it there. >> oh. >> according to itn, where we're
9:32 am
finding this video, the man was pale, trembling when 14 firefighters had to come to his rescue. that trap is made up of thick steel bars. and watch this, guys. they needed a saw to get him out. look, sparks flying everywhere. now, it's illegal to set these kind of traps in china to catch, to trap wild animals. it's by chance that this guy got stuck in this thing. eventually they were able to get him out and he made it, but i mean, imagine you're walking along, going on a hike, and you've got a huge trap on your ankle. >> the pain he must have felt. >> they say if you find yourself stuck in any trap in the woods, what you're supposed to do is only call for help when people are nearby. to conserve energy. meaning don't scream out, don't yell, hey, help, unless you see somebody, because you're just wasting energy. >> wonder how long that trap has been sitting there. something that was set who knows how long ago and lurking in the
9:33 am
woods. >> yeah. >> never been set off. >> it looks pretty old and rusty. >> i can't imagine the time you spend there by yourself waiting for somebody to come along, you know. that had to -- and you're in pain. i imagine you go into some sort of shock too. thing stuck to your leg. >> that's scary. >> think about how the animal feels when it goes off. i hate those kinds of traps. terrible. meanwhile, in russia, our favorite country where the best videos come from, cops roll up behind this car. >> oh! >> head long into the back of two cars that were in front of him and that's the end of the chase. wait. nope. look out. >> a hit and run. >> guy goes up on the sidewalk, narrowly misses that pedestrian. keeps going. the police are pursuing this guy. police have got him lit up now. the sirens are going and he is -- >> he's all over the place. >> he's on all sides of the road
9:34 am
here. all over the place. comes up to a busy intersection and look out. >> no. >> he's weaving in and out. not like there isn't a lot of traffic out there. there is quite a bit. >> here's where things get interesting. see a red light. more flashing lights up ahead. he doesn't care. he's going to speed right through that intersection. >> oh, my gosh! >> oh! >> oh, boy. he was going through a red light. what do you expect? >> i'm just glad that the person in that other car wasn't hurt. >> i feel like this guy has seen too many american movies thinking he was going to get through the intersection and barely miss all the cars that were going through and leave the cops trapped at the stop light. never works that way in real life. >> oh. >> cuff him up immediately. cuffed and stuffed, russian style. sunday, i'm 30 and i'm a virgin. >> i'm 29 and i'm a virgin.
9:35 am
>> a new show called "the virgin diaries" a remake of a british show that followed 16 to 18-year-olds around contemplating sex for the first time. the u.s. spin is that these are late bloomers. these are people who are in their late 20s, 30s that haven't had sex and the case of this couple on the screen right now, they waited for even their first kiss until marriage. >> ryan, you may kiss your bride. >> really? >> yes. [ applause ] . ♪ >> what was that? that was -- he was trying to eat her. >> at that moment, you marry that person and think, oh, crap. they don't know how to kiss. >> she probably doesn't know either. i mean -- >> yeah. >> new for both of them. >> imagine if a camera had been on any of us when we had our first kiss. >> i was in the haunted house at disney land. >> i was in the back of a bus on the way to washington, d.c., on a school trip.
9:36 am
guess what? guess what? it was really awkward. >> i now declare you to be husband and wife. >> beyond the awkwardness of whatever we're seeing, i'm curious to see this show. i'm curious to see people's reasons for waiting. >> i think the more fascinating thing will be not finding out why they waited, but find out what they think after the waiting is over. >> can we go back and analyze this awkwardness here they've ne or tv show where there's a romantic kiss, like -- what is it? what is that? >> eating her face. >> you know what it looks like? it looks like a mother bird feeding a baby bird. >> "virgin diaries" an all new special, sunday at 9:00 only on tlc. what does the matrix move have to do with this high school football game? you'll see. and with winter setting in, time to build a home.
9:37 am
>> the door is below. >> pay attention. we have an igloo blueprint.
9:38 am
9:39 am
i have a really, really cool story about a guy that was at the top of his game, took a hard hit, and now had to work his tail off to get back to where he was before a horrific accident. danny is a burton sponsored snowboarder. the guy is sick. shredding all over the place.
9:40 am
if you look close to danny, one piece of gear that's missing. his helmet. last january, danny was snowboarding up in montana. and had a horrific accident. he had to be life-flighted off the mountain. he spent 33 days in the hospital, all after just a routine jump. this trailer is for an upcoming documentary all about danny's recovery called "moving forward" and comes out this january. i found the trailer on how is danny doing today? >> how is danny doing today? >> danny joins us on skype right this minute. what did the doctors tell you when you came out of the coma? >> he was pretty optimistic. the neurosurgeon said one year to return back to snow, two years to return back to competing. >> are you wearing a helmet next time you hit the slopes? >> i am wearing a helmet. if i could wear ten of them at once, i would. >> do you think you're going to be able to do the, you know,
9:41 am
risky, crazy snowboarding that you did before the injury? >> i think i can do it. the answer is no, i shouldn't do it. i'm just stoked to be able to get back on a snowboard, regardless if it's just making turns and doing powder, that's cool. if i hit my head again, i probably wouldn't be as lucky as i have been. >> you must consider yourself the luckiest snowboarder out there? >> and dumbest. for not wearing a helmet. it's an amazing story and like the way i've come out, i'm thankful every day i'm doing as well as i am. >> a big message of this documentary moving forward is to promote helmet awareness. danny and his brother documented his entire recovery process. a whole website dedicated to it. find that link on our website. you guys, sometimes hear people say, oh, man, that was like the matrix. ♪ >> when they say that they're always referring to that scene, you know, that scene where he
9:42 am
dodges the bullets and does that backwards -- >> what? which scene? >> you know that scene, come on. everybody knows that scene. >> she wanted to tease you. ♪ >> this is pretty darn close. let's go to the football field. high school football field, north carolina and it is wake forest roseville high school versus lee rose high school. put together by a company that does recruiting tapes. lee roseville is punting the ball and the guy returning it is running back, 5'8", 145 pounds. gets the ball, makes it, and watch this. >> wow. >> did you see that? >> yeah, i saw that. he pulled a neo. >> you have to look close. you almost miss it. watch. misses one guy and comes up. the defenders goes in to tackle him almost from the side and petey does the move, totally
9:43 am
dodges them and continues down the field. imagine traveling from country to country on a train without ever having to stop. >> beauty of this idea is once you're on the high-speed train, you can use the same mechanism to transfer to other high-speed trains, allowing you to travel to other cities and othcnts. >> what paul designed was a series of railway systems that interconnect between a city tram and an inner city high-spide train. somewhere along the path this tram and high-speed train would connect. their doors would open and passengers could travel in and out of them without ever stopping. once the switch has been made, tram goes back to city and high-speed train keeps going to the next country. >> basically that's like getting on a train in san diego and not stopping in phoenix,
9:44 am
albuquerque, dallas. >> and with the modern technology, the modern trains that we're building now, to have them stop at stations seems ridiculous. >> where do they plan to put this? >> it would be reinventing and redesigning the 19th century infrastructure. >> so it would replace whatever we have now. >> i do have to say, i like the old timiness of the train system. >> maybe that could be a theme park train ride, cross country, in a high speed, nonstop world. >> losing platforms is an idea that allows it to be more like the internet. go wherever you want in the world without stopping. >> only problem i see with that, are the people who have too many bags and they need help getting on and off because they have five bags trying to do all by themselves. this man took the happiness plunge and then he saw this. what is the happiness plunge and
9:45 am
what is this ho, ho, hoing. >> we have pretty sweet skateboarding video. cool tricks you don't want to miss.
9:46 am
9:47 am
including starbucks. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew! . it's christmas time and the ads are starting to roll everywhere. so you can see ads everywhere, but in this video, you can hear
9:48 am
the christmas ads. >> [ inaudible ]. ho, ho, ho. ♪ just hear the sleigh bells ringing ♪ >> are you sure this is for christmas and not halloween. it's creepy. sounds like a guy from a scary movie or something. >> ho, ho. >> the costa rican santa claus. >> sounds like a vampire. >> that's how they roll over there. >> this is just one of the many videos taken by adampervery. he took the happiness plunge. adam quit his six-figure job to go explore the world. >> had a pretty good life, by normal definitions, everything was going well. something didn't feel right and i sat and thought, what are my passions in life? mainly it's traveling, helping people, writing, telling stories. wrote those things down trying to figure out how to live a life
9:49 am
like that. i came up with the happy know mad tour. >> how are you paying for this? in each place i volunteer some in sway. i stay with local way. i'm volunteering, helping people. a different way of traveling. my goal is to leave each place a little better than how i found it. >> what is your overall goole? >> i'm advocating people take the plunge and pursue the dreams in life. the world would be a much better place if they did that. >> are you happy? >> definitely. i can feel it in my bones and in my heart. >> pursue your passions, nick. >> i'll see you guys later. >> bye, nick. nice knowing you. >> see ya! i'm out of here. i'm going to be happy. >> does that mean that he's really -- >> he chose to be happier. i think nick just got hit by a car. >> ho, ho, ho. >> i have an igloo [ inaudible ]
9:50 am
for you. >> i love it when you give us -- >> i'm sorry. what language were you speaking? >> german for an igloo information blueprint. ♪ three individuals, anita, danny and tinu hike to a snowy area. you can see it's quite of the snow. ♪ they cut these identical blocks, 60 by 45 by 27 meters. >> out of the snow. they cut several of these and then watch them put this together. ♪ >> you can see the curve that they're putting on it as they
9:51 am
stack them up. >> this is like building an awesome snowman you can get inside of. >> here we get to the top of the igloo. and what's so amazing to me, looks like he just plops on some snow block and they balance perfectly. watch them dig out the door. he digs out this entire tunnel. >> oh yeah. >> that you crawl through. ♪ >> this is kind of neat. the door is below, you come up into the floor so that keeps all the wind out. >> and look, it's roomy enough to fit three people. ♪ >> did you see this last night on the nbc nightly news?
9:52 am
>> for all the bankruptcies we've covered in this grim u.s. economy. >> that's a fire alarm in the background. >> you'll forgive us, we have a fire alarm announcement going on here in the studio. >> i love that guy. so calm, so charming, so in charge. >> well, perhaps not something special anymore. again, we have an announcement going on here in the studio. tom costello, we should advise our viewers, no danger to us. we would love to make this stop. why don't you take it from our washington bureau. >> all right. everybody, repeat after me. again, everyone. go there right after the show, but first here's what's coming up next and, of course, yes, after that, go to dog, hands, human ears, snout, shirt. what's going on here. >> looks like a handy snack. handy snack. >> it's eating a handy snack?
9:53 am
we'll explain.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
tim tebow mania has taken over the nfl. he's now the starting quarterback of the denver broncos, he's doing well. that's all good. except for kyle orton because he was the odd man out. got the boot by denver. before he left denver and the broncos he had a farewell message. >> my name is kyle orton and i'm the former quarterback of the denver broncos. know what i'm going to miss about denver? nothing. the only good thing about denver now is they recently got an ikea. it sucks! i'm going to give you a lesson, timmy boy, this is how you throw a football. >> looks like orton has been hitting the sauce in this video. >> check this out. my rocking beard. >> this isn't actually kyle orton, to let you know. his is a spoof video. looks almost like him. >> my dad is in a fancy football
9:57 am
league with tim tebow. guess who his quarterback is? tim tebow. i'm a quarterback, dad. i'm a quarterback. ♪ this is bizzle. a half dog, half human thing. and it's eating a snack. >> that looks like a handy snack. you know handy snacks? he's eating a handy snack. >> like a handyhe cheese and crackers. >> called a handy snack, not a handy pack. >> i am amazed that at the vision of a half dog, half human thing moving around, you're focused on the snack itself. i'm a little disturbed by that. >> this is genius. put a shirt on your dog, stand behind and put your arms through the sleeves and play. >> that's what's going on. it's cool! >> he looks like he's feeding himself. >> isn't that cool? you know what, i could actually stick my hands through your sleeves and feed you handy snacks. >> and pick my nose and stuff. ♪
9:58 am
>> i like how when he chews the hand s beat on the desk like hes bored. >> itching, scratches his ears. >> tough day at the office. had to come home and have the handy snack. ♪ that's it for today's "right this minute." we will leave you with a look at a video of some skateboarding in slow motion. it's pretty fantastic. have an awesome rest of your day and we'll see you next time. ♪
9:59 am
there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.


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